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					Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables
             Wednesday 15 December 2010 10:30

                 Jubilee Auction Rooms
                     Fordbrook Business Centre
                                     SN9 5NU
   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 1                                                                A wrought iron fire grate with fleur de lys decoration, a stainless
A painted concrete garden gnome ornament and an elephant              steel bucket, fire extinguishers and a fishing reel.
shaped water feature.

                                                                      Lot: 17
Lot: 2                                                                A quantity of mainly general household tools.
Two small staddle stones with caps.

                                                                      Lot: 18
Lot: 3                                                                A car battery charger, other tools and sundries (NB not tested).
A green painted slatted two seat garden bench.

                                                                      Lot: 19
Lot: 4                                                                A metal cantilever tool box and a quantity of household tools.
Two similar terracotta cylindrical chimney pots with pierced
                                                                      Lot: 20
                                                                      A wooden sledge of traditional form with iron runners.
Lot: 5
A pair of late Victorian terracotta gable ends in the form of fleur
de lys.                                                               Lot: 21
                                                                      A wooden sledge of traditional form with iron runners.

Lot: 6
An ornate cast iron garden table base with raised and pierced         Lot: 22
decoration united with a central stretcher.                           A contemporary carved wooden figure of a sleeping cat.

Lot: 7                                                                Lot: 23
A rectangular wrought iron fire grate with shaped rectangular         A cased set of eight boules.
fire back.

                                                                      Lot: 24
Lot: 8                                                                A reproduction cast iron house bell with horse finial.
A large wrought iron rectangular fire basket with matching
                                                                      Lot: 25
                                                                      A pair of Art Deco style wall lights with coloured glass panels.
Lot: 9
A McCulloch petrol engine driven strimmer.
                                                                      Lot: 26
                                                                      A reproduction cast iron cup rack in the form of Snow White
Lot: 10                                                               and the Seven Dwarfs.
A pressure washer, a garden Turbovac and a quantity of
garden tools ( not tested)
                                                                      Lot: 27
                                                                      A reproduction cast iron "Beware of the Dog" sign.
Lot: 11
An early Moulton small wheeled bicycle.
                                                                      Lot: 28
                                                                      A National Cash Register metal cased mechanised shop cash
Lot: 12                                                               till (decimalised).
A Raleigh Reynolds 501 twelve speed road bicycle.

                                                                      Lot: 29
Lot: 14                                                               Four various tarpaulins.
A metal two wheeled sack barrow.

                                                                      Lot: 30
Lot: 15                                                               A reproduction metal Continental style letter box.
Three various wood working planes and a quantity of other
mainly wood working tools.
                                                                      Lot: 31
                                                                      A reproduction cast iron boot scraper with integral brush.
Lot: 16

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 32                                                            Lot: 48
A wicker and bentwood conservatory arm chair with squab            A quantity of LED aluminium mini torches.

                                                                   Lot: 49
Lot: 33                                                            A quantity of mini LED aluminium torches.
A 19th century leather bound wooden writing case with fitted
interior and a quantity of china and glass wares.
                                                                   Lot: 50
                                                                   A quantity of rubberised mini LED torches.
Lot: 34
A reproduction cast iron novelty boot scraper in the form of
boots.                                                             Lot: 51
                                                                   A quantity of mini LED rubber torches.

Lot: 35
An interesting quantity of various heavy horse and other horse     Lot: 52
tack.                                                              A roll of various spanners.

Lot: 36                                                            Lot: 53
A reproduction brass carriage light of octagonal form with         Two sets of assorted spanners.
etched glass plates.

                                                                   Lot: 54
Lot: 37                                                            Two coils of rope each approximately 100ft in length.
A quantity of assorted picture frames and albums.

                                                                   Lot: 55
Lot: 39                                                            An eight ton bottle jack.
Five rolls of gaffer tape.

                                                                   Lot: 56
Lot: 40                                                            A trailer winch.
A twenty five piece drill set.

                                                                   Lot: 57
Lot: 41                                                            A quantity of padlocks.
A bundle of gripper gloves.

                                                                   Lot: 58
Lot: 42                                                            A small axe and two small lump hammers.
A bundle of bungee straps.

                                                                   Lot: 59
Lot: 43                                                            Two manure forks.
A deep socket and ratchet set.

                                                                   Lot: 60
Lot: 44                                                            A loppers, shears and secateurs.
A socket and ratchet set.

                                                                   Lot: 61
Lot: 45                                                            A jockey wheel.
A quantity of craft knives.

                                                                   Lot: 62
Lot: 46                                                            A telescopic garden pruner.
A punch and chisel set.

                                                                   Lot: 63
Lot: 47                                                            A telescopic window cleaning brush.
Two reproduction oval cast iron signs "Beware of the Dog" and
"Please Close the Gate".

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 64                                                             A fibreglass axe and log splitter.
A reproduction railway sign relating to closing gates.

                                                                    Lot: 81
Lot: 65                                                             Four various boat fishing rods and a landing net.
A mattock.

                                                                    Lot: 82
Lot: 66                                                             Two bolts of material and a small pine dresser.
Three graduated wooden garden trugs.

                                                                    Lot: 83
Lot: 67                                                             Five various printers trays.
A contemporary circular wooden pail with integral handle.

                                                                    Lot: 84
Lot: 68                                                             A large oval photograph frame, one other, a pair of gilt frames
A fishing box/seat, two creels and other associated sundries.       and other frames.

Lot: 69                                                             Lot: 85
A garden pruner, loppers and shears.                                An upholstered linen box and curtains.

Lot: 70                                                             Lot: 86
Two cotton dust sheets, 9ft x 12ft.                                 A box of various curtains.

Lot: 71                                                             Lot: 88
A twelve piece drain and chimney cleaning rod set.                  A quantity of household sundries.

Lot: 72                                                             Lot: 89
A pair of four foot sash cramps.                                    A Box single lock gun cabinet with key.

Lot: 73                                                             Lot: 90
A heavy duty hoe/mattock.                                           Two standard lamps and a table lamp with shades.

Lot: 74                                                             Lot: 91
A Thomson Sky digi box and a quantity of electrical sundries        A quantity of assorted pictures.
(NB none tested).

                                                                    Lot: 92
Lot: 75                                                             A semi circular marble wash stand top, other pieces of marble,
A set of Bailey's drain rods.                                       a glass topped table, two stools, a two seat conservatory sofa
                                                                    and a quantity of assorted bed head boards.

Lot: 76
A clerks desk top writing box with hinged rising slope.             Lot: 93
                                                                    A white painted Edwardian fire surround.

Lot: 77
A trailer lighting board.                                           Lot: 94
                                                                    A stripped pine three tier wall shelf, a wrought iron guard, four
                                                                    division stick stand and a pedestal wine table.
Lot: 78
Three various aluminium spirit levels.
                                                                    Lot: 95
                                                                    A contemporary rectangular kitchen table and a set of four
                                                                    chrome framed chairs.
Lot: 79
A folding sack trolley.
Lot: 80                                                             Lot: 96

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

A straw work conservatory arm chair with swab cushion,              A Persian design woollen rug, 1.52 x 1.86m.
circular mirror and oriental occasional table.

                                                                    Lot: 119
Lot: 97                                                             A contemporary pink ground Chinese wash woollen runner,
A bentwood conservatory occasional table and a pair of              3.34 x 0.82m.

                                                                    Lot: 120
Lot: 98                                                             A pink ground woollen carpet, 2.96 x 3.85m.
Two bar stools, a wall shelf unit, two chairs and a small bedside
                                                                    Lot: 121
                                                                    A Kenwood R5000 communications receiver.
Lot: 99
A contemporary sewing machine cabinet and a stool.
                                                                    Lot: 122
                                                                    A Kenwood HF transceiver TS 850S.
Lot: 100
A two tier television stand with drawer under.
                                                                    Lot: 123
                                                                    An Icom IC-R7000 communications receiver.
Lot: 101
A quantity of photograph frames and picture mounts.
                                                                    Lot: 124
                                                                    A Yaesu FRG-7700 communications receiver.
Lot: 102
Three circular glass topped bedside tables and a quantity of
drapes.                                                             Lot: 125
                                                                    An AOR wide range monitor AR2500, and an AR2002
                                                                    communications receiver
Lot: 103
A quilted horse rug.
                                                                    Lot: 126
                                                                    A Target communications receiver. (Possibly AKD model HF3)
Lot: 105
Three framed photographic prints by Chris Simpson and three
others.                                                             Lot: 127
                                                                    A Martelec MSR 40 receiver and JV fax interface.

Lot: 106
A bentwood and cane conservatory wing armchair, a spoon             Lot: 128
back chair and a hall side table.                                   A Global coupler AT1000.

Lot: 107                                                            Lot: 129
A contemporary teak three tier tea trolley and a two tier perspex   A JPS NTR-1 noise/tone reducer.
topped side table.

                                                                    Lot: 130
Lot: 108                                                            A PTO Electronics Handi Counter model 2300.
A circular chip board table on a folding base.

                                                                    Lot: 131
Lot: 109                                                            A Labgear RF Modulator MDD510 and a Wi-Fi wireless ADSL2
A small red ground carpet and one other green ground.               and gateway.

Lot: 110                                                            Lot: 132
After Kandinsky a coloured poster Evenenend deux 1928.              A Yupiteru MVT-9000 multi band receiver.

Lot: 111                                                            Lot: 133
A framed OS map centred on Shalbourne Wiltshire.                    A Zurich regulated DC power supply.
Lot: 118

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 134                                                             "Histoire de France" in two leather bound volumes and four
A quantity of books relating to climate and radio frequencies,       other leather bound books.
related DVDs and electrical sundries.

                                                                     Lot: 150
Lot: 135                                                             F Edward Hulme "Familiar Wild FLowers" in three first series
A Daler Rowney folding metal artists easel with carry case.          volumes with coloured plates published by Cassell & Co dated
                                                                     1912 to spines and two volumes of Kipling's !Barrack Room
Lot: 136
A Viking VK30 metal detector.
                                                                     Lot: 151
                                                                     "A Churchill Anthology" illustrated by Heath and two other
                                                                     similar titles published by Odhams and two hard back editions
Lot: 137                                                             of Harry Potter.
A TBG 80 Optolyth spotting telescope with protective outer
                                                                     Lot: 152
                                                                     Roy Jenkins, "Gallery of 20th Century Portraits" published by
Lot: 138                                                             David and Charles 1988 signed by the author with personalised
A pair of Carl Zeiss Jenoptem 10 x 50 binoculars in a leather        card and Anthony Thwaite "A Portion of Foxes" Oxford
case.                                                                University Press, paperback, signed.

Lot: 139                                                             Lot: 153
A Pentax ME 35mm SLR camera with 50mm lens and a                     WE Johns, "Biggles See's Too Much" first edition 1970
flashgun.                                                            published by Brockhampton Press, with dust jacket and
                                                                     "Biggles Scores a Bull" second impression 1966 published
                                                                     Brockhampton Press with dust jacket.
Lot: 141
A Rollei 6000 SLX camera body complete with Planar f2.8
80mm and Sonnar f4 150mm lenses, a 45 degree prism view              Lot: 154
finder, various film cassette magazines, filters and other           WE Johns, various "Biggles" titles, four Hodder and Stoughton,
accessories contained within a fitted aluminium case.                three Brock Books and two Dean and Son volumes.

Lot: 142                                                             Lot: 155
A Professional Elinchrom photo flash system to include a 25          Tony Harvey "If Saint Peter Had Hands" published by Paul
and two 23 lamps, leads, reflectors, three tripods and two           Rackham 1998 "The History of FOx Hunting" and "Fred Archer
wheeled tripods.                                                     a Complete Study".

Lot: 143                                                             Lot: 156
A Manfrotto 058B professional tripod.                                A small collection of travel guides and booklets, two
                                                                     contemporary carved wooden spears, a painted silk panel with
                                                                     butterfly decoration and a copy of The Times dated 12th March
Lot: 144                                                             1915.
A Manfrotto 055 professional tripod.

                                                                     Lot: 157
Lot: 146                                                             Richard Johnstone-Bryden, "The Official History of The Royal
A quantity of volumes of Shakespeare's works, various novels         Yacht Britannia" hardback limited first edition 124 of 500
by Scott and Dickens and other well bound volumes.                   signed by the author and "The Superyachts" published by SF
                                                                     Publications, 1988.

Lot: 147
Five bound volumes of Punch numbers 181 - 185 (1931-1933)            Lot: 158
and Mr Pickwick illustrated in colour by Frank Reynolds              Ralph Steadman, "I Leonardo" published Cape 1983 first
published by Hodder and Stoughton.                                   edition hardback signed by the author.

Lot: 148                                                             Lot: 159
Theodore Cook "The History of the English Turf" Volumes 1            Bryan Purves, "The Austin Seven" source book, hardback
and 2 published by Virtue & Co 1901 and a quantity of other          published Foulis 1989 with dust jacket.
related books.
Lot: 149

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 160                                                             scene with figures, signed.
An album of newspaper and press cuttings relating to trains and
ships including various accidents, floods and snowstorms, the
eclipse of 1927 and an album of assorted postcards and               Lot: 182
ephemera including a set of twelve black and white post cards        After Hogarth, seven monochrome prints, "The Rakes
"The Royal Mint".                                                    Progress".

Lot: 161                                                             Lot: 183
A scrap album with linen pages decorated throughout with             An unsigned watercolour English village scene, one other
coloured Victorian scraps, cards and pictures, a black and white     Continental town scene and an indistinctly monogrammed
photograph of the Queen and other photographs.                       watercolour landscape.

Lot: 162                                                             Lot: 184
A collection of assorted newspapers mainly relating to the           Fitzgerald Arundel signed watercolour Venetian canal scene.
funeral of Sir Winston Churchill and the Moon landing.

                                                                     Lot: 185
Lot: 163                                                             Five monochrome topographical prints to include Oxford and
A folio of reproduction early engraved English County maps,          Mont St Michel.
published by the Royal Geographical Society London 1932.

                                                                     Lot: 186
Lot: 164                                                             An unsigned oil on canvas study of a pair of Lions at rest and
After Redoute "Roses 2" published by the Arial Press, one            one other of a horses head.
other of Birds and A Studio Library of English Water Colours".

                                                                     Lot: 187
Lot: 174                                                             Guermanieff oil on board Winter scene signed, an unsigned
A reproduction enamel advertising for "The Women's Land              watercolour depicting the Houses of Parliament and a Chinese
Army".                                                               scene.

Lot: 175                                                             Lot: 188
A reproduction enamel sign depicting Bart Simpson "Bad to the        After Franz Hals, an Academy of Art mezzotint engraving "The
Bone".                                                               Man with the Cane", a 20th century watercolour half length
                                                                     portrait of a lady and two framed photographic portraits.

Lot: 176
A reproduction advertising sign for Johnnie Walker.                  Lot: 189
                                                                     Mary Jane Malet, a pencil sketch "Yacht Marina, Malta" signed
                                                                     and after AJ Delia, two contemporary coloured prints of Malta,
Lot: 177                                                             both signed.
A reproduction enamel sign depicting the Simpson family
crossing "Abbey Road".
                                                                     Lot: 190
                                                                     After JS Herring Senr, a set of four fox hunting scenes (printed
Lot: 178                                                             in Switzerland).
A reproduction oval miniature picture of a young mother and
                                                                     Lot: 191
                                                                     In the style of Turner oil on canvas Venetian scene gondola's at
Lot: 179                                                             sunset.
A reproduction oval miniature of a young lady in a faux ivory
                                                                     Lot: 192
                                                                     KW Jones, 20th century oil on board still life fruit, vase and
Lot: 180                                                             book, signed.
An enamel advertising sign promoting "Playways" a children's
magazine published by Lutterworth Periodicals.
                                                                     Lot: 193
                                                                     An early 20th century watercolour, full length portrait study of a
Lot: 181                                                             young lady in Spanish dress, unsigned.
A James 20th century watercolour depicting a tropical village

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 194                                                             A late 18th century French coloured engraving "La Main"
After MW Turner, a 19th century coloured print of Poole and          depicting lovers.
one other "St Pauls from Fleet Street".

                                                                     Lot: 207
Lot: 195                                                             A set of three coloured engravings depicting hunting scenes.
AJ Davbeny, oil on board "Somerset Wood in Winter" signed.

                                                                     Lot: 208
Lot: 196                                                             W Genge contemporary oil on board village scene, signed and
After Harold Thornton, a 20th century etching "Tower Bridge"         three unsigned oil on boards rural scenes.
signed and titled in pencil.

                                                                     Lot: 209
Lot: 197                                                             A contemporary coloured print depicting an Avro 504K WWI
Lilian E Lowe, four contemporary bird studies painted on             plane, one other SE5 and with a woolwork picture.
individual bird feathers to include "Milky Eagle Owl", "Bald
Eagle" and "Common Crow Blackbird".
                                                                     Lot: 210
                                                                     A pair of late Victorian oval furnishing paintings depicting
Lot: 198                                                             thatched cottages in a landscape and a lake scene.
Unsigned early 20th century English school still life with pewter
ink pot, books and quill pen.
                                                                     Lot: 211
                                                                     Clarence Roe, a Victorian oil on canvas "The Hirland Forest on
Lot: 199                                                             Loch Ard, Perthshire" signed and inscribed verso and one other
After R Dodd, a reproduction coloured print "HMS Victory" one        oil on canvas of a highland river scene.
other similar, a set of four sailing ship prints, two others and a
Laurel and Hardy print.
                                                                     Lot: 212
                                                                     An indistinctly signed early 20th century Continental oil on
Lot: 200                                                             canvas depicting an interior with three gentlemen playing cards.
Four photographic prints of early 20th century local scenes
"Rectory Bridge, Pewsey", "West End Pewsey", "Marlborough
High Street" and "Market Place, Devizes" and a print of Devizes      Lot: 213
in 1843.                                                             A 19th century oil on canvas depicting a cottage, a shepherd
                                                                     and sheep, unsigned, framed in an ornate gilt frame.

Lot: 201
A quantity of still life pictures including oil paintings.           Lot: 214
                                                                     An early Victorian watercolour sketch of the side elevation of a
                                                                     two compartment open horse drawn carriage.
Lot: 202
F Chesieres watercolour atmospheric Alpine scene, signed.
                                                                     Lot: 215
                                                                     Gupanggih Endarjanio a pair of water colour Oriental
Lot: 203                                                             landscapes signed, an indistinctly signed still life watercolour of
An oval Le Blond print "The Soldiers Farewell" and one other         summer flowers and other pictures.
depicting children playing outside a cottage.

                                                                     Lot: 216
Lot: 204                                                             A pair of early 20th century watercolour Loch landscapes and
After Cecil Aldin a coloured engraving "The Kings Head Inn,          two other landscape watercolours.
Aylesbury" and one other "The Star Inn, Alfriston" both titled in
                                                                     Lot: 217
                                                                     An unsigned 20th century watercolour of a rural river scene.
Lot: 205
An unsigned oil on canvas depicting a woodland scene with
cart tracks mounted in an ornate gilt frame and one other            Lot: 218
unsigned oil on canvas depicting a peasant woman by                  An early 20th century unsigned gouache painting depicting a
waterside cottages.                                                  loch scene with sailing boats and a paddle steamer and one
                                                                     other similar.

Lot: 206

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 219                                                              Patricia Morgan watercolour "A Village in the South of France"
After E Noble coloured print "Trouble at the Turnpike" a horse        labelled verso.
drawn carriage and pigs.

                                                                      Lot: 232
Lot: 220                                                              A marbled and bronzed effect wall plaque depicting a couple
Alison ? Cox, early 20th century English school watercolour of a      and child in a classical pose contained within an ornate gilt
pastoral scene with village and a church spire, signed.               frame.

Lot: 221                                                              Lot: 233
After Paul Sandby a pair of coloured prints depicting Windsor         A set of four coloured prints depicting various lancers mounted
Castle, three others similar by the same artist and a portrait of a   on horseback.

                                                                      Lot: 234
Lot: 222                                                              An unsigned 20th century pastel sketch of a Yorkshire Terrier.
After W C Harris a set of six framed coloured engravings
depicting scenes of wild life in Africa titled in Latin and English
to include Ostrich, Gnoo, Zebra, Hippo and others.                    Lot: 235
                                                                      An early 20th century Chinese painting on glass depicting a
                                                                      Chinese lady with a seated cat.
Lot: 223
Five early 20th century Japanese wood block fashion prints
depicting women in various costumes.                                  Lot: 236
                                                                      After Sheila Abbott, a monochrome print of a red squirrel and
                                                                      other pictures.
Lot: 224
After Vernon Ward, a coloured print still life summer flowers in a
vase.                                                                 Lot: 237
                                                                      A folio of eleven unframed unsigned water colour pastoral
                                                                      landscape views.
Lot: 225
Rupert Butler 20th century water colour "On an Island in June"
signed and labelled verso and other sketches in water colour          Lot: 238
and oil by the same artist to include a sketch pad, a photograph      A folio of seven unsigned pencil sketches of various subjects
and printers block portrait of the artist.                            including dogs, sheep and country scenes.

Lot: 226                                                              Lot: 239
A circular collage made up of peacock tail feathers contained         A Vanity Fair caricature "The WInning Post" and a folio of
within a gilt oval frame.                                             equestrian prints.

Lot: 227                                                              Lot: 240
An unsigned late 20th century oil on canvas purportedly of Buzz       An unsigned Russian school oil on canvas "The Retreat from
Aldrin and one other oil on canvas of a guitarist.                    Moscow" depicting a column of soldiers in a winter landscape.

Lot: 228                                                              Lot: 241
Five Kronheim print from the New Hall Vault Collection sold by        A Victorian coloured Pears print "The Card Game".
Christies in September 1987, bearing the Christies labels verso.

                                                                      Lot: 242
Lot: 229                                                              After C W Radclyffe, a hand coloured lithograph "Rugby
Kronheim prints from the New Hall Vault Collection sold by            School; General View from the Hillmorton Road", one other of
Christies in September 1987, each bearing the Christies labels        Rugby School and three prints of Kenilworth Castle.
verso: Nine various.

                                                                      Lot: 243
Lot: 230                                                              After Redoute seventeen coloured botanical prints.
An oil on board copy of Madame de Sevigne after the original
by Lesebvre monogrammed TS and a pair of H G Davis oil on
board oval still life pictures.                                       Lot: 244
Lot: 231                                                              After Harry Bright, a coloured ornithological print depicting an

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Egret eating frogs.                                                 Lot: 257
                                                                    R Wilson contemporary oil on board Edwardian beach scene in
                                                                    an ornate gilt frame, signed.
Lot: 245
Edward Wolfe "Song of Songs", a boxed set of twelve limited
edition lithographs on aluminium paper with personal inscription    Lot: 258
from the artist.                                                    W Readhead mid 20th century oil on board rural landscape
                                                                    "Morning Hammond's Farm Sutton" dated '65

Lot: 246
Isherwood, contemporary oil on board "Tower Bridge", signed.        Lot: 259
                                                                    Andy C G Le Poidevin contemporary watercolour "Lazy Days of
                                                                    Summer" signed and dated 1991 labelled verso.
Lot: 247
Four contemporary oil on canvas furnishing paintings to include
two still life's and a large landscape after Morland.               Lot: 260
                                                                    Andy C G Le Poidevin, contemporary watercolour "Autumn in
                                                                    Savernake" signed and dated 1990 titled verso.
Lot: 248
After Iris M Raquin a contemporary limited edition coloured
lithograph still life vase of flowers and one other lake            Lot: 261
landscape, both numbered and signed in pencil.                      W Bommel, a 19th century oil on panel winter landscape with fir
                                                                    trees, cottage and a river monogrammed, contained within an
                                                                    ornate gilt frame. Nb 18th
Lot: 249
Powell water colour ship wreck at Tantallon with a castle
beyond, signed.                                                     Lot: 262
                                                                    W H Butler, a 19th century indistinctly signed oil on canvas rural
                                                                    farmstead with figures and horses.
Lot: 250
After Alfred James Munnings a Frost and Reed coloured print
"Fox Hunter" signed in pencil to mount.                             Lot: 263
                                                                    After Ritsu, Japanese coloured print "Birds on Camellia Tree in
Lot: 251
An unsigned early 20th century oil on canvas shepherdess and
sheep.                                                              Lot: 264
                                                                    A late 18th century embroidered panel fragment depicting
                                                                    trailing vine leaf and floral decoration.
Lot: 252
After Hunt, a Victorian equestrian coloured aquatint, after E
Douglas a hunting tryptic and after Lionel Edwards a hunting        Lot: 269
print.                                                              A large circular copper cauldron with iron swing handle, a brass
                                                                    poker and a pair of steel fire tongs.

Lot: 253
A half length portrait of a WWI Royal Flying Corps Officer          Lot: 270
contained within an ornate two fold leather and brass travelling    Two pairs of Victorian mantel vases, other decorative china and
case.                                                               a cut glass hyacinth pot.

Lot: 254                                                            Lot: 271
W Sands late 19th century watercolour "St Ives" a street scene      A pair of Eastern turned wooden candle stands on wooden
with harbour beyond, signed and titled.                             bases.

Lot: 255                                                            Lot: 272
An early 19th century half length portrait of a Gentleman           A wooden pull along toy in the form of an ox and cart.
inscribed verso Edward Godfrey of Old Hall Suffolk born 1796
died 1824.
                                                                    Lot: 273
                                                                    A Royal Brierley red lustre effect fruit bowl and a brass Welsh
Lot: 256                                                            coal mining ornament.
R Wilson contemporary oil on board Edwardian beach scene in
an ornate gilt frame, signed.

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 274                                                               Lot: 288
A quantity of decorative cabinet plates and dressing table             A pair of cast brass Thai oval dishes raised on figurative
chinawares.                                                            supports, an oak biscuit barrel, a pair of candlesticks and other

Lot: 275
A quantity of Barbie and other similar dolls.                          Lot: 289
                                                                       A large brass shell case and a tea cosy with embroidered
                                                                       cigarette silks.
Lot: 276
A carved Eastern hardwood shaped rectangular tray, one other
similar and a small two handled tray table.                            Lot: 290
                                                                       A pair of contemporary Oriental china vases and a collection of
                                                                       blue glass ware.
Lot: 277
A "Boots Pure Drug Co Ltd" wall mounted wooden first aid box
and contents.                                                          Lot: 291
                                                                       A contemporary bronzed cast iron figure of a horse.

Lot: 278
A turned treen circular fruit bowl                                     Lot: 292
                                                                       A quantity of modern art glassware, a large quantity of cabinet
                                                                       plates, dressing table set and other chinawares.
Lot: 279
A contemporary silver effect ornate gilt mirror.
                                                                       Lot: 293
                                                                       A 1930's rectangular oak cutlery box with fitted tray.
Lot: 280
An reproduction ornate gilt framed wall mirror with cherub finial.
                                                                       Lot: 294
                                                                       A Commodore colour computer system in original box and a
Lot: 281                                                               Spanish version of Titopoloy.
A large painted wooden dolls house in the Tudor style complete
with a selection of mainly contemporary wooden furniture and
effects.                                                               Lot: 295
                                                                       A collection of contemporary Blanc de Chine bird and cherub
                                                                       decorated trinket boxes and wall trinkets.
Lot: 282
A quantity of Victorian rose decorated dessert plates, a set of
Father Christmas plates and other decorative china wares.              Lot: 296
                                                                       A collection of contemporary Blanc de Chine bird and cherub
                                                                       decorated trinket boxes and wall trinkets.
Lot: 283
A cased set of chefs knives.
                                                                       Lot: 297
                                                                       A collection of contemporary Blanc de Chine bird and cherub
Lot: 284                                                               decorated trinket boxes and wall trinkets.
Two boxed sets of four carpet bowls complete with a single jack.

                                                                       Lot: 298
Lot: 285                                                               A collection of contemporary Blanc de Chine bird and cherub
A pair of 19th century brass ejector candlesticks, a pair of           decorated trinket boxes and wall trinkets.
wooden shoe trees, sundry glassware and collectibles.

                                                                       Lot: 299
Lot: 286                                                               A pair of brass Queen Anne style fire side embellishments
A Victorian floral decorated china ladle, a cast iron cat money        raised on a scrolling "C" bases.
box and a small Lladro figurine.

                                                                       Lot: 300
Lot: 287                                                               A florescent desk lamp with magnifier.
A pair of contemporary cut glass trumpet shaped vases on
square bases.
                                                                       Lot: 301
                                                                       A shelf of decorative painted pottery clown figures.

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 302                                                             Lot: 317
An Art Deco veined burgundy marble coloured Standish with            A pair of intricately carved Eastern hardwood candle stands
seal and letter rack and one other.                                  raised on circular bases.

Lot: 303                                                             Lot: 318
A 19th century rectangular rosewood pen box with hinged rising       A Murphy 146 wooden floor standing radiogram.
cover, a brass bound mahogany drawing instrument box and
three tea caddies.
                                                                     Lot: 320
                                                                     A boxed Hornby Railways "Silver Jubilee" electric train set.
Lot: 304
A shelf of books, history, novels and assorted titles.
                                                                     Lot: 321
                                                                     A boxed Fleischmann "00" gauge diesel locomotive, five
Lot: 305                                                             carriages and two supplementary Trix construction sets.
A reproduction cast iron money box in the form of a shooting
                                                                     Lot: 322
                                                                     A boxed Hornby Dublo 0-6-2 locomotive tender, a D20
Lot: 306                                                             restaurant car, quantity of three rail track and other rolling
Two mahogany cased servant bell indicators.                          stock.

Lot: 307                                                             Lot: 323
An alabaster table lamp, an art pottery lamp and a decanter.         A boxed Hornby No. 101 Tank Passenger set "O" gauge train
                                                                     set complete with tank, locomotive, four carriages, twelve
                                                                     pieces of track and a platform.
Lot: 308
A Beswick Bald Eagle, impressed 1013 to base, a quantity of
decorative dressing table china and an octagonal wall mirror.        Lot: 324
                                                                     A boxed Hornby "0" gauge number 1 tank goods set to include
                                                                     engine, three carriages, quantity of track and tin plate station
Lot: 310                                                             and platform.
A reproduction bronzed effect four face Buddha.

                                                                     Lot: 326
Lot: 311                                                             Six tin plate toy vehicles to include two Mettoy tractors, a Grand
A reproduction cast iron money box in the form of a car and          Prix car and a motorcycle.

                                                                     Lot: 327
Lot: 312                                                             A quantity of cast metal farm animals, china dog figures and
A pair of contemporary novelty cruets in the form of silver          other animal models, two Matchbox tractors and other toy farm
plated birds.                                                        related items.

Lot: 313                                                             Lot: 328
A large Oriental hard stone angled paint brush.                      Thirteen various Matchbox cars in various boxes.

Lot: 314                                                             Lot: 329
A set of six Art Nouveau design 6" decorative tiles.                 A large pair of splay string puppets depicting Laurel and Hardy.

Lot: 315                                                             Lot: 330
A white glazed moulded bowl, a cheese dish and cover, a              A reproduction cast iron bell with tractor decoration.
quantity of Wedgwood two handled soup bowls, other china
and glass table wares.
                                                                     Lot: 335
                                                                     A large and mainly unsorted collection of coins from around the
Lot: 316                                                             world both early and contemporary, to include a William and
A tin box containing various mainly Winton oil paints.               Mary copper coin, an Elizabeth I silver coin dated 1572, an
                                                                     1882 silver Columbian coin, an 1894 South African half crown
                                                                     over stamped with various dates, an 1875 Italian coin, a 1972

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Liberty dollar, an enamelled Victorian shilling and many other           notes from Cyprus, Eastern Caribbean, Gibraltar (1986),
interesting coins.                                                       Falkland Islands (1984), Isle of Man and others.

Lot: 336                                                                 Lot: 347
Seven folders containing collections and part collections of             A National Provincial Bank of England cotton coin bag
decimal coins, pre decimal six pences and pennies and a large            containing a quantity of coins and tokens including an Elkington
quantity of pre decimal mainly copper coinage.                           Mayoral token for Wandsworth 1902, an 1857 Tasmanian
                                                                         pawnbroker token, a stamped coin with date - possibly 1288,
                                                                         and many others mainly 18th century.
Lot: 337
A cased silver gilt Institute of Metallurgists President's medal, a
quantity of Vatican related coins, other coins tokens and                Lot: 348
medals.                                                                  A quantity of 18th century cart wheel coins, a 1672 Charles II
                                                                         coin and other coins from a similar period.

Lot: 338
Three silver proof commemorative crowns, 1981 Royal                      Lot: 349
Wedding, 1977 silver jubilee and 1979 Manx, a silver 1 Isle of           An 1889 double florin and seven various silver 1887 coins.
Man coin dated 1979, one other and a Cook Islands specimen
ten dollar coin.
                                                                         Lot: 350
                                                                         A 18th century Spanish silver coin and a small collection of
Lot: 339                                                                 other early silver coins from around the world.
A collection of silver coins to include two American Liberty half
dollars, a 1912 three deutschesmark coin, one other a 1990
Canadian silver commemorative dollar, a 1988 Australian silver           Lot: 351
coin and a Dutch coin.                                                   A large quantity of coins from around the world both
                                                                         contemporary and early.

Lot: 340
A four drawer lockable plastic coin collecting cabinet and an            Lot: 352
album with plastic coin collecting sleeves, a quantity of                Three half crowns dated 1816, 1817 and 1834, two Victorian
Victorian pennies, Victorian and later silver threepence and             Gothic florin's and three one shilling coins 1720, 1727 and
sixpence coins, various crowns and other coins.                          1787.

Lot: 341                                                                 Lot: 353
A collection of unsorted coins to include many early and                 A large quantity of silver threepences, sixpence's and other
interesting samples: a 1793 French 2 sol; cartwheel coins; a             coins (over 200).
Jacobus II coin; a Charles II coin, several 18th century copper
coins; a 1656 Liard de France and many others.
                                                                         Lot: 354
                                                                         A small collection of coins to include: an 1843 threehalfpence;
Lot: 343                                                                 an 1887 Maundy penny; two 1836 and one 1839 four pences;
Eight Churchill crown coins, five other British crowns, three            a Maundy twopence 1893; a 1762 threepence and a cross
American dollars 1972, 1977 and 1978, crowns from Jersey,                sixpence.
Tristan da Cunha and Zambia, other commemorative tokens
and a cased set of four coins from Malawi's Independence 6th
July 1964.
                                                                         Lot: 355
                                                                         Six various Roman or similar coins, one marked IMP CAES
                                                                         CAROLUS V AVG, all varying sizes and metals.
Lot: 344
A box of thirty British half crown coins dating from the 1940's to
                                                                         Lot: 356
                                                                         A 1919 half crown, two florin's 1893 and 1894, an 1887
                                                                         sixpence and a 1911 silver threepence all in near mint condition
Lot: 345                                                                 and a quantity of enamelled coin jewellery.
A one Franc note of French railway money and a quantity of
early copper, bronze and other British coins.
                                                                         Lot: 357
                                                                         A 1697 shilling, an 1834 & 1896 shilling and a large quantity
Lot: 346                                                                 (over 180) of mainly one shilling coins mostly pre 1947.
A 1 note with serial number CO1N 685310 in near mint
condition, eight ten shilling notes mainly uncirculated (6), five
1938 Australian 1 notes almost mint and a quantity of other

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 358                                                                A 1937 George VI specimen set of eleven coins in original
Five Maria Theresa Thaler silver coins, a one ounce Mexican             burgundy box.
silver coin, two Mexican silver one peso coins, four Canadian
silver dollars and a Latvian five pieci lati 1931 silver coin.
                                                                        Lot: 371
                                                                        A William III 1695 half guinea.
Lot: 359
A large quantity of half crowns, florins and other coins all pre
1945.                                                                   Lot: 372
                                                                        An Edward VII gold sovereign 1907.

Lot: 360
Ten various British crown coins to include 1818, 1820, 1821,            Lot: 373
1847 and later coins.                                                   An George V gold sovereign 1912.

Lot: 361                                                                Lot: 374
A collection of fourteen American silver dollars including an           A Victorian gold half sovereign 1899.
1885 Morgan O dollar, twelve 1921926 Peace dollars, a 1971
Eisenhower proof dollar, a 1991 1oz silver standing Liberty
dollar and two half dollars 1967 and 1969.                              Lot: 375
                                                                        An Edward VII gold sovereign 1910.

Lot: 362
A small quantity of 1930's and 1940's one shilling coins, a 1951        Lot: 378
Festival crown, a 1959 and a '62 Canadian dollar, several half          An album of Great Britain "Special Stamps" with stamps from
crowns cica 1920s, and other coins                                      23/6/1924 to 21/11/1979.

Lot: 363                                                                Lot: 379
Five various Roman coins from 1st century BC to 4th century             A Strand stamp album containing a large collection of early
AD, an 1847 Victorian crown, an 1825 George IV copper coin, a           20th century stamps from around the world and a wooden box
1703 Portuguese Reis coin and a small collection of other 17th,         containing assorted stamps.
18th and 19th century coins and tokens.

                                                                        Lot: 380
Lot: 364                                                                A large collection of mainly proof and first day cover stamps.
A WWI American victory medal with ribbon and Siberian bar
together with one other facsimile medal.
                                                                        Lot: 382
                                                                        A small hard back album of Famous Footballer Ardath cigarette
Lot: 365                                                                cards depicting footballers from the 1930s.
A cased set of two Venezuelan silver proof coins, 50 and 25
                                                                        Lot: 383
                                                                        A LMS Restaurant Car Service menu titled Derby County FC
Lot: 366                                                                dated 18/3/33 with pencil signatures verso of the Derby County
A cased 2002 gold proof half sovereign.                                 FC team to include Jack Bower and the Manager George
                                                                        Jobey, semi final of the FA cup in which Derby played
                                                                        Manchester City and lost 3-2 at Huddersfield.
Lot: 367
A cased Royal Mint set of fifteen 1937 coins in mint condition.
                                                                        Lot: 384
                                                                        An album of black and white photographs, African circa 1960,s
Lot: 368                                                                mainly relating to a military leader.
A cased proof set of seven (crown down) 1887 Victorian golden
jubilee coins in red presentation box.
                                                                        Lot: 385
                                                                        Four albums of assorted cigarette cards to include Players
Lot: 369                                                                "Motorcars".
A cased set of four Pobjoy Mint Ltd hallmarked silver crown
coins commemorating the 1977 silver jubilee.
                                                                        Lot: 386
                                                                        Approximately seventy Kensitas cigarette silks depicting
Lot: 370                                                                National flags, approximately fifty depicting flowers, other silk

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

cigarette collectables, a small collection of postcards and          bottles; Savigny Les Beaune Moingeon 1985 x 1 bottle;
cigarette cards.                                                     Bourgogne Domaine Charlopin 1998 x 1 bottle.

Lot: 387                                                             Lot: 399
An A4 binder containing a collection of stamps from various          Wine: Chateau Peyreau St Emilion Grand Cru 1978 x 1 bottle;
more remote countries and colonies.                                  Chateau Du Cauze St Emilion Grand Cru 1979 x 1 bottle;
                                                                     Chateau Laroque St Emilion Grand Cru 1988 x 1 bottle;
                                                                     Chateau Beau-Site St Estephe 1988 x 2 bottles.
Lot: 388
An A4 binder containing a collection of stamps mainly from
African countries compiled in thematic sections to include: fruit;   Lot: 400
animals and fishing, others organised by region, an Everest          Wine: Chateau Lamothe Bergeron Haut Medoc 1985 x 3
Stamp Album, loose stamps and three Japanese dollar notes.           bottles; Chateau Grand Barail Montagne Saint Emilion 1988 x 3
                                                                     bottles in original wooden cases.

Lot: 389
An A4 binder containing a collection of stamps mainly from           Lot: 401
African countries compiled in thematic sections to include:          Wine: Chateau Moulin Cadet St Emilion Grand Cru 1986 x 12
fungi; grasses; hair styles; head dresses; insects, minerals,        bottles in original wooden case.
many others and a folder of stamps awaiting sorting.

                                                                     Lot: 402
Lot: 391                                                             Wines: Chateau Meyney St Estephe 1985 x 4 bottles; Chateau
Wine : Chateau La Chapelle Lescours St Emilion Grand Cru             Tanesse Premier Cotes de Bordeaux 1986 x 2 bottles.
1988 x 4 bottles; Chateau Coutet St Emilion Grand Cru 1988 x
2 bottles.
                                                                     Lot: 403
                                                                     Wine: Domaine de Cure- Bourse Margaux 1985 x 2 bottles;
Lot: 392                                                             Vieux Chateau Lamothe Bordeaux 1988 x 3 bottles.
Wine: Chateau Kirwan Margaux 1985 x 3 bottles; Chateau
Batailley Pauillac 1988 x 3 bottles.
                                                                     Lot: 404
                                                                     Wine: Chateau Senailhac Bordeaux 1981 x 6 bottles in original
Lot: 393                                                             wooden case.
Wine: Chateau Rauzan Gassies Margaux 1973 x 2 bottles;
Chateau Lartigue de Brochon Haut Medoc 1976 x 2 bottles;
Chateau Rouget Pomerol 1975 x 2 bottles.                             Lot: 405
                                                                     Wine: Chateau de France Graves 1978 x 5 bottles in wooden
Lot: 394
Wine: Two flagons of red wine in original protective baskets
with seals "Cogever Bruxelles 5 Litre"                               Lot: 406
                                                                     Wine: Chateau La Lagune Grand Cru Classe 1985 x 6 bottles
                                                                     and one bottle of 1977.
Lot: 395
Wine: Chateau Tour des Terms St Estephe 1983 x 6 bottles;
Chateau Degas Bordeaux 1990 x 6 bottles.                             Lot: 407
                                                                     Wine: Chateau Maucamps Haut Medoc 1989 x 1 bottle;
                                                                     Chateau Montaiguillen Montagne St Emilion 1989 x 1 bottle;
Lot: 396                                                             Chateau Montfort Bellevue Medoc 1989 x 2 bottles; Chateau
Wine: Chateau Maucaillou Moulis 1985 x 9 bottles in original         Coutet St Emilion Grand Cru 1988 x 2 bottles.
wooden case.

                                                                     Lot: 408
Lot: 397                                                             Wine: Chateau Tour Haut de Coutelin Lacombe 1989 x 8
Wine: Various bottles of Muscadet de Sevre et Maine x 7;             bottles.
Graves Superior Demi Sec x 1 bottle; L'Approche Cote de
Province 1985 x 1 bottle; La Battue Cote de Province 1985 x 1
bottle; Vouvray Remy Pannier x 1 bottle.                             Lot: 409
                                                                     Wine: Chateau Roudier Montagne St Emilion 1986 x 5 bottles;
                                                                     Chateau Garraud Lalande de Pomerol 1985 x 3 bottles;
Lot: 398                                                             Chateau Lacombe Graves de Vayres 1989 x 3 bottles.
Wine: Chateau Deyrem Valentin Margaux 1970 x 2 bottles;
Chateau Martinens Margaux 1967 x 1 bottle; Chateau Bouscaut
Graves 1978 x 1 bottle; Monthelie Paul Rolland 1970 x 2

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 410                                                           Lot: 421
Wine: Chateau Patache d Aux Medoc 1989 x 6 bottles.                A 2 litre bottle of Vermouth di Torino Rosso; Maraska original
                                                                   Maraschino x 1 bottle; Extra Zytnia Polish Vodka x 1 bottle;
                                                                   Clos du Vallon demi sec x 1 bottle; Pommeau de Normandie x
Lot: 411                                                           1 bottle.
Wine: Champagne Tattinger Brut x 1 bottle; Champagne
Dubois Caron Brut x 1 bottle; Saumur Ackerman Laurence
demi sec x 1 bottle; Vouvray Tete de Cuvee brut x 1 bottle.        Lot: 422
                                                                   A 2 litre bottle of Vat 69 Scotch Whisky bottled 1972 with British
                                                                   Customs certificate.
Lot: 412
Wine: a single bottle of Chateau La Fleur -Petrus Pomerol 1986.
                                                                   Lot: 424
                                                                   A box containing assorted collectibles to include jewellery, cast
Lot: 413                                                           metal animals, a pack of miniature playing cards, a cased set of
Wine: a single bottle of Chateau Magdeline St Emilion Grand        coffee bean spoons and other object d'art.
Cru 1986.

                                                                   Lot: 425
Lot: 414                                                           A 9ct gold mounted brooch set with a polished stone "Tigers
Wine: Vieux Chateau Lamothe Bordeaux Blanc Sec 1989 x 3            Claw", one other smaller similar and a polished shell cigarette
bottles; Sancerre Domaine du Fort 1985 x 1 bottle; Sancerre        case.
Domaine Henri Bourgeois 1988 x 1 bottle; Pouilly Fume Caves
de Pouilly sur Loire 1990 x 1 bottle; Pouilly Fume Les Moulins a
vent Marcel Vignoule 1988 x 1 bottle; Bourgogne Aligote Julien     Lot: 426
de Moissac 1973 x 2 bottles; Macon Lugny Domaine du Prievre        A Solingen fitted attach case with eleven fitted drawers
1985 x 1 bottle; Bourgogne Blanc "Copage Chardonnay" 1989          containing an interesting collection of various gem stones,
x 1 bottle; Macon Vire 1982 x 1 bottle.                            fastenings, fittings and cameo's.

Lot: 415                                                           Lot: 427
Wine: Chateau Montrose St Estephe 1977 x 2 bottles.                A brown leather jewel box with fitted lift out tray containing
                                                                   numerous necklaces, beads, badges, rings and other costume
Lot: 416
Wine Chateau Pichon Longeville Comptesse de Lalande
Pomerol 1985 x 2 bottles.                                          Lot: 428
                                                                   A jewellery box and contents to include a Smiths gold cased
                                                                   ladies wrist watch, three other wrist watches, a quantity of
Lot: 417                                                           coins, various items of jewelry and crystals.
Wine: Chateau Lacombe Graves de Vayres 1989 x 1 bottle;
Chateau Artigues Arnaud Pauillac 1986 x 1 bottle; Chateau
Vieux Blassan Bordeaux Superior 1988 x 1 bottle; Hanappier         Lot: 429
reserve St Emilion 1988 x 1 bottle; Mouton Cadet 1978 x 1          A necklace of faceted agate and pearls with similar long drop
bottle; Fronsac 1985 x 1 bottle; Chateau Puyfromage 1971 x 1       earrings.

                                                                   Lot: 430
Lot: 418                                                           A necklace of turquoise coloured baroque pearls in four
Wine: Chateau Lacroix Lalande de Pomerol 1973 x 4 bottles;         strands.
Chateau Ponteilh Monplaisir Leognan 1975 x 5 bottles;
Chateau Fourtanet Bordeaux Superier 1986 x 3 bottles.
                                                                   Lot: 431
                                                                   A necklace of large circular amethyst beads with contemporary
Lot: 419                                                           gold coloured clasp.
Wine: Chateau D'Issan Margaux 1985 x 1 bottle;Chateau
Trotanoy Pomerol 1986 x 1 bottle; Chateau Pape Clement x 1
bottle;Chateau Latour a Pomerol 1986 x 1 bottle; Chateau Clos      Lot: 432
L;Abeilley Sauterne 1989 x 1 bottle.                               A long string of jade beads.

Lot: 420                                                           Lot: 433
Wine:Chateau Citran Haut Medoc 1976 x 1 magnum.                    A long string of pink lustre cultured pearls.

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 434                                                                An American gold plated hunter pocket watch with gold plated
A double strand of Akoya pearls with diamond set square clasp.          fob and a similar open face stem wound silver plated pocket
                                                                        watch and fob.

Lot: 435
A facet cut amethyst pendant on a string of harlequin black             Lot: 449
pearls.                                                                 A silver cased open faced pocket chronometer with sweep
                                                                        second hand.

Lot: 436
A 75cm long single strand of pearls with filigree metal gold            Lot: 450
clasp, a pair of large pearl stud ear rings with gold posts and a       A 9ct gold ladies dress ring with alternating bars of blue and
pair of screw on pearl and emerald bead drop ear rings.                 white stones.

Lot: 437                                                                Lot: 451
A pink pearl and ruby bead six string bracelet with filigree metal      A gold and platinum set oval sapphire ring with diamond chip
gold clasp.                                                             cluster surround.

Lot: 438                                                                Lot: 452
A part string of jet beads, loose beads and attachments.                A 9ct gold narrow wedding band, a 9ct gold ring set with three
                                                                        large ruby coloured stones and a large oval cameo brooch set
                                                                        in gold frame.
Lot: 439
A Bulova ladies gold plated cocktail watch with bracelet strap.
                                                                        Lot: 453
                                                                        A small leather covered box and a quantity of jewellery and
Lot: 440
A 9ct gold Zenith ladies wrist watch with a 9ct gold snake
                                                                        Lot: 454
                                                                        A 9ct gold ladies choker necklace formed from three rows of
                                                                        interlocking bar links makers mark PP & P.
Lot: 441
A 9ct gold Benson ladies wrist watch on leather strap.
                                                                        Lot: 455
                                                                        A two coloured gold necklace formed from fine wire twisted
Lot: 442                                                                links.
A child's necklace of pink and white pearls with filigree clasp.

                                                                        Lot: 456
Lot: 443                                                                A Scottish Pennanular brooch, the pin with thistle shaped head
A 9ct gold ladies wrist watch on an expanding gold bracelet.            set with cabochon stones to one side and cut to the obverse,
                                                                        the torc with similar stones.

Lot: 444
An 18ct gold etched ladies key wound fob watch.                         Lot: 457
                                                                        An 18ct gold ladies dress ring set with five graduated pearls.

Lot: 445
An 18ct gold cased open faced key wound pocket watch with               Lot: 458
chased floral decoration.                                               A 9ct gold twisted rope necklet with central bone/ivory bar.

Lot: 446                                                                Lot: 459
A silver cased ladies stem wound fob watch with double link             A silver handled steel letter opener in the form of a Scottish
chain with T bar and tassel finials.                                    sword with gem set thistle handle and a Scottish silver kilt pin in
                                                                        the form of a sword and shield set with citrine stone.

Lot: 447
A silver cased open faced key wound pocket watch the express            Lot: 460
English lever and one other similar pocket watch.                       A Celtic kilt pin in the form of a sheathed sword with pierced
                                                                        white metal handle enclosing a polished stone together with a
                                                                        similar small silver and hard stone brooch Birmingham 1925.
Lot: 448

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 461                                                             Lot: 474
A pair of contemporary Scottish silver bar cuff links with pierced   A carved wooden Netsuke in the from of a toad. (contemporary)
thistle design and a similar silver thistle brooch.

                                                                     Lot: 475
Lot: 462                                                             An early 20th century carved nut Ojime in the from of a dragons
A Scottish white metal mounted coloured heart stone brooch in        head with jeweled eyes, signed.
the form of two axes and two shields surmounted with a crown.

                                                                     Lot: 476
Lot: 463                                                             A Netsuke in the form of a whelk shell with frogs.
A gold metal stick pin terminating in a dark green square cut        (Contemporary).
polished stone in the form of a parcel.

                                                                     Lot: 477
Lot: 464                                                             A carved wooden Netsuke in th e form of a coiled snake
A bracelet formed from ten linked silver three pence coins.          (contemporary).

Lot: 465                                                             Lot: 478
A heavy silver bracelet with silver padlock fastener holding a       Three similar early 19th century black papier mache rectangular
pendant mounted 1964 Liberty dollar and a 1966 Irish Scilling        snuff boxes with white metal inset covers and a small cylindrical
and a belcher chain holding a silver ingot pendant.                  marquetry inlaid treen box with screw cover.

Lot: 466                                                             Lot: 479
A heavy silver double Albert watch fob with T bar.                   A carved stone Buddha figurine (contemporary).

Lot: 467                                                             Lot: 480
A double Albert silver watch chain with T bar and shield shaped      A circular silver powder compact with blue enamel and Royal
fob.                                                                 Navy coronet, Birmingham 1931.

Lot: 468                                                             Lot: 481
A Poole Pottery figurine of a Tawny Owl seated on a oak bow,         A small cylindrical trinket box with a Relief of James Fox's head
impressed Poole mark and incised signature B Linley Adams to         to the cover.
base, 13".

                                                                     Lot: 482
Lot: 469                                                             An unusual silver plated kidney shaped vesta case.
A pair of 14k gold collar brooches with silver metal beaded and
filigree decoration each set with a single sapphire.
                                                                     Lot: 483
                                                                     A Victorian purse of shaped rectangular form with carved ivory
Lot: 470                                                             side panels and a small shell trinket box.
An early 20th century carved jade bangle in the form of two
dragons meeting at a central ball.
                                                                     Lot: 484
                                                                     A silver fob sovereign case monogrammed E Birmingham
Lot: 471                                                             1910.
An early 20th century Chinese character mandarin doll of wire,
wood and papier mache construction dressed in embroidered
silk with jeweled hat and beard.                                     Lot: 485
                                                                     A 9ct etched gold propelling pencil makers mark EB.

Lot: 472
A Gustavsberg Argenta green glazed spill vase with applied           Lot: 486
silver decoration and a matching small dish.                         An early 20th century Japanese rosewood bezique marker with
                                                                     applied floral gilt decoration and carved hard stone inlaid insect
                                                                     decoration to the bone tags.
Lot: 473
A cloissonne miniature tea pot, a six sided pot and cover, a
frog, a papier mache tortoise and two Oriental stoneware             Lot: 487
figures, a pig and a dog of Fo.                                      A Beswick seated Pooh Bear figurine.

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 488                                                               Lot: 501
A 19th century pewter pepperette, a miniature pewter wine              Three silver topped cut glass dressing table boxes and a silver
taster, a whisky tot measure and a knife rest in the form of an        match box case.
elongated Dachshund.

                                                                       Lot: 504
Lot: 489                                                               A Victorian silver tazza with petal shaped rim raised on a
A scratch decorated spill pot formed from a section of bone and        circular pedestal base, London 1890.
a ebonised group figure "Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no
Evil" monkeys.
                                                                       Lot: 505
                                                                       A small circular shaped card tray raised on three hoof feet,
Lot: 490                                                               Sheffield 1907.
A carved mother of pearl reliquary in the shape of a scallop
shell depicting the last supper and two other similar depicting
the last supper and Jesus' birth at Bethlehem.                         Lot: 506
                                                                       A small Victorian circular silver salver raised on three scrolling
                                                                       legs with etched circular decoration, London 1862.
Lot: 491
Two pairs of early 20th century Chinese ladies silk shoes with
embroidered decoration.                                                Lot: 507
                                                                       A pair of silver backed dressing table brushes and two other
Lot: 492
A reproduction prismatic brass cased walking compass.
                                                                       Lot: 508
                                                                       A set of six Victorian bright cut tea spoons, London 1894.
Lot: 493
An 18th century cast brass two section tea spoon mould.
                                                                       Lot: 509
                                                                       A set of six bright cut teaspoons, London 1782, Hestor
Lot: 494                                                               Bateman.
A Victorian brass bound walnut blotter.

                                                                       Lot: 510
Lot: 495                                                               A silver box of rectangular cushion form with etched and
A pair of short silver candle sticks raised on square bases            engraved floral and foliate decoration and hinged rising lid
Birmingham 1939, a Continental silver dish with coin set centre        revealing gilt interior Birmingham 1855 makers mark for Yapp &
and a silver topped cut glass dressing table bottle.                   Woodward.

Lot: 496                                                               Lot: 511
A pair of Georgian silver bright cut sugar tongs London 1820,          A silver cigarette case Birmingham 1919, four Victorian silver
makers mark GW.                                                        threepence pieces and three other coins (Good for Christmas

Lot: 497
A pair of silver plated sugar tongs, a sifter spoon and a quantity     Lot: 512
of coronation spoons.                                                  A silver mounted crumb brush, a pair of cast Georgian silver
                                                                       sugar nips, two butter knives and three various silver spoons.

Lot: 498
A small circular silver photograph frame Birmingham 1904.              Lot: 513
                                                                       A cased set of six Staffordshire egg shell porcelain coffee cans
                                                                       and saucers with ornate silver cup holders with pierced and
Lot: 499                                                               embossed cherub decoration, Birmingham 1900.
A Charles Horner, silver thimble Chester 1897 and three other
collectible thimbles.
                                                                       Lot: 514
                                                                       A pair of silver mounted cut glass globular dressing table
Lot: 500                                                               bottles and a cased part silver backed brush set.
A set of three commemorative silver teaspoons, "The Kings
Own" circa Birmingham 1930 and two other similar.
                                                                       Lot: 515
                                                                       A pierced circular silver ash tray Sheffield 1925, one other ash

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

tray, two silver matchbox cases and a silver cased flint and         A Beswick figurine Bald Eagle, impressed 1018 mark to base.
petrol cigarette lighter.

                                                                     Lot: 534
Lot: 516                                                             A 19th century opaque white twist stemmed wine glass with
A pair of contemporary silver candlesticks of tapering square        trumpet bowl, two other glasses and a small etched glass
form raised on stepped bases, Birmingham 1989.                       liqueur decanter.

Lot: 517                                                             Lot: 535
A set of nine silver handled dessert knives and forks.               An ornate Victorian taper fan with lustre shell ribs, decorated
                                                                     with a seated couple and a small wool worked evening purse.

Lot: 521
A Medieval bronze mortar of circular form with nine protruding       Lot: 536
flattened lugs with a dome shaped base.                              A collection of four various Royal Worcester bone china bird

Lot: 522
Taxidermy: A pair of white metal mounted hippopotamus tusks          Lot: 537
containing a circular brass dinner gong.                             A collection of four various Royal Worcester bird models.

Lot: 523                                                             Lot: 538
Taxidermy: a pair of eleven point Red Deer antlers with frontlet.    A collection of four various Royal Worcester bird figures.

Lot: 524                                                             Lot: 539
Taxidermy: a pair of eleven point Red Deer antlers with frontlet     A collection of four various Royal Worcester bird figures.
mounted on a wooden shield.

                                                                     Lot: 540
Lot: 525                                                             A set of eight late 19th century floral decorated dessert plates
A contemporary fibreglass sculpture in the form of Bigfoot.          with pierced gilt borders together with four matching basket
                                                                     dishes, blue cross sword underglaze mark to base.

Lot: 526
A pair of ornate contemporary brass wall lights in the form of a     Lot: 541
stylised lily flowers.                                               A 19th century star cut rectangular decanter and stopper and
                                                                     one other square decanter.

Lot: 527
A early 19th century wrought steel adjustable chimney cooking        Lot: 542
pot hanger.                                                          Two three ring decanters and one other.

Lot: 528                                                             Lot: 543
A large heavy duty wrought iron sack balance.                        A Masons fruit basket patterned shaped rectangular soup
                                                                     tureen, cover, ladle and stand.

Lot: 529
A large pair of iron blacksmiths callipers.                          Lot: 544
                                                                     An early 20th century French brass five glass carriage clock
                                                                     with original leather carrying case.
Lot: 531
A Beswick figurine of a donkey and three other various Beswick
figures of foals.                                                    Lot: 545
                                                                     An early 20th century brass five glass carriage clock, the white
                                                                     enamel dial inscribed Matthew Norman of London.
Lot: 532
A Beswick palomino foal figurine, two other foals and a Beswick
brown mare figure.                                                   Lot: 546
                                                                     An early 20th century Japanese Satsuma bulbous vase and
                                                                     cover with moulded ring and rope effect handles, the panels
Lot: 533                                                             decorated with figures in landscapes.

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 547                                                                 Two various conch shells, other shells and three glass net
Five contemporary Oriental blue and white plates with floral             floats.

                                                                         Lot: 560
Lot: 548                                                                 A part Spode Kensington patterned reproduction tea service, to
A pair of miniature Royal Crown Derby bulbous bud vases                  include sandwich plate, tea cups and saucers.
decorated with pink roses and two commemorative plates.

                                                                         Lot: 561
Lot: 549                                                                 A fine Victorian floral decorated two handled wash stand jug.
Two contemporary ornate glass scent bottles.

                                                                         Lot: 562
Lot: 550                                                                 A part china tea service decorated in the Oriental style to
A Lladro figurine of a young girl with hat and a Royal                   include coffee cans, cups, plates and a jug.
Copenhagen figurine of a seated young girl.

                                                                         Lot: 563
Lot: 551                                                                 An interesting collection of papier mache boxes, a collection of
A pair of small Copeland Italian Spode coffee pots, a green              cloissonne eggs and similar trinket boxes.
glazed glug glug jug and a quantity of dressing table china.

                                                                         Lot: 564
Lot: 552                                                                 A Victorian string inlaid walnut trinket box, pair of spill vases,
A Victorian silver plated biscuit barrel of cylindrical form with        glass bowl and a Praktika SLR camera.
hinged rising lid raised on three ball and claw feet.

                                                                         Lot: 565
Lot: 553                                                                 A reproduction bronzed fish ornament, a reproduction
An early 19th century Derby dish decorated with gilt trailing            corkscrew, magnifying glass and cutter.
grape and vine decoration, circular red mark to base.

                                                                         Lot: 566
Lot: 554                                                                 A Selkirk Pride glass paperweight and four others.
A cased Mulberry Hall limited edition Spode two handled loving
cup commemorating the Enlargement of the European
Community 1973 and a limited edition Coalport chalice and                Lot: 567
cover commemorating the silver wedding anniversary of HM the             A contemporary Oriental Jade incense burner with ring handled
Queen.                                                                   decoration, a Copeland Spode miniature tureen, cover and
                                                                         stand and a wine glass.

Lot: 555
A silver plated spirit kettle on rustic stand, a silver plated           Lot: 568
circular tray, a glass fruit bowl with silver plated mount, a            A cast brass door stop in the form of a lion, a pair of German
quantity of dressing table glassware, other glasswares and a             lidded steins, a pair of brass vases, an oil lamp and other metal
small model of a donkey.                                                 ware.

Lot: 556                                                                 Lot: 569
A decorative pot lid "No by Heaven I exclaim'd...." a collection         Three contemporary cut glass scent bottles.
of contemporary Worcester fire proof table ware, a quantity of
glass and metal ware.
                                                                         Lot: 570
                                                                         Two similar Capo de Monte figurines depicting soldiers in
Lot: 557                                                                 various uniform and other china and glasswares.
A pair of 19th century Sheffield plated candlesticks raised on
turned bases and a small wine coaster.
                                                                         Lot: 571
                                                                         A silver plated helmet shaped cream jug, a chamber stick, other
Lot: 558                                                                 plated ware and bedside enamel faced clock.
A Shelly white glazed jelly mould with star base, a lion jelly
mould, one other, a collection of glass decanter stoppers and
other glassware.                                                         Lot: 572
Lot: 559                                                                 Three contemporary African carved hardwood figurines.

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 573                                                               Lot: 585
A 20th century carved African hardwood fertility figure with           A collection of various floral decorated blue and white china
elongated neck and facial features.                                    wares and other sundry collectibles.

Lot: 574                                                               Lot: 586
A shaped silver plated rectangular tray and a quantity of other        Two contemporary glass paper weights, a glass and metal wine
silver plated tea wares.                                               bottle stopper and a cut glass atomiser bottle.

Lot: 575                                                               Lot: 587
A Royal Doulton stoneware jar and cover with raised floral             A quantity of Royal Doulton resin painted figurines, a cast metal
decoration on a grey ground, A reproduction Staffordshire              pig money box, a crystal pig and piglet and many other pig
greyhound, a Continental porcelain figure and other                    related items.

                                                                       Lot: 588
Lot: 576                                                               A quantity of Susie Cooper "Nebula" and "Day Stripe" coffee
A quantity of cranberry and other red and ruby glassware to            cans and saucers.
include enamel decorated jug, various cups and saucers and
finger bowls.
                                                                       Lot: 589
                                                                       A Minton Marlow oval posy vase and a Nao figurine of a young
Lot: 577                                                               ballet dancer.
Two 19th century Staffordshire flat back spill holders and three
other similar figurative groups.
                                                                       Lot: 590
                                                                       A quantity of fishing flies.
Lot: 578
A Wilkinson Royal Staffordshire Pottery hat pin holder with pins
and a leather cigar slip case.                                         Lot: 591
                                                                       A silver plated sauce boat with ladle, a quantity of bone
                                                                       handled silver collared knives and forks and other silver plated
Lot: 579                                                               ware.
Four graduated ebony elephant figures.

                                                                       Lot: 593
Lot: 580                                                               An ornate silver plated taper stick decorated with trailing berries
A wooden box containing a wooden chess set of ebony and                and leaves.
light wood pieces, a cigar tin containing a set of dice and one
other wooden box.
                                                                       Lot: 594
                                                                       A cased Meerschaum pipe depicting a stag, one other pipe, a
Lot: 581                                                               folding prinz nes and a miniature turned treen tea service.
A 1943 thermos flask with War Department marked to base, a
glass nasal irrigator in its original box and a medicine glass in a
case.                                                                  Lot: 595
                                                                       A Wedgwood porcelain "The Drummer" figurine and a similar
                                                                       Capo de Monte figure.
Lot: 582
Two Oxo cube tins in the form of money boxes to
commemorate Edward VIII's coronation and a quantity of                 Lot: 596
assorted stemmed liquor and sherry glasses.                            A pair of Nanking Cargo bowls with blue interiors, Christies part
                                                                       lot 2631 label to base.

Lot: 583
Two Goss crested beakers and a quantity of other crested               Lot: 597
wares.                                                                 A Shelley china model "Mother Shipton" with crest for

Lot: 584
A part Royal Albert "Belinda" tea service, a quantity of smoked        Lot: 598
glass tumblers, plates and jug.                                        A late 19th century Chinese export bowl with decorative
                                                                       Armorial crest and raised enamel decoration and an Oriental
                                                                       bowl decorated in famille rose pallet.

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 599                                                              horse and hound figurines.
A gilt brass figurative mantle clock and a pair of coloured glass
moulded fluted decanters.
                                                                      Lot: 614
                                                                      A Majolica glug glug jug, a bird figurine, shell ornament and a
Lot: 600                                                              turned treen stand.
A cased three piece carving set with silver mounted bone
                                                                      Lot: 615
                                                                      A pair of small gilt twin branch wall lights and a part Oriental tea
Lot: 601                                                              service.
A Eastern hardwood trinket box with etched bone inlay and a
New Zealand kauri wood box with other timber samples.
                                                                      Lot: 618
                                                                      An English clarinet contained within a fitted case.
Lot: 602
Two similar Belgian miniature starting pistols with wooden
stocks.                                                               Lot: 619
                                                                      An early 20th century German violin with a bow in a fibre fitted
Lot: 603
A reproduction scrimshaw worked resin sperm whale tooth.
                                                                      Lot: 620
                                                                      An E flat German saxophone inscribed "Tango Orchestra" with
Lot: 604                                                              an adjustable mouthpiece, contained within a fitted case.
A Kaiser German porcelain figurine of a young man playing a
                                                                      Lot: 621
                                                                      A Selmer Gold Seal white metal flute in a fitted case.
Lot: 605
A Kaiser German porcelain figurine of a young man with a sack
chasing a pair of geese.                                              Lot: 622
                                                                      A Hoffman mahogany cased baby grand piano.

Lot: 606
An Italian reproduction resin figurine of a young child with a        Lot: 623
basket of apples, signed Gusttai to base.                             A Yamaha digital electric piano YDP-101 complete with stool.

Lot: 607                                                              Lot: 624
A white painted plaster relief plaque depicting Madonna and           A silver plated two handled trophy inscribed "Devizes Fat Stock
child mounted on a hardwood board.                                    Show" and one other.

Lot: 608                                                              Lot: 625
A Doulton Lambeth onion shaped vase decorated in typical              A set of five Prinknash jugs, a blue enamel decorated Standish
greens and blues with shaped floral panels.                           and a pair of alabaster table lamps.

Lot: 609                                                              Lot: 626
A Karl Ens bird figure Lady Amherst Pheasant 30cm high and            Two pairs of carved Continental wooden figurative columns
one other Ens bird figure 9cm.                                        depicting musicians.

Lot: 610                                                              Lot: 627
A late Victorian walnut adjustable bookslide with carved and          A Royal Albert Serena floral patterned tea service to include tea
pierced hinged end panels.                                            pot, jug and basin and a quantity of glass jars and other glass

Lot: 611
A brass inlaid hardwood playing card box with cards and dice.         Lot: 628
                                                                      A floral decorated washstand jug, a bowl and plate and a studio
                                                                      pottery bowl decorated with a clown figure, labelled Ruth
Lot: 612                                                              Dupre, London SW4.
A large china figure of a horse and a quantity of other china         Lot: 629

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

A Victorian brass string inlaid rosewood writing slope with          Lot: 645
Bramah lock, interior missing.                                       A Royal Doulton Buntie Bunnykins figure "Helping Mother".

Lot: 630                                                             Lot: 646
A standard lamp with reeded columnar metal base and cream            A Royal Doulton Bunnykins "The Artist" figurine.
Tiffany style shade.

                                                                     Lot: 647
Lot: 631                                                             A Royal Doulton Mr Bunnykins "Autumn Daze" figure.
An Art Nouveau design brass fire curb with integral fire dog rail.

                                                                     Lot: 648
Lot: 632                                                             A carved banded stone figurine of a Spinx, scratched "Egypt
A glass walking stick with opaque white twist decoration.            1932" to base and three fossilized rock samples.

Lot: 633                                                             Lot: 649
A leather cased single draw telescope inscribed Cary London,         A Winchcombe pottery slip ware bowl with scratch wavy
43rd Middlesex RVC Sunbury.                                          decoration.

Lot: 634                                                             Lot: 650
A comprehensive Royal Doulton "Simplicity" dinner and coffee         A Monart glass cylinder vase decorated in blues and green
service to include tureens, platters and coffee pot.                 lustre decoration.

Lot: 635                                                             Lot: 651
A brown crocodile skin handbag and one other.                        A quantity of soapstone ornaments, a brass bell and other
                                                                     novelty collectibles.

Lot: 636
A part cased set of tea knives and forks.                            Lot: 652
                                                                     A set of four glass double wall lights with hanging lustre drops.

Lot: 637
A 19th century large circular treen bowl and a small metal           Lot: 653
bound oak planter.                                                   A mid 20th century brass cased bulk head aneroid barometer
                                                                     dial inscribed Sestrel Tratmann & Lowther, Bristol.

Lot: 638
A pair of trench work shell cases with embossed floral               Lot: 654
patterning.                                                          A compensated aneroid barometer contained within an oak
                                                                     frame with rectangular silvered dial.

Lot: 639
A two handled circular treen bowl.                                   Lot: 655
                                                                     A German cuckoo clock of traditional form.

Lot: 640
A cased set of Towers scientific balances.                           Lot: 656
                                                                     An Edwardian circular oak cased aneroid barometer, the dial
                                                                     inscribed "Dolland, London, 41226".
Lot: 641
A miniature Staffordshire lion, a sheep laying beside a tree and
a Whieldon style pig money box.                                      Lot: 657
                                                                     An aneroid barometer contained within a turned serpentine
                                                                     marble stand.
Lot: 643
A pair of miniature Staffordshire figurines depicting a boy and a
girl seated on spaniels backs.                                       Lot: 658
                                                                     A miniature carriage clock with decorative panels.

Lot: 644
A Royal Doulton "Bogie Bunnykins" figure, 1984.                      Lot: 659

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

A small clock in the form of a bulls eye pocket watch marked          Lot: 673
Yuchang to face.                                                      An ornate gilt and white painted rectangular framed mirror.

Lot: 660                                                              Lot: 674
An ornate 19th century rectangular gilt framed mirror with fluted     A pair of contemporary carved green stone Dog of Fo
half column decoration.                                               ornaments.

Lot: 661                                                              Lot: 675
A contemporary Community plate twelve place canteen of                A hand painted Herend china rabbit group each rabbit
cutlery contained within a three drawer cabinet.                      decorated with blue "fish scale" design with green ear linings
                                                                      and gilt noses and paws.

Lot: 662
A small portable Underwood typewriter in original box.                Lot: 676
                                                                      A set of three Netsukes in the form of House Gods.

Lot: 663
A quantity of treen collectables including a chess set and a          Lot: 677
quantity of gaming counters.                                          A 19th century Wedgwood black basalt two handled vase in a
                                                                      classical style, the handles terminating in relief decoration of
                                                                      Bacchus, profusely decorated in coloured enamel summer
Lot: 664                                                              flowers, impressed Wedgwood to base.
An oak cased eight place canteen of silver plated cutlery.

                                                                      Lot: 678
Lot: 665                                                              A pair of 19th century majolica spill holders in the form of a boy
A carved Indian hardwood elephant figurine with brass gong            and girl carrying straw baskets.
hanging from his extended trunk.

                                                                      Lot: 679
Lot: 666                                                              An early 20th century Japanese Satsuma bowl decorated with
A mahogany cased brass parallel rule.                                 exotic birds in a landscape and an Oriental bowl with scalloped

Lot: 667
Two silver mounted walking sticks, a Blackthorn walking cane          Lot: 680
and two others.                                                       A pair of cast brass cherub head finials in the classical style.

Lot: 668                                                              Lot: 681
A walking stick with nickel silver embossed dogs head handle          A reproduction chromed effect figure of a Greyhound head.
and one other walking cane with a chromed dogs head handle.

                                                                      Lot: 682
Lot: 669                                                              A pair of Staffordshire style seated spaniel figurines.
A large wooden model of a three masted gaff rigged sailing ship.

                                                                      Lot: 683
Lot: 670                                                              A BSA 177 air cadet major air rifle.
A Minton style green and blue glazed jardiniere in the form of
putti holding a wicker basket (unmarked).
                                                                      Lot: 684
                                                                      A Victorian brass bound coromandel dome topped trinket box.
Lot: 671
A leather bound games compendium in the form of two books
with games board and interior backgammon board containing             Lot: 685
box wood and ebony draughts and a Staunton weighted chess             A early 20th century Continental brass table easel clock raised
set (one black pawn missing).                                         on claw feet, fitted a single train movement.

Lot: 672                                                              Lot: 686
An early 19th century mahogany brass bound hinged writing             A collection of Ridgway Homemaker black and white china to
slope with recessed brass carrying handles.                           include black cups (not all Ridgway), saucers, plates, side

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

plates and dinner plates.                                              Lot: 699
                                                                       A Kaiser German porcelain figure depicting a young man with
                                                                       bird of prey and a dog.
Lot: 687
An impressive Minton style majolica flaring jardiniere with
raised oak leaf and acorn decoration raised on an ornate trefoil       Lot: 700
grotesque mask footed base.                                            A Kaiser German porcelain figurine of a young man carrying
                                                                       bird cages and a canary.

Lot: 688
An ornate carved Eastern hardwood corner shelf unit with               Lot: 701
domed top with seated figure finials with a carved wooden              A large cast iron bronze effect figurine in the form of a stag.
Indian elephant ornament to the bottom shelf.

                                                                       Lot: 702
Lot: 689                                                               A comprehensive Booths "Flora Dora" patterned part dinner
A Victorian oil lamp with cut glass reservoir raised on a brass        service to include two circular covered tureens.
fluted column base with patented extinguisher burner and an
etched glass shade.
                                                                       Lot: 703
                                                                       A large freestanding two shelf open display cabinet.
Lot: 690
An Oriental carved black stone ink grinding dish and cover
decorated with Buddha and temple scene, signed.
                                                                       Lot: 704
                                                                       A pitch pine two door kitchen cabinet with fitted interior.
Lot: 691
A pair of silver plated three branch candelabra raised on
circular bases.                                                        Lot: 705
                                                                       A set of six Edwardian oak spindle back single dining chairs
                                                                       with overstuffed seats.
Lot: 692
A pair of contemporary Oriental miniature ginger jars and
covers and an enamelled rectangular trinket box.                       Lot: 706
                                                                       A Georgian style mahogany two door television cabinet, a
                                                                       walnut veneered cupboard fitted two doors and a pair of
                                                                       mahogany open chests of four drawers.
Lot: 693
A cased set of six Noritake tea cups and saucers with gilt
interiors and blue floral enamelled decoration complete with six
silver plated teaspoons.                                               Lot: 707
                                                                       A green finished circular pedestal tilt top dining table.

Lot: 694
A pair of French bronzed cast iron figures "Modestie" depicting        Lot: 708
scantily clad maidens.                                                 A reproduction oak court cupboard the upper section fitted two
                                                                       glazed doors over three drawers and three linen fold panelled
Lot: 695
A Victorian floral decorated two handled oval foot bath.
                                                                       Lot: 709
                                                                       A contemporary glass fronted display cabinet fitted two glass
Lot: 696
A pair of tall silver plated three branch candelabra raised on
turned bases.
                                                                       Lot: 710
                                                                       A stained pine kitchen cabinet with a single short drawer over a
                                                                       cupboard and four drawers.
Lot: 697
A pair of Arts and Crafts style copper trays with pie crust
crimped edges.
                                                                       Lot: 711
                                                                       A pair of oak carver chairs with vertical back splats and one
                                                                       other single chair.
Lot: 698
A contemporary Oriental vase of flattened hexagonal form with
applied pomegranate handles and floral panels.
                                                                       Lot: 712
                                                                       A contemporary teak kneehole dressing/work table fitted three

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

side drawers.                                                         An early Victorian rectangular mahogany framed swing mirror
                                                                      raised on a platform base.

Lot: 713
A Victorian circular foot stool with bead work cover on a gilt        Lot: 730
scalloped carved trestle.                                             A late Victorian mahogany single end chaise longue with
                                                                      spindle decorated back rail.

Lot: 716
A small square folding occasional table and a shooting stick.         Lot: 731
                                                                      An Edwardian mahogany piano stool with hinged upholstered
                                                                      rising seat.
Lot: 717
A narrow three tier open bookshelf unit and a fire screen with
needlepoint panel.                                                    Lot: 732
                                                                      An early 19th Chippendale style single dining chair with pierced
                                                                      vase shaped back splat on a rocker base.
Lot: 718
A white painted Adams style side table with applied harebell
decoration, glass top and floral drapes.                              Lot: 733
                                                                      A red and black painted Eastern hardwood occasional table
                                                                      raised on a folding stand.
Lot: 719
A pair of painted bentwood and glass two tier bedside tables.
                                                                      Lot: 734
                                                                      A 1930's cross banded mahogany bureau with fall front over
Lot: 720                                                              three drawers raised on cabriole legs.
A late Victorian rectangular mahogany writing table with blue
inset leather top over two frieze drawers raised on turned
tapering legs.                                                        Lot: 735
                                                                      A stripped pine open three tier bookcase with scalloped frieze.

Lot: 721
A Georgian mahogany bow fronted chest of three long                   Lot: 736
graduated drawers raised on splay bracket feet.                       A large rectangular gilt framed wall mirror with bevelled plate.

Lot: 722                                                              Lot: 737
A Victorian mahogany book case fitted with two glazed doors.          A reproduction light oak cabinet fitted with linen fold panelled
                                                                      doors opening to reveal shelving.

Lot: 723
A large freestanding open pine two shelf display cupboard.            Lot: 738
                                                                      An early 20th century carved and painted Greek marriage chest
                                                                      with hinged rising lid.
Lot: 724
A 1930's square mahogany jardiniere stand raised on turned
legs united with a circular under stretcher.                          Lot: 739
                                                                      A rectangular glass topped mahogany coffee table raised on
                                                                      cabriole legs together with a pair of square nesting tables.
Lot: 725
A stained pine dresser base fitted two frieze drawers over two
panelled doors.                                                       Lot: 740
                                                                      An early 19th century country oak circular wine table raised on
                                                                      a pedestal base.
Lot: 726
An early Victorian mahogany fluted pedestal jardiniere stand.
                                                                      Lot: 741
                                                                      A small oval drop leaf occasional table and a rustic coffee table.
Lot: 727
A 1930's mahogany display cabinet with blind fretwork frieze
over two glazed doors raised on cabriole legs.                        Lot: 742
                                                                      A Georgian rectangular mahogany drop leaf dining table raised
                                                                      on square tapering legs.
Lot: 729                                                              Lot: 743

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

A rectangular mahogany occasional table raised on square              occasional table raised on square tapering legs.
canted legs united with a cross framed under stretcher.

                                                                      Lot: 758
Lot: 744                                                              An Art and Crafts oak hanging display cabinet fitted with two
A 1930's brass bound mahogany table cabinet fitted two doors          doors each with concave glass panels with central carved panel
opening to reveal five central specimen drawers with integral         decoration.

                                                                      Lot: 759
Lot: 745                                                              A large oak two section open bookcase with central divide fitted
A late Victorian mahogany Pembroke table raised on ring               with ten adjustable shelves.
turned legs fitted one frieze drawer.

                                                                      Lot: 760
Lot: 746                                                              A solid seat bar stool of square form.
A gilt framed rectangular wall mirror and one other.

                                                                      Lot: 761
Lot: 747                                                              A solid seat bar stool of square form.
A 1930's glazed display cabinet fitted two glass shelves.

                                                                      Lot: 763
Lot: 748                                                              A contemporary Oriental style hard wood five tier wall divider
A table top spoon display cabinet with glazed door over a             display shelf with two small panelled doors and a single drawer
hinged rising front.                                                  to the lower section.

Lot: 749                                                              Lot: 764
A painted bamboo two division Canterbury.                             A reproduction oak six plank coffer of traditional form.

Lot: 750                                                              Lot: 767
A nest of three contemporary shaped rectangular coffee tables.        A 19th century elm dough bin and cover raised on four moulded

Lot: 751
A 19th century oak bow fronted chest of two short and three           Lot: 768
long graduated drawers raised on ogee feet.                           An Australian banana wood rectangular table raised on square
                                                                      legs and a set of six painted solid seat ladder back chairs.

Lot: 752
A reproduction cross banded mahogany break front sideboard            Lot: 769
fitted two central drawers flanked by two doors.                      An Edwardian ladies upholstered elbow chair with cut velvet
                                                                      upholstery and show wood front columns raised on square
                                                                      tapering legs.
Lot: 753
A green painted square low coffee table in the Oriental style.
                                                                      Lot: 770
                                                                      A walnut framed high back cane seated single dining chair
Lot: 754                                                              raised on cabriole Spanish foot leg.
A light oak platform step with serpentine panelled front.

                                                                      Lot: 771
Lot: 755                                                              A Georgian design mahogany framed two seat rectangular
A Victorian faux painted inlaid pine chest of two short and three     stool with upholstered seat.
long drawers with turned wooden handles.

                                                                      Lot: 772
Lot: 756                                                              A Georgian mahogany bureau the fall front opening to reveal a
A contemporary hand made clock in the form of a spoked wheel.         fitted interior over four long graduated drawers raised on
                                                                      bracket feet.

Lot: 757
An Edwardian mahogany "Threepenny bit" twelve sided                   Lot: 773

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

A small oak framed stool of 18th century design raised on           An Edwardian walnut bedside cabinet fitted one frieze drawer
turned legs with bobbin turned stretchers.                          raised on square tapering legs.

Lot: 774                                                            Lot: 787
An oak framed high spindle backed open elbow nursing chair          An early Victorian rectangular mahogany butlers tray with brass
with upholstered seat.                                              strap corners complete with folding stand.

Lot: 775                                                            Lot: 788
An early 20th century French oak rectangular draw leaf dining       A pair of Regency country elm bar back dining chairs with drop
table raised on carved cabriole legs.                               in rush seats, one stamped to stretcher "Dalby of Cottingham".

Lot: 776                                                            Lot: 789
A Regency single oak dining chair with cross back and               A Colonial style rush seated stick and slat back carver rocking
upholstered seat and a small upholstered stool.                     chair.

Lot: 777                                                            Lot: 790
A Raffles nine drawer light mahogany coffee table with hinged       A set of six 19th century rush seated chapel chairs.
rising lid.

                                                                    Lot: 791
Lot: 778                                                            A child's spindle back rush seated kitchen chair.
A Georgian mahogany bow front chest of two short and three
long drawers with turned wooden handles raised on bracket
legs.                                                               Lot: 792
                                                                    A 19th century cord seated spindle back rocking arm chair and
                                                                    two elm seated stick back kitchen chairs.
Lot: 779
An oval wall mirror with bevelled plate and one other.
                                                                    Lot: 793
                                                                    A 19th century black painted iron bound and wooden slat dome
Lot: 780                                                            topped trunk.
A Georgian design mahogany rectangular side table fitted with
a single frieze drawer raised on turned tapering legs.
                                                                    Lot: 794
                                                                    A late Victorian wing back arm chair with green loose cover.
Lot: 781
A late 18th century French solid seat single chair with open
back raised on a bobbin turned and stretchered base.                Lot: 795
                                                                    A set of five 19th century mahogany Hepplewhite style single
                                                                    dining chairs with vertical column back splats and over stuffed
Lot: 782                                                            seats raised on square legs.
A reproduction rectangular mahogany butlers tray and stand.

                                                                    Lot: 796
Lot: 783                                                            A pair of Edwardian mahogany single dining chairs with vertical
A carved hardwood Indian hexagonal table raised on a fretted        back splats.

                                                                    Lot: 797
Lot: 784                                                            A Victorian walnut show wood framed spoon back nursing chair
A nest of four Eastern carved hardwood coffee tables raised on      with floral buttoned upholstery and serpentine front raised on
cabriole legs.                                                      carved cabriole legs.

Lot: 785                                                            Lot: 798
An impressive early 20th century French style gilt carved wood      An Edwardian mahogany framed upholstered arm chair with
torchere stand of shaped triangular form raised on three ornate     arched back and plain show wood arms raised on square
scrolling legs converted to electricity.                            tapering legs.

Lot: 786                                                            Lot: 799

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

A Victorian upholstered box Canterbury of square waisted form        An Edwardian mahogany wash basin cabinet the hinged rising
the hinged upholstered lid opening to reveal a three section         top opening to reveal a porcelain bowl with shell shaped soap
fitted interior.                                                     recess over a panelled door.

Lot: 800                                                             Lot: 813
An Ercol elm seated stick back elbow rocking chair.                  A 1930's oak twin pedestal desk with inset top over three
                                                                     shallow frieze drawers and two banks of three drawers.

Lot: 801
A contemporary brown leather reclining arm chair.                    Lot: 814
                                                                     A late Victorian nursing chair with buttoned floral upholstery.

Lot: 802
A Victorian mahogany framed carved show wood ladies arm              Lot: 815
chair with green buttoned upholstery raised on carved cabriole       A circular reproduction Indonesian hardwood occasional table
legs.                                                                raised on an ornate scrolled pedestal base.

Lot: 803                                                             Lot: 816
A reproduction mahogany George I design high wing back arm           A cream painted French shaped rectangular side table with
chair raised on carved cabriole legs terminating in ball and claw    pierced brass gallery raised on cabriole legs.

                                                                     Lot: 817
Lot: 804                                                             A mahogany framed rectangular cane seated foot stool.
A late Victorian nursing chair with upholstered seat and
buttoned back.
                                                                     Lot: 818
                                                                     A late Victorian Pembroke table fitted one drawer raised on ring
Lot: 805                                                             turned legs.
A Victorian mahogany revolving music stool with leather seat.

                                                                     Lot: 819
Lot: 806                                                             An early Victorian oval gate leg dining table raised on ring
An Edwardian mahogany rush seated bedroom chair.                     turned tapering legs.

Lot: 807                                                             Lot: 820
A pair of rosewood inlaid bedroom chairs with rush seats raised      An early 19th century flame mahogany cased eight day long
on splay legs.                                                       case clock, the 16" arched painted enamelled dial with moon
                                                                     face and subsidiary second hand, the spandrels painted
                                                                     depicting the four seasons and central panel with a biblical
Lot: 808                                                             scene of David and Saul, the chapter ring inscribed "Lee of
A 19th century elm seated hoop spindle and splat back carver         Bolton", 101" tall.
chair with crinoline stretcher.

                                                                     Lot: 821
Lot: 809                                                             An Edwardian upholstered two seat sofa with floral loose
A show wood framed cream upholstered French style three              covers.
seat wing sofa with triple arched back and loose feather
                                                                     Lot: 822
                                                                     An early 19th century country elm six plank coffer of traditional
Lot: 810                                                             form.
A 19th century country elm pierced bar back single chair with
rush seat.
                                                                     Lot: 823
                                                                     A Victorian mahogany shaving stand with circular framed
Lot: 811                                                             adjustable mirror on a brass pole with circular tier raised on a
An Edwardian string inlaid mahogany bedroom chair with               tripod pedestal base.
ornate back splat.

                                                                     Lot: 824
Lot: 812                                                             A rectangular Regency style upholstered foot stool upholstered

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

raised on ornate x framed supports united with a turned under         A early 19th century mahogany bow front chest of two short
stretcher.                                                            and four long drawers with turned wooden handled raised on
                                                                      bracket feet.

Lot: 825
A small reproduction Jacobean style coffer with carved three          Lot: 838
panelled front.                                                       A Regency style break front side cabinet fitted three frieze
                                                                      drawers over central door flanked by brass grill doors to either
Lot: 826
An Edwardian string inlaid mahogany five tier folding cake
stand.                                                                Lot: 839
                                                                      A Georgian cross banded mahogany free standing corner
                                                                      cabinet with fluted side decoration, the top section fitted with a
Lot: 827                                                              single panelled door opening to reveal shelves over a lower
An Edwardian mahogany oval galleried two handled tray with            door.
oval shell paterae on an ornate delicate square tapering leg
                                                                      Lot: 840
                                                                      An early Victorian mahogany straight front chest of two short
Lot: 828                                                              and two long drawers, turned wooden handles raised on turned
A Victorian rectangular side table fitted two short frieze drawers    legs, originally the base of a linen press.
raised on turned tapering legs.

                                                                      Lot: 841
Lot: 829                                                              A Victorian square mahogany tilt top wine table raised on a
A mahogany piano stool with hinged upholstered rising lid with        tripod pedestal base.
blind stretcher decoration.

                                                                      Lot: 842
Lot: 830                                                              A Victorian ebonised and gilt decorated prie dieu with side
A reproduction mahogany framed Gainsborough style open arm            column decoration and wool work upholstery panels.

                                                                      Lot: 843
Lot: 831                                                              An early 19th century oak rectangular joint stool of traditional
A cross banded mahogany side cabinet fitted two panelled              form.
doors raised on cabriole legs.

                                                                      Lot: 844
Lot: 832                                                              An early 19th century mahogany drop leaf dining table raised
A scrub top rectangular pine kitchen table raised on turned           on square tapering moulded legs.
tapering legs.

                                                                      Lot: 845
Lot: 833                                                              A Georgian mahogany rectangular drop leaf dining table raised
An 18th century country oak six panel coffer of traditional form.     on square canted legs.

Lot: 834                                                              Lot: 846
An early 18th century oak three panel coffer of traditional form.     A Georgian mahogany D end drop leaf dining table with double
                                                                      gate leg action raised on square tapering legs terminating in
                                                                      brass capped castors.
Lot: 835
A late Regency rosewood square stool with upholstered seat
raised on scrolling X supports united with a turned stretcher.        Lot: 847
                                                                      A Victorian mahogany side board pedestal the arched door
                                                                      opening to reveal a drawer and door.
Lot: 836
A small Victorian mahogany straight front chest of two short
and two long drawers with brass ring handles raised on bracket        Lot: 848
feet.                                                                 A late Victorian oak wellington chest of five drawers with carved
                                                                      fronts and lion mask handles.

Lot: 837

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   Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables ) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 849                                                               with two glazed doors over a well fitted secretaire drawer with
A late Victorian straight fronted chest of two short and two long      three graduated drawers under.
graduated drawers.

                                                                       Lot: 861
Lot: 850                                                               A Georgian mahogany straight fronted chest of two short and
A Georgian mahogany rectangular tilt top supper table raised           three long graduated drawers with brass swan neck handles
on an ornate turned pedestal base.                                     raised on bracket feet.

Lot: 851
A set of four Regency faux painted rosewood rope back dining
chairs with brass inlaid back splats and cane seats raised on
sabre legs.

Lot: 852
A set of five late Victorian Chippendale style mahogany single
dining chairs with carved and pierced back splats and drop in
seats, labelled James Shoolbred & Co, Tottenham House,

Lot: 853
A 1920's mahogany veneered oak two section bookcase fitted
five adjustable shelves with canted and quarter column corners
raised on bracket feet.

Lot: 854
A Georgian mahogany tray top night table with pierced gallery
over open shelf raised on square moulded chamferred legs.

Lot: 855
A late 19th century French circular three tier what not with
painted central panel and brass acorn finials to top, raised on
square shaped legs, stamped Edwards and Roberts to the
under tier.

Lot: 856
An early Victorian mahogany Pembroke table fitted with a
single frieze drawer raised on ring turned legs.

Lot: 857
A mid Victorian inlaid burr walnut fold over card table with
swivel action top raised on ornate twin fluted pedestal end

Lot: 858
A stripped pine high curved back wing settle with solid seat and
three drawers under.

Lot: 859
A 19th century mahogany press cupboard with two panelled
doors opening to reveal five slides over two short drawers
raised on bracket feet.

Lot: 860
A Georgian string inlaid mahogany secretaire bookcase fitted

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