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                                                                   Office of the Secretary
Ontario Chapter                                                    Brian Larry
                                                                   164 Sherbrooke St
                                                                   Peterborough, Ontario
                                                                   Tel: 705-743-3167
               Ontario Chapter                                     Fax: 705-748-0330

                EASA ONTARIO CHAPTER
                 JANUARY 20 & 21, 2006
MEETING:            Called to order at 8:30AM

ROLL CALL:          Introduction by Mike Dupuis.
                    Welcomed members and guests. Noted the full room of attendees.
                    Passed out attendance sheet to sign.

MINUTES:            Brian Larry read the minutes from Delawana Inn, September 10, 2005.
                    Minutes accepted as read.

              Sean Hickey, funds on hand, January 20, 2006.
              Canadian account:             $34,958.98
              Canadian GIC:                 $58,964.24
              US Account:                   $16,694.60
              No questions from the floor. OK to file for audit.


President – Mike Dupuis:
                   Thanked members for the excellent meeting turnout. Mike
                   acknowledged the past presidents in attendance, Roy Bull, Bruce
                   Surgeson, Jim Cole and Sandi Howlett. He also recognized visiting
                   chapter members Brian Gibbon, EASA Chairman of the Board, Kevin
                   Miller, outgoing Director of Region 1, Ken Gralow, incoming Director
                   of Region 1, Robert Faille, President of Quebec & Maritimes Chapter
                   and Gilles Delisle, Treasurer of Quebec & Maritimes Chapter.

                    Mike directed the member’s attention to the handout highlighting the
                    spring meeting to be held in Niagara Falls. The weekend will feature a
                    tech course on pumps by Roger Jenkins, a wine tour by bus to Peller
                    Estates with lunch and a bus for dinner theatre at Oh Canada Eh?
Vice President – Gerry Siemon:
                    Gerry noted that we are returning to Delawana Inn for our fall meeting
                    on the September 8 weekend this year as last year we had good
                    participation and our members had a good time. There will be a golf
                    tournament on Friday with a box lunch and a bus to the golf course.
                    Saturday will be the business meeting and barbecue dinner on the patio,
                    followed by a sunset cruise with jazz band and desserts. Gerry also
                    pointed out the other amenities such as water sports and mini golf.
                    Please make plans to attend.

                      Next year is an election year and we are canvassing for a new secretary.
                      If anyone is interested, please let the board know. We may also
                      approach members about filling the vacancy.

Secretary – Brian Larry:
                    Brian reviewed the events for the rest of the AGM noting that there will
                    be a pasta bar for lunch outside the Mountbatten room starting at
                    11:30AM for all attendees and their families.

                      Brian directed members to the table at the back where the name badge
                      sign-up sheet was set up for anyone who did not have a badge.

Education Committee – Scott Thornton:
                  Scott noted that this was the first education meeting in a couple of
                  years. It was initiated by a need for college level education as it has
                  been three years since the last course at Conestoga College. Scott
                  stated that Conestoga College had written a proposal for making rewind
                  a bona fide trade. We would like to reactivate provincial recognition
                  and a national red seal program. Scott noted the overlapping
                  requirements between the electrical trades. He pointed out that online
                  training could be an option in lieu of class time combined with practical
                  in shop training. Specific shop needs would have to be determined.
                  Scott discussed objectives for the education, the first being to form a
                  steering committee for approval of red seal, the key being industry
                  acceptance. For September implementation a membership survey
                  would have to be in members hands by the end of January. The second
                  objective would be to meet with government and education ministry

Regional Directors Report - Sandi Howlett:
                    Sandi thanked the attendees for coming and encouraged members to
                    thank the executive. Sandi stated that she is proud to be continuing her
                    second term as Regional Director. She noted that she attends Ontario
                    and Western Chapter meetings.

                     Sandi said the next Regional Directors meeting will be held February 11
                     with the topic of strategic plans for the future incorporating the results
                     of the member needs survey.
                      She sat in on the Education Committee meeting and pointed out that
                      sitting down with other members to come up with solutions to common
                      problems is what EASA is all about.

                      Encouraged members to attend the Las Vegas Convention. Sandi noted
                      that this year it is a Monday-Thursday venue due to Las Vegas

                      Sandi congratulated Jim and Sean on their years of service and
                      dedication to EASA.

Affiliate Committee – Jim Miller:
                     Jim stated that this would be his last affiliate report as he is stepping

                       He reminded members to visit for current news, photos
                       of past functions and meeting notices.

                       Jim noted that the trade was sold out for the 5th straight year. He
                       encouraged members to browse the trade show and speak to the
                       exhibitors. He thanked the affiliates for their participation as they are
                       the ones that make the trade show work.

NEW MEMBERS: There is one new active member, Electrical Power Management of
             Oakville, Dave Johnson and one new affiliate member, Elektrim Motor
             Sales Ltd. of Mississauga, Mike Sonsogno.

                       Mike introduced Randy Randall and Peter Tedesco. Randy is taking
                       over the Treasurer duties from Sean Hickey and Peter is replacing Jim
                       Miller as Affiliate Coordinator. Both men said they were looking
                       forward to serving the organization.


Brian Gibbon – EASA Chairman of the Board:
                  Brian stated he was delighted to attend our meeting and was pleased
                  with the turnout. He spoke about Strategic Planning and Review as it
                  pertained to his company, going through the steps from planning to

            Mike reminded members about the lunch beginning at 11:30AM, the
            trade show from 12:00-3:00PM and the dinner this evening beginning
            with cocktails at 6:00PM.

ADJOURNMENT: Motion to adjourn at 10:30AM by Charlie Smith, seconded by Jim
                           JANUARY 21, 2006.

       NAME             COMPANY                     EMAIL                 LOCATION
Brian Larry          Larry Electric                                     Peterborough
Mike Dupuis          Monelco                                            Windsor
Gerry Siemon         Ampro Electric                                     London
Kevin Miller         A.R. & E.                                          Hagerstown, MD
Ken Gralow           Gray Electric                                      Schenectady, NY
Denys Bolanos        Lafert N.A.                                        Mississauga
Peter Tedesco        Electrowind                                        Guelph
Randy Randall        MEP Drives                                         Mississauga
Brian Gibbon         Anstee & Ware                                      Bristol, UK
Bill Galloway        Electrowind                                        Guelph
Sandi Howlett        Ainsworth                                          Toronto
Bruce Surgeson       Surgeson Electric                                  Cornwall
Charles Smith        Western Form C.                                    Edmonton
Scott Thornton       Waffle’s Electric   Windsor
John Maslakewycz     Inco Ltd.                                          Sudbury
Ron Refuse           Inco Ltd.                Sudbury
Steve Smith          Toll-Morris                                        London
Eric Raab            Duke Electric    Hamilton
Ken Brisbois         Duke Electric                                      Hamilton
Bob Carlson          Electro Pulse                                      Burlington
Russ Straus          Trade-Mark                                         Kitchener
Richard Watson       Nachi Canada                                       Concord
Tom May              Trade-Mark                                         Kitchener
Graydon Estey        Estey & Assoc.                                     Campbellville
Frank Giampietro     Motion Electric                                    Mississauga
Ramzi Mallouk        Brook Crompton                                     Toronto
Bob Belanger         Industrial Motors                                  North Bay
Barb Belanger        Industrial Motors                                  North Bay
Fred Thompson        Noront Armature                                    North Bay
Jackie Kallies       Lafert N.A.                                        Mississauga
Sterling Kallies     Lafert N.A.                                        Mississauga
Frank Martins        Ainsworth                                          Toronto
David Shuttleworth   Ainsworth                                          Toronto
Paul Tate            Lafert N.A.            Mississauga
John Gallo           Avotech Electric                                   Georgetown
Gerald O’Reilly      Lafert N.A.                                        Mississauga
Jason McGruthers     Gateway Electric                                   North Bay
Ray Hummel           Ampro Electric                                     London
Jan Miller           Brook Crompton                                     Toronto
Jim Miller           Brook Crompton                                     Toronto
Gilles Delisle       L.M. Elect.                                        Montreal
Robert Faille        J.H. Sauve                                         Valleyfield
Scott Larry          Larry Electric                                     Peterborough
Larry Brickman       Stratford Electric                                 Stratford
Peter Kaupp          Kaupp Electric                                     St. Catharines
      NAME          COMPANY           EMAIL     LOCATION
Jim Cole         Stratford Electric           Stratford
Jim Peters       Monelco                      Windsor
Anthony Lekkas   Stanford Electric            Toronto
Sean Hickey      Lafert N.A.                  Mississauga
Roy Bull         Waffle’s Electric            Windsor
  The Ontario Chapter Executive would like to thank the trade show exhibitors for their
          participation in the 2006 Annual General Meeting and Trade Show.

Baker Instrument Co.                             A.O. Smith Inc.
Alltemp Products Company Ltd.                    Application Computer Systems Inc.
Baldor Electric Ontario Inc.                     Brook Crompton North America
Carbone of America                               C.D. International Inc.
Diagnalysis Inc.                                 Dirmark Industrial Inc.
EIS Polifibra                                    EIMET Electrical Insulation Co.
Electro-wind Supply Inc.                         Elektrim Motor Sales Ltd.
Estey & Associates Inc.                          Guspro Inc.
Isovolta Inc.                                    Lafert North America
Leeson Canada Inc.                               Madison Industrial Equipment Inc.
Maple Leaf Drives Ltd.                           MEP Drives Ltd.
Nachi Canada Inc.                                National Electrical Carbon Canada
The P.D. George Co.                              Sterling Power Systems
Swiger Coil Systems Inc.                         Toronto Electric Company Ltd.
Universal Electric Motors                        V.J. Pamensky Canada Inc.
Western Form Coils (2004) Ltd.

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