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									Topside Finishes
                   Perfection is a new 2-part polyurethane
                   paint that makes it easy to achieve a          SNOW WHITE     MEDITERRANEAN    OFF-WHITE        OYSTER WHITE        MATTERHORN           ARCTIC
                                                                    YHB000           WHITE         YHA192             YHA194             WHITE              WHITE
                   high-quality, high-gloss, mirror-like                            YHA184                                               YHA198             YHS248

                   finish with a brush & roller.
                   • Cures to a hard abrasion resistant
                     finish                                       PEARL WHITE      PLATINUM        CREAM           FIGHTING LADY      ROCHELLE RED         JADE MIST
                                                                    YHS253          YHA183         YHS070             YELLOW             YHS299              GREEN
                   • HALS (Hindered Amine Light                                                                       YHS056                                YHB663

                     Stabilizers) to help maintain gloss
                     and durability
                   • Latest UV package available                  LAUDERDALE      ROYAL BLUE      MAURITIUS          FLAG BLUE           BLACK
                                                                     BLUE           YHA216          BLUE              YHK990             YHY999
                                                                    YHS936                         YHF991

    Associated Products: 404/414 Epoxy Primekote®, 2333N Solvent for Brush, 2316N Solvent for Spray, Watertite Epoxy Filler

                   Toplac is a premium one-part high gloss
                   paint.                                        MEDITERRANEAN       IVORY       LAUDERDALE           BOUNTY            MAURITIUS          DONEGAL
                                                                     WHITE          YKA187          BLUE              YKJ292              BLUE              GREEN
                                                                    YKA184                         YKS936                                YKF991             YKT541
                   • Silicone Polymer Resin technology
                   • Fantastic Flow leveling characteristics
                   • Yields a long lasting, high gloss finish
                   • UV stabilized increases durability and
                     color retention

               Associated Products: Pre-Kote Primer, 333 Solvent for Brush, 216 for Spray, Watertite Epoxy Filler

                                                                    WHITE          BLU-GLO        HATTERAS           HATTERAS           OFF-WHITE        BRISTOL BEIGE
                   with Teflon®                                     4359            WHITE
                                                                                                                    (1990) 4218
                                                                                                                                          4381               4207

                   A professional looking high gloss
                   polyurethane finish.
                   • Teflon® for better stain and abrasion       SUNDOWN BUFF    GRAND BANKS     LIGHT BLUE        MEDIUM BLUE         LARGO BLUE         OCEAN BLUE
                                                                     4237           BEIGE           4351              4353                4100               4253
                     resistance                                                     4217

                   • Flows on smoothly – brush strokes
                   • Advanced UV package ensure high gloss         SAPPHIRE       DARK BLUE       FLAG BLUE           YELLOW             FIRE RED          SEA GREEN
                                                                     BLUE           4316             4990              4152                4248               4247
                     and color retention                             4241

                                                                  MATTERHORN        SEATTLE         DUSK             KINGSTON          STEEL GRAY            BLACK
                                                                     WHITE           GRAY           GRAY               GRAY               4250                4258
                                                                     4360            4205           4233                4190

               Associated Products: Pre-Kote Primer, 333 Solvent for Brush, 216 for Spray, Watertite Epoxy Filler

                                                                                                 Color differences may occur between actual paint and color chips shown.

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