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					                               Jean-Luc BEREDA
                         Project Manager "production" MVS / Unix
                               Technical integration of change
                               Automation / System / Security


    Materials      IBM/HDS, PC, Client-Server NT/OS2/Win2000/UNIX.

     Systems       MVS OS390, Windows NT 4.0/95/98/2000, OS2, UNIX.

    Languages      Cobol I & II, C, Pascal, REXX, CLIST, RPF, EASYTRIEVE, SQL, BTEQ,
                   SHELL. SAS. Clist.

                   INFORMIX. IMS.

      Tools        IMS, CICS, TUXEDO, Pacbase, Endevor, TSO, VSAM, Roscoe, Librarian,
                   PDSman, File-Aid, utilities...DFDSS, AMS, PDA (Platinum), Change
                   Manager(BMC), Mainview(CA), APM, CA7, OPC(TWS Tivoli). RACF. ACF2.

      Office       Pack Office, PMW, MSPROJECT, Innates, Intelligent Planner.

     Network       TCP/IP, SNA, APPC-LU 6.2, X25-PAD Transpac, LAN/WAN, VTAM, ODBC,

          1986      DEUG A Mathematics, Mechanics, Physics.
          1982      Bac D
      Sports        Tennis, Squash, Enduro, Ballooning (, boat license Sea /
                    River. Microlight.
      Various       Animation of a development project in Ethiopia

          2010      Z/VM – Z/Linux IBM in Noisy (in preparation) replaced by VMWARE
                    in Toulouse Labege
          2008      SAS V9
          2006      SAP module self-study staff E-learning
          2002      UNIX use and SHELLs (5 days) Toulouse (SILOGIC)
             2001          ORACLE 8i Administration for Windows NT4 (5 days) Toulouse
             2000          DB2 V510 Administration for OS390 MVS (5 days) in Noisy (IBM)
             1999          MANAGEMENT (4,5 jours)

05-09 / 12-11       On behalf of Franfinance / Societe Generale (NetLevel / Dtalents).

                     System Engineer. ACF2 Administration. CICS MRO clearances multi-
                    environments. Migration TSS (Top Secret). Joint Venture Franfinance / La
                    Banque Postale. Tuning CICS. Incidents.

                    Configuration management, change, automation, security audit.

                    Environment: IBM Z-Os. SYSPLEX. ACF2. REXX. CLIST. DIALOG. ISPF. E-GEN.
                    JCL. SAS. OPC. QuickJob. AMS. SMS. Mainview. DB2. SMF. Logs. Parmlibs.
                    JES2/3. SDSF. SAF management (System Autorisation Facility / Ressources). Secure

10-08 / 03-09       On behalf of Air France - KLM - SkyTeam (via Expectra Temporary
                    Employment Agency).

                     System Engineer. RACF and ACF2 Administration. Configuration management,
                    change. Implementation of the GSO (Global Sign-On) project IDM on ZOS.
                    Fusion ACF2/RACF ... Urbanization.

                    Environment: IBM Z-Os. SYSPLEX. RACF/ACF2. REXX. JCL. SAS. LDAP. SSL.
                    CA7. zSecure Admin.

03-08 / 09-08       On behalf of Air France - KLM - SkyTeam (via Expectra TEA).

                    System Engineer. RACF and ACF2 Administration (replacement of summer).
                    On behalf of Air France - KLM - SkyTeam (via Ovelia / Dtalents).

                     Mission Consultant. Audit of network architecture on IBM mainframe z / OS
                    through the pooling of IT Vilgénis and Toulouse.

                    Improving Incident Management (Helpdesk, X10, Drivers).

                       -   Analysis of planned changes (proposed).
                       -   Resource optimization software (TSPrint-VPS/DRS printings).
                       -   Supervision (Netview/CList).
                       -   Migration TPX/ACF2-RACF for TLS (70000 users ACF2/RACF).

                    Documentation, editorial communication.

                    Environment: IBM Z-Os. SYSPLEX. VTAM. X25. Netview. Netcompress. Virtel.
                    VPS/DRS. TSPrint. TPX. IP Routing. Lotus-Notes.
 Mars 2008          Independent Consultant

09-06 / 03-08       On behalf of Air France - KLM - SkyTeam (via Expectra TEA).

                    System Administration WAS J2EE (Websphere) with IBM zOS mainframe / Unix
                    System Services. Accuracy: USS is a standard UNIX POSIX encapsulated in Z / Os a
                 data-space subsystem, the JVM and WAS are identical to what is deployed on
                 distributed architectures, the administration console and the components are the same.
                 Processes are encapsulated in STCs (equivalent to the background service or deamon).

                 CICS MRO architecture (Multiple Owning Region). MQSeries.

                 Management of change between environments.

                 Environment: IBM Z-Os/USS. SYSPLEX. Rexx. Ishell. Telnet. X11. Shell. Bash. Ftp.
                 Ssh. SFtp. Scp. HFS/ZFS (BPX utilities..). Java. J2EE. Java exceptions. Logs.
                 ActiveMQ. Perl. JACL. HTML/XML. JSP. Log4j. WSAD/Eclipse/Clearcase.
                 Omegamon. SMPE. RACF. CList. Linux. Virtualization. SOA. Sysplex distributor.
                 CBIPO (OpenEdition). Introscope.

 03-06 / 08-06   On behalf of La Poste (La Banque Postale). Technical Change Management -
                 Centralised Computing (GDCT / IC).

                 System Administration Z/Os base. Construction Z/Os base, incident management,
                 preventive and corrective maintenance, user support, maintenance and evolution of
                 modules and tools. Change management techniques.

                 Environment: Z-Os. REXX. DB2. CICS. SMP/E. TSO, AMS, ISMF, Adrdssu. . SMS.
                 IPLs, SYSPLEX…Database Unicenter for DB2 for ZOs. MqSeries. System
                 Automation. RACF.

  Mars 2006      Sogeti-Transiciel (Design Engineer Production)

 11-05 / 02-06   On behalf of La Poste (through Sogeti-Transiciel subsidiary of Cap-Gemini).

                 Project Manager Functional Integration Project Recipe "Banque Postale".

                 Creating a recipe on a dedicated partition from an extraction of several partitions of
                 production. Industrialization process. Automation tooling.

                 Management of change between environments. Transcoding. Documentation.
                 Coordination. Animation. Standardization. Raises. Communication.

                 Environment: Z-Os. REXX. DB2. SQL. CFT. OPC(TWS). RC-Migrator. Adrdssu.
                 AMS. ISMF. RACF.

Novembre 2005    Independent Consultant

 06-04 / 06-05   On behalf of Air France - KLM - SkyTeam (via SSII Silogic then Expectra ETT).

                 System administration DB2 on IBM mainframe Z/os.
                 Optimization tool for BMC Change Manager. Metrology, tips, optimization of bases
                 and treatment, support in B (office) T (echnical). Management schema deltas.
                 Management of change between environments.
                 Documentation. Training. Coordination. Standardization. Raises. Communication.

                 Environment: IBM Z-Os. REXX. CLIST. DB2. SQL. Logmaster, Apptune, BMC
                 products and utilities. Omegamon, Platinum. RACF.
09-02 / 02-03   On behalf of Mutualité Sociale Agricole.
                Getting out of a GUI component creation INFORMIX DBMS
                repository via a dictionary as part of an owner to automate AGL
                management schema deltas.
                Environment: Serveurs UNIX, INFORMIX, TUXEDO, SHELLs.

07-02 / 08-02   On behalf of Aerospatiale (EADS Airbus).
                Technical assistance team "Duplication A380" and exploitation.
                Tools based REXX procedures. Assistance debbuging CICS.
                Environment: Host IBM, DB2, REXX/JCL/COBOL, TSO/ISPF/CICS, CA7. RACF.

01-01 / 02-01   On behalf of INFORSUD (Crédit Agricole).
                On behalf CGBI (Compagnie Générale Bancaire Informatique).
                CICS and training PACBASE for a group of 20 trainees bac +5. Business awareness,
                opportunities and long-term vision. Contribution of culture production. Economic
                approach to computer business. Understanding of banking and its specific computer.
                Technical tricks and shortcuts.
                Environment: Cobol I et II, MVS, CICS, DB2, Pacbase, TSO, VSAM, Roscoe,
                Librarian, BMS, SDF2.

05-00 / 01-02   On behalf of CARSO (6 “Banques Populaires” Southwest).
                Mission DBA team "system" of the following RDBMS brands :
                DB2 MVS (Change Manager, PDA, Platinum products).
                DB2/2 (NT, OS2, Midleware Client-Server) and propagation to servers.
                ORACLE (NT, OS2, midleware Client-Server), Storage Manager.
                Implementation of Web Patrol for Oracle DBA (BMC) in client-server mode.
                TERADATA (Unix), BTEQ, Teradata Manager, Winddi.
                Consideration, ventilation and troubleshooting of production under Remedy Action
                Request System (ARS Oracle).
                -> Incident tracking problems in the ARS application, software and hardware
                architecture ID (distributed) and IC (central).
                Coordination and anticipation of actions and actors to be involved to avoid the
                - licence / passwords
                - buildup level / version and nesting software layers / hardware future
                - immediate or delayed resolution of incidents (emergency and breakdown in the
                organizational process or project)
                Technology watch in operational / project on the application portfolio, software and
                hardware around the DBMS offers (NCR Teradata, in particular).
                General Technical Assistance , IMS, CICS, DLI, DB2, ORACLE, TERADATA
                RDBMS ../...
                Tuning, performance monitoring. Support studies and data warehouse users.
                User-supplier relationships.
                Technical rocking Euro (production team).
                Environment: Host HDS, DB2, ORACLE, TERADATA, MVS/NT/OS2,

02-00 / 04-00   On behalf of CARSO (Banques Populaires).
                On behalf of BPQA (Quercy Agen).
                Project manager Studies "Alodis".
                DB2 data management server of the call center of Cahors. Proposals, negotiations,
                specifications, implementation of a client / server solution OS2-DB2-NT sustainable
                for the call center of Cahors functional regression without removing the server
                Infocentre attached.
                Migration and DB2 data structures. Changes in batch REXX procedures. Mock PC /
                Server. Developed and tested. Production. Followed. Piloting. Meetings. Organization.
                Relationship. Reports. Communications.
                On behalf of six BPs (BPSO, BPQA, BPTA, PCBs, BPCA, BPTP) with BPSO
                driver. Project manager Studies "ETEBAC3 / 5".
                Implementation of a secure file sending accounting banking-PAD-modem access via
                tools TRANSPAC SAGE / MISMO (EDI, Electronic Data Interchange) to the host-
                HDS/MVS and vice versa.
                Security cards (RSA/DES). Two key cryptography.
                Supplier and customer relationships ((BRED, SAGE, MISMO, BPSO pilote + 5 BPs,
                Modelling and parameterization of PC (NT) and host HDS / MVS (Management of
                subscribers under CICS / VSAM). Developed and tested. Production.
                Followed. Piloting. Meetings. Organization. Relationship. Reports. Communications.
                Environment: Host HDS, DB2, MVS/NT/OS2, REXX/JCL/COBOL, TSO/ISPF/CICS.

07-99 / 12-99   On behalf of Aerospatiale (EADS Airbus).
                Assistance in implementation "MSN2000" on behalf of BDI / BTE.
                (enlargement of tables and indices of production aircraft).
                Writing REXX procedures to automate processing of codes (transcoding Cobol / JCL)
                and account reports. Writing REXX procedures daily supply of a DB2 repository to use
                SQL as a tool for investigations in cross-references for sensitive treatment.
                Technical assistance "AN2000 Passage" to the central site M88.
                Studies and analysis, corrections, and developed tests of cross-cutting programs in
                editing reports of treatments (reports) on the machine AN2000 (system date ahead
                Environment: Host IBM, DB2, MVS, REXX/JCL/COBOL, TSO/ISPF. RACF.

07-98 / 01-99   On behalf of Aerospatiale (EADS Airbus) BDI / BTE
                Project Manager "Recipe GEC", Research Department of St Martin du Touch.
                Establishment of an environment recipe in the project to parallel development of
                applications in production and design office for the Airbus aircraft (A300, 318, 19, 20,
                30, 40, Beluga). Support treatment for calculating validity (GEC = validation bundles
                of plans to manufacture aircraft in the areas GILDA-ECDB-CIRCE).
                Consideration of user needs.
                Writing a specification of organizational and work methodology based on a study of
                the existing (DB2/DLI/CICS).
                Stakeholder relationships and contractual commitments.
                Technical Implementation (BMC / CM / PDA / REXX / CLIST / JCL).
                Validations. Reports. Meetings. Monitoring, relational training.

                Environment: Host IBM, DB2, MVS, CICS, TSO, BMC/CM, PDA. RACF.

Juillet 1998    Silogic (Production project manager)

01-90 / 06-98   On behalf of INFORSUD and Crédit Agricole.
                Analysis, design, development, testing, recipes, pre-production, developed, put into
                production, data migration, product integration, core systems software (SAS EDI
                security / encryption mainframe).
                Maintenance of banking applications for managing credit for CRCAM the Tarn,
                Aveyron, Lozère and the Tarn and Garonne.
                Administration of projects (PMW) fusion CR South Alliance.
                Integration software in the customer information system CR12.
                Assistance and warranty mounted version (EUCLIDE -> EXACAM).
                Subcontracting assistance qualities and actions (value and awareness).
                Production automation and security (APM SAMS and DISK).
                Installation and administration of products central system (SAS, DISK SAMS).

                Environment: Cobol I et II, MVS, CICS, DL1, Datacom, DB2, Pacbase, TSO, VSAM,
                Roscoe, Librarian, Windows NT/95 4.0, Pack Office. RACF.

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