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					                      APICS SPRING 2002 EXECUTIVE MEETING
                                April 12, 2002, 3:00 pm
                       McNally Boardroom, Saint Mary’s University


AEM 494. In Attendance:
Roger Gordon, Chair
David Richardson, Vice-Chair
Grant Gardner, Treasurer
Keith De’Bell, Member-at-Large
Charles Bourque, Member-at-Large

Zoe Hayes, Past Chair
Lynn Crosby, Member-at-Large

AEM 495. Welcome and Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 3:15 pm. Roger Gordon welcomed new Executive members
Charles Bourque and Keith De’Bell.

AEM 496. Approval of the Agenda:
The agenda was approved as circulated.

AEM 497. Approval of the Minutes:
     Moved (Richardson, Gardner) that the minutes of November 16, 2001, be approved as
     circulated. Carried.

AEM 498. Business Arising:
498.1 Committee Development
      Lois Whitehead reported that the new Environmental Studies Committee had held its first
      meeting. The enthusiastic group plans several activities, with its first conference slated
      for Fall 2003.

498.2 APICS Policy on Bilingualism
      The policy on bilingualism as approved by Council in April 2001, reads:

        “[APICS endeavours to] support both official languages, including encouraging students
        to present in the language of their choice, translating documents to French whenever
        financially feasible, and continuing to be mindful of communication in both languages.”
        (ACM 388.4)

April 12, 2002                              DRAFT                                      Page 1 of 4
APICS Executive Meeting Minutes
        It was noted that limitations to fulfilling the policy as fully as desired were due to lack of

        The Executive Director provided an update of some of the actions taken by committee
        and staff to support the policy. These included:
                     some bilingual committee web sites
                     some committees translating abstracts into both official languages,
                     committees encouraging students to present in the language of their choice

        Charles Bourque suggested that a line be added to the budget to symbolically support

        Action: Charles Bourque will propose a budget amount of $500 for translation for
        approval by Council.

498.3 Liability Insurance
      The Executive Director has purchased liability insurance on behalf of APICS.

        Moved (Bourque, De’Bell) that the policy be presented to Council. Carried.

498.4 Liability Policy on Alcohol Use
      The Executive Director reported that the policy had been communicated to all Council
      and Committee members as well as to students coordinating APICS activities.

        Action: Executive Director will put the policy on the web site.

498.5 Update on Underfunding Report
      The Chair told Executive that he had written to the Federal government on behalf of
      Council focussing on the problem Atlantic Canadian Universities have in attracting
      matching funds. A letter from the Prime Minister’s Correspondence Secretary was
      received thanking Roger for the letter.

        It was suggested that the Chair write another letter, this time thanking the Federal
        government because they addressed the infrastructure of research funding, which was the
        topic of an earlier letter writing campaign.

        Action: Roger Gordon will bring this suggestion to the Council for discussion.

AEM 499. Financial Report:
499.1 Unaudited Income Statement and Balance Sheet
      The Treasurer presented the unaudited statements to the Executive for review.

        Action: Grant Gardner will present to Council for approval.

April 12, 2002                                 DRAFT                                         Page 2 of 4
APICS Executive Meeting Minutes
499.2 Draft Budget for 2002-2003
      The Treasurer reviewed the draft budget with the Executive. He noted that due to new
      activities, including a new committee, the purchase of liability insurance, and external
      funding for the YEC program, expected income and expenses would be different than in
      the past few years.
      Grant noted that the budget items for core activities would exceed regular income, and
      that a membership fee increase would be necessary to provide a balanced budget.

        Action: Grant Gardner will present the Budget to Council for approval.

499.3 Membership Fees Discussion
      Grant recommended that an increase of 3.5% be proposed for the fees in order to balance
      the budget with its new expenses. The Executive supported this suggestion.

        Action: Grant Gardner will present the reasoning for the increase for approval by

        A discussion was held regarding how to show the value of APICS to those that pay the
        fees. It was recognized that APICS’ best ambassadors are the students who participate in
        APICS activities. Suggestions included:
             Creating a pamphlet of student experiences and comments
             Ensuring that students invite key administrators to events so they know what
                APICS is doing

AEM 500. Guidelines/Policy Discussion:
500.1 Constitution Revisions
      The ad hoc committee has developed a draft but it was not circulated in time for
      ratification at this meeting.

        Action: The draft will be circulated for discussion and vote at the next Council meeting.

500.2 Trademark Update
      Lois Whitehead reported that the “American APICS” had continued its use of the
      trademark in the Atlantic Provinces, including registering web sites since we had obtained
      the rights to the use of the trademark in Canada. The lawyer involved in gaining us the
      trademark has been contacted and has offered to write a “cease and desist” letter on a pro
      bono basis.

        Action: Executive Director to follow up with lawyer.

AEM 501. Opportunities:
501.1 Strategic Planning
      As the new Chair, Roger Gordon voiced his discovery and concern that there is a
      disconnect between APICS’ numerous activities and the resources available to carry out

April 12, 2002                               DRAFT                                       Page 3 of 4
APICS Executive Meeting Minutes
        these activities. He suggested that a strategic planning process be recommended to
        Council to determine priorities and future activities.

        Action: The Executive will recommend that an outside facilitator be contracted to
        complete a strategic planning process with APICS Council in the fall.

        Action: The Treasurer will recommend that up to $5,000 be allocated from the
        investments for the cost of this exercise.

AEM 502. Other Business:
502.1 Annual Report
      The Executive Director shared copies of the recently completed 2000-2001 Annual
      Report. This is the first report completed in several years.

        Action: The Executive Director will send a copy of the report to each Academic Vice
        President and to the person responsible for paying the annual APICS membership fee.

502.2 New NSERC Representatives
      David Richardson announced that NSERC has developed a new group of representatives
      with the mandate to promote science to politicians and the broader public. There is one
      representative per institution and each is given a small $5,000 budget. David suggested
      that the APICS Executive meet with this new group.

        Action: David Richardson will raise this possibility at Council.

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:15 pm.

Submitted by:
Lois Whitehead
Executive Director

April 12, 2002                               DRAFT                                     Page 4 of 4
APICS Executive Meeting Minutes

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