Video Reflection by wuxiangyu


									                               BANG BANG YOU’RE DEAD
Do Now:
Define terms: harassment and “zero tolerance”

1) Trevor (the “mad bomber”)
2) Sean (leader of the Trogs)
3) Val Duncan (drama teacher)
4) Jenny (the new girl in school)
5) Mr. Adams (Trevor’s father)
6) Brad (#32 on the football team)
7) Mark (#44 on the football team)
8) The Principal

a. Throughout the movie, what choices did your character make that had an impact on
others? What were the consequences of those choices on themselves and/or other?
b. What factors, events, or pressures affected those choices?
c. Did your character have other choices he/she could have made? What were they? Why
didn’t they choose them?

Your character is ___________________________ and ___________________________.
Name ____________________________________ Date _____________ Per__________
                                  BANG BANG YOU’RE DEAD
Because this is a movie dramatization, characters and situations are greatly exaggerated.
Given that, what are some of the stereotypes that are found in the movie?

How were they reinforced?

Why do we, as human beings, create stereotypes?

Did the stereotypes in this movie impact the choices your observed character made in the movie?

Why is it so difficult for all of us to break out of the mold? Is it more difficult for teens?

What ultimately caused the Trogs and Trevor to determine that violence was their only

Was it the only answer; what other choices did they have?

How did they get so isolated from the rest of the students?
Why does Trevor ultimately stop the tragedy?

Did his relationship with Mr. D and Jenny impact his final choice? Why?

If you were in the school in this movie, would you have reached out to Trevor? To the Trogs?
Why/why not?

At the end of the play (within the movie), what does Trevor’s character, Josh, learn about
the choice he made to use violence?

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