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FERNE newsletter 2 021303


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									Volume 1, Issue 2

December 9, 2002

Compiled by:
Adam B. Schlichting and
Edward P. Sloan, MD, MPH

                                           FERNE Works with NINDS on Stroke Symposium
                                           FERNE is working with the             for viewing anywhere in the                  view only those lectures.
                                           National Institute of                 world (a free software program
Inside this issue:                                                                                                            FERNE is also collaborating with
                                           Neurological Disorders and            available from http://
                                           Stroke (NINDS) to make the            www.Real.com will be required                the University of Illinois at
                                           lectures given at the December,       to view the lectures). A link                Chicago Colleges of Medicine
A New Look for                                                                                                                and Nursing to make
                                           2002 Stroke Symposium                 from the NINDS website (http://
the FERNE Website                 2                                                                                           Continuing Medical Education
                                           available for viewing on the          www.ninds.nih.gov/) or the
                                           internet. “Improving the Chain        Stroke Symposium website                     (CME) credits available for
FERNE in Havana, Cuba              2                                                                                          physicians and Continuing
                                           of Recovery for Acute Stroke in       (http://
                                           Your Community” will be held          www.StrokeSymposium.org/)                    Education (CE) credits available
Seed Grant Recipients              2                                                                                          for nurses who attend the
                                           Arlington, VA on December 12-         will also allow other
                                           13.                                   practitioners to be directed to              Symposium. Twelve hours of
FERNE in Amsterdam                3                                                                                           CME and 12.6 hours of CE will
                                                                                 this valuable educational
                                           During the symposium, FERNE                                                        be available free of charge for
FERNE Meetings at SAEM            3        will digitally record the lectures                                                 attendees.
                                           and collect the slideshows            Rather than watching a talking
FERNE Plans Stroke                         given by the speakers. Using          head, viewers will hear the
Supplement in AEM                 3        Real videostreaming                   lecture while viewing the same
                                           technology, FERNE will sync the       slides that were presented at
                                                                                Lectures from the NINDS Stroke
Upcoming Courses for 2003 3                audio from the lectures with the      the symposium. the Chain also
                                                                                Symposium “Improving This willof
                                           slides. By January, these             allow for Acute Stroke in the
                                                                                Recoveryusers to select Your
                                                                                Community” will be recorded and
FERNE Mission Statement           4        presentations will then be made       portions of the content 2003.
                                                                                available for viewing in January, that they
                                           available on the FERNE website        are the most interested in and
Recent FERNE Meetings at           4
ACEP in Seattle
                                            Now Available: HANDi Stroke Rx for Palm Handhelds!
                                            HANDi Stroke Rx is a program         Medical Center in New York via               from around the world have
                                            for handheld computers that          a grant from FERNE. Its                      downloaded the program, and
                                            FERNE hopes will greatly             developers hope that the                     FERNE is interested in
                                            improve the diagnosis and            program will not only improve                receiving feedback from
                                            management of acute stroke.          the clinical care of stroke                  clinicians who use the utility in
                                                                                 patients, but will also serve as             practice.is determined to be eligible for t-PA
                                                                                                                              If a patient
                                            This program allows users to
                                                                                 an educational tool for                      therapy, the dosage of t-PA can be
                                            determine a stroke patient’s
                                                                                 physicians.                                  automatically calculated based upon their
                                            NIH Stroke Scale (NIHSS) score
                                            and then assess the indications      Since May, 2002, HANDi Stroke
                                            and contraindications for the        Rx has been available for free
                                            administration of t-PA. If the       from the FERNE website, and
                                            patient is eligible to receive t-    works on all handheld
                                            PA, a dosing calculator and          computers running the Palm
                                            sample continuation of care          Operating System. In addition,
                                            orders are also incorporated         the program can be
                                            into the program.                    downloaded as either a self-
                                                                                 installing program for PCs or as
                                            The utility was developed by           HANDi Stroke Rx. incorporates
                                                                                 zipped files for Macintosh an
                                                                                   everything needed for calculating
The opening screen from HANDi Stroke Rx.    Kevin Baumlin , MD and Jason
                                                                                 computer users. the
                                                                                   NIHSS score and helps
                                            Shapiro, MD, Emergency                 physician to decide if t-PA therapy is
                                            Physicians from Mount Sinai          To date, more than 200 users
Volume 1, Issue 2                                                                                                                              Page 2

   New Look for the FERNE Website
   FERNE hosts several courses per year, but            available will continue to be accessible           each of
   our single largest presence is our website,          during the upgrade and will be                      which has:
   accessible 24-hours a day, 365 days per              incorporated into the new design.                   •HTML and PDF Chapters
   year, from anywhere in the world. During                                                                    - text
                                                        It is our hope that by enhancing usability
   the next few months, this website will be            and making the site easier to navigate ,               - references
   getting a facelift.                                  more physicians will take advantage of all             - annotated bibliographies
                                                        of the valuable content we have to offer. If           - questions and answers
   The site gets an average of nearly 300
                                                        you have any recommendations for the                •PowerPoint Presentations
   visitors per day, and users from all around          site, please let us know via email at
   the world have accessed FERNE materials.
                                                                                                            •Audio/video presentations

                                                        Available on the FERNE website:
   All of the media and cases currently                 •Information on the foundation
                                                        •Information on upcoming courses
                                                        •Information on funding oppertunities
                                                        •HANDi Stroke Rx software for Palm
                                                        •Automated Medline searches on
                                                         emergency topics using J.A.D.E.
                                                        •Content from over 100 lectures,
      The current FERNE website (left) will be getting an upgrade to a more modern look (right) in
      the coming months.                                                                                  HTTP://WWW.FERNE.ORG

 FERNE in Havana, Cuba                                                       organizers were required to            of tPA in stroke, status
                                                                             obtain a special license from          epilepticus, and
The University of Illinois at
                                                                             the U.S. Treasury Department           neuropsychiatry emergencies.
Chicago has asked FERNE to
participate in an international                                              allowing travel to Cuba.
                                                                                                                    The neurological emergencies
medical education conference                                                 Topics to be discussed at the          curriculum will be taught by
being organized for Havana,                                                  conference include                     FERNE Board Members Andy
Cuba.                                                                        international medicine, imaging,       Jagoda, MD, FACEP, E.
                                                                             pediatrics, toxicology, infectious     Bradshaw Bunney, MD, FACEP,
This conference is going to take                                             diseases, cardiology, trauma           and Edward P. Sloan, MD,
place February 2—7, 2003, and        More information about this
                                                                             and neurological emergencies.          FACEP.
will be only the second medical      conference can be obtained              Specific neurological
conference intended for              from http://www.uic.edu/                emergency topics to be covered         Topics to be covered in the
American physicians in more          depts/ci/cuba2003                       include management of                  Up to 25 hours of Category 1
than 50 years. In order to                                                   traumatic brain injury, acute          CME will be available for
organize this conference,                                                    CNS emergencies, clinical use          attendees through the

Seed Grant Recipients
Fulfilling FERNE’s goal of             received a FERNE Seed Grant            University of California at Irvine.    Emergency Medicine
promoting education and                for $5,000 for his proposal on         This proposal was brought to           conference within one year of
research in neurological               “Building a New Model of ED            FERNE by EMF as a Emergency            funding, produce a publishable
emergencies, FERNE has                 Dizzy Patients.” This research         Medicine Basic Research Skills         quality manuscript, and must
funding available for Research         will focus on developing a new         (EMBRS) proposal. The project          recognize FERNE for its support.
Seed Grants of up to $5,000.           method for diagnosing and              will focus on the use of Epley’s       If you are interested in
                                       managing patients that present         Maneuver in the ED treatment           submitting a proposal for Seed
For the 2002-2003 funding
                                       to the ED with vertigo.                of patients presenting with            Grant funding, more
cycle, FERNE has funded two
                                                                              vertigo.                               information can be found on
seed grants.                           The second Research Seed
                                                                                                                     the FERNE website.
                                       Grant funded by FERNE in               As part of the agreement for
David E. Newman-Toker, MD of
                                       2002-2003 was submitted by             funding, recipients must
Johns Hopkin’s University
                                       Andrew K. Chang, MD, of the            present their work at a national
 Volume 1, Issue 2                                                                                                                    Page 3

FERNE in Amsterdam                  Recent FERNE Meetings at SAEM in St. Louis
On April 11 and 12, 2002,           FERNE held three educational        Seizure Patients in the ED: A       Digital Assistants.” At this
members of the ACEP Clinical        courses at the May, 2002            Critical Look at Complex Clinical   course, attendees were
Policy Committee participated       Society for Academic                Issues.” This course discussed      introduced to HANDi Stroke Rx.
in a Practice Guideline meeting     Emergency Medicine Annual           the development of clinical         (see next story).
in Amsterdam. The course was        Meeting in St. Louis, MO.           guidelines related to seizure
hosted by the Dutch Society for                                                                             For the first time, Continuing
                                                                        management, the use of EEG
Emergency Medicine,                 On Saturday, May 18, FERNE                                              Medical Education (CME) was
                                                                        monitoring in the ED, diagnosis
Nederlandse Vereniging van          hosted “Case Studies in                                                 available for faculty attendees
                                                                        and classification of seizures       St. Louis, MO was the location of the
Spoedeisende Hulp Artsen            Pediatric Neurological                                                  through the University of Illinois
                                                                                                             2002 SAEM Annual Meeting and three
                                                                        and status epilepticus,
(NVSHA).                            Emergencies: Evidence-based                                             College of Medicine.
                                                                                                             FERNE educational courses.
                                                                        managing sub-therapeutic AED
                                    Clinical Decision Making.” This
Because Emergency Medicine                                              levels, first-line treatment for    Slideshows, text, and
                                    course was intended for
is a new specialty in the                                               seizure management, and             videostream presentations of
                                    Emergency Medicine residents
Netherlands, the Dutch were                                             medication alternatives for         the lectures given at all FERNE
                                    and faculty, and was co-
eager to hear not only what                                             seizure patients. After             courses in St. Louis are
                                    sponsored by the Emergency
ACEP clinical policies stated,                                          Emergency Physicians spoke,         available at the FERNE website.
                                    Medicine Residents’
but also how the policies were                                          James Wheless, MD, a pediatric
                                    Association (EMRA). Each of
developed using evidence-                                               epileptologist, gave his
                                    the cases presented at this
based medicine.                                                         perspectives on the clinical
                                    course highlighted a pediatric
                                                                        policies developed and
All of the speakers from the        neurological emergency with an
                                                                        presented by the speakers.
FERNE Seizure course series         unusual presentation.
spoke on both the optimal                                               The final course FERNE hosted
                                    During the evening of Monday,
treatment of seizures as well as                                        in St. Louis was titled
                                    May 20, FERNE hosted a course
the evidence that supports the                                          “Improving Acute Stroke
                                    on the diagnosis and treatment
practice guideline                                                      Management with Personal
                                    of seizures titled “Managing
In addition to the seizure
presentations, lectures on other
neurological emergencies            FERNE Plans Stroke Supplement in AEM
including syncope, stroke, and
acute headache were also            With the great success of the       content, and FERNE is now           booklets will be sent out to all
given.                              FERNE lecture series on acute       working on having the material      of the Emergency Medicine
                                    stroke management, FERNE            internally reviewed.                Residency Directors in the U.S.
Content from all of the lectures    and the American Stroke
related to neurological                                                 Booklets and CD-ROMs                FERNE intends to publish
                                    Association (ASA) hope to                                               similar supplements for each of
emergency diagnosis and                                                 containing the annotated
                                    publish this material as a                                              the lecture series it hosts.
management is now available                                             PowerPoint slides from this
                                    supplement to Academic
                                                                        lecture series are also currently   It is the hope of FERNE that the
                                    Emergency Medicine in early
                                                                        being produced with the help of     material that has been
                                                                        the FRANCE Foundation, a non-       presented at FERNE courses
                                    The ASA has already conduced        profit educational media            will be disseminated to an even
                                    a final scientific review of this   production organization. These      larger audience by publishing it
                                                                                                            in respected journals such as

FERNE Plans Courses for 2003
                                    if you belong to an organization    International Emergency             SAEM Annual Meeting
Since 1999, FERNE has
                                    that may wish to work with          Medicine                            May 29-June 1, 2003
sponsored educational courses at
                                    FERNE to deliver high-quality,      February 2-7, 2003                  Boston, MA
national Emergency Medicine
                                    streamlined educational content
conferences including ACEP                                              Havana, Cuba (see page 2)           A
                                    on neurological emergencies
Scientific Assemblies, the SAEM
Annual Meeting, and the AAEM
                                    and their management.               AAEM Scientific Assembly            ACEP Scientific Assembly
Scientific Assembly. To reach an    Upcoming and planned FERNE          February 21-23, 2003                October 12-15, 2003
even broader audience of            courses include the following:      New Orleans, LA                     Boston, MA
practitioners, please let us know
The Foundation for the Education and Research in Neurological Emergencies
(FERNE) is an independent not-for-profit organization committed to the following

   •   Patients with neurologic emergencies deserve quality emergency care.

   •   The emergency care for neurologic emergencies can be enhanced through
       quality scientific research.
   •   Emergency medical care providers can provide optimal medical care for
       patients with neurological emergencies through participation in quality
       medical education that highlights state-of-the-art neurologic care.

   Recent FERNE Meetings at ACEP in Seattle
   FERNE held two educational           and status epilepticus,
   courses at the October, 2002         managing sub-therapeutic AED
   American College of Emergency        levels, first-line treatment for
   Physicians’ Scientific Assembly      seizure management, and
   in Seattle, Washington. Both         medication alternatives for
   courses were co-sponsored by         seizure patients. More than 50
   the Emergency Medicine               Emergency Physicians and                      Seattle, WA was the location of the 2002 ACEP
   Resident’s Association (EMRA),       residents attended this course.               Scientific Assembly and two FERNE educational
   and CME was available for                                                          courses.
   attending physicians through                                                         On Sunday, October 6, FERNE
   the University of Illinois College                                                   hosted “Case Studies in
   of Medicine.                                                                         Pediatric Neurological
                                                                                        Emergencies: Evidence-based
   On Saturday, October 5, FERNE                                                        Clinical Decision Making.”
   hosted “Treatment of Seizures                                                        Although this is the second time
   in the Emergency Department.”                                                        FERNE has offered this course,
   This course discussed the                                                            all new cases were presented
   development of clinical                                                              this time. More than 100
                                                                                        residents and attending
   guidelines related to seizure
                                                                                        physicians learned of pediatric
   management, the use of EEG           At the end of each course, FERNE held a         neurological emergencies with
   monitoring in the ED, diagnosis      drawing for related textbooks. Here, Zaid       unusual presentations and the
   and classification of seizures       Kazzi, MD displays his winnings with FERNE      optimal treatment for these
                                        President, Edward P. Sloan, MD, MPH, FACEP.

                                                                                             C/O UIC Dept. EM
                                                                                             471H, CME, (MC 724)
                                                                                             808 S. Wood St.
                                                                                             Chicago, IL 60612-7354

                                                                                             Phone: 312-355-1651
                                                                                             Fax: 312-355-1269
                                                                                             Email: FERNE@FERNE.org

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