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					Volume 9, Issue 3
Fall 2007

              Eat Something.                                                     Dedicated to Reading
             You’ll Feel Better.

                                                                  Pictured	from	left	to	right	are:	WEDU	Education	and	Outreach	Manager	Sartura	Shuman,	dedicated	reader	
          NoHo	Bistro	owners	Tina	Hurless	and Jessica Raia-Long   recipient	Tina	and	Alpha	parent	educator	and	coordinator	of	the	summer	book	club	Donna	Ortiz

        Jessica Raia-Long became a New Lives                      	       Do	you	often	travel	to	different	parts	of	the	
Society	member	by	pledging	to	give	a	generous	gift	               world?	Or	meet	people	who	died	hundreds	of	years	
to Alpha House over a span of five years. She and                 before	you	were	born?	For	those	of	us	who	do,	we	
her	business	partner	Tina	Hurless	recently	conducted	             know	there	is	only	one	vehicle	that	will	permit	these	
a	fundraiser	at	their	restaurant,	The	NoHo	Bistro,	               things	and	so	much	more.	This	summer	the	ladies	of	
and gave all donations to Alpha House. Now, they’re               Alpha	House	were	privy	to	the	joy	that	is	discovered	
helping to nourish all those who attend Alpha House’              inside	a	good	book.
bi-monthly “Lunch and Learns.” “There are many                    	       Thanks	to	the	generosity	of	the	individuals	
businesses	we	could	ask	to	cater	our	lunches,	but	                at	WEDU,	Alpha	moms	and	staff	participated	in	our	
we	chose	The	NoHo	Bistro	because	their	menu	has	                  first book club. WEDU sought “an audience that was
added flare to our events,” said Cathi Hardesty, Al-              in	need	of	literary	efforts,”	said	Sartura	Shuman,	
pha	House	Director	of	Development.	                               Education and Outreach Manager. “We wanted both
        The NoHo Bistro is open for lunch Mon.-Fri.               the	children	and	parents	to	engage	in	the	literature.”	
from	11	a.m.	to	3	p.m.	and	available	for	private	din-             	       The	ladies	were	thrilled	to	participate	in	
ing	every	day	of	the	week.	Visit	them	on	the	web	at	              the book club. “I liked the idea,” said Alpha mom	or	stop	by	1714	N.	Armenia	                 Serene. “She’s Come Undone	(by	Wally	Lamb)	is	
Ave., Tampa, FL 33607. If you would like to sample                my favorite book because I could relate to the main
NoHo’s dishes and learn about Alpha House, join us                character.” In addition to this novel, the ladies read
for	a	lunch	and	learn.	Upcoming	lunch	dates	are	No-               This Lullaby	by	Sarah	Dassen,	Make Lemonade	by	
vember	8,	December	13,	January	10	and	24,	Febru-                  Virginia	Wolfe	and	The Bluest Eye	by	Toni	Morrison.		
ary 14 (you can definitely bring your sweetheart) and             “Reading gives you knowledge and power,” said
28. Please call (813) 875-2024 ext. 1040 to add your              Serene. “It’s an adventure. You can forget about your
name	to	the	guest	list.                                           own problems and dive into someone else’s for a

                                                                                           Alpha mom Serene and Sartura Shuman
Fall 2007
                                                                                                                    Page 2
               Board of Directors
            Susan	J.	Steen,	MD,	President	                            Calling All Angels
          David	Keefe,	MD,	Vice	President	
              John	M.	Unger,	Treasurer		
                                                                                      It’s December 25th. The kids, who
           Jacqueline	L.	Landry,	Secretary	                                           forsook	sleep	afraid	they	would	miss	
             Diane	Egner,	Past	President                                              the	holiday,	are	now	scavenging	the	
                       Members                                                        living	room	to	see	what	presents	lie	
  Duncan	Broyd                      Glenn	Jones,	Jr.                                  underneath	the	tree.	The	season	that	
  Kevin Chadwick                  Rev. Geoff Kohler
  Scott	Entin              Rachel Albritton	Lunsford
                                                                                      has been labeled “the most wonderful
  Jacob	H.	Hardin                        Mark Rhein                                   time	of	the	year”	can	be	disheartening	
  Steve	Hogue	                                                                        to	the	ladies	at	Alpha	House	without	
                                                                                      your	help.	We	are	inviting	all	those	
   Advisory Board               The Artemis Guild
   Betsy	Stagg                           Pasha	Baker                                  interested	in	sponsoring	a	family	for	
   John	M.	Tapley                 Candace Cusseaux                                    the	holidays	to	become	an	Alpha	An-
                                     Alison	Jimenez
   Sally	Hill
                           Rachel Albritton	Lunsford
                                                                                      gel. Please call (813) 875-2024 x 1040
                                   Carmen Santiago                                    to	bring	joy	to	a	mother	and	her	child	
                                    Caren Skversky                                    this	holiday	season.
                                        Karen	Hilton

                   Legal Counsel
          Ellen Kohler Lyons, Carlton Fields
                                                                        Go Ahead, Shop
                 Executive Director                               Guilt-free shopping. The concept
                  Bonnie Christiano                       sounds like an oxymoron. No matter how
               Accreditation                              bad	one	needs	an	item	or	how	much	it	
                                                          has	been	marked	down,	more	than	likely	
  The	 programs	 and	 services	 of	Alpha	
  House	 of	Tampa	 are	 fully	 accredited	                there	is	a	twinge	of	guilt	associated	with	
  by the Council on Accreditation for                     shopping. “I could’ve spent that money on
  Children and Family Services.
                                                          something	else,”	is	the	thought	that	enters	
                                                          many	minds	while	walking	out	of	the	store	
        Program Funding                                   or	logging	off	that	frequently	visited	website.	
                                                          	       Now	remorse	can	be	diminished	from	shopping.	
                                                          	       When	you	buy	from	you	can	shop	with	
                                                          the confidence of knowing a percentage of your purchase will help
                                                          pregnant	and	parenting	women	in	crisis.	A	running	total	is	kept	of	
                                                          how much has been donated to Alpha House and a tax deduction
                                                          report	can	be	printed	directly	from	the	site.
                                                          	       For	those	who	want	to	forsake	shopping	and	give	more	to	
                                                          support Alpha’s mission, consider using your American Express
               Registration                               card	to	make	donations.	From	October	1	to	December	31	of	this	
 Alpha House is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.      year	membership	points	will	be	earned	from	donating	to	Alpha	
 A copy of the official registration information may
 be obtained from the Florida Division of Consumer        House through the Giving Express pro-
 Services by calling toll-free within the State, 1-800-   gram. Register at
 435-7352. The Registration Number is SC-01994.
 Registration does not imply endorsement, recom-          com/give	and	begin	receiving	your	points	
 mendation	or	promotion	by	the	State	of	Florida.          today. You may write your credit card
                                                          information	on	the	enclosed	envelope	or	
        The	Newsletter	is	a	publication	of		
          Alpha House of Tampa, Inc.                      give	online	at	www.alphahouseoftampa.
            Brandi	Wilkerson,	Editor													
Fall 2007

                                    Malika’s Story
The best storytellers of our time can evoke a wide range of emotion through fictional and sometimes real stories
of	a	person.	But	no	matter	how	well	one	writes	or	presents	the	life	story	of	someone	else,	nothing	compares	to	
a	biographical	account...

                             If it wasn’t for Alpha house, I would still be liv-
                             ing under a bridge wondering each and every day
                             where I was going to sleep, eat and bathe; touching
                             my stomach wondering if I would be the one to raise
                             this child. Coming to Alpha House I was bitter and
                             resentful. I didn’t know what was in store for me.
                             I would sit in my room and cry myself to sleep. I
                             hated life and often thought of suicide. My unborn
                             child was what made me strong. I set goals that I
                             personally strive to meet everyday.

Ms. Tara helped me get my birth certificate, ID and told me about the
job fair at the forum. I went and when I got the job I was proud of my-
self. I’ve never been proud of me and that felt good. Mrs. Yesi, I could
talk to her when I wanted to laugh. She allowed me to open up and
not feel insecure. It’s a relief to know you have someone to talk to. Ms.
Donna, she’s very helpful when it comes to giving me pointers on how
to care for Quindarius.

Ms. Ivelisse, she’s a wonderful caseworker, she seems to understand
or tries to. She doesn’t criticize me about my failures in transitional.
There’s a lot more staff I would mention but I want to make this letter
short. If it wasn’t for Alpha House who knows where I’d be right now.
I may not like all the rules, but rules are put in place for a reason and
if they aren’t followed the environment is no longer safe. I wouldn’t
change the rules; I will just have to work harder to follow them.

                                     -Malika & Quindarius
Fall 2007

            What’s Good                                 From the
                                                        desk of the
Justin	is	maintaining	a	                                Executive
3.96 GPA in her architec-                               Director . .
tural program at ITT.
                                                        Dear Readers,

                                                        The	holidays	are	fast	
                                                        approaching.	How	
                      Shamia’s is one of the featured   can	it	be	that	time	
                      success	stories	in	the	Home-      of	year	again?	So	
                      less Coalition of Hillsborough    much	has	happened	
                      County’s current mobile cam-      at	Alpha	through	the	
                      paign,	Unexpected Faces,          first nine months of the year. Twenty-five teenag-
                      Unexpected Places.	               ers	enrolled	in	high	school,	another	24	clients	
                                                        were	enrolled	in	GED	programs	and	eight	of	our	
                                                        women	were	in	college.
Alpha	House	met	the	
highest	national	standards	                             We’ve had 25 babies born including two sets of
of	professional	performance	                            twins	–	twin	boys	(Marvin	and	Diego)	and	twin	
and	received	reaccredida-                               girls	(Aubrey	and	Kennedy).		All	of	these	babies	
tion, with no deficiencies,                             were	free	of	drugs	and/or	alcohol	and	24	of	them	
from the Council on Ac-                                 weighed in at or above five pounds, eight ounces.
creditation.                                            That’s pretty amazing with two sets of twins!

                                                        Since January we’ve sheltered 52 babies and
                                                        young	children	(we	started	the	year	with	15	
                                                        babies	at	our	residence).	Thanks	to	our	Parents	as	
                                                        Teachers	Program,	all	but	one	of	our	babies	are	
                                                        developmentally	on	track.	All	our	children	are	
                                                        receiving preventive health care and are up-to-
 Jercari	started	crawling.                              date	on	inoculations.	What	better	foundation	can	
                                                        be	laid	for	successful	futures	than	the	wonderful	
                                                        start	in	life	Alpha	House	gives	these	infants?
 Gina	has	been	blessed	with	
                                                        We	are	privileged	to	see	these	wonderful	out-
 beautiful	twin	daughters.
                                                        comes	because	of	the	support	we	receive	from	
                                                        people	like	you.	Thank	you,	thank	you.		

                                                        Blessings	to	all	during	this	beautiful	season,
                Cecilia recently received full time
                employment.                             Bonnie Christiano
  Fall 2007
Your support made a difference (January 1 - September 0, 2007) - Thank You.
New Lives Society                         Mr.	and	Mrs.	Mitchel	D.	Banks          Ms. Angela Marie Cella               Ms.	Betty	Loor	Dowd
Kathleen	Anders                           Dr.	and	Mrs.	Lewis	A.	Barness          Mr. Kevin Chadwick                   Ms.	Emily	J.	Dowd
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  Fall 2007
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Mr. Charles L. Harris                     Mr.	Tony	Kerns                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Macar             Mr.	and	Mrs.	Timothy	Nealon
Ms.	Jenese	Harris                         Ms.	Susan	Kessler                    Mr.	and	Mrs.	Steven	Madson               Ms.	Teresa	Nesman
Ms.	Julie	Harris                          Mary	Key,	Ph.D.                      Dr. and Mrs. Charles Mahan               New Beginnings Christian Church
Ms.	Nereida	M.	Harrison                   Mr. and Mrs. Alexander W. Kibedy     Mr. Robert Mahoney                       New York Life
Ms. Carol L. Harrop                       Nicole	Kibert,	Esq.                  Ms.	Mary	Maingot                         The New York Yankees Tampa Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Eric E. Hatfield             Mr.	Wesley	Kingery                   Manhattan	Avenue	United	Methodist	       Mr.	William	Newhouse
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer C. Hatfield          Ms.	Sophia	Kinsey                    				Women                                Mr.	and	Mrs.	Eric	Newman
Mr.	Otis	Haugabrook                       Mr.	and	Mrs.	Tom	B.	Kitchell         Dr.	Marcia	Mann                          Ms.	Andrey	Niantchev
Mr.	and	Mrs.	Edward	Hauser,	Jr.           Ms.	Barbara	Klein                    Mr.	Gregory	Margagliano                  Mr.	Steven	Patrick	Nichols
Ms.	Margaret	M.	Hauser                    Mr. and Mrs. Roy Klein               Ms.	Melissa	Marley                       Ms.	Barbara	L.	Nicholson
Ms.	Patricia	Hauser                       					 In memory of Susan Ware        Ms.	Julia	Marrs                          Ms.	Astoria	Nickerson
Carl W. Hawkins, D.P.A.                   Mr.	Thomas	Klein                     Mr.	John	T.	Marshall                     Ms.	Kathleen	M.	Nidasio
Ms. Christine A. Hawkins                  Mr.	and	Mrs.	David	T.	Knight         Dr.	and	Mrs.	John	H.	Marston             Mr. Richard Nielsen
Ms.	Mary	E.	Hayward                       Nancy E. Knight, USAF RET            Ms.	Margaret	Mathews                     Ms.	Tammi	Nina
Dr.	Kathleen	M.	Heide                     Mr.	and	Mrs.	Gary	Koch               Matthews Construction of Tampa, Inc.     Ms. Margaret Nix
Ms. Charlotte Hein                        Rev. and Mrs. Geoffrey S. Kohler     Ms.	Judith	Maurer                        No	Ho	Bistro
Mr. Roy Hellwege                          Ms.	Lauren	Kopco                     Mr.	David	J.	McBride                     Ms.	Wendy	M.	Noble
Mrs. Rosemary Henderson                   Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Kopp III          Mr.	William	N.	McBride                   Ms.	Luci	M.	Norlin
Mr.	and	Mrs.	Edward	Henley                Mr.	Larry	Kordosky                   Dr. Joan McCarthy                        Ms. Marilyn O’Donnell
Rosalie Hennessey, O.S.M.                 Mr.	Martin	E.	Koscso                 Ms. Sarah McCarthy                       Ms.	Megan	A.	Odroniec
Mr. Richard Heruska                       Ms.	Jennifer	Krause                  Ms. Linda McCord                         Ms. Karen K O’Hair
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Hibben           Ms. Catherine Kristensen             Ms. Nicole McCutchen                     Ms. Beverly Oliva-Vail
Mrs.	Annie	W.	Hicks                       Mr.	and	Mrs.	Daniel	E.	Kross         Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. McDarby           Mr.	and	Mrs.	John	K.	Olson
Ms.	Victoria	Higgs                        Mr. and Mrs. Ryan E. Krouse          Ms.	Betsey	A.	McFarland                  The Omnia Group, Inc.
Mrs.	Sally	Hill                           Ms.	Pat	Kuhn                         Ms. Martha McIntosh                      Ms. Courtney Wright O’Neil
Hillsborough County Property Appraisers   Mr.	and	Mrs.	Jerome	A.	Kulig         Ms.	Kimberly	McKee                       Mr.	and	Mrs.	Gary	Opala
Ms.	Karen	Hilton                          Mr. and Mrs. John E. Kutchmire III   Mrs.	Peggy	McKenna                       Mr.	and	Mrs.	Don	Orr
Ms. Anastasia C. Hiotis                   Mr.	Joe	Kwo                          Mr.	Decarlo	McKenzie                     Ms.	Donna	Ortiz
Dr.	Bernard	Hochberg                      Ms. Susan Kynes-Baldwin              Mrs.	Lois	McLane                         Mr.	Mark	D.	Oural
Ms.	Lauri	Hochberg                        Lake	Magdalene	United	Methodist      Mrs. Carolyn McMullen                    Mr.	and	Mrs.	Brantley	Overton
Mr.	and	Mrs.	Stephen	J.	Hogue                 Church                           Ms.	Marla	D.	McQuay                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Pacifico
Ms.	Karen	Hooks                           Mr.	Brian	Lamb                       Mr. Ivor McTavish                        Ms.	Mary	Ann	Paleveda
Ms.	Sarah	Hopkins                         Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Lamb            Ms.	Donna	A.	Meagher                     Palma Ceia Presbyterian Church
Mr.	and	Mrs.	Joseph	House                 Mr.	and	Mrs.	John	Lamontagne         Mechanical Engineering Solutions, Inc.   Ms. Darlene Pandolfo-Ellwood
Mr.	and	Mrs.	Frank	Howard                 Landmark Realty of Brandon           Ms.	Amelia	B.	Menendez                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pantaleoni
Ms.	Albertina	Howland                     Ms.	Jacqui	Landry                    Merchants	Association	of	Florida         Panther International, Inc.
HR Tampa                                  Dr.	Eunice	Lasche                    Ms.	Lisa	H.	Meriwether                   Ms.	Lois	J.	Paradise
Ms.	Laura	Hunter                          Mr.	Donald	K.	Lau                    Merrill	Thomas	Foundation                Mr. and Mrs. John Pare’
Mr.	Jerry	Hurley                          Ms.	Nancy	S.	Laurie                  Ms.	Bailey	Merritt                       Ms. Isabel Parks
Mr. Richard K. Hurley, Sr.                Ms. Rhea F. Law                      Mr. Richard Meruska                      Mr.	and	Mrs.	Gary	Parr
Ms.	Verna	Hurley                          Ms.	Jena	Lawal                       Mr.	and	Mrs.	William	Mickelson           Mr.	and	Mrs.	Ty	Parrish
Ms. Kimberly Michelle Hurst-Calle         Mr.	Barry	H.	Lawrence                Dr.	and	Mrs.	Edward	A.	Mierzejewski      Mr.	Michael	T.	Parsons
Ms.	Lisa	Hyde                             Ms. Christine Leacock                Miles Electric, Inc.                     Ms.	Binita	Patel
Mr.	and	Mrs.	Thomas	Hyde                  Ms. Susan C. Lebus                   Mr.	and	Mrs.	Sam	Militello               Mr.	and	Mrs.	James	Patterson
  Fall 2007
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Mr.	and	Mrs.	Jim	Paul                      Ms. Carol Sanborn                      Ms. Rhonda Trainor                        Ms.	Kelly	Zarzycki
Ms.	Ushanda	Pauling                        Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sanders           Travieso	Global	Services                  Ms.	Andrea	Zelman
The	Pazos	Law	Firm,	P.A.                   Mr.	Adlin	Santiago                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Troup                 Mr.	and	Mrs.	Jeffrey	Zyonse
Ms. Jonnae C. Peck                         Ms. Carmen Santiago                    Ms. Carol Turk
Ms.	Shannon	Peifer                         Ms.	Tami	Santiago                      Ms.	Tracy	M.	Tyree
Ms.	Melinda	Pendino
Ms.	Nora	Jean	Penia
Ms.	Lorraine	Penley
                                           Ms.	Keeley	M.	Sapienza
                                           Councilman Linda Saul-Sena
                                           Ms. Stephanie Y. Saunders
                                                                                  Ms.	Amanda	Uliano
                                                                                  University	of	Tampa
                                                                                  Dr.	Ashok	Upadhyaya
Ms.	Margo	Perez                            Mr.	and	Mrs.	Thomas	P.	Scarritt,	Jr.   Ms.	Patricia	A.	Urban
Ms.	Karen	M.	Perrin                        Ms.	Theodora	L.	Schmid                 The	USAA	Foundation
Ms.	Kay	Perrin                             Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Schwabe           Mr.	and	Mrs.	Michael	F.	Uzdavines
Mr.	and	Mrs.	Timothy	Peterson              Mr. and Mrs. Roger Schwenke            Ms.	Beverly	O.	Vail
Mr.	and	Mrs.	Justin	Petredis               SCI Companies                          Ms.	Desiree	T.	Valders
Ms.	Stephanie	Petrucelli                   Mr.	Barry	Scott                        Mr.	and	Mrs.	Gerardo	Valdes,	Jr.
Ms. Ingrid Pettus                          Mr.	Eric	Scott                         Ms.	Desiree	Valdez
Ms.	Amy	Philbrick                          Ms.	Lisa	Scott                         Mr. Michael C. Valdez
Mr.	Vansavang	Phrasavath                   Ms.	Sybil	and	Madison	Scott            Ms. Cecily Valenty
Mr.	Walter	Picker                          Dr.	and	Mrs.	Stephen	M.	Sergay         Ms.	Lauren	Valiente
Mr.	and	Mrs.	Scott	Allen	Pierce            Mr.	and	Mrs.	Alden	Mercer	Sherman      Col. Ross Van Lerberghe
Dr.	and	Mrs.	Anthony	J.	Pizzo              Ms.	Wendy	L.	Sherman                   Vanguard Charitable Endowment
					 In memory of Susan Ware              Ms.	Marie	Shine                        Mr.	and	Mrs.	Lewis	E.	Vassallo
Ms.	Debra	G.	Plant                         Mr.	Ted	Silence                        Ms.	Lavinia	Vaughn
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Pollock            Ms.	Gwenn	Silverstein                  Mr. and Mrs. Sherman I. Vealey
Mr. Christopher Poole                      Ms.	Elizabeth	Simons                   Verizon	Wireless
Ms. Carolyn S. Porter                      Dr. and Mrs. John T. Sinnott IV        Ms.	Diane	Villanova
Dr.	Huntington	Potter                      Sisters	of	the	Holy	Names              Ms.	Jennifer	S.	Vincent
Mr.	and	Mrs.	Elliot	Powell                 Ms. Caren Skversky                     Mr.	Gary	F.	Virgin
Ms.	Lana	Powell                            Mr.	and	Mrs.	Paul	Skversky             Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Walbot
Mr.	and	Mrs.	Thomas	Powers                 Ms.	Lois	Smith	Densmore                Ms.	Audrey	Walden
Ms. Celeste Pramberger
Mr. Manuel R. Preciado
                                           Ms. Cathy Smith
                                           Ms.	Jennifer	L.	Smith
                                                                                  Ms. Alex Walker
                                                                                  Mr.	James	E.	Wall
                                                                                                                             Rodney, Vanessa and
PreMadonnas                                Mr.	and	Mrs.	Steve	Smith               Mr.	and	Mrs.	Lawrence	H.	Wall                    Monica
Mr. Steve D. Prevaux                       Mr.	and	Mrs.	Kenneth	J.	Snyder         Ms.	Paige	Ward
Mr. Robert Prior                           Mr. Richard H. Sollner                 Mr.	Delmar	Warnock,	Jr.
Progress	Energy                            Eldra	Solomon,	PH.D.                   Ms.	Allison	Washburn
Ms.	Minako	Proietto                        Ms.	Krista	K.	Soroka                   Ms.	Judith	Washburn
Mr.	and	Mrs.	Jerome	T.	Provenzano          Southern Equipment Corp.               Ms.	Loretta	Waters
Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc.       Mr.	Terrance	J.	Sowa                   Ms.	Sherri	A.	Weaver
Mr.	Louis	W.	Putney                        Ms. Sally C. Speer                     Ms. Rhonda Webb
Mr.	and	Mrs.	Jorge	M.	Quintas              Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Spencer II          Ms.	Sherry	Weimer
The Radiant Group, LLC                     St. Mary’s Episcopal Church            Mr. Richard B. Weinberg
Ms. Jessica Raia-Long                      Mr. and Mrs. C. Lawrence Stagg         Ms. Carrie Weintraub
Mr. and Mrs. E. Edwin Ramm                 				 In memory of Susan Ware           Ms.	Sharon	West
Ms. Sandra Ramos                           Mr.	Joe	Steen                          Mr.	and	Mrs.	Steven	D.	Wetherell
Ms. Brenda Ray                             Mr.	and	Mrs.	Joseph	Steen,	Sr.         Ms.	Nadja	Whalen
Raymond James & Associates, Inc.           Susan	J.	Steen,	M.D.                   Ms.	Antoinette	J.	Wheat
Raymond James Financial                    Mr.	and	Mrs.	William	Steen             Ms.	Holli	L.	Whitaker
Reeves Import Motor Cars, Inc.             Mr.	John	Stenard                       Ms.	Judy	Whitaker
Ms. Lynda Remund                           Mr.	Scott	Stolz                        Mr.	and	Mrs.	Gerald	M.	White
Mr. Mark Rhein                             Ms.	Tracy	Stromberg                    Ms.	Mary	Whitehead
Ms. Demoris Rhodes                         Ms.	Mary	Jo	Sultenfuss                 Ms.	Elizabeth	M.	Whiteley
Ms. Marian A. Rhodes                       Suncoast Staffing                      Ms.	Laura	Whitmore
Ms. Yvette Rhodes                          Ms.	Mary	Sutherland                    Mr.	and	Mrs.	Vincent	Whitmore
Mr. James W. Rice                          Ms.	Patty	Swanbom                      Mr.	and	Mrs.	Larry	Wilder                 Promise and Kayela
Ms. Grace Richards                         Sweetbay	Supermarket                   Ms.	Alicia	Wiley
Ms. Mary Richert                           Ms.	Sharon	Sydenstricker               Ms.	Anita	Sue	Wiley
Mr. Carl Riddlemoser                       Ms. Victoria Sydnor-Jackson            Ms.	Jennifer	Willhoff
Ms. Beverly Ritchie                        Mr.	and	Mrs.	Joseph	Sykes              The	William	Stamps	Farish	Fund
Ms. Luz Rivera                             Dr.	and	Mrs.	Stephen	J.	Szabo          Ms.	Nancy	G.	Williams
Mr. Stephen C. Robb                        Mr.	David	A.	Szymanski                 					 In memory of Susan Ware
Ms. Christina Roberts                      Talcott	Family	Foundation              Ms.	Sarah	B.	Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Hardy Roberts III             Ms.	Edna	Talmadge                      Ms. Tonia R. Williams
Ms. Jacqueline Rodriguez                   Ms. Rene J. Tamargo                    Mr.	and	Mrs.	Harold	Williamson
Mr. Marty Rodriguez                        Tampa Bay Steel Corporation            Wilson Management Company
Mr. James Rogers                           Tampa	General	Hospital                 Mr.	Kirb	H.	Wilson
Ms. Thelma R. Rogers                       Mr.	and	Mrs.	John	Tapley               Dr. Lisbeth and Barbie Winterbottom Roy
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rohner                 Mr.	and	Mrs.	Walter	F.	Tatum           Ms.	Donna	Wood
					In honor of Steve and Marisa Hunter   Ms.	Adrienne	Teal                      Mr.	Douglas	J.	Woodring
Ms. Judith E. Romano                       Tech Data Corporation                  Woodroffe Corporation Architects
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Rorrer              Ms.	Tamara	L.	Tegtmeyer                Mr.	Guy	F.	Woodward
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Russell              Mr.	Jason	Thackeray                    Ms.	Martha	Wright
Ms. Mary Rose Ryan                         Ms.	Anne	E.	Thal                       Ms.	Natanida	Wright
Mr.	and	Mrs.	Marlin	Saar                   Tiger	Lilies                           Ms.	Elizabeth	Wulff
Ms. Carolyn Sachs                          Mr.	Kenneth	A.	Tinkler                 Yara North America, Inc.
Bonnie	Saks,	MD                            Mr.	Vick	Tipnes                        Ms. Donna Yates                           Anyone	omitted	from	our	recognition	
Mary	Salem,	MD                             Ms. Charlene M. Tobie                  Ms.	Hope	Zambito                          list	is	asked	to	call	the	Development	
Mr.	Bob	V.	Sammartino                      Mr.	and	Mrs.	Joe	Tomaino               Mr.	and	Mrs.	Joseph	Zambito               Office so we may correct our records.
Ms.	Wendy	L.	Samuels                       Ms.	Jennifer	Townsend                  Mr.	and	Mrs.	Steve	Zaritsky
                                                                                                                            Please	accept	our	apologies.
                                                                       Non-Profit Org.
                                                                        U.S.	Postage
201	South	Tampania	Avenue                                                Tampa,	FL
                                                                       Permit No. 2903
Tampa, FL 33609-3231

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