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									       Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
         1220 West Magee Road
       Tucson, Arizona 85704-3399
                                                  MESSENGER                                   June 25 & 26, 2011
         Church Office Phone:
           (520) 297-3095                                         WE CARE AND PRAY FOR ONE ANOTHER
            FAX: 520-742-4781                     Please contact the church office, 297-3095, for all prayer changes and updates to
                                                  the prayer list. Please pick up your flowers by 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, or call Ruth
         EMAIL ADDRESSES:                         Plebanek at 742-2731 to make other arrangements.
                Church Office:                   HOSPITAL:    Erin Ballard; Judy Cromwell; Wendy Petzold; Addie Rerecich;
              Pastor Jim Thelen:                               J. George Hauser
             Pastor Eric Schoech:
                                                  HOME:        Ernie & Irene Ahl; Sharon Algar; June Amspaugh; Mary
           Deacon Patrick Murphy:                              Bergstresser; Maun Boettcher; Joan Burns; Cheryl Crawford;                             Mary Engel; Elaine Feller; Dottie Goehring; Sue Grayckowski;
         Deacon Henry Koosmann:                                Ryan Hare; Shirley Holle; Bonnie Kostka; Don Lee; Bob Lloyd;                            Dr. David Lomen; Lynn Makay; Fisher Martin; Pam McNichol;
             Deacon Doug Duy:                                  Marian Mitchell; Judy Moses; Carroll & Joyce Myers; Ronald
              Vicar Ron York:
                                                               Palmer; Laura Pedersen; Don & Lorraine Petersen; Esther                             Riesen; Lois Rosenbaum; Shirley; Steve Roy; Faye Seter;
                                                               Thelen Family; Kay Wicht; Pat Zanta

                                                  AWAY:        Rick Ashmore, IL; Blanche Brade, MI; Dale Edwards, CA;
                                                               Fred Garcia; Kenneth Hoins;       Helen Murphy, WA;                                 Michelle Nelson, IL; Cynthia Roberts, IN; Jeffrey
          School Administrator:                                Youngblood; Ellen Zeller, CO;
            Katherine Holden
            School Phone:                         MILITARY:    Victor Vera, Afghanistan; Jason Larish
          (520) 742-6229
       Ascension School Email:                    WE ASK FOR COMFORT for the Fred Garcia family at his untimely                           passing.
           THE MESSENGER
 All articles for the Weekly Messenger should     WE ASK FOR SAFE TRAVEL for Alexis and Faith granddaughters of
     be turned in by Noon each Wednesday                 Linda Meyer and Rene & Julie Andreu, and Monta & Jenna
            (unless otherwise stated).
Articles should be brief and no more than a ten          Cranford (nee Andreu).
  -line paragraph, and will not run for longer
              than 2 weeks at a time.
   You may submit your articles via email to:
                                                                                     Our Guests:
or you can turn your hard copy into the church    BIEBER, Margaret                                        NELSON, Sara; Norton, KS
 office. Article submissions cannot be taken                                                                REYNOLDS, Jenna
                                                  BREHMER, David; Norton, KS
                  over the phone.
    If you would like to receive an electronic    CHRISTOFFERS, Chris & Dee; Oro Valley, AZ               RICHTER, Bryce & Brianna; Tucson, AZ
    version (EMAIL) of this Messenger please      LUNDBERG, LeAnn; Halls, TN                              SELBY, Amanda
             contact the church office.
                                                  METYER, Arlene; Oro Valley, AZ                          SHIRLEY, Kathryn; Tucson, AZ
            PRAYER CHAIN
 Anyone wishing to submit a prayer request or
  participate as a member of the prayer chain                 Contributions and Gifts - June 18 & 19, 2011
should contact: Jean Fast at 690-9223 or email:    Contributions and Income:                      Designated & Gifts for Others Received:
                                                   General Fund Offerings     $ 10,801.00          Evangelism: Outreach: Haiti Trip $    40.00
   All Prayer Requests are welcome!
                                                   Mortgage                  $     72.00          Habitat for Humanity             $    25.00
         ROOM SCHEDULING                           Misc Income - Facilities                       Lift High the Cross (East Shell
 To schedule a meeting room, please contact        Use                                            Buildout)                        $    73.67
 the Church Office to fill out a Facility Request
             Form at 297-3095 or
                                                   Special Gifts                                  Memorial Garden                  $ 1,300.00               Verizon Lease                                  School - Misc.                   $   295.00
                                                   Total                     $ 10,873.00
          SERMONS ONLINE                                                                          Total                              $   1,733.67
  You can now watch a video of the weekly
          sermon on our web site.                  Weekly Contributions
     Go to:                Needed to meet
         Click on “Sermons Online”                 Annual Work Plan                $ 17,833.00
     NEED A RIDE TO CHURCH?                        Average received per                           In/Out: Christian
       To schedule a van ride to church            week - Year-to-Date             $ 17,110.00    Education: Bible Study             $     10.00
        contact Bill Kadow at 297-0769                                                            In/Out:
                                                                                                  Christian Education: VBS           $     121.00
          OUR ATTENDANCE                           School Deposits:                   $2,141.00   In/Out: Elders: Flowers            $      40.00
                (June 18 & 19)
Saturday 5:00p……………..........104                                            Summer Concert!
Sunday 8:00a…………...….…....70
                                                   The Community Mixed Voice Summer Chorus, directed by Terrie Ashbaugh, is
Sunday 9:30a……………..…..…201
                                                   performing their second annual concert here at Ascension Lutheran Church &
Sunday 11:00a…………...…….....102
                                                  School, Friday, July 29 at 7 PM. The concert, sponsored by the Southern Arizona
                                                  Women’s Chorus, is free to all, please bring canned food or donations to benefit
Total Communed…………….….383
Sunday School……………………
                                                                          the Interfaith Community Services.
                                                  We had a lot of fun last year – and hope you will join us for another fun concert!
This Week at Ascension:                                              Our Volunteers:
June 26-July 3                                                                                                     July 2 & 3
                                                                                          Elder        Scott Dinardi       1 Needed
Today, SUN       June 26                                                                  Ushers       Mark Koosmann       Barb Dickey

                                                                     5:00 p.m. Saturday
                 --          Worship at 8:00, 9:30 & 11:00 a.m.                           Ushers       Ron Swanson         1 Needed
                 --          Adult Bible Study (9:30 & 11:00 a.m.)                        Acolytes     Joseph Koosmann Steven Rothe
MON     June 27 --           Day Care Closed                                              Altar Guild  Emily Stevenson
                9:00 a.m.    Refugee Cooking Class                                        Lector       Colene McKee
                6:30 p.m.    Website Planning Meeting                                     Info Desk    Joe Wells
                7:00 p.m.    SAWC                                                         Info Guides  Betty Goepfert      Kathy Goepfert
                                                                                          Nursery      Wendy Koosmann Kevin Lantto
TUES    June 28 --           Day Care Closed
                9:00 a.m.    Refugee Cooking Class                                        Sound        Anne Glebke
                6:00 p.m.    AA                                                           Ushers       Charles Bristol     Janet Bristol
                7:00 p.m.    Cancer Support                                               Ushers       Betty Merrigan      Brittni Obregon

                                                                     8:00 a.m. Sunday
                                                                                          Acolytes     Marshall Edwards Montana Hayes
WED     June 29 --           Day Care Closed
                                                                                          Altar Guild  Aleta Insho
                8:30 a.m.    Blanket Circle
                9:00 a.m.    Refugee Cooking Class                                        Lector       Marge Achong
                                                                                          Info Desk    Ruthann Stults
THURS June 30 --             Day Care Closed                                              Info Guides  Harold Stults       Amy Tilley
              9:00 a.m.      Refugee Cooking Class                                        Nursery      Samantha Jones      Kasey Johnston
              6:00 p.m.      AA                                                                        Brandi Johnston
FRI     July 1   --          Day Care Closed                                              Ushers       Ken Nolen           1 Needed
                                                                                          Ushers       Bill Swaim          Candy Denman
                                                                     9:30 a.m. Sunday

                 9:00 a.m.   Refugee Cooking Class
                 3:00 p.m.   Bible Study—Murphy                                           Acolytes     Larry Drees         Josh Fearing
                                                                                          Lector       Judy Nolen
SAT     July 2   5:00 p.m.   WORSHIP                                                      Info Desk    Shirley Holle
SUN     July 3   --          Worship at 8:00, 9:30 & 11:00 a.m.                           Info Guides  Ron Holle           Margot Dinardi
                 --          Adult Bible Study (9:30 & 11:00 a.m.)                        Nursery      Vicki Harding       Lona Ehlers
                                                                                          Sound        Mary Couture
                                                                                                       Tom Fritz           Linda Meyer
 Information for                        amplify
                                                                                          Ushers       Glenda Chambers 1 Needed
 High School                                                                                           Samuel Garcia       Jonathan Selby
                                                                     11:00 a.m. Sunday

                                      living faith out loud                               Altar Guild  Janet Patterson
 Students:                                                                                Lector       Linda Bennett
                                                                                          Info Desk    Mary Stevens
 High School Bible Study: Typically there is no High                                      Info Guides  Ruth Mayer          Tim Krone
 School Bible Study during the summer months of June                                      Nursery      Vicki Harding       Valerie Pedersen
 and July. Contact Mrs. Wellik if you are interested in a                                 Sound        Sarah Fritz
 short-term bible study during the HSBS hour on                                           Media Shout Elizabeth Fritz
 Sundays at 9:30am.                                                                       Sun. Elders  Craig Keupp         Scott Dinardi
                                                                                          Van Drivers  Jay Laux            Breda Adams
 Youth Night Game Night is the last Sunday in June and                                    Coffee/Donuts Rene' & Julie Andreu
 July…so come have some fun on June 26th in the Youth                                     Counters     Emily Stevenson
 Room from 7-9pm. Catch up with others and enjoy a                                        Counters     Fred Plebanek       John Parrin
 variety of games.
 Sundayship is coming up on Sunday,                                  Photos for the Directory!
 July 3rd. Join Mrs. Wellik at the 11am church service for           We are looking for some additional photos to
 worship and go to a nearby restaurant afterward for                 add to our upcoming church directory! Please let
 fellowship.                                                         us know if you have any photos that might be
                                                                     considered under one of the following...
       Contact Youth Coordinator, Mrs. Wellik, at 940-7790
                                                                                              WORSHIP (God's Pleasure)
          (text or call) or
                                                                                              FELLOWSHIP (God's Family)
                 for any questions or information.
                                                                                          DISCIPLESHIP (Becoming like Christ)
                                                                                          MINISTRY (Serving God/Stewardship)
It’s Right Around the Corner!                                                                   MISSION (Evangelism)
Our WinGS (Women in God's Service--Lutheran Women's
                                                                     Also... if you were unable to get your picture
Missionary League) planning meeting for 2011-12, Saturday,
                                                                     taken by Olan Mills you can submit a NON-
July 9th, 10:30a.m. at Ginger Gallagher's home. We will be
                                                                     COPYRIGHTED photo to be added to our “Not
having a light lunch afterwards. Please come prepared with
                                                                     Available” section. Please turn these photos into
ideas or plans. If you are unable to be present on that
                                                                     the church office with your name printed on the
date, you may submit ideas for themes, speakers, Bible
                                                                     back — ASAP! Also please let us know if these
studies and mission projects to the Co-chairs in writing/
                                                                     photos need to be returned to you.
email for WinGS planning before July 9th for discussion.
                                                                     Questions? Contact Keri Sammons 204-1562 or
All ladies are invited, and with your ideas, we will have a
Wingding of a year! Co-chairs, Mary Stevens, 825-3265, and Ginger Gallagher, 797-

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