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JC Players Drama Club


									                              JC Players Drama Club
  *($2.00 dues helps cover cost of pins/certificates and other start-up expenses)
       Drama club membership is open to any Junction City High School student
who has an active interest in, and who keeps track of and has accumulated five
(or more) drama activity points*. [This club also satisfies the activity credit for
graduation from JCHS. To receive activity credit, you must attend 3 meetings
per semester and participate in 10 hours of extra-curricular dramatic activity over
the course of the school year.] Points must be earned during the students
enrollment at JCHS. Upon being honored as a club member, students will be
recognized as a part of excellence. The drama program at JCHS is exemplary,
and student members will be able to proudly boast that they are a part of it.
Points can be earned in the following ways (activities must be okayed by the
sponsor and all points will be logged through and kept by the sponsor), and
points will carry over from year to year:

Two Points: (other activities could be added at sponsor’s discretion)
  Having a lead or supporting role in a major JCHS Production (two per year).
  Being a student director in a major JCHS production.
  Being a stage manager in a major JCHS production.
  Successful completion (B or better) of any drama class at JCHS (up to two
  per year, and TA's do not count).
One Point: (other activities could be added at sponsor’s discretion)
  Working on a backstage crew for a JCHS production. (lights, sound, props,
  make-up, etc.)
  Having a chorus part or minor role in any JCHS production.
  Understudying for a JCHS production (You may not get two points if you are
  also in the chorus or are playing another part.)
  Helping build set, outside of the school day, for a major production. (You
  must do this for either drama credit or service learning credit, but not both.)
  Singing/Playing in the pit choir/band.

- One may not double up on points at any time, unless doing two separate duties
from the One Point section. One will be awarded the higher of the two point
values if pulling double duty from the two separate sections. To sum up, you
may only receive a maximum of 2 points for any single activity.
*A drama pin, bar, and J-Patch will be given when the first five points are
reached (sort of like lettering in a sport), and a bar will be given every five points
thereafter, not to exceed one bar per year.
   Students not having enough activity points may still join. They may attend the
   meetings, participate in the fund-raisers, and participate in the functions, but
   will not receive a pin, bar, or certificate until five activity points have accrued.

This criteria will be retroactive, from May 14, 2001, as far back as a JCHS
student, enrolled on that date, has attended JCHS.

    Remember, this is a JCHS letter, not a life-time achievement award!

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