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									                                                                          Kilo Marine Electronics Ltd.
LRIT CONFORMANCE TEST                                                                   13 Trowers Way
                                                                          Homethorpe Industrial Estate
APPLICATION FORM                                                               Redhill, Surrey Rh1 2LH

                                                                     Telephone: +44 (0) 1737 372 676
                                                                        Facsimile: +44 (0) 1737 772 795
Section 1 - Method of Booking
LRIT test bookings may be made by Email or fax. An application form and LRIT test data sheet must
be submitted electronically by Email.
Section 2 - Application for LRIT Conformance test (UK, IOM & Bermuda registered vessels
I apply for LRIT Conformance Testing in accordance with the provisions of MSC.1/Circ.1307 guidance
on the survey and certification of compliance of ships with the requirement to transmit LRIT

LRIT SELF CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS*                                                   CHECK BOX(ES)
This equipment (Inmarsat-C) has been certified by the Administration as
meeting the requirements of IEC 60945 (2002-08) and IEC 60945 Corr.1 (2008-
04) on Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems –
General requirements – Methods of testing and required test results.
This equipment is of a type approved by the Administration in accordance with
the provisions of regulation V/19-1 (Purpose built stand-alone LRIT unit).
This equipment is of a type approved by the Administration in accordance with
the provisions of regulation IV/14 (Combined with GMDSS Inmarsat-C).
This equipment is also the ship security alert system of the ship and has been
found to comply with the provisions of regulation XI-2/6; and of resolution
MSC.136(76) on performance standards for a ship security alert
system/resolution MSC.147(77) on Adoption of the Revised performance
standards for a ship security alert system (Combined with SSAS Inmarsat-C).
This equipment has an internal GPS or is connected to an external GPS
This equipment is supplied with energy from the main and emergency source of
electrical power.

* Check the boxes that apply to your LRIT installation

Section 3 – Vessel Details

Name of Vessel:                                                         Initial test        Retest

IMO No.:
Call Sign:
LRIT Inmarsat-C number (IMN):
Ship’s Navigation Area(s) (check all applicable boxes)   A1   A2   A3          A4

LRIT Conformance Test Application form cont….                                             Vessel Name:……………………………..

Section 4 – Inmarsat-D+ Details (Only complete this section for Inmarsat-D+ LRIT Terminals)
Terminal Manufacturer:
Terminal Type/Model:
Terminal Number:

Section 5 – Company Details
In making this application I agree to pay Kilo Marine Electronics Ltd, such fees as may be raised in
connection with the LRIT Conformance test and confirm that the information provided on the LRIT
Test Data Sheet is complete and correct.

Name:                                                           Position:                                     Date test required:
Company Name:
Billing Address:
Post Code:
Email Address:                                                                                                Tel. No.:
Purchase Order No.:                                                                                           Fax.No.:
VAT EXEMPTION: YES/NO                                VAT No.:                                                 Vsl tel No.:


.....................................................Signed............................................... Date


1     Kilo Marine Electronics Ltd is approved by the Maritime and Coast Guard Agency and
Isle of Man Ship Registry as an authorised testing application service provider for Long
Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) onboard UK & Isle of Man registered vessels.
2    This application form may only be used for conformance testing of shipborne LRIT
equipment fitted to UK & Isle of Man registered vessels.
3     Tests are submitted Monday to Friday and take approx. 48 hours to complete.
4     Results of the LRIT Conformance test(s) (Pass or Fail) will be Emailed to the contact
details on the application form.
5    LRIT Conformance test certificates will be sent by post to the applicant within two
weeks for equipment that has passed the test. A copy will be sent to MCA/IOM Flag State
6     Once a test has been submitted or started, it cannot be cancelled or refunded.
7      The LRIT Test Data Sheet must be fully completed and submitted by Email. While
every effort is made to ensure that the form is complete & correct, it is the responsibility of
the applicant to ensure that the data supplied is correct. If the test data is incorrect the test
will fail immediately and you will still be charged.
8     To minimise the risk of test failure you should be aware of the following:
a)   Check with the manufacturer that the equipment to be tested including its
software/firmware is suitable for use with the LRIT system.
b)    Consider when to start a test. When the vessel is alongside in a port there is an
increased probability of communication problems because there is likely to be a high
concentration of interference and obstructions.
c)    Ensure that the Inmarsat-C transceiver to be tested remains switched on and logged in
to the Inmarsat network during the testing period (Do NOT change ocean regions during the
test period). If not, the test will fail immediately and you will be charged.
d)    Advise the Master onboard that a DNID will be downloaded into the Inmarsat-C
transceiver temporarily for testing and that this should be ignored and NOT deleted.
e)    Be aware that using the transceiver for messaging / sending telex may interfere with
the test. Remember that the test will take approximately 48 hours to complete.


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