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									                                        MARK A. SCHECHTER
                                         12182 Royal Valley Dr.
                                          St. Louis, MO 63141
                                              (314) 413-2806


Software Development Team Leader / Architect with 20+ years experience in analyzing, designing,
developing, installing and supporting business systems. Managed and performed full range of system
development/implementation activities in numerous environments, including Internet, E-commerce, Intranet
and n-tier. Communicates effectively with non-technical clients to understand their business needs and
present solutions in business terms. Focuses on results and quality, works well in fast-paced environments.


Java / J2EE suite including EJBs, JSP, servlets, JMS, JDBC, etc.; Microsoft enterprise suite including C# /
.NET, ASP, Visual Basic, ADO, MTS, COM/DCOM, etc.; Oracle and SQL Server with stored procedures,
triggers; object-oriented analysis, design (including design patterns) and programming, RUP / UML; XML /
XSLT, DHTML / HTML, JavaScript; C/C++; Microsoft Office; numerous development tools incl. WSAD
Certifications:           Sun Certified Web Component Developer for J2EE
                          Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2
                          Microsoft Certified Professional (Visual Basic, Windows Architecture)
                          Novell Certified NetWare Engineer (‘93-’00)


President (1993 – Present)

Deliver software development projects and other IT services to businesses. Typically lead or participate in
all aspects of projects, including project management, business analysis, design and implementation.

   Developed application framework for J2EE/Websphere-based Customer and Contract tracking system as
    part of team at UniGroup. Lead responsibility for design and implementation of integration with
    mainframe legacy systems. Designed messaging-based integration architecture using JMS over IBM
    MQ, with metadata-driven transformation and persistence engine to synchronize with legacy DB2 tables.
    Implemented metadata using Model Driven Architecture tool (EMF). (8/03 – current).
   Developed internationalized Web-based management reporting system for MasterCard, to be resold by
    banks worldwide to thousands of corporate customers. Deployed on WebSphere utilizing full J2EE
    architecture and Struts, with Oracle database. Participated in development of patterns used at each
    architectural layer. Enhanced code generator to produce Java code implementing these patterns, with
    accompanying unit tests, for XML-described services. (3/03 – 7/03).
   Developed Laboratory Information Management System for Monsanto to support DNA testing of plant
    material, including controlling laboratory robot, using C# / .NET with Oracle, PL/SQL. Employed
    object-oriented design for reusable business objects, utilize Rational Requisite Pro for use cases and
    other RUP artifacts, Rational XDE (next generation of Rational Rose) for object modeling. Enhanced
    and maintained Web-based application for independent lab DNA testing, using Java / J2EE including
    servlets, JDBC, XML / XSLT. Employed some Agile Development (XP) practices also. (8/02 – 3/03)
   Developed operational applications for Save-A-Lot Grocery. Applications employed Web-based
    (Intranet) front ends with transactional SQL databases and/or XML. Utilized Java, J2EE suite, BEA
    WebLogic, EJBs, JDBC, servlets, JSP, Struts, JavaScript, XML / XSLT, MQSeries, ASP, VB, MTS,
Mark A. Schechter                                                                                 Page 2

    SQL Server, OO design, OO programming, RUP/UML, JUnit. Led/performed business analysis and
    technical design on all projects, wrote full business and technical documentation. (6/00 – 7/02)
     Developed planning, ordering and tracking system for Advertising department (60 Web pages),
        supporting placement of $14M/year of ads in hundreds of newspapers, distributors and other media.
     Redesigned and rebuilt Store Reporting system, capturing daily point-of-sale and other operational
        data from 400 stores. Uses local XML data storage, uploads to common SQL database, provides
        Intranet update for accounting, supports management reporting for HQ and field management.
     Developed application to print weekly price signs and labels in all stores on-site, saving over
        $750K/year in mailing/print shop costs.
     Developed automated faxing of Purchase Orders to grocery suppliers, eliminating manual handling
        of about 1600 POs/week.
     Redesigned and completed electronic Merchandising Bulletin, deployed to 1000 stores in
        disconnected XML mode, and to district managers via Intranet.
   Project leader for new business-to-business (B2B) E-commerce marketplace for the meat industry,
    www.SellMEAT.com. Led team of four other developers. Designed technology architecture, database
    schema and middle-tier objects; wrote detailed specifications and other design/installation documents;
    coded object generator, common routines, ASP framework, many specific ASP pages. Technologies
    utilized include Microsoft Site Server, LDAP, XML / XSLT, ASP with VBScript, MTS, SQL Server
    with stored procedures and triggers. (2/00 – 5/00)
   Developed Internet/Intranet applications using ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, DHTML, stored procedures,
    SQL Server, Oracle, Access. Applications included: Browser-independent Internet time entry system
    interfaced to project management backend; demo prototype for charitable donation Web site; software
    registration and installation application for Monsanto Intranet; browser-independent Internet product
    site for Solutia including interactive product wizards to graphically display marketing and technical
    data. (9/99 – 2/00)
   Designed object and data models, and implemented middle-tier COM business objects (90) and back-
    end database for n-tier Intranet-based marketing application to be deployed at multiple Anheuser-Busch
    wholesalers. Assisted in programming front end using ASP and ActiveX controls. Utilized VB, SQL
    Server including DTS, MTS, DCOM, MSMQ. Developed object model documentation, created and
    documented procedures for application builds and server setup. (2/99 – 8/99)
   Performed detailed business analysis, application and database design for data-driven letter generation
    and performance tracking application, for Compliance department of MasterCard. Developed 70 n-tier
    COM data access objects using VB with Oracle database, and letter generation engine driving Microsoft
    Word via OLE. Responsible for VB programming standards, object design standards. (8/98 – 2/99)
   Designed and implemented upgrade to Sales Force Automation product for commercial software vendor,
    Deltek, to support and optimize multi-user access in client/server environment with Oracle, SQL Server,
    and Sybase. (11/97 – 7/98)
   Developed and maintained database applications for Southwestern Bell in VB and C++, including:
    order entry interface from SQL Server to legacy Unix system; lease tracking system. (6/97 – 10/97)
   Developed database applications for Energizer (Eveready Battery) from analysis through
    implementation, including: Decision support front-end to retrieve desired sales information from data
    warehouse, by both network and E-mail connections; time tracking and billing system (100 users);
    customer service front-end to display performance measurement statistics in tabular/graphical formats.
    Technical environment included SQL Server, OLE integration of Access, VB and Excel. (3/96 – 5/97)
   Developed database applications for bioMerieux Vitek in Microsoft Access, including: marketing
    tracking and sales commission system; sales forecasting including statistical projections; product
    selector for sales force. Systems included import of mainframe data. (1/96 – 6/99)
Mark A. Schechter                                                                                   Page 3

   For 25 law firms and other businesses: Installed new and optimized existing local area networks;
    integrated standard office software (Word, WordPerfect, Excel, QuickBooks, etc.) and industry-specific
    applications; provided ongoing support. (6/93 – 2/00)
   Developed and taught over 15 public courses in general computer usage and specific application usage.
    Developed and taught Novell network administration course at St. Louis Community College (3 credit
    hours) for three semesters. (2/93 – 8/97)
   Developed, marketed and supported CD-ROM collection of law office shareware, with over 350
    customers. (10/93 – 4/94)

CITICORP/CITIBANK, St. Louis, Missouri
Director, Information Systems (1985 – 93)

Responsible for all aspects of computer support for Audit division worldwide, including planning and
budgeting; hardware/software selection; project management, analysis, design and programming; and
installation, training and support. Directed up to 10 staff with budget of $1.4 million annually. Systems
implemented on local area networks, integrating commercial office software with customized audit
databases, and analytic reporting from corporate mainframes and AS/400 data marts. (1986 – 93)
   Developed comprehensive automated support system that improved efficiency and quality for
    professional staff in excess of 15%. Installed and trained 600 users at 30 locations.
   Designed, installed and supported 10 local area networks for field offices of 8 to 90 staff. Directed Help
    Desk for field support, with 95% of questions/problems resolved within one hour.
   Directed and performed technical design and programming on system above, comprising 300 Windows-
    based modules in C, Visual Basic and C++ with multi-user DBMS. Also developed prior version using
    C and XDB (DB2-compatible SQL) database.
   Acted as lead facilitator between technical staff and business/professional managers. Initiated and
    supported Technology User Committee, and specific task forces, to customize technical solutions to
    management objectives. Helped management redesign operational processes for greater efficiency using
   Developed and implemented internal standards for software development, support and documentation,
    and cross-training program, to provide quality services and staff development.

As Project Manager, responsible for information systems consulting engagements within Citicorp Mortgage.
Performed application development in Unix, C, Informix SQL. (1985 – 86)

Technical Representative (1983 – 1985)

COMPUTER SYSTEMS DESIGN/SUTRO & CO., San Francisco, California
Senior Programmer/Analyst (1982 – 1983)

Stock Broker (1981 – 1982)

Programmer/Analyst (1979 – 1981)

Mark A. Schechter                                                                              Page 4

Master of Business Administration, Finance, New York University, Graduate School of Business
Administration – Graduation with Distinction (top 10% of class)

Bachelor of Arts, Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio – Phi Beta Kappa

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