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					                         SILWERSTRAND HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION
                             MINUTES OF THE TRUSTEES MEETING
                            HELD ON 24 JUNE 2011, AT CAPE TOWN


M.V. Brumer           (MVB)         Chairman
E. Smit               (ES)          Trustee
G. Essop              (GE)          Trustee
C. Newell             (CN)          Trustee
A. Greenaway          (AG)          Trustee               Managing Agent
A. Smuts              (AS)          RGC Representative    Club captain
Ludwig Vercuiel       (LV)          RGC Manager

R. Keytel             (RK)          Trustee
R. Williams           (RW)          Trustee

1.     Welcome                                                                  ACTION    ACTION
MVB welcomed all to the meeting and thanked them for taking the time to

2.     Minutes of the Meeting held on 5 May 2011 Accepted

Matters arising:
2.2 Construction on the Village Fence have started but no further               MVB       Nxt mtng
      progress to report since the last meeting. A list of material has been
      created and work on the fence will be completed at the developers
      pace. Regular feedback on progress via the newsletter.
2.5 Ongoing outstanding payments due to the SHOA were to have been              MVB       Ongoing
      settled in full by MVB by the end of February 2011. Payment to the
      amount of R22 984.15 was received from MVB on 17/03/2011. The
      outstanding amounts of R10 100 for the DVA & R25 322.58 for the
      Caravan park remain outstanding. MVB stated he will make payment
      as & when possible. AG noted her objection.
2.8 3 home owners have written to the SHOA enquiring about the                  LV / AG   Ongoing
     landscaping of open spaces on the golf course. A landscape plan of the
     estate were produced by Nicolas Clark, landscaping architect, clearly
     defining the responsibility areas of open spaces on the golf course.
     The RGC to set a standard for landscaping within the scope of the
     architectural guidelines & OEMP for the estate. A homeowner must
     apply to the RGC with a plan for the landscaping they intend to do,
     paperwork to be filed with the RGC and the HOA. Public spaces on the
     Golf course are the responsibility of the RGC in planting, upkeep and
4.5 MVB stated that the clearance of the silt from the Sandriver is an          AG        Immy
     important issue. Sally Durandt has written a letter of motivation to the
     Provincial Road Engineer that it is imperative that the culvert is
     enlarged. The letter has been sent to Louis Bruwer, but no further
     feedback is available. The insurance claim for damage to the course
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     and estate is still an open case and Danie Cloete informed LV that MVB
     needs to send copies of the letters regarding the culvert to the
     insurance company. All relevant correspondence has been forwarded to
     Stephnie Possault, who is consulting engineer for the province. AG to
     follow up on progress with SP.

3.2 GE Contacted other golf estates on how they manage damage to                 LV              Ongoing
      houses caused by golfing activities. All estates enforce the rule that
      any damage caused to home owners property is for the account of the
      golfer. RGC to inform all their members and also have clear notices
     visible in the clubhouse for visitors along with reporting procedure that
     golfers must follow when damage is caused.                                  LV              Nxt mtng
3.3 problems with irrigation & 3.6 RGC objection to municipal taxes are still
     ongoing. LV to provide feedback to Board on progress                        MVB             Nxt mtng
3.4 water availability issues - MVB will arrange on site meeting with Chris
     Brown to attend to suitability of Village irrigation system and water
     availability needs for the Village.
4.10.1 AG to report on the RGC constitution and if there are any                 AG              Immy
       conflicts with the SHOA constitution.
4 10.2 MVB to draft a letter to the RGC regarding the management                 AS              Immy
       issues as experienced on the course. RGC have responded
       unofficially to MVB. A response must be issued by the RGC for
       the record where it clearly answers each concern raised by the
4 10.3 A meeting of the RGC/SHOA committee must be called as a                   MVB / AS        Immy
       matter of urgency. No action.

3.1 RW to investigate a long term solution for the management of the             RW              Nxt mtng
     DVA within its income budget and present a feasibility study to the
3.2 The cost of the shop and the house that is occupied by HK needs to           MVB / CN / RW   Nxt mtng
      be reviewed. Currently no rent is being paid for either. HK does pay
      a monthly water & electricity bill that is paid into the SHOA account.
      MVB / RW / CN to address in separate meeting.

2.3 Contract between SHOA and Caravan Park to be attended to. RK &               MVB / CN / RW   Nxt mtng
     CN to draft written agreement. A proper plan & design must be
     drawn up to upgrade the slipway. Funds to be used from the boat
     licence fee. Estimated cost of R20 000k for the upgrade of the
     slipway. RK, CN & MVB to arrange meeting to discuss the agreement
     and also attend to the slipway issue.
4.3 The Security Contract will stand over for at least another 2 months. ES      ES / MVB        Aug 2011
     will obtain 3 quotes from outside security firms to determine a suitable
     fee for the Security contract. MVB to email spreadsheets of cost
     breakdowns to ES.

5.1   SM&L will provide quotes for the maintenance, painting & repair of         MVB             Nxt mtng
     Golf course and river townhouses. This will then be circulated to HO’s
     to complete by date as set by the Board of Trustees.
5.3 Responses to be sent to Mr Steyn regarding his letter to the board           AG              Nxt mtng
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      dated 4 March 2011 as soon as RGC has responded to the points

3.     Finances
3.1   A draft budget has been submitted to CN & RW. A decision must be          AG/CN/RW        Nxt mtng
      made around the level of penalty levies for the financial year 2011-

4.     Portfolio Reports
4.1    Governance                                                               GE
       4.1.1 GE made a presentation to the board on establishing the            GE              Nxt mtng
              SSHOA website. Cost of R12 000 for the set up of the site +
              an additional R1000 for the Newsletter functionality, bring the
              total cost to R13 000.
              50% deposit payable for work to start, Each entity i.e. RGC,
              DVA, Caravan park will all be given access to their respective
              domains and they will carry the cost of their domain. All
              trustees are in agreement for GE to proceed. A resolution to
              the effect will be drawn up giving GE the authority to act on
              behalf of the Board in setting up the website.

4.2    OEMP                                                                     CN
       MVB stated that Sally du Randt has now started her own consulting        MVB             Nxt mtng
       firm and he suggest that her services be obtained in completing the
       OEMP audit for the SHOA, on the provision that her rates are
       competitive and market related. MVB to follow up with SdR. Next
       audit is due in September 2011.

4.3    Contracts                                                                ES
       Please see item 2.3 & 4.3 in Matters Arising under the heading

4.4    Security                                                             ES
       See Report Attached
       The Board compliments RB & his team on the handling of the suicide AG                    Immy
       attempt at one of the Riverside Townhouses. AG to write letter to RB
       to that effect.
       The contact number for the main security gate is now available for AG                    Immy
       home owners to phone when they have guests coming to visit and
       need to report them to security. AG to communicate the number to
       all Home Owners in the next newsletter

4.5    Communication / marketing / liaison                                      MVB
       Newsletter will be sent out monthly with the levy statements.            AG              Ongoing

4.6   Building Guidelines & Construction                                        RK
      4.6.1 HOA committee established to scrutinise all plans after they        MVB / ES / GE   Nxt mtng
             have been checked by the architect. Committee is ES, MVB &
             GE. A checklist to be compiled to which buildings must comply.
             MVB to investigate the appointment of a new architect that is

4.7    Estate Maintenance Manager’s Report                                      HK

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       See Report Attached

4.8     Managing Agent Report                                                   AG
        See Report Attached

4.9    DVA Manager’s Report
       No Issues

4.10     Golf Course Report
        Report from the RGC dated March & April 2011 circulated to all
        A letter of concern was sent to the RGC from the SHOA board of          AS     Immy
        Trustees. An official response must be obtained from the RGC that
        can be circulated to the Home Owners outlining clear action plans for
        addressing any issues.
        RW & CN inspected the breakdown of expenses relating to the
        maintenance of the course over the past 3 years, as provided by the
        RGC. It is evident from the accounts provided, that the 35%
        contribution made to the RGC by the HOA does not cover the costs of
        expenses to maintain the course. CN & RW conclude that there are
        no fund being able to build up at this stage.
        The different membership categories were discussed and AS clarifies
        that there is no “Senior Membership” in the RGC Constitution and that
        it is not a membership category that is open to new members. This is
        only an arrangement with existing RGC members. The HOA
        contribution of 35% of the monthly levy is only payable by Home
        Owners and is not classified as a membership fee. This forms part of
        the contract the Home Owners bought in to.
        The matter of the trees on the car park pavement was discussed and
        a decision was taken to allow the RGC to keep the trees and if any
       damage occur the RGC will be liable for said damage. Home owners
       will not be allowed to plant any trees on pavements.

5.     General

The meeting closed at 18h30

Appendix 1

From Hein Kriel
Maintenance Manager
Dated: 23 June 2011
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Golf Estate

      Sweep roads every second week
      Entrance maintained every second week
      Clear open space between Erven and Canal once per month
      Plant grass on corner of Silwerstrand Boulevard & Sauvignon Street
      Remove “tolbos” & grass cuttings from Muscat Street
      Repair drinking water pipe in Colombard street
      Cut growth on pavement along fence in Sauvignon Street

Village Estate

      Every 2 weeks cut the grass at the village townhouses
      Entrance maintained every 2 weeks
      Irrigation system serviced
      Grass in open areas cut every two weeks
      Grass along river bank are cut every two weeks
      Roads swept every 2 weeks
      Remove grass cuttings
      Cleaned flower beds along fence weekly
      Clean area between Bruwer farm and Village
      Removing algae in dams
      Cut reeds in dams
      Cut grass around dams


      The grassed area on both sides of the road between Golf Estate and Village cut every 2 weeks
      Sewage pumps are serviced weekly
      Garage where rubbish is stored are inspected weekly
      Bins are cleaned every Monday & Friday
      Cut DVA Grass
      Take water meter reading every month
      “Olyf Boord” is cleaned every 2 weeks
      Repair perimeter fence

Planning for July 2011

      Plant grass around dams in Village
      Cut vacant plots in Village

HP Kriel

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Appendix 2

23 June 2011
Security Report

Installation of new alarms

No new installations


Mr Bernard van Niekerk
Mr Lucien Jansen, 3 Lilly Crescent, The Village, Silwerstrand Golf & River Estate (Approved)


Wacky Wine weekend was a busy weekend as always for the Estate but no serious incidents was reported
to me or the Security Officers on duty.

Tenant Mrs Pamela Louw of Village Way 46, the Village, Silwerstrand Golf & River Estate tried to
commit suicide on the 19 of June 2011 by drinking an overdose of pills. Silwerstrand Security was
contacted by Mrs Pamela Louw‟s son and Supervisor Gerrit Smit contacted the Police and ambulance
service. After she was stabilised by the medics she was taken to hospital.

Application for a power boat launching licence

Currently 01 new licence for 2011/2012 was issued.

Building contractors currently busy with construction

Golf Estate

Slaney Construction    Erf 7106, Sauvignon Street 13, Golf Estate
                       Erf7137, Chardonnay Street, Golf Estate
CCD Construction       Erf 7042, 7043, Silwerstrand Boulevard No 40/42, Golf Estate
Milpro construction    Erf 7175, Riesling Street, Golf Estate
Gher Rabie             Chardonnay Street, Golf Estate
                       Erf 7164, Riesling Street, Golf Estate
                       Erf 7032, Silwerstrand Boulevard
Johan Coetzee          Erf, Chardonnay Street, Golf Estate

The Village

Smith Construction     Erf 7388, Lily Crescent 3, the Village
Outien Rabie           Erf 7326, Village Way

Building completed

Lily Crescent no 10, The Village, Silwerstrand Golf & River Estate, Robertson.
Chardonnay Street 9, Silwerstrand Golf & River Estate, Robertson
Chardonnay Street 27, Golf Estate
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Village Way 3, the Village, Silwerstrand Golf & River Estate, Robertson
Mr Outien Rabie, Chardonnay Street, Silwerstrand Golf & River Estate, Robertson
Mr & Mrs Burger, Erf 7141 Chardonnay Street 17, Golf Estate
Mr JP Coetzee, Erf 7172 Riesling Street 7, Golf Estate
Mr Andre Kuhn, Erf 7384, 7 Lily Crescent, The Village
BJ van Niekerk                Erf 7371, Willow Close 6, The Village
De Beer Construction          Erf 7372, Willow Close 3, The Village
Christiaan Builders           Erf 7379, Lily Crescent 13, The Village
Slaney Construction           Erf 7178 Riesling Street 1, Golf Estate
DJ Schneider                  Erf 7034, Silwerstrand Boulevard No 24, Golf Estate
JSM Construction              Erf 7126, Chardonnay Street 16, Golf Estate


I’ve been asked by the Robertson Police to join the CBD Sub-Forum and will be the representative
of Silwerstrand Golf & River Estate. Monthly meetings will be held at Absa Bank Robertson. The
main purpose of the forum will be to discuss crime and what we as normal citizens can do to keep
our families and properties safe.

Homeowners and Trustees to be aware of card cloning that is a new thing in Robertson. Always
make sure that when you pay by credit card or debit cart you don’t take your eyes of your cards.
Please feel free to contact me by telephone or e-mail if you notice any suspicious acts in Robertson
so that I can give feedback to the Police.

Telephones are now installed at The Golf and Village Estate entrances. Homeowners can contact
the gates directly to let them know of visitors and deliveries.
The direct telephone number of Robertson Police sector vehicle is programmed on the telephones
for quicker response to the Estate.


Rejeanne Botha
Manager/Silwerstrand Security

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Appendix 3

Managing Agent Report
23 Jun 2011


The dam water levels are low due to the canal being closed (re-opened Monday 20/06/2011)
and the RGC pumps that are being serviced. Johan Horne confirmed today (23/06/2011) that
the pumps should be back by Friday at the latest or on Monday. I’m not sure if there are any
other issues or if it’s just a general service, LV would probably be best to report on this in his
monthly report.

                             Areas of Concern regarding landscaping

1.     Currently the pavement along the perimeter fence in Sauvignon Street is overgrown
       and not landscaped. I’ve asked HK in the short term to just cut the weeds down,
       similar to what they do when they do the vacant plot clearance.
       Action:       A decision to be made on how the pavement must be presented; i.e.
                     paving, planting of grass or plants etc. If planting is decided access
                     to water must be established first before anything is planted. There
                     are 2 completed houses in this road and one under construction.

2.     General open/public spaces on the Golf Course
       Action:     Identify all such spaces and determine who’s responsibility they are.
                   Establish the standard to which you want them kept.
                   Water must be made available to all open/public spaces before any
                   planting can commence.

3.     The road verges especially along the 11th and 13th fairways are untidy & overgrown.
       The same also goes for the verge along the 18th fairway.
       Action:      Please clarify who is responsible for the verges adjacent to the golf
                    course. All such areas to be clearly defined.
                    Clarify the standard to which you want all verges kept.

A map of the development was produced by the landscaping architect clearly defining areas of
responsibility. Copies are in the HOA office.

4.     The pebbled parking areas in the Village are overgrown with weeds.
       I suggest that HK sprays it at regular intervals with round up. HOA to supply

5.     I would also like to recommend that the Board of Trustees enforce an environmental
       plan or garden layout, to be submitted for each house before a garden is established.
       This can be kept on the OEMP file. It will enable us to identify problems before they
       occur - for example trees planted where it can cause damage to service lines and
       planting that is not compliant with the planting list.

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6.        The area by the main entrance, on your right as you enter the estate is SHOA land
          and vacant and also untidy. A suggestion has been made to use the area as a
          “nursery” for the estate.
          Action:       Water needs to be made available.
                        We can sell the plants to Home owners at a nominal fee to cover cost
                        of operations. (Labour & Water)
                        Establish the standards to which the nursery has to operate so that it
                        will enhance the estate as a whole and not look untidy.

Water issue

Please find below a copy from a letter to MB from LV regarding the water. I think we need to
pay urgent attention to getting the water issues resolved. I’ve left this in from the last report.

Hi Mark

Ek het weereens die hele aangeleentheid van water met die gholfkomitee bespreek en meer in besonders met oom
Nando Baard. Om die regte besluite te neem moet ons alle feite op die tafel plaas en ek is besig met die

Die volgende is toegelaat in die verlede maar ek kan geen dokumentasie hieroor kry nie en weetook nie of
“bestuur” dit kon gedoen het sonder die goedkeuring van die gholfklub komitee of SSHO. Help vir my asb. indien u
enige inligting aangaande die volgende het?
     Wie het toestemming gegee vir koppelings uit die Gholfbaan se besproeiingsstelsel vir die privaatgebruik
        by die huis op putjie no.3 en putjie 10 en 11?
     Deur wie is die koppelings en pypleidings goedgekeur?
     By die “townhouses” by putjie 10 – Wie het besluit dat areas wat nie op gholfbaan grond is nie besproei
        kan word vanaf “valves” vanaf die gholfbaan?
     Daar loop „n 40mm pyp vanaf bof 5 na die “Day Visitors area” en die kraan word gereeld oopgedraai en
        geen watergebruik hier word gemonitor nie. Hoe het die situasie ontstaan?
     Volgens die kontrak wat bestaan ontvang die gholfbaan water vir 32.40 ha water en Silwerstrand Dev.
        Company water vir 4.30 ha. My logiese afleiding is dat die 4.30 ha water vir die village is.
     Wat was die reeling met die gholfklub oor die verskaffing van water aan die “Village‟?
     Wie is verantwoordelik vir die pomp van die water in die tuine van die “Village”? Moet dit van die gholfklub
        se pompstasie geskied of moes die village hulle eie water pomp?
     Wat is die kapasiteit van die dammein die “Village” en kan hulle daaglikse kwota in die damme stoor?
     Wanneer is die koppeling gedoen vanaf die eerste setperk na die oorkant van die pad?

My huidiglike begrip van die water situasie is dat die gholfbaan water het vir 32.4 ha en die village vir 4.3 ha. Dit is
die gholfklub se plig om te sorg dat die village die water kry en daarom was my voorstel dat „n watermeter
aangebring word sodat die kwota gelewer word. Ons sal ons water moet beter beheer en gebruik. Die kostes
verbonde aan waterverskaffing (elektrisiteit en “maintenance) ka nook dan beter beheer en bepaal word. Onthou
daar is sekere tye wat ons glad nie of baie minder besproei.

My onderneming aan die gholfkomitee was om „n volledige oudit van die water te doen soda tons die bron
maksimaal kan benut tot voordeel van die hele ontwikkeling. Ek sien dit in die volgende fases:
    Fase 1 – Skoonmaak van alle pype en vervanging van spreiers (die fase is so pas voltooi teen „n koste van
       R 200 000.00
    Fase 2 – Bepaal hoeveel water op die gholfbaan neergesit gedurende die aand siklus. (besig – Bergrivier
    Fase 3 – Hoeveel water kan ons gedurende die dag gebruik om te verseker dat ons genoeg water in die
       dam het om die aand te besproei
    Fase 4 – Verseker dat die water wat by die sluis inloop ons regte kwota is. Installeer tregter i.p.v. pyp wat
       huidiglik lug suig ( sal nou gedoen word)
    Fase 5 – Installeer drup besproeiingstelsel vir al die bome en sorg dat water op die regte tye geallokeer
       word – Junie/Julie 2011

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Betrokke partye sal op hoogte gehou word en ek sal waardeer dat alle inligting versamel word sodat ons kan
besluit op die pad vorentoe.

Dankie vir julle samewerking!



Another incident occurred where a tenant did not stop at the Village gate at around 6pm in the
evening. She proceeded to drive through a gate that had started closing and subsequently it
caused damage to her car. She has written an email where she expects the HOA to claim for
the damage to her car from the SHOA insurance. Your advice required. We have of course set
a president by paying out a previous claim. The gate is not faulty and the guard on duty did
wave the lady down to stop, but she just carried on regardless.

During a site visit with Rejeanne Botha on 20/06/2011 the following suggestions are made for
both the main security gate and the Village entrance gate.

1.       Paint stop signs on the road at the exit and entry points.
         (2x at Village/2x Main gate)
2.       Place a notice on the gate to stop and wait for gate to open before proceeding
         (2x at Village gate/2x Main gate)
3.       An up-light placed on the inside of the gates to light up the gates when vehicles exit the
         (1x at Village gate/1x Main gate)

Other issues
1.     All stop signs to be painted on roads in Village and on Golf Course.
2.     It has been reported that owners/guests drive their cars onto the grassed riverbank       -
       they gain access to the front of the river town houses between the last town        house
       (Village way 88 and the vacant plots)
3.     The workshop gate (entrance for RGC workers from workshop)
       - please clarify is his is a permanent access gate.
       - the electrical cable (in plastic tubing) is running above ground from the small
          electrical box to the gate motor. Clarify if this is the correct standard?
       - the electrical box cover has broken off - RB to buy new box and replace to
          prevent water/elements damage - SHOA to pay for material?
       - 2 curbing stones left by the side of the road, near the gate?
       - RGC to sweep the road in front of the gate daily to leave it clean from sand/dirt.

                                      Contractors - Areas of Concern

1.       The contractors’ entrance is causing an eye-sore at the main entrance gate. This is
         made worse on rainy days. The mud is driven into Silwerstrand Boulevard right by
         the main entrance. The curbs are damaged due to the heavy delivery vehicles (10x
         curbs needs replacing.)

Suggestions:            In the short term - relay the contractors’ road so that they exit in the
                        side road and then enter Silwerstrand Boulevard by turning right at
                        the stop sign. At least most of the mud will be out of the eye.
Antonette                               Page 10                          01/10/2011
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                    Place some kind of protective ramps over the curbs to ensure they are
                    not damaged any further. I would also suggest that each contractor
                    place protective ramps at their building site and only use those
                    designated areas to gain access on to the erf for the purposes of
                    deliveries etc. Alternatively the SHOA to enforce a “no driving onto
                    the erf” policy, and deliveries must be made from the roadside.

                    Medium to Long term: Will this be a permanent gate?
                    If yes, a proper structure must be built to fit with the rest of the
                    estate and a proper road must be laid on to grant access to
                    Silwerstrand Boulevard.
                    At the moment the electricity cable is running over-ground from the
                    contractors’ gate to the main entrance gate. This is a potential Health
                    & Safety risk.

From a security management point of few, and on recommendation from RB, that all
contractors only use this gate as entry point and not the main security gate. This will relieve
the congestion, especially in the mornings when the contractors have to be signed in and their
people checked. The same in the evenings when they leave, they use the contractors’ gate and
security can control that all workers brought in are taken out again.

The contractors’ fines are a source of income for the home owners and should be maximized.
All contractors that are currently building have been warned on many occasions. I think the
SHOA should take a tougher stance and only issue fines in the future and these fines should be
issued on a daily basis until compliance from the contractors are consistently obtained.


Outstanding balance from MB.
Balance of R10 100 to the DVA
Balance of R25 964.63 form the Caravan Park for water & electricity

Exceptional items for May 2011
Line 40: Paid R2223 for the landscaping architect to produce maps of estate
Line 66: Paint/Materials to repair & paint Village entrance

I’m looking for quotes for a printer/scanner/copier (3-in-1) for the SHOA. The printer I’m using
currently is very expensive in ink and is not ideal. Also it cannot scan or copy.

Feedback from the solicitors regarding the legal action against the person that caused the
damage to the perimeter fence, is to wait for the outcome of the court case against him for
reckless driving and causing damage to property. They have sent a letter of demand to the
guy. According to reports from RB the police are waiting on a court date. The solicitor cost is
R3000 deposit and R800 per hour to take on the case.


During the site visit I’ve compiled a list of homes that are not complying with the standards of
the estate. Specifically, garden refuse dumped on vacant plots next to homes, rubbish stored

Antonette                           Page 11                           01/10/2011
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in site of the main road etc. I will speak to all these home owners during the following weeks
and if we cannot reach an amicable agreement on how to go forward then I’ll copy you in on
letters of warning etc.

I do however feel that the issue with Mr Papenfus’ house is something that is above my remit
and I feel that the Chairman or the Board as a collective need to write to Mr Papenfus,
regarding the paving in front of this house and the fence facing the golf course.

Standards of painting and upkeep of houses and townhouses.
Action:      A decision to be made to the standard of woodwork and paint work and
             then communicated to the Home owners with a clear time scale of when
             work should be completed

Another concern is the house on erf 7043 where building work has come to a standstill for the
past 12 months. It creates a very poor impression to prospective buyers and visitors. Is there
nothing else, apart from the penalty levy that we can use to encourage the owners to complete
the house or at least make the property water tight and then lock up until further notice?

Kind regards
Antonette Greenaway
Managing Agent

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Appendix 4

Report from Robertson Golf Club

                              Bestuurdersverslag – Maart & April 2011


Die AJV is gehou op 31 Maart 2011 en die hele komitee is herkies behalwe dat Magda Vorster verkies is
as dameskapteine en Carel Cloete in die portefeulje van Finansies. Dankie aan Phillip Retief en Nina
Kriel vir hul bydrae oor die afgelope paar jaar. Twee veranderings is aan die konstitusie aangebring
naamlik die betalingsperiode van subskripsie en Lidmaatskap kategoriee.


       Die oudit is gedoen deur BAS rekenmeesters en alhoewel die Klub in „n baie beter finansiele
        posisie verkeer as verlede jaar dieselfde tyd wys daar nog „n verlies van R 329 429.89.
       Kontantvloei is aansienlik beter maar ongelukkig moes die omtrent R 200 000.00 in die
        spaarrekening gespandeer word aan besproeiing – die vervanging van sproeiers.
       Behalwe die drie lenings van die klub was daar nog ook geld aan Global Golf verskuldig vir
        “Furniture & Fittings”. Die drie gholfkarre is ook van hulle oorgekoop teen „n bedrag van R 10
        000.00 + BTW. Ongelukkig moes ons ook nog twee stele nuwe batterye teen R 18 500.00 vir die
        karre aankoop. RGK besit nou nege gholfkarre van ons eie en huur nog vier karre by EZGO.
        Oom Wouter de Wet se gholfkar is ook aan die klub geskenk en ons wag nog vir batterye vir die
        kar wat ons op die baan gaan gebruik
       Subskripsies kom teen „n redelike spoed in en ons het al omtrent R 300 000.00 ontvang.
       Onrusbarend is dat ons masjinerie al hoe meer geld kos (herstelwerk) en kwotasies is alreeds van
        CSE ontvang en ons is besig met „n vervangingsprogram.
       Subskripsie het „n bietjie later ingekom as waarvoor begroot is weens die feit dat fooie eers by die
        AJV vagestel is en begroting sal aangepas word.
       Die Klub toon „n wins vir Maart en April maar ons het „n paar groot kapitale uitgawes gehad wat
        nie in die vorige en huidige begroting was nie. Ons sal moet „n fonds opbou om nuwe toerusting
        te finansier.
       Die klub se bates lyk beter maar onthou die leeftyd van voertuie is beperk.

Die Baan:

       Alle spreiers is volgens Johann Horne nou vervang en die eerste fase van ons oudit is nou voltooi.
        Ons kyk nou of die regte hoeveelhede water neergesit word en nat kolle word aangespreek.
       Besproeing vir bome sal gedurende die wintemaande ingesit word na aanleiding van „n behoorlike
        plan. Baankomitee sal ook hier betrek word.
        Dreinering word ingesit en is reeds by die tweede setperk gedoen.
       Volgens my is daar verskeie plekke waar dreinering nog ingesit moet word en dit sal gedurende
        die wintermaande aangespreek word.
       Die vier nuwe waterpunte is klaar en ons is besig met afloop pype en om mooi te maak.
       Daar is twee keer gespuit vir molkrieke en „n opvolg spuit sal Aug/Sept gedoen word
       Daar is gespuit vir Poa – skoonvelde, semi-rof en om die setperke
       Kunsmis is gespuit op die bowwe en sekere swak kolle op die baan. Daar is besluit dat ons
        kunsmis sal gooi aan die begin van die groei seisoen.
       Skoonvelde is geverti-cut en snysels is gegooi op kaal kolle sodat areas kan toe groei (putjie 16)
       Swamme op die skoonvelde kom voor en ons spuit huidiglik daarvoor.
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Die Pro Shop:

Baanfooie vir Maart was beter as begroting alhoewel April weer „n bietjie laer was. Skryf dit toe aan die
vakansie en baie publieke vakansiedae en dat mense nog steeds hul luukshede moet beperk.Dit is nog heel
binne die begroting en die Pro Shop het goeie verkope gedurende April gewys en vir die eerste keer kon
die inkomste die kostes van die Pro Shop dek.

Wonderfontein borg weereens ons tellingkaarte en die bestelling is geplaas. Dankie aan Riaan vir sy hulp.
Gholfkarretjies is besig om „n Facelift te kry deur dit ordentlik skoon te maak en om alle gebreekte parte
te vervang.

Sieg skakel goed in en help by alle fasette van die klub (afrigting, Pro Shop, bemarking, kroeg, baan en
admin.) Lesse is huidiglik maar stil maar ons het begin met “Sundowners” vir die kinders.

Gedurende die wintermaande word die spankompetisie, interklub kompetisies, familiedag en boeredag
bemark. Die tweede Brodiespan vaar redelik goed en le tweede op die “log” sowel as die BBL.


        Pakette vir die wintermaande is saamgestel en word by verskillende klubs en op website bemark;
        Maandelikse nuusbriewe aan ons lede met spesiale pakette en promosies;
        Wacky Wine gholfdag – 3 -5 Junie 2011 / Sundowner en Geborgde dag
        Lidmaatskap werwingsveldtog – on going. Pakette met nuwe Pro asook insentiewe vir lede om
         nuwe lede te werf. (gratis les, gratis rondtes, ens.)

Food & Beverage:

        Maandelikse funksie is afgestel weens te min kaartjie verkope en belangstelling. Het die hulp van
         die komitee nodig maar ons gaan weer aand reel. Prys bietjie goedkoper maak en jongmanne vra
         om te help.
        Sara aangestel as kroegdame. Gaan redelik goed maar Jenny se kontroles in kroeg is nie na wense
         nie. Sieg gaan meer betrokke raak en help met die kontroles en kyk of hy „n verskil kan maak.
        Een van die dames in die kombuis sal teen die einde van die maand “geretrench” word.
        Van die lede het „n probleem gehad dat daar geld op die kaart moet gelaai word om afslag te kry.
         Verskeie skrywes en inligting is aan die lede gestuur en die sisteem werk al hoe beter. Lede voel
         ook dat afslag geskrap word en dat drankpryse verlaag word. Drank en kospryse moet vir lid of
         besoeker dieselfde wees.
        Weens die feit dat ons aankope nie teen kosprys is nie en nie op groot maat aankope doen en
         “cater” nie is dit meer „n diens wat die Klub lewer as iets anders. Die situasie sal verbeter en groei
         saam met die “Estate”.


        Tuine lyk volgens my goed en het verskeie plante aangeplant. Michael werk goed en is
         betroubaar. Wil roosbome nog op die wal aanplant en klippies voor klub gooi.
        Later nog perdemis inwerk na winter.

Ludwig Vercuiel
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