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					        Sooners On Guard       Volume XXVI, No. 9           June 2011

    What’s Inside This Month !!

                                        Karate Offered on Base

 TAG’s Leadership Conference
       and Military Ball

                                          Golf Pro Flies High in
                                                Tulsa F-16

                                     And Much, Much, More !!!
Col Braggs Gets “Wet” Send Off
                                      Sooners On Guard

138th Fighter Wing                                              138th Fighter Wing
    Commander                                                    Command Chief
 Brigadier General                                               Master Sergeant
Michael D. Hepner                                                 Robert A. Alger

  We had a very busy UTA in May. With the multiple                This past UTA I had the opportunity to attend an amazing
Change of Commands and ceremonies honoring our air-             award ceremony as four of our 138th FW airmen were hon-
men, we managed to get it all accomplished. I would like to     ored as Oklahoma Air National Guard Airmen of the year.
take this opportunity to congratulate our new commanders.       My congratulations to Airmen of the year-SrA Nancy Geb-
Colonel David Burgy accepted command of the Operations          hart, NCO of the year-TSgt Thomas Enyart, First Sergeant
Group. Lt. Col. Robin Cavanaugh took the reins of the LRS       of the year-Chief Lloyd Vellek and Company grade officer
Squadron from Major Travis Brown who then accepted com-         of the year-Captain Michael Colony. These four are repre-
mand of the Maintenance Squadron. I am expecting great          sentative of the quality of airmen here at the 138th Fighter
things from our new commanders and their organizations!         Wing. It is each of YOU that make the 138th Fighter Wing
  Col. Scott Rooks is the new 138th Fighter Wing Vice Com-      great. It is your perseverance, commitment to mission and
mander replacing Col. Willie Braggs III after his retirement    dedication to our Air Force core values of integrity, service
last month. Lt. Col. Jane Schotter is the new Fighter Wing      and excellence, that puts the 138 FW in any conversation
Executive Officer replacing Lt. Col. Cavanaugh who de-           about the best flying wings in the Air Force.
parted to LRS.                                                    On 18 April 2011, Lieutenant General Wyatt, the Direc-
  The state Airmen of the Year awards luncheon was hosted       tor of the Air National Guard, announced that the 138th
by Brig Gen Ferguson and State Command Chief Waller, last
                                                                FW had been selected as the recipient of the Spaatz trophy.
month, honoring our state award winners. I would like to
                                                                This award, given by the National Guard Association of
congratulate them and thank all who prepared the luncheon
                                                                the United States, is presented to the most outstanding fly-
on their behalf.
                                                                ing unit in the Air National Guard. It is YOU that earned
  I would like to recognize the 138FW newest Chief Master
                                                                this prestigious award. Every Airman in the wing should
Sergeant. SMSgt Lloyd Vellek was promoted to Chief last
                                                                take great pride in this amazing accomplishment as it is
month in a ceremony at the Aerospace Dining Facility. Chief
Vellek demonstrates the Air Force core values in all of his     validation that we have, as a team, truly embraced our core
duties and I would like to congratulate him and will be call-   values. These are necessary attributes if we are to continue
ing upon him to move the Wing into the future.                  to “stand on the wall” and effectively protect this great
  Col. Willie Braggs III retired last month after a 30 plus     nation. Members of this wing have been “standing on the
year career. Col. Braggs started his career in active duty      wall” almost nonstop since before 9-11. You continue to
then transferred to the OKANG in the early 1980’s. He was       sacrifice and persevere in the face of deployments, inspec-
commissioned in 1986. Col Braggs has served in all levels       tions and growing mission requirements. The result of your
of leadership within the Wing. He is the epitome of an of-      efforts are much more important than a trophy, it is a safe
ficer and a leader. Col. Braggs not only ‘talked the talk’, he   and secure state and nation.
‘walked the walk’. His leadership has had a very positive         Sometimes, I believe it is necessary to take a step back
and profound effect on our Wing. If I was asked the ques-       from the grind of our day to day duties and take a look at
tion, “What is a leader?”, I would only have to point to Col.   the bigger picture; take stock of what we are a part of, and
Braggs. You will be missed, my friend. Have a great retire-     realize that what we do is incredibly important. Less than
ment.                                                           1% of Americans have stood up to accept the challenge of
  As always, we have airmen deployed in the AOR. Please         service, you are the best this country has to offer and we
keep them and their families in your thoughts and prayers for   appreciate what you do. Thanks for “standing on the wall.”
a safe return. Strength and Honor.
                                            Sooners On Guard
                          By Lt Sarah Morris, 138th Fighter Wing Chaplain

                          Pursing Excellence:
                          Getting the BEST out of Life!!
                                                                                                     This funded Air Force newspaper is
                                                                                                 an authorized publication for members
   Ah, the good ol’ high school days, re-        percent of the graduates had written plans
member them? Think about the time when           and goals; 13% had goals, but were not in       of the U.S. military services.
you were about to graduate. Remember the         writing; and a huge 84% had no specific              Contents of Sooners On Guard are
excitement, the limitless possibilities of       goals at all.                                   not necessarily the views of or endorsed
what you could be and where you could go.           Only 10 years later, the same members        by the U.S. Government, the Depart-
Do you remember what goals or ambitions          of the class were interviewed again, and        ment of the Air Force, or the Depart-
you had? What did you dream about doing          the results were shocking. The 13% of the       ment of Defense.
or becoming?                                     class who had goals were on average, earn-          The editorial content is edited, pre-
   “When I grow up I want to be…(you fin-         ing twice as much as the 84% who had no         pared, and provided by the 138th Fighter
ish the sentence).” Whether you wanted           goals at all. And the 3% who had clearly        Wing, Public Affairs Office, Tulsa, OK.
(or still want, or are pursuing) to become       written goals were earning, on average,             All photos are Air Force photos un-
an actor, artist, teacher, nurse, motivational   ten times as much as the other 97% put to-
                                                                                                 less otherwise indicated. Deadline for
speaker, coach, author or personal trainer,      gether! (taken from What they don’t teach
                                                                                                 material is COB Saturday UTA.
what is stopping you from doing just that?       you at Harvard Business School by Mark
   Once you became an adult and were             McCormack).                                         All material sent via the LAN sys-
completely on your own, reality seemed to            Someone once said “Dreams are goals         tem should utilize upper and lower case
slap you in the face and the rug was pulled      with timelines.” What do you want out of        keys in typesetting style. All informa-
out from under your feet. After that, the        life? Are you fulfilled and content where        tion submitted should be typed and dou-
goals and aspirations you had been dream-        you are? Do you aspire to be something          ble spaced. If disk is submitted with in-
ing about seemed so unreachable and out          more?                                           formation use Microsoft Word and jpeg
of touch.                                           You were created by God. He made you         format for artwork and photos.
   I know for myself, when I had gained          valuable. He created you with a purpose              Office telephone number is: (918)
a couple years of experience of the hard         and He has a purpose for your life. Your        833-7325. DSN number is: 894-7325.
knocks of life, and reality seemed to stop       life has meaning. You are important to him      E-mail at:
me in my tracks, I stopped aspiring to get       and to others.
the best out of life. I had stopped dreaming,       You, as an individual, gain contentment
and I had stopped believing.                     and satisfaction from your purpose in life,
   Why do we stop going after the things         as well as pursuing and achieving your                  Commander
in life that make us ‘tick’? When you were       goals and dreams.                                Brig Gen Michael D. Hepner
younger, what used to get you going? What           So many times we hear, “What do you
did you look forward to? What things used        want to be when you grow up?” Rather, I
to wake us up in the morning, which got us       believe, it is up to us to discover what we
out of bed every day?                            are to become in life. Take a look at your           Public Affairs Officer
   ‘Reality’ slaps you in the face, making       life. What are you good at? God has placed           Capt. Khanh M. Ensign
you think that you cannot go after what you      different abilities and gifts within each in-
have dreamed about. Why is that? What            dividual. We are each unique and special.             Public Affairs Staff
happened? Did you stop dreaming? What            What gifts do you have? What are your tal-      Master Sgt. Preston L. Chasteen
caused you to stop going after your goals?       ents? What abilities and skills do you pos-
                                                                                                   Master Sgt. Mark A. Moore
   A Harvard study was conducted on stu-         sess? Find what you are good at. Discover
dents in the 1979 Harvard MBA program            what you are good at, write it down and go
                                                                                                     Tech. Sgt. Amy L. Frost
where they were asked, "Have you set             after it.                                        Staff Sgt. Tristan D. Threlkeld
clear, written goals for your future and            It is never too late to begin to dream
made plans to accomplish them?" Just 3%          again. Pursue it with excellence and win!
                                          Sooners On Guard
                                  Panel Recommends Ways to Improve Military Diversity
                                  By Lisa Daniel (American Forces Press Service)

                                       WASHINGTON, March 8, 2011 – A commission created to improve diversity among military
                                     leaders has issued 20 recommendations its members say will make the military better reflect the
                                     composition of the United States in its ranks.
                                       The Military Leadership Diversity Commission, created as part of the 2009 National Defense
                                     Authorization Act, issued the findings yesterday of its 18-month research with recommendations for
                                     how the Defense Department can improve the promotion of women and minorities at a time when
                                     the nation is expected to become increasingly diverse.
                                       “The armed forces have not yet succeeded in developing a continuing stream of leaders who are as
demographically diverse as the nation they serve,” the report says.
   The disparity between the numbers of racial and ethnic minorities in the military and their leaders “will become starkly obvious
without the successful recruitment, promotion, and retention of racial/ethnic minorities among the enlisted force,” the report says.
“Without sustained attention, this problem will only become more acute as the … makeup of the United States continues to change.”
   The commission’s chairman, retired Air Force Gen. Lester L. Lyles, told American Forces Press Service that while the military is
free of the institutional biases of decades past, it retains the appearance of bias because so few women and minorities occupy senior
   “There are no institutional biases in the United States military today … and probably have not been for many, many years,” Lyles
said. “But there are some people who think there are, because when you look statistically at the demographics in the United States, and
you look at the demographics in the military, then you look at the senior leadership positions, both in officer and senior enlisted ranks,
to some it may give the appearance that there are biases that prevented women and minorities from achieving those senior ranks.”
   The commission found four reasons for low representation of women and minorities in senior military positions:
   -- Low representation of women and minorities in initial officer accessions;
   -- Lower representation of women and minority officers in career fields associated with higher officer rank;
   -- Lower retention of midlevel female service members; and
   -- Lower rates of advancement among female and minority officers.
   “Our recommendations were to ensure we remove any potential barriers that exist today; that we make recommendations that
enhance the culture, career progression and recruiting [of women and minorities]; and that we grow the pool of eligible candidates,”
Lyles said.
   The commission recommends that the services consider commitment to diversity in officer promotions and require diversity leader-
ship education and training at all levels.
   To further promote diversity, the services must increase their pool of eligible recruits and officer candidates, the report says. Penta-
gon statistics show that three out of four Americans between the ages of 17 and 24 are not eligible to enlist because of low education
or test scores, past criminal history, or because they can’t meet health and fitness requirements.
   “This is a national security issue requiring the attention and collected effort of top public officials,” the commission’s report says.
   The commission also recommended a new, broader definition of “diversity” that would add backgrounds and skills largely missing
from today’s military, such as recruiting people from more varied regions and cultural backgrounds and with foreign-language skills
and higher math, science and technological abilities.
   “Diversity is all the different characteristics and attributes of individuals that are consistent with Department of Defense core values,
integral to overall readiness and mission accomplishment, and reflective of the nation we serve,” the report says.
   Retired Army Lt. Gen. Julius W. Becton Jr., the commissions vice chair, said the military’s needs in recruiting and retaining the right
people must start much earlier than at the end of high school.
   “Unless we start at the pre-kindergarten level, we’re never going to increase how many kids are graduating and going to college,”
said Becton, a former college president and superintendent of Washington, D.C., public schools. Issues such as full-day kindergarten,
summer school, and lengthening the hours American children spend in school all have an impact on the military, he said.
   Such steps are important, Becton said, to ensure that potential recruits can meet military standards. Nothing the commission has
recommended calls for lowering standards, he added.
   “There are no efforts whatsoever to decrease standards,” he said. “The standards are proven, and we want people to come up to the
   The commission also recommended that the Pentagon lift its ban on assigning women to ground combat units below the brigade
level, citing the policy as a barrier to women attaining the military’s most-senior ranks.
   Pentagon spokeswoman Eileen Lainez said Defense Department officials will evaluate the panel’s recommendations as part of an
ongoing review of diversity policies.

             Sooners On Guard
Members of the 219th Awarded the Bronze Star
By: Lt Col Michael Schultz, 219th Engineering Installation Squadron Commander

      In a ceremony held Sunday May 15, 2011, Major General Myles Deering, Adjutant
General of Oklahoma, presented the Bronze Star Medal to five members of the 219th
Engineering Installation Squadron. MSgt Bruce M. Carson, MSgt Jason W. Spriggs,
CMSgt John E. Lortz, Maj Robert W. Stade and Lt Col Michael D. Schultz along with
Capt Roger W. Koehler who was unavailable. All the recipients were awarded the Bronze
Star Medal for meritorious service while deployed to Afghanistan from May 17 through
November 21, 2010. These six, along with 25 other members of the 219th engineered
and installed critical communications infrastructure at several Forward Operating Bases
throughout the Combined Joint Operations Area in Afghanistan.

                                                                                Photo By: Master Sergeant Mark A. Moore

MSgt Bruce M. Carson, MSgt Jason W. Spriggs, CMSgt John E. Lortz, Maj Robert W. Stade and Lt Col
Michael D. Schultz stand with Maj Gen Myles Deering during their presentations of the Bronze Star
                                  Sooners On Guard
Change of Commands in Ops Group,
Maintenance Squadron, and Logistics
       Readiness Squadron
Right: Col David “Cheese” Burgy assumes
the 138th Operations Group command gui-
don from Brig Gen Michael Hepner during a
ceremony held 15 May 2011. Col Burgy is
assuming command of the Operations Group
from Col Scott “Rookie” Rooks, who will be
assuming the role of 138th FW Vice Com-

                                                                       Master Sergeant Preston L. Chasteen

                                              Left: Maj Travis Brown assumes the 138th
                                              Maintenance Squadron command guidon
                                              from Col Todd Higgs during a ceremony held
                                              15 May 2011. Maj Brown is assuming com-
                                              mand of the Maintenance Squadron from Lt
                                              Col Jane Schotter, who will be assuming the
                                              role of 138th FW Executive Officer.

Technical Sergeant Amy L. Frost

Right: Lt Col Robin Cavanaugh assumes
the 138th Logistics Readiness Squadron
command guidon from Col John Blickens-
derfer during a ceremony held 14 May 2011.
Lt Col Cavanaugh is assuming command of
the Logisitcs Readiness Squadron from Maj
Travis Brown, who will be assuming the role
of 138th Maintenance Squadron commander.

                                                                       Master Sergeant Preston L. Chasteen

                Sooners On Guard
Outstanding Airmen Honored
  Photos By: MSgt Preston L. Chasteen, 138th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

                      Left: Capt Michael Colo-
                      ney, Oustanding Company
                      Grade officer of the Year
                      for the Oklahoma Air Na-
                      tional Guard.

                      Right: CMSgt Lloyd
                      Vellek, Oustanding Se-
                      nior Non-Commisssioned
                      Officer of the Year for the
                      Oklahoma Air National

                      Left: TSgt Thomas Enyart,
                      Oustanding Non-Commis-
                      sioned Officer of the Year
                      for the Oklahoma Air Na-
                      tional Guard.

                      Right: SrA Nancy Geb-
                      hart, Oustanding Airman of
                      the Year for the Oklahoma
                      Air National Guard.

                                         Left: Honorees and guests enjoy a delicious
                                         luncheon that was prepared and served by the
                                         138th FSS.
                                         Below: Col John Blickensderfer congratu-
                                         lates Capt Michael Coloney for the Company
                                         Grade Officer of the Year Award.

                                           Sooners On Guard
          The Adjutant General’s
    16th Annual Leadership Conference
By: MSgt Preston L. Chasteen,
138th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

  “Always Ready, Always There”,
was the theme for the 16th Annual
Adjutant General’s Leadership
Conference in 2011. The event
hosted an array of speakers that
included Senator Steve Russell,
author of the book, “We Got Him”,
Congressman Dan Boren, as well
as University of Oklahoma head
football coach Bob Stoops, and
Maj Ed Pulido from the Folds of
Honor Foundation. The event was
held in conjunction with the Na-
tional Guard Associations Military                                                                 Master Sergeant Mark A. Moore
Ball at the Hard Rock Hotel and
Casino in Tulsa, OK.                             Above: Army and Air National Guardsman filled the conference
                                                 rooms at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for the Adjutant Gen-
                                                 eral’s Leadership Conference held 29 May 2011.
Below: Coach Bob Stoops
speaks to the men and women                      Below: Coach Bob Stoops assists Maj Gen Myles Deering in
of the Oklahoma National                         honoring the lifetime of acheivements of University of Oklahoma
Guard.                                           President, Dan Boren.

                 Master Sergeant Mark A. Moore                                                     Master Sergeant Mark A. Moore
            Sooners On Guard
National Guard Association of Oklahoma
        54th Annual Military Ball
      Photos By: MSgt Mark A. Moore, 138th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

                     Left: The POW/MIA table.
                     Always a center piece of the
                     NAGOK Military Ball.

                     Right: The Honor Guard posts
                     the colors at the NGAOK Mili-
                     tary Ball.

                     Below: Outgoing NGAOK Pres-
                     ident, Col Jon Harrison receives
                     a token of appreciation from
                     incoming President Col Tracy

                     Left: Mary Fallin, Governor for
                     the state of Oklahoma, adress-
                     es attendees at the 54th annual
                     NGAOK military ball.

                     Right: Maj Gen Myles Deering,
                     and his wife Pam, enjoy the first
                     dance of the night at the 52nd
                     Annual Military Ball hosted by
                     the NGAOK.

                               Sooners On Guard
        TAG Takes Flight with 138th FW
                 Photos By: MSgt Preston L. Chasteen, 138th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

                                                                       Left: Maj Gen Myles Deering,
                                                                       Adjutant General for the state
                                                                       of Oklahoma, gets fitted with a
                                                                       helmet and mask before taking
                                                                       flight in an F-16 at the 138th
                                                                       Fighter Wing.

Right: MSgt Davey Ellis, 138th
Life Support, provides egress
instructions for Maj Gen Myles
Deering prior to his F-16 flight.

                                                                       Left: Lt Col Rick “Skippy” Pop-
                                                                       lin and Maj Gen Myles Deer-
                                                                       ing exit the 138th Life Support
                                                                       office enroute to receiving final
                                                                       instructions before departing for
                                                                       Maj Gen Deering’s F-16 flight.

                               Sooners On Guard
        TAG Takes Flight with 138th FW
                 Photos By: MSgt Preston L. Chasteen, 138th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

                                                     Above: Enjoying a little light hearted fun, Col
                                                     Willie Braggs III, offers Lt Col Poplin a little extra
                                                     incentive to give Maj Gen Deering a ride he will
                                                     not forget.

                                                     Left: Brig Gen Michael Hepner, 138th Fighter
                                                     Wing commander, give Maj Gen Myles Deer-
                                                     ing, Adjutant General for the state of Oklahoma,
                                                     some final instructions while strapping into an
                                                     F-16 at the 138th FW in Tulsa, OK.

Right: Maj Gen Myles Deering,
gives a thumbs up after a suc-
cesful and enjoyable flight in an
F-16 at the 138th Fighter Wing
in Tulsa, OK.

                                 Sooners On Guard
New Chief Master Sergeant on Base

                                                                         Left: Col John Blickensder-
                                                                         fer, 138th Mission Support
                                                                         Group Commander, and Lt
                                                                         Col Kim Howerton, 138th
                                                                         Force Support Squadron
                                                                         Commander, promote SMSgt
                                                                         Lloyd Vellek to the rank of
                                                                         Chief Master Sergeant dur-
                                                                         ing a promotion ceremony
                                                                         held 14 May 2011.

                                         Master Sergeant Mark A. Moore

2Lt Sarah Morris Pinned as New Chaplain

Right: Col Willie Braggs III,
138th FW Vice Commander,
and Sarah’s brother and
sister assist in her promotion
ceremony. SrA. Sarah Mor-
ris was recently promoted
to the rank of 2Lt, and also
claimed the distinguished
honor of becoming the 138th
Fighter Wing’s first female

                                                                                  Master Sergeant Preston L. Chasteen
                                 Sooners On Guard
Col Braggs Gets “Soaked” Send Off
By: MSgt Preston L. Chasteen, 138th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

  Thursday, the 19th of May, the
full time technician force said,                                                        Left: Col Willie Braggs III gets
“Good Bye”, to Vice Wing Com-                                                           a “soaking”, on his last day of
mander, Col Willie Braggs III. In                                                       work.
a style befitting of such a long and
                                                                                        Below: Friends and co-workers
distinguished career of military
                                                                                        line up to wish Col Braggs fare-
and technican service, Brig Gen
Hepner asked friends and co-
workers to assemble in front of the
Fighter Wing HQ building. With
fire trucks waiting, two 138th FW
firemen escorted Col Braggs from
a meeting, took him into the front
of the HQ building and administer
a thorough “soaking”. A reception
followed shorlty after for all who
wanted to pass along well wishes to
Col Braggs.
                                                  Master Sergeant Preston L. Chasteen                Master Sergeant Preston L. Chasteen

Girl Scouts Donate Cookies to Troops
Right: Girl Scouts from Owas-
so Troop 35 were on hand Sun-
day of UTA to pass out cookies
to the personnel at the 138th
FW. While selling cookies
throughout the year, the young
ladies ask patrons if they would
like to, “donate a box of cookies
to the troops”. Their hardwork
and dedication resulted in tasty
treats for all on UTA weekend.

                                                                                                         Technical Sergeant Amy L. Frost
                                        Sooners On Guard
Kenpo Karate Class Offered on Base
By MSgt Bryan Hilbert, 138th Fighter Wing Safety
Photos By: MSgt Preston L. Chasteen, 138th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
                                                                                   “The Fighting Falcons School of American
                                                                                 Kenpo.” A new base club began January, this year,
                                                                                 with more than a dozen members. The Fighting
                                                                                 Falcons are a martial arts club based on Ed Parker's
                                                                                 American Kenpo Karate. Several of the members
                                                                                 had prior training in a martial art style; however,
                                                                                 the majority began with no experience or training
                                                                                 at all. After four months of training, all members
                                                                                 of the club have earned their Yellow Belts, two
                                                                                 have earned their Orange Belts and one has earned
                                                                                 his Purple Belt. The club is comprised of male and
                                                                                 students, military and civilian, and both officer and
                                                                                 enlisted. The club is open to all base personnel and
                                                                                 dependents thirteen years or older. The Fighting
                                                                                 Falcons School of American Kenpo meet on base in
                                                                                 the DFAC every Tuesday and Thursday at 1630 and
                                                                                 welcome new members anytime. The club instruc-
                                                                                 tor is Robert Luellen, who is a 4th degree Black
                                                                                 Belt, and is organized under the American Kenpo
                                                                                 Legacy Association.
                                                                                   Why did the club choose American Kenpo? What
makes it different from other
martial arts styles? Simply, American Kenpo was
founded and designed by Ed Parker who took the
eastern Kenpo style and adapted it to meet the prac-
tical applications found on the average American
street. The extraneous movements were removed
leaving only those circular and linear movements
that are necessary to defend and/or strike. Ameri-
can Kenpo techniques are designed and practiced
not for the purpose of entering tournaments but
for use on the street. In fact, the Fighting Falcons
club does not participate in events as a club. The
expressed purpose of the club is to train for self-de-
fense to meet real world applications. Club mem-
bers learn the basics of blocking, parrying, striking
and kicking in order to understand sets, forms and
techniques. Advanced students then learn to adapt
movements to fit their abilities, making the system
more flexible and realistic and thereby minimizing
the stinted movements of other styles. Comments
from club members:
SSgt Don Fowler, "American Kenpo is a system
that adapts to the student allowing the student to
create a style that works for him/her." Ms. Laurel
Hamilton, Starbase, "American Kenpo seemed like
it would be challenging and an excellent way to exercise both body and mind." TSgt Terry Boom, 138AMXS, "I always wanted to
learn this style of martial arts." Members continue to be excited and grow in the style, earning more advanced belts. The enthusiasm
is catching, with new members trying American Kenpo each month. For additional information on class and costs, contact MSgt
Bryan Hilbert at X-7166, or any other club member.
                                       Sooners On Guard
First Sergeant Vacancy
Mission Support Group is giving notice of the First Sergeant vacancy at the Group level. If interested the fol-
lowing are the minimum requirements:
Grade. Must be promotable to Master Sergeant on or before the date of assignment to the UMD position, and
prior to submitting a school request.
PME. Applicants must have completed Command NCO Academy in residence or by correspondence prior to
submitting an application.
Retainability. ETS date must be three years from the class graduation date selected by the applicant for atten-
Mandatory AFSC Entry Requirements. IAW AFECD Attch 39, (AFMAN 36-2108), member must meet the Ad-
ministrative or the General Aptitude Scores listed below:
        Administrative: 41
        General: 62
        PULHES: 333231 (Reference attachment 39 of AFECD (AFMAN 36-2108)
        Must have a minimum score of 75 on the Physical Fitness Assessment
Additional Notes:
Duty Position: Applicant must be in the Duty Position (DAFSC) for 8F000 prior to submitting 8F000 school
request. The Primary AFSC (PAFSC) CAN NOT be awarded until member has completed the subject course.
Attendance Requirements Related to Time in Position: Once selected for the First Sergeant Position, member is
required to attend the First Sergeant Academy within 12 months of being assigned to the position.
Application package must consist of a Letter of Intent, Current RIP, ASVAB scores, Letter of Recommendation,
Fit Test Results, and a Biography. Application packages should be submitted to CCM Rob Alger, First Sergeant
Functional Manager, no later than 30 Jun 2011.

VA/DOD Smart Phone App Helps Veterans Manage PTSD
Submitted By Lt Col Jane Schotter, 138th Fighter Wing Sexual Assault Response Coordinator
   WASHINGTON - Veterans dealing with symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can turn to their smart phones
for help anytime with the PTSD Coach application created by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Department of
   "This is about giving Veterans and Servicemembers the help they earned when and where they need it," said Secretary of
Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki. "We hope they, their families and friends, download this free app. Understanding PTSD and
those who live with it is too important to ignore."
   PTSD Coach lets users track their PTSD symptoms, links them with local sources of support, provides accurate informa-
tion about PTSD, and teaches helpful individualized strategies for managing PTSD symptoms at any moment. The free PTSD
Coach app is now available for download from the iTunes store and will be available for Android devices by the end of the
   "This application acknowledges the frequency with which our Warriors and Veterans use technology and allows them to get
help when and where they feel most comfortable," said Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs Dr. Jonathan Woodson.
   The PTSD Coach is primarily designed to enhance services for individuals who are already receiving mental health care,
though it is certainly helpful for those considering entering mental health care and those who just want to learn more about
   "This is a great service we are providing to Veterans, Servicemembers, their families and friends, but it should not be seen
as a replacement for traditional therapy," said VA's Under Secretary for Health Dr. Robert Petzel. "Veterans should utilize all of
the benefits they have earned with their service and one of the best things about this app is it will get Veterans connected to the
places that are out there to provide help."
   The application is one of the first in a series of jointly designed resources by the VA National Center for PTSD and the De-
fense Department's National Center for Telehealth and Technology to help Servicemembers, Veterans, their families and friends
manage their readjustment challenges and get anonymous assistance. Given the current popularity of mobile devices, VA and
the Defense Department hope to reach tens of thousands of Veterans, Servicemembers, and their family members with the new
suite of apps.
                               Sooners On Guard
      PGA Golfer, Rickie Fowler, Takes
          Flight in 138th FW F-16
                 Photos By: MSgt Preston L. Chasteen, 138th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

                                                                       Left: Col Scott “Rookie” Rooks,
                                                                       places patches on the flight suit
                                                                       of Professional golfer Rickie
                                                                       Fowler. Mr. Fowler took an F-16
                                                                       ride while in town for the Patriot
                                                                       Cup golf tournament.

Right: PGA tour professional Rickie Fowler hangs from a
harness in the life support shop as he progresses through
his egress training before taking flight in an F-16 at the
138th Fighter Wing.

                                                                       Left: MSgt Davey Ellis, 138th
                                                                       FW Life Support, gives pro
                                                                       golfer, Rickie Fowler, instruc-
                                                                       tions on the proper way to
                                                                       egress from an F-16 cockpit.

                                   Sooners On Guard
       PGA Golfer, Rickie Fowler, Takes
           Flight in 138th FW F-16
                  Photos By: MSgt Preston L. Chasteen, 138th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

Above: PGA golf pro, Rickie
Fowler, climbs the ladder and
prepares to enter the cockpit in
preparation for his F-16 flight.
                                    Above: Col Scott “Rookie” Rooks, 138th FW Vice Commander,
                                    and PGA golf pro Rickie Fowler receive a final flight brief before
                                    stepping to the aircraft for departure.

                                      Left: PGA golf pro and OSU
                                      alum, Rickie Fowler, gives
                                      a thumbs up shortly before
                                      taking off for flight in an F-16
                                      from the 138th FW, Tulsa,

                                      Right: A media frenzy en-
                                      sued after the F-16 flight of
                                      PGA golf pro and OSU alum,
                                      Rickie Fowler, at the 138th
                                      FW, Tulsa, OK.

                                     Sooners On Guard
Installation Antiterrorism Office
By Capt Christopher Rogalski, 138th Fighter Wing Antiterrorism Officer


This months, “Sooners On Guard” Antiterrorism and Force Protection tips are general safety tips that can pro-
tect you from both criminals and terrorists. Take the time to read and employ these tips to increase your safety
and security.


- Be aware of your surroundings.
- Report anything you feel is suspicious
 -- Notify Security Forces Base Defense Operations Center (BDOC) at extension 7321
   or emergency 7200.
 -- Notify local police departments if off base.


-   Get an automatic timer for your lights.
-   Contact your local police department and request courtesy checks of your property.
-   Ask a neighbor to watch your home and park in the driveway from time to time.
-   Don’t forget to have mail and newspaper delivery stopped. If it piles up, it’s a sure sign you’re gone.


- Turn on inside lights and a radio so it looks like someone’s home.
- Be extra cautious about locking doors and windows when you leave, even if it’s just for a few minutes.
- Ensure outside lights are turned on if you expect to return after dark.


- Criminals sometimes pose as couriers with delivery gifts.
- It’s not uncommon for people to try to take advantage of others’ generosity by going door-to-door for chari-
table donations when there’s no charity involved.
- Ask for identification, and find out how the funds will be used. If you aren’t satisfied, don’t give.

These tips and other important information are located in the CJCS Guide 5260, Service Member’s Personal
Protection Guide. Further information about Antiterrorism can be accessed on-line.

Department of Homeland Security:
MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base:

REMEMBER: Antiterrorism and Force Protection is EVERYONE’S job.

The 138th Fighter Wing Antiterrorism Officer is Capt. Christopher Rogalski, 833-7835.

                           Sooners On Guard
         New Members:
  TSgt Daniel K. Gonzales, 138th CES           138th Fighter Wing
SSgt Christopher M. Feucht, 138th AMXS
  A1C Robert K. Hawkins, 138th CES
                                           Base Education and Training
   A1C Tyler R. Reisman, 219th EIS                   Office
 A1C Gannon R. Wallace, 138th AMXS
    Amn Daniel K. Sims, 138th LRS        Office Number: 918-833-7334/7767
     AB John W. Mayou, 125th WF          E-mail:
          Promotions:                    Office Hours:
                Major:                   Monday thru Thursday: 0700-1730
       Kevin W. Frye, 138th CES
                                         UTA: 0700-1530
    Lloyd R. Holloway, 138th MDG
       Blair S. Austin, 219th EIS        Testing Hours:
      Leonard T. Davis, 138th OPS        Tuesday & Thursday: 1400
    Joshua S. Markham, 138th MDG         UTA Saturday: 1300
     David L. Overstreet, 138th LRS      UTA Sunday: 0900 & 1300
     Chief Master Sergeant:
     Robert B. Hutson, 138th MXG         Contact your Unit Training Manager to
         Master Sergeant:                schedule testing.
     Steven Broadway, 138th MXS
    Joshua J. Christenson, 219th EIS
      Scot R. Vaughan, 138th MXS
       Technical Sergeant:
       Wade W. Beall, 138th MXS
     Bobby D. Bezinque, 219th EIS
     Chelsea L. Dupree, 219th EIS
    Michael D. Phillips, 138th LRS
  Christopher S. Rexwinkle, 138th CES
          Staff Sergeant:                     UTA Dates:
      Todd A. Biggs, 138th MXS
     Bobby J. Cook, 138th AMXS
   Cassandra L. Gelotte, 138th MDG
   Rainy R. Lewisgarner, 138th LRS              ** 2011 **
     Derek L. Rogers, 138th MXS
     David M. Winrich, 219th EIS               June 11-12
          Senior Airman:
  Christopher D. Fryhover, 138th CES            July 9-10
   Robert L. Jacobs II, 138th AMXS
        Airman First Class:
                                               August 6-7
     Trevor W. Presson, 138th CES            September 10-11
       SMSgt Troy C. Still
                                               October 1-2
     SMSgt Darrin E. Sutterfield
      MSgt Jeffrey W. Cramer
                                              November 5-6
      MSgt Charles A. Grove                   December 3-4
        MSgt Gil A. Romo
      MSgt Anna S. Schermer
      MSgt Roger D. Wheeler
                              Sooners On Guard
      Call 833-7321
     Sponsored by your            AEROSPACE DINING FACILITY MENU
      Command Chief
        and 1st Sgts                   Saturday                                         Sunday
                                         Chili Mac                                   Baked Chicken
        Base Exchange                Chicken Parmesan                                BBQ pork Tips
         Hours Change                  Steamed rice                                 Mashed Potatoes
      Monday - Thursday               Corn on the Cob                                 Green Beans
       9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m             Peas & Carrots                                    Carrots
                                         Salad Bar                                     Salad Bar
      10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
              UTA                    Assorted Desserts                              Assorted Desserts
     6:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.              Beverages                                     Beverages

 Air Force Core Values                                    138th Fighter Wing Mission
                               The federal mission of the 138th Fighter Wing is to maintain combat forces ready for
      Integrity First          mobilization, deployment and employment as needed to support national security
                               objectives. Additionally, our state mission is to support the governor of the state of
   Service Before Self         Oklahoma with units organized, equipped and trained in the protection of life and property,
 Excellence In All We Do       and preservation of peace, order and public safety under competent orders of authority.

                               Langston University-Tulsa will be open for summer
                               school May 31 and ending July 22, 2011. To see
                               the schedule, visit the website
                               tulsa. Organizational Leadership, Accounting,
                               Biology, Computer Science, Economics, Education,
                               Healthcare Administration, History, Liberal Education,
                               Management, Management Information Systems,
                               Psychology, Rehabilitation Services, and Sociology
                               are being offered. LU-Tulsa’s representative will be
                               available at the monthly UTA to discuss academic
                               degrees and schedules.

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