New York NY Dramatic Mirror 1890 Sep-Mar 1892 Grayscale - 0032 by xiangpeng


									                                                                                                                                                                                                                            H E L D nv TMEBMRMY: Montreal Sept. *-.». Toronto
               Weet. and haa resnased bis position m the boa            block distant (mm the theatre. His hands are so                                                         DATBS ANBAO.                                  ivsa, Rochester. M. Y., ta-t?.
                                                                        full < f other business matters that he has not the                                       Mnnmgeri 4*J A tents at tr*t*Ung iomfnmet        wit      HR. SHE. Hm. HEn Long Branch. N. 1,
               "Wee.                                  ..         _ .,   time to devote to it Manager Milsom* lease of the                                                                                                     Elisabeth is. Birmingham.Conn.. . n or walk 1 j .
                  WILRRSBARRR Mc»ti H*U Hoamrowdtd                      Vendome continues through the nest two seasons                                          Ait .»r ms Av senjing tmetr Jatti, ***ut*g them tn time       Stamford 1*. Daabury 17..New Haven t#-s_>
               , o 7 n . d « ™ * jfrne. B. Mack.. »« Grlmos; Cellar     His bookings for the season just opening include                                        to retMik ms SatmrJ*v                                         ARDIE AMD VoN LEER: Lynn, Mass.. Sept. it, 1,.
                Dn«r was tbe attraction. Mr. Maekie as MJilly
               (trim** it very funny, and he has escellent support
                                                                        tbe heat cos. on the road and he anticipates good
                                                                        businese The indications all point that wav now.
                                                                                                                                                                              DRAMATIC COMPANIES.                           S ILARITY (Charles A. Loder): ML Vernon, Ohio,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Sept. 11. Milwaukee is-14. ^        „ ,
               in MiM Louise Sanford as Pandora and Charles             This city is growing and improving in every direc-                                      AFTER P A R K tW. A Brady's): ^arleeton.                    H. K. DIXEV: Ban Francisco Aug. a5-Sept. IJ.
               Hurke as Joshua lirimes.                                 tion and the merchants all report a heavy fall trade                                      s. TV, Sept. .*, iv. Savannah, via., it, Mobile,          H E L E N DAUVRAY: N. Y. citv Sept. so.
                  M'KBKBPORT - -WHITE'S OI-EMA; The              so far.                                                                                   Ala.. 1 j . New Orleans, La., u-*". New Iberia            H A N D S ACROSS THE SB A: Brooklyn Sept. as.
               houae * u formally opened by Lillian Lewis in               KNOXVILLI - STAI It's THEATRE: J. H. Wal                                               11, Galveston, Tex.. *», I L Houston 14. as. Austin       HONEST HEARTS AND WILLING HANDS: N. Y. city
               Credit Lorraine. She gave an eacellent perform-          lick's Cattle King and Tesas Heroes i, a,ito.very                                         »6, San Antonio j ? , *8, Taylor a*. Waco jo.
               ance to a well filled house, at advanced price*.         good business.                                                                          A. M. PALMER'S MADISON SQUARE: Kansas City,                 HENSHAW-TEN        BROECK : Wilkesbsrre. Sept. to,
                  NEWCASTLE OPERA HOUSE: A small au-                                                                                                              Mo.. Sept. I i u , St. |oe 11. Omaha. Neb., 13, M.          Williamsport ti. Lock Haven ia. Phillipsburg 13.
               dience witnessed the opening of the house by The                              TEXAS.                                                               Chicago, is-t?.                                           HEARTSOKOAK: Chicago, S*pt. 8-13.
               Banker co. a. Both Mr. Bdgar and his co. were              PORT WORTH, —OPERA HOUSE: Henry Green-                                                A CRAZY LOT: Wappinger Palls, N. Y., Sept. as.              HORACE M I I I E R : Pottsville, Pa.. Sept. 11. Carlisle
               excellent, but of the play little can be said. Patrice   wall, having purchased the interest of the Hoffman                                        Catskill a*, Coxsackie a<* Saugerties 30.                   in, Harrisburg 17. Huntington it. Altoona 19,
               in A Midnight Bell gave a good performance to            heirs in the Opera House, becomes sole owner and                                        A MIDNIGHT CALL*. Youngstown. Ohio, Sept. 10,                 Cumberland, Md., ao.                           __
               almost empry chairs 3 = = . T E M : Manager Luke R.      proprietor. P«»r this season, however, the manage-                                        Massillon 11, Mansfield ia, Zanesville 13, Steuben-       HK.TTIE BKKNARD-CHASE: Chattanooga, Tenn.,
                Pord. of The Banker eo. is about to sever his con-                                                                                                villas • r                                                  Sept. 10, Knosville n . 12, Bristol 13, Roanoke, Va.,
                                                                        rial reins remain in George H. Cashwood s hands,
                nection with that co. and will act in the same          while the popular Treasurer, Mr. Elliott, will still                                    A STRAIGHT TIP: Boston Sept. 8-13, Worcester                  is, Staunton 16. Hinton. W. Va., 17, Clifton Forge,
                capacity tor The Shadows of the Sierras co.             handle the cash and settle with the managers of the                                       IS-IT, Providence 18-30.                   .                Va., 18, Parmville 19. Oxford. N. C., so.
                   READING. —GRAND OPERA HOUSE: Adah Rich-              different cos. as usual. This, of course, is the Ust                                    ALVIN IOSI.IN: N. Y. city Sept. 8-15. Buffalo i5-ao,        HniEKT WlLKE: Oakland. Cal., Sept. to, ••, San
                mond and a good co. in Chow-Cbow to large and           season of the Dash wood-Elliott lease, and doubtless                                      Cleveland as-37.                                            lose ia. Stockton 14. San Diego 15, Riverside 16,
               well pleased audiences.                                  the Greenwall Mag will float over the box-office for                                    ARIZONA IOE: S i n Francisco, Sept. 1-13.                     San Bernardino 17, Los Angeles is.
                  WARREN.—LIBRARY HALL: Season opened with              the seasoa of I8.,I-.>.. The house will open 38, and                                    A ROYAL P A S S Bristol, Conn., Kept. 10, Nor               IVY LEAK: Buffalo, N. Y„ Sept. 8-13. Troy 15, 17,
                Lillian Lewis in Credit Lorraine i; fair house and      as there is a strong list of attractions booked a pros-                                   wlch i r V t G S o r o . Mass.. ia. Fall River u, Mil-     Albany 18-20.
               well-pleased udience.                                    perous season is anticipated.                                                             ford, 15, Taunton 16, Brockton 17, New J. H. WALLICK: New Orleans. La., Sept. 7-13, Lake
                                                                          GALVESTON. James H. Wallick will open the                                               Bedford 18, South Pramingham 19, Marlboro ao,              Charles is, Beaumont, Texas, 16, Galveston 17-19,
                  BRADFORD.—WAGNEK OPERA HOUSE: The                                                                                                               Nashua, N. H., as, Manchester 13. Lawrence.
               Private Secretary a to good a house.                     sesson here 17 in Sam Houston.                                                                                                                       Columbus 20, San Antonio si, n, Austin 33, 34,Tay-
                                                                          HOUSTON.—The new Opera House being erected                                              Mass., 94, Haverhill as. Lowell a*. 37, Fitchburg          lor as. Dennison 36, tj.
                  ASHLAND.—OPERA HousE: The season opened               here by Messrs. Sweeny and Coombs is to be opened                                         ao, Clinton 30, Waltham Oct. i.Chelsea 3, Lynn 3, 4.       UI.IA MARLOWE: Indianapolis Sept. 11-13.
               with the Rhinehart Sisters for three nights to S. R.                                                                                             AGATHA SINGLETON: Klmira, N. Y„ Sept. 8-13. ,                AMES O'NEILL: Boston Sept. 39.
               O. which, I regret to say was not merited as the play    Oct. 1, under the management of Henry Greenwall.                                        AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYS (Ktralfy's):
                                                                        This house when completed will be one of the most                                                                                                    ANE COOMBS: Washington, D. C , Sept. 8-13-
               is very weak and the singing poor.                       commodious and best theatres in the South, the ag-                                        Wilmington, Del., Sept. 8-10, Heading, Pa., 11,           OSEPHINE CAMERON: New Haven, Conn., Sept. is,
                  OIL CITY OPERA HOUSE: Patrice in A Midnight           gregate cost being about $85,000. The theatregoing                                        Trenton, N. J., 12, 13. Washington, D. C , 15-30,           16, Bridgeport 17.18, Hartford 19, Adams, Mass.
               Call was briefly billed to appear i. The Opera           Eublic are much pleased with the prospect of a                                            Baltimore, 22-27.
               House still being in the hands of the decorators, the     andsome theatre.                                                                       A PAIR OK JACKS: Kansas City Sept. 7-13.                   JIM THE PENMAN: Columbia, S.C., Sept. u, Charles-
               scenery was taken to South Side Opera House but                                                                                                  A N N I E PIXLEV: Philadelphia Sept. 15.                      ton 13,13. Savannah, Ga., 15, Augusta 16, Macon 17
               Patrice failed to reacn here.                              WACO.—PARK T H E A T R E : The Calef co. closed                                       AUNT TACK: Montreal Sept. aa.
                                                                        their Summer season at the Park Theatre, present-                                                                                                    Columbus 18. Atlanta 19, ac.
                  DANVILLE.—GOSSIP: The season opens with                                                                                                       AN IRISHMAN'S LOVE: Louisville, Sept. 8-ij, Day- K A T E CLAXTON: Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept. 8-13.
                                                                        ing Patience to a well-pleased audience. The co.                                          ton, O . is-30.
               Henshaw and Ten Broeck in The Nabob 6.-Man-              will open their regular season 14 at New Orleans.                                                                                                  K A T E PURSSELL: Rochester, N. Y., Sept. 8-13.
               ager Angle haa booked no less than forty attrac-                                                                                                 AGNES HUNTINGTON: N. Y. city, Oct. 9.                      K A T I E EMMETT: Springfield, 111., Sept. 9, 10, Peoria
                                                                        = I T E M S : K. J. Johnson, of the Calef co.. has gone                                 AIDEN BENEDICT: Cincinnati, Sept. 713. Buffalo,
               tions thus far, but It is to be regretted that there     to Chester, III., to join Maud Atkinson.—Hary                                                                                                         11, Gales burg ia, Streator 13, Chicago u-Oct. 4.
               are no opera companies among them.—Joseph                                                                                                          N. Y., ts-ao, Batavia, 22. Albion, 33, Erie, Pa., 34, KITTIE RHOADES: Ithaca, N. Y., Sept. 8-13.
                                                                        Leonard is hard at work organizing a co. to present                                       Bradford. s«. Hornellsville, N. Y.. 36, E'.mira 37.
               Wormser, who has been door-keeper for the past           Jim Bowie, or The Siege of the Alamo. We wish                                                                                                      KAJANKA: Tersey City Sept. 8-13.
               three seasons, has got up an attractive house pro-                                                                                               AN IRISH A R A B : Baltimore. Sept. 8-13, N . Y . KINDERGARTEN : Charleston, W. Va.. Sept. is,
                                                                        him well.—Clever little Lillian Calef and her sister                                      city 15-30, Pittsburg 23-37, Cleveland, O., 39-Oct.
                   amine.—Prank L. Miles and daughter Lizzie, of                                                                                                                                                              Pomeroy, O., 15, Parkersburg, W. Va., 16,17.
               S   is town, have joined the Kitty Rhoades co.
                  BETHLEHEM.—OPERA HOUSE: The Spider and
                                                                        Gerty will go with Harry Leonard's Jim Bowie co.
                                                                        —Lew Turner, in advance of Yellowstone Kit, has
                                                                                                                                                                  4, Sandusky, 6, Fostoria, 7, Lima 8, Springfield LOTTA: New Haven Sept. aa.
                                                                                                                                                                  9, D a y t o n 10. 11.
               Ply spectacuUr pantomime, with Alexander Zan-
                                                                        been in town since 1, and now everybody knows Y.                                        A SOCIAL SESSION: St. Tohn, N. B., Sept. 9, 10, LIZZIE EVANS: Wooater, O., Sept. 10, Akron 93.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Youngstown ia, 13, Toledo 15-30, South Bend aa,
                                                                        K. ia coming.                                                                             Prederickton, 11, Calais, Me.. 13, Bangor 13.
               fretta as clown, and a number of weak specialties,
               imposed on our people * Although newly equipped                             VERMONT.                                                             A L L THE COMFORTS OK HOME:             N. Y. city, Sept. LOUIS IN N E W Newark. N. I., Sept. 8-13.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                YORK: Louisville Sept. 8-13, Detroit
               and constructed by George W. Gale and Edgar                                                                                                        •— indefinite.                                               15-ao, Toledo aa-37. Chicago 39-Oct. 4.
                Smith, it is far from being an improvement on             BURLINGTON.—HOWARD OPERA HOUSE: Rice's                                                A T E X A S S T E E R : Chicago, Sept. 8-30.                LOST IN LONDON: Westerly. R. I., Sept 15, Ames-
                Praser and Gill's production last season.=lTEMS:        Evangeline 3, 3, Held by the Enemy 4. Both attrac-                                      A T R I P TO CHINATOWN: Decatur, III., Sept. 18.               bury, Mass.. 16, Sslem 17. Sanford, He., 18 Farm-
                The orchestra here closes performances with "The        tions played to very large business.                                                    ANNA BOYD: Hartford, Conn., Sept. aa.                          mgton 19, Great Falls, N. H., so, South Berwick.
                Star Spangled Banner."—Manager Hart, of Music                                                                                                   A PERILOUS VOYAGE: Ansonia, Conn.. Sept. 10, New               Me., 3a, Rockland, Mass., at. Taunton 34, Fall
                Hall, Allentown, was the guest of Manager Walters                           VIRGINIA.                                                              Britain 11, Waterburv it, Meriden 13, Hartford              River      North Attleboro ad,
                                                                                                                                                                   15, 16, New Haven 17, 18, Bridgeport 19, so, Wash- LYCEUM35,THEATRE (Daniel Webster 37.
                                                                          ALEXANDRIA. — LANNON'S OPERA HOUSE:                                                      ington, D. C . 33-37.                                                                          Frohman's): Chi-
                ' PLYMOUTH.—PEOPLES' THEATRE: Trixie 8, a. Bell's Royal Marionettes 1-3 with matinee to good                                                                                                                  cago Aug. 18-Sept. 13.
                                                                                                                                                                A PAIR R E B E L : Cincinnati.O., Sept. 7-13.Columbus LILLIAN LEWIS: Washington, D. C , Sept. 8-13,
               =OPERA HOUSE: Season opened week of 6 with business.==ITEM: Thomas J . Forde, manager of                                                            15-ao.
               Franceses Redding co. to good business.                   Washburn and Arlington's Circus has written a                                          A PARLOR MATCH: N. Y. city Sept. 15-Oct. 35.                   Baltimore 15-30, Louisville aa-s?.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                SHADOWS : Louisville Sept. 8-13,
                  PITTSTON.—Music HALL : The season opened melodramma The Southern Cross, which opens in                                                        A BUNCH OK K E Y S (Edwin and Sanger): Detroit LIGHTS AND 15-20.
               here with Adah Richmond Burlesque co. j in a Philadelphia is.                                                                                       Sept. 8-13, Chicago 14-31.
               Cbow.Chow to fair business. The dancing of Edith           RICHMOND.—THEATRE: Tennyson and Daw-                                                                                                                          MORRISON: Hartford,
                                                                                                                                                                A COLD DAY: Tamaqua. Pa., Sept. 10, Pottstown ti. L E W I S Haven 11-13, Bridgeport Conn.,Birmingham
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               New                                 15.16.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Sept. 8-10,
               Craske was fine.=lTEMS: Manager Evans has son's Gift Show had small audiences week of 1-6.                                                          Columbia 12, Harrisburg 13, Mahanoy City 16.                17, Waterbury 18, Aabury Park, N. J., 19,30, Brook-
               booked a fine line of attractions, and the outlook Frank McNish opens the regular season 9, in Out of                                               Lansford 17, Shamokin 18, Sunburv 19, Shenan-               lyn, N. Y., aa-a7, Brooklyn, E. D., 29-Oct. 4.
               points to a brisk season.—THE DRAMATIC MIRROR Sight.=_=ACADEMY OF Music : McCarthy's Mis-                                                           doah ao.                                                 LITTLE NUGGET: Warren, O.. Sept. 10, New Castle,
               will be Jound on sale at Music Hall Book Store.           haps to good houses a, 3. Gus Williams and John                                         AGNES HERNDON: Chicago Sept. 8-13.                            Pa., 11, Sharpsville ia, Washington 13. Mononga-
                  LANCASTER.—PULTON OPERA HOUSE: SamT. T. K e l l y 10-13.                                                                                      A LEGAL WRONG: Jacksonville, 111., Sept 10, Quincy            hela City 15. Uniontown 16, Connellsville 17, La-
               Jack's Creole Burlesquers bad a good house 3.                                                                                                        11, Louisiana. Mo., i», Mexico 13, St. Louis r^-ao.       trobe 18, Ureensburg 19, McKeesport so.
               •FRANKLIN.—OPERA HOUSE: Lillian Lewis and                               WEST VIRGINIA.                                                            B O T T O M O F T H E SEA            Boston Sept. 8-13.
                                                                                                                                                                   Brooklyn, N. Y., 15-ao. Newark. N . I., aa 37, Jer- MY JACK: Hartford, Corn., Sept. 10,11, Bridge-
               co. opened the presentation of Credit Lorraine a to a      WHEELING. — OPERA HOUSE : Aiden Bene-                                                                                                               port, is, 13, Providence, 15-30.
               tair-size audience. The star and co. gave entire dict co. 1, 2. with Fabio Romani did good business                                                 sey City, ao-Oct. 4. Philadelphia, 6-11, Providence,
               satisfaction. A fine line of attractions have been and pleased the audience.=GRAND OPERA HOUSE:                                                       13-18, Brooklyn N. Y., ao-25, Cleveland 37-Nov. MRS. LESLIE CARTER*: N. Y. city, Nov. to.
                                                                                                                                                                   1, Pittsburg, 3-8.                                      MONEY MAD: Syracuse, N. Y., Sept. 8-to, Albany,
               booked by Manager Keene for the coming season.            McNTulty Specialty co. week ending 6 tried to pro-                                     BALDWIN-MELVILLE.: Crawfordsville, Ind., Sept.                   u-13, Newark, N. J., 15-ao, Peterson, aa-34,
                  SHENANDOAH.—FERGUSON'S THEATRE: The duce a farce called McGintv. Both farce and per-                                                             7-13. Peru, 15-ao, Lafayette 33-37.                        Hoboken, 35-38, Boston, a9-Oct. 4.
               season was opened last week by the Minnie Seward formers are simply vile.                                                                        BLACKTHORN: Worcester, Mass., Sept. 8-13, Spring- MODJESKA: Chicago. Sept. 15.
               co., which appeared here in Flossie, A Life for a           HUNTINGTON.—The season opened here with                                                 field 15, Holyoke 16, Attleboro 17, Fitchburg 18, MACLEAN-PRESCOTT: Chicago, Sept. 7-20, Louis-
               Life and The Duke's Motto. They gave poor per- the Chase and Daly Colored Aristocracy playing to                                                    Mitford 19. Woonsocket, R. I., ao.                          ville 33-34. Evansville, Ind., 35, ao, Vincennes ij,
               formances to poor houses and when the time came splendid business but the performance was unsatis-                                               B A R R E L O F MONEY- Benton Harbor. Mich.,                   Terre Hsute ao, 30, Danville, III., Oct. 1, Decatur
               for leaving were unable to pay the hotel bill amount- factory.==ITEMS: Local Manager Gallicks has                                                   Sept. 11, Pullman, 111., 13, Chicago, 14-30.                a, Springfield 3. Sedalia, Mo., 4, Kansas Citv 6-tt.
               ing to $7a. The landlord had Mr. and Mrs. Fred booked a good line of attractions for this season.—                                               BOOTH-BARRETT: Milwaukee Sept.a9(Edwin Booth MIDNIGHT CALL (Patrice): Youngstown, O..Sept. 10,
               Seward, R. A . Otto and J. E. Nagle arrested and D. D. Smith, business manager of Aiden Benedict's                                                  will join the co. at Baltimore Nov. 3.)                     Massillon 11. Mansfield is, Zanesville 13, Steuben-
               they were taken to the lockup where Minnie Seward Fabio Romani co. was in town last week                                                         BLUE AND GRAY: Blmira, N. Y., Sept. 15.                        ville 15. Alliance 16, Canton 17, New Philadelphia
               was released with her little boy on her own recog-                                                                                               BLUEBEARD, JR            Chicago Sept. 8-ao.                   18, Tiffin 19, so, Detroit 33-37.
               nizance. The next morning the three men were                               WISCONSIN.                                                            BEACON LIGHTS            St. Louis, Sept. 15-30, Chicago MIDNIGHT BELL: San Francisco Sept. 8-30.
               taken to the county jail at Pottsville and on the fol-                                                                                                                                                       MARTIN GOLDEN: Kokorao, Ind., Sept. 8-13.
               lowing day the court discharged them on their own          LA CROSSE.—LA CROSSE THEATRE: Professor                                                  32-37-
               recognizance to appear at the next term of court. Bartholomew's Equine Paradox opened a week's                                                   BOOTLES' BABY: Westborough, Mass., Sept. 10, MARLANDE CLARKE: Ft. Wayne, Ind., Sept. to, De-
                                                                                                                                                                   Warren, R. I 11, Newport, •*_ New Bedford,                  fiance, O.. 11. Madison, is, Akron, 13, Cleveland
               The co. is booked for an engagement at the South engagement 1 to a packed house. The Interstate                                                     Mass., 13. Portland, Maine, 15-17. Brockton, Mass.,         15-20.                                                    !
                Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 8. Henshaw and Ten Exposition opened its grounds and buildings here 1.                                               18, Fall River 19, Westerly, R. 1 , ao.                  MCCANN AND CROCKER: Atlantic, Iowa, Sept.
                Broeck in the operatic extravaganza The Nabobs,           MILWAUKEE.—GOSSIP: The auction sale of                                                CITY DIRECTORY: Philadelphia Sept. 8-13.
                pleased a crowded houses. James Reilly In The seats for the opening performance of the Juch Opera                                                                                                              8-13.
                Broommaker delighted a large audience 5. The co. co. at the New Davidson Theatre was highly suc-                                                CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS: Chicago Sept. 8-13.                   MASTER AMD MAN: Toronto, Can., Sept 8-, 3 ,
                has secured a return date o.                             cessful, about $4,000 being realized for options.—                                     C A S E Y ' S T R O U B L E S : TiconderogaN. Y. Sept.         Rochester, N.Y., 15-17. Syracuse, 18-30, Albany, aa-
                                                                         Charles W. Seanor. manager Dear Irish Boy co. has                                          11, Burlington, Vt., ia, St. Albans 13, Northfield 15,      34, Buffalo as-a7-
                                                                         been here this week arranging for his co. at the                                          Barre 16, Montpelier 17.                                 MAUDE ATKINSON: Delavan, 111., Sept. to, n , Mason
                                    RHODE ISLAND.                        Bijou next week.—Marlande Clarke in Dead Heart                                         CRYSTAL SLIPPER: St. Louis Sept. 8-13.                         City t3,Bushnell 13.
                   PROVIDENCE.—GAIETY OPERA HOUSE: Opens is the opening attraction at the Standard beginning                                                    C. A. GARDNER: Nashville, Tenn., Seot. 8-10, MCGIBENY FAMILY: Beaver Dam, Wis., Sept. u .
                for the season 15 with My Jack. P. P. Corniell the 4.—Manager Lttt has been in St. Paul this week at-                                              Chattanooga 11, Birmingham, Ala., 13,13, Atlanta             Hcricon is,Waupun 13, Berlin 15, Ripon 16, Fond
                treasurer last year will be the local manager dur- tending the opening of his new theatre. He wires                                                Ga., 15, 16, Columbus 17, Montgomery, Ala., 18,             du Lac 17, Neenah 18, Appleton 19, Manitowoc
                 ing tbe coming season. = PROVIDENCE OPERA that everything passed off most satisfactorily.—                                                        Selma 19, Mobile 20. New Orleans, 3137.                      2a
      i \':'     HOUSE: Opened for the season 4 with All the Com- Martin Cody, stage manager of The Great Metropo-                                               CARRIE LAMONT: Chicago Sept. 7-13, Bloomington, MILTON NOBLES-. Chicago Sept. 8-13. Dubuque, la.,
                 forts of H o m e . = l T E M : Among the improvements lis, has been spending the week here, but will join                                          111., 15, Champaign 16, Danville 17, Paris 18,              15, Cedar Rapids 16, Marshalltown 17, Daven-
                 which Manager Robert Morrow has introduced at his co. in Chicago 7.                                                                               Charleston 19, Mattoon so.                                   port 18. Streator, 111., 19, Ft. Wayne, Ind., ao, Cin-
                  the Providence Opera House is a new drop curtain                                                                                               CORA TANNER: N. Y. citv Aug. 25-Sept. 30.                     cinnati 32-37, Washington. D. C , ao-Oct. 4.
                   ainted bv George Johnson, the scenic artist of the Tbe E S T SUPERIOR.-GRAND here.         OPERA HOUSE:                                       CHARLES T. ELLls: Fort Edward, N. Y., Sept. 10, MCKENNA'S FLIRTATION «Barrv and Fay): Detroit,
                E  ouse. The new drop is artistic and handsome,
                 while it embraces the original idea of a centre open-
                                                                               Stowaway drew a $950 house
                                                                           SHEBOYGAN.—SHEBOYGAN OPERA HOUSE: Bur
                                                                                                                                                                    Median icsville 11. Amsterdam 12, Gloversville 13.
                                                                                                                                                                 CLARA MORRIS : Duluth, Sept. 15.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Mich., Sept. 8-to, Flint tt, E, Saginaw is. Bay
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Citv 13, Grand Rapids 15, 16, Muskegon 17, Mil-
                 ing for curtain calls. Numerous new sets of scenery bank's co. in She a to a large audience. A more in-                                         COUNTY FAIR: (Neil Burgess), New York city, Sept.              waukee 18-ao.
                 have been painted and will add greatly to the charm timate acquaintance with the lines of their parts                                              8—indefinite.                                           MASK OK LIKE: N. Y. city Sept. 8-13.
                 of any production, while retouching and fresh paint will save certain of the cast from the somewhat em-                                         CULHANE-EMERSON: Carrollton. Mo., Sept 8-13. MAUDE GRANGER: San Francisco Sept. 8—in-
                 has made the old scenery almost like new. A row barrassing effect of being suddenly stricken with                                                  Montgomery 15-20.                                          definite.
                 of seats has been taken from the back of the house dumbness at critical points in the play. The scenery                                         CHICAGO COMEDY: Spencer, Ind., Sept. 8-13.                 MME. AND AUGUSTIN NEUVILLE: Davton, O., Sept.
                 and a rail put up to separate those standing from haa won a well-earned rest in the theatrical rag-                                             COLUMBIA THEATRE (Owen Bartlett's): El Paso,                  8-13, Indianapolis 15-30, Chicago aa-Oct. 4.
                 seat holders, and the steps have been taken from bag.                                                                                              Tex., Sept. 8-13.                                       MARIE WAINWRIGHT: Pittsburg, Sept 15.
                 the aisles so that a gradual slope is made from the
                                                                                              CANADA.                                                            DEVIL'S MINE : Nashua, N . H.. Sept. 10. North M. A. SCANLAN: Brooklyn, E. D.,Sept. 8-13.
                 doors to the orchestra rail. The boxes have been                                                                                                   Adams, Mass., 11, Saratoga, N. Y., 12, Cohoes 13, MORA: Pittsfield, Mass., Sept. 8-13, N. Adams, 15-
                redraped and newly decorated, new carpets cover            MONTREAL—ACADEMY OF MUSIC: Master and                                                    New York city 15-2a                                         so, Schenectady, N . Y.. 33-37.
                the floors throughout and 390 electric lights, worked Man to good business week of 1-6.-.-.THEATRE                                               D A N SULLY: Boston Sept. 8-13.                            MR. BARNES OK N E W YORK .Frank W. Sanger):
                by a new and perfect system, illumine the house in ROYAL: Fort Donelson to crowded houses week of                                                DEAR IRISH BOY : Milwaukee Sept. 8-13, Chicago                 Waltham. Sept. to. Providence tt-n.
 ' ,'           every part. A parlor and toilet rooms have been t-6._=lTEM: The work on the Queen's Hall,
                arranged for the ladies on the parquet floor, the which is to be called the Queen's when it becomes a
                                                                                                                                                                   15-30.                                                    *2LMNT, BRIDGET: N. Y. city Sept. i-.s,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Philadelphia 32-37.
 I;    I                                                                                                                                                         Dfc. BILL: N. Y. city Sept. 39—indefinite.
                gentlemen have a smoking and toilet room off the theatre, is progressing rapidly. It will open some                                              DUDLEY FAMILY : Clarim, Pa., Sept. to, it, Corry            MARGARET MATHER: Montreal Sept. 8-13.
                balcony, and in fact everything that tends to com- some time in the end of October.                                                                ts, 13.                                                   MAGGIE MITCHELL: Providence. R. I., Sept. et.
                fort and pleasure has been looked after.                                                                                                         EKKIE ELLSLER: Hoboken, N. J., Sept. 8-13, Meri-            MICHAEL STROGOKK (Mitchell): St. Louis Sept. 7-13.
                                                                           TORONTO.—Two of our theatres, the Grand and
                   NEWPORT. — N E W P O R T OPERA H O U S E : The Toronto Opera House opened for the season 1, and                                                 den, Conn., 15, Naugatuck 16, Water bury 17, New          NossFAMILY: Butler. Pa., Sept. to, Wheeling, W.
 !'i '>         Zeffle Tilbury co. in repertoire did a good business so Manager Sheppard and Representative Frank                                                  Haven 18, Wakefield .19, Bridgeport ao.                     Va.. 11-13, Fairmount 16, Oakland, Md., 17, Bed-
                week ending 6.              ________                     choose prime attractions to make their bow to the                                       ETTA R E E D : Winchester, Ky., 10, n , Lexington ia,         ford, Pa., 18, 19.
                                                                           ublic. The Grand's attraction was Vernona Jar-                                          Paris 13.                                                 NKW YORK THEATRE: Dawson, Pa., Sept. 8-13
                                       TBNNBSSBB.                        E eau in Starlight, and at the Toronto Tony Pastor
                   MEMPHIS.-GOSSIP: The Memphis Theatre and his excellent co. presided and had the largest
                                                                                                                                                                 EGAN'S COMEDY C O . : Napoleon, O., Sept. 8-13,
                                                                                                                                                                   North Baltimore 15-20.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Scottdale is-ao.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             NELLIE MCHENRY: Aspen, Col., Sept. to, Colorado
                 opens for the season 8 with George Wilson's Min- audience that ever gathered in that house, the                                                 EAGLE'S N E S T : Harlem, N. Y., Sept. 8-13.                   Springs ti, Pueblo 13.13, Denver 15-ao.
                 strels. Joseph Speers will assist Ellis Leubrie in house being crammed from the orchestra to the                                                B. P. SULLIVAN: Gloucester, Mass., Sept. 8 13.              NATURAL GAS: Salem, Mass., Sept. 10, New Bed-
                 the management.            Edward Lang is to be trees* topmost seat in the gallery, while hundreds of peo-                                        Northampton 15-30.                                          ford 11, Fall River 13, Brockton 13, Boston 15-20,
                 nrer, and the old reliable and well known John ple were turned away unable to get in. The bal-                                                  EDWIN ARDEN: N. Y. city Sept. 8-13, Providence                Providence 33-37.
                 Mahoney chief usher. The corps of the Grand ance of the week was filled in by the Agnes Hern-                                                     15-17, Syracuse 18-30, Buffalo 33-37.                     N E W YORK COMEDY (W. C. Tirrill's): Lansing,
                 Opera and Lyceum haa not been officially an- don co. in La Belle Marie. Miss Herndon is a new                                                   EUNICE GOODRICH: Vancouver, B. C , Sept. 8-13.                Mich.. Sept. 8-13.
                 nounced. Will P. Webster is here billing for star to Toronto and left a most favorable impres-                                                  ERMA THE ELK: Chicago Sept. 8-13, Dayton, O., n-17,         NEWTON BEERS: Omaha Sept. 8-13, Kansas City,
                 George Wilson. He is the first advance man of the sion. Master and Man next week.=lTEMS: Quite                                                    Wheeling, W. Va., 18-ao.                                     Mo., 15-20.
                 season. The houses are opening nearly a month a large number of our societv ladies called at the                                                F ANT ASM A: Lima, Ohio, Sept. 10, 11, Fort Wayne,          O N E OF T H E F I N E S T : Cleveland Sept. 8 . 3 ,
                 earlier than usual, owing to the competition. Your Toronto Opera House on the morning of s to view                                                Ind., 12,13, Elkhsrdt 15,16. Grand Rapids, Mich.,           Pittsburg 15-30,Columbus,0., 31-37. Cincinnati 38-
                 correspondent had a month's vacation this Summer tho costumes of Agnes Herndon which were on ex-                                                  17.18, Jackson 19, ao, Bay City aa, 33, East Saarinaw       Oct. 4.
                 and had the pleasure of visiting the Opera House in hibition to ladies only.—The orchestra at the                                                 34-37. Joliet 39, 30.                                     OLIVER W. WREN: Montgomery, N. Y., Sept. to,
                 Atlanta. While in Nashville William Sheets of the Toronto is still under the leadership of Will f.                                              PRANCKSCA REDDING: Mount Holly, N. I., Sept. 8-               Walden tt, Rosendale ta, Highland 13, Nyack is.
                 Vendome showed me the cosy theatre there.—The Obernier and is better than ever.—Fred. Strauss,                                                    13, Phoenixvil e, Pa., 15-30, Chester 20-27.                Highland Falls 16, Wappinger's Palls 17, Rondont
                 Grand Opera here has the largest stage in the formerly of Frohman's Lyceum staff, is a recent                                                   FRANK DAVIDSON: New Philadelphia, Ohio, Sept.                  18.
                 South, and when completed within the next week acquisition to the Academy of Music here. He will                                                  11-13-                                                    OLD IED PROUTY: Taunton, Mass., Sept. m,Waltham
                 will be one of the prettiest South of the Ohio.—East act in the capacity of treasurer.                                                          PRANKIK JONES: Boone, Iowa, Sept. 11-13, Marshall-            tt, Worcester ta, 13.
                  End Park closed a fairly paying season here. The                                                                                                 town 15-17, Oskaloosa 18-20.                              O N E OK THE BRAVEST: Toledo, O., Sept, 8-13.
                 co. then plajred in Greenville. Miss., for three                                 -»e*~                                                          FERGUSON AND MACK: Atlanta. Ga., Sept. 10, Macon            OLIVER BYRON: Baltimore Sept. 8-13.
                 nights, after which they left for New York.                                 COMMENT.                                                               tt, Montgomery. Ala., 13, New Orleans 14-20.             OLE OLSON: Topeka, Kas., Sept. 15-17, Louisiana,
                   N A S H V I L L E . - T H E VENDOME: Charles A. Gard-                      Boston Times.                                                      P A T MEN'S CLUB: Elizabeth, N. J., Sept. 15, Allen-          Mo., 18, Sp: ingfield, III., to, Terre Haute so.
                 ner I O . = I T E M S : Manager I. O. Milsom and Wil-                                                                                             town, PA , 16, Easton 17, So. Bethlehem 18, Mauch         ONLY A WOMAN'S HEART; Centreville, la., Sept.
                 liam M. Duncan have purchased the Grand Opera              THE MIRROR'S first page articles have again be-                                        Chunk 19, Reading ao, Atlantic City, N. J., 22, Wil-        8-10, Ottumwa 11-13, Milwaukee 15-21
                 House for $90,000. Next Summer they will remodel (fun. The opening on« is "The Theatrical Novel,"                                                 mington, Del., aj, 24, Lancaster, Pa., 35, Columbia       OUR GERMAN WARD: Stamford. Conn., Sept. 10, So.
                 the interior and spend about $50,000 in altering and »y Brander Matthews, which will be followed by                                               36, Harrisburg 37.                                          Nor walk 11, Thomaston 13, Danbury 15, Meriden
                improving the house. It is their intention to make •'The Old Criticism and the New." by William                                                  FLYING SCUD: Boston Sept. t—indefinite.                       16,17, Litchfield 18, Winsted 19, Ansonia ao.
                it the handsomest thestre in the South. Everything Arche*. These papers are a very valuable feature                                              PORT DONELSON: Philadelphia Sept. 8-13, Amster-             O U T OK SIGHT (Frank McNish): Fayetteville, N.
                about it will be modern and first-class when they of T H E MIRROR.                                                                                 dam. N. Y., 15, Utica 16,17, Rochester 18-30, Bath          C , Sept. 15, Charlotte 16, Newbern 17, Col-
      f         throw open the doors to the public. The announce-                            Boston Beacon.                                                        33, Olean 23, Oil City 34, Meadville as, Erie 36, zj.       umbia 18, Charleston 19, aa
                ment is made, too, that there will be no free boxes        The little black-letter poems in T H E DRAMATIC                                       PRANK DANIEIA: Pittsburg Sept. 8-13.                        P R I N C E AND PAUPER (Tommy Russell):
                 for any one. The surroundings and location of the MIRROR'S "Summer Salad" are as neat as they are                                               G R E A T M E T R O P O L I S (Brady and Welty's):
                Grand have been rather against it for some years sparkling.                                                                                        Harrisburg, Pa., Sept. 10, Altoona it, Wheelinir,         _ Buffalo, N. Y., Sept. 8-13.
                  mat. A wonderful change though has taken place                            Brooklyn Citizen.                                                      W.Va., ia, 13, McKeesport, Pa., 15, Franklin if.,         PRINCE AND PAUPER (Daniel Frohman's): Portland.
                5 n that part of the city during the last two years.        T H E DRAMATIC MIRROR will resume its series of
                 1 he objectionable features have been nearly all re- excellent and scholarly essays on dramatic art, and
                                                                                                                                                                   Oil City 17, Titusville 18, Warren 19, Etie, Pa.,
                                                                                                                                                                   ao, Jamestown as, Bradford 23, Youngstown, O.,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Ore., Sept. 8-13, Seattle, Wash., 15, Tacoma 16, 17,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Omaha, Neb., 23-34, Lincoln 35, Sioux City, la.,
                 moved, new and Jelegant buildings have been and that bright and spicy department, known as the                                                    34, ac, Mansfield 26, Zanesville 27, Columbus 38-            36, 2j.
                 are being erected, and opposite the theatre door is •'Summer Salad," will have to take a Winter's vaca-                                           Oct. 4-                                                   P. P. BAKER: Vinton, Ia.,Sept. 10, tt, Marshalltown
                 now being built the handsome central transfer tion. T H E MIRROR is. without doubt, the intellect-                                              GO-WON-GO MOHAWK: Newark, N. L, Sept. 8-13,                    12. Waterloo n, Minneapolis u-ao, SL Paul 31-17.
                 station of the City Electric Railway. The City ual organ of the profession.                                                                                                                                 P A T ROONEY: Marlboro, Mass., Sept. to, Woon-
                                                                                                                                                                    Worcester, Mass., 15-20, Brooklyn. N. Y., 22-37.           socket, R. I., 11, Meriden, Conn., 12, Walling*
                 Electric Railway Company controls all the street                                                                                                GREAT METROPOLIS (Western): Chicago Sept. 7.20,                ford 11.
                 railway lines in the city and at present sre operat-                     Sprit of the Times.                                                       Peoria, III., 32, 33, Decatur 34, 35. Springfield 26,
                 ing between sixty and seventy-five miles of road.          Another error of the first night at the Fifth Ave-                                                                                               PEOPLE'STllEAIRK (G. A. Hill's): Passaic, N. |.,
                                                                                                                                                                    Quincy 37.                                                Sept. 8-13.
                 When the Central Transfer Station is completed nue was the programme, which made Miss Tanner                                                    GRIMES' CELLAR DOOR: Philadelphia, Pa., Sept.
                 every line of cars in the city will pass the door of ridiculous by giving her dresses more prominence                                                                                                       PATTI ROSA: Kansas City Sept. 7-13.
': if            the Grand Opera House. This of itself will do than her play and her acting and which was largely
                                                                                                                                                                    8-13, Lancaster 15, Reading r6, Harrisburg 17,18,
                                                                                                                                                                    New Brunswick, N. J., 19, Eli/.abcth 20.                 PRIVATE SECRETARY: Cleveland Sept. 8-10, Detroit
                 much to popularize the theatre. It is not alone a devoted to advertising those of Miner's speculations                                                                                                      ^"•13.
                                                                                                                                                                 GUILTY WITHOUT CRIME: Brooklyn, E. D., Sept.                PAULKAUVAR: Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept. 8-13, Brook-
                 historic, but a valuable property, and I am glad it which it would be charitable for visitors to this                                              8-13.
                 has fallen into such good hands. Mr. Milsom will theatre to forget.                                                                             GOOD OLD TIMES: Boston Sept. I - I J , N . 15—
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                lyn, E . D . , 15.30, N. Y. city aa-Oct. 4-
                 manage and conduct the house. Mr. Duncan, the                               Detroit Tribune.                                                                                                                                                   <
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             PECK'SBAD BOY: Salem, N. Y., Sept. i >, Cambridge
                                                                                                                                                                  indefinite.                                                 it, Saratoga u, 13, Glen's Palls 15, 16, Port Edward
                 leading spirit in the enterprise, Is a prominent           T H E N E W YORK DRAMATIC MIRROR does a very                                         G. G. G. COMEDY: Ravenna, Ohio, Sept. 15.
                 banker here and is the First Vice-President of the creditable piece of work by publishing a page giv-                                           GEOKGIE HAMLIN: Keasaugua, la., Sept. 8*13.                  16, Whitehall 17, Schenectady I18, Csnandaigua 19,
                 Tennessee Coal and Iron Company. He is also the ing the companies that a large number of theatrical                                             GILHERT-HUNTLEY: Shreveport. La., Sept. 11-13.               Mount Morris to.
                owner of the Duncan Hotel, which it just a half people will be with this season.                                                                 GRACE GORDON; Sullivan, Ind, Sept. 8-ij.                    PRINGLE-KELLOGO: Mount Ayr, lows, Sept. 8-n.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ROLAND R E E D : Albany, N. Y., Sept. 11-13, Utica •>.

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