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Strawberries can improve skin texture, reduce diarrhea, alleviate liver and urinary tract diseases. At the same time, strawberries can also strengthen the gums, fresh breath, moist throat.

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    St rawberry!
           Vitamins: C and folate and antioxidants.
                                                    • Dip fresh berries in melted chocolate
           SELECTION:                                 for a special treat.
           Choose shiny, firm strawberries with a             • Top angel food cake with sliced
           bright red color. Caps should be fresh,              berries and low-fat vanilla ice cream.
           green, and intact. Avoid shriveled,
           mushy, or leaky berries.                 • Freeze whole strawberries, grapes,
                                                      and bananas. Blend with orange
           STORAGE:                                   juice, adding just enough to make a
           Do not wash strawberries until ready to    frozen puree. Garnish with a mint
           eat. Store in refrigerator for 1-3 days.   leaf and serve.

      Prep Time: 20 Minutes                 Preparation:
      Serves: 4                           1. Place banana in a medium bowl
      Cups of Fruits and                     and mash with a fork.
                                          2. Add pancake mix and water; stir        Nutritional Information
      Vegetables per Serving: ½                                                     per Serving:
                                             until blended.
      Ingredients:                        3. Spray a large skillet with non-stick   Calories:197; Total Fat:1.8g;
      • 1 large banana, peeled and sliced    cooking spray over MEDIUM heat.        Dietary Fiber:3g; Sodium:397mg
      • 1 cup complete pancake mix        4. Pour ¼ cup batter for each pan-        Recipe is courtesy of Produce for
      • ½ cup water                          cake into hot skillet.                 Better Health Foundation (PBH).
      • nonstick cooking spray            5. Cook pancakes for about 2 minutes
      • 1½ cups frozen strawberries          per side or until cooked through.
        (unsweetened)                     6. Place berries in a small bowl
      • 2 tbsp strawberry jam                with jam and microwave on
                                             HIGH for 1 minute.
                                          7. Stir, then cook for 1 minute more.
                                          8. Spoon topping over pancakes.                   

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