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					                  2009-2010 STATE PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT (SPA)
                                LETTER OF RENEWAL

        In accordance with 7 CFR Part 250.30(c)(1) of the Food Distribution Program
Regulations, the state of Kentucky agrees to extend the 2008-2009 NPA/SPA with
All terms and conditions of this Processing Agreement shall remain in effect through
June 30, 2010, with the exception of the attached documents incorporated herein which
supersede those previously in force.

                                                              APPROVED BY:

                                               Kentucky Department of Agriculture
Processor                                      State Agency

                                               Ann Smith
Print of Type Name                             Print or Type Name

                                               Director, Div. of Food Distribution
Title (Print or Type)                          Title (Print or Type)

Signature                                      Signature

Date                                           Date Approved

 [street]                                      107 Corporate Drive

 [city, st zip]                                Frankfort, KY 40601
Address                                        Address

                                               502-573-0282 X 272 502-573-0304
Telephone Number FAX Number                    Telephone Number FAX Number

FEID #                                         Attached Documents: SEPDS, Destination Verification


ACDA 10/06

Name of State Agency:

Name of Processor:

Federal Establishment #:

Facility name and address for the RECEIPT of USDA commodity and / or commodities
(specify USDA commodity name and code i.e. Large Chickens A 522):

Contact Person:


Telephone Number (include area code):

Fax Number (include area code):

Plant location, if different from the facility listed above. If processing at more than one
plant, please specify USDA commodity and end product for each plant location:

Contact Person:


Telephone Number (include area code):

Fax Number (include area code):

Signature of the Authorized Representative of the Processor            Date Signed

                  Modification to the Kentucky State Participation Agreement

ACDA 10/06
                                   School Year 2009-2010

   The following paragraph replaces and supersedes paragraph 1. of the Kentucky State
   Participation Agreement for School Year 2009-2010.

   1. Value Pass Through Systems. State Agency will indicate which value pass
      through systems are acceptable in their State. Processor will indicate which value
      pass through systems they desire to use in the State and have been approved by
      USDA in the NPA (National Processing Agreement).

  Permitted By State           Value Pass Through System              Selected by
             X           Direct Sale
                         Refund to Recipient Agency
             X           Net Price Through Distributor (NOI)*
                         Alternate Value Pass Thru System*
                         (requires FNS approval)
             X           Fee for Service – billed by processor
                         Fee for Service – billed by distributor

       *Sales Verification Required

If sales verification is required, check one:

  State delegates sales verification to the processor [see 7 CFR 250.19(2)(vi)(C)]

       Processor should submit their Sales Verification Plan to the State Agency.

   State will conduct sales verification

ACDA 10/06