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Affordable Fine Art Sculptural Firebowls Bring French Flair to Fine Gardens


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                Affordable Fine Art Sculptural Firebowls Bring French Flair to Fi
                Add the majesty of a formal garden to your home with the Fiery Fleur-d e-Lis Fire

                08.12.2009 – The Fiery Fleur-de-Lis Firebowl from artist John T. Unger is a tour de
                force in fire and steel. Whether you are hosting an intimate gathering of your inner        Twitter Pitc
                circle, plotting an award winning landscape design or seeking the perfect focal point       The Fiery Fleu
                                                                                                            Art Sculptural
                for a trendy new French Bistro , this firepit is sure to make a statement. As part of the
                                                                                                            Flair to Fine G
                handcrafted 100% recycled steel firepits produced by artist John T. Unger, the Fiery
                Fleur-de-Lis evokes images of royalty and class that will add a regal flair to any          News Facts
                backyard setting.                                                                             John T. Ung
                The history of the fleur-de-lis design goes back centuries but its message and                recycled ste
                ambiance are as timeless as the steel from which these firebowls are born. Think              Artisanal Fir

                warmth of design. Think style and elegance. The Fiery Fleur-de-Lis is the perfect             heavy steel
                                                                                                              becoming a
                firepit for those wishing to bring an air of sophistication to their own private retreat.
                Gaze upon the flames flowering like a night blooming lily from this stylized design
                                                                                                              The Fiery Fl
                and savor the daytime silhouettes, shadows cast like a sundial upon the soil.
                                                                                                              beautiful sc
                                                                                                              not in use.
                It may not be possible for everyone to recreate the enormous French paterre, formal           Prices for th
                gardens like those seen at the brilliantly opulent Palace of Versailles but the price of      Firebowl sta
                the Fiery Fleur-de-Lis brings it well within the reach of modern formal gardens. No           included).
                matter how humble the size of your estate the Fiery Fleur-de-Lis can add majesty              The Fiery Fl

                and class that expands the feel of your garden to the far horizons. Create your own           sizes, 40-in
                                                                                                              (102-cm) an
                version of these well-known odes to green, with affordability and individual
                                                                                                              suitable for
                                                                                                              gas, wood,

                Your Fiery Fleur-de-Lis Firebowl, with its rich and spirited history will lend the          Resource Li
                strength of the ages and a royal feel to any outdoor space. Each one is crafted from        John T. Ung
                hand-finished 100% recycled steel and sized to reign prominently over your private          Store
                kingdom. In an effort to showcase the natural beauty of the steel itself, the artist        John T. Ung

                leaves a natural rust patina, which lends its beauty and protection for years to come.      The Fiery Fle

                You are also free to coat the firepit in your choice of fire-resistant paint to add a
                personal touch to the design. The firebowl can be left outdoors year-round, requiring
                                                                                                            Fleur-d e-Lis,
                no maintenance and guaranteed to last for generations.                                      artisanal fire
                                                                                                            firebowl, fire
                The complete line of John T. Unger Artisanal Firebowls is available for sale on the         firepit, fire pi
                artist's website,                                                       fire pit, recy

                The Fiery Fleur-de-Lis is available in 2 sizes, 40-in                                       steel firebo
                (102-cm) and 37-in (94-cm) and is suitable for use with
                                                                                                            deck, yard, d
                gas, wood, or charcoal fires. Prices for the Fiery Fleur-de-Lis Firebowl start at $1249
                (shipping included) and they ship ready to fit for natural gas or propane

                About the Artist
John T. Unger has been making art professionally since about 1995 and has made
a full-time living as an artist since 2000. The artist's use of reclaimed and recycled
materials highlights his commitment to sustainable art and its positive
environmental impact. His Artisanal firepits can be found in 43 states and 6
countries and have been commissioned by world class hospitality properties
including RumFire, Waikiki Beach, HI and Spirit Ridge Vineyard Resort & Spa,
Osoyoos, British Columbia (the last stop of the 2010 Olympic Torch).

The artist's work has been praised in print by Craft Magazine, VenusZine, Variety
Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Chicago Sun
Times, The Detroit News, and others. Online reviews include Boing Boing,
Neatorama, Daily Candy, Materialicious, Treehugger, Slashfood, Etsy's Storque.
HGTV's Red Hot & Green and
DIY Networks 2006 Holiday Gift Guide have featured Artisanal Firebowls, as will the
forth coming books 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse by Garth Johnson and The Daily
Book of Art from Walter Foster Publishing.

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About John T. Unger
I'm best known as an artist and designer. Relaxing makes me tense, so I tend to put
in a lot of hours on diverse projects.

In addition to a successful art career I work with companies like Six Apart, PayPal
and 1000Markets to develop better tools for online commerce and publishing for

It's all the same thing in the end— I wake up most days thinking about how I want to
change, fix or improve some aspect of the world. And after a couple cups of coffee I
get started on it.

My specialty is impossibility remediation: if it can't be done, I'm on it.

Contacting John T. Unger
John T. Unger
3014 S. M 66 Hwy
Mancelona, MI 49659

Press Contact
John T. Unger
Office: 231.584.2710
Cell: 231.584.2710

Interview Request
John T. Unger
Office: 231.584.2710
Cell: 231.584.2710
Product Sample Request
John T. Unger
Office: 231.584.2710
Cell: 231.584.2710

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