CLEAR CREEK SCHOOL DISTRICT
                                   SUMMARY OF FRINGE BENEFITS
                                            JULY 2000

 PERA - All employees must belong to the Public Employees' Retirement Association (PERA). The employee
  must contribute 8% of gross pay and the District 10.4%. Members will become "vested" after earning five
  years of service credit. Upon termination of PERA-covered employment, member contribution accounts may
  be left with PERA or withdrawn as a refund. Members of PERA may enroll in one or both of their group life
  insurance plans. Additional information regarding the life insurance, a 401(k) Voluntary Investment Plan and
  other benefits from PERA will be sent after receiving a membership enrollment form.

 FICA - All new employees are required to pay only the Medicare portion of FICA. This 1.45% will be
  deducted from gross pay and matched by the District.

 CAFETERIA PLAN - This is a plan administered by the Denver Reserve Corporation, which allows
  employees to save tax dollars and increase take-home pay. Employees may choose to pay for medical, dental,
  and vision insurance premiums, certain un-reimbursed medical expenses, and dependent care expenses with
  "untaxed" dollars.

 TAX-SHELTERED ANNUITIES - Ten different 403(b) tax-sheltered plans are available for retirement
  savings. Employees must contact the agent for information and enrollment procedures. CCSD does not
  provide any recommendations or advice.

 DIRECT DEPOSIT - Direct deposit of paychecks is available. An authorization agreement must be

 CREDIT UNION - Automatic deduction for the Credit Union of the Rockies (formerly the Greater Denver
  Credit Union) is available. Information and payroll deduction authorization forms may be obtained by calling
  the credit union at 1-800-344-9385.

  employees of Clear Creek School District through payroll deductions. These passes represent a 15% discount.
   Annual passes are available once a year beginning either August 1st if you are on a July 1 contract, or October
  1st if you are on a school-year contract. Enrollment forms must be completed on or before the 15th of the month
  prior to the effective date. CCMRD offers a 15% discount to all school employees. You do not have to sign
  up for an annual pass to receive this discount – just mention that you are an employee and ask for the discount.

All regular employees working thirty or more hours a week are eligible for group life, health, dental and vision
insurance. The effective date of coverage is the first of the month following a thirty-day waiting period. The
District will contribute up to $215 per month for a full-time employee (40 hours/week) towards the cost of the
following plans.

   MUTUAL OF OMAHA GROUP LIFE INSURANCE - For employees under the age of 65, the benefit is
    $15,000 of life insurance and $15,000 accidental death and dismemberment.

   HEALTH INSURANCE - Employees will have a choice of two health plans:

       PACIFICARE Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) - This plan requires choosing a Primary Care
       Physician (PCP). There is no deductible; routine office visits have a $15 co-payment. The plan has a
       prescription drug benefit and covers a vision care exam once a year. The vision benefit is provided by
       Vision Service Plan. See PacifiCare enrollment packet for more details.

       PACIFICARE Point-of-Service (POS) - This plan also requires you to choose a PCP but allows you to use
       doctors outside the network at a different level of benefits. The in-network office visit co-payment is $20;
       prescription benefits are similar to the HMO. See PacifiCare enrollment packet for more details.

   DENTAL INSURANCE - Employees will have a choice of two dental plans:

       AMERITAS LIFE INSURANCE - This dental plan has a $50 annual deductible per person and does not
       require you to go to a specific dentist. There is a participating dentist organization (PPO) from which you
       may choose dentists. These dentists should give you discounted rates. Employees may enroll in the dental
       plan without enrolling in the health plan. If you do not enroll in this plan when first hired, and change your
       mind at a later date, you will be subject to late entrant penalties.

       UNITED DENTAL CARE - This dental plan is a Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO), which is
       similar to an HMO and requires you to select a Family Dentist for each covered individual. This dentist
       will authorize all dental care.

   VISION SERVICE PLAN - Clear Creek offers a voluntary vision insurance plan through Vision Service Plan
    of Colorado. As a covered person, you are eligible to receive a comprehensive eye exam, eyeglasses or contact
    lenses, once every twelve months. This benefit is subject to a $20 co-payment. This insurance plan may
    duplicate the vision benefit provided by the health insurance plan.

Currently the $215 will cover the cost of the life insurance, single HMO and single Ameritas dental or life, single
HMO, single United Dental and single vision. The cost for family health options range from $495.34 to $584.95
per month. The cost for family dental ranges from $31.86 to $83.32 per month. Additional costs for higher-cost
health plans or family coverage will be deducted from paychecks on a monthly basis.

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