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CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATION PROGRAM – 2011/2012                            CO-OP OFFICE: 905-278-3382 ext. 413
                                                                      Private Voicemail: 704
DEPARTMENT: Guidance and Career Education                             COURSE CODES: GLN4O0/GLN4OC-COP4XC,
COURSE: Navigating the Workplace/Co-operative Education               CREDIT VALUE: 4.0
PRE-REQUISITE: GLC2O0, 16 credits recommended and 16 years of age required for students in skilled trade placements
CURRICULUM: Ministry of Education Grades 11 and 12 Guidance and Career Education /Cooperative Education and Other
Forms of Experiential Learning Policies and Procedures for Ontario Secondary Schools TEACHER: Ms. C. Bell

This course provides students with opportunities to develop the workplace essential skills and work habits required for success
in al types of workplaces. Students will explore occupations and careers of interest through participation in real workplace
experiences. They will make plans for continued learning and work, work with others to design learning experiences, and
investigate the resources and support required to make a smooth transition to their postsecondary destination.

Essential Skills for Working and Learning
By the end of this course, students will:
Demonstrate an understanding of the workplace essential skills necessary for success in life, school, and work; demonstrate
effective use of literacy and numeracy strategies that support the application of the workplace essential skills to complete
specific tasks in real or simulated workplace settings; demonstrate effective use of learning and thinking strategies in school
and in real or simulated workplace settings; plan for, assess, and document their ongoing development and demonstration of
selected workplace essential skills.
Personal Management
By the end of this course students will:
Demonstrate an understanding of their interests, strengths, and needs, and describe how these influence their postsecondary
education, training, and career plans; identify and describe self-management and teamwork skills and strategies, and use them
effectively in working with others in real or simulated workplace settings; identify and effectively apply strategies for
managing time, planning tasks, and managing personal finances.
Exploration of Opportunities
By the end of this course, students will:
Demonstrate the ability to research information about learning and work opportunities, using print, electronic, and human
resources; describe opportunities of interest and the postsecondary education or training required for these occupations;
demonstrate an understanding of the nature of work and of workplace expectations and issues; identify, explain, and follow
health and safety policies and procedures in school and in the workplace.
Preparation for Transitions and Change
By the end of this course, students will:
Identify the possible changes they will encounter in the transition from secondary school to their first postsecondary
destination, and develop strategies and resources to manage the transition; produce plans for a smooth transition to their
selected postsecondary destination; apply job-search strategies, tools, and resources to find or create opportunities for work and
for learning about work.

GLN4O UNIT OVERVIEW:                                                     CO-OP UNIT OVERVIEW
Unit One: Where am I now?                                                Job Readiness, Health and Safety,
Unit Two: Where do I want to go?                                         Rights and Responsibilities, Workplace Opportunities
Unit Three: How do I get there?                                          and Challenges, and Reflective Learning
Unit Four: Moving On

Assessment and evaluation in this course will be based on provincial curriculum expectations. Evaluation throughout the
course and the final evaluation will incorporate the following categories: communication, knowledge/understanding,
thinking/inquiry, and application.

The exact weighting of these categories will vary depending on the subject, unit and type of evaluation. Students will
also receive descriptive feedback as part of the assessments that will not form part of the student’s final marks.
A final grade will be calculated as follows: Term Work = 70% and Final Evaluation = 30%.

   GLN4O0: Navigating the                   GLN4OC/COP4XC:                    GLC2OC: Career Studies
  Workplace In School Co-op             Navigating the Workplace             Subject Related Workplace
    Course (One Credit)                    (Two Subject Related                 Co-op (One Credit)
                                               Co-op Credits)
Term Work = 70%                      Term Work = 70%                      Term Work = 70%
-First Aid Test                      -Workplace Orientation               -Self-Assessment
-Health & Safety Quiz                -First Week on the Job               -Resume
-Union Assignment -Workplace         -Tour Through Placement              -Cover letter
Harassment and Ethics Quizzes        -Weekly Logs                         -Reference Sheet
-Time Management Assignment          -Reflective Journals                 -Interview Evaluation/Reflection
-Personal Budget                     -Integration Assignments             -Integration Assignment
-Apprenticeship Quiz                 -Performance Task                    -Thank you Letter
-Post-Secondary Choices              -Workplace Evaluations
-Co-op Exit Plan                     Summative = 30%                      Summative = 30%
Summative = 30%                      - Career Portfolio                   -Career Fair Display
-Occupations in the News

The following learning skills will be taught and assessed throughout the course and rated on the report card:

* Collaboration                              *Independent Work                            *Initiative
*Organization                                *Responsibility                              *Self-Regulation

These skills will not be included in the final numeric mark unless they are part of the provincial curriculum expectations for
this course. However, it is important to remember that the development of these skills is critical to academic achievement and
does have a direct bearing on the final mark.

    Punctuality and attendance are very important in this course and excessive or unwarranted absences or late arrivals
     may result in removal from the program.
    Students must personally call both their co-op teacher at school and their employment supervisor if they are going to
     be absent or late.
    Log sheets must be submitted weekly; students who submit log sheets more than 2 weeks late will not be allowed to
     count those hours.
    Attendance at school each Monday is mandatory and absences will need to be made up on workplace days, which
     may result in insufficient hours for all 4 co-op credits to be granted.
    Students may only work during the hours stipulated on their work education agreement, as insurance coverage will
     not be in effect during other periods.
    Workplace accidents must be reported immediately to both the workplace supervisor and the co-op teacher.

    A three-ring binder specifically for cooperative education, lined paper to be used for notebook purposes, a pen, and a
     pencil with an eraser (these materials are to be brought to every class)
    All transportation costs to and from the workplace throughout the semester and workplace appropriate clothing,
     including any safety apparel such as safety boots, are at the student’s expense.
    A career fair display board
    A portfolio binder with dividers and page protectors

    COURSE FEE: $55.00 to cover the cost of the First Aid Course ($40.00) and Guest Speaker Fees ($15.00)
    This course overview is to be signed by the parent/guardian and kept in the student’s co-operative education
    binder. I acknowledge that I have read the subject overview and evaluation strategies for this course.

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    Parent/Guardian’s Signature (if under 18)                         Student’s Signature

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