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					         June 2008
         Singapore American Newspaper

                                        Culture                               Biggest 4th of July Celebration in Singapore!

                                        CRaelene Tan

                Children’s Thoughts
         Children’s Day is celebrated      like Singapore because it is
         in many countries, usually in     beautiful, with so many trees
         June on the first day of the      and flowers. It is also peace-
         month or on the second Sun-       ful and calm at night, so
         day. Traced back to the mid-      quiet. The neat thing about
         1800s, it gained momentum         Singapore is that, even in
         in America in the early 1900s     winter, it is still hot, because
         with religious services dedi-     Singapore is close to the
         cated to children, encourag-      equator.”
         ing them to live meaningful
         lives.                            The children of another fam-
                                           ily also shared their positive
         In acknowledging our pre-         thoughts. Rebecca, age 10,
         cious children, let us peek       born in Hartford, Connecti-
         into some of their thoughts       cut, the oldest child of Deb-
         on living in Singapore.           bie and Brian Eisenach, has
                                           lived here for three years.
         Philip, age 12, is the oldest     Rebecca explained, “I like
         son of Caroline and Steve         Singapore most because of            Check for details
         Faris. Born in San Mateo,         the traveling. I have been
         California, he and his fam-       to over 30 cities. I like my
         ily have lived here for eight     school because it is interna-
         years. Philip shared, “I like     tional and represents over 73
         Singapore because I have          countries. The teachers are
         lots of good friends and we       very nice just like the stu-
         have fun together. Singapore      dents. We learn by the I.B.
         is also an easy and safe place    program. I miss my friends
         to get around. I can eas-         and family, but other than
         ily get to the movie-theater      that I love Singapore.”
         or Orchard Road. I also like
         Asian food, especially dump-      Eight year old Jacob, Rebec-
         lings at hawker-centers. Be-      ca’s brother, was also born
         cause it’s warm here, I love      in Connecticut. Jacob men-
         jumping into cool swimming-       tioned, “I love my school, my
         pools at the American Club or     friends from India, Japan and
         friends’ houses.”                 Israel and also traveling.”
                                           He also enjoys ANZA soccer
         Stephen, age ten, is Philip’s     where, once or twice weekly,
         brother. Born in Singapore,       he plays forward on the Vi-
         he has also lived in Austin,      kings.
         Texas. Stephen said, “Sin-
         gapore is safe. People are        Their seven year old sister
         friendly. They say, ‘Hi!’ on      Lizzie, also Connecticut born,
         the streets. There are a lot      divulged, “I love school, my
         of fun places for kids to go —    teacher, The American Club
         Climb Adventure, Snow City,       where I like bowling, the Brit-
         Fuji Ice Palace, the beach        ish Club, school concerts and
         and Bukit Timah Nature. Sin-      our helper Jo.”
         gapore has different kinds of
         tasty food like Mexican and       Making our little ones, be
         Italian, as well as specialties   they our children, grand-
         such as dumplings and char        children, other relatives, or
         siew rice, which is one of my     friends, feel secure and loved
         favorites.”                       is a privilege. Children’s Day
                                           is a perfect occasion to hap-
         Their sister Juliet, age seven,   pily reinforce that message
         was born in Austin, Texas         to them.
         and moved here at age nine
         months. She expressed, “I

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                               June 2008
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Singapore American Newspaper


         Summer Reading

         I  n 1964, Shel Silverstein
            wrote and illustrated his rst
         book of children’s poetry and
                                                                   M     aking a bow and arrow.
                                                                         Learning to juggle. Writ-
                                                                   ing in invisible ink. These are
                                                                                                                            Things to Do has something
                                                                                                                            fun for everyone.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Pocket Daring Book for Girls:
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Things to Do has many diverse
                                                                                                                                                                                                    activities and offers something
         titled it Uncle Shelby’s Zoo. In                          all things boys did before the                           But what if you are a girl with                                         for everyone.
         March of this year, the poems                             Internet and video games                                 nothing to do? Not to worry
         were reissued and renamed                                 swooped in and took over.                                — there is The Pocket Daring                                            So if boys or girls need some-
         Don’t Bump the Glump! And                                 More of these old-fashioned                              Book for Girls: Things to Do                                            thing to do one afternoon, The
         Other Fantasies. Inside this                              activities can be found in The                           by Andrea J. Buchanan and                                               Pocket Dangerous Book for
         book is a zoo full of whacky,                             Pocket Dangerous Book for                                Miriam Peskowitz. This book,                                            Boys: Things to Do and The
           ctional creatures, including                            Boys: Things to Do by Conn                               like The Pocket Dangerous                                               Pocket Daring Book for Girls:
         the Gritchen, the Flying Fes-                             and Hal Iggulden. This is a                              Book for Boys, is also port-                                            Things to Do are the perfect
         toon, and the Quick-Digestng                              portable pocket book for boys,                           able and provides inspiration                                           survival guides.
         Ginnit. Combining his im-                                 full of adventurous and en-                              for girls who are bored out
         agination and sense of humor,                             joyable activities. It contains                          of their minds. Its activities                                          Available in major bookstores.
         Silverstein puts together an                              mischievous and rebellious                               include sleep outs, setting up                                          Each book priced at $16.90,
         extremely playful and enter-                              activities without suggesting                            a lemonade stand, and play-                                             excluding GST.
         taining read for young children,                          anything life-threatening or                             ing tetherball. The title The
         with watercolor illustrations                             overly dangerous. The book is                            Pocket Daring Book for Girls:
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Don’t Bump the Glump!
         that only add to the fun. Avail-                          appropriate and fun for boys of                          Things to Do is appropriate for
         able again after three decades,                           all ages and contains a vari-                            this book because many of the                                            and Other Fantasies, The
         this collection of forty- ve po-                          ety of activities, from making                           activities listed in it are ven-                                           Pocket Dangerous Book
         ems will not disappoint Silver-                           paper airplanes to building a                            turesome (how to ride a skate-
         stein fans.                                               tree house. Whether you are                              board), and daring girls enjoy                                            for Boys, and the Pocket
                                                                   a brainy male, an athletic boy,                          doing venturesome and chal-                                                   Daring Book for Girls
         Available in major bookstores                             or a rebellious lad, The Pocket                          lenging things. Like The Pocket
         for $29, excluding GST.                                   Dangerous Book for Boys:                                 Dangerous Book for Boys, The
                                                                                                                                                                                                     reviewed by Caroline Hui.

                                                    ISS             INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL SINGAPORE
                                                                        Website:       Email:
                    ISS International School Singapore was founded in 1981 to serve the expatriate community in Singapore. As educators, our focus is to nurture
                    every child to develop his or her maximum potential. ISS also places strong emphasis on holistic learning, focusing on every student’s personal
                    and social development – generating remarkable qualities like self-confidence and leadership.                                                                                             Advertising
                    Core Features:
                •   An authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. One of the first in Singapore to provide the full IB program for Elementary School
                    through to High School (Kindergarten to Grade 12, incorporating PYP, MYP and IB Diploma). This is a highly prestigious international program
                    that combines the best education systems from around the world.

                •   A comprehensive and established international curriculum including the American High School Diploma, is taught by highly qualified teachers                                        Valerie Tietjen,
                    from around the world, catering to the diverse needs of our international community.

                •   Fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), USA and registered with The Ministry of Education in
                                                                                                                                                           ASS OCIA
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                •   English Language Support (ELS) program for English as a Second Language learners.



                                                                                                                                                                                   Accredited by:
                                                                                                                               SCHOOL                                               WASC


                •   Pre-School available.                                                                                                           O

                                                                                                                                                        LS            L   L
                                                                                                                                                             AND   CO

              Elementary & Middle School
              25 Paterson Road, Singapore 238510 Tel: (65) 6235 5844 Fax: (65) 6732 5701
                                                                                            High School
                                                                                            21 Preston Road, Singapore 109355 Tel: (65) 6475 4188 Fax: (65) 6273 7065

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         June 2008
         Singapore American Newspaper

         Summer Reading
         The Fortune Cookie Chronicles:
         Adventures in the World of Chinese Food
         by Jennifer 8 Lee
         Reviewed by Edmund W. Sim
         A   fter arriving in Singapore,
             the average American
         looks for Chinese food. Yet
                                             legislation that led to their
                                             shifting to Chinese restaurants
                                             and laundries (and the inven-
         instead of the familiar sweet       tion of chop suey), the surpris-
         and sour pork, beef with broc-      ing link between the World
         coli, General Tso’s chicken and     War II internment of Japanese
         of course the fortune cookie        Americans and the origin of
         for dessert, a visit to the local   fortune cookies, and the open-
         food court leads to new and         source, free-form world of the
         unfamiliar dishes like Hok-         Fujianese who largely run and
         kien mee, kway chap, Hainan         work in today’s Chinese res-
         chicken rice and chendol for        taurants in America, but with
         dessert.                            the same Chinese zodiac-pic-
                                             tured menus offering the same
         Soon you discover the joy           (more or less) dishes in small
         of these wonderful Chinese          towns, suburbs and urban
         dishes as well as other local       downtowns.
         delights. Then you wonder
         where heck did the Chinese          Lee even goes on a global
         food back home come from?           journey to nd “the great-
         My mother owned a Chinese           est Chinese restaurant in the
         restaurant for a while and I        world.” This takes her to obvi-
         have countless relatives in the     ous places such as London,
         Chinese restaurant business,        New York and Sydney, but also
         but I too could never gure out      to less obvious places such as
         who General Tso was, or how         Mauritius, Lima and Mumbai.
         did they get those fortunes         Lee stops by Singapore to visit
         inside the cookie?                  Andrew Tijoe’s My Humble
                                             House, which gets strong sup-
         The Fortune Cookie Chronicles       port for the title, but eventu-
         by Jennifer 8 Lee (not a typo;      ally loses out on a technicality.
         the number 8 signi ed good
         luck to her Chinese immigrant       At the end of the journey, the
         parents), a New York Times re-      reader learns how Chinese
         porter, is a fun and fast paced     food and culture have ben-
         journey through the world of        e ted from the interaction with
         Chinese food in America and         American culinary and cul-
         elsewhere. Starting with a          tural norms, and how America
         massive Powerball lottery pay-      eventually re-exported the
         out resulting from many punt-       resulting product back to Asia
         ers playing the same combina-       and the world. This is a de nite
         tion from a fortune cookie, Lee     must-read for the foodie, but
         conducts a food archaeological      also for those interested in the
         expedition on several staples,      mish-mash of cultures that is
         such as chop suey, General          America.
         Tso’s chicken, and of course,
         the fortune cookie.                 Available at Border’s for
         Along the way Lee takes the
         reader on more serious topics       Edmund W. Sim is an interna-
         in Asian American history and       tional trade lawyer with Hunton
         sociology, such as the original     & Williams, a US law rm, and
         Chinese manual laborers in          has lived in Singapore since
         the 1800s and the anti-Asian        1997.

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                                                                                                                                                     June 2008
                                                                                                                                   Singapore American Newspaper

         Hits and Misses
         by Laura Coulter
         With the numerous drinking                 *Tuck Shop — this is a gem
         and eating joints around town,             hidden on Tanjong Pagar Road.
         a girl can feel overwhelmed                I’ve been 8 times in ‘08! The
         about where to go. Here are 8              steak sandwiches, sh and
         hits and 8 misses (being 2008              chips and 1-1 happy hour on
         and all) I’ve gleaned from ex-             beer, spirits and WINE make it
         perience in the rst half of the            a keeper. The singer’s cute too!
                                                    *Wine Network — amongst
                                                    all the obnoxious new bars
          The Hits:                                 popping out of the jungle on
                                                    Dempsey, there is the Wine
         *Brewerkz, Cafe Iguana                     Network with its huge wine
         and Wine Garage — all                      menu, affordable prices, de-
         owned and run by the same                  cent food offerings, good serv-
         company, these places are                  ice and water by the jug.
         continuous hits! Good service,
         menu knowledge, clean, ef -                *Morton’s — the best place
                                                                                       sandwiches to go on the side      *Clinic — you must be seri-
         cient and excellent happy hour             in town for martinis; icy cold,
                                                                                       and good service                  ously sick to go here; bad
         promotions.                                excellent price, tasty steak
                                                                                                                         taste, bad prices…I feel ill just
                                                                                       *Wala Wala’s — one of the         thinking about it.
                                                                                       best offerings in Holland V;
                                                                                       always buys, capable staff with   *China One — Be careful
                                                                                       a decent happy hour               here…the extra long waiting

                                                 Martini of the                                                          time for your change is a clev-
                 Laura Coulter
         Girl About Town

                                                                                       *Harry’s — a bit like McDon-      er ruse for you to forget that
                                                                                       ald’s in that they are every-     you had change coming, which
                                                 Month                                 where, serving the same thing     the bartenders then pocket.
                                                                                       — with the same decor and         Stay at the bar, don’t move

                                                                                       menu, but if you see one, you     and don’t be sloshed when or-
                                                                                       know what you are getting,        dering your drink and you may
                                                                                       with no surprises. That can be    get the $30 owing you back.
                                                                                       just the thing after a long day
                                                                                       or in the middle of the day,      *Oosh — Needs to actually

                                                 Lychee Martini                        since the happy hour starts at
                                                                                                                         train their staff. “House spirits”
                                                                                                                         isn’t the correct answer for the
                                                                                                                         specialty cocktails, unless they
                                                                                       *Mezza 9 — they’ve added a        include a dash of ghosts. Need
              This is a very berry month and with all the fresh fruit                  cool happy hour, the martini      some extra crackers for the
                                                                                       list is long and they are well-   cheese platter? It will be $3.50
              available in Singapore, you can whip up an amazing
                                                                                       made. The nuts are tasty, the     for ten water crackers. I’d
              array of muddled cocktails, freshly squeezed juice
                                                                                       atmosphere is elegant, the        rather have a chicken rice from
              based concoctions and fresh garnish galore. On the                       service is attentive.             an uncle with no teeth, thanks.
              other hand, if you don’t have time to juice ten pounds
              of fruit every morning for breakfast or stockpile an-                    *Your Own Pool! Chances           *Insomnia — yes, the band
              ything fresh — don’t despair. The lychee martini is                      are high you have a gorgeous      plays late, but no, there’s no
              idiot proof and you can use canned fruit!                                swimming pool with chairs and     drink discount and they won’t
                                                                                       a table next to it. Take advan-   give you any water. You are
                                         Lychee Martini                                tage of it because the next       invited to take your own plas-
                                                                                       thing you know, you could be      tic bottle to the bathroom and
                                            2 ounces vodka                             stuck in Saskatchewan in the        ll it up instead of being given
                                  Lychee syrup from the can, to taste                  winter. Brrr! Bring your duty-    water, in a glass, from the bar.
                                         1 ounce Lychee juice                          free down, call your friends
                                                                                       around, send out for ice and      *Red Dot Brewery — new,
                                 Lychee for garnish — fresh or canned
                                                                                       pizza and you’ve got a good       with a hip location, but again,
                                                                                       night ahead of you.               needs to train their staff to be
              Alternatively, you can add lychee liquor (more
                                                                                                                         a bit more on the ball. The 45-
              booze)!                                                                                                    minute wait time for the check

              Add vodka, ice and syrup into your shaker and give it
                                                                                       The Misses:                       made the night a bit long.

              a whirl. Add syrup to taste — be careful as the vodka                    *Hacienda - points for nice       *Giraffe — the bathrooms are
              can be deceiving. I know many a girl who has wob-                        atmosphere but it’s too bad       appalling and there’s no wa-
              bled in her heels after a few of these.                                  you can’t get a well-made         ter served. Ever. To anyone.
                                                                                       drink with any alcohol actually   Maybe that’s part of the reason
              It’s an impressive nish with a few lychees on a tooth-                   in it, despite paying through     that there’s no one there. Ever.
              pick and everyone enjoys the taste of these!                             the nose for it. And, where is
                                                                                       the waiter?!

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         June 2008
         Singapore American Newspaper

         The Way We Eat
         by Andrea Bornschlegel
         Eating is different in Singapore.                                                                     bother? Head to Cuppage Plaza
         I’m not just talking about Singa-                                                                     — my favorite is (redacted), which
         pore’s well-known focus on food,                                                                      I refuse to mention since reserva-
         or the use of the spoon as the                                                                        tions are already a must.
         primary eating utensil, or even the
         peculiar lack of napkins. It’s some-                                                                  5. International buffet: Again,
         thing more basic, about seeking                                                                       not particularly Asian, but so read-
         out a particular food rather than                                                                     ily available, such a part of Singers
         a particular restaurant, especially                                                                   ex-pat culture, and so delightful
         when you’re new to Singapore.                                                                         that the “eat all you can” experi-
                                                                                                               ence has to be on the list. Enjoy
         As a general rule, when people                                                                        Sunday brunch with free ow of
         talk about eating in a new destina-                                                                   champagne, live large at The Line,
         tion, they talk about speci c res-                                                                    do it up for dinner — you’ve got to
         taurants — you’ve got to try this                                                                     splash out at least once (or once
         seafood place, that pizzeria, the                                                                     per year, or once per quarter…).
         tacqueria on that corner. But when                                                                    Sunday buffet note: some places
         I moved to Singapore, it seemed                                                                       now limit your stay to a couple of
         to be about trying particular                                                                         hours so they can t in two seat-
         dishes: have you had popiah? You                                                                      ings; check it out in advance if
         have to try murtabak. Get a soursop juice,      at your table, with which you can indicate    your goal is to hang out for half the day.
         don’t miss the laksa, have some chili crab,     “keep it coming” or “taking a esh break,      There are mid-market options around as
         and sop up the gravy with a mun tou bun.        thanks.”                                      well (Straits Café at Rendezvous Hotel,
         Where? Any number of places, doesn’t re-                                                      Marché), for when you’re in the mood to
         ally matter, all good lah.                      8. Conveyor belt sushi: ‘Round and            binge without the splurge (champagne not
                                                         around she goes, where she stops…well,        included, alas).
         Yes, of course this happens elsewhere with      not stopping is half the fun, right? And if
         speci c foods — the paella in Spain and         you’re not a sushi fan, you can get all the   4. Indonesian rice table (rijstaffel):
         the lobster in Maine are musts, of course.      fun of conveyor belt eating at Aiwo in Raf-   I suppose this is essentially just another
         But isn’t the list a lot longer in Singapore?    es City, which features healthy food on      form of buffet, but it’s a huge variety of
         There’s chicken rice, sh head curry, char       small plates.                                 tastes within the same cuisine, served
         kway teow, rojak, carrot cake, bak kut                                                        at your table, an a array of 15-20 small
         teh, bak kwa, otak-otak, kaya toast, nasi       7. Banana leaf: There are a couple of big     dishes served at your table…yum. True
         lemak, nasi goreng, pisang goreng — all         names in eating off a banana leaf, but you    confession: I haven’t yet had this in Sin-
         die-die, must try. Even that phrase itself      should also try wandering the streets of      gapore, only in Amsterdam — still on my
         is from a food guidebook (Makansutra)           little India to nd a smaller, more charm-     to-do list here!
         organized by type of food — perfect for         ing restaurant, like one with no other ang
         Singapore; not sure I’ve ever seen one          mohs (this is not a hard task!). Hands        3. Chinese banquet: An absolute classic
         elsewhere.                                      (right hand only, close to your ngertips)     — always best on the company dime, with
                                                         or cutlery — either way you go, enjoy the     a local doing the ordering — but if you
         The more I get to know Singapore food,          re lls ladled from a bucket, and fold your    don’t start with Peking duck rolls, with the
         the more I’ve also noticed — and love —         leaf front-to-back to signal you’re done.     play of the fatty-salty-crispy skin against
         the different ways of eating. I don’t just      (Try the ginger chicken at Gandhi on          a dollop of plum sauce, you don’t have the
         mean the myriad hawker centers and food         Chander Road.                                 right person deciding on the meal. The
         stalls, which are delicious, cheap, and                                                       rest of the duck shows up later, probably
         charming (just squint past the grime). It’s                                                   in a black pepper sauce, along with ump-
         the different experiences, and even physi-      6. Skewers: Why is eating a meal served       teen other courses. Sit back and indulge.
         cal ways of eating, which make Singapore        entirely on skewers so much fun? Satay
         food so fun. Here are my Top 10:                is the obvious form here, but a Japanese      2. Crab feast: Chili crab, black pepper
                                                         kushiyaki (aka sumiyaki) restaurant brings    crab, white pepper crab, ginger and spring
         10. Dim Sum: Standards like Crystal             the experience to a whole new level. From     onion — which is your favorite? Make sure
         Jade, Din Tai Fung, and tea houses have         whole sh to perfectly seasoned chicken        those new to the experience get one of
         their place, but the real fun of dim sum        balls, foie gras to eggplant, lamb chops      the big claws for maximum return on ef-
         (sometimes spelled “tim sum”) comes             to apple wrapped in pork belly. Non-          fort. Pick an East Coast joint, dine river-
         with trying to communicate with aunt-           skewered food is also available, but why      side on one of the quays, or hunt down
         ies traveling around the room                                                                          a food stall choice in a heartland
         with carts, pointing at food, get-                                                                     area. Add a side of vegetables, a
         ting odd-textured morsels, asking                                                                      steamed sh, cereal prawns, mun
         people at the table next to you the                                                                    tou — be careful, or you end up
         name of their tasty-looking bao,                                                                       back under “Chinese banquet” ter-
         endless cups of tea, and a bill of                                                                     ritory rather than the crab-aganza
         $12 per person at the end. Gold                                                                        you were after.
         standard: Red Star on Chin Swee
         Road.                                                                                                 And, the Number One “fun way to
                                                                                                               eat” in Singapore…
         9. Churrascaria: So absolutely
         not Asian, but more easily avail-                                                                     1. Steamboat: The ultimate in
         able in Singapore than most metro                                                                     participatory eating, and a favorite
         areas of the United States. A pa-                                                                     of every visitor we’ve had. The
         rade of men slicing meat off skew-                                                                    factors which elevate the experi-
         ers directly onto your plate, plus                                                                    ence for me are a) “twin steam-
         a buffet of side dishes, topped off                                                                   boat,” with a double-sided pot so
         with grilled banana or pineapple.                                                                     you can have a spicy broth and a
         What’s not to like? A key feature
         to look for is a green/red marker                                                                                   continued on page 36

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                                                                                                                                                      June 2008
                                                                                                                                    Singapore American Newspaper

         The Way We Eat
         continued from page 35

                                                                                                       Shark Extinction
         plainer one, b) creating your
         own dipping sauce; sesame-
                                                        for which my favorite will go
                                                        unnamed, sorry!).
                                                                                                      Statistics Revealed
         chili-garlic-cilantro-soy-vinegar                                                                                 cluding sharks in the Gulf of
         for me (yum), and c) choosing                  Whew — and I didn’t even get       A visiting speaker from Cana-   Thailand².
         your meat, seafood, noodles                    to fondue (Dempsey Road,           da-based Global Shark As-
         and veggies buffet-style so                    relatively new to Singapore),      sessment at Asia Dive Expo      Ms. Ward-Paige’s group pro-
         that you get exactly what you                  teppanyaki (Japanese chef ip-      2008 revealed shocking new      vided statistics to underwater
         want, rather than the restau-                  ping food at a tableside grill),   statistics on shark depletion    lmmaker Rob Stewart for his
         rant’s portion sizes and selec-                or robata (grill-it-yourself at     gures worldwide.                lm Sharkwater, which made
         tions. Caution: white shirts                   your table).                                                       a huge impact on Singapo-
         are not recommended. You                                                          According to Christine Ward-    rean moviegoers when it was
         can nd steamboat all over the                  So much fun with food – is it      Paige, a researcher with the    released recently.
         island, of course, but there is                any wonder a common greet-         group, the situation is ex-
         a concentration of them along                  ing heard around the island is     ceedingly                                  Said Ms. Ward-
         Liang Seah Street and Beach                    “have you eaten?”                  grim with       …sharks—imminent Paige, “What is
         Road (this is another category                                                    shark popula-                              not realised is
                                                                                           tions globally extinction of the           that Sharkwater is
                                                                                           being driven species within ten to actually now more
                                            American Red Cross
             SASSI                              Certified Courses
                                                                                           to the verge
                                                                                           of extinction
                                                                                                                                      than two years
                                                                                                             fteen years at the old and, since it
                                                                                           mainly by the present rates of             was produced,
                                  CPR/AED & First Aid                                      highly pro t-                              shark popula-
                                 School - Community - Workplace
                                                                                           able prac-      decline.                   tions around the
                                                                                           tice of shark                              world have further
                                     Swim Instruction                                        nning to supply Asian dinner declined dramatically”, whilst
                                       All Ages - All Levels
                            Water Safety Instructor - Lifeguard Training                   tables and wedding banquets,   at the same time demand for
                                                                                           with the principle demand      shark n (soup) has continued
                                  Tel/Fax: 6466 8598                                       coming from mainland China.    to explode in Asia.
                                                                                           Ms. Ward-Paige highlighted      Herman Ho, Managing Direc-

                                                                                           several studies by Dr. Ran-     tor of ADEX, said that re-
                                                                                           som Myers, founder of Glo-      search by top marine biolo-
                                                                                           bal Shark Assessment which      gists like Dr. Myers and the
                                               H & W INTERNATIONAL                         indicated alarming drop         Global Shark Assessment all
                                                                                           offs in global populations of   indicate the same fate for
                                                      Great                                various shark species. One      sharks — imminent extinc-
                                                    Singapore                              study¹ found that the Oceanic
                                                                                           Whitetip shark native to the
                                                                                                                           tion of the species within
                                                                                                                           ten to fteen years at the
                                                       Sale                                Gulf of Mexico had declined     present rates of decline.
                                                                                           by more than 99% since
                                                      Cheongsam                            1950. Now almost forgotten,     Speakers, conservation-
                                                                                           the species was once one of     ists and dive profession-
                                                      Golf Suit                            the most commonly caught        als at ADEX all agreed that
                                                      Causal Wear                          sharks in the region.           Asians may not need to adapt
                                                                                                                           culturally to avoid eating
                                                                                           Another study³ found that       sharks n, because in the
                                                                      off                  Pelagic (deep water, ocean)     near future that change will

                                                      Assorted Items
                                                                                           sharks in the Northwest
                                                                                           Atlantic are also in serious
                                                                                           trouble with recent declines
                                                                                                                           simply be forced upon them
                                                                                                                           by the complete eradication
                                                                                                                           of the species due to illegal
                                                                                           ranging from 40% in mako          nning carried out on a mas-
                                                                                           sharks up to almost 90% in      sive scale. The removal of a
                                                                                           hammerhead sharks. In a         culturally important practice
                                                 Tel:                                      third study, Dr. Myer’s found
                                                                                           a 90% decline globally in the
                                                                                           world’s predatory sh, in-                continued on page 42

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         June 2008
         Singapore American Newspaper


           Environmental Truth or Dare                                                                           Certificate Program
                                                                                       Education of Young Children with Special Needs (3-5 years)

                                                                                    From the University of Minnesota's globally-recognized Center for Early Education and Development
                                                                                    (CEED), this module-based certificate program focuses on early intervention for children with special
                                                                                    needs in inclusive education settings. For over thirty years, through research, training and outreach,
                                                                                    the faculty at the Center for Early Childhood Education have been dedicated to improving the
                                                                                    development of children with special needs around the world, including ASEAN Region.
                                                                                    The content of the certificate modules will provide educators with a foundation to lead and
                                                                                    manage high quality early childhood programs. Research-based international best practices
                                                                                    will be integrated in each module. Adult learning philosophies and strategies will be integrated throughout
                                                                                    each instructional module and will provide opportunities for applied practice and feedback.
                                                                                    The content of each module will be adapted to the Singapore educational context. Instruction will be
                                                                                    provided by recognized experts in the field of early childhood education. Presenters include
                                                                                    Dr Carol Leitschuh, Dr Christopher L. Watson, Dr Shelley Neilsen Gatti, Dr Theresa L. Estrem and
                                                                                    Dr Lillian K. Duran.
                                                                                    Who should sign up:
                                                                                    • Directors of early childhood programs
                                                                                    • New & experienced early childhood teachers

                                   by Claudia Krogmeier                             • Special needs officers working in early childhood programs
                                                                                    • Pastoral care/community agency personnel working with young families with special needs

                                              Grade 5
                                                                                    Program Structure:
                                                                                    • Program starts June 2008
                                                                                    • Total 5 modules (1 module every alternate month). 12 hours for each module with lectures

                                        United World College                          on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

                                                                                    Module 1: Introduction to Education for Young Children with Special Needs
                                          South East Asia                           Module 2: Early Childhood Assessment/Linking Assessment to Instruction
                                                                                    Module 3: Infant & Early Childhood Social Emotional Development and
                                                                                              Challenging Behavior
                                                                                    Module 4: Typical and Atypical Motor Development
           At UWCSEA in Grade 5 every               TRUTH: How many water           Module 5: Autism in Early Childhood
           year as a graduation of the              bottles have you thrown
           PYP Unit we demonstrate our              away this week?                             Call us or visit our website for more information
           work at an annual exhibi-                                                                      Center for American Education
           tion. Every year there is a              TRUTH: Do you get in a car                            12 Prince Edward Road, #01-03 Podium A, Bestway Building, Singapore 079212
                                                                                                          (Opp MAS Building, near Tanjong Pagar MRT)
           different topic that is chosen           or taxi before you even                               Tel : (65) 6223 4566 Fax : (65) 6223 4533 Website:
           for us. This year we’re doing            consider waking or riding a                           A member of the ISS Education Group (incorporated since 1981) with subsidiaries in Singapore and Beijing.

           consumerism and its effects              bike?
           on people and the planet.
           These exhibitions are taken              TRUTH: Did you turn off the
           very seriously and planned               water when you brushed
           carefully for months. We’re              your teeth today?
           encouraged to come up
           with different and out-of-               TRUTH: Do you turn off the
           the-box ideas that have to               lights when you walk out of
           do with the subject. There               your bedroom?
           are models, games, post-
           ers, brochures, storyboards,             DARE: The next time you
           songs, power point presen-               boil water, I dare you to use
           tations, mini-movies, etc.; all          a smaller pot so you don’t
           have something to do with                waste as much water.
           our subject. Each classroom
           spends a lot of time decorat-            DARE: I dare you to plant
           ing their class. My classroom            a tree, ower or shrub this
           will have almost life-sized              week and give back some
           energy ef cient wind tur-                oxygen to our planet.
           bines in the middle of the
           classroom. One of my ways                DARE: Next time you bake
           of presenting my information             anything in an oven, I dare
           and making people aware of               you not to pre-heat the oven
           their own lifestyle is an “En-           so you don’t waste 20%
           vironmental Truth or Dare                extra energy for nothing.
           Game.” Find out the TRUTH
           about your lifestyle or DARE             DARE: I dare you to unplug
           to make a change!                        al your appliances in your
                                                    house when you don’t use

           Editor’s note: Environmental Truth or Dare questions will be
           featured in the Lifestyle section during the next few months.

           Look for a review of the Grade 5 exhibition at
           UWCSEA in the July SAN.

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                                              June 2008
                            Singapore American Newspaper

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         June 2008
         Singapore American Newspaper


                            D R AG O N D I VA S 20 0 8

         Congratulations to the              their very rst victory and rst    day. The International teams         by the ladies, each team’s
         American Dragon Boat Team           set of Gold Medals.               participating were the Ameri-        objective was to try to win the
         for bringing home their rst                                           can, Canadian, German, Team          affections of the judges and
         victory! The competition was        The Dragon Divas Regatta com-     Okinawa, Australian, Kowloon,        spectators before spilling onto
         intimidating and tough. But that    prised three race categories of   British, Gaelic, and Singapore       the beach to perform their en-
         just made the triumph ever so       eleven crew teams: ten pad-       Paddle Club (SPC). With the          core. It turns out that the Ger-
         sweet.                              dlers and one steersman. Each     Australian and the Canadian          man and Canadian teams took
                                             race event was split into two     Women as traditional front-run-      this drag event to a level where
         April 26, 2008 was the 2nd          heats and a nal match also        ners in the expatriate dragon        no one could follow. Somehow,
         Annual Dragon Divas Regatta         known as the medals round.        boat community, this was a           it would not be surprising to
         and was hosted by the Ger-          The rst and second place win-     very intimidating group of com-      see the return of this event
         man Dragon Boat Team at the         ners of each heat progressed      petitors indeed. The American        category next year.
         Kallang Riverside Park in Sin-      on to the nal showdown to         Dragons were up in the rst
         gapore. This occasion brought       compete for gold, silver, or      heat and led by as much as half      Over the past year, the team
         together the ladies of the inter-   bronze medals. The third place    a boat length from start to n-       has acquired and trained a
         national dragon boat teams for       nishers moved forward by         ish. Little did the other teams      certi ed, dedicated steersman
         a day of fun and friendly con-      winning a coin toss.              realize that this was just a prel-   as well as obtained a new team
         tests and ended the day with a                                        ude of what was to come in the       coach. Additionally, the Ameri-
         rewarding BBQ and lots of beer.     The rst category and also           nal match up. In the hair-rais-    can team has increased the
         A charitable affair at the Re-      the rst race of the day was       ing nal showdown, the Ameri-         intensity of their practices. The
         gatta brought in the Singapore      the fun-mixed race. This race     can Dragons were neck and            blending of these changes with
         Association of Visually Handi-      included teams made up from       neck with the Australian, Cana-      their perseverance and rigor-
         capped. For a small fee, neck       randomly selected members         dian, German, and SPC boats          ous training has nally paid off.
         and shoulder massages, and          from each of the international    for the majority of the race.        This triumph is cherished as the
         foot re exology services were       teams. The desire being that      It was too close to tell. Then,      team looks ahead to its next
         provided and helped to support      there was at least one crew       with less than twenty meters         challenge.
         their organization.                 member from each team.            left, the American Dragons dug
                                             Orchestrated to spark and         deep and pulled ahead to take        A special thank you goes out
         Although the Divas Regatta is       nurture inter-team friendships,   the victory.                         to the American Dragons,
         meant a happy event, the com-       these contests were against                                            their families and friends for
         petition still remained daunt-      heterogeneous sets of expatri-    Our guys graciously supported        helping out in every aspect
         ing. It was expected that this      ate teams. This was as amusing    the team camaraderie by              of the event. Great Job Team
         hot Saturday afternoon in April     to watch as it was enjoyable to   participating in the particularly    America!
         would be an exciting and enter-     paddle.                           fascinating Diva’s Drag Race.
         taining day. But no one antici-                                       As the last event of the day, it          Written by Chandra Curtis
         pated that it would also become     The Inter-International Busi-     was less of a race and more of                         Vice-Captain
         a historic day in the race his-     ness Community Race was           a pageant… of sorts. Men from           American Dragon Boat Team
         tory of the American Dragon         the second race category. This    each expatriate team took to
         Boat Team. It is the day the        event pitted the International    the dragon boats and paraded          Photo courtesy of the German
         American Dragons nudged out         teams against each other and      around the Kallang River. No                         Dragons 2008
         their competitors to take home      was the premier affair of the     doubtedly in clothing donated

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                                                                                                                                        June 2008
                                                                                                                      Singapore American Newspaper



           The American Dragons have        The 2008 season began with       pore added the newest team       the line being too short for
           had a very strong start to       the SAVA MR500. It was held      in the league, the Ameri-        both boats to reach the ag
           the 2008 season, topping all     on a 500m course at Bedok        cans, rmly to their threat       simultaneously, one boat
           previous benchmarks since        Reservoir on March 8th and       categories!                      must inevitably be pulled
           the team’s founding in 2005.     9th. The team advanced                                            backwards by the sheer
           Early in the year, the team      to the semi- nals in three       So, it was with great an-        muscle power of the other in
           was proud to launch its own      out of the four categories       ticipation that the team as-     order to reach the ag.
           website at www.                  entered, and was the only        sembled for the 2nd Annual
               expat team to do so in the       Dragon Tug event, held on        With the American Dragons
           This is the public face of the   hotly contested men’s event.     May 10th at the entrance to      men’s crew going up against
           American Dragons and it has      The team’s reputation as “up     the Singapore River, near        the Australian team in the
           been very helpful in recruit-    and coming” and “a crew to       the iconic Merlion statue.         rst heat, the presssure was
           ing, in addition to the usual    watch out for” was rmly          This unique event, said to       high. All were aware that the
           word of mouth and “bring a       established.                     be the only one of its kind in   Australians won last year’s
           friend” methods.                                                  the world, is a dragon boat      Dragon Tug men’s event!
                                            Building on that strong          version of the well known        After the usual pre-race
           Team membership is at an         momentum, the American           game tug-of-war. Two 12-         anticipation, the starting
           all-time high of approxi-        Dragons captured a historic      crew boats are attached at       horn blared and both boats
           mately 40 active members,         rst gold medal champi-          the stern with a common line     were off. Within seconds, the
           and the purchase of a sec-       onship win at the wom-           which runs through an an-        line at the stern went taught
           ond boat is underway. The        en’s crew Dragon Divas           chored pulley system at the      with a wrenching jerk. The
           American Dragons are an          event on April 26th (see         starting point. Racing side        ag was still several meters
           international team and pad-      separate article for details).   by side, they must advance       away, so the American crew
           dlers at present come from       After this stunning perform-     towards a oating ag which        had to pull the Australians
           at least half a dozen nations,   ance, the other international    the leading boat’s drummer       back stroke by stroke. With
           in addition to the USA.          dragon boat teams in Singa-      must grab for victory. With
                                                                                                                      continued on page 40

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