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					                                                                           Quality and Performance Matrix - Food Safety
                                                                             HAMPSHIRE BENCHMARKING GROUP
Score                  Structure/Extent                                    Availability                           Accessibility                                 Staff selection/training

  4            Prepared and equipped for urgent &           24 hour service available throughout the       Public have direct, unfiltered              Minimum criteria adopted based on
                non-urgent enquiries                          year                                            access to qualified officer(s) able to       knowledge, experience etc.
               Mostly contracted arrangements for           No restrictions on Bank Holidays                respond                                     Staff undergo specific training
                officer participation                        Service publicised widely e.g. telephone       Access through to permanently               Element of initial work “shadowing”
               Strong/good remuneration package              directory, members                              manned land line                            Consistency of performance evaluated

  3            Prepared & equipped to deal with            Restricted service e.g. weekends                Calls filtered through control system       Some elements of selection e.g.
                emergencies or “life & limb” cases          Some seasonal restrictions may operate           before alerting duty officer                 interview
                only                                         e.g. May to September only                      Third party assessment of                   Criteria based generally on professional
               Mixture of contractors/non-contractors      Hours of operation may be limited e.g.           nature/severity of problem                   qualifications e.g. only EHOs
               Remuneration package satisfactory            10.00pm to 3.00am                               Access may be via combination of            Some initial training & induction but
                but not entirely commensurate with          Some publicity but low-key                       mobile/land line/pager etc.                  generally focused on systems
  2            Prepared & equipped to log                  Limited cover only, consistent with a more      Calls generally just logged by              Little consideration of minimum criteria
                complaints and give general advice           formal cascade system                            officer/controller                          Characterised by few staff available or
                only                                        No formal publicity of service                  No guarantee of response or                  willing to service the system
               May deal with unresolved daytime            Contact number given out in selected             access to qualified person                  Training based generally on support of
                complaints                                   cases                                           Access to officers at home/mobile if         colleagues
               Participation generally voluntary                                                             available
               Remuneration limited to token
                payment/time of in lieu
  1            No formal system                            No formal system                                No formal system                            No formal system
               Maybe informal “cascade” of officers        Depends on availability of officer              Access may be via call to e.g.              Depends on knowledge & experience of
               Limited advice only. Visits rare            No guarantee of a response                       CEHO via police/councillor call              officer willing to take part
               Remuneration is informal                    No publicity of service                                                                      Maybe CEHO/Senior

  0            No system                                   No system                                       No system                                   No system

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Issue 9
                                                                             Quality and Performance Matrix - Food Safety
                                                                              HAMPSHIRE BENCHMARKING GROUP

Score                       Back-up support                                       Health & Safety                            Performance standards                       Customer care standards

  4            Full support pack of written guidance &              Service fully risk assessed within last 3           Specific performance standards &           Mechanism(s) in place to measure &
                procedures                                            years and procedures in place to minimise            targets set for the service covering        monitor satisfaction of service users
               Fully equiped duty officer’s case with legal          risk to staff                                        e.g. minimum response time                  e.g. full or regular sample survey
                notices etc.                                         Specific written guidance & instructions            Service standards & targets                Customer care standards & targets
               Agreed arrangements with local contractors            issued to all staff                                  published and widely available              published and widely available
                e.g. car alarms                                      Where assessed as appropriate, provision            Regular measuring & monitoring of          Opportunity for users to give direct
                                                                      of PPE e.g. stab-vest, alarm                         performance against targets                 feedback on service offered
                                                                     Staff able to rely on police or other security      Results of performance published           Clear link between service &
                                                                      support                                              and widely available                        complaints procedure
                                                                     Access to up-to-date violent persons                                                            Results of performance published and
                                                                      list/database at all times                                                                       widely available
                                                                     Extra insurance for all assault/accident
  3            Some guidance & procedures in place but              Some limited risk assessments carried               No specific standards & targets            No specific standards & targets
                scope for improvement                                 out/currently in progress or in need of              published but minimum response              published
               Officer equipped to deal with most common             minor updating                                       time agreed with officers before           Some measuring & monitoring of
                problems only e.g. noise                             Guidance issued but limited to major                 taking part                                 satisfaction may take place e.g.
               Arrangements with contractors, police etc.            incidents/broad philosophy                          Some monitoring of performance              random sample on ad-hoc basis
                less formalised                                      PPE limited to personal alarm or similar             takes place e.g. random sample of          Complaints and comments are noted
               No arrangements for specialist advice.               Police/security support normally at                  calls/visits                                but not recorded specifically against
                Generally reliant on colleagues only                  discretion of officer only                          Performance data may be                     the service
                                                                     No extra insurance. Believe existing cover           incorporated within existing               Performance data may be included in
                                                                      may be satisfactory                                  management information                      existing management information

  2            Few if any written procedures in place               No proper risk assessments or considered            No performance standards or                No standards or targets in place
               Officers normally reliant on own devices              well out-of-date                                     targets in place                           General feeling that customer service
                calling colleagues for back-up                       No written guidance or instructions                 Officers visiting endeavour to attend       at best fair or could be improved but
               Little or no provision for serving notices etc.      PPE unlikely                                         within capability dependant on home         this is not quantified
                                                                     No arrangements with Police/security but             location                                   Recognised variation between
                                                                      Police may support on request                       Response time for visits may vary           response from different officers
                                                                     Insurance not considered/no checks made              significantly between officers

  1            No formal system                                     No formal system                                    No formal system                           No formal system
               Officer without any formalised back-up               No serious consideration given to issues            Response totally dependant on              Level of customer service totally
                support                                              Officer uses entirely own                            officer being available and able to         dependant on officer being available
               Unable to actively deal with even basic EH            discretion/judgement                                 respond                                     to respond
                problems                                                                                                  Performance may be poor                    Level of satisfaction may be poor

  0            No system                                            No system                                           No system                                  No system

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Issue 9
                                                                            Quality and Performance Matrix - Food Safety
                                                                             HAMPSHIRE BENCHMARKING GROUP
Score                                   Costs
  4            Robust time recording system in place covering all
                activities associated with the service
               Ability to identify direct & indirect costs
               All costs externally audited on regular basis
               Costs considered below average for all activities
               Opportunities taken to recover costs wherever

               No specific time recording
  3            Officers record time spent on visits only
               Ability to identify direct costs of important elements of
                the service
               Some external auditing has/does take place
               Costs considered average or below average for all
               Costs recovered only in specific circumstances e.g.
                where external costs arise

               No specific time recording
  2            No formal record made of activities of the service other
                than through financial claims or payments made
               Costs attributable maybe absorbed within an existing
               No specific external auditing

               No formal system
  1            No specific time recording
               Maybe simple record made of calls/visits but no serious
                attempts made to cost service

               No system

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Issue 9
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