Documentary Credit Application - MaxTrad by liuqingyan


									                                                                                                         Documentary                     Ref.number of Applicant
                                                                                                       Credit Application.

      GTS, Trade Operations                                     Request to issue a                   Place and date of expiry
      Ballindamm 5                                              Documentary Credit                   Place :
      20095 Hamburg                                         Form to be filled out in English
      Germany                                                                                        date:
Applicant                                                                                            Beneficiary

Contact person and phone

Please issue this irrevocable credit                           transferable                          Currency and amount/ tolerance

      by swift                          by mail                with pre-advice by swift
Partial-shipment                       Transhipment                                                  Advising bank
      allowed                                    allowed
      not allowed                                not allowed
The credit is to be advised by the advising bank
      without confirmation                            adding its confirmation                        Available with           Issuing bank          advising bank       by

     adding its confirmation at beneficiary's request only                                                   Payment                     Deferred payment at
shipment from                                      for transportation to
                                                                                                             Acceptance                  Negotiation
                                                                                                     against presentation of the documents mentioned below
      not later than                    shipment period                                                    beneficiary's draft(s) at
                                                                                                             drawn on
Goods (brief description without excessive details)                                                                                  term of delivery
                                                                                                                                     x   FOB         x     CFR   x   CIF


As per contract/order/invoice                                                       dated
Documents to be presented by the beneficiary
      Comm. Invoice             -fold
      Full set clean on board Marine Bill of Lading                  Multimodel Transport document                                   number of originals

      issued to order                                                blank endorsed                  marked "Freight                 marked "Freight payable at destination"
      notify-address (Name and address)

      duplicate rail waybill            Air waybill                  Forwarding-agent Certificate of Receipt                         Post receipt
      addressed to
      Insurance policy/certificate covering

      Other document(s) (please specify)

Documents to be presented within                           days after the date of transport, but within the validity of the credit
Additional conditions

      Insurance will be covered by us
Charges other than from issuing bank are for account of                         If the credit remains unutilised charges will be for our account
      ourselves                         the beneficiary
We request you to issue for our account and risk a documentary credit as specified above (boxes marked x are applicable).
The credit shall be subject to the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits of the International Chamber of Commerce, Paris, France as in force on the
date of receipt of the order

We authorise you to debit our account                                                                for the amount of the dispositions

                                                                                                     for the commissions and charges

Place and date of application                                                         Stamp and signature(s)

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