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									Boosting Productivity and Quality in Slab
Casting with ABB’s Electromagnetic Systems
Complete Range of Products for Slab Production

                                  Ladle Furnace Stirrer give:
                                  • Clean steel
                                  • Improved yield of alloys
                                  • Reliable stirring
                                  • Reproducible quality
                                  • Less rejects
                                  • Improved safety (no tuyeres)
                                  • Reduced energy consumption
                                  • Improved productivity

                                  FC Molds for medium/high-speed
                                  casting of conventional slabs having
                                  individual control of the meniscus and
                                  penetration flow:
                                  • Improved surface and
                                     internal quality
                                  • Possibilities to increase

                                  EMBR Rulers for thin slab casting:
                                  • Improved surface quality
                                  • Reduced mould copper wear
                                    Increased casting speed
                                  • Possibility to enter new quality

                                  FC MEMS for medium/low-speed
                                  casting of conventional slabs:
                                  • Direct control of meniscus flow
                                  • Improved surface quality
                                  • Reduced risk of mid-face crack

                                      Slab SEMS give:
                                      • More isotropic magnetic
                                         properties for silicon steels
                                      • Reduced ridging/roping
                                         for ferritic
                                         stain less steels and
                                         silicon steels
                                      • Equiaxed structure
                                         with reduced centerline
Reliable Partner with Unique Competence

Long-term commitment in the Steel Industry            Market leader with complete program
Stirrers for slabs since the 1970s                    Stirrers and brakes for every application
Vast metallurgical know-how                           Installed on more than 100 slab strands
Joint developments with leading steel companies

                        Innovative and unique products
                        The FC Mold features outstanding performance for conventional slab
                        casters with independent control of the meniscus flow speed and nar-
                        row side penetration.
                        The EMBR Ruler enables thin slab casters to boost both quality and
                        FC MEMS for low/medium-speed conventional slab casters
                        The Strand EMS is placed behind rollers for optimum performance and
                        reliability for silicon steels and ferritic stainless steels

                        Long life and minimum maintenance
                        Rectangular hollow copper conductors giving:
                        - Dry insulation with no wear from water particles or chemicals
                        - Direct cooling gives low and even insulation temperature
                        - Rigid windings with conductors molded into a solid block

Local presence worldwide
Global network
Local service                            Unique know-how in coil
                                         Advanced transient 3-D computer simulations of steel
                                         and inclusion flow pattern with electro-magnetic fields in
                                         customer processes.
                                         Optimized design for maximum performance and mini-
                                         mum power consumption
  Improved Process Economy for Conventional Slabs

                                                              • 90 % reduction of reject ratio for ULC deep
                                                                drawing qualities with FC Mold and increased
                                                                casting speed up to 30% for certain grades
• A unique feature of the FC Mold with two mag-                 and with the FC Mold at JFE, Japan
  netic fields in the mold (to the right in the above
  picture) is that it independently optimizes the             • FC Mold with DC Technology compared to
  meniscus flow speed and minimizes the pene-                    AC Technology (stirrers) results in:
  tration flow. The mold powder entrapments are                - Much lower electrical power costs
  then almost completely eliminated and excel-                 - Normal mold Cu plate thickness
  lent flotation of inclusions is simultaneously               - Normal mold Cu plate quality
  achieved, resulting in outstanding quality and               - Electromagnetic MLCs can be used
  productivity.                                                - No special know-how required


  Reject ratio (%)


                          1.0    1.2     1.4     1.6    1.8

                                Casting Speed (m/min)            Silicon steels without and with ABB SEMS

• This example shows the reject ratio versus                  • The ABB Slab Strand Stirrer is used mainly for
  casting speed, tested by means of ultrasonic                  ferritic stainless steel and silicon steel for
  inspection. With the FC Mold, it is evident                   decreasing the ridging and roping as well as
  that the casting speed can often be increased.                centerline segregation and halfway cracks.
  Improved Process Economy for Thin Slabs

                                                            tilesize                                                                                        tilesize
                                                                                                                                                                        = 31.82 ft

                                                                        = 30.05 ft

                                                            = 5"                              0 0 11 18 5 1 4 2 1 6         2    2 18 19 0 0   0        0   = 5"                              0 0   0    1   3    0 0 0 0 0         1    2 2    5 0 0
                                                                                              DS         surface top side             FS DS                                                   DS                 surface top side               FS DS
                                                                   TS         BS               70   60    50    40    30    20      10   70        60              TS         BS              70    60       50       40     30     20         10   70

                                                                                     120                                                                                             127

                                                                                     240                                                                                             255

                                                                                     361                                                                                             382

                                                                                     481                                                                                             509

                                                                                     601                                                                                             636

                                                                                     721                                                                                             764

                                                                                     841                                                                                             891

                                                                                     962                                                                                             1018

                                                                                     1082                                                                                            1146

                                                                                     1202                                                                                            1273

                                                                                     1322                                                                                            1400

                                                                                     1442                                                                                            1527

                                                                                     1563                                                                                            1655

                                                                                     1683                                                                                            1782

                                                                                     1803                                                                                            1909

                                                                                     1923                                                                                            2036

                                                                                     2043                                                                                            2164

                                                                                     2164                                                                                            2291

                                                                                     2284                                                                                            2418

                                                                                     2404                                                                                            2546

                                                                                     2524                                                                                            2673

                                                                                     2644                                                                                            2800

                                                                                     2765                                                                                            2927

                                                                                     2885                                                                                            3055

                                                                                     3005                                                                                            3182

                                                                   Remark:           Inserted by TCP/IP BDE Server                                                 Remark:           Inserted by TCP/IP BDE Server

                                                                        Without EMBR                                                                                       With EMBR

• A high casting speed leaves to high turbulence         • 90 % reduction of surface defects with EMBR
  in the mold and more mold powder entrapments.            due to the almost complete elimination of mold
  Therefore, the EMBR gives considerably better            powder entrapments. An optical surface inspec-
  results at higher casting speeds. The result is          tion system placed after the last stand in the
  evaluated via an optical surface inspection              hot rolling mill shows the upper side of coils.
  system after the last stand (F7) in the hot rolling      (Nucor Steel, Berkeley, USA, AISE 2001)
  mill. (Thyssen, Germany, 4th European CC conf,
                                                                                                                                                                         < 50 µm                                              > 50 µm
                                                                                                                Total O
                                                                                                                 (ppm)                                                 inclusions                                            inclusions
                                                                                                                                                                        (# / mm2)                                           (mg / 10 kg
• Thin slab casting results in a higher total oxygen       Thin slab
  level than conventional slab casting.                     without                                                  31.9                                                    8.36                                                       4.53
  With EMBR this level can be lowered to that of            EMBR
  conventional casting. More important is that the
  bigger and dangerous inclusions (>50 µm) are             Thin slab
                                                          with EMBR                                                  19.2                                                    7.16                                                       1.75
  even more infrequent than for conventional
  casting. The smaller inclusions have been
  examined by means of metallographic evaluation         Conventional
                                                            slab                                                     18.5                                                    6.55                                                       1.99
  and the bigger ones by the slime method.
  (Handan Iron & Steel, China, AISTech 2005)

        Improved product quality             Increased casting speed
        New market segments                  Less rejects

             Margin                   X Volume = Result

        Less rejects
        Reduced scarfing and grinding
        Reduced mould wear
                                                                                                                     Elanders, 0505
        Boosting Productivity and Quality with
        Electromagnetic Systems
      In metallurgical processing, the technology for stirring and braking the melt is important to ensure
      a higher quality and productivity. The resulting benefits in terms of reproducible quality and pro-
      fitable production have been repeatedly demonstrated, often with pay-back times less of than a
      As the leading company in this area, ABB can provide advanced solutions for stirrers and brakes,
      but can also assist our customers worldwide with service and maintenance. Combined with our
      metallurgical know-how, this makes ABB an ideal partner in the selection and installing of electro-
      magnetic systems.

      ABB is the Complete Supplier of Electromagnetic Systems for the Metals Industry.


              LF-EMS                                            EMBR
                                                                FC Mold
                                                                FC MEMS

                                                             Slab SEMS      EM Stabilizer for coating lines
                     Dual MEMS
                     Mod MEMS


                                                                            Aluminum EMS

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