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Happy New Year Bev



Welcome to 2008 and the first edition of the           Mum & Dad now, although he is very much
Senate News for this year.                             „daddy‟s boy‟. This is quite a historic event for the
                                                       Smith family as this is the first „girl‟ Smith for 2
I hope that this issue finds you and your family in    generations, so they have finally broken the ice!
good health. If not, I hope the friendship and
support of other Senators are of comfort in your       But back onto some JCI matters, I would like to
time of ill-health or sorrow.                          welcome Sarah Tinsley to our newsletter and look
                                                       forward to hearing from her in each edition to find
I‟m also conscious of the many families,               out what is happening on the JCIA front. Don‟t
particularly in Northern NSW and Queensland that       forget to mark in your diaries the 30th August for
have been repeatedly hit by heavy rains and            the 75th Anniversary dinner to be held at the
floods. We have been waiting for rain for so long      Sydney Opera House. I‟m sure Sarah will
that we have „forgotten‟ the devastation that so       continue to remind us of this momentous occasion
much rain can bring. Our thoughts go out to these      and how we can be a part of it. For your
families and hope that life can regain some form       information, at the Senate AGM it was passed that
of normality soon.                                     the Senate Group partly sponsor this event to the
                                                       tune of $3000, which we have doe so in the form
I guess we can look around our communities,            of the deposit on the Opera House for this night.
country and internationally and see sadness and
despair everywhere. We cannot let this drag us         Please remember, if you have any news you
down. As typical Jaycees, something that is            would like to share, please email myself or Louise.
prominent is the positive outlook we have when         We do receive regular information, so keep it up.
things are down, and the support we offer our          We all love to hear what others are doing.
fellow Senators and neighbours. This is such a
refreshing thing to see, as so many people can         So until next time, stay happy and healthy.
only see the negative side of life. One of my most
favourite sayings is ‟you only have one life, so we    Bev Smith (56886) Senate Chairman
have to make the most of it‟. The sad things that
happen around us just make us more determined
to live by this motto, as every day does count.        75TH ANNIVERSARY GALA, JCIA
Yesterday at Church, the service revolved around       Sarah Tinsley, National President JCIA, invites
the theme of „relationships‟. This included not only   every senator to the 75th Anniversary Gala
religious relationships, but relationships we have     celebrations being held at the one and only,
with our parents, grandparents, children,              Sydney Opera House.
grandchildren, „adopted‟ parents and/or children,
friends, neighbours, and even our pets. We were        Each Senator will receive their personal invitation
reminded of how important all of these                 in this edition. This is a milestone event, one that
relationships are in our lives and how much they       you cannot miss. So please open your diary to
enhance our lives. Sometimes we take these             the weekend of the 30th of August and make it a
things for granted, so it‟s timely to be reminded of   Senator Reunion date.
these important things in our lives.
                                                       And if you can‟t make it, consider the young folk of
It‟s now for some good news on my home front.          our nation who would dearly benefit from
On 20th January my little grand-daughter, Ciara        attending; read Irene Harrington‟s project in this
Kate, was born. Her older brother Xander is quite      newsletter edition.
taken by her and has got accustomed to sharing

I‟ve just completed a newsletter for a client and           about „connecting people‟ – interesting similarities
almost all the contributors commenced with “can             with the Senate Group News! While snooping
you believe it‟s March already”! I‟ll eat my words,         around, I found Des Powell (funny about that),
but I can‟t help do the same …                              Kevin Cullinane (JCI World President 2006) and
                                                            Darren Saffin (MJCC President 2007). Check it
Can you believe it‟s March already? Seriously               out and tell us who you found.
folks, we can‟t believe how time creeps past.
Mind you, in our home we can see the results of             And how are you managing with our New Year
time – by the time you read this, Jennifer will be          resolutions? It‟s almost 90 days since you would
blowing out her solitary candle on her first                have commenced – and we know that it really
Birthday Cake!                                              takes that long to change habits and behaviours,
                                                            not the measly 21 days! What have you
So, what have you been up to? Did you attend                changed? Do let us know, it could make some
plenty of Christmas and New Year Reunions?                  interesting reading.
Birthdays, anniversary‟s etc? Do let us know we
want to fill the white space and connect you to the         And to jog your memory, this year World
great memories.                                             Congress is in New Delhi, India and Australian
                                                            Senators are urged to consider visiting this
Talking of connecting, how savvy are you with               amazing city and country. If you dare not travel
communications? If you communicate with Des                 that far, then consider a trip to Sydney in late
Powell, you‟ll note that if you‟re emailing you‟ll          August – a super weekend to connect at the
receive a message via his Blackberry (or is it              Sydney Opera House.
Blueberry!?) And now all the rage is Face Book
and I‟ve just tapped into LinkedIn – which is all           Louise Thomson (57324) Editor


"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different." - Coco Chanel

I quote Coco Chanel for two reasons because:
     I am a huge fan of fashion and Coco is my idol
     in my opinion, it is the differences between JCI and other professional networking organisations
        which make it such a valuable investment of your time.

My name is Sarah Tinsley and I am the 2008 National President of JCI Australia. I am a lawyer from
Melbourne and have been a member of JCI for six years, three of which I have spent as a National Board
director. I have spent time overseas studying and working, during which I was a member of the
Wirtschaftjunioren Deutschland (JCI Germany) and the Boston Jaycees in the US.

This leads me to one of the major differences between JCI and other organizations - JCI is global. We are
the international junior chamber of commerce and have members, like you, in over 100 countries. I
attended my first JCI event in Spain; became a member first in Germany; and have friends in JCI all over
the world.

From a professional perspective, this is invaluable. As a relatively junior solicitor, the more client contacts I
have, the better. From a personal perspective, the friends I‟ve made and places I‟ve seen have been well
beyond any opportunities I would otherwise have had. Some of the highlights of my experiences so far are:
    winning best speaker at the 2005 JCI world debating competition in Vienna, Austria
    wining the 2006 world debating competition for Australia in Seoul, Korea
    attending JCI young members forums in Las Vegas, Macau and Vienna
    attending the 2004 JCI United Nations Summit as a representative from JCI Australia.
I‟m incredibly excited to be the JCI Australia National President this year. There is a lot of work to be done
nationally – JCI Australia numbers are dwindling and our ability to develop and innovate has been severely
restricted as a result of this. I aim to lay the foundations in 2008 in order for JCI Australia to begin to grow
again, by re-establishing our product, connecting with members and creating a steady flow of information via
the website and other media.

I want you to recognise JCI Australia as the organisation that Kevin Rudd, Kofi Annan, Bill Clinton and
Prince Albert have been associated with over the years, and that my idol, Coco Chanel, would be proud to
put her name to. That being said, please feel free to contact me at should you
have any questions or want further information about JCI Australia at any time this year.

Editor’s Note: This report was published earlier this year by MJCC.

Tomorrow (1/3/08) marks the 40th anniversary of                       in on 360 lines. Mr Whitney said that up until the
the end of the bloodiest operation in the Vietnam                     Tet Offensive there had never been any attacks in
War, the Tet Offensive. More than half of the                         the Vung Tau area.
84,000 North Vietnamese troops in the operation
were killed yet, ironically, it was the fight which                   While his ears were never far from the anxiety and
won them the war.                                                     horror imposed by an unpredictable Viet Cong, he
                                                                      saw victims of the sustained attack. “We had
The Viet Cong, ignoring a South-Vietnamese-                           South Vietnamese doing our laundry at the base.
imposed ceasefire in respect for Buddhist lunar                       The whole lot of them had their throats cut and
celebrations, mobilized to attack more than 100                       were tied up in the middle of the town,” he said.
towns in South Vietnam. One month later the                           Pictures of mass killings and maimed soldiers
body count would read 45,000 Viet Cong and                            from land mines were beamed around the world to
6000 allied troops, including 10 Australians, with                    a Western audience still in majority support of the
75 of our men dismembered or injured.                                 war. The effect was dramatic; support for the war
                                                                      turned into opposition. “This was a time when the
Lindfield‟s Malcolm Whitney, 62, was there, but                       Vietnamese were meant to be celebrating,” Mr
not voluntarily. He was one of the 19,450                             Whitney said. “Imagine if Sydney was attacked
“Nashos” – 20-year-olds conscripted under the                         on New Year‟s Eve,”
National Service Act (1964). “It was a matter of
your marble coming out of the hat,” he said. “Only                    The Australian War Memorial website reads: “If
33% per cent of people supported conscription at                      there was one point when the Vietnam War was
the time. “But it was just something that happened                    lost for the allies, the Tet Offensive of 1968 was
and you accepted it because most to your friends                      probably it.” Mr Whitney‟s eyes glisten when talk
were being conscripted.” Mr Whitney left for                          turns to his trip to Vietnam in April – the first since
Vietnam on his 22nd birthday. “I had only just                        service. “I think there will be some emotions,” he
married,” he said. “I think that was the hardest                      said. He remains married to Kay, his wife of 41
thing.”                                                               years.

Stationed at a logistical base in Vung Tau, Mr                        Editor’s Note: Copied from Malcolm‟s local newspaper dated
Whitney was “liney” in the 110 Signal Squadrons                       February 29 2008.
and was responsible for calls in the area coming

   South Burnett CTC Board of Governance                              District Development board, the Salvation Army
        Member (LMC) Patron (2007)                                    Red Shield Appeal and the Scouts Club. Through
                                                                      his dedication to these clubs, he has instigated
A founding member of CTC, John has been                               Kingaroy‟s Meals on Wheels service and sourced
involved with the organization since 1983,                            funding to develop Mount Wooroolin. John was
Chairperson until 1992 and Depot Chair until                          also the Manager/Director of Kingaroy Electrical
2006. John has contributed extensively to the                         Pty Ltd for over 50 years.
community chairing many committees including                          Editor’s Note: The following information is extracted from an
the Lions Rodeo Association, Kingaroy Hospital,                       annual report sighted by Bev Smith.

We recently asked Senators to „pen‟ a couple of paragraphs, describing their National Convention
highlights. Trust Irene Harrington (43597) to add an extra couple of paragraphs! It‟s a great read.

When I was asked to write an article about national conventions, for inclusion in this Senate newsletter, I
thought about how much I have enjoyed all the national conventions I had attended. I must admit there
have been so many that I‟ve lost count about the exact number! I attended my first National Jaycee
Convention in 1982 – a National Board Meeting and the oratory competition. Since then, I think I have
attended 18 Australian national conventions (Jaycees) and 15 Apex national conventions (my husband was
an Apexian). I‟ve also attended national conventions in New Zealand and Scotland and attended the
national convention of JCI Ireland last year.

So many happy memories, so many funny moments, so many significant activities and events. The
incredible people to meet at the social functions and plenaries The funny motions like: “THAT we lobby to
make the song “Simply Irresistible” the new national anthem”! The national debating competitions and the
amazing Geoff M. King Oratory competitions.

One of the funniest and more enjoyable happenings, occurred at the 1984 National Convention, held at
Wrest Point Casino in Hobart. At the first evening function – our first meal at the convention – there were
no chairs supplied. We were apparently expected to have a cocktail style function, where we all stood
around chatting. But of course, Jaycees don‟t always do what is expected and invent their own original
circumstances! After a short while, a few of us got tired, so we pulled up a bit of floor and sat down on the
floor in our finery. Thus, the “Ground Floor Chapter” was formed. Everyone paid $1 for membership (it
was back in 1984) and a “Creed” was created. The money was donated to the “Buy-A-Brick” scheme
(established to help pay off the Canberra Secretariat building) and the annual general meeting of the
Ground Floor Chapter was held on the first evening of succeeding national conventions for many years.

I was reminded of the Ground Floor chapter recently, when looking through some past Senate newsletters
and letters from Senators in the file I kept from my days as Senate Chairman. I found that Stan O‟Donnell
(17185) commented: “One of the really great fun parts was the Ground floor Chapter that we organised for
many years at National Conventions. Well the horror that Karen Chalmers (the then Secretariat Manager)
expressed at the possibility of having to receive a wheelbarrow full of $1 coins at National Convention in
Toowoomba – she feared it, we did it!”
                                         The Ground Floor Chapter Creed:
                                                    WE BELIEVE:
                   That faith in sitting on the floor gives meaning and purpose to human feet
                    That the brotherhood of the people on the floor transcends the hierarchy
                       That economic justice can best be won by not supplying the chairs
                       That governments should of the sitters rather than the upstanders
                                 That service to the carpet is the best way to eat!
I actually started looking through my old file to find an article that was sent about a convention under
canvas, held in Kaniva. Unfortunately I couldn‟t find the article (which I recall as being an account of some
rather hilarious antics by conventioneers). However, I did find a couple of other little “tid-bits” to pass on:

From Greg Wright (34326) who sent the following information: As the then State President of WA
Jaycees, Peter McKenzie was responsible for encouraging as many as possible to attend the National
Convention hosted by Barwon Jaycees in Geelong 1982. The “two airline” policy was in full swing in those
days and the cost of flying across Australia was enormous. Peter with his typical lateral thinking, checked
out alternatives to obtain cheaper air fares and discovered it would cost only a small amount more to fly
from Perth to Penang and stay there for a week, then fly Penang to Singapore and Melbourne via Sydney
to attend the National Convention. Our group of 10 included Senators John Breeden (39796), Peter
McKenzie (35502), myself, a couple of other Jaycees and our wives. We had a great time in Penang
(apart from experiencing a roadblock when we were held up at gunpoint, as Police searched for bank
robbers who had fled Georgetown in an identical vehicle to our Toyota Corolla hire car – a quite nerve-
wracking experience). We were definitely in party mode when we arrived in Geelong for the Convention!
Keith Keir (2668) had also sent comments about conventions: “The structure of current conferences
fascinates me. In the early years we had two state conferences each year and of course, the one national
convention. These days, conferences are obviously focused on training and personal development. In
our day we spent most of the time determining the structure and direction of the organisation with training
fitted in if time permitted. Most of our training came from the cut and thrust of debate where we insisted
that everything was done strictly in accordance with formal meeting procedure and the rules of debate.
Junior Chamber was growing very rapidly in those days and in many areas had drifted towards a traditional
service club with community service overriding the self development aims of the organisation.”

I personally never competed at the national level of the debating competition, but I certainly remember how
teams would lock themselves away for days, preparing for the finals. There were no laptop computers or
internet access to information, so team members had to rely on their knowledge and what books they had
brought with them. Many members of their chapters also locked themselves away to help with the

One of the strong debating teams I recall was Clarence Jaycees. I remember walking past a pub in
Toowoomba in 1985 in the very early part of the convention week (Conventions went for a week then) and
seeing a sign on the pub‟s front window “the official home of Clarence Jaycees”. And sure enough all their
members were all sitting in the corner of the pub – I‟m sure they were working on their debate topics!!

I remember some years ago receiving information from Geoff Jones (32226) an ex Clarence member and
past National President advising that their annual golf weekend was being held. These weekends were
just like a national convention, was his comment. Geoff said: “As you would expect, the Clarence boys
behaved immaculately and all attended the training session that were conducted. These sessions
consisted of oratory and the like and recounting the best stories from conventions past.”

I also recall during my early conventions, that South Australian delegations always had their “hospitality
suite”. After every function, convention delegates were invited by SA friends, to enjoy their hospitality.
They always managed to get sponsorship from a South Australian brewery and some wineries. They were
always the most popular delegations in those days!

Ah well, enough of my ramblings at this point. There are so many stories, so little space! Suffice to say,
national conventions hold a very special place in my heart – that‟s why I‟ll be at the Melbourne convention
and why I‟m travelling all the way to Ireland in October to attend their 50th National Convention. After all, I
have to use my convention experiences somehow!!!

I was invited to speak at a JCI Illawarra meeting       them. I then thought further, that perhaps there might
when Fred and I recently holidayed in Sydney and        be some Senators interested in being involved in such
Wollongong. The topic was “Using JCI tools for          an exercise to encourage current members to get
success”. Quite an easy topic really for one so         themselves to Sydney for the 75th celebrations.
passionate about the JCI tools for success!
                                                        Therefore if any other Senators would like to help
I was fortunate to meet some wonderful young            some young people attend the dinner in Sydney to
people – keen to learn, enjoying their membership       celebrate the 75th birthday of our organisation, please
of JCI Australia and showing passion for their          let me know. Even if you just want to make a small
involvement. It occurred to me that I wanted to         donation towards a ticket I will ensure that a worthy
encourage these current members to gain from            recipient of your generosity is found.
attending the 75th anniversary celebrations to be
held in Sydney on 30th August.                          This is just a suggestion of a way to help some current
                                                        young members of JCI Australia. I‟d love to hear from
Thinking about that, Fred and I decided that we         anyone wishing to be involved in this project.
would suggest to the chapter that if they could get
10 of their members to attend I would pay for one of Irene Harrington

My wife and I were in Turkey in 2003 for 2 weeks           Chairman’s Comment:
and our tour climaxed on Anzac Day. We only                Yes Ian, we also found that the Turks had a huge
passed through Cannakale on our way to the                 respect for the Aussies and New Zealanders, and
peninsula. Our experience of the Dawn service              we were made to feel very special. The stories we
was not pleasant as there were backers sleeping            heard from our Turkish guide was of great
through the service in their sleeping bags (drunk)         camaraderie between both the ANZAC and Turk
and talking throughout the service. They were not          soldiers. There is even a speech by one of the
speaking English or Turkish, but they sure spoilt it.      great Turk Commanders (Ataturk) that is
The service at Lone Pine was great.                        engraved into stone at one of the points at Anzac
                                                           Cove, saying “Those heroes that shed their blood
My lasting memory of Turkey was when in                    and lost their lives… you are now lying in the soil
Istanbul, my wife and I were in the old city (where        of a friendly country. Therefore rest in peace.
we were staying) and walking down the road near            There is no difference between the Johnnies and
the Blue Mosque. I was wearing an Australian               the Mehmets to us where they lie side by side
leather hat and this young Turk as he walked               here in this country of ours… you, the mothers,
past, asked „where are you from‟, with our reply           who sent their sons from far away countries wipe
being „Australia‟. He then said „welcome to Turkey         away your tears; your sons are now lying in our
– Brothers‟. That was a goose bumps situation for          bosom and are in peace. After having lost their
me. We have been back to Istanbul on our way to            lives on this land they have become our sons as
and from Libya. We love Istanbul.                          well.”

PS I don‟t suppose the Peace Wine is available in          As Ian said, this created a real goose bump
Australia?                                                 situation when I read this, and in fact does every
                                                           time I read it.

Lew and I have just moved into our new house at            good at your work. This stint will be his last as I
Manns Beach (we had a little beach house which             am having a hip replacement next month so he
we have now turned into a two story home). Lew             will look after me.......
retired from the Department nearly 2 years ago
(took 54/11) and has been building the house with          We are planning on being grey nomads each
our mate Stuart Olsen (Korumburra Jaycees) who             winter as we have a lovely caravan and will be
is a builder. The project has taken 18m months             heading north for the winter each year.
but we are finally in but have still not sold
Leongatha. We are still moving things and am               Our new particulars are:
having a monster garage sale next weekend.                 Lew (48742) & Marg (37367) Armstrong
                                                           13 Fisher St, Manns Beach 3971
Lew is in Brisbane at present working as State             Ph 51169072 Mob 0429 103534
Controller for the Horse Flu outbreak. This is his         Email:
fourth trip spending two weeks each month since
Oct. No such thing as retirement when you‟re
Ctry/ Name     Details
Aust      Bev Smith  61 Pitcairn St Glenorchy TAS 7010 m 0408 443 569
Aust      Louise Thomson 6 Viewmount Pl SANDHURST VIC 3977
                              p 03 9013 0100, f 03 9013 0397 m 0407-881787
Aust      Irene Harrington p 03-9439 6206
SA        Peter Martindale p 08 8379-8033
WA        Gary Leighton       3 Larundel Rd City Beach 6015 p 08 9385 9531
NZ        Denis Sawkins
Aust      Sarah Tinsley

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