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     Vertical Insights - September 2011

     With the Christmas shopping season kicking off as                        has found. Two-thirds of people have not made the
     early as September, consumers will be looking for                        most of rewards on their everyday spending, which
     how best to cover their spending. Cue the credit card,                   include everything from retail vouchers to cashback.
     which endures one of its busiest periods through to the                  Some people are making the most of what is on offer,
     start of December. People want to be rewarded for the                    however, as 47 percent of women said they are more
     money they’re spending, whilst at the same time not                      likely to use their reward points now than they were a
     wanting to incur any interest on their expenditures. If                  year ago. (Quotezone)
     you’re now thinking, how do I reach as many consumers
                                                                            • Only one-third of credit card users admit to thinking
     as possible?, fear not, our Finance Creative Strategists
                                                                              about the impact on their finances every time they use
     are on hand to help nurture your accounts and give you
                                                                              their card to make a purchase, according to research
     a cost-effective slice of that credit card action.
                                                                              from Although one in three
     Here are some of the highlights:                                         card users said they thought about the impact of
                                                                              every purchase, almost as many - a whopping 29
     • There are just over 50 balance transfer deals - up from
                                                                              percent - claimed a purchase would need to be over
       24 two years ago - where the zero percent offer runs
                                                                              £100 before they thought about the effect on their
       for 12 months or more. Barclaycard tops the charts
                                                                              finances. (PR Newswire)
       with a 24-month interest-free offer on its Platinum
       card. Halifax MasterCard has a 20-month interest-
       free deal, while Virgin Money, MBNA and NatWest all
       have 18-month zero percent offers. (This Is Money)
     • Britons who are considering booking flights with
       Swiss and other Lufthansa Group airlines have
       been urged to think carefully about their method
       of payment, after new surcharges were announced
       for those paying by debit or credit card. Swiss said
       that it would introduce an optional payment charge
       for those choosing to pay by credit card, in line
       with the “general trend within the travel industry.”
       (Compare And Save)
     • Credit card users are missing out on around £3.6
       billion of rewards every year by failing to make the
       most of their financial products, American Express

Credit card accounts should include other card product                      Christmas shopping in mind, consumers will be looking
terms such as debit, birthday and electron as excluded                      to use a credit card with 0% on purchases, 0% balance
keywords to help qualify traffic. The Creative Strategist                   transfer periods and generally low APR rates so be sure
team can run Subphrase Match Reports to help build                          to structure ad copy around these features. Reward
out negatives from irrelevant queries picked up, as well                    incentives such as air miles cashback should also play a
as finding extra keywords to add into the account. With                     prominent part.

Top KEyWoRDS                                      7.   0 balance transfer credit card                  14. credit card application

1.    credit card                                 8.   reward credit card                              15. credit card uk
2.    bad credit card                             9.   apply credit card                               16. credit card payment
3.    prepaid credit card                         10. best credit card                                 17. 0 purchase credit card
4. 0 credit card                                  11. credit                                           18. platinum credit card
5.    balance transfer credit card                12. low interest credit card                         19. credit card air mile
6.    compare credit card                         13. business credit card                             20. credit card offer

Read on for: Credit Card Seasonality, Impressions vs. CPC. Fast-Moving Terms, Paid Organic Breakdown        
Credit Cards
Page 2 of 2                                                                                  Vertical Insights - September 2011

The top credit card terms last year saw a surge in
impressions during October with an obvious look ahead
to Christmas. Consumers will be looking for cards with
0% purchase deals to foot their Christmas shopping
lists so ensure that these campaigns are fully expanded.

IMpRESSIoNS VS. CpC                                        FAST-MoVING TERMS
Some keywords are better value for money than others.      Looking at the last 24 weeks’ credit card search activity
Balance transfer credit card, for example, saw more        from Hitwise, we can see which terms have been
searches in July compared to 0 balance transfer credit     searched for more over the past 12 weeks than in the 12
card yet its CPC was 18% cheaper. Be strategic about       weeks previously. There has been a rise in prepaid traffic,
which areas and keywords are the most cost-efficient to    which ties in with consumers not wanting to incur foreign
bid up on.                                                 bank withdrawal charges on their summer holidays, as
                                                           well as not wanting to spend beyond their means. Bad
                                                           credit searches are increasingly popular, thanks in part
                                                           to the banks’ reluctance to give loans to people with
                                                           credit problems. (Hitwise)

                                                                     SEARCH TERMS                    SHARE oF ALL
                                                                                                     poRTFoLIo CLICKS
                                                                                                      6/8/11    7/5/11
                                                             1       credit card                       9.32%    19.14%
                                                             2       0 interest                        1.06%    4.47%
                                                                     credit cards
                                                             3       credit card charges               0.62%           3.80%
                                                             4       prepaid credit card               0.97%           2.72%
For the 12 weeks running up to December 2010, almost         5       compare credit                    0.40%           1.99%
40% of search clicks came from paid as opposed to                    cards uk
organic listings. Be creative with your ad copy, be
                                                             6       interest free                      3.09%           2.20%
competitive with your bidding and make sure your
                                                                     credit cards
account is structured properly to help influence overall
quality scores. (Hitwise)                                    7       credit cards for                   3.95%            1.81%
                                                                     bad credit
                                                             8       best credit card                   1.68%           1.93%
                                                             9       credit cards                       0.98%           1.34%
                                                                     balance transfer
                                                             10      credit cards                       0.31%           0.83%
                                                                     for people with
                                                                     bad credit
                                                             11      credit card numbers                0.41%           1.39%
                                                             12      0% credit card                     0.66%          0.84%
                                                             13      credit card interest               0.37%          0.68%
                                                             14      prepaid credit cards               2.67%           0.73%
                                                             15      credit card for                    0.43%           0.59%
                                                                     bad credit

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