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        Excel Southampton Placement Programme

Duncton, Nr. Petersfield, West Sussex


Duncton is a vehicle finance business based at Petersfield. Founded in 1992, they have demonstrated steady growth
since then. Their main business is lending money to consumers to allow them to buy cars. Duncton survived the
credit crunch and recession and now has a very strong market position thanks to their very conservative lending
principles and their focus on developing a high quality team. In November 2010, they raised £150m in new
finances to allow them to grow into the gap left by the lack of competitors due to the recession. Currently, Duncton
is the ‘last man standing’ in a growing market.

One placement opportunity is available:

        Financial Analyst

Job Specification

What is being offered?

Duncton is in need of someone who can perform financial and risk analyses of existing and new business lines.
Duncton has invested in new systems to manage the business and to allow them to extract data to assess financial
performance and risk levels in subsets of their customer and potential customer base. This job will specifically
involve working on the assessment of risk on higher levels of loan to value (LTV) business and the assessment of
two new product lines they are considering:

    (1) High LTV business – they need to consider the likely result of increasing their loan to value ratios from
         about 80% of the retail cost of a car to 100% of retail value. The analysis will include spreadsheet work to
         assess the effect on a number of business critical outputs including:
             a.   Sales volumes
             b. Default rates
                c.   Loss given default
                d. Sensitivity analysis on the above
                e.   Voluntary termination rates

    (2) New business lines – they are considering starting lending below their usual lower limit, and also the
           impact of using new arrears management technology. Each of these requires a new business plan to
           support the development, including an assessment of key risk factors.

The successful candidate will be expected to:
          Carry out an analysis of the Duncton customer base using the data output of the Duncton Book
          Build a model of risk analysis for a given portfolio of customers
          Build basic spreadsheet business plans
          Write draft reports of the above

    1. Intern Personal Specification

                                                                                               How to be
Criteria                                                Essential              Desirable        assessed
Qualifications, Knowledge and Experience

          Specific Degree criteria or equivalent               
           professional qualifications / experience                                            Application

          Strong Data Analysis Skills                                               

          A high level of numeracy coupled with                                               Application
           experience of producing and analysing                                               Interview
           complex statistical data from multiple
           electronic sources.

          Experience / knowledge of any particular             
           systems? - Excel
Planning and Organising:

          Organisational ability and ability to work                                         Application
           to strict deadlines and manage several                                               Interview
           projects at one time.

Problem Solving and Initiative:

          Strong ‘critical thinking’ and analytical                                           Interview
Management and Teamwork:

      Ability to work independently or as part               Application
       of a team                                                Interview
      Ability to manage time appropriately to      
       complete desired work.

Communicating and Influencing:

      High level of written and verbal                       Application
       communication skills including the ability               Interview
       to present complex information in a
       concise and user-friendly way.

      Able to make confident presentations to                 Interview
       a range of different audiences.

      Ability to build good relationship with a              Application
       wide range of colleagues across the                      Interview

      Ability to negotiate and persuade a
       range of stakeholders on a range of                     Interview
       issues to ensure timely delivery of

   Good oral and written presentation skills                 Application

Other Skills and Behaviours:

      Attention to detail                                    Application
      Excellent IT skills including Microsoft      
Special Requirements:
      e.g. Willingness to travel                           Note – their office
                                                                is outside
                                                             Petersfield, so
                                                             ability to get to
                                                                                                 work under own
                                                                                                     steam is

Application Process

     The applications process with run from Tuesday 12th July to Midnight, Monday 18th July 2011.
     Application submission should take the form of a CV and a completed Internship application form
        (downloadable from the website), which should be submitted to
     Successful candidates will be short listed and may be invited to attend a formal interview
     Please Note: If invited for interview, you may be requested to bring an example of your work.

Deadline for submission of a CV and Application Form is Midnight Monday 18th July 2011

Remuneration and leave entitlement

Interns will be treated as fixed-term, part-time employees of the company and will receive a competitive pay
package worth £252.36 gross per week (£7.01 per hour), in addition to the value of the professional experience
gained. As temporary members of staff, interns will accrue pro rata annual leave, for the period worked. Requests
for annual leave must be submitted for approval in a timely fashion, may only be taken with the consent of the line
manager and will normally be taken at the end of the assignment.

Duration and hours

Interns will work 36 hours per week Hours of work each week will be arranged with the line manager, taking into
account of the needs of the project and general office hours.

Support will be provided to the student throughout this internship by the project supervisor. The internship start
date will be announced at interview.

If you are not available to start on this particular date but believe you have the skills and interest we are looking for,
please contact us,

Delivery Timelines

Please find below deadlines for each stage of the application process.

          Milestone                                          Delivery Date

          Opportunities Advertised to Students               Tuesday 12th July 2011

          Closing Date for Student Applications              Midnight, Monday 18th July 2011

          Interviews*                                        TBA

          Internships Start*                                 TBA
          *Please note that dates are indicative and are subject to change

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