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									Page 1                          August - September 2011

  GWRRA   New Albany Wings

CHAPTER   Monthly gathering
                Eat at 5:30PM
               Meet at 6:30PM

             1601 Greentree Blvd.
           Clarksville, Indiana 47129
Page 2                                                                       August - September 2011

                             WORDS OF
FROM chief BEE KEEPERs,                                               MEC’s
   CHAPTER DIRECTORs                                          Bob & Lora Morrison
  JERRY & Ruth BROWN                                                  Please make sure you have turned in your old
                                                             membership packets and pick up revised ones. Most did
                                                             so at the September gathering, thank you for that. I will
                         Hello Everyone!
                                                             have more packets with me next gathering.
                                 I would like to apologize            Check your expiration dates on your membership
                         for the way we were treated         cards. Renewing your membership is easy. Let me know
                         at our last gathering at Beef       if you have any questions.
                         O’Bradys. Roosters Restau-
                         rant has welcomed us to meet
                         there. It is a much larger facil-       Safety talk from
                         ity so invite your families and        Lester Stonecipher

       I would like everyone to welcome our newest                    In August, Lester warned everyone against the
members, Tim and Julie Peoples, and Joel Gonia. They         dangers of drinking and driving. He reminded all to check
have decided to join us so make them feel welcome!           air pressure in both tires, as well as tread wear, especially
                                                             on the rear tire which is not easily visible. “Out of sight,
         I am glad we have been able to reschedule                   out of mind” Don’t forget the sidewalls when in-
some of our rides that had been cancelled. Check                     specting your tires, looking for cracks as well. Also
out our blog site,, for all rides. Re-                  check the manufacturer’s date, he added.
member if you have a ride in mind but don’t want                      Bob informed everyone to watch out for other
to lead, please let our ride coordinator Ron Bohnert
                                                                     people on the road. Two recent motorcycle acci-
know about it. Ruth and I have decided to have an-
                                                                     dents were sent out over the police scanner and
other pig roast, October 8th at our house. We should
                                                                     one is known to have ended in a fatality. Also be
eat around 5:00pm but you come any time after
2:00. Please bring a covered dish and if you want                    careful to avoid air blasts from semis.
something special to drink.                                           September reminder from Lester included the
                                                                     need to keep him informed of your attendance to
        Remember, it’s not so much the destination, but       any and all ERC trainings. Again, he instructed everyone
the enjoyment of the ride there and back! So ride often       to be sure to check tire air pressure, especially with the
and ride safe!                                                changing temperatures. Having tires over or under in-
                                                              flated by just 3 psi can make a difference on the wear on
                                Your CDs,                     the tires, Lester says.
                                Jerry and Ruth                        According to Mark, valve stems of 90 degrees is
                                                              recognized as a defect per Gold Wing and should be re-
                                                              placed with a 45 degree valve. Jerry added that the tire
                                                              monitoring systems now come with a metal valve stem
                                                              to remedy this problem.
Page 3                                                  August - September 2011


         Birthdays                         Chapter Shirts
                                                  Chapter shirts have been ordered. Harvest
AUGUST                                   Homecoming has a large order to be filled prior to ours
Tad Bohnert - 30th                       being done, but don’t despair! Shirts were prepaid and
                                         will be brought to the gathering to be distributed as soon
                                         as they arrive.
SePTemBeR                                         A great big thank you to Tad Bohnert for taking
                                         care of getting the order together, collecting the money
Donna Nelson - 4th                       and getting a great price.
                                                  The shirts will have the large GWRRA logo on
                                         the back which will satisfy the requirements for wearing
                                         proper attire to the many functions we attend. In other

   Anniversaries                         wards, you will not have to have your vest on to qualify
                                         (biker bucks you know).
                                                  Those who did not have the opportunity to
                                         order this time, please let Tad know your desire for shirts
                                         and as soon as she feels there is enough quantity for
                                         another order, she will let you know. Unfortunately, with
                              AUGUST     the set up fees, we have to have a certain amount to
                                         place another order.
                  Jerry & Ruthie - 4th
                Leland & Lesta - 27th
              Lester & Patricia - 30th
  Jason & Jeannette - Last Thursday of
                            the Month                plaques
                                         Traveling District Plaque
      Intellectual                       Resides with Chapter C
    Challenge winners                    Meet on 4th Wednesdays
                                         Indianapolis, Indiana
August - Brad & Mary Beth
September - Lester Stonecipher           Traveling Regional Plaque
 First & Second Place                    Resides with Chapter O
 (Donated $10 back to chapter!)          Meet on 2nd Sundays
                                         Evansville, Indiana
Page 4                                                                      August - September 2011

            Pig Roast                                        Christmas Party
         Jerry & Ruth Brown would like to invite everyone            Chapter B’s Christmas Party will once again be
to their annual Pig Roast. Roasting of the pig will start    held at Magdalena’s Restaurant & Cafe on the Square.
around 2:00 pm on Saturday, October 8, 2011. Eating          Per restaurant instructions, no one will be allowed to be
of the pig will begin around 5:00 pm. Please feel free to    seated prior to 6:00 pm.
come at any time. It is asked that each person bring a               Please remember to bring a wrapped $10 gift
covered dish to share and B.Y.O.B. if desired. Lawn chairs   labeled for a guy or gal. Cost for the meal will be an-
and jackets/coats recommended based on the weather.          nounced closer to the date once a more accurate count
                                                             can be made and funds can be counted. It is the Chap-
                                                             ter’s hope to cover most of the meal cost.
                                                                     Continue to bring in wrapped donations for the
Governor’s Ride                                              auction and don’t forget your Biker Bucks the night of
             Past Ride - August                              the party.
                                                                     We will continue to have additional ways to earn
        Jerry, Ruth and Lester went on the Governor’s        more biker bucks. Make sure you are filling out your
Ride, led by Mitch Daniels with police escort on August      monthly forms. As Jerry mentioned at the last gathering,
12, 2011. The ride covered 368 miles with no stops and       keeping up with the biker bucks is your responsibility.
included 600 motorcycles. They ended at Bedford Fair-
    grounds where they were given a free sack lunch.
                                                             103 East Chestnut St.
                                                             Corydon, IN 47112
       First Gathering                                       812-738-8075
         At Roosters

                                                                       In recent months, two of our Chapter member
                                                             families have lost loved ones.
                                                                       Tim Peoples, who attended his first gathering
                                                             with us in August, lost his parents within weeks of each
                                                                       Teresa Oehmann Craft’s son, Jason, recently lost
                                                             his father to an unexpected health condition. This came
                                                             only six months after the loss of Jason’s uncle.
With a good turnout, we still had ample room at our                    Our sympathy and condolences go out to our
   new gathering place of Roosters in Clarksville.           members and their families. I feel I can safely speak for
         Let’s invite more people to join us!                all of us when I say -- If there is anything we can do for
                                                             you or your family, please don’t hesitate to reach out.
                                                             GWRRA Chapter B is family too.
Page 5                                                                August - September 2011

                The Minutes
              August                                                 Officers
  	 Tim Peoples visiting. May join our Chapter. Wife,    JERRY & RUTH BROWN - CD’s
     Julie, is RN at Floyd, but unable to attend today.          Chapter Directors
  	 Announced that future gatherings will be held at  
     Rooster’s Restaurant in Clarksville.                 OPEN - ACD’s
                                                                 Assistant Chapter Directors
  	 Past and future events and rides discussed.          BOB & LORA MORRISON - MEC’s
  	 Teresa Craft presented with Chapter B Treasurer             Membership Enhancement Coordinators
     Certificate.                                                Bob:
  	 Lora Morrison accepted Newsletter Editor posi-       RON & TAD BOHNERT
                                                                 Ride Coordinators
  	 Last chance to order Chapter shirts – See Tad     
     Bohnert                                              TERESA OEHMANN CRAFT
  	 Homegrown tomatoes were auctioned off and
     raised $11.00 for Chapter. Donated by Ron & Tad
     Bohnert.                                             LESTER STONECIPHER
                                                                 Safety Coordinator
                                                          LORA MORRISON
                                                                 Newsletter Editor
                                                          DON GASTINEAU
  	 Joel Gonia and girlfriend, JuliAnne Mathews visit-          Web Page Coordinator
     ing. Joel has already joined our Chapter.

  	 Joel is looking to purchase a Goldwing. Discus-                CHAPTER WEB PAGE
     sion on model year, mileage, etc followed.               
  	 Past and future events and rides discussed.

  	 Announced that Don Gastenou has purchased a
     Valkyrie. Everyone hopes he will again ride with
     the Chapter.

  	 Biker Buck forms passed out and collected. Bo-
     nus bucks sheet handed out at gathering.

  	 Chapter shirts have been ordered. Tad Bohnert
     will bring them to gathering when received.
Page 6                                                                           August - September 2011

               Articles &
Smartphone Personal Safety Warning
Sharing Photos Online
The article titled “Go Where the Picture was Taken,” on page 46 of the October ‘11 issue of
RoadRUNNER gives detailed information on how to geotag your digital photos and share
them online. As fun and useful as this technology is, we also wanted to share the potential
safety risks involved with online photo sharing.

Smartphones have many high tech features that improve our daily lives, but there is one
feature that can also undermine our personal safety. Did you know that when you take a photo with your smartphone
and share it online, a computer hacker can determine the location of where that photo was taken? This is an unsettling
thought for photos of family members and others taken at locations you don’t want known to the general public. The
usual remedy for this situation is turning off the GPS location function on your smartphone (in “Settings”) for the phone’s
camera., This YouTube video on this personal safety topic also may be of interest to you:
watch?v=N2vARzvWxwY. Submitted by Don Gastineau

               FOR SALE                                                West Virginia

        If you all know of anyone looking for an OEM               ---If you would like to mention our trip to WV, here
shield off a 2002 GL1800 (fits model years 2001-                                      are the details:
2008), send them my way. This shield has about 20
miles on it. My brother bought his bike new, drove                              - New River Gorge area in WV
it home and replaced the original with a custom tall                             - Friday - Sunday Oct. 14 - 16
job. So it’s basically brand new and has been sitting               - JuliAnne and I are actually going down to Nash-
in the attic all this time.                                        ville, TN Thurs. afternoon (to pick up my Goldwing
        It can be seen at my house in Corydon. Con-                 Rental) if anyone would like to extend their trip !
tact by e-mail to set up appointments.                             - Lodging at Chief Logan State Park in Logan, WV (
                                                                                          $70 / night )
Thanks!                                                              - Leave around lunchtime Friday and return Sun
Christopher Reason                                                                           evening
                                                                   - Saturday is Bridge Day in Fayetteville, WV - think                                                     festival atmosphere
                                                                  - Beautiful ride -- hope some leaves still remaining !
                                                                         - Call Joel Gonia to discuss 502 235-0727
                                                                   Joel D. Gonia Gonia Consulting, LLC 502 235-0727
Page 7                                                                    August - September 2011
       TOURING TIP: Packing Your
       Bike Properly for Touring

Submitted by Don Gastineau                                 things you might need during the day at the bottom
                                                           of saddlebags.
Source:                                                    #9 Do: Pack well ahead of your departure date, and
September 8th, 2011 eNewsletter RoadRUNNER                 do a test ride to make sure that all items are secured
Touring & Safety Tips from RoadRUNNER Motor-               and the bike handles properly. Don’t: Leave on
cycle Touring & Travel.                                    your trip immediately after the bike is loaded.

Before going on tour, make sure your motorcycle is         #10 Do: Check you load at every stop to make sure
loaded in a safe and secure manner. Here are our top       all items are still secured. Don’t: Pack it and forget
10 “Dos” and “Don’ts” for motorcycle packing:              it.

#1 Do: Pack heavier items low and as close as prac-        Time invested in organizing your gear and packing
tical to the bike’s center of gravity. Don’t: Pack a lot   your motorcycle properly will pay big dividends
of weight high and behind the rear axle.                   once you’re out on the road.

#2 Do: Load saddlebags and soft luggage with equal
weight on each side. Don’t: Load more weight on
one side of the bike than the other.

#3 Do: Secure everything tightly to prevent them
from becoming entangled in the chain or wheels.            Editor’s Note: I had to laugh when I saw the title of this
Don’t: Have any loose items flopping around in the         article. Tad kids me all the time about how many pictures
breeze.                                                    she takes of me reorganizing our trailer during our trav-
                                                           els. All I can say is “I take my packing seriously!” But
#4 Do: Pack only what you definitely will need. A          I’m not the only one who gets caught in the act! Thanks
lighter and less bulky load is far better! Don’t: Pack     for the submission, Don!
everything you might need on the trip.

#5 Do: Place lighter items in a tankbag and/or in a
topcase. Don’t: Place loads on your front fender or
forks, which adversely affects handling.

#6 Do: Use nylon tie-down straps that can be locked
in place and won’t stretch. Don’t: Use bungee cords
to secure exposed items.

#7 Do: Weigh items, including the riders, riding
gear and luggage to make sure that Gross Vehicle
Weight Rating (GVWR) isn’t exceeded. Don’t: Ex-
ceed the GVWR found in the owner’s manual.

#8 Do: Pack smaller items that require quick ac-
cess (e.g., credit cards, drivers license, maps, etc) in
easy to reach locations, like a tankbag. Don’t: Store
                           eVeNTS & RIDeS OUTSIDe CHAPTeR B
                                                                                                                                Page 8

DATe OF RIDe               eVeNT           DeSTINATION          meeTING    meeTING TIme          ADDITIONAL INFO
October 8, 2011      Fall Fest             610 E. Payton     Unscheduled   n/a            Bring canned items for donation.
                                           Greentown, IN                                  Their goal is to fill a semi
                                           Howard Co. Fair
November 5, 2011     Indiana District Fall Anderson, IN      Unscheduled   n/a            Mandatory for CD and ACD. All are
                     Meeting                                                              welcome to come. Call Jerry Brown
                                                                                          if interested in going.
February 3-4, 2012   Wingless Weekend     Michigan           Unscheduled   n/a            Michigan District Event
February 10-11,      Cabin Fever          Columbus, OH       Unscheduled   n/a            Ohio District Event
February 17-19,      Winter Rendezvous Wyndham West          TBA           TBA            Dinner, dancing, crafts, etc.
2012                                   Indianapolis, IN
July 2012            Wing Ding 34      Ft. Wayne, IN         TBA           TBA
                                                                                                                              August - September 2011
                              CHAPTeR B RIDeS & FUNCTIONS
                                                                                                                                                     Page 9

DATe OF RIDe            eVeNT            DeSTINATION             meeTING           meeTING TIme                 ADDITIONAL INFO
October 2, 2011    Harvest Homecom-                           River Front          10:00 – 11:00 am      No rain date. See flyer for additional
                   ing                                                                                   information.
                                                              W 10th St & 6th St
October 3, 2011    Ronald McDonald      Ronald McDonald       BP Gas Station       5:00 pm               Bring drink pull tabs and HBA items
                   House, Dinner &      House in Louisville                                              collected over the year to drop off.
                   Ice-cream                                  New Albany
October 14-16,     Joel’s Ride          West Virginia         TBA                  Noon Friday           See newsletter for details. Contact
2011                                                                                                     Joel if interested.
October 15, 2011   Floyd Memorial                             Floyd Memorial                             $20 for rider, $30 for couple
                   Charity Event                              Hospital
October 18, 2011   Sock Factory         Helmsburg, IN         Dairy Queen in       10:00 AM              Estimated time of return – 7:00 pm.
                                                              Corydon                                    Will stop to eat after the tour. Cost
                                        Brown County                                                     of $6 per person for tour which in-
                                                                                                         cludes a free pair of socks.
November 19,       Progressive Dinner   Appetizers – Jason    BP Gas Station       TBA                   Rain or shine,
2011                                    & Jeannette’s
                                                              New Albany                                 Bike or car,
                                        Salad – Teresa’s
                                                                                                         We just want you to join in the fun!
                                        Main Course – Ron
                                        & Tad’s

                                        Desserts – Bob &
December 3, 2011   Christmas Party      Magdalena’s           Downtown Cory-       6:00 pm               Bring $10 wrapped gift labeled “Guy”
                                                              don on the square                          or “Gal”. Bring all your Biker Bucks to
                                                                                   (No early arrivals)   spend on auction items.
December 4, 2011   Planning Meeting     Bob & Lora’s          14077 Hayes Ct NE    2:00 pm               Pitch in dinner – please bring dish.
                                                                                                         Tea and soft drinks provided. Come
                                                              Palmyra, IN 47164                          with ideas for future rides.
                                                                                                                                                   August - September 2011
Page 10                                                        August - September 2011

                   Event Info
          Highway to Health motorcycle Ride
Floyd Memorial Foundation

Join us for a motorcycle ride to benefit the Floyd Memorial Foundation. Registration and
breakfast will begin at 9:30 a.m. at the Cancer Center of Indiana in New Albany. The ride is ap-
proximately 100 miles and will stop at Floyd Memorial sites in Charlestown, Salem and Palmy-
ra. Ride departs at 11:00 a.m. Rain date is October 22. Cost is $20 for one rider $30 for rider
plus passenger.

Saturday, Oct 15, 2011 9:30 am - 3:00 pm $20.00 Open Seats Available

Cancer Center of Indiana 2110 Green Valley Rd. New Albany, IN
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          Photos submitted by Jeannette McAleese, Lora Morrison and Tad Bohnert
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