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					               ON THE LEVEL
  Vol. XXXIX No. 4                   From The League Of Human Dignity                                 August 2010

   Norfolk CIL Benefit Golf Event: Huskers Win!
                                                                                        Former University of
                                                                                        Nebraska Football
                                                                                        players, from left, Tim
                                                                                        Carpenter, Bill LaFleur,
                                                                                        Matt Hoskinson and
                                                                                        Joel Makovicka shot a
                                                                                        58 as a team June 26,
                                                                                        to win the League’s
                                                                                        Benefit Golf Event at
                                                                                        Eldorado Hills in Nor-
                                                                                        folk. The event raised
                                                                                        money for the Norfolk
                                                                                        Center for Independent
                                                                                        Living. The Huskers
                                                                                        donated their winnings
                                                                                        to the center.

                                                                                        Photo by Sandy Duncan

    Center’s First Four-Player Scramble                     ond shots, and so on until the hole is complete.
                                                                The golfing started about 1 p.m. A silent auction
      Draws Six Teams, 23 Golfers                           was held throughout the event and a live auction fol-
    The Nebraska Cornhuskers — former Huskers,              lowed dinner, catered by Dee’s Delite.
anyway — won the June 26 Norfolk Center for Inde-               For more information and photos from the event,
pendent Living Golf Benefit.                                turn to pages 6 and 7.
    The event, organized as a four-player scramble, was
held at Eldorado Hills in Norfolk. It was held to raise
money to help the CIL fulfill its mission to promote in-
dependent living for people with disabilities.
                                                                         IN THIS ISSUE:
    The Huskers, Matt Hoskinson, Joel Makovicka, Tim
Carpenter and Bill LaFleur, shot a 14-under-par 58 to         2010 Benefit Golf Event .................. 3
win the event. The team of Dave Henry, Henry Red-
wing, Ken Derby and Jon Johnson was second with a             Wollens Honored at Picnic .............. 5
63, edging the team of Chad Reeves, Scott Seelmeyer,          Norfolk Golf Event Photos ............... 7
Jon Pochop and Bob Barry by one stroke.
    In all, six teams competed, despite recent flooding       Great Bug Adventure Offer .............. 9
in the Norfolk area, during what was described as a
great afternoon for golf — albeit a little warm.              Associations/Support Groups ........ 12
    In a scramble format, the best of a team’s four tee
shots is selected and all four play their second shots        Classifieds ..................................... 15
from that point. They then play from the best of the sec-

                                 Promoting independent living for those with disabilities since 1971
                                        Now serving all 93 Nebraska counties and Southwest Iowa
                              www.leagueofhumandignity.com                      Phone 402-441-7871 V/TDD
    ON THE LEVEL is the bi-
    monthly newsletter of the
    League of Human Dignity, Inc.
                                         C.E.O.’s Note
    The League of Human Dignity            n the last issue of ON THE LEVEL, I wrote about two of the four core
    is a consumer-based, nonprofit
                                           services — information and referral, and independent living skills
    organization, whose mission is
    to promote the full integration of   training — that are provided by the League’s Centers for Independent
    persons with disabilities into       Living (CILs). The other two CIL core services are advocacy (individual
    society. To this end, we will        and systems), and peer support/mentoring.
    advocate their needs and
    rights, while providing quality      League CIL staff work with consumers on specific individual, disability-
    services to assist them in           related advocacy issues. People with disability encounter architectural
    becoming and remaining               and attitudinal barriers in their communities which, due to their disability,
    independent citizens.                prevent them from entering businesses or enjoying the benefits of public
                                         amenities such as parks, athletic venues, government buildings, or
    Established in 1971, the             streets and sidewalks, to name a few. Staff work with consumers to
    League now serves all 93
                                         identify their specific problems, and to develop a plan of action focused
    counties in Nebraska and eight
    counties in Southwest Iowa,          on eliminating barriers. In all cases, staff are expected to do everything
    through our Centers for Inde-        they can to empower consumers by helping them develop the necessary
    pendent Living in Lincoln,           skills to advocate on their own behalf.
    Norfolk and Omaha, NE; and
    Council Bluffs, IA; our Medicaid     Systems advocacy addresses broader issues that affect larger numbers
    Waiver Offices in Scottsbluff,       of consumers. Examples of systems issues are administrative policies or
    Kearney and North Platte, NE;        procedures that effectively discriminate against people with disability.
    and our Mobility Options shops       One systems advocacy issue the League currently is working on is the
    in Lincoln and Omaha.                practice by a majority of private transportation providers in Nebraska of
                                         charging a higher fare to people who use wheelchairs, than they charge
    On The Level is available            people with disabilities who do not use wheelchairs. We believe this
    in print, Braille and on audio
    cassette. To subscribe in any of     practice, and the approval of differential rates, is discriminatory and in
    these formats, contact the           violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
    Public Information Office in
    Lincoln or the League of             We work cooperatively with regulatory bodies in an effort to resolve
    Human Dignity in your area.          these issues. If we are not able to resolve issues through cooperative
    The newsletter also is archived      efforts, we will file formal complaints with the appropriate enforcement
    on our website:                      bodies, or pursue appropriate legal remedies.
                                         Peer support/mentoring is based on the concept that people who have
    To update the support groups         learned to manage their own lives with disability can help others do the
    listing beginning on page 12, to
                                         same, either those who have newly-acquired disability or those who
    place a classified advertise-
    ment for accessible equipment        have long-term disability and are facing a new experience. Peer mentors
    or supplies (page 15) or to          are volunteers who give their time to share their personal experiences,
    provide news items and other         and the techniques they have developed to manage their disabilities.
    related information, contact:        Peer mentors help with issues that include modeling techniques to
                                         manage specific aspects of disabilities, techniques to access specific
        Editor, ON THE LEVEL,            services and equipment, advocacy techniques, and dealing with aspects
       League of Human Dignity           of disability that might impact interpersonal relationships in families and
             1701 P Street               circles of friends.
          Lincoln, NE 68508
                                         Advocacy and peer support/mentoring are two more League CIL
    Phone: 402-441-7871 Voice/TDD
                                         services that support consumers in becoming and remaining indepen-
            Fax: 402-441-7650
    janderson@leagueofhumandignity.com   dent, contributing members of their communities.

                                             Mike Schafer, League CEO

2      On The Level ● August 2010
Lincoln Handi-Van Dispatch
                                                                           2010 BENEFIT
Now Offers On-Hold System
    Lincoln’s StarTran Handi-Van service has instituted
                                                                           GOLF EVENT
an on-hold system on its 441-7109 telephone reserva-
tion line.                                                       Mark Your Calendar:
    Starting July 22, the dispatcher will now answer calls
                               in the order they are re-      Thursday, Sept, 30, 2010
                                  ceived and will hold
                                     calls until they can    At the Highland Golf Course,
                                     be completed. In the
                                     past, callers got a
                                                                      Lincoln, NE
                                     busy signal if the
                                     dispatcher was tak-
                                     ing a reservation
                                                                Four-Player Scramble
and simply had to hang up and call back later.
    Callers who are held should stay on the line until
                                                                     And More:
their call is answered. If you hang up and call back,                     Hole Prizes!
your call will go to the end of the holding line.
                                                                        Silent Auction!
                                                                  Helicopter Golfball Drop!
                                                                         Buffet Dinner!
                                                                       Join the Fun!
                                                              Register a four-player team for $400
                                                                   or become an event sponsor
                                                             with a donation of $1,000, $500 or $250

                                                                To register or for more information,
                                                               contact the League of Human Dignity
                                                                              1701 P Street
                                                                           Lincoln, NE 68508
                                                             402-441-7871 (V/TDD0; Fax 402-441-7650
                                                             or e-mail jfoster@leagueohumandignity.com

                                                                         Visit us online at

                                                                         Please support the League of
                                                                        Human Dignity’s Second Annual
                                                                         Benefit Golf Event. Proceeds
                                                                          will help the League fulfill it’s
                                                                          mission: Helping people with
                                                                          disabilities to become and to
                                                                          remain independent members
                                                                          of society.

                                                                               August 2010 ● On The Level     3
Medicaid Recipients Worry About Future of Services
     Confusion Ensues After Nebraska                         level of services they have been receiving could be re-
    Outsources Medicaid Service Reviews                           Some were told to look into Medicaid waivers or a
    Proposed cuts in funding for Medicaid home ser-          personal assistance program. But many who receive
vices prompted about 35 protestors to show up at the         more care than those programs would provide are con-
Nebraska Governor’s Mansion June 11.                         cerned that a reduction in services might force them
    The protestors, many of whom use the services            into nursing homes.
provided by Medicaid to remain independent, were re-              Particularly vulnerable, said State Sen. Robert Giese
sponding to scores of service denials issued in May by       of South Sioux City, are rural Nebraskans. He said in
Seattle-based Qualis Health.                                 his Dist. 17 Blog that some of his constituents were
    In April, Nebraska passed the job of deciding what       informed by Qualis that they would only qualify for a
level of home health care people on Medicaid will get        level of care that is unavailable outside the Omaha or
to the company. Qualis, which has had a contract for a       Lincoln areas.
variety of services with Nebraska’s Medicaid program              The denial letters later were rescinded by state Med-
since 2007, began a “home health and private duty uti-       icaid Director Vivianne Chaumont, who said she felt the
lization review” for the state in April.                     letters were confusing. She said services will continue
    The company later notified 69 Nebraskans that the        as is until further review.

Funding Flows for Many on Developmental Disability Waiting List
    List Continues to Grow, But Those On It                  in June 2009; 433 on the list since December 2006
                                                             accepted services in August 2009; and 237 on the list
       Longest Finally Receiving Services                    since December 2007 accepted services in March.
     While the list of Nebraskans waiting for develop-       About 660 people on the list who have been offered
mental disability services continues to grow, the wait       services since 2009 have declined them, were no
is over for some of the people who have been on it the       longer interested or did not respond.
longest.                                                         The figures were provided in a June 9 DHHS news
     About $15 million appropriated by the Nebraska          release.
Legislature in 2009 is benefiting 833 people, accord-            Tricia Mason, director of the department’s Division
ing to the state Department of Health and Human Ser-         of Developmental Disabilities, said 567 of the 833
vices.                                                       people are receiving services now, while the rest are
     Services have been offered in three rounds: 163         working with service coordinators to determine the most
people on the list since May 2004 accepted services          appropriate services.

     Barrier Removal Grants Available from League
         Barrier Removal Grants are available to qualified      Applications for Barrier Removal Grants are
     renters or homeowners who experience a mobility         available at:
     limitation (or have someone in their family who
                           does).                                                    Lincoln
                                 The League offers the           Lincoln Center for Independent Living
                              program in Lincoln and             1701 P St., Lincoln, NE 68508
                              Lancaster County, Omaha            Phone 402-441-7871
                              and Council Bluffs. It is
                             open to people with low to                            Omaha
                          moderate incomes (based on             Omaha Center for Independent Living
     HUD income guidelines) and who need funds to                5513 Center St., Omaha, NE 68106
     remove barriers in their homes.                             Phone 402- 595-1256
         Examples of modifications that may be
     considered eligible under the program include:                            Council Bluffs
     outside ramps and lifts, grab bars, handrails, wider        SW Iowa Center for Independent Living
     doorways, accessible tubs and showers, and                  1520 Avenue M, Council Bluffs, IA 51501
     reachable sinks and counters.                               Phone 712-323-6863.

4      On The Level ● August 2010
LHD Membership Group Honors Wollens
                                     Annual Picnic June 19
                                          The League of Human Dignity
                                     Membership group held it’s annual
                                     picnic June 19, welcoming about
                                     20 people to hamburgers, hotdogs
                                     and other goodies at the League
                                     offices in Lincoln.
                                          The event originally was
                                     scheduled for Tierra Briarhurst
                                     Park in Lincoln but was moved due
                                     to the threat of inclement weather.
                                          A highlight of the picnic was
                                     the presentation of a Lifetime
                                     Membership Award to John and
                                     Melissa Wollen, both active mem-
                                     bers of the group. Presented by
                                     Kathy Johnston, the award honors
                                     the Wollens for their years of ac-
                                     tive service to the group.
                                          For 13 years, before joining the
                                     membership group, John was the
                                     League’s vehicle modification

                                     Left: Melissa and John Wollen,
                                     with their son, Brandon, were
                                     presented a Lifetime Member-
                                     ship Award June 19.

                  Above: Members and guests fill their plates and
                  enjoy a variety of picnic fare, including hamburg-
                  ers, hotdogs, salads, chips and more at the
                  annual event.
                  Left: Jack Johnston mans the barbecue grill as
                  John Wollen, left, provides moral support.

                                         August 2010 ● On The Level     5
                                                             Organizers, Sponsors Help
          League Employees                                   Make Golf Event a Success
                      Saying . . .
                                                                 The Norfolk CIL’s benefit golf event June 26 was a
                                                             success, thanks to the efforts of its organizing commit-
     Hello:                                                  tee, sponsors and others.
                                                                 The event was organized by a committee made up
     Laura Powell, Services Coordinator, Scottsbluff.
                                                             of Warren Reimer, Dan Kirby, Ryan Vesely, David Henry,
     Andy Bessinger, Services Coordinator, Lincoln.
                                                             Jane Fink and Jean Kloppenborg.
     Fred Reitz, Services Coordinator, Norfolk.
                                                                 Six teams competed, sponsored by The Granary,
     Sharon Runge, Services Coordinator, Lincoln.
                                                             Brunswick State Bank, Santee Sioux Nation, Pete
                                                             Hoskinson, Jane Fink and a team made up of former
     Good-bye:                                               University of Nebraska football players. Huskers Matt
     Elaine Pike, Services Coordinator, Lincoln              Hoskinson, Tim Carpenter, Bill LaFleur and Joel
                                                                            Makovicka won the event and donated
                                                                              their winnings back to the League.
                                                                                    Event sponsors, including those
ADA Class, Celebration In Norfolk                                             who donated items for the silent and
                                                                                live auctions, were:
     The League of Human Dignity sponsored a 20th                                       In the $1,000 to $500 category:
Anniversary celebration of the Americans with Disabili-                               Elkhorn Valley Bank, the Ernie
ties Act, along with ADA training in Norfolk July 7 and 8.                            Kloppenborg Family, Olson’s Pest
     Ray Petty and Rich Sternadori of the Great Plains                                Technicians, Warren Reimer and
ADA Center in Columbia, MO, presented the workshop,                                  Subway.
which was geared toward people who work in the con-                                    $500 to $250: Brunswick State
struction and renovation fields. There were 22 in atten-                Bank, Cornhusker Auto Center, Dinkel Imple-
dance the first day of the workshop and 24 the second.       ment, Frontier Bank - Madison, Home Health Medical,
An additional 15 people attended the ADA celebration,        Moody Motor - Niobrara, Homestead Land & Manage-
which was introduced by the League’s Systems Change          ment Co., Pete Hoskinson, Overhead Door (K&S Door
Coordinator, Rich Skerbitz.                                  Co.), The Granary and the Santee Sioux Nation.
     “It went really well,” said Jane Fink, Independent          $250 and under: Andrew Van Lines, Brian Rech,
Living Coordinator at the Norfolk Center for Indepen-        DWB, Gutshall Eye Care, HyVee, Prengers, Jay
dent Living.                                                 Knobbe Insurance Agency Inc., Mobile Computer Re-
     “People seemed to have felt that they gained infor-     pair, Peetz Law P.C., Torpins Rodeo Market - O’Neill,
mation they hadn’t gotten before — especially apart-         Volkman’s Plumbing, Window World, Tristin Clyde, 1st
ment managers.”                                              State Bank, 3D Auto Body, Beeches, Burger King, Cul-
     The workshop and celebration were held at the Life-     vers, Dan Kirby, Doris Rohrer, National Champion Li-
long Learning Center at Northeast Community College          quor, Eakes, Fred and JoAnn Barker, Golf USA, Great
in Norfolk.                                                  Western Bank - O’Neill, Jane Fink, Hastings Book Store,
                                                             Heritage Express - Winnebago, Home Instead Senior
                                                             Care, Jerry’s Hilltop, Budweiser, Johnney Dodge, Kevin
     This issue                                              Raemaekers, Foxy Cookies, Smokin’ Buddies, Lindsey
                                                             Mfg., Max Fitness Gym, NAPA - Neligh, Neligh Public
     and past                                                Library, TierOne, New Victorian Inn, Nucor Steel, Pat-
                                                             A-Cake, Rags to Riches, Ponca Tribe of Nebraska,
     issues                                                  Christina Barker, Regency Portraits, Rock 94, Ren-
                                                             egade Western, Riviera Raceway - Norfolk, Tony’s
     of our                                                  Steakhouse and Lounge, Supertel (Ramada/Hampton/
                                                             Days/Sleep Inn), Norfolk CIL Staff, Nebraska Lottery,
     newsletter                                              Braun’s Market - Atkinson, Vakoc, Rodeway Inn & Suites
                                                             - Norfolk and Vital Care. Dee’s Delite catered the buffet
     are available                                           dinner. Gary and Ryan Vesely conducted the live auc-
     online at . . .                                         tion.
                                                                 Thank you to Anne Kelly, volunteers, who helped
                                                             with marketing, making cupcakes and serving the meal.
     http://www.leagueofhumandignity.com                     Special thank you's go out to Pete Hoskinson as well
                                                             as Eldorado Hills Golf Club.

 6      On The Level ● August 2010
A Day at the Club for Norfolk CIL

Tim Carpenter and former Husker teammate Matt Hoskinson indicate their readiness to begin golfing.

Above: Dave Henry, Henry Redwing, Ken Derby and
Jon Johnson shot a 63 to finish second.
Above right: League CEO Mike Schafer, Norfolk CIL
Independent Living Coordinator Jane Fink, Pete
Hoskinson, father of former Husker Matt Hoskinson,
and Norfolk CIL Director Jean Kloppenborg relax in the
clubhouse following the golfing.
Right: Gary Vesely, left, conducts the live auction with
the help of his son, Ryan, right.                                                     Photos by Sandy Duncan

                                                                                August 2010 ● On The Level   7
                                                        BSDC Recertification May Be
    LEARN TO LIVE WELL                                   In Sight, State Officials Say
     WITH A DISABILITY                                      Nebraska Health and Human Services officials said
                                                       recently the Beatrice State Developmental Center is
                                                       progressing toward federal Medicaid recertification.
                                                            The assessment is based on two reviews of BSDC’s
                                                       compliance with federal regulations and agreements.
                                                       BSDC lost federal certification — and $25 million in fed-
                                                       eral funding — last year after repeated violations.
                                                            In late May, California-based consultants H&W In-
                                                       dependent Solutions surveyed the center to gauge
                                                       readiness for recertification. While there still is work to
                                                       be done, Center CEO Dan Howell said H&W “concluded
                                                       that recertification is achievable within the next year.”
                                                            H&W noted that progress continues to be made in
                                                       some of the “more challenging” compliance areas,
                                                       Howell said. Other areas identified as needing improve-
                                                       ment could be corrected easily, he said.
                                                            Early in June the Nebraska Department of Health
                                                       and Human Services received a quarterly compliance
                                                       report on the state’s settlement agreement with the U.S.
                                                       Department of Justice. The 130-page report was issued
                                                       by independent expert Maria Laurence following an on-
                                                       site review in March.
       Advocacy ■ Eat Healthy ■ Physical                    The state and the DOJ reached the agreement in
         Activity ■ Seeking Information                2008 as a way to avoid a federal lawsuit over care at
            ■ Managing Depression                      the center.
     ■ Healthy Reactions ■ Communication                    Laurence recognized positive practices in place,
                  ■ Much More
                                                       areas in the initial stages of development and areas
                                                       where improvement still is needed. The report provides
                                                       a “road map” to reaching the settlement’s outcomes,
    The healthier you are, the more you                said Jodi Fenner, Director of the HHS Division of De-
             will be able to do                        velopmental Disabilities.
                                                            There currently are 174 residents at the center,
    Living Well with a Disability Training includes    which serves people with developmental and physical
    eight two-and-a-half-hour classes, from 2 to       disabilities.
    4:30 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays, Aug. 10,
    12, 17, 19, 24, 26, 31 and Sept. 2, 2010, at the
    SW Iowa Center for Independent Living. The                      League Donors
    sessions are free of charge.
                                                              June 4, 2010, Through July 8, 2010
    An orientation for this class is 2 to 3 p.m.
    Thursday, Aug. 5.
                                                           Builder ($500 and up): Elkhorn Valley Bank;
    To register or for more information, contact       Brunswick State Bank; Santee Sioux Nation.
    the League of Human Dignity’s                          Supporter ($250 to $499): Frontier Bank;
    SW Iowa Center for Independent Living,             Cornhusker Auto Center; Eileen K. Dendinger; Home-
    1520 Avenue M, Council Bluffs, IA 51501            stead Land & Management Co.; The Granary
    Phone 712-323-6863 V/TDD                               Century ($100 to $249): Peetz Law P.C.; Marvin
    e-mail: cinfo@leagueofhumandignity.com             Rhodes.
    or cengland@leagueofhumandignity.com                   Believer ($50 to $99): Gutshall Eye Care; Brian
                                                           Other: DWB Incorporated; Jay Knobbe Insurance
                                                       Agency Inc.; Lonnie Mueller
                                                           In Memory of Robert Carroll: Thomas Carroll; Mike

8      On The Level ● August 2010
    Omaha, Southwest Iowa CILs
                                                             Fontenelle Offers Special
     Organizing ADA Workshop                                Great Bug Adventure Invite
       The League’s Omaha and Southwest Iowa                      Free Admission to Bellevue Exhibit
  Centers for Independent Living are organizing a                    for People With Disabilities
  September workshop covering employment and
  accessible design guidelines in the Americans with             The Fontenelle Nature Association in Bellevue, NE,
  Disabilities Act.                                         is providing free admission to its Great Bug Adventure
       Included on the agenda is an explanation of          for people with disabilities and their caretakers and fami-
  the 2004 Americans with Disabilities Act and Ar-          lies.
  chitectural Barriers Act Accessibility Guidelines              The association is making the offer through the gen-
  (ADAAG.ABAAG). This program should be of spe-             erosity of the William R. Patrick Foundation.
  cial interest to even the most well-informed in the            The Great Bug Adventure is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.,
  governmental, design, codes and accessible-de-            with hour extended on Thursdays to 8 p.m., through
  sign communities. The guidelines were set to be-                                            Oct. 3. It offers educa-
  come the enforceable standard on July 26.                                                   tional opportunities for
       Workshop presenters are Richard D.                                                    adults and children of all
  Sternadori and Amy Desenberg-Wines.                                                      ages, featuring “bug-
       Sternadori is Nebraska Coordinator at the                                          dacious” activities, interac-
  Great Plains ADA Center in Columbia, MO. He                                              tive exhibits and 11 larger-
  studied in the architectural and urban design pro-                                       than-life insect sculptures
  gram at the University of Kansas and served on                                               — including ants that are
  the Kansas State Board of Architects/Engineers                                                25 feet long, a spider
  and as chief building official and zoning adminis-                                            web 15-feet wide, a
  trator in several Kansas and Missouri cities.                                                 150-pound ladybug
       Desenberg-Wines is the center’s Iowa State                                             and a dragonfly with a 17-
  Program Coordinator. She also is a self-employed          foot wingspan.
  consultant. She has a master's degree in voca-                 The insect sculptures are fabricated entirely from
  tional rehabilitation, job development and place-         wood and are part of a nationally renowned exhibit of
  ment, and has worked in the area of disability for        David Rogers' Big Bugs.
  over 25 years.                                                 The ADA-compliant facility features a mile-ling bar-
       The workshop is Friday, Sept. 17, in the             rier-free, wheelchair accessible boardwalk and Acorn
  Omaha-Council Bluffs area, at a site to be deter-         Acres play area for children of all physical abilities.
  mined. Keep an eye on the League’s Web site,                   Admission normally is $7 per person. For free ad-
  www.leagueofhumandignity.com, for more details.           mission to the exhibit, present the accompanying
                                                            voucher at the Fontenelle Forest Nature Center’s Visi-
                                                            tor Services Desk. One person who has a disability and
                                                            up to five companions, including caretakers family mem-
    Madonna Adaptive Sports                                 bers, will be admitted per voucher.
                                                                 The Nature Center is located at 1111 North Bellevue
     & Recreation Program                                   Blvd., in Bellevue. For more information, call 402-731-
    Madonna’s Adaptive Sports and Recreation program        3140 or go online to www.fontenelleforest.org.
offers opportunities for people with activity limitations
to participate in a new sport or get back into the one                   PLEASE DO NOT PHOTOCOPY
they once enjoyed.
    The program provides
open practice times on a
monthly basis and work-
shops periodically.
     For more information
on upcoming activities or to
be on the sports and recre-
ation mailing list, go to
www.Madonna.org, click
“news/events” and then
“events calendar. Or contact Ian Thompson at 402-486-
7766 or send e-mails to ithompson@madonna.org.

                                                                                      August 2010 ● On The Level      9
     Health Observances                                        Memory Walks Benefit
                       August                                 Alzheimer’s Association
Cataract Awareness Month                                           The Alzheimer’s Association is sponsoring its
   American Academy of Ophthalmology                          annual Memory Walks in communities across the
Children's Eye Health and Safety Month                        country this fall.
   Prevent Blindness America                                       Memory walk is the association’s signature
National Immunization Awareness Month                         fund-raising event. Proceeds go to education and
   National Center for Immunization and Respiratory           support for people with alzheimer’s and other
   Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Preven-          forms of dementia, according to the organization’s
   tion                                                       Web site, as well as for research.
Psoriasis Awareness Month                                          Walks are scheduled throughout Nebraska
   National Psoriasis Foundation                              and Iowa during September, including:
Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness Month                                                         Sept. 9 in Kearney
   Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy                                                           at Yanney Heri-
                                                                                                 tage Park. Regis-
Aug. 8 through 14 is National Assictance Dog Week                                                ter at 5:30 p.m.,
   www.assistancedogweek.org/                                                                    one-mile walk
Aug. 8 through 14 is National Health Center Week              starts at 6 p.m.
   National Association of Community Health Centers                Sept. 11 in Council Bluffs, IA, at the
                                                              MidAmerica Center, 1 Arena Way. The event be-
                    September                                 gins at 9 a.m.
                                                                   Sept. 19 in Lincoln, at the Village Gardens,
Childhood Cancer Month                                        56th and Pine Lake Rd. Register at 1 p.m., walk
   Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation                 begins at 2 p.m., one- and two-mile walks.
Leukemia & Lymphoma Awareness Month                                Sept. 23 in North Platte, at Cody Park. One-
   Leukemia & Lymphoma Society                                mile walk begins at 1 p.m.
National Cholesterol Education Month                               Sept. 26 in Norfolk, at Skyview Lake. Regis-
   National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Health In-       tration at 5 p.m., one-mile walk starts at 5:30 p.m.
   formation Center                                                Sept. 26 in Omaha, at Wehrspann Lake in the
National Sickle Cell Month                                    Chalco Hills Recreation Area, 8901 S. 154th St.
   Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, Inc.           The event starts at noon with 2-, 4- and 6-mile
Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month                                walks.
   National Ovarian Cancer Coalition                               Sept. 25 in Scottsbluff, at the YMCA Pavilion.
Prostate Cancer Awareness Month                               Registration at 10 a.m., one-mile walk at 11 a.m.
   Zero - The Project to End Prostate Cancer                       Walks also are scheduled in Beatrice, Broken
Reye's Syndrome Awareness Month                               Bow, Columbus, Dawson County, Fairbury, Fre-
   National Reye's Syndrome Foundation                        mont, Grand Island, Hastings, McCook and
Sept. 19 - 25 is National Rehabilitation Awareness                 For more information, call the Great Plains
   Celebration                                                Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, which has
   National Rehabilitation Awareness Foundation               information about walks in Nebraska and Wyo-
Sept. 13 is National Celiac Disease Awareness Day             ming, at 402-420-2540. Or go online to
   Celiac Sprue Association                                   www.alz.org/greatplains. Call the Midlands Chap-
Sept. 21 is World Alzheimer's Day                             ter for information about walks in Nebraska and
   Alzheimer's Disease International                          Iowa, at 402-502-4301. Or go online to
Sept. 26 is National Mesothelioma Awareness Day               www.alz.org/midlands.
   Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation
Sept. 29 is National Women's Health & Fitness Day
   Health Information Resource Center
Sept. 30 is World Heart Day
                                                                Your $5 classified ad will reach more
   World Heart Federation
                                                                 than 8,000 ‘On The Level’ readers!
Source: 2010 National Health Observances, National Health
Information Center, Office of Disease Prevention and Health     Check Out Our CLASSIFIEDS
Promotion, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,                        On Page 15
Washington, DC

10    On The Level ● August 2010
 Advocacy Organization                                           Where to Find Us
Supports Kagan for Court
                                                               LINCOLN Center for Independent Living
     At least one national advocacy organization sup-
                                                               & Mobility Options
ports Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan.                       1701 P Street
     The Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law, a legal-        Lincoln, NE 68508
advocacy organization that represents people with              402-441-7871
mental disabilities, announced its support for Kagan in
                                 a July 6 news release.        OMAHA Center for Independent Living
                                      Kagan was associate      & Mobility Options
                                 White House Counsel           5513 Center Street
                                 and later an aide to Pres.    Omaha, NE 68106
                                 Bill Clinton. She went on     402-595-1256
                                 to become a University of
                                 Chicago Law School Pro-       NORFOLK Center for Independent Living
                                 fessor then Dean of the       400 Elm Avenue
                                 Harvard Law School.           Norfolk, NE 68701
                                 Currently, she is Solicitor   402-371-4475
                                 General of the United
                                 States. Pres. Barack          SW IOWA Center for Independent Living
                                 Obama nominated her in        1520 Avenue M
                                 May to replace retiring       Council Bluffs, IA 51501
                                 Supreme Court Justice         712-323-6863
                                 John Paul Stevens.
                                      Since she has no         PANHANDLE Medicaid Waiver Office
                                 background as a judge,        17 E 21 St. #2
        Elena Kagan                                            Scottsbluff, NE 69361
                                so no judicial record to re-
view, disability rights advocates, among others, have
wondered where Kagan stands on disability rights is-           KEARNEY Medicaid Waiver Office
sues. But statements she made at her confirmation              3811 W. 29th Avenue, Suite 2
hearing in late June were enough to convince Bazelon           Kearney Nebraska 68845
Center Executive Director Robert Bernstein that Kagan          308-224-3665
would make a good justice.
     “Based on her articulate and thoughtful answers to        NORTH PLATTE Medicaid Waiver Office
tough questions at her confirmation hearing, we think          2509 Halligan Dr.
Elena Kagan will be a strong leader in advancing dis-          North Platte, NE 69101
ability rights on the Court,” Bernstein said.                  308-532-4911
     “We are particularly heartened by General Kagan’s
repeated emphasis on how courts should pay great               www.leagueofhumandignity.com
deference to Congress’s role and intent in enacting civil      www.mobility-options.com
rights statutes,” added Bernstein. “In its bipartisan en-
actment of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and its
recent amendments, Congress clearly stated that the            Sen. Harkin’s Staff Tours Iowa,
ADA should have a broad remedial effect. We believe
that Justice Kagan will respect Congress’s intent that
                                                               Collects Stories About the ADA
all people with disabilities should be protected from dis-         Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin’s staff toured all 99 Iowa
crimination.”                                                  counties in June and July, collecting stories about the
     Kagan is Obama’s second Supreme Court nomi-               effect of the Americans with Disabilities Act on the lives
nee. Last year Judge Sonia Sotomayor was confirmed,            of citizens.
replacing retired Justice David Souter. If Kagan is con-           “When the ADA was signed into law, we imagined
firmed, three women will serve as justices for the first       the profound changes this legislation would have on
time in the court’s history.                                   the world. Now, 20 years later, we see the tremendous
     As of press time, the next step in Kagan’s confir-        progress that has been made because of this effort,”
mation process is a vote by the Senate Juduciary Com-          Harkin said in a June 28 news release.
mittee to send her nomination to the full Senate for a             The senator, who wrote and was chief sponsor of
final vote, possibly before the Senate’s August break.         the ADA, said he hopes to showcase some of the col-
The court’s 2010-2011 term begins Oct. 4.                      lected stories online and on the Senate floor.

                                                                                       August 2010 ● On The Level     11
             Associations and Support Groups
   Information for the following listings has     Scottsbluff, first Thursday, Beverly         VIPS Support Groups for visually im-
been provided to the League of Human            Healthcare, 111 W. 36 St., Stacy             paired, contact: President Howard
Dignity by individuals and organizations in-    Rotherham 308-635-2019.                      Simons, Islanders Group, 324 W 13 St,
volved in local, regional and national as-        Shelby County, IA, second Tuesday,         Grand Island, NE 68801; 308-381-8003.
sociations and support groups. For correc-      2:30 p.m., Harlan Senior Center, 706
tions, additions or special announcements,      Victoria St.                                                  Brain Injury
contact Jim at the League of Human Dig-                                                         Council Bluffs, REM Iowa Community
nity, 1701 P St, Lincoln, NE 68508; phone                         Amputee                    Services, 712-323-5459.
402-441-7871 (V/TDD); or e-mail:                   United Support for Amputees, Omaha           Grand Island, NE, Support Group, third
 janderson@leagueofhumandignity.com             Emmanual Hospital Rehabilitation Center,     Monday of the month at St. Francis Medi-
                                                third Tuesday of each month, Maxine, 712-    cal. Call Kris McElroy, 308-398-5396.
                   ALS                          644-2955, after 7 p.m.                       Hastings, NE, Support Group, 5:30 p.m.
  Keith Worthington Chapter, Nebraska              Beyond Limbloss, Lincoln, call Kenny,     second Thursday of month, Mary Lanning
Branch, Shaker Place, 10730 Pacific, Ste        402-466-0268, cell 402-540-0748.             Memorial Hospital. Kathlene Smith, 402-
228, Omaha, NE 68114, 402-991-8788,                                Arthritis                 460-5763. Kearney, NE, TBI Group, 2
866-762-6361; FAX: 402-991-369.                    Arthritis Foundation, Nebraska Chapter:   p.m. third Saturday, Good Samaritan Hos-
  ALS in the Heartland, 6277 South 118th        402-330-6130 in Omaha, 800-642-5292          pital. Call Kathryn Feldman, 308-224-
St., Omaha, NE 68137; 402-592-2374,             outside Omaha. FAX: 402-330-6167;            1080. North Platte, NE, TBI Group, sec-
402.592.2581; www.alsintheheartland.org         www.arthritis.org.                           ond Monday. Call Frank Aloi, 308-532-
Sabrina Schalley – Patient Services Di-            Arthritis Foundation Iowa Chapter, Des    3555.
rector, sabrina@alsintheheartland.org;          Moines, meets monthly, 515-278-0636;            Lincoln, second Tuesday, 7 p.m., First
Omaha area support group meets second           Fax:         515-278-2636;         e-mail:   United Methodist Church. Call Nita Sipple,
Thursday of the month at 7p.m. at St. Pius      Info.ia@arthritis.org; www.arthritis.org.    402-890-4521.
X Parish Center, 6905 Blondo St.                                                                Head Injury Survivors Group, third
                                                                 Athletics                   Wednesday, 6:30 p.m. at Goodwill Indus-
                 Alzheimers                       Cornhusker Wheelchair Athletics Asso-      tries, Lincoln 402-231-1933.
  Atlantic, IA, third Thursday of month. 7      ciation. Lincoln, call Ian, 402-486-8449,       Lincoln, UNL’s Bright Ideas TBI Sup-
p.m., Home Care & Hospice Bldng, 1500           www.cwaane.org.                              port Group, 6:30 p.m. second Friday. Call
E. 10th St.                                       Eastern Nebraska Wheelchair Athletic       Gina, 402-472-5462.
  Broken Bow, NE, second Tuesday of             Association, Omaha, call Greg 402-289-          All Caregivers Support Group, 7 p.m.
month, noon at Custer Care Center No.           3521.                                        first Thursday, Piedmont Park Seventh-
2, 1020 S. 2nd, lunch provided, free adult        Junior Wheelchair Basketball Team,         Day Adventist Church, S. 48th and A
dayservices during meeting for persons          Omaha, Mike 402-554-2539; call Rita          streets, Lincoln – use Cotner Blvd. south
with Alzheimers. Call 308-872-6303. Also,       402-551-4598.                                entrance. Call Teresa, 402-325-9232.
short term loans of medical equipment.                                                          Norfolk, first Monday, Faith Regional
  Council Bluffs, IA, last Tuesday of                            Autism                      Health Services. Call Bonnie Suhr, 402-
month, 6:30 p.m., Bethany Lutheran                Autism Society of Nebraska, Jean           586-2679.
Home, 7 Elliott St.                             McDermott 402-431-0166.                         Omaha Head Injury Group, 7 p.m. sec-
  Fremont, NE, third Thursday, 6:30 p.m.,         Families for Early Autism Treatment        ond Tuesday at Quality Living Inc. Cabana
Pathfinder House, 3010 N. Clarkson St.          (FEAT) of Nebraska, call Mark Hirschfeld,    Room. Call Gail Kerwin, 402-991-7717; e-
  Lincoln/Great Plains Chapter, first Mon-      402-955-1780.                                mail GHK500@aol.com.
day, 7 p.m., call Karen, 402-420-2540.            Unlocking Autism, call Connie Shockley,       Omaha TBI Group, first Tuesday,
  Missouri Valley, IA, last Tuesday, 3          402-933-2565.                                Alegent Health, Immanuel Rehabilitation
p.m., Longview Home, 1010 Longview Rd.                                                       Center. Call Janell Badami, 402-572-2154.
  Omaha, Alzheimer’s Association Mid-                     Blind/Visually Impaired               Scottsbluff Support Group, third
lands Chapter, locations include Brighton         Council Bluffs Blind Information           Wednesday, Region West Medical Cen-
Gardens, New Cassel, St. Joseph Villa,          Group, call Adrian Verbrugge, 712- 322-      ter. Call Martha Douglas 308-635-3722.
Eastern Nebraska Veteran’s Home                 8027.                                           York Support Group, Call Jedd
(Bellevue), Bickford Cottage, St. Paul’s          Nebraska Commission for the Blind &        Dunsmore, 402-725-3222 or 402-723-
Lutheran Church (Millard). Call 402-502-        Visually Impaired, 877-809-2419, Serving     4461.
4300 or 800-272-3900 for info. Respite          Lincoln, Omaha, Kearney, North Platte,
services, Home Instead Senior Care, 402-        Norfolk and Scottsbluff.                                     Cancer
498-3444; www.homeinstead.com.                    United Blind of Omaha, call Gary, 402-       American Cancer Society, Heartland Di-
  North Platte, NE, second, fourth Mon-         455-4116.                                    vision, Omaha, 402-393-5800, 800-642-
days, 1 p.m., First United Methodist              Support Groups for the Visually Im-        8116.
Church, 1600 W. E St. Call 308-532-1478.        paired Albion, Center, Columbus, Nor-          Lincoln, Thursdays, 6-7:30 p.m., Ne-
  Osceola, NE, third Monday, 7 p.m.,            folk, Tekamah and West Point, call John/     braska Union Rm. 338. Call Yasmin, 402-
Osceola Good Sam., call Carmen, 402-            Glen 402-370-3436.                           472-7450.
747-2691.                                         Support Groups for the Visually Im-
  Sidney, IA, fourth Monday, 7p.m., First       paired in Iowa, Iowa Department for the
Community Bank.                                 Blind 1-800-362-2587.                                        Continued on page 13

12     On The Level ● August 2010
Suppor t Groups
Support Groups                                      Developmental Disabilities               South Omaha Fibromyalgia Support
                                                The ARC of Lincoln/Lancaster               Group meets weekly, call Gail 402-871-
              Continued from page 12          County, 1101 Arapahoe, Suite 5, 402-421-     4835.
                                              8866; www.lincolnne.com/nonporofit/arc.        Humbolt, IA, call Judy 515-332-3376;
  Lincoln, Corporate Bldg, 7441 O St.,          The ARC of Omaha, 1941 S. 42nd St.;        bjmerris@ goldfieldaccess.net.
Ste. 301. “Breast Cancer Support Group,”      402-346-5220; www.olliewebbinc.org.            Mercy Medical Center, New Hampton,
“Look Good Feel Good” meetings first or         Easter    Seals,      800-650-9880,        IA, meets monthly, call Judy, 641-394-
second Wednesday of month, Call Mary,         www.ne.easterseals.com.                      3106 x189.
402-486-7258.                                   Mosaic: Bethpage Village, 1044 23rd          Shenandoah, IA, meets four times a
  Montgomery County, IA, Breast Can-          Rd, PO Box 67, Axtell, NE 68924, 308-        year or when requested, call Della, 712-
cer group, fourth Monday, 6:30 p.m. at        743-2401; 722 S. 12th; Box 607; Beatrice,    246-3244; delsta@netins.net.
Montgomery County Memorial Hospital,          NE 68310; 402-223-4066.
Red Oak. Call Carla, 712-623-7215.                                                                     Grief Resolution
  Shelby County, IA, third Monday, 6:30                          Diabetes                    Horizon Hospice, Monday nights, 402-
p.m., Myrtue Memorial Hospital, Harlan.         American Diabetes Association, 1-800-      474-3600. Lincoln.
Call Cheryl, 712-755-5161.                    342-2383.
                                                Cass County, IA, second Wednesday                      Hard of Hearing
         Caregivers/Companion                 every other month, 6:30 p.m., call Marcia,     S.H.H.H.- Lincoln, 7 p.m. New Cov-
   Omaha, Home Instead Senior Care,           712-243-3250.                                enant Church, third Tuesday of the month,
402-498-3444; www.homeinstead.com.              Lincoln Diabetes Center: 402-481-          402-471-3593.
   Bellevue/Downtown Omaha & Sur-             3055.
rounding Communities, Home Instead              Page County, IA, fourth Monday, 6:30                   Hydranencephaly
Senior Care. 402-292-6611. www.home-          p.m., call Elaine, 712-542-2176.               Omaha Local contact: Lynne 402-485-
instead.com/110.                                Pottawattamie County, IA, third Tues-      2229 or rtrease@nntc.net; Internet sup-
   Council Bluffs, Iowa, & Surrounding        day, 5:30 p.m., Mercy Hospital Cafeteria,    port also available.
Commuities, Home Instead Senior Care.         call Jill, 712-325-2543.
402-292-6611. www.homeinstead.com/              Shelby County, IA, third Monday, 1:30                Learning Disabilities
110.                                          p.m., March - Nov., call Jan, 712-755-         Learning Disabilities Association of Ne-
   Omaha/Council Bluffs, Touching Hearts      4316.                                        braska, call Sharon in Omaha, 402-571-
at Home; seniors, people with disabilities;                                                7771.
402-934-3303; www.touchingheart.com                        Down Syndrome
                                                National Down Syndrome Society; Call                 Leukemia & Lymphoma
                Chronic Pain                  402-553-5335,        Omaha,       e-mail        Lincoln, support group for adult pa-
  American Chronic Pain Assn, Lincoln         nebuddywalk@cox.net.                         tients, family with Leukemia, Lymphoma,
Chapter, first and third Tuesday of month,      Lincoln, Parent and family group; meet-    Hodgkin’s Disease, Myeloma or
7-8:30 p.m., 1st Step Recovery &              ings, holiday events, Buddy Walk, parent     Myelodysplastic Syndromes. Call 402-
Wellness Center, 2231 Winthrop Rd. Call       packets, Call Deb Safarik, 402-466-7641.     344-2242 in Omaha; 402-438-2242 in Lin-
Terrance Dukes, 402-423-9405.                   Lincoln Early Devel. Services Coordi-      coln. Omaha group meets second Tues-
                                              nation 402-441-6710.                         day of month; Lincoln second Monday.
                   Deaf                         National Down Syndrome Society 666            Lincoln Telephone Support Group for
  Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and        Broadway, New York, NY 10012, 1-800-         adult Myeloma, Lymphoma and Leukemia
Hard of Hearing, 4600 Valley Rd, Ste 420;     221-4602, info@ndss.org.                     patients, family; Mondays 10-11 a.m. Call
402-471-3593 or 800-545-6244.                   Council Bluffs Down Syndrome Par-          Tonya, 402-344-2242 or 888-847-4974.
  Communication Service for Deaf of           ent Group, Kyla Alba, 712-366-0503 x257
Iowa, employment services 712-322-            or 712-322-9391.                                               MDA
1489.                                                                                        General Group, third Tuesday of the
  Deaf Missions, 21199 Greenview Road,                         Dyslexia                    month, 7-8:30 p.m.; Parents Group, third
Council Bluffs, IA, 51503: 712-322-5493         Nebraska Branch International Dyslexia     Saturday every other month, 2-4 p.m.,
(TTY/V): www.deafmissions.com                 Assn, “Smart Kids: School Problems”          both groups alternate between Lincoln
                                              Grand Island, call Brenda, 308-381-8943.     and Omaha; Lincoln meets at Sheridan
                Depression                                                                 Lutheran & Omaha meets at Stonebridge
  Manic Depressive and Depressive As-                          Epilepsy                    Church. Call Megan Burns, 402-390-2914.
sociation, Lincoln, 402-483-8886.               Epilepsy Association of Nebraska,
  Greater Omaha Depression & Manic            Omaha 402-553-6567.                                 Medical Equipment Loan
Depression Association, Omaha, call             Epilepsy Support Group, third Tuesday        Omaha, Presbyterian outreach Inc.
Kate, 402-551-3275.                           each month, Wittson Hall, UNMC campus,       HELP Program, call Jeremy Waymire,
  Depression/Bipolar Support Alliance-        Room 3010, Omaha.                            402-341-6559 x101.
Lincoln, first Tuesday of month, 7 p.m.,
call 402-481-5320.                                       FMS-CF Syndrome                                  Mental Illness
  Council Bluffs DBSA group, focusing           Online, www.wicfs-me.org.                    Page County, IA, Serious & Persistent
on advocacy, at Peer Connection, 622 S.                                                    Mental Illness, third Wednesday, 1:30
4th St. Call Jimmy, 712-242-2500.                         Fibromyalgia                     p.m., call Jennifer, 712-542-2388.
                                                Omaha, Arthritis Foundation 402-572-
                                              3040.                                                        Continued on page 14

                                                                                                August 2010 ● On The Level        13
Suppor t Groups
Support Groups                                             Myositis                            Schizophrenics Anonymous
                                               Bennington, NE, call Laura, 402-238-         Lincoln, Fridays 7-9 p.m.; First Ply-
              Continued from page 13                                                       mouth, 20th & D streets.
                                             3261, www.myositis.org.
       Mental Illness (continued)
  Nebraska Family Support Network, ad-                Parent Support Group                              Scleroderma
vocacy organization supporting Cass,           Parent Training and Information for           Lincoln, meets at Roper & Son Re-
Dodge, Douglas, Sarpy & Washington           Families of Children with Disabilities 3135   source Center, 4400 S 70th. Call Terry
counties. 3568 Dodge St, Omaha, NE           N 93 St, Omaha, phone & fax: 402-346-         Christensen, 308-384-4017; e-mail
68131, 402-345-0791.                         0525; 1-800-284-8520; kheinen@pti-            terry058@webtv.net.
  National Alliance for the Mentally Ill,    nebraska.org.                                   Omaha, meets second Tuesday every
www.nami.org/sites/ne. Dan Jackson at                                                      other month, 7-9 p.m. at Methodist Can-
NAMI Nebraska, 1941 S. 42nd St., Suite                       Parkinsons                    cer Center; 8303 Dodge St; lower lobby;
517, Omaha, NE 6810. Call 1-877-463-            Clarinda, IA, IHS, 600 Manor Dr., third    call Barb Heenan, 402-291-7670;
6264; Mental Health Association of Ne-       Thursday, 2 p.m. Call Connie, 712-542-        omahassg@aol.com.
braska 1-800-422-6691 or www.MHA-            5161.                                           Grand Island, meets at St. Francis
NE.org.                                         Lincoln, fourth Sunday (except De-         Hospital, 2620 Faidley Ave., Conference
  Council Bluffs, NAMI Connection            cember), 2 p.m.; Madonna Rehabilitation       Room 3A; call Terry Christensen, 308-
group meets 12:30 to 2 p.m. Fridays at       Hospital, 5401 South St (52nd St en-          384-4017; terry058@webtv.net.
Peer Connection, 622 S. 4th St. Call Barb,   trance); Call Delene, 402-486-4810 or
712-242-2500.                                David, 402-217-3833.                                Senior Resources/Services
  Grand Island, 12:40 p.m. Fridays, call        Fremont, 402-478-4853.                       Bellevue/Downtown Omaha & Sur-
Sharon, 308-384-7896. Hastings, 7 p.m.          Omaha, APDA Young Onset                    rounding Communities, Home Instead
Thursdays, call Michelle, 402-469-6391.      Parkinson’s support group, every other        Senior Care, 402-292-6611. www.home-
  Kearney, 6 p.m. Mondays, call Dick,        month, on a weekend evening. Call Col-        instead.com/110.
308-236-6327.                                leen, 402-397-0327.                             Council Bluffs, Iowa, & Surrounding
  North Platte, First Monday of month,          Panhandle, fourth Wednesday, call          Commuities, Home Instead Senior Care.
1 p.m., call Rachel, 308- 530-2688.          Maurice, 308-623-2508.                        402-292-6611. www.homeinstead.com/
  Lincoln Second Thursday of month, 7                                                      110.
p.m., call Kent, 402-474-0470.                                Polio
  Norfolk, Second Thursday of month, 7         Nebraska Polio Survivors Association,                      Spina Bifida
p.m., call Bryan, 402-371-0152.              Omaha 402-341-0710.                             Spina Bifida Association of the Star City,
  Scottsbluff, 6 p.m. Tuesdays, call           Lincoln/Lancaster County, call Vera,        Lincoln, call Jerry, 402-434-3000.
John, 970-222-5759.                          402-467-5650.                                   Omaha, meets first Wednesday of
                                                                                           month, 7 p.m., Quality Living East Cam-
    Multiple Chemical Sensitivity                           Respiratory                    pus, Cabana Room; Call Jolene, 402-894-
 MCS Information Exchange, 3 Larrabee          Council Bluffs, Better Breathers,           2070.
Farm Road, Brunswick, ME, 04011,             fourth Monday, 4 p.m., Mercy Hospital.
www.conceptmed.com.                          Call Sharon, 712-328-5479.                          Spinal Cord Injury/Disease
 Chemical Injury Information Network,          American Lung Association of Ne-              ENWISCIA, call Brian Richardson, 402-
www.ciin.org; 406-547-2255                   braska offers programs, services and          573-6904; ENWISCIA@cox.net.
 Share, Care and Prayer Inc.;                education. Call 800-586-4872.                   Spinal Cord Injury Peers meets
www.sharecareprayer.org                                                                    monthly; Regional West Medical Center,
 Human Ecology Action League, e-mail                           Respite                     Scottsbluff. Call 308-635-7901.
HEALNatnl@aol.com; www.healnatl.org.           Bellevue, Council Bluffs, Downtown            Central NE Group, Hastings, Call Darla
                                             Omaha/surrounding communities, Home           402-461-5124.
            Multiple Sclerosis               Instead Senior Care, Companion Home
  Beatrice, National MS Society, fourth      Services, Inc., 1311 Harlan Dr., Bellevue,                    Stroke
Thursday of month at 7p.m., Beatrice         NE. 402-292-6611.                               Fourth Thursday of month, 1 p.m., Ma-
Comm. Hospital (garden room) March             Omaha, Senior Companions at Pres-           donna, 5401 South St., Lincoln, 402-483-
thru Oct. call Emmett James 402-228-         byterian Outreach Inc., call Pam Jones,       9590. Also, “Come Back Club,” Lincoln
3585.                                        402-341-6559 x102.                            1-888-808-5678.
  Omaha, 402-572-3190 or 1-800-755-            Omaha, Home Instead Senior Care,
3959.                                        402-498-3444; www.caregiverstress.com                   Tourette Syndrome
  Lincoln, National MS Society, second                                                       Lincoln, Nebraska Association for
Tuesday of month at 7 p.m., 1st Lutheran                                                   Tourette Syndrome 402-467-9077.
Church, 1551 S. 70th, call Karen Lind-
Olson, 402-486-1885 or Leatha Johnson
                                                   In June, the U.S. unemployment rate for people with disabilities
  Lincoln, MSA, meets the first Saturday
of month at Bryan LGH East-Classroom                was 14.4%, compared with 9.4% for people with no disability.
2, 10 a.m. call Alan W., 402-489-2787.                        “Talent Has No Boundaries:
  Council Bluffs, third Thursday of             Workforce Diversity INCLUDES Workers With Disabilities”
month, 7 p.m., call Jerry, 712-366-9569.
  Norfolk, 402-648-7906.                            October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month

14     On The Level ● August 2010
      Classified ads cost $5 for the first 25 words and 25 cents for each additional word. To place an ad, call Jim at
   402-441-7871 (V/TDD); fax 402-441-7650; or write to the League of Human Dignity, 1701 P St., Lincoln, NE 68508,
                    Attn. Jim. Your classified ad will reach more than 8,000 ON THE LEVEL readers.

For Sale: Bruno Scooter, four wheels with basket, ask-        For Sale: Invacare Electric Wheelchair, Pronto M91
ing $1,000; Quickie Electric Wheelchair, $700. Both           base with Surestep — Mint condition. Call 402-659-2186
items negotiable. Call 308-627-0020 (Kearney).                (Omaha).

For Sale: Invacare Electric Hospital Bed, extra long,         For Sale: One Hoveround MPV-4 rebuilt completely Jan.
like new. Call Linda at 402-483-0340 (Lincoln).               2010. One Invacare Pronto M51 Sure Step, excellent shape.
                                                              Both have new batteries. For info, call Joe, 402-489-9127

         League of Human Dignity
                                                                  The League of Human
                                                                  Dignity Building Cor p.
         NOW ON SALE
                                                                         Is now taking applications for:
     Available For a Limited Time Only
  At the League’s Lincoln                                           A one-bedroom, wheelchair accessible
                                                                   apartment with roll-in shower in Norfolk.
  Center for Independent
  Living, 1701 P St.                                             This unit comes with a Section 8 certificate and
  Lincoln, NE                                                    rent is based upon income. Eligible per-
                                                                 sons must qualify under income guide-
  Sizes:                                                         lines established by the U.S. Depart-
  Small/Medium/                                                  ment of Housing and Urban Develop-
  Large/XL .................... $24.50                           ment (HUD).
  XXL ............................. 25.75 Get Yours While
  XXXL ........................... 27.00 Supplies Last!          Applicants must experience a disability to qualify.
  XXXXL ......................... 29.00                                     Contact Paula Shufeldt
                    Promoting independent living for                    at 1-888-508-4758 voice/TDD
                    those with disabilities since 1971               pshufeldt@leagueofhumandignity.com

League’s Centers Offer Services for Independence
The League of Human Dignity’s Centers for Indepen-                Call the League at 402-441-7871, drop by our of-
dent Living provide services that people with disabili-       fices at 1701 P Street in Lincoln from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.,
ties need to achieve and maintain their independent           Monday through Friday, or contact any of our four cen-
lifestyles.                                                   ters for Independent Living — see page 11 for details.
      Services include but are not limited to:                The League, through our CILs and Medicaid Waiver of-
                                                              fices, now serves all 93 Nebraska counties and South-
   ■ Information and referral
                                                              west Iowa.
   ■ Independent living skills training
   ■ Individual and systems advocacy
   ■ Personal Assistant hiring and management
   ■ Peer counseling and support
   ■ Barrier removal grants
   ■ Equipment sales and service through Mobility
     Options, a League subsidiary.

                                                                                        August 2010 ● On The Level       15
                                                                               U.S. POSTAGE
1701 P Street, Lincoln, NE 68508                                                 Lincoln, NE
                                                                                 Permit 419

Address Service Requested

                National Wheel O Vator
                 Vertical Platform Lifts
                                            ●   in-stock, just visit us
                                                at 1720 O Street in Lincoln
                                            ●    helps you maintain your
                                            ●   a safe, economical and effective
                                                way of overcoming architectural

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