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					                                   For and About the Staff at Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES            •   June 2010, Volume 44 Issue 10

Pines Bridge Track Nears the Finish Line
More than 200 join in a benefit race and fair.

W      hen a BOCES crew
       puts its muscle in a
project, it can really take off.
Witness the Pines Bridge
“Run for Fun” race and walk
last month that drew more
than 200 participants on a
brilliantly sunny Saturday
and raised more than
$9,000 for the handicapped-
accessible outdoor track
being built behind the
The Run event brought the
total of track-construction        PLAYING BALL: Ryan Gotto                                   RACERS: Chris Quimby and his dad, Gordon
fundraisers over the last two
years to more than $123,000.
The track, designed to provide
a safe area for students to
practice mobility skills, is
expected to be completed in
the next three weeks.
“The fundraising committee
has done an outstanding
job of organizing all of the
events that have supported
the building of this track,”
said Pines Bridge Principal
Judy Spaulding. “Most
important, these events
have created a sense of
community among not only           O&M VOLUNTEERS, who donated their time to work at the Run, included
the Pines Bridge students          (from left, standing) Jason Wolfe, Bob Bennett, Guillermo Berrueco, Oscar Agudelo,
and staff, but all of BOCES.       Tom Barker, and John Giacomini; (kneeling) Darwin DelaCruz, John Ball, Alex Ramon,
                                   and Lucio Hurtado.
We watch each day as
progress is made on the
track and are anxious to
finally be able to use it.”
Along with the race, the
recent event included a
Family Fun Fair, with
games, food, live music, face
painting, a raffle, and prizes.
Coordinator of the Run
was Carlene Kuczma, Pines
Bridge physical therapist.
23rd Annual Service Awards/Retirement Dinner
Banquet honors longtime employees and those retiring.

B   OCES’ 23rd annual Service Awards and Retirement
    Dinner took place last month in the Walden gym,
honoring 18 retirees and 19 employees celebrating their
20th, 25th, 30th, and 35th anniversaries. Mary Ann Alvord
and Susan MacMaster were recognized for 35 years of
The BOCES Band entertained for the evening, led by O&M
guitarist Pat Haynes, with vocalist Karen Edmond, a
Pines Bridge teacher aide, and drummer Femi Alao, a Fox
Meadow teacher aide.
Ed Catapano from the Communications Academy played
a video presentation he constructed of staff members at
work and presented each participant with a DVD to take
Preparing the banquet and décor were Culinary and
Hospitality staff and students and Floriculture staff and
                                                                 HONOREES and guests, standing, from left: Carol Storym,
students. Michele Wilson helped organize the event; Tricia       Marion Connelly, Rita DeMaria, Imelda Danko, Doreen Trani, Mary
O’Neill designed the invitations, menus, and programs,           Ann Alvord, Linda Frankenberry, Heidi Hayes; in front, Eileen Fahy
printed by the Copy Center staff; and O&M took charge of         and Helen Vail
the setup and cleanup.
“It took a lot of people to make this event happen,” said
Mistress of Ceremonies Susan Micolo, director of Human
Resources and Administrative Services, and one of the
event organizers. “They deserve our special thanks.”

     Those recognized for seniority include:

                     20 years
    Oscar Agudelo, Georgia Armstrong, Imelda                                                          Dave Hannan, teacher
       Danko, Patricia Gallo, Gary Mancus,                                                            and retiree
   Elizabeth Marques, Nancy Mazza, Lorraine
   Petriello, Margaret Salierno, Josephine Scala,
          David Stern, and Janice Taylor.

                     25 years
    Gerald Attanasio, Antoinette Borst, Marion
     Connelly, Elisa Longo, and Kevin Neary.

                      30 years
         Elaine Gerit and Richard O’Keefe.

                   35 years
     Mary Ann Alvord and Susan MacMaster.                        Elizabeth Marques, teacher (20 years) and Ed Catapano,

Retirement News
  Among this year’s    Chris Heath Says Farewell
      retirees are:
Georgia Armstrong
                       I  t was a happy confluence
                          of schools and writing that
                       brought Chris Heath to BOCES 13
                       years ago.
 Eileen Bogdanoff      A Tufts English/French graduate
                       and mother of four, Chris served
                       on and was president of the
  Marion Connelly      Ossining School Board and the
                       Ossining PTA.
                       As coordinator of BOCES School
     Rita DeMaria      Communications Service, Chris
                       is BOCES’ chief storyteller. And
                       it’s that part of her job that’s been
       Eileen Fahy     both the most challenging and
                                                                        Chris Heath
                       satisfying, she says. “The challenge has always been, not so much with the
                       dozen or so districts we serve, but with BOCES itself – trying to tell the
      Linda Ferrieri   BOCES story, which has so many parts to it, all distinct and separate. It’s
                       what makes this job both wonderful and a challenge.”
Linda Fleckenstein     Chris and her SCS staff of seven produce newsletters, videos, cable TV
                       shows, brochures, and countless news releases. But the reward isn’t
                       simply generating media coverage, she says. “You can walk into any
   Renée Gargano       classroom anywhere and get a story out of it. But even if it never gets
                       published, the fact that you’re there seems to have a positive impact on
                       the teachers and the kids in the classroom. It helps reinforce the fact that
     Vince Garnot      what they are doing — teaching and learning — is important.”
                       So why is she leaving such a wonderful job? “To do something new, to
    David Hannan       tackle something different, something else wonderful….” And also, of
                       course, she expects to spend “a lot of time gardening, berrying, reading,
                       kyaking, walking, and… [displaying her characteristic energy] oh, I’m
       Chris Heath     going to build stone pillars at the end of our driveway.”
                       Believe it. Success has always been part of Chris’s story. Her husband,
                       John Mulcahy, is a partner in his own law firm, and their children
Laurie Lake Levene     are “the real successes,” she says: Tom is an engineer; Meg is a public
                       relations professional; Anne is on her way to becoming a lawyer; and
                       Jane is a geographer.
 Carmen Levesque

 Susan MacMaster

      Vito Rinaldo

     Janet Stewart
                                                                               BOCES BAND,
                                                                               led by Pat Haynes
        Helen Vail                                                             (left), with vocalist
                                                                               Karen Edmond,
                                                                               serenades honorees
   Jerada Wehnes                                                               at the annual
                                                                               Service Awards and
                                                                               Retirement Dinner.

                                                                                                                       Retirement News
  Vince Garnot to leave O&M ‘family”

  A  s Director of Facilities and Operations at BOCES, Vince Garnot
     will be saying farewell July 16 to what he calls a “family” of 43
  mechanics, custodians, electricians, plumbers, groundsmen, and office staff.

  Vince has been in the lead position at O&M (Operations & Maintenance)
  for 10 years, both “blessed” and challenged. “The staff at BOCES does
  more than instruct students. They provide them with real-world tools to                                              to
  succeed, and it gives me a sense of personal satisfaction to be able to serve
  them,” he says.
  “It’s been a blessing, too, to have a dedicated staff to carry out the day-to-
  day mission” of keeping the agency buildings and grounds functioning
  safely and efficiently. The challenge has been “doing all I can to manage the            Vince Garnot
  O&M family together to carry out the mission. Without them I couldn’t
  do what I do.”
  Growing up with a family in the construction business, Vince started working early in the trades with
  whatever family member needed help. In the Navy, he served four years as an aircraft electrician, and then
  began his career in “facilities” – first in industry and then with St. Francis Hospital, the Culinary Institute of
  America, and the Wappingers Central School District.
  Now other family issues beckon. Vince is leaving BOCES, he says, to spend time with his three young
  grandchildren in Rochester and perhaps help his son, Eric, in his structural engineering business. He and his
  wife, Paula, also plan to travel. Their daughter, Kara, is in her last year at Pace University.
  “Leaving is bittersweet,” Vince says. He’ll be happy to give up the daily commute on the Taconic from Pleasant
  Valley in Dutchess County, but “I wouldn’t have come if it were not for the people. It’s the people that made
  this special.”

                                   Vito Rinaldo to Retire from Tech South
                                   A   fter 37 years at BOCES, Vito Rinaldo, Communications Academy team
                                       leader and CTE tech coordinator, is retiring this year.
                                   Originally an academic teacher for the auto trades, Vito worked with
                                   9th and 10th graders, helping to get them ready for 11th grade at The
                                   Tech Center. Next, he began teaching in the Learning Lab with a wide
                                   variety of students, from Cosmetology to Construction. Experience with
                                   a Commercial Art class and TV Production led Vito and others to develop
                                   the first BOCES “academy” – for communications, which would link art
                                   and TV and eventually embrace computer graphics, fashion design, and
                                   “I kept reinventing myself,” Vito says, with the BOCES administration
        Vito Rinaldo               “encouraging, enabling, and allowing” the changes.
                                  Early on he also became the building representative for the local union —
United Staff Association – and then chief union negotiator and president for seven years. He was involved
with the BOCES Statewide Committee for NYSUT as well.
Still, through it all he believes his number one contribution was “working directly with kids and teachers
in the classroom.” Second was serving as coordinator of the Communications Academy, “bringing the team
together and starting the ‘academy’ model” that other disciplines now use.
And the biggest challenge? “Balancing it all.” As he leaves, he plans to “stay in touch with my colleagues here
and keep my fingers on the pulse of what’s happening. I will definitely continue to support their efforts.”
The time is right for retiring now, he says. His wife, Dianne, has retired from teaching in Mahopac; his son,
Gavin, is starting college at Georgia Tech; and his daughter, Gillian, is going to graduate school at Pace
University. “All of a sudden we have the freedom to do things we’ve never had time for.”

Wonder-full ‘Looking Glass’ Show
Tech stages 4th annual fashion gala.

T   he audience at “Through the
    Looking Glass,” The Tech Center’s
fourth annual fashion show, was
                                                                                                Madison Tobin,
transported to a Wonderland in the                                                              4, wears a dress
                                                                                                designed by the
Walden gym May 20th as 19 Fashion
                                                                                                Fashion class
Design seniors presented the wardrobe                                                           taught by her
creations they’d worked on all year.                                                            mother, Lisa
The show, based on “Alice in
Wonderland” stories and movies,
was a full-scale Tech combo, with
students and teachers from a variety of
disciplines joining in the production:
Cosmetology, Carpentry, Floriculture,
Advertising Art and Design,
Telecommunications Technology,
Construction Electricity, Television
                                                                                                                    MAD HATTER
Production, Business & Computer                                                                                     Julian Faranda
Technology, Law Enforcement,                                                                                        (Pleasantville).
Computer Graphics, Entrepreneurship,
and, last but not least, Culinary Arts.

“It exceeded my expectations,” said
show coordinator Lisa Tobin, Fashion
Design and Merchandising teacher. “I
am truly proud of my students and all
those who worked on the production.
It was a wonderful collaboration of the
entire Tech Center.”

Proceeds from the event ($3,793) will
go toward scholarships for
Tech Center Academy
                                                        ALICE CAKE is a Culinary
                                                        Arts creation.

                                                                                               BEHIND THE SCENES: Teachers
                                                                                               Meredith Markolovic and Pat Gilman lend a

                                              PERFECT SETTING for student designs
                                              was created by the Advertising Art and Design
DECORATORS included Christina                 program. (Student here is Emily McKiernan from   FINAL TOUCHES are applied by teacher
Holic (top) and Annemarie Santulli (right).   Lakeland.)                                       aide Gloria Vazquez (Lisa’s mother).
BOCES Academy Hosts a Health Fair                                                                         ...still learning
                                                                                                          James T. Langlois, Ed.D.

                                                                                   Thinking About Change
                                                                                   H     ave you noticed (how could you not)
                                                                                         the quick, violent thunderstorms that
                                                                                   so frequently interrupt the peaceful, sunny
                                                                                   afternoons at this time of year? Just as we feel
                                                                                   our muscles being coaxed into relaxation by
                                                                                   the gentle warmth of the sun, we are startled
                                                                                   into alertness by a sudden shift in the wind, an
                                                                                   abrupt clouding over, followed by lightning,
                                                                                   thunder, and a drenching downpour. These
                                                                                   sudden, sometimes unexpected, changes are just
                                                                                   one more thing we’ve gotten used to considering
                                                                                   as we plan the many celebrations that conclude
                                                                                   another school year here at BOCES.
                                                                                   But sudden change can be anything but a
                                                                                   problem. At the beginning of this month, I
                                                                                   was privileged to witness an exciting example
                                                                                   of positive change here at BOCES. The high
STAFF CONTRIBUTORS (from right) are Caithleen Zikorus (aka Nurse                   school teachers of Walden and the Regional
Caithy); Alyson Kistinger, Adult & Continuing Ed coordinator; and Liz Marques,TV   Alternative High School presented a fascinating
Production teacher.                                                                progress report on their commitment to
                                                                                   continuous improvement of their academic
M    ore than 100 Tech Center students and staff hosted a Health Fair
     and March of Dimes Walk last month, to raise funds and showcase
health-related issues for students.
                                                                                   program. To me, what they demonstrated most
                                                                                   was a sharp, new focus on reflective practice
                                                                                   and the development of professional learning
The event was organized by the Health Career Academy, including                    communities.
Nursing/Home Health Aide, Medical Assistant, New Visions Health, and               Throughout the year, on a regular basis, they
Law Enforcement students. Students provided their peers with drug and
alcohol abuse information, facts about risky behaviors, and healthy                have been meeting in teams to pool their
lifestyle choices. Medical Assistant students recorded students’ height,           insights into the particular needs of their
weight, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels.                                  students, examine research on best practices,
                                                                                   and analyze data on their students’ performance,
Along with exhibits and presentations, the students had a “tour” of                in order to constantly refine their curriculum
a Somers fire department emergency vehicle led by 32-year fire                     and instructional approaches. These teachers
department veteran Dan Moran. Pledge cards for the walk and teddy                  are an example to us all of what a collective
bear sales raised $1,010 for the March of Dimes.                                   commitment to positive change can accomplish.
                                                                                   This commitment to excellence and personal
                                                                                   and collective accountability can, I am sure, also
June Birthdays                                                                     be found in different ways at Pines Bridge, The
                                                                                   Tech Center, Walkabout, Madden, our satellite
Carmen Aleman, Louis Baldi, Nathan Ball, Kathleen Batchelor, Robert
Bennett, Michele Bergmann, Danielle Bova, Mary Callaghan, Carly                    programs in school districts, the Curriculum
Colberg, Andrea Conte, Wesley Curtis, Emily D’Ambrosio, John Danik,                Center, and in all of our services that support our
Jo Ann Del Brocco, Kathryn DiNapoli, Joann Fenton, Gwen Fisher, Shelli             student programs.
Flacinski, Vincent Garnot, Abigail Gehan, Judy Gromer, Richard Guaragna,           As we celebrate our students’ accomplishments
Mimoza Haxhija, Heidi Hayes, Richard Herlihy, Rose Mary Impieri, Marie             this month, let’s remember to also celebrate
James, Sarah Kaplan, Edward Keck, Cynthia Kopcsay, Carlene Kuczma,                 our own hard work and the accountability we
Diane Lipman, Elisa Longo, Mary Ellen Lopreato, John Madden, Theresa               embrace that has helped
Mongiello, Antoinette Noto, Susan Novak, Fatima Oliveira, Kathryn Quas,            make those extraordinary
Sandra Rosenblatt, Jill Sarrica, Maria Silva, Laurie Slackman, Esmelinda           accomplishments possible.
Soto, Janet Stewart, Carol Story, Lorraine Swiatocha, Ronald Taffner,              Thank you for a wonderful year!
Linda Tomadelli, Theresa Tompkins, Helen Vail, Gloria Vazquez, JodyKay             Enjoy the summer!
Verbasco, Michele Wilson, and Jason Wolfe.

                                                                                             Dr. James Langlois, Superintendent
                                                                                             Barbara Coats, Editor
                                                                www.pnwboces.org             Valerie Laudato, Designer

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