Amelia Earhart—Charles Lindbergh

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					Amelia Earhart—Charles Lindbergh

 • Notable characters of the 20’s and 30’s
           • Famous Aviators
      • Pioneers of the time period
     • Tragedy strikes both families
          Amelia Earhart Unit

• Amelia Earhart: 1897-1937?
• First great women’s activist of the 20th
• “Lady Lindy”—a take off of the popularity
  of Charles Lindbergh’s flight across the
Amelia Earhart

  • 1897-1937
        Background On Earhart:
• Born in Kansas, 1897. Very Athletic, loved
• Middle Class home. Parents divorced.
• College out east. Social work degree. Worked
  with children in foster care programs.
• Volunteered as a nurse during WWI. Worked with
  injured pilots during the war.
              Love For Flying:
• Her dad bought her a plane ride for her birthday—
  fell in love with flying immediately.
• 6 days later, took her first flying lesson. Flying
  became the passion of her life.
• First women to fly Atlantic—as a passenger, then
  a pilot.
• First woman to fly “coast to coast”.
• First woman to fly California to Hawaii.
• Numerous other “firsts” bring her lots of notoriety.
• This is where she picks up the nickname: “Lady
• Her greatest achievement is winning the,
  Distinguished Flying Cross!
         Earhart Markets Herself:
• Hires an agent, publisher to help advertise herself
  in a “man’s world”.
• Caught the eye of: George Putnam, agent and
  publicist of Charles Lindbergh. He came up with
  the idea of making her a female “Lindy”.
• She became America’s sweetheart.
• She was involved in about every advertisement
  out there!
      Earhart Hits Tough Times:
• Fewer new “feats” to accomplish
• Depression hits—market for advertisement not
• Scandal between her and Putnam!
• Earhart and Putnam marry. Strange bond between
  the two.
• Mid 30’s was a “down time” in her popularity.
          New Idea For Earhart:

  • Earhart to Attempt A Flight Around The
• Planned through most of 1936, into 1937. Lots of
• Purdue University builds her a special plane for
  the task. Financed by our government!
• Flight scheduled to go off in March, 1937.
               First Flight:

• March, 1937
• Start in California, first stop Hawaii. 5
  member team involved.
• Ends with crash on landing in Hawaii.
• Trip scrapped.
• Articles question Earhart as a pilot.
• Is the dream to fly around the world done?
                Earhart’s Plane:

• The Flight:
            Second Trip Planned:
•   Very Secret—No publicity
•   Who all involved? Only a two person team:
•   Fred Noonan—Navigator and Earhart
•   Special changes made to plane?
•   Route changed
•   Flight takes off June 1, 1937.
          No Problems On Trip:
• 2nd Trip goes off without too much of a problem.
• Direction of travel
• Final leg of the journey: New Guinea to
  Howland Island.
• 2500 miles of open ocean. July 1, 1937.
• New Guinea officials send the coast guard cutter
  the Itassca to track Earhart.
• Earhart Flight
Problems With Final Leg Of Journey
• Howland Island small target to hit.
• Earhart leaves maps of destination at airport
• No communication of Itassca
• No communication with officials
• Hours into the flight, distress calls by Earhart are
  picked up:
• Final message: “1/2 hour of fuel left, no land in
          What Happens to Earhart?

• Ships and planes sent to look for her
• 3 hours after last transmission, faint signal of
  KHAQQ still heard—Had she found land
• Two week search for Earhart finds nothing.
• Final conclusion—LOST AT SEA!
          Howland Island:
• Did She Miss Howland Island?
       Theories of Disappearance
• What ever happened to Earhart
• Different Theories have surfaced over the years
• Video on possible theories!

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