Articulation Agreement and Transfer Guide by jayjkayelle


									                                   Bucks County Community College
                                          Drexel University

                                      Engineering Transfer Guide

Bucks County Community College:                   Drexel University Engineering Programs:
Engineering (A.A.)                                Architectural Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil
                                                  Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical
                                                  Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Materials Engineering,
                                                  Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering

Community College Course                           Sem    Drexel University Equivalent Course               Qtr
                                                   Cr                                                       Cr
First Semester
CHEM121 Chemistry I                                4      CHEM 101 General Chemistry I                      3.5
COMP110 English Composition I                      3      ENGL 101 Expository Writing and Reading           3
MATH140 Calculus I                                 4      MATH 121 Calculus I                               4
Personal Health - HLTH 103, 120,130, or            3      HLTH courses transfer as Free Elective;           4.5
PSYC 125 (Drexel recommends PSYC 125)                     PSYC 125 transfers as a Liberal Studies
Second Semester
CHEM122 Chemistry II                               4      CHEM 102 General Chemistry II                     4
COMP111 English Composition II                     3      ENGL 102 Persuasive Writing and Reading           3
                                                          ENGL 103 Analytical Writing and Reading           3
MATH141 Calculus II                                4      MATH 122 and 123 Calculus II and III              8
PHYS121 Physics I                                  4      PHYS 101 Fundamentals of Physics I                4
Third Semester
PHYS112 Engineering Graphics                       3      ENGR 101 Engineering Design Lab I                 2
PHYS122 Physics II                                 4      PHYS 102 & 201 Fundamentals of Physics II         8
                                                          & III
Engineering Elective (MATH242 Calculus             3      MATH 200 Multivariate Calculus                    4
III required by Drexel)
Computer Programming                               3      ENGR 102 Engineering Design Lab II                2
(Drexel recommends CISC115 Comp Sci I or
CISC210 Programming in C++)
Cultural Perspectives (Any choice will transfer    3      Liberal Studies Elective                          4.5
to Drexel as a Liberal Studies elective)
Fourth Semester
COMM110 Effective Speaking                         3      COM 230 Techniques of Speech                      3
Engineering Electives                              6
MATH250 Differential Equations                            MATH 210 Differential Equations                   4
(required by Drexel)
MATH260 Linear Algebra (required by                       MATH 201 Linear Algebra                           4
Drexel for all Engineering majors except CS
and SE)
INTG285 Integration of Knowledge                   3      Liberal Studies Elective                          4.5
Social Perspectives - Choose:                      3      Drexel strongly recommends students               4
ECON111 Principles of Econ (Macro)                        complete ECON 111 which will transfer as
                                                          ECON 202 Macroeconomics

Revised: 2009
For updated course equivalencies, check .
Important Points to Remember
This transfer guide has been developed to facilitate the transfer of credit from Bucks County Community College
to Drexel University. The information in this transfer guide is subject to change based on curriculum updates from
either institution. Following this guide does not guarantee admission into Drexel University. Students are strongly
recommended to consult with an academic advisor or counselor when using this guide and to check periodically
for updated information.

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