Chapter 15 Time Management

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					 Resource Management:
Managing Time and Money

       Chapter 15
“The best way to save your money is to
  fold it in half and place it back in your

                           — Anonymous
         Money Management

Time and money (the lack of) are often listed as
  people’s top stressors.

Americans tend to spend money they don’t
 have (massive credit card debt).

Americans tend to have little or no savings.
The combined effect can spell financial ruin.
         Money Management

Money Matters:
Simple rules of financial management
1. Make a personal budget and follow it.
2. Don’t spend what you don’t have.
3. Pay all of your bills on time.
4. Save 10% of your monthly earnings.
        Money Management

Money Matters:

Good financial management means
  avoiding the mass marketing appeals
  to your ego to buy, buy, and buy!
           Money Management
Tips for Achieving Financial Freedom

1.   Make and follow an honest budget.
2.   Live a sustainable lifestyle.
3.   Freeze your credit cards.
4.   Keep a spending journal.
5.   See each purchase as an investment
6.   Consolidate your debt.
          Money Management

More Tips for Financial Freedom

7. Remove yourself from the temptation to buy.
8. Ask ―why‖ before you buy.
9. Don’t buy on impulse…wait a day or two.
10. Be wary of bargains.
11. Clean your house!
12. Learn to say no when you’re out with
Time Is a Man-Made Concept

We have become slaves to,
rather than masters of, time.
      Time Management

Time-management skills are
now taught to people, from
grade school to corporate
America, to help them gain a
sense of control over personal
       Time Management

Multi-tasking (e.g., eating,
talking on the cell phone, and
driving to work or school) is not
an effective means to managing
your time.
     Time Management Defined!

• Time management is the ability to
  prioritize, schedule, and execute
  personal responsibilities to personal
     Personality Styles and Behavior

•   The Type A person
•   The workaholic
•   The time juggler
•   The procrastinator
•   The perfectionist
•   Lifestyle behavior trap
 Steps to Initiate Time-Management

• Prioritization
  –ABC rank order method
  –Pareto principle
  –Important vs. urgent method
 Steps to Initiate Time-Management
       Techniques (continued)

• Scheduling
  – Boxing
  – Time mapping (short blocks
   of time)
  – Clustering (group
 Steps to Initiate Time-Management
       Techniques (continued)

• Execution
  – Assign specific deadlines
  – Break large projects into small
  – Work on one section or task at a
  – Reward your accomplishments
Additional Time-Management Ideas

• Learn to delegate responsibilities

• Schedule personal time each day.

• Learn to schedule interruptions.

• Carry and use an idea book.
 Additional Time-Management Ideas

• Edit your life.

• Refine your organization skills.

• Refine your networking skills.

• Bring balance back into your life.
        Best Application of Time

• Be sure to include flexibility in your time
  management plan.
• Be sure to include other stress
  management techniques as well.
“To know and not to do, is
not to know.”
         Study Guide Questions

1. List the four rules for financial stability.

2. Describe the psychology of money.

3. List five tips to help achieve financial
       Study Guide Questions

4. Explain the following time-management
• Pareto principle
• Boxing
• Time mapping
• Clustering
        Study Guide Questions

5. List five effective strategies to help
   managing your time more efficiently:

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