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Jason Voegele

Professional      2000 - present               Atos Origin, Inc.               Cincinnati, OH
experience        Consultant
                  Serve as developer, architect, designer, team lead, and as mentor/trainer for numerous projects and
                  clients. Recent roles and projects include:

                  Architect & Technical Lead
                            Salary Planning System, Philips

                         Developed a web-based HR application for a global client using Java/J2EE technology
                  that provided over 20,000 users, line managers and HR functional managers, the ability to
                  plan, analyze and approve employee salary change transactions with dynamic visibility into the
                  individual action’s impact on organizational budgets

                        Specified the system architecture and design utilizing the UML Analysis and Design

                          Proposed and implemented alternative solutions to original business requirements that
                  led to reduction in project effort and schedule thus saving the client $24,000 in costs

                         Initiated the use of Struts Web Application Framework, improving our team’s ability to
                  create robust web applications at a quicker pace than standard approaches

                           Designed and developed the core business model and business rules within the
                            application using Java and J2EE technologies

                  Architect & Technical Lead
                            Sampling and Registration Engine, Procter and Gamble

                           Developed a web-based system with re-usable components to capture customer
                  registration and survey results allowing consumers to register for product samples and for the
                  client to establish market share data

                          Reduced software licensing costs by utilizing an open-source database and alternative
                  application server approach saving the client $100,000

                         Implemented Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture, enabling multiple developers
                  to work on separate modules simultaneously, reducing effort time for the project and ensuring
                  maintainability of the system

                           Integrated JUnit testing tool with Apache’s Ant build tool to automate unit and
regression testing to ensure the stability of the system

Training Assistant & Project Manager
        Java and Oracle Development Boot Camp, Procter and Gamble

       Served as a mentor and project manager for a comprehensive training program
consisting of Java and Oracle application development

       Developed and presented organization-specific materials for topics not covered in
standard training courses

       Created technical assessments to evaluate and track student progress

       Evaluated and recommended training program curriculum

        Prepared functional specifications, including proposed system architecture for internal
P&G projects to enable students to gain concrete experience in Java and Oracle technologies
while also providing real business value to the organization

       Advised students with completion of course exercises and project work

1998 – 2000              Carolla Development, Inc.         Columbus, OH
Software Engineer
Served as software engineer, consultant, and trainer on various assignments and internal projects.
Assignments included:

Architect & Developer
        Process Management/Workflow Application

       Designed and developed a large-scale, distributed Project Management/Workflow
        application, a Web-based project management tool, which automated many of the tasks
        associated with a formal software development process

       Interfaced with customer advocates for determining project scope and gathering

       Created system architecture and design using the UML Analysis Model and Design Model

       Developed the system using Java, CORBA, Servlets, XML (DOM and SAX APIs, and DTDs),
        HTML/CSS, and the Poet Object-Oriented Database

       Mentored additional developers in the use of Java and CORBA

Course Instructor
        Object-Oriented Application Development Training Courses

Designed and instructed classes on Object-Oriented application design and development and
surrounding technologies, including:
                        Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with UML

                        Object-Oriented Programming with C++

                        Object-Oriented Programming with Java

Education        1992 – 1998      The Ohio State University            Columbus, OH
                        Course of Study: Computer and Information Science

                        Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform (score: 91%)
Certifications          Sun Certified Web Component Developer for the J2EE Platform (score: 93%)

Activities       Developed or contributed to several open source projects including:
                         JRuby:
                        Java/Ruby integration project providing a full Ruby interpreter and runtime
                        environment in Java

                          SmartEiffel Threads:
                         Library providing multi-threading capabilities to the open source SmartEiffel compiler

                          Ruby Collections:
                         Collection of fundamental data structures and algorithms for the Ruby programming

Summary of              Programming in Java, C++, C, Eiffel, Ruby, Python, and Perl
Experience              Strong knowledge of Object-Oriented software engineering methodologies, Object-
                         Oriented Analysis and Design, Design By Contract, UML, Use-Case-driven
                         development, the Unified Software Development Process, the full Software
                         Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and eXtreme Programming

                        Strong Web development skills with HTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, Java Servlets,
                         JavaServer Pages, and CGI

                        Experience with Web and J2EE Application Servers including Apache, BEA WebLogic
                         JRun, WebSphere Application Server, Oracle Application Server, and Inprise
                         Application Server

                        Client/server development and distributed computing with CORBA, Java RMI, Java
                         Message Service (JMS), SOAP, Web Services, and some DCOM

                        Application development with Oracle 8i, Sybase, SQL-Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL

                        Experience with Windows 9x/NT/2000, Linux, and HP-UX development environments

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