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                             EPIPHANY STAR
                         T o s t an d fo r J e su s Ch r i s t , g row t o g e t he r a s G o d ’ s fa m i l y an d
                             m a k e H i m k n o w n t h r o u g h t h e p o w e r o f t he H o l y S p i r i t

                                                  “Let there be light.”
From the Rector:

                                                                     an overwhelming task unless Christ,
                     At this time of year (autumn) there             the light of the world, overwhelms us.
                   are so many beautiful things to notice-           In Colossians 1:13 St. Paul talks about
                   the air getting a little chilly, the colors       God delivering us from the dominion                    Inside This Issue
                   of the trees, the gradual changes of              of darkness and transferring us to the
                                                                                                                          From the Rector             2
                   light and the days are getting shorter.           kingdom of His beloved son where we
                   Personally, I like it on the other end-           find redemption and forgiveness of
                                                                                                                          Thanksgiving Before
                   spring, when daylight savings brings              our sin. As Christians, we are in a
                   more light. I was thinking about this             dark world, but not to be “of” it- not to            Day Light Savings Time
                   in terms of the first words of God in             be so identified with its ups and                    Meet-Greet-Eat
                   Genesis 1:3 “Let there be light”.                 downs, its claims to our lives that we               Thanksgiving Baskets        3
                   Without light, we can’t live. The grass           lose the light we have. One of the                   Wings Ministry
                   wouldn’t grow- everything would be                great reorienting resources we have in               Our Sympathy
                   subjected to the futility of darkness.            our time is the Psalms. The Psalms                   Chinese Internet            4
                   Jesus, the Lord of all creation says of           are prayers we are meant to pray, not                   Ministries
                   Himself-                                          poems we “recite”. Psalm 119:105                     Acolyte Ministry
                       “I am the light of the world. He              tells us:
                                                                                                                          Prayer                      5
                       who follows Me will not walk in                   “Your word is a lamp to my feet                  Prayer Points of Contact
                       darkness, but will have the light                 and a light to my path.”
                                                                                                                          Baptism and                 6
                       of life” -John 8:12                             In those days, if you had to walk                     Confirmation
                     In the beginning of the apostle                 home through the darkness, you had a
                                                                                                                          Little Women                7
                   John’s Gospel, John describes Jesus               light- an oil lamp or candle hanging
                   this way                                          from a pole that you’d hold out in                   Wardens’ Corner             8
                       “In him was life, and the life was            front of you to literally light the path             Vestry List
                       the light of men. The light shines            before you. It wasn’t a spot light illu-             Epiphany Women
                       in the darkness and the darkness              minating like high beams- it was just                Parish Retreat Pictures     9
                       has not overcome it” -John 1:4.               enough to show the immediate path                    Epiphany Women
                     Notice it’s in the past and present             before you. That’s a great picture of                    (continued)
                   tense- Jesus’ light still shines against          the guidance Jesus our Light gives us                 Youth Ministry in         10
                   all the forces of darkness in the world.          through His word. If we knew every-                     November
                   Consider the fear that has gripped the            thing that was to happen, we wouldn’t
                                                                                                                          Youth Ministry             11
                   world’s economic systems and ours.                trust Him each minute, we wouldn’t
                   People are groping in the dark trying             follow Him. He is our light for each
                                                                                                                          Birthdays &
                   to figure out the stock market. We are            moment of the day.
                   weeks away from an important na-                                                                       Women’s Ministry
                   tional election- how do you and I see                                                                      Activities
                   through the dark fog of all the sound                                               (Continued on page 2) Mark Your Calendars     12
                   bytes and hype to the truth? It can be                                                                 Prayer Vigil
Page 2                                        Epiphany STAR                                 November, 2008
                                             of the earth will bring their        ness, and the darkness has
From the Rector (Continued from page 1)      glory into it, and its gates         not overcome it.”   –John
                                             will never be shut by day—           1:1-5
  Light- it’s the first thing our            and there will be no night
eyes catch when we’re born,                  there.”                            The Peace of Christ be always
when we wake in the morning-                                                    with you.
Jesus said our eyes are a power-           When the Bible describes
ful indicator of what’s in us- ei-        Jesus as the “Alpha and Omega”
ther light or profound darkness.
Jesus is the light of the world-
                                          the beginning and the end, its
                                          speaking of Jesus as the Lord of
light that shines through all the         all Creation- the One who pre-
pages of Scripture. And all the           exists time itself- Jesus was there
way through the Bible, God’s              from the beginning:
light directs us to Christ- right up          “In the beginning was the
to the end- in Revelation 21:23               Word, and the Word was
we see a picture of the restored,             with God, and the Word was
redeemed earth and the glory of               God. He was in the begin-
the City of God:                              ning with God. All things
    “And the city has no need of              were made through him,
    sun or moon to shine on it,               and without him was not
    for the glory of God gives it             any thing made that was
    light, and its lamp is the                made. In him was life, and
    Lamb. By its light will the               the life was the light of men.
    nations walk, and the kings               The light shines in the dark-

Thanksgiving BEFORE Thanksgiving --                          “Food Evangelism” or Meet-Greet-Eat
Chili Cook-Off and Bingo!                                 Sign up to meet,
                                                      greet, and
                  Join our parish family Sunday, No-
                                                      eat! Groups of 5 or
                  vember 23 (the Sunday before
                                                      6 adults will be put
                  Thanksgiving) from 5:30-8:30 for a
                                                      together to meet
                  chili pot-luck supper followed by
                                                      three times between
                  bingo-ramma. Sign up in the Gather-
                                                      Dec. and
                  ing Place.
                                                      March. There will
                                                      be a new evangelism
                                                      component: each
                                                      host will invite an
                                                      un-churched couple
                                                      or friend to join the fun. Easy relationships will de-
                                                      velop so the when you invite those people to a Lenten
                                                      play or to join you for Easter service, they will already
                                                      know several people at Epiphany. You may structure
                                                      your gatherings around a theme, in a home or restau-
                                                      rant, casual or fancy, lunch or dinner, kids or no
                                                      kids. Have fun, be hospitable, enjoy the new company
                                                      and then invite new friends to church. Sign up in the
                                                      gathering place or on line with Bill and Gin Edmunds
      Remember to turn back your clocks next Saturday at
                night, November 1st!!                     Bill & Gin Edmunds
November, 2008                                          Epiphany STAR                                                Page 3
                                                                        nations in to church any time up until Sunday,
Thanksgiving Baskets                                                    November 23rd (the Sunday before Thanksgiv-
     Every year, Western Fairfax Christian Ministries co-               ing.)
ordinates the distribution of food baskets at Thanksgiv-           2. Donate fresh fruit, vegetables and baked
ing and Christmas, as an expression of God's love and                   goods. These can be brought to church by 5:30
an opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus                             on Tuesday, November 25th (the evening of de-
Christ. WFCM is a local ecumenical ministry                             livery.)
that provides life essential support to those seeking our          3. Donate Giant gift cards, cash or checks. We will
assistance. Can you help a needy family celebrate                       put gift cards in the baskets for the families
Thanksgiving this year? We expect the demand to be                      to buy a turkey, and the donations will be used
even         higher than usual. We're doing things just a               to buy extra food to fill up the baskets. Please
lit-              tle bit differently this year, and there              give to Doric or Kathleen Caron.
                  are several ways you can help
                                                                   4. Help assemble the baskets on Sunday, November
               1. Donate canned and boxed goods: as                     23rd at 2:30 PM.
                 you are leaving church, please pick up a
                                                                   5. Deliver baskets the evening of Tuesday, Novem-
                    "turkey" with a suggested dona-
                                                                        ber 25th at 6:30 PM: this is a wonderful way to
                        tion. Each turkey will have an item
                                                                        get your whole family involved in making a dif-
                           and quantity, such as "3 boxes of
                                                                        ference in a less fortunate family's life. Sign up
                           stuffing." If you're feeling espe-
                                                                        in the Gathering Place to deliver the baskets .
                                      cially generous, take
                                           several! You can        Please consider helping in any one of the above ways,
                                               bring these     so we may show God's tangible love to hurting fami-
                                                           do- lies. If you have any questions, please call Doric or
                                                               Kathleen Caron at 703-263-7901 or email us at
                                                      Thank you for your kindness to-
                                                               wards those in need.

Wings Ministry Update
                                           By Linda Bassert

    Dear friends and Wings Ministry supporters,                   ceive mail, so hopefully they will come off the wall, and some
    Below is an email from Lilly, received after her care pack-   new names and faces going up. Please check the Candle for
age arrived. She had requested icing to make cupcakes out of      updates.
the cake mixes sent previously. We sent her icing and mini-           —————————-
muffin tins, so she could share the cupcakes more widely. She         Linda:
also had requested an NIV Bible for a co-worker, the Nigerian         WoW! Wow! Wow! I cannot thank you enough for
who runs the embassy motor pool, and who had been looking         all your goodies. I love you and your church group. I
for it. We sent her several Bibles as once she found out it was   will share my muffin tins with the whole embassy com-
not difficult for us to send her one, she took us up on the       munity...Thank each and everyone of your friends for
offer to send her a few more to share with others.                the bibles and food! I am overjoyed.
    We will be sending out care packages again in early No-           Love,
vember and December. We have two who can no longer re-                Lilly

                               Our love and sympathy are extended to

                Gary Hall and family on the death of his mother, Barbara Hall on October 8, 2008

         Rest eternal grant them, O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon her.
Page 4                                        Epiphany STAR                                        November, 2008

Chinese Internet Ministries—An Epiphany Supported Ministry
                                                                                                 By John Arpee

    “All over the world this gos-             The Epiphany missions commit-          pate in such an exciting mission
    pel is bearing fruit and grow-        tee is excited to support this ministry    field. At least 5% of the people in
    ing, just as it has been doing        because it is highly effective and it’s    China are estimated to be Christian
    among you since the day you           founder, Art is well known to Epiph-       but they do not enjoy freedom of the
    heard it and understood               any and CANA. Years ago Art was            press. Getting copies of the Bible is
    God's grace in all its                involved in Truro’s outreach to inter-     difficult. The government limits the
    truth.” (Col 1:6)                     national students. He befriended           number of bibles that may be
    Epiphany supports missionaries        Murray Black during his time at            printed. People sometimes hand
all over the world. One of these min-     GMU and is known by others at              copy the bible because it is so diffi-
istries, Chinese Internet Ministries      Epiphany. I had a great time getting       cult to find originals. Ministries like
(CIM), uses the internet to distribute    to know Art a few weeks ago and was        CIM are having a dramatic impact
the Gospel and Christian materials        pleasantly surprised to run into him       but there is still a lot of work to be
(articles, books, sermons, Bible teach-   at the church retreat this weekend         done.
ings in audio, video and other for-       which gave us the opportunity to               Please pray for:
mats) to Chinese Christians. CIM          meet each other’s families. Art was
launched the first Chinese Christian      with another church that was at Mas-
                                                                                        •   Continuous provision of
                                                                                            video, audio recordings of
literature web site in the world in       sanetta Springs at the same time.
                                                                                            quality Bible teachings, ser-
2000. In 2001, 9000 people visited            Our missions strategy at Epiph-               mons, Christian books and
CIM’s web sites. Now 3000 people          any is to support many missions at                articles for us to post to our
visit one of CIM’s web sites every        fairly low levels so that no mission is           web sites
day! The materials have grown from        too dependent on Epiphany for their
the Chinese Bible and a number of         funding. We also support people               •   More editors and multimedia
Christian classics to hundreds of clas-   that we know so that we can pray for              experts to join CIM’s minis-
sics, thousands of articles, testimo-     them more meaningfully and so that                tries
nies and stories, commentaries, text-     we know our resources are being put           •   Financial support for our
books and thousands of hours of           to good use.                                      staff
audio and video. Even more people
are reached from other web sites that
                                              Please join me in praying for             •   Funds to buy a professional
                                          CIM, and Art and his family. We                   video camera and data center
copy and redistribute the materials.
                                          are truly blessed to be able to partici-          and software upgrades

6th Graders - High School
    We are looking for young people from the 6th Grade through High School to volunteer in our Acolyte Minis-
try. The hours that you volunteer will count toward community service hours needed for school or scouting.
    Please join me at 9:00 AM in the Sanctuary on November 2nd for Acolyte training. If you are interested,
please contact Laura Kiel at 703-327-7286 or
   If you like to work with young people and are interested in helping with the Acolyte Ministry, we are in need of
extra Acolyte Coordinators on Sunday mornings at the 10:00 AM service. The Coordinator makes sure all of the
acolytes have arrived on time, informs them of any changes in the service, and helps arrange any last minute substi-
tutes, if needed. We are also in need of some extra help cleaning the robes about three to four times a year. If you
can help and/or have any questions please contact Laura Kiel at 703-327-7286.
November, 2008                                     Epiphany STAR                                        Page 5

Nothing is Impossible for God

   Do you believe that nothing is          wrought a victory. He knew           layoff at the office, or a broken
impossible with God?                       the mind of God. Therefore,          relationship. For others it may be
   Elijah, God’s prophet did. He           he, one man, strangled a             emotional distress—depression,
stood before King Ahab and                 nation and altered the               panic attacks, or anxiety.
pronounced,                                course of nature. By the key             Whatever your need, God is
                                           of faith, which fits every
   “I solemnly swear, as the                                                    able. He alone can do
                                           lock, Elijah locked heaven,
   Lord God of Israel whom I                                                    the impossible.
                                           pocketed the key, and made
   serve lives, there will be no           Ahab tremble. Though it is               We invite you join us
   dew or rain during the next             wonderful indeed when                in the prayer corner
   few years unless I say so. (1           God lays hold of a man,              during communion.
   King 17:1 ESV)”                         earth can know no greater            Together we will draw
   No rain for three years? What           wonder—when a man lays               near to God, asking and
an outrageous statement! That’s            hold of God” [emphasis               trusting Him for that
impossible.                                mine].                               which seems impossible.
   Bold? Perhaps. Impossible? No.          May we be men and women              As we pour out our hearts to Him,
You see, Elijah was a man of           who lay hold of God as Elijah did.       He will guard our hearts and mind
prayer, a man who knew not only        Prayer tears down strongholds,           with His peace:
the mind of God but understood         strengthens the weary, and                  “The Lord is at hand; do
that prayer releases God’s power.      empowers God’s people for                   not be anxious about
                                       service. Prayer changes the course          anything, but in everything
   Leonard Ravenhill, a
                                       of nations, penetrates people               by prayer and supplication
prominent British evangelist and
                                       groups with the truth of the                with thanksgiving let your
author of the classic, Why Revival
                                       gospel, and opens doors for the             requests be made known to
Tarries, explains it this way:
                                       gospel that no man can shut.                God. And the peace of God,
   “Such praying men are                   What is it in your life that            which surpasses all
   a lwa ys ou r na tio na l                                                       understanding, will guard
                                       seems impossible? Perhaps it is an
   benefactors. Elijah was                                                         your hearts and your minds
                                       addicted loved one or an adult
   such. He had heard a voice,                                                     in Christ Jesus” (Phil 4:5-7
                                       child who has abandoned the
   seen a vision, tasted a                                                         ESV).
   power, measured an enemy,           faith. For some, it may be an
                                       unexpected medical diagnosis, a            May we be a church who trusts
   and with God as partner,
                                                                                God for the impossible.

Prayer Corner            Every Sunday morning:
                           • during Communion and after the service in the prayer corner
      Ginger Black         • people are available to pray with or for you for burdens and/or thanksgivings

Intercessory             For anticipated or long term needs:
Prayer Letter              • write out your prayer request and leave it in the box on the table against the far wall
                             in the Gathering Place
      Faith Fisler         • typed up each Sunday after the late service and mailed to a large group of people who
                             will pray daily for each request for a week

24/7 Prayer Line         For urgent or immediate needs:
                           • a group of people committed to pray for those in need
703-389-7292               • call 703-389-7292 anytime, or
                           • from 9:00am-3:00pm, you may call the church office at 703-481-8601, ext 100 or
  Christina Cummings         101
Page 6                                  Epiphany STAR                                 November, 2008

Baptism and Confirmation
   On Sunday, October 12th The Rt. Rev. Martyn Minns visited Epiphany. The 10:00 am service was a service of
Baptism and Confirmation.
   Baptism is the “Sacrament of new life”
   Confirmation is the “Sacrament of Witness”
   Those who were previously confirmed in an Anglican Church can reaffirm their Confirmation vows.

Baptized                            Confirmed                           Reaffirmed
  Rae Bubash                           Sara Faith Hix                      Brittney Ann Marcum
  Mathes MacGregor Hamby               Ashley Lauren Baehr                 Helen Davis Norton
  Sara Faith Hix                       Corey Nathaniel Baumgartner
                                       Justin Burke Butler
                                       Ryan W. Peake
                                                                           Sheila Mentzer
                                       Nicole Anne Rhoads
                                       Douglas Thurston
November, 2008   Epiphany STAR   Page 7
                  Page 8                                        Epiphany STAR                                             November, 2008
                      The primary message that we have for you this               emphasized that
                  month is vote! We really have in mind the vestry elec-          we examine our
Wardens' Corner

                  tions to be held on Sunday, November 9 right after the          various activities
                  10 o’clock service. The vestry elections are critical for       of the parish in      Senior Warden........ Murray Black
                  our Church, just as the national elections are for our          light of our vi-      Junior Warden........ Ralph Morris
                  country. Please consider carefully and prayerfully all the      sion statement of     Chancellor ................. David Reed
                  candidates who have agreed to stand for the election. A         standing for Je-      Register of the Vestry............Larry
                  good way to do this is to look at the special edition of        sus, growing to-      Pantzer
                  the candle that is dedicated to this purpose. You will          gether as a family    Outreach .... Jan Welch —Overseas
                  find background data as well as answers to important            of God, and
                                                                                                        ...................... Larry Pantzer—Local
                  spiritually-related questions that the candidates have          making Him
                  provided for us to review. We appreciate each of the            known through         ...........Gin Edmunds—Evangelism
                  candidates for their willingness to pray and discern a call     the power of the      Worship ............. Ross Cummings
                  to stand for election. We also appreciate the nominat-          Holy Spirit.          Fellowship ....................John Ticer
                  ing committee that has led the process. The committee               As you have       .......................................Bill Fetzer
                  was headed by Kevin Holmes.                                     heard, we have        Ministry .................. Steve Mentzer
                      Our recent vestry meetings have shifted considerably        been blessed with     Teaching.................Kevin Holmes
                  in that we now spend the majority of the time discern-          favorable court       Buildings & Grounds...................
                  ing the will of the Lord for our parish. This means that        decisions thus far
                                                                                                        ............................ Ross Cummings
                  we examine how we are both implementing our mission             regarding our
                  and planning for the future. At our most recent meeting         property. Please      ................................Gin Edmunds
                  for example, under the leadership of Lisa Ellis, we re-         remain faithful in    Finance.................... Murray Black
                  viewed the strategic initiatives that we set for ourselves a    prayer for our        .........................................Lisa Ellis
                  year ago. They included institutionalizing our mission          attorneys and         Administration ....... Ralph Morris
                  statement, re-energizing and expanding small groups,            Judge Bellows so      Treasurer .............Charlie Monroe
                  teaching spiritual gifts, and increasing our discipleship       that every deci-      Assistant Treasurer .... Tom Miller
                  in virtually all areas of our church. We all agreed that it     sion will honor
                                                                                                        Growth Taskforce .. Steve Mentzer
                  was a great start but it is certainly a work in progress that   God.
                  needs the support and effort of all of us. In addition,                               Special Initiatives ............Lisa Ellis
                                                                                      We wish you
                  Steve Mentzer gave us a report from the Growth Task             all God’s many
                  force on our assessment of our ministries and programs.         blessings for an exciting fall season!
                  He reported that the committee would be conducting
                  “mini-assessments with the leadership of each area. The
                  intent is to ask critical questions regarding mission, sup-
                  port (or lack thereof), and effectiveness. Both reports

                                                                            a speaker for the winter Season’s Gathering on Tuesday,
                  Epiphany Women—                                           January 20, 2009. Please contact Ann Guest at
                                                                   if you’d like to volunteer.
                     Aloha! That means hello in Hawaiian in case you
                  weren’t able to make it to the Season’s Gathering at          Another highlight of this month was the October
                  Terri Carvey’s home last week. About fifteen to twenty Epiphany Women’s Potluck that took place at my home
                  of us met in Terri’s beautiful, inviting home for hula    last night. Seven women made it to this first one. We
                  dancing by Millette, from the United Methodist Church had an awesome dinner and afterward Patricia Stachew
                  in Burke. She mesmerized us by dancing praise hula to gave her testimony. It was the story of her life which we
                  three well-known praise songs in a flowing, graceful, and were honored to hear. The November Potluck will be
                  prayerful way. We ate a great dinner and I was just be-   Sunday, November 16, from 6-8:30pm at Babette Ar-
                  ginning to relax when I noticed the time and had to       nold’s home. Who would like to give her testimony? Let
                  jump up to leave to get one of our sons from his Scout    me know at if you’re interested.
                  meeting at the church. Oh well, more relaxing another                                               (Continued on page 9)
                  time J Speaking of another time—we need a hostess and
November, 2008                                    Epiphany STAR                                       Page 9

2008 Epiphany Parish Family Retreat

   (Continued from page 8)                                  anything like me, fun is what my kids have, but NOT
                                                            ANYMORE! Please invest in yourself and get to know
Please email Babette at or sign up some of your sisters in Christ. Plus, there’s usually
in the Gathering Place if you’d like to come.               REALLY good food.
    I hope you will consider coming to the November            God bless you--
Potluck, getting more information about one of the Bi-
ble studies, or checking out the list of ongoing activities
below for something that sounds fun to you. If you’re
                             Page 10                                    Epiphany STAR                                       November, 2008
                             Youth Group: November 9th and 16th               In speaking about the self     working overtime with our instruc-
                             Hang Time: November 5th, 12th, and 19th          disciplined following and      tors to learn trip planning, extra first
Youth Ministry in November
                                                                              learning from Christ, or       aid skills, and other needed skills to
                             Discipline: Leading Without discipleship, in Colossians 2:5, Paul               be equipped on our own in the wil-
                                                                    gives this instruction to his readers    derness. We were to leave before the
                                                                    that captures the essence of leading     rest of the group and find the last
                                 Leading in the wilderness with-    on our own in the expedition of the      camp site of our expedition. The rest
                             out instructors requires discipline    Christian life:                          of the group would follow later.
                             and skill. Following Jesus in this                                              Could we do what our instructors
                                                                        "I'm a long way off, true, and you
                             wilderness life also requires disci-                                            had been doing and lead? Did we
                                                                    may never lay eyes on me, but be-
                             pline and skill. It requires being a                                            have what it took to go at it alone?
                                                                    lieve me, I'm on your side, right be-
                             disciple, a learner. One of the goals                                           The answer is, "Yes." We led, with a
                                                                    side you. I am delighted to hear of
                             of the National Outdoor Leadership                                              few minor detours and complica-
                                                                    the careful and orderly ways you con-
                             School is "To develop students as                                               tions, a successful instructor-less ex-
                                                                    duct your affairs, and impressed with
                             leaders who make decisions to lead                                              pedition and we learned from it and
                                                                    the solid substance of your faith in
                             without the direct guidance of their                                            in turn will teach others how to lead.
                                                                    Christ (Peterson)."
                             instructors. The curriculum
                                                                                                                 This is such a perfect picture of
                             themes of wilderness skills, expe-
                                                                                                              becoming Disciples of Christ and
                             dition behavior, leadership, leave
                                                                                                              making Disciples of Christ. As the
                             no trace, and risk management
                                                                                                              church, Disciples of Christ, we are
                             all follow toward this
                                                                                                              to teach people the gospel and teach
                             goal" (Gookin). Just as this is
                                                                                                              them what it means to follow Jesus.
                             one of NOLS's goals, to develop
                                                                                                              We are to do this in such a way that
                             leaders who can lead, this is also
                                                                                                              they will be able to follow Him on
                             the main goal of the church to
                                                                                                              their own in our absence. This is
                             make disciples; the church is to
                                                                                                              what Paul was doing from prison
                             make disciples who make other
                                                                                                              with the Christians of the
                                                                                                                 Colossian church. He wanted
                                 Discipline is the root of the
                                                                                                              them to follow Christ on their own.
                             word disciple, which means
                                                                                                              He wanted them to be disciples who
                             learner. A disciple, or learner,
                                                                                                              make other disciples without fur-
                             has exercised the discipline
                                                                                                              ther instructions from him, or his
                             needed to gain the knowledge,
                             skill and judgment needed to
                             make disciplined and informed                                                       Like my instructors on my NOLS
                             decisions on the wilderness expedi-        Paul wants his readers, the Colos-    course, Paul tells the Colossians
                             tion, or the adventure, of the Chris- sian church, who he has never for-        that he is not far off from them. He
                             tian life on his or her own, by the    mally met, to be able to navigate fol-   tells them that he is with them and
                             power and grace of God. We need        lowing Jesus and living for Him on       that he is aware of their ability, train-
                             discipline in the wilderness expedi-   their own in his absence from them.      ing, and accomplishments. He
                             tion of the Christian life. There will This is the same picture of what it is   knows their credentials. In our case,
                             come a time when each of us has to like to lead in a NOLS course with-          as Christians, our credentials are
                             take ownership of our faith and be- out instructors.                            that we have the power of Christ
                             come true disciples who go and                                                  and His leadership training, and we
                                                                        When I was on a NOLS course
                             make other disciples. We cannot                                                 have the fellowship and teachings of
                                                                    the summer of 2008, I had the op-
                             always live vicariously through some- portunity to lead without instruc-        the church and its help and support
                             one else's faith. We have to make the tors. It was toward the end of our        on our way. Because of this, we can
                             journey on our own at some point in two week expedition in the Bridger          be confident to follow Christ on our
                             our expedition to follow Christ per- Teton National Forest, and three of        own, knowing that we are not truly
                             sonally and to live our lives for Him. my teammates and me had been             on our own. Like Isaac Newton said,
                                                                                                                                    (Continued on page 11)
November, 2008                                         Epiphany STAR                                          Page 11
                                          10 Anne Beury                             WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES
                                             Jennifer Daugherty
                                             Shervan Torabi                         2    Ross & Christina Cummings

                                                                                                                              Birthdays and Anniversaries
                                          11 Yuko Ryan                              4    Archie & Margaret Winesett
                                          16 Brandon Baumgartner                    19   Michael & Nancy Saunders
                                             Janice Marriott                        21   Jimmy & Shelia Crawford
                                             Penny Rauh                             22   Betsy & Rick Zimermann
                                          17 Melanie Miller                         23   Richard & Brenda Mason
                                             Duane Young                            24   Larry & Carolyn Pantzer
                                          19 Braydon Conrad                         25   Robert & Jeannie Beckley
                                                                                    28   Michael & Lisa Ellis
BIRTHDAYS                                    John Tenaglia
                                                                                         Alvin & Meseret Moore
                                          20 Steven Mentzer
1    Ted Frederick                           Ginny Roberts
     Ed Stachew                           21 Colin Tucker
2    Wendy Osborn                         24 Holly Tenaglia
     Paige Phillips                          Carolyn Wolfe
4    Russell Green                        25 Paul Allbright
5    Ginger Gast                          26 Kathleen Bumgardner
     Janet Forsyth                           Ellen Toole
     Ben Lucas                               Jake Wiegand
8    Bill Knight                          29 Irene Condray
9    Brittney Marcum                         Bob Yeomans
     Anderson Moore
     Ed Straker

(Continued from page 10)                                       are to teach. We are to make learners of Jesus. We are to
                                                               make and be Disciples of Christ.
"If we have seen                                                  May we be followers of Christ with discipline and
further [or in this                                            without instructors, and may we be and make disciples
case, if we have                                               who make other disciples.
followed Christ
on our own] it is                                               Robbie
by standing on                                               Gookin, John. Wilderness Educator Notebook. Ed. John Gookin.
the shoulders of                                             Lander, WY: National Outdoor Leadership School, 2006.Peterson,
giants." This is also similar to an old Chinese Proverb      Eugene H.: The Message : The Bible in Contemporary Language.
that says: "If you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day.
If you teach a man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime." We

                                      Women's Ministry Groups
             Group                Time & Location                        Contact                         Comments
 Bible                       Thursday 7am @ Edmunds        Gin Edmunds (
 Studies                     Friday 9:30 am, Room 204
                             Sunday 12:30 @ Torabi's       Pat Meyer or
                             home                          Malu Torabi
 Praying Mothers of          4th Wednesday of month        Barb Ensor                             Pray for your adult
 Adult Children (P-MAC)      rotated among members        children and each other.
 Red Hat Society             3rd Wednesday of month at     Susanne Jones                          Watch upcoming Sunday
                             7 pm, local restaurant                  bulletins for information
 Epiphany                    3rd Tuesday @ 10 am           Kathie Bumgardner
 Readers                     Fair Lakes Barnes and
                             Noble Starbucks
 Spiritual                   Day & evening meetings        Martha Petersen mpetersen@His-         For those who like to
 Journaling                  available. Small groups (8-                               write, share, laugh,
                             10 meet about 2 hr/month                                             support one another and
                                                                                                  grow in the Lord
 Seasons                     January, April, July ,        Ann Guest
                             October – 3rd Tuesday         Jo Arpee
 "To stand for Jesus Christ,                                     Church of the Epiphany, Herndon
                                                                   A member of the Anglican Communion
   grow together as God's
                                                          3301 Hidden Meadows Drive
    family and make Him                                   Herndon, VA 20171
 known through the power                                  Phone: 703-481-8601
                                                          Visit our website at
      of the Holy Spirit".

                                         Sunday Worship Schedule
                                   8:00 a.m. Morning Prayer with Eucharist

                                   9:00 a.m. Christian Education for all ages

                                10:00 a.m. Eucharistic Worship

Important Dates.....                                                              Publishing Information
                                                                                      The Epiphany STAR is published monthly and contains
   Jubilee........................................................October 31      articles and information of what God has and is doing in us
   Re-Set your clocks ................................... November 1              and through us as the Epiphany Family. It is intended to
   Baptism—All Saints Sunday.................... November 2                       encourage each of us in our ministry and discipleship by
   Prayer Vigil .........................................November 8—9             relating how God is working in the midst of us. The
                                                                                  Epiphany Candle is published weekly by email highlighting
   Vestry Elections ...................................... November 9             what is coming in the days ahead at Epiphany and other
   Thanksgiving BEFORE Thanksgiving . November 23                                 information that the staff and vestry feel is important to
   Thanksgiving Service @ 9 am............... November 27                         emphasize.
   Parish Office Closed........................ November 27-28                        Your comments are always welcome (TheStar@Epiphany-
                                                                         is our address for the STAR and the Candle).
                                                                                  Subscription requests may be submitted also. Stories and
                                                                                  pictures may also be submitted to that address.

Prayer Vigil for                                                                  The deadline for The STAR is the 15th of the previous
Epiphany & Ves-                                                                                          month.
                                                                                       The deadline for the Candle is Wednesday.
try Elections
    Please take a moment an sign up for                        E-Mail us at:
a slot! The signup sheets for the 20-                                                  Rev. Robin Rauh, Rector:
minute slots will be in the foyer. This is
                                                                           Rev. Luke Lucas, Associate Rector:
an IN YOUR home prayer vigil! Totally
immerse yourself in the presence of                                            Rev. David Welch, Parish Deacon:
God, in prayer and praises! As we ask                                      Betsy Zimermann, Parish Secretary:
for God's wisdom and guidance to pray                      Anne Bracy, Executive Assistant to the Rector:  
for Epiphany and our leaders. May
                                                                               Babette Arnold, Program Director:
God Bless you and your families with
peace, health and joy!                                                    Jimmy Crawford, Minister of Music:
                                                                Robbie Pruitt, Director of Youth Ministries:
 **The prayer booklets will be emailed
 to each individual prior to the Vigil.**                        Janice Monaghan, Financial Administrator:
                                                                          Patrick Condemi, Building Manager:

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