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					                                                                                                                     Since 1949
                                                                                                                   September 2011

                                        The Arc Message
Expanding opportunities for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities to participate actively in the community.

 2011 Board of Directors                                            PRESIDENT’S NEWS

President: Debbie Youngblood            I know we all look forward to an end of this long, hot summer even though
Pres. Elect: Amos Gaines                we did not beat the record of the 1980 heat wave! We have cooler weather
Secretary: Stacey Pate                  and the holidays to enjoy, as well as the exciting changes here at The Arc.
Treasurer: David Vaughan                We welcome our new Executive Director, Erinn Hall, and look forward to
Past Pres: Molly Hurst                  the energy and enthusiastic leadership she will bring to our agency and
President of United Advocates:          membership. However, we also face the drastic budget cuts made during
       David Swallow                    the legislative session that result in severe program cuts and changes.
                                        These unfortunate cuts are effective September 1, 2011.
       Carol Ann Beaird
       Kathy Braudway                   This session did result in drastic cuts, but was not without cause to cele-
       David Dodson                     brate too. In July, Governor Perry signed House Bill 1481 which is also
       Kathy Doty                       effective September and removes the R-word from official state language!
       Bill Eaton                       We are so grateful for our own Representative Vicki Truitt and her contin-
       Sharon Sanderson                 ued commitment to putting people first with respectful language. You can
                                        read more about that and the exciting ceremonial signing on Page 3 of this
      Executive Director:
           Erinn M. Hall                In an effort to grow the services provided by The Arc, help meet more
                                        needs in the community, and fill some of the service gaps we are reaching
                                        out to many different constituencies and member groups. Enclosed in this
                                        newsletter is a survey seeking input on caregiver respite needs and child-
        Arc of GTC                      care concerns. I encourage you to complete this survey and provide your
     Board of Directors                 input so that we can begin to strengthen our relationships in the community
                                        and address these needs. Please take the time to complete this survey and
         Meeting                        include ANY additional information you feel is important. Your input is
                                        invaluable and will truly make a difference so please take ten minutes to
                                        tell us what you think.
          September 15th
                                    I also strongly encourage you all to become members of The Arc of GTC if
                                    you haven’t already. Not only is it a great deal but membership is vital for
   Arc of GTC Conference Room       our sustainability and strength as an organization. Control of our agency
    1051 Haskell St., Suite 106     rest with our membership. More members means stronger voices and more
     Fort Worth, Texas 76107        impact in the community. The more dynamic and involved our members
                                    are can dramatically help support and further our mission to expand
                                    opportunities to participate actively in the community. This mission is
  ARC GTC HAPPENINGS                more important than ever as we work tirelessly to compensate for the loss
                                    of services and supports. We absolutely cannot do this effectively without
Erinn Hall Welcome             Pg 2 your input, continued support and membership.
Respectful Language!             Pg 3
                                      Maintaining your own membership and recruiting others to join The Arc is
Betty Ketchum Obituary           Pg 4 a cost effective way to help this agency meet the increasing needs in this
                                      community. We want to open doors for the people we serve and we also
Autism/Asperger’s                     work to prevent doors from closing on individuals, especially as we
Super Conference                 Pg 5 prepare for the impact of multiple cuts to service and supports.
Calendar of Events               Pg 6
                                  I thank you for your support of this agency and for all you do in this great
                                  community to promote inclusion and opportunities for individuals with
United Advocate News         Pg 7 IDD and their families. Though we face many challenges in the coming
Special Needs Trusts & Financial
                                  months and years, we face them together. There is always more strength in
                                  numbers and as we increase our membership we strengthen our voice and
Planning Workshop OSC INSERT our community.
Respite Care / Childcare Survey
and Needs Assessment
                                                                            Debbie Youngblood, President
                  SPECIAL INSERT
                                                                                            Arc GTC
                                                                                         September 2011
                                                                                             Page 2

                   WELCOME TO ERINN HALL
Ms. Erinn Hall assumed the position of Executive Director for The Arc
of Greater Tarrant County on September 1, 2011. Having served as the
Project Director for the Texas Council on Developmental Disabilities
Leadership and Self Advocacy Grant at the Arc for the last three years, she
has become known as a dynamic, creative and caring advocate for people
with IDD and their families. Her success as Project Director led to the
Chapter of the Year Award from Texas Advocates. She took more of our
Arc members and self-advocates on more trips to Austin during the legis-
lative session to visit legislators & tell our story than just about anyone
else from the Arc chapters throughout the state. In May, Erinn received a
certificate of appreciation for her commitment and dedication to The Arc. In August, she led a
crowd of self advocates on to San Antonio for the state conference for Texas Advocates.

Erinn was born in Tallahassee, Florida but moved to Texas at the age of six weeks (we will claim
her as a native Texan ). Her father worked as a tool-cutter with Vought in Grand Prairie and
eventually became a union officer with the UAW. He rose to upper levels of the International
UAW. Unfortunately, her dad passed away at the young age of 53 in 2004. Erinn’s parents were
divorced when she was six years old and her mother raised her and her younger sister, Jenny, as a
single mom. Erinn stated that a lot of her strong leadership, independence and motivational skills
can be attributed to the strong character of her grandmother and her mother. Both mother and
grandmother graduated from Texas Wesleyan University and Erinn too, is a graduate from TWU
with a B.A. in Psychology. Her father remarried after the divorce and she has a super Stepmom.
The family has always been close and very supportive of the children. Erinn received theatre
classes as a teenager and believes the training helped build her skills in assertiveness, independ-
ence and public speaking. She worked as a waitress and bartender to help put herself through col-
lege. She pointed out that her grandmother and single mom also had to struggle with jobs and
raising kids to finish their college studies. Sounds like a family thing!

Erinn used to teach theatre and dancing to self-advocates members of the Arc of GTC for about 3
years when the Arc was located on Bailey Street. Later she began working with Catholic Chari-
ties while still in college and is especially proud of her work with children removed from their
homes by Child Protective Services. She stated that she developed a love for community service
with these two experiences. She held several positions, from training coordinator, case manager,
public relations & marketing coordinator, to fund development while at Catholic Charities.

We are very fortunate at the Arc of GTC to have Erinn as our new Executive Director. We look
forward to all of the contributions she will continue to bring to our organization with her skills,
experience and enthusiasm. She takes the helm just in time to help roll out a new branding effort
that the Arc is pursuing nationally She will have the honor of introducing a new logo, a new tag
line and a new look to one of the oldest and largest organizations in the country that provides
advocacy and supports to people with IDD. So give her a call or send her an email wishing her
the best as she assumes the awesome job of taking The Arc of GTC to the next level.
                                                                                                    Arc GTC
                                                                                                 September 2011
                                                                                                     Page 3

         Governor Perry signs Respectful Language Bill!
This legislative session brought about many devastating budget cuts resulting in the elimination of
some programs and several service reductions. Our presence at the Capitol and participation in the
legislative process was stronger this year than previous sessions and resulted in fewer cuts than we
first expected. However, as a community we can celebrate the passage of House Bill 1481 authored
by District 98 Representative Vicki Truitt of Southlake.

On July 19, 2011 Governor Perry hosted a ceremonial bill signing for persons with intellectual and
                                                 developmental disabilities (IDD). The Arc of GTC
                                                 was honored to be in attendance for this wonderful
                                                 occasion! We were so proud to represent Rep.
                                                 Truitt’s constituency and be a part of respectful
                                                 language history! Rep. Truitt said, “Those affected
                                                 are people first, and there is a stigma associated
                                                 with the “R” word. It costs nothing to adopt
                                                 verbiage in state statutes to reflect the fact that we
                                                 recognize individuals and their uniqueness,
                                                 without using offensive terms to categorize and
                                                 label these good Texans.”

The new law will require that, over time, the language used in statute and within various state agencies
referencing persons with IDD be changed to reference the person first rather than using the R-word
label. Truitt’s House Bill 1481 was broadly supported and easily passed during the recent legislative
session. But she said some believed the bill to be a pointless attempt to be politically correct. “To those
who think this is a fluffy, do-nothing bill, I would just ask them to momentarily put themselves in the
 positions of one with an intellectual disability and imagine how hurtful it is to be called retarded,”
Truitt said. “Intellectual disability does not mean ‘without feelings’.”

No it doesn’t Rep. Truitt—thank you for your continued support of our community!

 Bill signing attendees from advocate groups                   District 98 constituent & Arc member
 from across the state celebrate the passage and               Cory Buster, Arc Exec. Director Erinn Hall
 signing of House Bill 1481!                                   and Governor Rick Perry following the
                                                               signing of House Bill 1481!
                                                                                                                 Arc GTC
                                                                                                              September 2011
                                                                                                                  Page 4

                                         Betty Ketchum, Rest In Peace
Betty Ketchum, the Executive Director of The Arc of the Gulf Coast (Alvin,Texas) for more than thirty
years, was killed in a tragic car accident in late July. For more than three decades Betty was an ideal
example of servant-leadership in The Arc. The lives of many people with intellectual and developmen-
tal disabilities and their families have been immeasurably improved by Betty’s dedicated service. She
had also served on The Board of Directors and several committees of The Arc of Texas. Betty leaves
behind a lasting legacy of dedicated service to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities
and their families. She will be missed greatly. Messages of condolences, or donations in her name,
can be sent to The Arc of the Gulf Coast, P.O. Box 1484 , Alvin, TX. 77512-1484.
                                                           Recycle Household Items
                             The Arc Truck is the most visible aspect of the Household Recycling Program. The Arc of
                             Texas sells the donations to Norquist Salvage Corp., which sells the merchandise in its
   The Arc                   Thrift Town stores.For donations made in Tarrant County, The Arc of Texas sends a large
                             portion of the proceeds to The Arc of Greater Tarrant County. Please offer your support by
                             calling (817) 595-7434 to find out when the Arc truck will be in your neighborhood to pick
up donations. You can also shop at the ThriftTown stores in Fort Worth, Arlington and in North Richland Hills. Funds we
receive from the recycling program help us keep serving our community.
      The Arc of Greater Tarrant County would like to remind everyone of the innovative tax deductible vehicle donation
program that will help The Arc expand and grow. The program is designed to provide us with the opportunity to benefit
from donations of recreation vehicles, cars, vans, trucks, boats and other vehicles. In addition, it is designed to allow our
friends and supporters to donate their vehicles seven days per week, 24 hours a day. It is as easy as filling out an online
donation form at or making a call (877-272-2270). What
is best of all, it is not limited to one city or county. Supporters merely specify The Arc of Greater Tarrant County as the
organization that they wish to benefit from the gift. It doesn’t matter where they live. 90% of the net proceeds then come
to The Arc of GTC. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!
      Supporters and friends of The Arc receive many benefits from the program. There is FREE TOWING whether the
vehicle is running or not, and you can donate the vehicle anywhere in the U.S. There are no hassles of repairing, advertis-
ing, or selling your car since the work is done by a courteous, trained and experienced staff. The donation qualifies for
an IRS tax deduction. You’ll be supporting The Arc’s vision of a world where people with disabilities are fully included.
Rest assured that the company responsible for being our car donation angels ( Melwood Vehicle Donation Management
Services ) is experienced and has operated a highly successful vehicle donation program since 1995. They are also a
501(c)3 not-for-profit organization and provide employment and job training for over 2,000 people with disabilities in
Maryland. Keep us in mind if you are thinking about getting rid of that boat or car. Your trash is our cash!

                                    ( Since 1960 )
 Many of you already know that since January of last year, Spencer Air Conditioning has been a
corporate sponsor for The Arc of GTC. They have always been supportive of our mission and
the folks we serve. And now, thanks to their generosity, we are able to continue reaching out to
people in Tarrant County and surrounding areas with the services we offer and by sending them
The Arc Message each and every month. We encourage all of our members and friends to call on
Spencer A/C & Heating for your service needs and to share their name with your friends and
neighbors. This is the best way to show our appreciation for Spencer’s support of The Arc of
Greater Tarrant County. They’ve also informed us that they are offering all the members and
friends of the Arc of Greater Tarrant County a 10% discount on all purchases and services.When
you contact them be sure to tell them you are with The Arc of Greater Tarrant County.
                  Call : (972) 253-4131               
                                                                                                            Arc GTC
                                                                                                         September 2011
                                                                                                              Page 5

                                     Dallas Super Conference on Autism & Asperger’s
                                      KEYNOTES BY THE MOST FAMOUS PEOPLE IN THE FIELD !!!
                                        October 6 & 7, 2011 Arlington Convention Center
                                            1200 Ballpark Way, Arlington, Texas 76011
                                    Seating is Limited—Register Early. There are one day and two day rates.
                                    Reduced rates available for family members and for groups of 5 or more.
                                            To Register call 1-800-489-0727 or Fax (817) 277-2270


Dr. Temple Grandin has served as inspiration and role model to hundreds of thousands
of families and persons with autism. In this unique presentation, Temple eloquently and
candidly describes the challenges she has faced and offers a no-nonsense ideas on how
others dealing with autism can meet these obstacles and improve the quality of their
lives. Backed by her personal experience and evidence-based research, Temple shares
her valuable insights on a wide variety of topics, and offers useful do’s and don’ts.
By attending, participants can:
     Modify the learning environment to accommodate sensory challenges
     Recognize and accommodate neurological differences in home or classroom setting
     Distinguish between voluntary behaviors and involuntary behaviors                         Dr. Temple Grandin
     Responsibly utilize alternative and/or conventional medicine
     Assist individuals develop their talents into career path
     And more!

Having earned his MA and Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Albany,
Dr. Jed Baker is a behavioral consultant for several New Jersey school districts where,
nearly two decades ago, he organized a group to help children with social communica-
tion problems. Dr. Baker’s dynamic and comprehensive presentation is extremely valu-
able to all family members and professionals working with individuals with autism
spectrum disorders, attention deficit disorders, learning disabilities, mood and anxiety
disorders, and other issues that impact social-emotional functioning. His work has been
featured on ABC News and Nightline!
By attending, participants can:
   Build an individual's social skills in crucial areas such as conversation, conflict reso-
      lution, emotion management, employment, dating, etc.                                        Dr. Jed Baker
     Develop an effective behavior plan
     Manage and prevent meltdowns
     Help create peer acceptance
     Assess social skills of individuals or groups
     And more!

Tony Attwood is well known for sharing his knowledge of Asperger’s Syndrome. He
has an Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Hull, Master’s degree in
Clinical Psychology from the University of Surrey and a PhD from the University of
London. Tony has written several publications on Asperger’s. His book, Asperger’s
Syndrome, has now been translated into several languages. Tony operates his clinic
two days per week and supports children & adults by visiting them at school and home.
He also spends a large amount of time travelling nationally and internationally in order
to present workshops and papers. Tony is married and has three children. The Attwood
family lives in Brisbane, Australia.                                                            Dr. Tony Attwood
                                    The Arc of Greater Tarrant County                                                Arc GTC
                                                                                                                  September 2011
                                                                                                                      Page 6
                                         Schedule of Events
    “Advocacy is the voice that continues even in the face of deafness and silence.” Unknown

                                    September 2011
     Sunday      Monday              Tuesday      Wednesday                Thursday            Friday              Saturday
                                                                       1 8:30 A.M.        2                   3
                                                                       IDD Needs
                                                                       Council Mtg.
          Be sure and call to confirm times as they                    2:00 - 3:00
          sometimes change beyond our control                          3:00 - 4:00
                                                                       Life Skills
                                                                       Tutoring by
                                                                       appointment only
4               5               6                7                     8                  9                   10 9:30-12:00
                Agency          10:00-11:30      10:00 Art             2:00 - 3:00        6:30 - 8:30
                                Computer Class   11:15 Money Class I   History
                                                                                                              Our Special
                closed                                                                    Friday Night        Children
                                                 1:00 Book Group       3:00 - 4:00
                                                                                          Live program
                                                 2:00 Computer Class   Life Skills                            12:00-2:00P.M.
                                3:00-4:30        3:15 Money Class II                      for Young
                                Computer Class   3:30 Exercise         Tutoring by        Adults      (Call
                                                                                                              Las Familia
                                                 Tutoring by           appointment only
                                                                                          817-926-6214)       (Free Respite
                                                 appointment only                                             Care 9:30-2pm)
11              12              13               14                    15                 16                  17
Grandfathers                    10:00-11:30      10:00 Art             2:00 - 3:00                            10:00 am- 12:00
                1:00-2:00       Computer Class   11:15 Money Class I   History                                Bowling
Day!!                                                                                     7:00 - 9:00         (Please call
                                                 1:00 Book Group       3:00 - 4:00
                Beading Class                                                                                 “Soaring” at 817
                                                 2:00 Computer Class   Life Skills        Community           -237-4498
                                3:00-4:30        3:15 Money Class II   5:30 Board Mtg
                                Computer Class   3:30 Exercise                            Connection
                                                 5:00 Tennis           Tutoring by        Dance
                                                 Tutoring by           appointment only
                                                 appointment only

18              19              20               21                    22                 23                  24
                                10:00-11:30      10:00 Art             2:00 - 3:00
                                Computer Class   11:15 Money Class I   History
                                                 1:00 Book Group       3:00 - 4:00
                                                 2:00 Computer Class   Life Skills
                                3:00-4:30        3:15 Money Class II
                                Computer Class   3:30 Exercise         Tutoring by
                                                                       appointment only
                                                 Tutoring by
                                                 appointment only
25              26              27               28                    29                 30

                                                                                          4:30 UA Mtg at
                                                                                          Christian Church

               For information about advocate classes and activities call Tina Straughter-Brewer
                      The Arc of Greater Tarrant County                         Phone: 817-877-1474
                       1051 Haskell St., Suite 106,                               Fax: 817-877-1477
                        Ft. Worth, Texas 76107                         E-mail:
                                                                                                              Arc GTC
                                                                                                          September 2011
                What is, and who is at Risk for Heat Stroke in our Texas weather?                             Page 7

Heat stroke is a form of hyperthermia, an abnormally elevated body temperature with accompanying physical
symptoms including changes in the nervous system function. Unlike heat cramps and heat exhaustion, two other
forms of hyperthermia that are less severe, heat stroke is a true medical emergency that is often fatal if
not properly and promptly treated. Heat stroke is also sometimes referred to as heatstroke or sun stroke. Se-
vere hyperthermia is defined as a body temperature of 104 F (40 C) or higher. The body normally generates heat
as a result of metabolism, and is usually able to dissipate the heat by radiation of heat through the skin or by
evaporation of sweat. However, in extreme heat, high humidity, or vigorous physical exertion under the sun, the
body may not be able to dissipate the heat and the body temperature rises, sometimes up to 106 F (41.1 C) or
higher. Another cause of heat stroke is dehydration. A dehydrated person may not be able to sweat fast enough
to dissipate heat, which causes the body temperature to rise.
Symptoms and signs? Nausea, Vomiting, Fatigue, Weakness, Headache, Muscle Cramps, Dizziness
However, some individuals can develop symptoms of heat stroke suddenly and rapidly without warning. Also, dif-
ferent people may have different symptoms and signs of heatstroke.
Common symptoms and signs of heat stroke include: High body temperature, absence of sweating, with hot red
or flushed dry skin, rapid pulse, difficult breathing, strange behavior, hallucinations, confusion, agitation, seizure,
disorientation, and/or coma.

                         What you are SO missing in our Beading Class
                                                    -take a look!

This is just a very small sample of what we are making, so if you still want to sign up, just pick up the phone and
call! Our class is the second and fourth Monday and if you are not here you are missing a fun time of socializing
and awesome creativity. The class is just ten dollars, which makes you a member of the Arc for one whole year,
so go to Hobby Lobby and get your bead kit and c’mon down!

                                                                              Example Kit -

                                             Locations for Events
          See the calendar for new classes forming in Art and History and call to reserve a spot!
  Arc Weekly Classes: Art, Beading, Book Group, Computer, Exercise, History, Money Class, Life Skills, Tutoring, Leader-
  ship & Advocacy Class - The Arc of GTC, 1051 Haskell Street Suite 106, Fort Worth, TX 76107 (817-877-1474)
  *Community Meetings, Activities & Events:
  Board Meetings: The Arc of GTC, 1051 Haskell Street Suite 106, Fort Worth, TX 76107
  Bowling: Brunswick Westcreek Lanes, 3025 Alta Mesa Blvd., Ft. Worth 76133 (817) 294-0501
  Community Connection Dance: The Resource Connection, 2300 Circle Drive, Ft. Worth 76119
  Friday Night Live: Greenbriar Community Center, 5200 Hemphill St., Fort Worth, 76115 817-926-6214
         NOTE: Bring a snack; $5 yearly fee; supervised activities; bring assistant if needed.
  IDD Needs Council Meeting: Easter Seals 1424 Hemphill 76104 (817) 332-7171
  Our Special Children/Las Familias The Arc of GTC, 1051 Haskell Street, Suite 106, Fort Worth, Tx. 76107
  Tennis: TCU Tennis Courts 3609 Bellaire Drive North Fort Worth, Texas 76109 817-257-7960
  United Advocates Officer Meetings: The Arc of GTC, 1051 Haskell Street Suite 106
  United Advocates General Meeting: University Christian Church, 2720 S. University Dr.
  *Please call your Advocate Member Kathy Bales for Social Activities, Event Dates and Times!
                  Your Support Makes the Difference!
   Want to become a member?           Name _______________________________________           Want to donate? Sign here!
          Sign up here!               Address _____________________________________     Please accept my gift of
___Advocate $10                                                                         $25 $50 $100 Other___ to
___Individual $15                     City, State, Zip _______________________________
___Professional $20                                                                     support the work of The Arc.
___Family $25                                                                           My company, ________________,
___Corporate $100                     Email _______________________________________ has a Matching Gift Program

I am a: (Check all that apply):       Cash Check enclosed for $ _________________     In honor of: ________________
                                      Payable to The Arc of Greater Tarrant County       ___________________________
___Advocate                                                                              ___________________________
___Child                              Please charge $_______________to my credit card:
___Grandparent                                                                          In memory of: ______________
                                      MasterCard Visa AmEx Discover
___Friend of the Arc                                                                     ___________________________
___Parent                             Card # ____________________________________
___Professional                                                                          ___________________________
___Relative                           Expiration__________________________________
                                                                                        Please add your honorees’ address(es) if
___Sibling                            Signature___________________________________      you’d like us to notify them of your gift.
Your dues and donations are deductible to the fullest extent of the law.
Please mail to: The Arc of Greater Tarrant County
                1051 Haskell, Suite 106
                Fort Worth, TX 76107-2649      Thank you for supporting       The Arc!
SPECIAL FEATURES:                 * Introduction of New Executive Director Erinn Hall
                                  * Special Needs Trusts and Financial Planning Workshop
                                  * Autism/Asperger’s Super Conference
                                  * Calendar of Events

      Proud member of the United Way of Metropolitan Tarrant County, The Arc of Texas and The Arc of the United States.

         list, please notify us. Contact The Arc, 817-877-1474, or e-mail,
         address change, or prefer an e-newsletter over a paper copy, or want your name removed from our mailing
         We hope you love our newsletter, and want you to receive it in the most efficient way possible. If you have an

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                                                                                           Phone: 817-877-1474
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