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					Christmas Quiz – Expert

1. Imp repulsion
In Greek legend, malicious creatures called Kallikantzaroi sometimes play troublesome pranks at Christmas time. What should you do to get
rid of them?

         A) Placate them with gifts of rice pudding
         B) Burn either salt or an old shoe
         C) Sing hymns in a loud voice
         D) Throw your sandals at them

2. The merry lads of Yule
The jólasveinar, or "yule lads", are a traditional part of an Icelandic Christmas. What are they?

         A) A band of thirteen gift-giving goblins
         B) In charge of Santa's reindeer
         C) Woodcutters
         D) The best male singers from each village

3. Opening night
George Frederick Handel's great Christmas oratorio, The Messiah, was first performed in 1742. Where did the performance take place?

         A) London
         B) Dublin
         C) Vienna
         D) Jerusalem

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4. Greetings and grumbles

The first commercial Christmas card is generally agreed to have been the one shown above. The card had a hostile reception from some people.

         A) It depicted a family, children as well as adults, drinking wine
         B) A mass-produced card was felt to violate the Christmas spirit
         C) The ivy leaves bordering the design were once a pagan symbol
         D) The card's popularity raised fears of a paper shortage

5. Whence the poinsettia?
The poinsettia is a traditional Christmas flower. Where did it originally grow?

         A) Canada
         B) China
         C) Mexico
         D) Spain

6. What's in Caesar's salad?
Some people like to hide a coin or trinket in the Christmas pudding. This may have originated in the ancient custom, in Rome and elsewhere, of
concealing a particular object in food. What was it?

         A) A key
         B) A piece of parchment with a fortune written on it
         C) A ruby or sapphire
         D) A dried bean

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7. The merry Prangster
What important contribution to our Christmas customs was made by Louis Prang, who came to the USA from Germany in the 19th century?

         A) Printing the first special Christmas edition of a major magazine
         B) Being first to use an image of Santa Claus in an advertisement
         C) Publishing the first children's book featuring Santa Claus
         D) Popularizing the sending of printed Christmas cards

8. Christmas message, by George
One fairly modern Christmas ritual is the British monarch's broadcast to the people on Christmas day. The first was given by George V in
1932. Who wrote the king's speech?

         A) The king himself
         B) Children's author Enid Blyton
         C) Rudyard Kipling
         D) Sir Winston Churchill

9. Urning your keep
The "Urn of Fate" is part of the Christmas celebrations in many Italian households. What is it?

         A) A jar full of fortunes
         B) A game in which players toss coins into a cup
         C) An actual urn containing presents
         D) A special decoration that recalls the fragility of life

10. Grandfather clause
In Lithuania, if Kaledu Senelis, or Grandfather Christmas, appears to the children on Christmas Eve to hand out presents, the recipient must:

         A) Find the gift while blindfolded
         B) Guess what the gift is, or pay a forfeit
         C) Kneel to receive the gift
         D) Perform a song or poem before receiving the gift

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