Brain Injury Association of Minnesota - Mind Matters - Summer 2009

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					                                         The Association at Work
The Brain Injury Association of Minnesota’s 2009 actual yearly revenue was $3,154,867. In 2009, the Association
operated with a staff of 45 employees and a Board of Directors consisting of 23 members – representing
individuals with brain injury, family members and professionals.

Outcomes and Impacts
2009 highlights of people served by the Brain Injury Association of Minnesota’s programs and events include:
   •     Collectively, program services impacted 27,798 individuals.
   •     Volunteers contributed 9,556 hours, which is equal to approximately $202,205 in salary and approximately five full-
         time employees.
   •     Association-sponsored Public Awareness events and outreach collaborations created 40,509,584 impressions in children
         and adults throughout Minnesota.
   •     The 2009 Walk for Thought saw the participation of 2,200 individuals and $143,112 in funds raised.
   •     Sixty-three percent of the individuals served in Multicultural Outreach were referred to Resource Facilitation.
   •     Public Policy played a role in organizing 16 Town Hall forums and 554 people attending, with 44 legislators

2009 Board of Directors
Paul Godlewski, Chair – Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben,                                Sharon Larson – North Country Regional Hospital
   P.A.                                                                          Tim Martin
Andrew Kiragu, M.D. Chair Elect – Hennepin County                                Craig Martinson
   Medical Center                                                                Jim Mellor – Intelect Medical
Kate Shannon, Past Chair – Smith Barney                                          Bridget Paulson-Nagel – Functional Industries, Inc.
Veronica Anderson – Merrill Lynch                                                Russ Philstrom
Karen Bjorgan – Methodist Hospital                                               Jean Radeztsky
Dick Bloom                                                                       Tim Rundall
Alta Bruce – University of Minnesota                                             Dave Scott – HealthEast
Nick Dennen – Methodist Hospital                                                 Brian Siska
Emily Fuerste – Hennepin County Medical Center                                   Jeffrey Smigielski – Mayo Hospital
Sandy Kasprzak                                                                   Quincy Stroeing – Northwest Airlines
David Kendrick – Integrity Living Options                                        Ann Swanson – SKS Consulting Psychologists
David King – Executive Director, Brain Injury                                    Terri Traudt – Wings Financial Federal Credit Union
   Association of Minnesota                                                      Mohsin Zafar
Kathy Larson – REM Minnesota/The Mentor Network

                                                   Individual Donors
Ms. Lisa Abicht-          Ms. Marty D. Allen       Mr. Tim J. Anderson           Mr. Craig Arlington     Ms. Mary Baker                   Mr. & Ms. Luis
  Swensen                 Ms. Barbara J. Allen     Mr. Brian Anderson            Mr. Daniel Arndt        Mr. Doug Baker                     Bartolomei
Ms. Lois Abraham          Ms. Brigid Alseth        Terry Anderson                Ms. Jessica Arneson     Mr. Steve Baker                  Ms. Linda Baseman
Ms. Rosemary J.           Ms. Laurie Altman        Mr. Patrick A. Anderson       Ms. Shirley A. Arnold   Ms. Naomi G. Baker               Roven Bashier
  Acampora                Ms. Cindy P. Amey        Ms. Laura Andler              Ms. Shanna M. Askerud   Mr. James Ballentine             Mr. Matthew Battles
Ms. Emily L. Adams        Ms. Teresa A. Ampe       Mr. & Ms. Peter & Cathy       Mr. John M. Asturias    Mr. Alexander Ballutt            Ms. Emily A. Bauer
Ms. Dorothy F. Adkins     Ms. Sally Anderl            Andreasen                  Merlyn Aude             Ms. Joanne Balsimo               Ms. Susan M. Bauer
Mr. Howard Agee           Ms. Julie Anderla        Mr. & Mrs. Woodbury           Mr. Jonathan Audette    Mr. Thomas A. Bang               Mr. & Ms. Gregory &
Ms. Cherene Ahlstrom      Ms. Cheryl Frost            H. Andrews                 Ms. Joanne Aug          Mrs. Otto Bang                     Mandy Baune
Mr. Deen Ajibola            Anderson               Mr. & Ms. James &             Ms. Jo Augustine        Mr. Jeff Bangsberg               Ms. Marilyn E. Bayerl
Mr. & Mrs. Donald         Ms. Cathleen Bary           Nancy Andrews              Ms. Mavis Aussey        Ms. Barb Banitt                  Ms. Florence Bayers
  Akins                     Anderson               Ms. Beatrice Ankrah           Ms. Christy Austin      Ms. Sandra K. Barash             Ms. Katherine M.
Ms. Joan D. Albert        Mr. & Mrs. Thomas        Ms. Lori Annelle              Mr. Jack Avery          Mr. Matthew Barber                 Bazzachini
Ms. Joan Alevizos           Anderson               Ms. Jennifer Annette          Ms. Lesley Babb         Ms. Jacqueline Barclay           Mr. Jason Beaber
Mr. & Ms. Stan & Gloria   Ms. Mary C. Anderson     Mr. & Mrs. Peter W.           Ms. Katharyn Babin      Ms. Donna Barnett                Ms. Jeanne Beatty
  Alexander               Ms. Tracy Anderson          Anson                      Mr. & Ms. Bruce &       Mrs. Priscilla Barott            Ms. Linda Beauchene
Ms. Robyn Alexander       Mr. Steven P. Anderson   Mr. Jerome R. Appleby            Lucinda Backberg     Mr. Dean D. Barr                 Ms. Mabel Beaumaster
Mr. David S. Alexander    Ms. Britta Anderson      Ms. Diana Arkesteyn           Ms. Deborah Bailey      Ms. Elizabeth Barry              Ms. Teresa Bechtold
Ms. Theresa R.            Mr. Logan T. Anderson    Mr. & Mrs. Gene               Mr. Doug Bailey         Ms. Ember Bartels                Ms. Laurie Bechtold
  Alexander               Mr. Neil Anderson           Arkuszewski                Kelly E. Bain                                            Ms. Lauren Beck
                                                                                                         Mr. William J. Bartolic, III

2009 Annual Report                                                           1                                                
Ms. Elizabeth Beck         Ms. Lisa A Boyle          Mr. Joseph                    Ms. Darlene Defrang       Mr. Grant L. Endres         Ms. Victoria Forbes-
Mr. Jonathan Beck          Mr. James T. Bradt           Christopherson             Mr. Robert Degnan         Mr. Clarwin Engel              Roberts
Mr. Mikkel Beckmen         Mr. & Ms. Todd Brady      Ms. Becky Clark               Ms. Sarah A. DeJarnett    Clover Engelbert            Ms. Jennifer G. Ford
Ms. Lucy Bednar            Ms. Sandra B.             Ms. Kathryn Clark             Ms. Alice M. Delawyer     Ms. Virginia Engelhard      Ms. Mary Ford
Ms. Nanette Behnke           Braegelmann             Ms. Kathrine Clark            Rene Demel                Mr. Edward Engelhard        Ms. Sarah R. Forrester
Ms. Sharon Belak           Mr. Ron Brand & Gail      Ms. Kristine A Clark          Mr. Nicholas Dennen       Ms. Sharon Engels           Ms. Carrie Forster
Mr. Howard K. Bell           Lundeen-Brand           Mr. Rodney Clennon            Ms. Patricia A. Denney    Mr. Gary Engen              Ms. Connie A. Forster
Ms. Jonnelle Bell          Mr. & Ms. Mark & Leigh    Mr. Steven Clinton            Ms. Donna Dennis          Mr. & Mrs. Steve Engler     Mr. & Ms. Richard &
Ms. Judith Belzer & Mr.      Branovan                Mr. & Mrs. Christopher        Ms. Carolyn Densmore      Ms. Caryn Englund              Linda Forster
   Jerry Woldman           Mr. Roger Braun              Clouser                    Ms. Beth DePoint          Ms. Nancy Enselein-         Mr. Brian Foster
Ms. Jean Bender            Ms. Michelle L.           Ms. Justina Cloutier          Mr. Simit Desai              Larkin                   Ms. Lana Foster
Ms. Brita M. Bengtson        Breitsprecher           Mr. Dominic B. Coates         Mr. Bhupat N. Desai       Ms. Alanna M. Epping        Mr. Paul Foster
Ms. Catherine I. Bennett   Ms. Connie Bressler       Ms. Emily Cochran             Kelly Dettle              Mr. & Ms. Jon & Mary        Ms. Sue Ann Fox
Ms. Mary Anne Bennett      Ms. Marianna O. Brien     Ms. Lauren Code               Ms. Linda DeWitt             Erickson                 Mr. Perry Fox
Mr. & Mrs. James           Ms. Christine Brinkman    Mr. & Mrs. Douglas R.         Ms. Arlene DeWolf         Ms. Debbi Erickson          Mr. John N. Fox
   Benson                  Ms. Suzie Brockman           Coleman, Jr.               Ms. Rita C. Dexter        Ms. Margaret Erickson       Mr. Richard Franklin
Ms. Angela L. Benson       Ms. Cheryl A. Brottem     Ms. Sharyn Coleman            Ms. Jean M. Dick          Ms. Vicki L. Erickson       Ms. Kate Franklin
Ms. Jane M. Berg           Ms. Rebecca Brown         Ms. Corie Coleman             Ms. Lindsey Dickinson     Mr. Jon Erickson            Ms. Kathleen Fransen
Ms. Lavonne Berge          Mr. Thomas Bryant         Mr. Jim Collins               Mr. Jimmy M. Diedrich     Ms. Beulah erickson         Mr. Scott Franzen
Ms. Beverly Berglund       Ms. Janelle R.            Ms. Karla Collins             Ms. Christine Dingmann    Ms. Merry Jo Escher         Mr. Steven R.
Ms. Virginia Bergstrom       Bryngelson              Ms. Mary Ann Collins                                    Ms. Ashley Escher              Frederickson
                                                                                   Dr. Ann Dinius
Ms. Jo Bergstom            Ms. Marcy Buckner         Ms. Beth Collins                                        Ms. JoAnne C. Eskew         Mr. Barker French
                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Stephen
Ms. Lynne Berken           Ms. Marita Buehler        Mr. David A. Collins             Dirksen                Dr. Armantina M.            Mr. Randy Frey-
Ms. Brenda Berkenes        Mr. & Ms. Tyrone Bujold   Ms. Pamela Columbus           Ms. Bonnie Dischinger        Espinosa                    Hawkins
Ms. Kirsten Berkowitz      Ms. Jessica Bullock       Ms. Linda Comiskey            Mr. Tim D’Jock            Mr. Jordan Essen            Ms. Rhonda J. Friesen
Mr. Grant Berqual          Mr. Al Bullock            Mr. Keith Comstock            Mr. & Ms. Louis D’jock    Ms. Margaret B.             Ms. Jennifer Friesen
Mr. Glenn R. Berscheit     Mr. & Mrs. Allan L.       Ms. Kathryn Conard            Ms. Vicki L. Doehling        Esslinger                Ms. Sarah Friesen
                             Burdick                 Dr. Erwin E. Concepcion                                 Ms. Marion G. Etzwiler      Ms. Laura B. Fritz
Mr. & Ms. Bill Bertrand                                                            Ms. Diane Dokken
                           Ms. Kate Burkard          Dr. Janette Concepcion                                  Ms. Teresa Euteneuer        Ms. Rosemary Froehle
Ms. Julia A. Bertrand                                                              Mr. Peter Dolan
                           Ms. Marcy L. Burnevik     Mr. & Ms. James &                                       Mr. & Mrs. Robert M.        Ms. Emily Fuerste
Mr. Brad Berven                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Jim Dommel
                           Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Burns       Kellie Conlan                                           Evander                  Ms. Susan Fuguet
Ms. Sandra Berven                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Doug
                           Ms. Rebecca D. Bursch     Ms. Lorraine Conley              Donaldson              Ms. Audrey A. Evans         Ms. Nancy Fullerton
Ms. Lori Beseke
                           Mr. Robert H. Busch       Ms. Janice M. Connelly        Mr. & Mrs. Brad           Mr. Brian Evans             Ms. Barbara Fulton
Mr. David Birkhofer
                           Ms. Magda A. Bushara      Ms. Mary Connor                  Donaldson              Ms. Jill Evans              Ms. Lindsay Gaffke
Mr. Jeffrey S. Birkins
                           Ms. Amy Butler            Ms. Maureen Connor            Mr. & Ms. Gerald Doran    Honorable & Mrs. Doug       Mr. Howell N. Gage
Ms. Katie Bjorklund
                           Ms. Laura Bye             Mr. Michael Conway            Ms. Ann M. Doree             Ewald                    Mr. & Mrs. Mark
Ms. Sandra Bjorkman
                           Ms. Debra A. Byers        Mr. Jerret Coon               Ms. Sue Dosch             Ms. Dixie Ewing                Gallagher
Mr. Jeff Bjorkman
                           Mr. & Mrs. Dick Bylund    Ms. Marie G. Cooney           Ms. Ruth Doughty          Mr. David Faber             Ms. Kristin Gallagher
Ms. Lisa A. S. Black
                           Ms. Susan Byrd            Ms. Dee Cooper                Ms. Frida P. Douglass     Mr. & Mrs. Terry            Mr. Stephen Galvin
Ms. Carolyn India Black
                           Ms. Christine Cahill      Ms. Dee Ann Cooper                                         Fagerberg                Ms. Diana K. Gangl
Ms. Bonnie Black                                                                   Ms. Susan Dowd
                           Ms. Patricia Callaghan    Ms. Mary E. Cordill                                     Ms. Julie Fairchild         Mr. John Gann
Ms. Shirley A. Black                                                               Mr. Russell Downs
                           Ms. Barbara G. Callahan   Mr. Paul E. Cording                                     Ms. Beverly E. Falk         Mr. Len Garber
Ms. Marie Blackader                                                                Ms. Linda J. Driessen
                           Ms. Michelle Callahan     Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W.                                    Mr. Thomas N. Falk          Ms. Betsy Garbow
Mr. & Mrs. Charles &                                                               Mr. James M. Dronen
                           Mr. Shawn M. Callahan        Corey                                                Ms. Kristin Fanetti         Ms. Michelle M.
   Myrna Bladholm                                                                  Ms. Sherri B. Dryburgh
                           Mr. Tim Cammack           Mr. Eric Corey                                          Ms. Karen Farrell              Gardiner
Mr. Ted Blank                                                                      Mr. Michael Duffy
                           Mr. & Mrs. Keith          Ms. Patricia Carmody                                    Ms. Robin Farrell           Ms. Elizabeth Garrity
Ms. Janna Blanski                                                                  Ms. Erin Duffy
                             Campbell                   Smith                                                Ms. Beth A. Fasching        Ms. Sherri Gaudette
Mr. Edmund M. Blascyk                                                              Mr. Thomas E. Dunlop
                           Ms. Isabel M. Campbell    Ms. Aili R. Cornell                                     Ms. Anne Faucher            Ms. Barbara A. Gaughan
Richard H. & Bette Ann                                                             Ms. Nicole Duritz
   Bloom                   Ms. LeAnn Campeau         Mr. Julien Costello                                     Ms. Bonnie Faue             Ms. Elizabeth A. Gavin
                                                                                   Ms. Kristin Dyrhaug
Mr. Jon Bloom              Mr. & Mrs. Joseph         Mr. James Cox                                           Mr. Dale Fazendin           Honorable & Mrs. Ed
                                                                                   Mr. James Eastes
                             Cannella                Mr. Robert Cox                                          Ms. Joan Fearing               Gearty
Mr. James W. Bloomer                                                               Mr. & Ms. Morris Eaton
                           Ms. Jennifer Carlson      Ms. Pauline Cragun                                      Ms. Kathy Fearing           Ms. Nancy Gelle
Mr. Justin M. Bodie                                                                Ms. Susan B. Edberg
                           Mr. Mark D. Carlson       Mr. & Mrs. Larry                                        Ms. Carol M. Felber         Ms. Constance R. Gelle
Mr. Lance A. Boelter                                                               Mr. Andrew Edgar
                           Ms. Elizabeth Carlson        Cramer                                               Ms. Patricia Ann Fenner     Mr. Robert Gendreau
Ms. Lacey E. Boesen                                                                Ms. Jodi Edlin
                           Mr. Ryan Carlson          Ms. Rebecca McFarland                                   Ms. Christine Fennern       Mr. Lee George
Mr. & Mrs. Michael G.                                                              Mr. Charles Effertz
   Bohme                   Ms. Jacquelyn Carroll        Crane                                                Ms. Laura Fenstermaker      Mr. Carl J. George
                                                                                   Ms. Ashley Rose Egan
Ms. Mary E. Bolkcom        Ms. Karen V. Carroll      Mr. Paul R. Cress                                       Ms. Cherie                  Mr. John P. George
                                                                                   Ms. Joan E. Eggert
Mr. Stephen Bolles         Ms. Kirsten Carson        Ms. Ella Crosby                                            Fenstermaker             Ms. Agnes A. Gerlach
                                                                                   Ms. Christy Eichers
Ms. Cleo Bonham            Mr. Michael Carter        Mr. David Crowley                                       Ms. Rhonna Ferdig           Ms. Lois Gernbacher
                                                                                   Ms. Mary Eichmiller
Mr. and Mrs.               Ms. Theresa Carter        Mr. David E. Culbert                                    Mr. Robert Fern             Ms. Alma Gersich
                                                                                   Ms. Christyne Eickstadt
   Bonnicksen              Mr. & Mrs. Benton J.      Ms. Anita Cummings                                      Ms. Kay L. Fetzer           Mr. & Mrs. Louis
                                                                                   Ms. Michelle Eischens
Mr. Jerald Bonstrom          Case, Jr.               Ms. Cyndee K.                                           Ms. Clydine Fey                Giambruno
                                                        Cummins                    Ms. Judy A. Ekern
Ms. Jennifer Booge         Mr. Timothy Cassidy                                                               Mr. & Ms. Stephen           Mrs. Gail Gibson
                                                     Mr. Michael Cuppy             Jessie Ekholm                Fiebiger
Ms. Lynn Boogren           Ms. Susan Castellano                                                                                          Ms. Lilla Andrews
                                                     Ms. Michele Cuppy             Mr. Karl A. Ekstrom       Ms. Angela Field
Ms. Sarah Boonstra         Ms. Bonnie J. Chant                                                                                              Gidlow
                                                     Ms. Kari A Czapiewski         Mr. David A. Ekstrom      Mr. Christopher J Fields
Mr. John W. Bootier        Ms. Paula B Chantigian                                                                                        Ms. Cassandra Gilberg
                                                     Ms. Tamara L. Dahl            Mr. Eric Ekstrom          Mrs. Harold B. Finch, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff            Mr. William S. Chapin                                                                                         Mr. Mark Gildersleeve
                                                     Mr. & Ms. Joe & Mary          Shawn Ekstrom             Mr. Alan D Finks
   Borchardt               Ms. Arta Cheney                                                                                               Mr. Gary D. Gill
                                                        Danielson                  Ms. Donna Elenkiwich      Ms. Jackie Fischer
Ms. Audrey A. Borelli      Mr. & Ms. William                                                                                             Ms. Gayle S. Gilreath
                             Childs                  Ms. Barb Danson               Ms. Amanda L.             Ms. Coralynn Fischer
Ms. Susan S. Boren                                                                                                                       Ms. Cynthia Lee
                                                     Mr. and Mrs. David               Ellenbecker
Ms. Linda Borgen           Mr. Michael A. Chmiel                                                             Mr. Herbert J. Fish            Gladwin
                                                        Danson                     Mr. Ethan Ellenberger
Ms. LuAnn Borresen         Mr. & Ms. John & Marie                                                            Ms. Cindie Flaig            Jamie P. Glasow
                             Chopyk                  Ms. Marilyn Davern            Ms. Susan Ellerbusch
Mr. & Ms. Paul & Jill                                                                                        Ms. Barbara Flanigan        Mr. Steven R. Glasser
                                                     Ms. Dodee Davis                  Toavs
   Borresen                Ms. Sharon E.                                                                     Lorene Fleming              Ms. Janet Glaw
                             Christensen & Mr.       Mr. & Ms. Samuel Davis        Ms. Laura E. Elletson
Ms. Brooke Borresen                                                                                          Mr. Paul J. Flick           Mr. Michael Gleason
                             Craig Berdie            Ms. Jane N. Davis             Ms. Carol Ellingsberg
Mr. Allan G. Bostelmann                                                                                      Ms. Patricia Flicker        Mr. Stephen M. Glomb
                           Ms. Karen C.              Ms. Danielle J. Davis         Ms. Sue E. Ellis
Ms. Christie L. Boutain                                                                                      Mr. Michael M. Fluegel      Ms. Roberta Gloppen
                             Christensen             Ms. Beth Dawson               Ms. Connie Elsberry
Mr. & Mrs. Jay Bowden                                                                                        Ms. Karen J. Flynn          Ms. Kari M. Gloppen
                           Ms. Katherine A.          Mr. & Ms. Doug Dayton         Ms. Breanna Emblom
Mr. Vincent J. Boyer                                                                                         Mr. Roger L. Fockler        Mr. Bryan Gloppen
                             Christesen              Mr. Rick A. DeAnna            Ms. Susan Emond,
Ms. Bonnie Boyle                                                                      MSPT                   Mr. Brian Follett           Ms. Beth A. Gloppen
                           Ms. Deb Christopherson    Mr. John C. Decker
Mr. Richard Boyle, Jr.                                                                                       Ms. Christine E. Follett    Mr. Paul Godlewski

Brain Injury Association of Minnesota                                          2                                                         2009 Annual Report
Mr. Peter Goelzer        Mr. Tedd Harrison        Ms. Nancy V. Hoyt             Ms. Johna J. Johnson       Ms. Elisabeth B. Knoche     Mr. Gary Layne
Ms. Laura Goeser         Ms. Nancy Harriss        Ms. Maria Hruby               Mr. Bob Johnston           Ms. Laura Knowles           Mr. & Mrs. Phillip
Ms. Jean P.              Will & Shawn Hartfeldt   Ms. Amy L. Hubbard            Ms. Katherine L. Jonas     Ms. Rita Knudson               Layne
   Goetstouwers          Ms. Marion Hartley       Dr. & Ms. Bryan & G.          Mr. Samuel Jones           Mr. & Ms. Thomas            Mr. & Ms. Harold Le
Mr. Jeff J. Goihl        Mr. Lyth J. Hartz           Annette Hubble             Ms. Patricia Jones            Knuth                       Vander, Jr.
Mrs. Marjorie Goldberg   Ms. Joanne M. Harvala    Ms. Tammy J. Huberty          Ms. Thelma C. Jones        Mr. & Mrs. Kevin            Mr. Mark Leahy
Ms. Sarah Golden         Mr. David K. Haugen      Mr. Stewart Hudnut            Ms. Lois Jones                Knutson                  Mr. Franklin F. Leddy
Ms. Julie K. Goodger     Mr. Chris Haugen         Carey A. Huebert              Mr. & Ms. Bill Joyce       Mr. Mark Koch               Ms. Gwyn Leder
Mr. Christopher          Mr. Glen James           Ms. Kathleen A. Huebert       Mr. & Ms. Jay Juergens     Mr. Donald N. Koepp         Mr. William Leder
   Goodnight               Hausfeld               Ms. Kristen Huehbner          Ms. Heidi M. Jung          Ms. Laura Koepp             Mr. Rick Leder
Ms. Judy Gort            Ms. Inez Hayes           Ms. Marjean Huehbner          Ms. Sara L. Junge          Ms. Darlene Kolles          Ms. Sarah Lee
Dr. & Mrs. Eric L.       Ms. Nancy Hayes          Ms. Treva L. Hultmann         Mr. Chris Junio            Ms. Christina Kollman       Ms. Karen O. Lee
   Goullaud              Ms. Elaine Hazard        Mr. & Ms. William &           Ms. Becky Jurek            Ms. Nancy I. Koloski        Ms. Susan Leffler
Mr. Keith Graham         Ms. Carol L. Hedberg        Donna Hummer               Ms. Calli Kadlec           Mr. & Ms. Michael           Ms. Suzanne M. Lehn
Ms. Marilyn Grannes      Ms. Brenda K. Hegg       Mr. Tom Hunt & Mr.            Mr. Brandon D. Kadlec         Kolthoff                 Ms. Debra D. Lehr
Ms. Maureen Grant        Ms. Amy J. Hegstrom         John Wheelihan             Ms. Jennifer Kahn          Ms. Marla and Roger         Ms. Jennifer
Ms. Virginia L. Grant    Ms. Kristine E. Heiney   Mr. Dwight H. Oglesby                                       Kontak                      Lemeshevskiy
                                                                                Ms. Rebecca Kalb
Ms. Paulette Grausnick   Ms. Elvira Heinrich         & Ms. Penny A. Hunt                                   Ms. Marcia Kopp             Ms. Mary A. Lemieux
                                                                                Ms. Danielle Kalk
Ms. Kari Gravelle        Mr. & Mrs. Ted           Ms. Andrea Hunt                                          Mr. Joseph Kopp             Ms. Marlianna Lemm
                                                                                Ms. Kay A. Kammen
Ms. Michelle Gray          Heintzeman             Ms. Marion Hurley                                        Mr. & Ms. Aaron             Ms. Jade Lemm
                                                                                Mr. Gerald F. Kappa, Jr.
Ms. Sandra L. Grazzini   Ms. Jennifer Heiser      Mr. & Ms. Jim Hurley                                        Koppen                   Ms. Mary B. Lempke
                                                                                Ms. Jacquelyn Karas
Mr. Roger E. Green       Ms. Angela Heitzman      Ms. Robyn Husebye                                        Mr. Neil B. Koppy           Mr. & Ms. Richard J.
                                                                                Ms. Anna Karena
Ms. Jodi Greenstein      Ms. Sharyl R. Helgeson   Ms. Alisa Huttes                                         Ms. Kari Koshenina             Lentsch
                                                                                Ms. Karen Karki
Mr. Justin Greenwood     Ms. Mary J Hellen        Ms. Loretta W. Hylton                                    Ms. Mary Kozmik             Ms. Sharon Lenz-Beggs
                                                                                Ms. Heather L. Karl
Mr. & Mrs. Hans          Ms. Deb Helmke           Mr. Kent R. Irlbeck                                      Dr. Linda E. Krach, MD      Ms. Megan LePlavy
                                                                                Ms. Kristine Karl
   Gregersen             Ms. Michelle Hempel      Alain Isaac                                              Ms. Peggy A. Kraemer        Mrs. Susan Lepore
                                                                                Mr. Richard B. Karl
Ms. Susan Gressman       Mr. Chad J. Hemquist     Mr. & Mrs. Kevin                                         Ms. Marni Kramer            Mr. Lawrence S. Lerner
                                                                                Robert L. Karol, Ph.D.
Mr. Tony Grier           Ms. Amanda                  Jackson                                               Mr. Richard Kraus           Ms. Angela Leslie
                                                                                Ms. Lisa Karsten
Ms. Mary Catherine         Hemsworth              Mr. Elliot Jackson                                       Dr. Allen Krebs             Ms. Danielle M.
                                                                                Mr. Rick Karsten
   Griffin               Mr. Scott T. Henderson   Mr. Rick J. Jacobs                                       Mr. & Ms. J.H. &               Leverrier
                                                                                Ms. Catherine Katt            Marilynn Krekelberg
Ms. Polly Grose          Ms. Cassie Hendrickson   Mr. Thomas J. Jacobs                                                                 Mr. Barry Lewis
                                                                                Mr. Kreg Kauffman          Mr. James P. Krenik
Mr. Andrew Grossbach     Mr. & Ms. Peter          Ms. Kristi K. Jacobsen                                                               Ms. Courtney L. Lewis
                                                                                Ms. Gloria Kawiecki        Ms. Marilyn Kreutz
Mr. Ben Grosser & Ms.      Henningsen Jr.         Mr. & Ms. John Jacobson                                                              Ms. Nancy Lewison
                                                                                Ms. Jackie Kawiecki,       Ms. Jane R. Krier
   Liv Grosser           Ms. Desirae Tennison     Ms. Carole Jacobson                                                                  Mr. Jason D. Leyva
Mr. Craig J. Grossman    Mr. & Ms. John & Diane   Ms. Karen E. Jacobson                                    Ms. Carol J. Kroger         Ms. Jessica L’Heureux
                                                                                Mr. Jeffrey Kearns
Mr. Charles Groth          Herman                 Mr. Eric D. Jacobson                                     Mr. Roger Kronholm          Ms. Nancy L.
                                                                                Mr. & Ms. Patrick
Ms. Joan S. Grothe       Ms. Sheila E. Herrmann   Ms. Susan Jagodzinski                                    Ms. Holly Kropp                Lichtenberg
Ms. Nancy L. Grover      Mr. & Ms. Annamary &     Ms. Peggy Janssen                                        Ms. Dorothy A. Krueger      Mr. Kevin Lichty
                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. James Keelin
Ms. Karmen Gruhn           Jim Herther            Ms. Leah Janssen                                         Ms. Patti Kruger            GayLynn Liljemark
                                                                                Ms. Kristina Keillor
Mr. Andy Grund           Ms. Connie Hertzog       Ms. Julie A. Jarnot                                      Ms. Marcia Krummel          Ms. Ann Leital Lindback
                                                                                Ms. Patricia A. Keith
Mr. Jeff Guckeen         Mr. Jeffrey A. Hewes     Ms. Cathy Jaros                                          Mr. Brett Kubiszewski       Mr. William Lindberg
                                                                                Mr. Jay Keller
Ms. Beverly Gudrais      Mr. Mark P. Heymans      Mr. Jim Jasper                                           Mr. Marcus Kuboy            Ms. Nancy Lindberg
                                                                                Ms. Barbara Keller
Ms. Dana Guethling       Ms. Jane C. Hilbrands    Mr. Larry Q. Jeffrey                                     Mr. Edward P. Kuboy         Mr. & Ms. Robert
                                                                                Ms. Sara Kelley
Mr. Gordon Guffey        Ms. Nancy Hildreth       Ms. Susan B. Jennings                                    Ms. Susan M. Kuchera           Lindberg
                                                                                Ms. Karen Kelly
Mr. Richard Gurske       Mr. Jason Hill           Ms. Elizabeth A. Jensen                                  Ms. Sara Kuehn              Mr. & Ms. David A.
                                                                                Ms. Kathy Kendall
Mr. Tom Haarala          Mr. John Himle           Ms. Steph Jensen                                         Mr. Garry Kuhlmann             Lindberg
                                                                                Mr. David Kendrick
Mr. Scott J. Haas        Ms. Claire C. Hinrichs   Ms. Geraldine Jensen                                     Mr. Charles E. Kuivinen     Ms. Kathryn Linde
                                                                                Dr. Mary R.T. Kennedy
Ms. Kristi Haertl        Ms. Robin Hintz          Ms. Barbara G. Jensen                                    Ms. Lila Kuntz              Ms. Linda J. Lindquist
                                                                                Mr. Dennis P. Kennedy
Kelly Hagel              Ms. Kristina Hoefer      Mr. Robert Jensen                                        Stacy Kurth                 Ms. Diane M. Lindsey
                                                                                Ms. Cindy L. Kennedy
Ms. Janet M. Hagl        Mr. Gregory R. Hoehn     Ms. Jennifer Jerry                                       Ms. Carol Ann Kuzniar       Ms. Laura M. Linn
                                                                                Mr. & Ms. Tim Kennedy
Ms. Laura Haider         Mr. John V. Hoeschen     Ms. Tiffany Jessen                                       Ms. Gail Kvernmo            Mr. Robert H. Linner
                                                                                Ms. Monica T. Kennon
Ms. Kaicee Hakala        Ms. Susan N. Hoese       Ms. Marina Johannesson                                   Mr. & Ms. Gerald            Mr. David Linner
                                                                                Ms. Linda A. Kent
Ms. Margaret Hall        Ms. Trisha Hoffman       Ms. Teresa Johansen                                         LaFond                   Dr. John H. Linner
                                                                                Mr. Dale J. Kerber
Mr. Brad Hall            Ms. Wendy Hoffman        Ms. Mary C. John                                         Ms. Jane M. LaFontsee       Ms. Casey Linstad
                                                                                Ms. Shari D. Keyes,
Ms. Jennifer R. Hall     Mr. Mark Hoffmann        Mr. & Ms. Walter D.                                      Mr. Greg Lais & Ms.         Ms. Karen A. Lislegard
                                                                                Ms. Sara D. Kimm              Patty Thurber
Mr. Eric Halloran        Mr. & Ms. Vernon            Johnson                                                                           Mr. Steve Liston
                                                                                Ms. Billie Kindt           Ms. Elizabeth Lamb
Mr. Jesse G. Hallstrom     Hoium                  Mr. & Mrs. Quentin F.                                                                Ms. Ione Livingston
                                                                                Mr. David P. King          Ms. Judith A. Lambert
Ms. Gretchen Halverson   Mr. Kenneth N.              Johnson                                                                           Ms. Tonya Lizakowski
                                                                                Ms. Mary T. King           Ms. Nancy K. Lamken
Ms. Debra Halvorson        Hokeness               Mr. Clifford A. Johnson                                                              Ms. Stacy Loberg
                                                                                Mr. John F. King           Ms. Christina Lamont
Ms. Karen Halvorson      Ms. Marin B. Hokeness    Mr. Chad M. Johnson                                                                  Ms. Gail Loch
                                                                                Ms. Mary J. King           Ms. Deanna Lampart
Mr. James Halvorson      Ms. Andrea Hokeness      Ms. Paula A. Johnson                                                                 Ms. Andrea Lodermeier
                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. E. Robert       Ms. Lori Landwer
Ms. Sharon K. Hamlin     Mr. & Ms. Edward         Ms. Cori Johnson                                                                     Ms. Rita Loehrs
Ms. Bonita Hammel          Holland                Ms. Mary L. Johnson                                      Ms. Katelyn Langner         Ms. Pamela Loidolt
                                                                                Ms. Correne Kinney-
Mr. David Hancox         Ms. Laura L. Hollinger   Ms. Nancy Johnson                                        Ms. Nicole Larsen           Mr. Dean Loidolt
Mr. Edwin Hanenburg      Ms. Ann Holm             Mr. Larry Johnson                                        Ms. Laurie Larsen           Mr. & Ms. Michael
                                                                                Dr. Andrew Kiragu, MD
Ms. Sunshine M.          Ms. Elizabeth A. Holm    Ms. Janet Johnson                                        Ms. Mary B. Larson             Lopac
                                                                                Mr. & Ms. Jim Kirihara
   Hanevik               Ms. Edith A. Holmen      Ms. Kristie Johnson                                      Mr. Steve Larson            Ms. Elizabeth Louis
                                                                                Mr. Paul W. Kirkpatrick
Ms. Brittany J. Hanno    Ms. Leah J. Holmes       Mr. Richard Johnson                                      Mr. Brian K. Larson         Ms. Connie Love
                                                                                Dr. Ronald Kjos
Ms. Tina Hansen          Ms. Rachel L. Holmes        Jr. & Ms. Kathleen                                    Ms. Rhonda Larson           Ms. Joyce Lovejoy
                                                                                Ms. Marikay Klein
Ms. Myra J. Hansen       Ms. Linda L. Holmstrom      Neaton                                                Ms. Muree Larson-           Mr. Brian A. Loveland
                                                                                Ms. Cheryl J.
Mr. & Ms. David          Ms. Susan D. Holmvik     Ms. Julie Marie Johnson                                     Bright                   Dr. & Mrs. David D.
   Hanson                Ms. Michelle Holmvik     Mr. Peter O. Johnson                                     Terri L. Lass                  Lucas
                                                                                Ms. Jonelle Klemz
Mr. David Hanson         Ms. Gina Holmvik         Ms. Jayne Johnson                                        Ms. Kristi Latour           Ms. Cheryl J. Luger
                                                                                Ms. Erin Kline
Ms. Jennifer M. Hanson   Mr. Peter Holthaus       Ms. Jennifer A. Johnson                                  Ms. Beth M. Lauber          Mr. & Mrs. Neilon Lund
                                                                                Mr. Peter Klinkhammer
Ms. Susan Harned         Mr. Steven Holzman       Mr. & Ms. Keith G.                                       Mr. Kent D. Laugen          Mr. Michael Lund
                                                                                Ms. Katy Klisch
Ms. Kara M. Haroldson    Ms. Mary K. Horton          Johnson                                               Ms. Virginia Laughlin       Ms. Diane Lund
                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Glen Klug
Ms. Shelly Harrington    Ms. Andrea Houselog      Ms. Mary Johnson                                         Ms. Cynthia K. Laurent      Mr. Jack Lundquist
                                                                                Ms. Amy Klump
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore      Ms. Pat Hoven            Kerry A. Johnson                                         Ms. Judith Laures           Mr. Robert Lundquist
                                                                                Ms. Patricia Klunder
   Harris                Mr. Ross Howard          Ms. Brenda Johnson                                       Ms. Willa Lavamaki,         Ms. Tammy Lupkes
                                                                                Ms. Lisa Knazan & Mr.
Ms. Amy Harrison         Ms. Abby Howard          Ms. Christine A Johnson          Dennis Levendowski         M.S. Ed, LPC             Mr. H. William Lurton
Ms. Audrey J. Harrison   Ms. Julie Howell         Ms. Christine Johnson                                    Ms. Hope Lawler             Ms. Karleen Lutter

2009 Annual Report                                                          3                                              
Chris Mack                 Ms. Mary E. McIntyre      Ms. Dina R. Morelli           Ms. Lucia Noyes           Ms. Jean L. Pauly         Ms. Julie M. Quass
Ms. Tricia Mackenthun      Mr. Jay E. McKibbins      Mr. Marco Morelli             Mr. Andrew Noyes          Ms. Annette Pearson       Ms. Sheryl Quick
Ms. Nanette                Ms. Julie A. McKibbins    Ms. Eunice Morelli            Mr. & Ms. James &         Ms. Susan M. Pearson      Layne Quick
   Mackenthun              Ms. Elizabeth             Ms. Ann Morelli                  Loretta Nuessle        Ms. Brittany Pearson      Ms. Maureen P. Quinn
Mr. Gregory Mackey           McKiernan               Mr. & Ms. Glen Morgan         Ms. Tracey Nukala         Mr. & Ms. Thomas          Ms. Janet W. Quon
Ms. Jennifer Mackley       Ms. Maureen               Ms. Sheila C. Morgan          Ms. Carol A. Nygard          Pearson                Ms. Jean Radeztsky
Ms. Diane C.                 McKiernan               Mr. Peter Morin               Mr. Paul A. Nyhuis        Mr. Michael J. Peck       Mr. Gregory P. Raih
   MacLennan               Mr. Douglas H.            Mr. Timothy J. Morin          Mrs. Marilyn Obermiller   Ms. Lisa L. Pederson      Ms. Susan K. Rain
Ms. Barbara Madsen           McKillop                Mr. Patrick J. Morin          Ms. Patrice K. O’Brien-   Mr. David Pederson        Mr. & Mrs. Phil Rainer
Ms. Tamara Mady            Ms. Barbara J. McKuras    Ms. Nancy Morris                 Meek                   Jesse Pelkey              Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Ralph
Ms. Laura L. Magee         Mr. Dean A. McLain        Mr. Patrick Morris            Mr. Erik Odegard          Mr. Gary Pelletier        Mr. & Ms. Charles &
Mr. David M.               Ms. Kathleen McMahon-     Mr. Scott Morris              Ms. Kristina O’Dell       Mr. Steven Pelletier         Betty Ramsbacher
   Maghakian                 Adler                   Ms. Jennifer Morris           Dr. William T. O’Dowd     Ms. Juli Pelletier        Ms. Linda K. Rasch
Mr. Daniel Maholias        Mr. Ian McNarama          Mr. John Morrisette           Ms. Jennifer Offerdahl    Ms. Stephanie L.          Mr. Patrick K.
Ms. Janet G. Mahr          Mr. & Mrs. Carter         Ms. Lisa Peterson             Ms. Tammy Offerman           Pereboom                  Rasmussen
Ms. Aimee Mairs              McNarama                   Moschkau                   Mr. Jeffrey Oishi         Mr. Blake Perkins         Mr. & Ms. Peter
Mr. Robert Maki            Ms. Melinda McPherson     Ms. Johnna F. Mularoni        Ms. Linnea Olesen         Mr. & Ms. Don Perlich        Rasmussen
Ms. Linda Maki             Ms. Amy McVary            Ms. Nancy Mulder              Ms. Diana Oleskow         Ms. Lillian Perry         Ms. Bonnie Rasmussen
Mr. & Ms. Jon Malinski     Mr. & Mrs. Harold         Ms. Stephanie Mullaney           Lubich                 Mr. James W. Peter        Ms. Grace Rauchwarter
Ms. Connie Malloy            McWilliams                                            Mr. Kyle Olevson          Mr. Randall R. Peterick   Ms. Debbie Ray
                                                     Ms. Charlotte D. Mulroy
Ms. Gladys J. Mann         Ms. Veronica Medina-                                    Mr. & Ms. Glenn Olson     Mr. Jason Peters          Ms. Renee Readel
                             Gillies                 Ms. Darlene Munson
Ms. Pat Marciniak                                    Mr. Steven Murphy             Ms. Yvonne M. Olson       Ms. Betty Peterson        Mr. & Mrs. Sidney
                           Ms. Ruth M. Meger                                       Ms. Jeanne Olson                                       Rebers
Ms. Andrea Maringer                                  Mr. George K. Mutua                                     Ms. Lynda Y. Petersen
                           Mr. Matt Mehring                                        Mr. Erik Joseph Olson                               Mr. Jeremy Reeves
Ms. Bonnie B. Markham                                Rufus Mwaura                                            Mr. & Ms. Joel Peterson
                           Ms. Kathleen Mehr-                                      Ms. Hope Olson                                      Ms. Colleen Regan
Ms. Jill Ann Marks                                   Mr. Jeff Nachbar                                        Ms. LaDeane Peterson
Mr. Andrew E. Marshall                               Terry L. Nagel                Ms. Hillari Olson         Ms. Delores M. Peterson   Mr. Roger Regnier
                           Mr. Max Meisner
Ms. Mary Martin                                      Ms. Melissa Narum             Mr. Leif A. Olson         Ms. Rhonda L. Peterson    Ms. Michelle Reichert
                           Ms. Jennifer Mellem
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy I.                                Dr. Christine Navrat          Ms. Anna Olson            Ms. Lori Peterson         Mr. & Mrs. Paul Reiman,
                           Mr. Jim Mellor                                                                                                 Jr.
   Martin                                            Ms. Kim Neal                  Ms. Shelly A. Olson       Mr. H. Geoffrey
                           Mr. Steven Menard                                                                                           Cory R. Reimer
Ms. Marilyn Martin                                   Ms. Mary Needham              Ms. Carol H. Olson           Peterson
                           Ms. Susan A. Mencel                                                                                         Mr. Byron Reinhart
Mr. Joseph Martin                                    Ms. Mary L. Neff              Ms. Suzann M. Olson       Ms. Patrice A. Peterson
                           Ms. Sheryl J. Menge                                                                                         Ms. Kathleen A.
Ms. Catherine Martin                                 Mr. & Ms. Robert              Mr. Christopher Olson     Ms. Mary B. Peterson
                           Ms. Lynne R. Menozzi                                                                                           Reisenbigler
Ms. Catherine C. Martin                                 Nehotte                    Ms. Dena Olson            Ms. Stephanie N.
                           Ms. Anne Mercier                                                                     Peterson               Mr. Scott A. Reisenbigler
Ms. Beatriz Martinez                                 Mr. William C. Nelsen         Ms. Lorelle K. Olson
                           Mr. & Ms. William                                                                 Ms. Cynthia Peterson      Mr. & Mrs. Ken Renard
Mr. & Mrs. Craig                                     Ms. Shirley Nelsen            Ms. Annie E. Olson
                             Merrill                                                                                                   Ms. Cynthia Retherford
   Martinson                                         Ms. Dolores Nelson            Ms. Julie Kay Olson       Mr. & Ms. Douglas
                           Ms. Brittany Mesenbrink                                                              Peterson               Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Retka
Mr. Brian Marx                                       Ms. Deborah A. Nelson         Ms. Theresa Olson
                           Ms. Mary Mesenbrink                                                               Ms. Deborah K. Petron     Mr. David J. Retka
Ms. Francis Marx                                     Ms. Linda M. Nelson           Mr. Scott Olson
                           Ms. Barbara J.                                                                    Ms. Linda Petroske        Ms. Anita Retka
Ms. Julie Mason                                      Mr. Gregory Nelson            Mr. & Mrs. Virgil
Ms. Marcia S. Massee                                 Mr. Kyle W. Nelson               Oltmans                Ms. Brenda Petsch         Mr. Edward Retka
                           Ms. Kellie M.
Ms. Martha Mastro                                    Ms. Tammy S. Nelson           Ms. Kristi Olzeske        Mr. Walter Pfingsten      Ms. Jackie Retka
Ms. Diane Matheis                                    Mr. & Ms. Larry               Ms. Cindy O’Malley        Ms. Julie K. Philbrook    Mr. Josh Retka
                           Ms. Brenda Meyer
Ms. Yvonne V. Mather                                    Nermoe                     Ms. Jennifer L. O’Neill   Mr. & Mrs. Russell V.     Ms. Alyssa Reuvers
                           Ms. Dawn Michael
Ms. Cindy Matheson                                   Mr. Robert M. Nesbitt         Ms. Roxanne Ornat            Philstrom              Ms. Marian L. Reynolds
                           Mr. Edward Michael
Mr. & Mrs. Dean C.                                   Ms. Carmen Nesseth            Ms. Mary Osgood           Mr. Frederick Piatt       Ms. Mary M. Rhodes
                           Ms. Vicky Michaels
   Mathews                                           Ms. Nicole J. Netto           Ms. Kiatonda Oslin        Ms. Debora Piche          Ms. Jolene Anne Rice
                           Mr. & Ms. Timothy
Ms. Louise Mathewson                                 Mr. Christopher J.            Ms. Claudia P. Ossa       Bobbi Pick                Mr. Sean R. Rice
Mr. & Mrs. William                                      Neugent                    Ms. Mary O’Toole          Mr. James Pietrick        Mr. Sean Richardson
                           Ms. Barbara Michaels-
   Matson                    Rauen                   Ms. Shawn Neumann             Ms. Michelle Otten        Mr. & Mrs. George         Mr. & Mrs. Tim Richter
Ms. Louise Matson                                    Mr. & Ms. Harry               Mr. & Ms. Jim Otto           Pillsbury              Mr. Brent R. Richter
                           Ms. Ruth Ann Michnay
Ms. Beth R. Mattern                                     Nevling                    Ms. Jody Otto             Ms. Kathy L. Pinkett      Mr. Gary J. Ridenhower
                           Ms. Nicole Midkiff
Ms. Angela M. Mattsen                                Ms. Sue Newman                Ms. Claire H. Ouellette   Ms. Anne C. Piper         Ms. Linda Ridenhower
                           Ms. Lisa Milan
Mr. & Ms. Stephen                                    Mr. Bryan A. Newman           Ms. Anne Oxley            Mr. James A. Pitts        Mr. Jack P. Rieland
                           Mr. & Mrs. David W.
   Mattson                   Miley                   Mr. Lan Nguyen                Jamie Paget               Ms. Lori Plante           Mr. Wayne Rikala
Ms. Kirstin Mauland        Ms. Vanessa Miller        Mr. Phong Nguyen              Ms. Amy Pahl              Ms. Janet Plochocki       Mr. & Mrs. Dale Riley
Ms. Janelle Mausolf        Mr. Lewis J. Miller       Mr. Man Nguyen                Mr. Larry M. Pajari       Mr. Eugene Podzimek       Mr. Robert J. Ritchie
Mr. Gregory May            Ms. Diane Milner          Ms. Judy Niccum               Ms. Dorothy Pallansch     Mr. Dan Podzimek          Ms. Kathryn A.
Mr. Jim McArdell           Mr. & Ms. Robert          Ms. Nicole Nicholson          Mr. Robert A. Pallansch   Ms. Christine Pokorny        Robatcek
Dr. Kathleen McCann          Minish                  Ms. Cynthia A. Nickel         Ms. Tawnya Panek          Ms. Suzanne R.            Ms. Eileen Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. Michael         Ms. Dianne Miron          Mr. & Mrs. David S.                                        Pontinen               Ms. Kim Robinson
                                                                                   Mr. Jared W. Pankratz
   McCarthy                Ms. Nichole M. Mistic        Nickells                                             Ms. Barb Porath           Ms. Annie P. Robinson
                                                                                   Robin Pankratz
Ms. Dorothy McClung        Ms. Karen K. Mitchell     Mr. & Ms. Joe                                           Mr. Carl Port             Mr. Cory I Robinson
                                                                                   Mr. Joshua J. Pankratz
Ms. Kelley D. McClure      Ms. Renae Mittelsted         Niederkorn                                           Ms. Eugenia Potosky       Ms. Rebecca Robinson
                                                                                   Ms. Rhonda M. Paoli
Mr. & Ms. Timothy          Ms. Kelli J. Moberg       Ms. Jean A. Nielsen                                     Ms. Karen A Powers        Dr. Robert Robitaille
                                                                                   Ms. Jeanne Papin
   McCoy                                             Mr. & Ms. Dennis                                        Ms. Amy L. Prchal         Ms. Darcie J. Robnett
                           Ms. Darla J. Moe                                        Ms. Laramee Paradise
Ms. Patricia A.                                         Nielsen                                              Mr. Dean Prekker          Ms. Kylie Rochel
                           Mr. Mark Moe                                            Ms. Lois R. Pardun
   McCullough                                        Ms. Shayla Nielsen                                      Mr. Keith Prekker         Dr. & Mrs. Gaylan L.
                           Mr. Joshua S. Mogren                                    Mr. Terry L. Parker
Marty McCusker                                       Ms. Susan A. Nielsen                                    Mr. Charles Preston          Rockswold
                           Mr. & Ms. Roland                                        Mr. Dale Parr
Mr. Timothy McDonald                                 Ms. Lori A. Nieters                                     Ms. Sara Preston          Mr. Christopher J. Rodel
                             Mohler                                                Ms. Virginia A Patnaude
Ms. Eileen D. McElligatt                             Ms. Miriam Nissen                                       Mr. Charles S. Preston    Mr. Mark Roesler-
                           Ms. Christina Molden                                    Ms. Emily J. Paul
Mr. Jim McEvoy                                       Mr. Scott Nistler                                       Mr. Adam Preston             Begalke
                           Mr. Dominic J. Mone                                     Ms. Elizabeth Paulson
Ms. Kathryn M.                                       Ms. Joan Hendrickson                                    Ms. Theresa Priem         Ms. Barbara C. Rogers
                           Ms. Deborah Monicken                                    Ms. Barbara J. Paulson
   McGinley                                             Nitz                                                 Ms. Mary Dawn Pries       Ms. Linda Roggow
                           Mr. & Ms. Henry                                         Cenia E. Paulson
Ms. Eileen C. McGlynn                                Mr. Timothy D. Nitz                                        Morrison               Mr. & Ms. Mark & Kay
                             Montgomery                                            Mr. Bruce R. Paulson
Mr. & Ms. Rick & Carla                               Mr. & Ms. Randy &                                       Mr. Joshua Primus            Rolfzen
                           Mr. Howard L. Moon                                      Mr. & Ms. Richard
   McGrath                                              Jewel Noble                                                                    Mr. Darryl Rongitsch
                           Mr. Jon Moore                                              Paulson                Mr. Gregory J. Probst
Ms. Elizabeth A.                                     Ms. Shelley Nohre                                                                 Ms. Jessica A. Rongitsch
                           Ms. Olivia J. Morand                                    Ms. Julie L. Paulson      Mr. David Prokosch
   McGrath                                           Ms. Gloria Notsch                                                                 Ms. Anita K. Root
                           Ms. Naa-Abashie                                         Ms. Bridget Paulson-      Mr. & Mrs. Robert L.
Ms. Susan McGuigan                                   Ms. Barbara Notsch                                                                Ms. Linda F. Root
                             Moreaux                                                  Nagel                     Prosser
Mr. Patrick McGuigan                                 Mr. Andrew R. Notsch                                                              Ms. Sandra Ross
                           Mr. & Ms. Steven                                        Mr. Noel Pauly            Ms. Faye Proulx
Ms. Kathryn McGuire                                  Ms. Lisa Nowlin                                                                   Ms. Kari L. Ross
                             Morelan                                                                         Ms. Cathy Pundsack

Brain Injury Association of Minnesota                                          4                                                       2009 Annual Report
Ms. Katherine Roth         Ms. Catherine I.           Mr. Frederick A. Steffen       Ms. Kaley Theis            Ms. Mary Voda              Mr. & Ms. David
Ms. Virginia Roth             Shannon                 Mr. Kenneth M. Steffke         Ms. Darla J. Theisen       Ms. Vicky L. Vogels &        Williams
Mr. Timothy J. Rotz        Ms. Beth Shapiro           Mr. & Mrs. Donald W.           Mr. Richard L. Theisen        Mr. Douglas Shidell     Ms. Laura Williams
Mr. Douglas Rowley         Mr. W. Greg Sharpe            Steichen                    Ms. Vickie Thissen         Ms. Kimberly A. Volner     Ms. Jane A Williams
Ms. Katie Rozek            Ms. Carla Sharpe           Dr. Donald G. Stein            Mr. Kevin Thode            Ms. Rita Volz              Ms. Deb Williamson
Mr. & Ms. Anthony W.       Ms. Mary Shaughnessy       Ms. Mary H. Steiner            Ms. Jackie Thom            Ms. Denise L.              Ms. Erika A. Willkomm
   Rozinka                 Ms. Mary Ann Sherrard      Shannon M. Steinhoff           Ms. Heidi A. Thomas           Vondracek               Ms. Dorothy A.
Ms. Wendy L. Rozinka       Mrs. Elizabeth P.          Mr. & Ms. John Sten            Ms. Susan M. Thomas        Ms. Jody Vorderbruggen       Willkomm
Ms. Julie Anne Rubey          Shippee                 Ms. Jami Lynn Stepec           Ms. Margaret Thompson      Mr. Donald Vosberg         Ms. Doris Wilson
Ms. Karen J. Rubey         Ms. Susan C. Shippee       Mr. Kevin A. Steuck            Ms. Vicki Thompson         Ms. Rachelle Voss          Ms. Darlene Wilson
Ms. Mary Rubio             Mr. Jeff L. Shlosberg      Ms. Carrie Stevenson           Mr. Roger A Thompson       Ms. Gail Vukov             Ms. Anne Wiltscheck
Ms. Patricia L. Ruble      Mr. Timothy J. Shulstad    Ms. Sylvia Stewart             Ms. Andrea Thorson         Ms. Sherri Wacha           Ms. Sandra Wimsatt
Ms. Mary Kay Rudquist      Ms. Kay Siemon             Mr. James Stilipec             Ms. Lori J. Thorson        Dr. Nancy C. Wagner        Mr. Gary Windels
Mr. Scott Rugel            Ms. Wendy K. Siercks       Mr. Brett Stillo               Ms. Laurie A Thorson       Ms. Debbie Wagner          Ms. Jacqueline
Mr. Tim Rundall            Ms. Kimberly Sievert       Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence E.         Mr. Ronald Thums           Mr. James Wagner             Windschitl
Ms. Sheila Runquist        Mr. William Siitari           Stirtz                      Ms. Brenda Thurlow         Ms. Dottie Wagner          Ms. Patricia E. Winick
Ms. Jennifer Rusk          Mr. & Ms. William &        Mr. & Mrs. Loren               Mr. Mark Thurmer           Ms. Rebecca A. Wagner      Mr. & Mrs. James
Mr. Charles G. Ryan           Susan Simmonds             Stoakes                     Ms. Christina M. Tibesar   Dr. Heinz Wahner             Winkel
Ms. Kelly Ryan             Mr. Michael Simon          Ms. Catherine G.               Ms. Kim Tiede              Mr. Gerald Wahome          Ms. Suzanne Winkel
Ms. Nicole Ryan            Mr. Kenneth Simons            Stoefen                     Ms. Jill Tilbury           Ms. Roxanne Wait           Mr. Chad Johnson &
Mr. John M. Ryan           Mr. & Ms. Dale & Judith    Ms. Jaime Stolp                                           Ms. Kris Walden              Ms. Therese Winkel-
                                                                                     Mr. Lincoln Tilson
                              Simonson                Ms. Geraldine Stoneley                                    Mr. William L.               Johnson
Mr. & Ms. Martin Sabo                                                                Ms. Diane L. Titov
                           Mr. & Ms. Patrick          Mr. Adam Story                                               Waldschmidt             Mr. Donald Ledin
Mr. & Ms. Joseph Sacco                                                               Ms. Jessica Titus                                       & Mrs. Margaret
                              Simpkins                Mr. & Mrs. Richard E.                                     Mr. Jason Walker
Kiley Sahr                                                                           Dr. Mary Tjosvold                                       Winkel-Ledin
                           Mr. & Ms. Brian Siska         Strand                                                 Ms. Susan Wallin
Mr. & Mrs. Lew                                                                       Mr. Doug Toavs                                        Ms. Pamela Winter
   Sampson                 Mr. Keith D. Sjostrom      Ms. Janet Strand                                          Mr. James A. Walters
                                                                                     Ms. Gina Caven Toftely                                Ms. Valli Witte
Ms. Deanna M.              Mr. & Mrs. John            Mr. Joel J. Strand & Ms.                                  Ms. Sandra J. Walters
                                                         Tracy A. McVary-            Mr. Gordon H. Tolbert                                 Ms. Becky J. Woelfel
   Samuelson                  Skagerberg                                                                        Ms. Jill Walters
                                                         Strand                      Mr. Richard Tollefson                                 Ms. Emily Wolff
Ms. Phyllis Cohen Sands    Ms. Judy Skelly                                                                      Mr. Grant Walters
                                                      Ms. Judy A Stricker            Ms. Luverne Tolzmann                                  Ms. Sharon N. Wong
Mr. & Ms. Terry & Ardis    Ms. Beth Skwira                                                                      Ms. Gretchen Walther
                                                      Ms. Alana Strickler            Ms. Michelle Tompkins                                 Ms. Yeon-Ju Wong
   Sandstrom               Ms. Jenella Slade                                                                    Mr. & Ms. Jon
                                                      Mr. Jordan Strochkirch         Ms. Beth Torok                                        Ms. Dee Woodard
Mr. Bradley Sargent        Ms. Janet Slagter                                                                       Wangsness
                                                      Ms. Rebecca Strohkirch         Ms. Marcia K. Townley                                 Ms. Lynda Woodman
Ms. Mary A. Sargent        Ms. Mildred Slawson                                                                  Mr. John Ward
                                                      Ms. Janet K. Strohkirch        Ms. Paula Trainer                                     Ms. Anne Woodward
Ms. Dawn M. Sargent        Mr. Jay Sliwinski                                                                    Mr. Terry A. Ward
                                                      Mr. Jeff Strohl                Mrs. Terri Traudt                                     Mr. James A. Work
Ms. Anelise Sawkins        Ms. Patricia R. Smeallie                                                             Mr. Clinton Warner
                                                      Ms. Michele Stromme            Dr. & Ms. Brandon                                     Mr. John A. Works
Lee Schacht                Ms. Marcia Smeby                                                                     Ms. Debra Wasilowski
                                                      Mr. Chris Stromquist              Traudt                                             Ms. Stacy Wothe
Ms. Lisa M. Schaefer       Mr. & Mrs. Michael                                                                   Mr. Dennis Wasylyk
                                                      Ms. Diane Stroschein           Mr. Tim Traudt                                        Ms. Linda Wright
Ms. Maggie Schaeffer          Smetana                                                                           Mr. & Ms. John Waugh
                                                      Ms. Melissa Strunc             Ms. Cynthia Jo Tri                                    Ms. Patricia Wrobel
Ms. Angela M.              Mr. & Ms. Timothy                                                                    Ms. Zilla Way
                              Smith                   Mr. Terry V. Stull             Mr. & Ms. Vincent Troy                                Mr. Kurt Wyberg
   Schaetzka                                                                         Dr. & Ms. James R.         Mr. Mike Wayman
Mr. David J. Schafer       Ms. Ellen C. Smith         Ms. Sara Sturzenegger                                     Mr. Adam Weber             Mr. James Wyzykowski
Ms. Sarah Schaffer         Ms. Chelsea Smith          Ms. Erin B. Stutelberg                                    Ms. Janice Webster         Mr. Richard
                                                                                     Mr. William E. Turek                                    Wyzykowski
Ms. Janie Scheela          Ms. Melanie A. Smith       Mr. Dawood Sultani                                        Ms. Joan June Wede
                                                                                     Mr. & Ms. John Tuttle                                 Ada Yakal
Ms. Sandra Schindler       Mr. & Ms. Roger &          Mr. Matthew A.                                            Ms. LaVonne Weihrauch
                              Vicky Smith                Sundeen                     Ms. Kathleen Tuzinski                                 Ms. Kathy L. Yakal
Mr. Albert L. Schindler                                                              Ms. Cheryl Tverberg        Mr. & Mrs. Fred Weiner
                           Mr. Myron J. Smith         Mr. & Mrs. Richard D.                                                                Ms. Andrea Yankowiak
Ms. Sara Schmid                                                                      Ms. Colleen Dwyer          Ms. Virginia Weiner
                           Ms. Donna Smith               Sundeen                                                                           Ms. Michelle M. Ye
Ms. Rita M. Schmid                                                                      Tyson                   Ms. Alisa A. Weintraub
                           Mrs. Janet C. Snyder       Ms. Barbara A. Sussex                                                                Mr. David W. Young
Dr. & Ms. Kenley                                                                     Ms. Karry Udvig            Mr. Kenneth M.
                           Ms. Marilyn Snyder            Owens                                                                             Ms. Lauren M. Young
   Schmidt                                                                           Ms. Debra Ulrich              Weisenberger
                           Ms. Jonnie F. Snyder       Mr. & Ms. Daniel                                                                     Ms. Diane Zabel
Ms. Deborah Schmidt                                                                  Ms. Pamela A. Ulvestad     Mr. Gregory Wells
                           Mr. & Ms. Kenneth             Sutherland                                                                        Mr. Mohsin Zafar
Ms. Diana P. Schmidt                                                                 Mr. & Ms. Dale Urbain      Ms. Melissa Wendt
                              Snyder                  Mr. Robert J. Sutter                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J.
Ms. Karen Schneider                                                                  Mr. Dale Urbain            Mr. Shane F. Wendt
                           Ms. Monica Soderholm       Mr. Ronald L. Swain                                                                    Zaine
Ms. Marta S. Schneider                                                               Ms. Holly Valinotti        Ms. Stacy Wermager
                           Mr. & Ms. Vern &           Ms. Gayle M. Swandby                                                                 Mr. James Zaine
Mr. & Mrs. Roger                                                                     Dr. Gale Valtinson         Teri Wermerskirchen
                              Shirley Solberg         Ms. Juli Swanson                                                                     Ms. Colette Zaugg
   Schnobrich                                                                        Mr. David Van Gieson       Ms. Barbara Wessberg
                           Ms. Sharon L. Solfest      Ms. Ann Swanson                                                                      Mickelle Zaugg
Mr. Andrew Schoeberl                                                                 Ms. Kimberly M. Van        Ms. Paula Westerlund
                           Mr. & Mrs. James Solin     Ms. Nancy C. Swanson                                                                 Ms. Anne Zbikowski
Ms. Cele Schoeberl                                                                      Heel                    Ms. Veronica A.
                           Ms. Nadine Solseth         Ms. Glenda Swanson                                                                   Mr. Gordon L. Zdeblick
Mr. & Mrs. Harry                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Bob                Westerman
   Schoening, Jr.          Mr. Ron Soplata            Ms. Kay Swanson                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Monte
                                                                                        VanMeter                Ms. Evelyn C.
Ms. Tera Schouweiler       Ms. J. Rose Sorenson       Mr. Paul L. Swanson                                          Westerman                 Zehringer
                                                      Ms. Eileen E. Swanson          Ms. Jackie Van Norman
Mr. Ryan Schroeder         Mr. & Mrs. William R.                                                                Mr. & Ms. Curtis           Ms. Amy L. Zeigler
                              Soth                    Ms. Juli Swanson               Mr. & Mrs. Jack D. Van
Mr. David G. Schrot                                                                                                Westlin                 Mr. Gary Zenz
                           Mr. Christopher Souza      Ms. Jodi Swedin                                           Ms. Janet Westlund         Ms. Leslie Zimmerman
Ms. Theresa Schrupp                                                                  Mr. Perry Vance
                           Ms. Margie Sovercool       Ms. Kelli K. Sweet                                        Mr. Mark Westman           Ms. Joette Zola, OTR
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis W.                                                                 Mr. & Ms. David Vander
   Schulstad               Mr. John Speedling         Mr. & Ms. Arthur                                          Mr. Jack Weston            Mr. Robert Zordich
Ms. Deb Schultz            Mr. & Ms. Doug                Swenson                                                Mr. Joseph D. Westrup      Mr. Doug Zukowski
                                                                                     Mr. Chris Vandevelde
                              Speedling               Mr. Don Swenson                                                                      Ms. Lisa M. Zurek
Ms. Amy M. Schulz                                                                    Ms. Txing Vang             Mr. David A. Wheaton
                           Mr. Matthew Spiess         Mr. Ralph V. Swenson                                                                 Ms. Kate B. Zweber
Ms. Amy L. Schwartz                                                                  Tracy Vaselaar             Ms. Londa Whebbe
                           Dr. Nancy K. Spitzack      Ms. Kathleen Swinton
Mr. & Mrs. Lyall                                                                     Ms. Mary Beth Vashro       Mr. Matt Whitehead
   Schwarzkopf             Ms. Karla B. Spooner       Ms. Mary Swisher
                                                                                     Mr. Jon Vaske              Mr. Robert Whitlock &
Mr. Dave Scott             Mr. Patrick Sroka          Ms. Esther M. Sykora                                         Ms. Peggy Weber
                                                                                     Mrs. Mary W. Vaughan
Mr. Bradley Scott          Ms. Paula Strahn-          Ms. Christina M. Szitta                                   Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd V.
                              Johnson                                                Mr. & Ms. Douglas
Mr. Stephen L. Seagren                                Ms. Pamela Tan                    Vayda                      Whittaker
                           Ms. Miriam M. Stake        Ms. Marcia Lee Taple
Mr. Tim Sebring                                                                      Ms. Marlene Vega           Mr. Nathan Whittier
                           Ms. Jennifer Stamm         Mr. David M. Tardif
Ms. Sharon Seekon                                                                    Ms. Ruth M. Vegdahl        Marlin J. Wiemer
                           Ms. Hannah E. Stander      Dorcas Tatkow
Ms. Sandra Seekon                                                                    Ms. Heather J. Velde       Mr. Mark F. Wiener
                           Ms. Theresa F. Stander     Dr. & Ms. Thomas
Dr. Carole Wedel Sellars                                                             Ms. Sara L. Venem          Ms. JoAnn Wiita
                           Mr. Charles S. Stander        Tatlock
Mr. Jon Seltenheim                                                                   Ms. Diane Vercruysse       Ms. Pamela Wilcox
                           Ms. Michelle Stark         Ms. Chrissy Tauber
Ms. Laura Senst                                                                      Ms. Jody Virnig            Mr. Robert H. Wilder
                           Mr. Allen C. Starkey       Ms. Valerie Taylor
Ms. Heather Sesma                                                                    Mr. & Ms. Jerry            Ms. Joanne Williams
                           Mr. Bryan Stavish          Mr. Ron Teece
Ms. Mary Jo Seviola                                                                     Vitzthum                Mr. Jerry Williams
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2009 Annual Report                                                               5                                             
       Foundation, Corporation & Organization Donors
Ameriprise Financial      Beatty-Humphries Post      Direct Marketing               Faribault Foods            Medtronic Foundation       Stahl Construction
  Employee Matching          #323                       Services, Inc.              GoodSearch                 Pohlad Family                 Company
  Gift Program            Buca, Inc.                 Emerson Process                Howry Residential             Foundation              United Way of Central
                                                        Management                     Services                                              Minnesota

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A Chance to Grow          Community Connections      Hellmuth & Johnson,            Mary T. Inc.               Minnesota Work             REM Minnesota
Accessible Space, Inc.       Partnership                PLLC                        Mayo Foundation for           Incentives Connection   Restart Inc.
ActivStyle, Inc.          Consumer Directions, Inc   Hennepin County                  Medical Education &      New Challenges, Inc.       Rise, Inc.
Advanced Behavioral       Cornerstone Solutions         Medical Center                Research                 Nichole Mistic Gift of     Riverview Clinic
   Health                 Courage Center Golden      Howry Residential              McCarthy Builders and         Hope                    Schwebel, Goetz, &
Aihu                         Valley                     Services                      Remodelers               Noran Neurological             Sieben
Allina Health System      Dr. Tim Tinius             Integrity Living Options       McEwen Law Firm, Ltd.         Clinic                  Sengistix, LLC
American Ramp Systems     Dungarvin Minnesota,       Karcher Foster Services,       Mental Health Services     Opportunity Partners       SMB Homes Inc.
Anodyne, Inc.                Inc.                       Inc.                        Merrill Lynch              Options Family &           SMDC Medical Center
At Home Living            DynaVox Mayer-Johnson      Karol                          Meshbesher & Spence           Behavior Services       Soucie Law
   Facilities, Inc.       Educational Coop Service      Neuropsychological          Mid Minnesota Legal        Options Residential Inc.   St. Cloud Hospital &
AXIS Healthcare              Unit                       Services                      Assistance               Partners In Community          CentraCare Health
Bear Creek Services       Focus on Living, Inc.      Kauffman Law Firm              Minnesota Department of       Supports                    System
Bethesda Hospital         Gillette Childrens         Key Medical Supply, Inc.         Human Services           People Incorporated-       Tandem Residential
Bluewater Residential        Specialty Healthcare    Lakeview Specialty             Minnesota Disability Law      Epilepsy & Mental       TBI Metro Services
   Services               Glesener’s, Inc.              Hospital                      Center                      Health Services         TBI Residential
CaringBridge              Governor’s Council         Learn To See Vision            Minnesota                  Phoenix Medical Services       Community Services
Center for Diagnostic        on Developmental           Clinic                        Neurorehabilitation      Provide Care Inc.          The Speech Gurus, LLC
   Imaging                   Disabilities            Learning RX                      Services                 Region 10 Quality          UCare Minnesota
Christensen Group         Grand Itasca Clinic &      Lutheran Social Service        Minnesota State Council       Assurance               Vinland National Center
Community Connection         Hospital                   of Minnesota                  On Disability            Regions Hospital           Westview Services
   of Minnesota, Inc.     Handi Medical Supply       Mains’l Services, Inc.                                    RehabCare Group            Wing House

Acorn Moving and Mini-    Bruegger’s
                                                     In Kind Donations
                                                     Franklin Street Bakery         Mall of America            Radisson Plaza Hotel       Underwater Adventure
   Storage                Burrito Loco               Games by James                    Management Office           Minneapolis            Unique Photographers,
Airtran                   Caribou Coffee             Great Harvest Bread            Marina Grill & Deli        Roseville Fastsigns          LLC
Baja Sol Restaurant       Costco                        Company                     Mesenbrink Construction    Sam’s                      Wallace Carlson
   Group                  Denny Kemp Salon &         Hennepin County                Midway Party Rental        Sheraton Bloomington       WCCO AM
Baja Sol Tortilla Grill      Spa                        Medical Center              Minnesota Twins                Hotel                  Wedge Natural Foods
Berry Coffee              Duluth Vet Center          Hilton Minneapolis/St.            Baseball Club           St. Paul Veterans            Co-Op
Best Buy                  Elsie’s                       Paul Airport                Miracle Lodge                  Resource Center        Wing House
Bibelot                   Faibault Foods, Inc        Jax Café                       Pot Belly                  Starbuck’s
Breen Graham Salm         Focus on Living, Inc.                                     Punch Pizza                Trader Joe’s

Brain Injury Association of Minnesota is a proud member of Community Health Charities Minnesota.
Community Health Charities Minnesota is an alliance of leading nonprofit health research and
service organizations whose mission is to improve lives affected by chronic illness by investing in
health research, services and education.

Brain Injury Association of Minnesota                                           6                                                         2009 Annual Report