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									                     THE SAINT

  Issue 2                                                                                 November/December 2009

                                                   FROM THE PRINCIPAL
                                  Dear Saints and Parents,
                                                                                                   ovemer /December 2005
                                  Thank you for such a productive first quarter of the 2009-10 school year! We have cer-
                                  tainly enjoyed meeting and getting to know all of our new Sabin students!

                                  A few brief reminders as we head into second quarter:
                                  • Students are required to wear their ID in a visible location every day. Please help
                                  your child to remember his or her ID each morning.
                                  • As the weather turns colder, please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately
                                  every morning. Students are only allowed in the building before 8:35 if they are eating
   ____________________           breakfast or going to homework help.
                                  There is no outside supervision before 8 am or after 4:10 pm. Please do not drop your
             328-7035             child off earlier than 8 am, and please make sure they have a way home by 4:10 pm each
Please call the 24-
hour attendance                   We would like to congratulate our student athletes for the first quarter. The seventh
line the same day                 grade football team finished their season with only one loss, and the eighth grade team
your child is late or             was undefeated. Our Lady Saints track team finished in 4th place overall. We look for-
                                  ward to the upcoming girls’ basketball season and the wrestling season, and invite you to
absent.                           come watch a game or match.

      Inside this issue:          I would like to extend my thanks to all parents who participated in Parent/Teacher Con-
                                  ferences on October 28 and 29. Your children have been working hard all quarter, and
                                  we’re proud to show you what they’ve learned. If you were not able to come in during
News from Our Teams and    4-10
                                  conferences, please call or email your children’s teacher(s) to set up another date and
Clubs                             time to talk. Teachers conduct conferences with parents throughout the school year, and
                                  would be happy to find a time that is convenient for you.
Counseling News             12
                                  If your child is in need of homework help, please know that assistance is available every
                                  day in the library. Students may come in Monday through Friday mornings from 7:45 to
Wrestling Information       14    8:35 (they do need to be here by 8:10 in order to attend Homework Help) and Monday
                                  through Thursday afternoons from 3:50 to 4:50. Students do not have to sign up in ad-
Girls’ Track                15    vance; they simply need to come to the library with their books and assignments. You
                                  can also call the office to make sure that your child did attend on any given day, as we do
Sabin Stars/CSAP            24
                                  ask students to sign in and out of Homework Help.

                                  As always, please let us know how we can best support your child’s academic growth!
Positive Referrals          25
                                                                   Sherry L. Kalbach, Principal
Honor Roll                28-32
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November 3rd    -    Girls’ Basketball (Sabin @ Swigert) - 4:30 p.m.

November 4th    -    Chick Fil-A Music Department Fundraiser

November 5th    -    Girls’ Basketball (Jenkins @ Sabin) - 4:30 p.m.
                     Wrestling (Sabin @ Jenkins) - 4:45 p.m.

November 7th    -    Veterans Day Parade—10:00 a.m.

November 10th   -    Girls’ Basketball (Sabin @ Holmes) - 4:30 p.m.
                     Wrestling (Holmes @ Sabin ) - 4:45 p.m.

November 11th   -    Veterans Day/NO STUDENTS

November 12th   -    Girls’ Basketball (Mann @ Sabin) - 4:30 p.m.
                     Wrestling (Sabin @ Mann) - 4:45 p.m.

November 13th   -    Veterans Day Salute (Cafeteria) - 2:30 p.m.

November 17th   -    Girls’ Basketball (Russell @ Sabin) - 4:30 p.m.
                     Wrestling (Sabin @ Russell) - 4:45 p.m.

November 18th   -    Talent Show Try-Outs—4:00 p.m.

November 19th   -    Girls’ Basketball (Sabin @ North) - 4:30 p.m.
                     Talent Show Try-Outs—4:00 p.m.

November 20th   -    TAKE A TURKEY TO SCHOOL DAY
                     Wrestling “A” Squad District Classic @ Wasson –4:45 p.m.

November 21st   -    Wrestling “A” Squad District Classic @ Wasson

November 23rd   -    Girls’ Basketball (Galileo @ Sabin) - 4:30 p.m.


November 30th   -    BAAC Meeting @ 6:00 p.m.
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December 1st -    Girls’ Basketball (Sabin @ West) - 4:30 p.m.

December 2nd -    Chick Fil-A Music Department Fundraiser

December 4th -    Girls’ “B” Squad Tournament @ Mitchell—4:30 p.m.

December 5th -    Girls’ Basketball “B” Squad Tournament @ Mitchell

December 7th -    Girls” Basketball “A” Squad Tournament

December 9th -    Girls” Basketball “A” Squad Tournament

December 10th -   Girls “Basketball “A” Squad Tournament

December 12th -   Girls’ Basketball “A” Squad Classic @ Mitchell

December 15th -   Orchestra Concert (Cafeteria) @ 7:00 p.m.

December 16th -   Band Concert (Gym) @ 7:00 p.m.

December 17th -   Choir Concert (Cafeteria) @ 7:00 p.m.

December 18th -   Sabin Star Assembly

December 21 through January 5th
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 Congratulations to the following Black Bear team members for accomplishing 50 facts in 1 ½ minutes
 on an individual test.

 Cheyenne Baile, Noah Bia, Sonja Calvin, Gloria Cisneros, Dylan Leri, Ahlexis Stephenson, Sierra
 Vigil, Deoin Yutzy, Cydney Aquino, Christina Bartalo, Sam Drain-Rifkin, J.P. Durham,Riley
 Greene, Sork Hamad, Marcus Hogan, Teddy Lopez, Jordan Meeks, Sandy Nguyen, Kyle
 Richardson, Chandler Shedd, Ayan Williams, Alexus Xatkoun, Shaye Barkley, Adrian Berg, Cam-
 eron Cordova, Megyn Cross, Oralia Cruz, Luis Diaz, Veronica Dickerson-Shaffer, Nick Francis,
 Mark Hansen, Thomas Harrison, Everett Huggins, Dustin Logan, Noah Love, Alex Morales,
 Shana Moultrie, Savannah Nelson, Cheyenne Smith, Brittany Trapp, Tyler Adkins, Trisha Bundy,
 Maddie Casey, Adam Davis, Dawnielle Devenyns, Connor Grantz, Eden Hartman, Saphyre Jiron,
 Amy Kim, Ivory Masching, Ally McCuthcheon, Alyssa Olmstead, Andrea Root, Jason Serrano,
 Jeff Steele, Maya Sylvia, Sharla Windle, and Brian Arellano.

 For their efforts, they were treated to a pizza party on October 28, 2009.

Sabin’s 2nd Annual Science Fair Competition is coming up soon! We have gathered the support
of various community members/businesses in the form of donations/gift cards for the top prize
winners. We will also award trophies and ribbons to the top projects in each category: Environ-
mental Science, Human Physiology, Chemistry, and Physics & Engineering. Participation in the
competition is voluntary, although all Sabin students are doing an individual investigation for their
science class. The science department has invited several guest judges from around the area
that will be highly trained in scientific method and familiar with the regional and state level sci-
ence fair standards for selecting the top projects. We hope to see a large amount of participa-
tion from students and parents on that Saturday, and a more detailed agenda will be sent home
after Winter Break.
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     We are having a ceremony to honor the
          Veterans of our community!
          Sabin Middle School cordially invites you
                   to attend our annual
                  Veterans Day Assembly

                       Date: 11/13/09
                      Time: 2:30 to 3:40
            Location: Sabin Middle School Gym
                          3605 North Carefree
              Colorado Springs, Colorado 80917
            Please join us at a reception immediately following
                  the program, in the community room

   RSVP by 10 Nov.
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Sabin Vocal Music Department:

Sabin choir students audition for D-11 Honor Choir
will be November 19th and November 20th . All Honor
Choir information will be sent home soon!
Out of 90 honor choir members from six D-11 middle schools, Sabin MS has
23! Congratulations to the 7th and 8th graders listed below who are in the 09-10 D
-11 Middle School Honor Choir!
                          Soprano                     Alto
                       Kylie Hylton                Tracy Silloway
                       Lindsey Perales              Kaitlyn Hayes
                       Harmony Donnelly            Kiera Young
                       Cierra Johnson              Sabrina Klugesherz
                       Hayley Branch               Shelby Ann Sharpton

                       Charles Patterson      Tyler Stillwell
                       Cody Windle            Keaun Bailey
                       Chris Krantz           Aaron Warren
                       Gabe Sanders           Anthony Miracola
                       Carlos Brown           Russel Huggins
                       Robert Gillette        Tyler Brown
                       Brandon Driscoll

Sabin Music Department Next Chick-fil-a Days : November 4th & December 2nd

Just eat at Chick-fil-a (Powers and N. Carefree) on these days and either give
your receipt to the drive-up person or put it in the Sabin box inside the restau-
rant. It’s that easy and we receive 15% of every receipt that is our box! At our
October Sabin Music Department Day at Chick-fil-a we made $275.00!! Our No-
vember’s goal is $500.00. Eat more chicken!!! See you there!

Sabin Singers will begin October 27th! This is an extracurricular group meeting
on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week from 8:00 a.m. to 8:35
a.m. All 6th, 7th, and 8th graders are welcome to join for fun, singing, dancing,
field trips, etc. Come Check it out!!!!
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Western Hemisphere News:                 The 6th grade western hemisphere
students in Ms. Terrell-Jackson’s classes will be studying the geography, his-
tory, culture, governments, people, and economics of Canada. The students
will be making totem poles this quarter. Good materials for totem poles
would be paper towel rolls and construction paper. The students always do a
nice job with these, and so it will be fun to see the finished products.

 CRUZ TEAM NEWS (7th Grade):

 For 2nd quarter, the Cruz team will be taking a social studies field trip to the Denver Museum of
 Nature and Science where they will be able to study the life and accomplishments of Genghis
 Khan. Also in Mrs. Bradfield’s class, students will be studying ancient Egypt, Greece, and
 Rome, as well as completing a mythology project. For science, students will be completing their
 science fair projects and presenting them at the end of the quarter. They will also be starting
 the astromony unit and the preparation for the Challenger Learning Center missions, which will
 happen in January. Information and permissions slips are coming soon!

Attention Parents:

If you need to speak with a principal or counselor concerning an issue with your student,
Sabin’s administration would like to request that you schedule an appointment prior to
coming to the school. Having a specific time to meet with a principal or counselor will
keep you from having to wait for a long period of time and also allow the principal/
counselor to give their full attention to your concerns without interruption. If you would
like to schedule an appointment with one of our principals (Mrs. Kalbach, Mr. McDow-
ell, or Mrs. Schlagenhauf) please call Jane Murray at 328-7010. If you would like to
schedule an appointment with a counselor (Ms. Sebben, Mrs. DeVore, or Mrs. Alaska)
please call Kathy Rasdall at 328-7006.
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          National Junior Honor Society
                      Congratulations to the new members of the NJHS:

               7th Grade                                         8th Grade

Nicholas Banderia        Kylie Hylton                        Bailey Emineth
Noah Berrett             Janine Lahey                        Jessica Pominville
Brandon Bisson           Lucille Partlow-Loyall              Shelby-Ann Sharpton
Anjelica Bullock         Joshua Martinez- Maes               Tracy Silloway
Mareena Crozier          Mickey Meeehan                      Alyssa Tillery
Morgan Davis             Elisabeth Pepin                     Mariah Willey
Yasmine Dias              Jenna Venuto

      The elected NJHS officers for this year are Alexa Hanenberg, President; Caitlyn
Pierce, Vice President; Scott LaGrill, Treasurer. Congratulations to you all!

       In October, the National Junior Honor Society trick-or-treats for UNICEF, United Na-
tions International Children’s Emergency Fund. This is a charity that gives vaccinations to
children in foreign countries. They need as many donations as possible. For only $0.50, a
child can be vaccinated for polio. On October 28th, 29th, and 30th, we will be outside of
Safeway on Academy and N. Carefree from 4 to 5:30 pm. Thank you for your donations!

       Coming in November, we will be asking for donations to send to deployed soldiers
from Colorado. Collection boxes will be placed throughout the building. Items that are
needed: sun block, chap stick, q-tips, handi-wipes/baby wipes, large plastic trash bags, hard
candy, gum, insect repellant, cup-o-soup, any kind of instant soup, noodles, or macaroni that
has a separate container, fruit roll ups, beef jerky, packaged dried fruit, phone cards.

                    More information will be available in November.
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                                                  TAG NEWS:
         One of Sabin’s exploratory classes is TAG. TAG stands for Talented, Accelerated, and Gifted. The
purpose of the class is to service the educational needs of our students formally identified as GT. In addition,
students who have been tagged, or referred, because they have demonstrated a special interest or academic
ability, are included on a space available basis.

        Here are some snapshots of activities happening this semester. Sixth graders started the semester dis-
cussing learning styles and brain functions. By the close of the investigation, these young people will know
how they learn and why. They will know what works best for them as far as visual, audio, or hands-on pres-
entations. No only will they have an understanding, they will be able to present their findings in a multimedia
format. We are also planning the creation of a “survival guide” for middle school. The sixth graders will be
contributing their own suggestions as well as interviewing the more “experienced” seventh and eighth graders
for advice. The plan is to put together a book or slide show to present to next year’s new sixth graders.

         The seventh graders are on a quest to understand how to achieve “Success in the Game of Life.” They
have been presented with numerous analogies to consider, and activities that prompt them to act as a cohesive
team. Focus is on how individual strengths and talents can be used collaboratively for the good of the whole
         The eighth grade TAG students, whether working independently or in groups, have accomplished
much in a short amount of time. Our primary interest at this time, believe it or not, is long term academic and
career goals. These “future” 9th graders will be registering for high school right after the winter break. With
that in mind, we are reviewing graduation requirements, scholarship options, and potential career paths. The
GT and SAIL+ coordinators will be presenting Doherty and Mitchell High School options to our students at
the end of November and early December. Our motto is “Plan for the things you want to happen. Don’t let
things happen to you.” On November 13th, the eighth grade TAG students will host our annual Veterans Sa-
lute program. It is our yearly opportunity to thank the veterans and active duty military in the community for
their service to our country. Please join us. Details about the program can be found on the program invitation
printed in this newsletter. It is awesome to see these young people in action, and it makes you so proud to
know that this is our country’s future.

        On top of everything else, many of the students have applied to the “Sidekicks” program. This is a
mentorship program with volunteers from the community. The hope is that many of our students will get a
better idea of what their chosen career fields are really like, and increase our respect for our community par-
ticipants out there “in the real world.” Topics range from professional sports to scientific field studies to in-

        If you are considering TAG as an elective for next semester, please let our counselors know, or feel
free to contact Mrs. Smutko at, phone: 328-7050. Give it a try. There’s no telling what you
can accomplish.
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                                           SAIL NEWS
Thank you to our parent volunteers and to SAIL students and teachers for making our field trip to Denver a
smashing success. 150 SAIL and GT students went to Denver in two separate trips on Thursday, October
22nd. Because our buses could only hold 132 students and adults, we relied heavily on parent drivers. Thank
you to all of those who helped us!

Our Denver trip was tailored by grade level as follows: Sixth graders toured the Denver Museum of Nature
and Science and visited exhibits such as Expedition Health, Cosmic Journey, and the IMAX Theater. Seventh
graders were also at the Museum of Nature and Science touring the Genghis Khan exhibit, the Gates Planetar-
ium, and Cosmic Journey. Eighth graders viewed the American and European Art Exhibits and took an archi-
tecture tour at the Denver Art Museum. They also toured the United States Mint and left with souvenir coins
in their pockets! We received a multitude of compliments about how well behaved and informed all of our
students were.

In accordance with state law, Advanced Learning Plans (ALPs) have been started for all gifted students in the
district. Eighth grade ALPs were written by students and Mrs. Marsh in their Discovery classes. Their goals
focus on CSAP achievement and individual project work/in-depth studies. Sixth and seventh graders received
a generic ALP from the GT office downtown with CSAP related goals. As a team, we are happy to review all
ALPs and tailor sixth and seventh grade goals more specifically to student selected areas of interest if students
believe that they are not sufficiently challenged in school or if they would like to do additional project work in
their areas of passion. Eighth grade ALPs are at Sabin and will be signed at Parent Teacher Conferences on
October 28th and 29th. We are asking that all sixth and seventh grade parents bring a copy of the ALP to con-
ferences to discuss and sign.

Our next field trip will be Wednesday, November 18, to see Wasson High School’s production of You’re a
Good Man, Charlie Brown. Permission slips and information for that trip will be coming home the week of
November 2. Also during November, SAIL students will be participating in a service learning project to build
Thanksgiving baskets with turkeys and the trimmings for needy families in Sabin’s attendance area. This pro-
ject will include a research component on poverty, the working poor, and income vs. real life expenses. Mrs.
Marsh will be sending out more information on this project in the weeks to come.

All SAIL students are participating in the school-wide Science Fair for their first semester project. At this
point, they have all created a testable question and completed their background research. They have the rest
of November for data collection and experimentation. Their analyses and conclusions are due December 11,
class presentations will be on January 7th and 8th, and the school-wide fair will be January 23rd. Good luck to
all students who are competing!
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A note from your LRT, Mrs. Knight…

                              HELPING CHILDREN WITH READING Across all Content Areas

These activities can help your child increase vocabulary skills.
• Engage your child in daily conversation using a rich challenging vocabulary. Define and talk about new words that
are introduced. Give examples of how to use new words in multiple contexts.
• Model and teach your child to use context (surrounding words, sentence structure, pictures) to figure out word
• Provide an environment with vocabulary resources for your child to utilize such as: dictionaries, thesauruses,
and word origin books.
• Subscribe to a free dictionary website such as They will email you a "word of the day." Dis-
cuss the word of the day with your child and how to incorporate that word into daily conversations with others.
Challenge your child to use that word throughout their day. At the end of the week add that week's words to
your own "word of the day" dictionary.
• Discuss affixes (prefixes & suffixes) when reading with your child. Encourage them to extend past the given
word and give examples of other words with those affixes and root bases. "What other words do you know that
start with inter?" "Can you name any other words that contain sub?"
• Continue to read aloud to your child, even when they are proficient in reading. Choose a book above your child's
reading level that contains a rich vocabulary.
• Discuss words they already know and put new words into multiple contexts for vocabulary extensions.

• Read from a variety of text such as fiction, poetry, plays, science fiction, and non-fiction including directions,
newspapers, websites, etc.
• Expose your child to experiences they will be expected to understand when they read. Examples: zoos, muse-
ums, nature walks, exhibits, fairs.
(Pikes Peak Literacy Strategies Project, 2005)
Sabin’s 2009 CSAP Writing results indicate that Sabin needs to improve paragraph writing
skills. The Literacy Content Goal PLC Team has developed a school-wide goal in order to ad-
dress this area.
 All Sabin teachers use paragraph writing organizations with Sabin Common Writing Rubric and R.A.P. in all class-
rooms to increase student achievement by 5% (from 55.1% to 60.1% proficient and above) on CSAP 2010 para-
graph writing.
In order to meet this goal; all teachers will have students writing paragraphs in their specific
content areas. Yes, even P.E., drama, French, and math! Our staff is devoted to student
achievement and we know writing across all content areas will make a difference.

                                                              Jannette Knight, LRT
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                               School Permit Window is soon to open!

Parents who want to permit their child into a school that is not their designated home school must pick up,
complete and submit a permit to the desired school. Students who are currently permitted to Sabin will not
have to complete a new permit for next year. Please be sure all information is current and accurate, and note
that students are expected to arrive at school on time. Please note: Sabin permits do not roll over into the high
schools. The window for permits opens November 1st and closes February 1st. Permits can be picked up at
any D-11 school. If you have questions, call Kathy Rasdall @ 328-7006.

                             High School Open House and Registration

All 8th grade parents and students are encouraged to attend the high school open house for their school of at-
tendance. You will receive an overview of the high school experience, as well as registration information.
Please see the calendar below for specific dates.

       Monday, January 11th                                  Thursday, January 14th
       Doherty Open House @ 6:30 p.m.                        Coronado Open House @ 6:30 p.m.

       Tuesday, January 19th                                 Wednesday, January 20th
       Wasson Open House @ 6:30 p.m.                         Palmer Open House @ 6:30 p.m.

       Thursday, January 21st
       Mitchell Open House 6:30 p.m.
                       TAKE A TURKEY TO SCHOOL DAY
Come see some living, breathing, dancing, laughing turkeys!!!! Join Sabin in our 2nd annual
“Take A Turkey To School Day” Friday, November 20th. Bring a turkey to school and all do-
nations will go to Care & Share Food Bank. See your favorite administrators and counselors
strutting their stuff! Last year we collected 118 turkeys; our goal this year is 200. Look for
the turkeys in the parking lot, drive by and drop them off, have your child drop them off; just
get them here any way you can!!!
ISSUE 2                                              THE SAINT                                                  PAGE 13

                                     Sabin Art

                                                                                      in   g fir
                                                                                ated             st q
                                                                                      thes             uart
                                                                                           e co              er,
                                                                             afte                lorf             7th
                                                                                   r th                ul, f            grad
                                                                           carv         e O                 anci               e st
                                                                                              axa                 f ul c            ude
                                                                                 ed                can                    reat           nt s
                                                                                      woo                  Aleb                ures           cre-
                                                                          arti              de n                  rijes               mod
                                                                              sans                figu
                                                                                    . M                 res              . A                eled
                                                                        ures              ost                 crea            lebr
                                                                               afte            of t h                ted           ijes
                                                                      such          r th              e ar                  by             are
                                                                                         e a               tisa                  Oax
                                                                            as t              ni m               ns n                  aca
                                                                    whe          he l              al i                 ame                 n
                                                                         n th         izar              n w                   thei
                                                                              e fig         d, s              hich                 r fig
                                                                 i t an             ure          nak                   they               -
                                                                                                      e, p                    carv
                                                                        “Al              is el              orcu
                                                                            ebri               abo                pi ne              ed,
                                                                                  je.”              rate                 , etc
                                                                                                          d th                 ., bu
                                                                                                               e ar                   t
                                                                                                                           n ca

                                   s  q ua u p -
                             t thi       gs
                        g ar llowin
                    kin e fo
                  ta th
            nt s
    st ude ring in ies;
All to b               pl
 n eed
                                 c il
                         n  Pen                Bla
                    ode                    ine
              Wo s e r             tr a
                 E ra nd Ul
          ·           ea
                   Fin rpie           ag
                    Sha ered b                        rt to
                           p                   t -shi
                                         n or
                ·                   pro
                              l ~ a g.
                        iona clothin                                                                          ” by Linda Krant
                    Opt ect                                                                 , “Only One You
                     pr o
                          t                                                ts read the book
                                                         6th grade studen                                    being yourself an
                                                                              teaching th e importance of
                                                         a children’s book                                 book and studying
                                                                             ur beliefs. After reading the
                                                          standing up for yo                              s, the students cr
                                                                             tricately hand painted rock
                                                          photographs of in                             udent as an indivi
                                                                            ish that represents each st
                                                           their own Rock F
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       Congratulations to the following 2009—2010 Sabin Wrestlers

      6th Grade                     7th Grade              8th Grade

      James Vernetti                Nick Longstreth        Brandon Driscoll
      Sammy Gonzales                Gabe Sanders           Noah Larkin
      Elijah Larkin                 Damian Lynch           Austin Miller
      Issac Godard                  Dionne Taylor          Joe Carter
      Nick Francis                  Josh Duke              Randy Anderson
      Josh Kledis                   Caleb Reistad          Brandon Supernaw
      Xavier Perez                  Aaron Savoian          Dominic Templeton-Cox
      Sean Castillo                 Austin MacDonald       Logan Hammarmeister
      Brennan Proctor               Quinten Miller         Tristan Bauer
      Brian Arellano                Tyler Stillwell        Preston Williams
      Ian Amiot                     Abram Arreguin         Justin Paul
      Lennon Mendiola               Sean Horner            Nolan Stoval
      Jaleel Quinn                  Dominic Garcia         Andres Orosco
                                                           Marco Buckallew

     Coach Mike Butler and Coach Andrew Cazier

      Wrestling Matches:

      Date              Time        Place       Opponent

      November 3rd      4:45 p.m.   Sabin       Swigert
      November 5th      4:45 p.m.   Jenkins     Jenkins
      November 10th     4:45 p.m.   Sabin       Holmes
      November 12th     4:45 p.m.   Mann        Mann
      November 17th     4:45 p.m.   Russell     Russell
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                2009 Lady Saints Track Team

6th Grade            7th Grade              8th Grade
6th Grade           7th Grade               8th Grade


BROOKE HESS                                 SHELBY DRYSDALE
                    MORGAN DAVIS
KARI KESSLER                                NICOLE FRANCESCONI
                    AUNDREA GREENE
MARIAH JIRON                                KYLEIGH GONZALES
                    KRISTEN KAAR
                    TRISTA KOCHIS           BRIANNA HARRIS
                    JAYLIN LOBATO           HANNAH LONGSRETH
                    MARLEY MCCULLAR
                                            HEATHER MOELLER
                    ALEXIS ROBINSON
                                            CAITLYN PIERCE
                    JOSEFINE RODRIGUES
                                            EMILY RIES
                    DEMETRIA WILLIAMS
                                            ANNICA ROBERTS
                    JACKLYN WOODS
                                            ALLYSSA ROSS
                                            JESSICA SIMS
                                            MIKELL SMITH
                                            RACHEL STAUDTE
                                            EMILY WATTS
                                            OLIVIA WEST
                                            SARAH WHITCOMB
                                            MARIAH WILLEY
    ISSUE 2                          THE SAINT                PAGE 16

         LADY SAINTS
                 BASKETBALL TEAMS

                 LADY SAINTS 2009 BASKETBALL TEAMS.

              A-Squad                       B-Squad
  Erica Grove (7th)                         Eden Hartman (6th)
  Jaylin Lobato (7th)                       Ivory Masching (6th)
  Mia Williams (7th)                        MacKenzie Dixon (6th)
  Tyesha Williams (7th)                     Raven Woods (6th)
  Alexa Hanenberg (8th)                     Alexis Morris-Hopson (7th)
  Allyssa Ross (8th)                        Asia Richardson (7th)
  Catherine Brown (8th)                     Hannah Carter (7th)
  Chasity Childers (8th)                    Jacklyn Woods (7th)
  Hannah Dailey (8th)                       Janine Lahey (7th)
  Jessica Sims( (8th)                       Jenna Venuto (7th)
  Katie Gerlock (8th)                       Josefine Rodriguez (7th)
  Mariah Willey (8th)                       Kaitlin Hayes (7th)
  Mikell Smith (8th)                        Meliha Zimic (7th)
  Sasah Boyarskaya (8th)                    Rylee Hasbrouck (7th)
  Tracy Taylor (8th)                        Trista Kochis (7th)

We are looking forward to an exciting and fun season.
     ISSUE 2                                   THE SAINT                              PAGE 17


DATE                  TIME                OPPONENT                   PLACE
Nov 3                  4:30 p.m.              Swigert                Swigert
Nov 5                  4:30 p.m.              Jenkins                Sabin
Nov 10                 4:30 p.m.              Holmes                 Holmes
Nov 12                 4:30 p.m.              Mann                   Sabin
Nov 17                 4:30 p.m.              Russell                Sabin
Nov 19                 4:30 p.m.              North                  North
Nov 23                 4:30 p.m.              Galileo                Sabin
Dec 1                  4:30 p.m.              West                   West

                         Sabin Lady Saints Coaching Staff:
                           Cindy London          A-Squad      328-7055
                           Sara Lewis            B-Squad      328-7046

Sabin Administration:
Sherry Kalbach, Principal
Mike McDowell, Assistant Principal
Linda Schlagenhauf, Assistant Principal
Deborah Sebben, Counseling Coordinator

We are gearing up for more intramurals this semester!!! Indoor soccer, floor hockey and open gym
for boys basketball preparation will be offered. All students should listen to announcements for up-
coming dates and times.
ISSUE 2                                            THE SAINT                                        PAGE 18

                 Boys’ Basketball News for 2010:
                           Attention All Students and Parents

2009/2010 Boys’ Basketball Try-Outs will be January 11th, 12th, and 13th after school (weather per-


    2) THERE WILL BE THREE (3) DAYS OF TRYOUTS (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday).

    3)      PRACTICES BEGIN ON Thursday, JANUARY 14, 2009.

            PLEASE CALL COACH WALKER (328-7025) AND COACH SHONTZ (328-7062).

We are excited about this basketball season. We are looking for a “Few Good Men.” Only 14 players will be selected
for A-Squad and 14 players for B-Squad. Team Selection will be based on the following:
• character and sportsmanship
• academic and team commitment
• behavior and attitude
• talent and skill
• dependability and reliability
• work ethic and ability to be coached
• self-discipline and self-control
Please encourage your son to start doing the following now:
• Stay on top of his grades.
• Get plenty of rest
• Drink lots of WATER
• Wean yourself off of junk foods and soft drinks i.e. chips, candy, cookies,
cakes, sodas, sweet drinks (just because fruit juices have the word “fruit” in them does not mean they are low in
sugar), salt, and white flour
• Run, run, and run. Run sprints and long distances
• Do lots of push-ups and sit-ups
• Play lots of basketball with folks who play hard defense and offense
• Work on your skills i.e. shoot hundreds of free-throws and jump shots, dribble the ball with your right
         and left hand
• Jump rope
• Watch and study basketball
        ISSUE 2                                        THE SAINT                                  PAGE 19

                                                                       ALL-CALL COMMUNICATION
                    Sabin Permits                                      is used at Sabin to contact
                                                                       parents concerning impor-
                                                                       tant information about up-
♦    All 6th and 7th grade students who currently
                                                                       coming events, schedule
     attend Sabin on a permit will automatically be                    changes, or school closings.
     renewed for the 2010-2011 school year. No new                     Please remember that you
                                                                       must listen to the whole
     paperwork is required.                                            message or the machine will
                                                                       keep calling you back.
♦    If you have a 5th grader who will be attending
                                                                       This system is a great way to
     Sabin next year on a permit, you will need to                     help keep our
     apply for the permit by filling out the required                  parent/
                                                                       school com-
     form and providing a copy of your child’s most
     recent report card.       You may pick up the permit              strong.
     form at your current elementary school or at the
     Sabin Counseling Office.

    The counseling department would like to assist in making all of your transitions as smooth as possible, but we
    need your help.

    Please let us know if you are moving as soon as you find out! If you are leaving Sabin, please contact Kathy
    Rasdall and your child’s grade level counselor immediately. Please do not wait until the day you are pulling
    your child from school.

    If you are moving, but staying at Sabin, please let us know your new address and phone number as soon as
    possible so we are able to contact you if necessary. Also, stop by the front office to update your child’s emer-
    gency card.

    Thank you!!

    Kathy Rasdall, Counseling Secretary                         Karin Alaska, 6th & 7th Grade Counselor
    328-7006                                                    328-7008                                   

    Deborah Sebben, 8th Grade Counselor                         Amy DeVore, 7th Grade Counselor
    328-7007                                                    328-7008                                   
 ISSUE 2                             THE SAINT                         PAGE 20

Recently, a grandmother picked up her Sabin student due to fever and flu like
symptoms. She conveniently had baby aspirin in the car to give him. The incident
reminded me of the need to again bring up the danger of giving aspirin or aspirin
products to any child under the age of 19. Reye’s Syndrome continues to be a
deadly danger. Thirty-five years of research have established a link between
Reye’s Syndrome and the use of aspirin or other salicylate containing medications.
Tylenol (acetaminophen) and Ibuprophen do not contain salicylates and can be
used to reduce fever. Always check with your doctor before giving any medica-
tion, particularly to young children.

Reyes Syndrome strikes quickly and can affect any child or young adult following
a viral illness, particularly chickenpox. It is most frequently seen when aspirin or
aspirin containing products have been given. Often, when the child appears to be
recovering, they develop symptoms of vomiting and listlessness that rapidly dete-
riorate to confusion and irrational behavior. The disease affects the brain and liver
and is often fatal.

The current influenza A (H1N1) is a viral influenza. DO NOT give children or
young adults aspirin or aspirin containing products. Read labels and avoid any
products with aspirin or salicylate in the ingredients. If there is a question, check
with a pharmacist.

                             L. Lauricello, R.N.
                             District 11 School Nurse Consultant
  ISSUE 2                                        THE SAINT                                    PAGE 21

If the answer to this question is yes, you must be aware of our school policy. We welcome students to bring
their cell phones or pagers to school. It is a convenient and practical way to stay in contact with your child
before and after school hours. However . . .

       ∗    All cell phones must be turned off and stored in your child’s locker during the school day.

       ∗    If your child is seen with his/her cell during the school day, it will be confiscated and turned into
            the security office. If cell phone use during the school day is a reoccurring problem, you may be
            asked to come to the school to pick up the cell phone yourself.

       ∗    Parents may contact their children through the front office during regular school hours for emer-
            gencies at 328-7000.

       ∗    Sabin Middle School is not responsible for the theft, loss, or damage to any electronic devices.

Our country has experienced many school tragedies/disasters in the last decade. As the times are
changing, our schools need to be more prepared than ever in case such crises should occur to one of

We assure you that Sabin Middle School has a very thorough crisis plan, including procedures for
what we call “Shelter-in-Place”. A Shelter-in-Place is designed to protect students and staff mem-
bers from imminent danger inside the school. All of our staff members have been trained and
know the steps to follow if we are ever faced with a dangerous situation.

As parents, you need to know a couple things that will help keep you and your children safe.

       During a Shelter-in-Place, you as parents are advised NOT to pick up your children. This
       could increase the risk of danger for all involved. If it is safe, campus security will supervise
       the front door to allow parent admittance for those parents who do come pick up their chil-

       Teachers and all other staff members will not release students directly to you. For security
       purposes, all students must be checked out through the front office. We need to be able to
       account for all of our students’ whereabouts.

Thank you for your help and understanding.
ISSUE 2               THE SAINT                  PAGE 22

   Before School M-F
   7:45 a.m.-8:35 a.m.
   After School M-Th
   3:50 p.m.-4:50 p.m.
All grade levels-Any Subject
 See you there!!! LIBRARY
                ******PLEASE NOTE********

          November 23rd: Morning and Afternoon
              November 24th: Morning only
 ISSUE 2                                THE SAINT                          PAGE 23

If you are currently using Parent Connect to stay updated on how your children are
doing in school, here are a few helpful pointers to keep in mind:

     ♦     The purpose of Parent Connect is to serve as a tool to “connect” and open the
           communication between parents and their children, as well as parents to
           teachers and teachers to students.

     ♦     Once accessing information on Parent Connect, use it to open dialogue be-
           tween you and your child. For instance, “What did you do for this assign-
           ment?” “Why do you have a missing assignment in math?” etc.

     ♦     Parent Connect is a flexible document that is constantly changing. If your
           child has a poor grade in a class, it very well may look different within a cou-
           ple of hours as teachers update their grades. Do not assume the grades you
           see are set in stone.

     ♦     When you look at your child’s “Marks”, they will look different then their
           grades under “Assignments”. The students’ “Marks” reflect the grades given
           on quarterly progress reports and report cards.

     ♦     When looking at your children’s assignments, be sure to click in Show all As-
           signments in the upper left hand corner.

     ♦     Remember, we also want your children to be great successes at school! It is
           our hope that Parent Connect will be a tool your family uses to bring you
           closer to your children and what they are learning at school.

  If you are not logged onto Parent Connect, please contact Kathy Rasdall for your
  personal log-in and password at 328-7006/
  ISSUE 2                             THE SAINT                          PAGE 24

                  SABIN STARS (1st Quarter)
6TH GRADE                    7TH GRADE                     8TH GRADE

Eden Hartman                 Shelby Holden                 Akira Paino

Tyler Adkins                 Jordan Barrett                Audrey Cumpston

Brittany McDowell            Elisabeth Pepin               Jacqueline DuBois

Sean Castillo                Hugo Juarez                   Gabriela Burgos

Denver Heinz                 Noah Barrett                  David Briand

Ivory Masching               Kiera Young                   Nick Chavez

Amy Golden                   Leveen Khoshnaw               Dami Sin

Elizabeth Burke                                            Lyndsey Martin

                                                           Tracy Silloway

               CSAP Top Scoring Students (2009)

                6th Grade               7th Grade               8th Grade

Reading:       Amanda Tetrault          Margaret LaSalle        Bryce Loschen
Math:          Amy Golden               Michael Morton          Bryce Losehen
Writing:       Megan McManus            Teresa Jaron            Ryan Ninesling
Science:       Amy Golden
ISSUE 2                                    THE SAINT                                      PAGE 25

                              Positive Referrals
 6th Grade                                  7th Grade                         8th Grade

Tyler         Adkins               Jake         Agee             Xavier        Bennett 
Brian         Arellano             Fabio        Aguilar          David         Briand 
Gabriella     Barrientos           Lejla        Becirovic        Marco         Buckallew 
Christina     Bartalo              Brinley      Broomfield       Alixandra     Burrows 
Adrian        Bennett              Alison       Burns            Myles         Cardozo 
Rose          Bennett              Sara         DelValle         Nick          Chavez 
Casey         Bentley              CJ           Douglas          Chasity       Childers 
Adrian        Berg                 Mireya       Gomez            Leah          Coate 
Noah          Bia                  Nicole       Hardiman         Simona        Emery 
Elizabeth     Burke                Garrett      Harman           Maria         Figueroa‐Gonzales 
Emmanuel      Calderon             Zach         Johnson          Ryan          Gianni 
Madison       Casey                Zach         Leatherman       Benjamin      Gonzales 
Deyssy        Castaneda            Alexis       Morris‐Hopson    Kyleigh       Gonzales 
Tiffany       Chan                 Jaquelynn    Pruett           Grace         Jiang 
Daniel        Chavarria            Gabe         Sanders          Tiffany       Lyublanovits 
Nick          Chavez               Alex         Sisk             Tristan       Marshall 
Gloria        Cisneros             Tyler        Stillwell        Antonio       May 
Kirsten       Coulter              Alan         Wheeler          Akira         Paino 
Oralia        Cruz‐Garduno         Angelica     Winkler          Nathan        Pelton 
Warren        Davidson                                           Breanna       Sammons 
Adam          Davis                                              Andree        Savoy 
Dawnielle     Devenyns                                           Christina     Spielman 
Veronica      Dickerson‐Shaffer                                  Christina     Sterling 
Mason         DuBois                                             Tracy         Taylor 
J.P.          Durham                                             James         Tidwell 
Melissa       Ferrell                                            Elizabeth     Trujillo 
Jerry         Flora                                              Eric          Veren 
Nick          Francis                                            Josh          Wiggins 
Luis          Garcia‐Ramirez 
Samuel        Gonzales 
Connor        Grantz 
Sork          Hamad 
Mark          Hansen 
Eden          Hartman 
Don'Teice     Harvey 
ISSUE 2                                  THE SAINT             PAGE 26

                Positive Referrals (Continued)
                                 6th Grade

  Victoria     Hassell              Jason         Serrano 
  Marcus       Hogan                Chandler      Shedd 
  Jason        Horne                Cheyenne      Smith 
  Brittany     Hudson               Shealeigh     Smith 
  Everett      Huggins              Jeff          Steele 
  Mariah       Jiron                Chelsea       Sutton 
  Mackenzie    Kidwell‐King         Maya          Sylvia 
  Amy          Kim                  Elizabeth     Taravella 
  Josh         Kledis               Gabriela      Toma 
  Dylan        Leri                 Brittany      Trapp 
  Teddy        Lopez                Josh          Turner 
  Amanda       Lujan                Twyla         Tyma 
  Monte        Marshall             Ashlynn       Vallin 
  Jamahyla     Martin               Rosalinda     Villa 
  Ivory        Masching             Justin        Wade 
  Brandon      Matejek              Bradley       Walker 
  Ally         McCuthcheon          Stephanie     Watts 
  Brittany     McDowell             Ayan          Williams 
  Shana        Moultrie             Sharla        Windle 
  Eleanor      Muzzipapa            Aaron         Wright 
  Nathan       Neese                Alexus        Xatkoun 
  Devonne      Nelson‐Bradley       Larry         Young 
  Sandy        Nguyen               Robert Deion  Yutzy 
  Alyssa       Olmstead             Lauren        Zimmer 
  Julian       Pacheco              Destyn        Zimmerman 
  Tyler        Pelham 
  Nick         Petty 
  Cooper       Pickle 
  ChyRae       Proctor 
  Jaleel       Quin 
  Kenny        Richardson 
  Kyle         Richardson 
  Andrea       Root 
  Jessica      Sanchez 
  Brittany     Sears 
      ISSUE 2                        THE SAINT                   PAGE 27

  Care & Share

  Care & Share food drive boxes are located in the front
  office. Donations will be picked up by students at Palmer
  High School and delivered to the Care & Share for distribu-
  tion during this holiday season. If you would like to donate
  can goods, please bring them by Sabin’s
  front office.

                   Thank you.

                   1st QUARTER PERFECT ATTENDANCE
6th Grade            7th Grade              8th Grade

Chris Barselow       Noah Barrett           Sarah Hromas
Cantelle Calvin      Taylor Barrett         Scott LaGrill
Hannah Hinz          Mikaela Clemons        Adrian Longoria
Cedric Hogan         Cheyenne Coffin        Emeizmi Mandagi
Ryan LaLond          Mareena Crozier        Emeizni Mandagi
Marshall Riddles     Joshua Duke            Hien Nguyen
Paul Sypert          Alicia Grant           Tracy Silloway
                     Brenda Hernandez       Christina Spielman
                     Brandhi Houghton       Jasmin Watkins
                     Bonnie Lovato          Kimberly Wilson
                     Maria Marcolongo       Olivia Zanoni
                     Joshua Martinez-Maes
                     Melody Orellana
                     Josefine Rodriguez
                     Cecily Tubbs
                     Katelynn Zlinsky
                     Micah Zlinsky
     ISSUE 2                          THE SAINT                      PAGE 28

                       PRINCIPAL’S HONOR ROLL
                                     (GPA 4.0)
6th Grade                         7th Grade                  8th Grade
Adkins, Tyler             Barrett, Jordan            Batt, Ryan
Bartalo, Christina        Broomfield, Katharine      Clare, Shannon
Burke, Elizabeth          Chavira-Brollier, Autumn   Hebert, Janelle
Devenyns, Dawnielle       Clare, Megan               Jiang, Grace
Dickerson, Dominique      Clemons, Mikaela           LaGrill, Scott
Dixon, Mackenzie          Grove, Erica               LaZure, McKenzie
Grantz, Connor            Hernandez, Brenda          Mandagi, Emeizni
Hamad, Sork               Hoffman, Jennifer          Mayabb, Daniel
Hartman, Eden             Jaron, Teresa              McConnell, Shane
Kelly, David              Khoshnaw, Laveen           McCoy, Samuel
Masching, Ivory           Kochis, Trista             Montague, Michael
Ogden, Chase              Leatherman, Zachary        Nogle, Kayla
Pelham, Tyler             Lind, Skylar               Paino, Akira
Perea, Tyler              Martinez-Maes, Joshua      Stoel, Matthew
Root, Andrea              Mehlhop, Emily             Watson, Emily
Sandoval, Anthony         Morton, Michael
Serrano, Jason            Orellana, Melody
Shea, Benjamin            Partlow-Loyall, Lucille
Sullivan, Michael         Pepin, Elisabeth
Sypert, Paul              Pope, Anna
Wald, Laura               Quin, Daniel
Windle, Sharla            Rodriguez, Josefine
                          Thomas, Brian
                          Wald, Kayla
                          White, Brytani
                          Winkler, Angelica

                       HIGH HONORS (GPA 3.5 - 3.9)
6th Grade                         7th Grade                  8th Grade
Abshire, Brittany         Barrett, Noah              Donnelly, Harmony
Balaraman, Sangeeta       Barrett, Taylor            Folsom, Jamie
Bandeira, Megan           Bullock, Anjelica          Mandagi, Emeizmi
Barkley, Shaye            Crozier, Mareena           Martin, Lyndsey
Castillo, Sean            Cruz, Jayleene             Nevin, Alison
Curiale, Jacob            Del Valle, Sara            Perales, Lindsey
Davis, Adam               Goodale, Suzanne           Pominville, Jessica
Downs, Sheldon            Holden, Shelby             Roberts, Annica
Durham, Jarred            Krause, Marcus             Ross, Allyssa
Fishbaugh, Blake          Lobato, Jaylin             Windle, Cody
Fuhriman, Kailey          Marcolongo, Maria          Winstead, Julia
Golden, Amy               Perry, Renee               Zanoni, Olivia
  ISSUE 2                           THE SAINT                       PAGE 29

                  HIGH HONORS (GPA 3.5 - 3.9 Continued)

6th Grade                        7th Grade             8th Grade
Kidwell-King, Mackenzie   Ramos, Ashlan             Adkins, Kamden
Kim, Amy                  Twomey, Jamie             Clark, Brittany
Kutzner, Tyler            Boomsliter, Bethany       Crider, Ryan
Longmire, Tianna          Coffin, Cheyenne          Cumpston, Audrey
Lopez, Theodore           Davis, Morgan             Daily, Jerad
Martin, Jamahyla          Dias, Yasmine             Dobson, Kailani
Mascarenas, Megan         Guerra, Deisey            DuBois, Jacqueline
McCormick, Caitlin        Haver-Robinson, Mariah    Francesconi, Nicole
McDowell, Brittany        Juarez, Hugo              Gerlock, Katie
Moultrie, Shana           Lahey, Janine             Hromas, Sarah
Olmstead, Alyssa          LaSalle, Katherine        Johnson, Cierra
Pacheco, Julian           Long, Samuel              Kuykendall, Justin
Perea, Jessica            Potratz-Oldham, Donovan   Loschen, Bryce
Proctor, ChyRae           Richardson, Asia          Marshall, Tristan
Richardson, Kenyatta      Rigney, Thalir            Meyer, Derek
Smith, Cheyenne           Roberds, Casey            Nguyen, Hien
Sutz, Kaysia              Scrimpsher, Amy           Sharpton, Shelby-Ann
Sylvia, Maya              Staudte, Sara             Sin, Dami
Tomlinson, Jordan         Tubbs, Cecily             Staudte, Rachel
Vasquez, Mariana          Wells, Cynthia            Stuber, Audrey
Williams, Ayan            Woodard, Rylee            Ward, Kayla
Winstead, Shannon         Woods, Jaclyn             Willey, Mariah
Zimmer, Lauren            AlSindy, Abdullah         Curti, Matthew
Ballard, Haley            Lukas, Ashlee             Dailey, Hannah
Chan, Tiffany             Bandeira, Nicholas        Fujinami, Grace
Estes, Corrinn            Darling, Ian              Gardner, Katherine
Hanenberg, McKala         Duke, Joshua              Jameson, Michael
Hansen, Max               Friel, Sage               Jauregui, Gabrielle
Harvey, Don'Teice         Hasbrouck, Rylee          Longstreth, Hannah
Hess, Brooke              Kaar, Kristen             Sammons, Breanna
Hurtado, Mercedes         Kiick, Katherine          Scott, Nicole
Istvan, Andrew            Mulryne, MaryElizabeth    Silloway, Tracy
Jiron, Mariah             Pruett, Jaquelynn         Wilson, Kimberly
Kupferer, Gwyneth         Rosado, Marcos            Woods, Simone
Orman, Brandon            Sargent, Benjamin         Plascencia, Kenia
Short, Kyle               Stermitz, Samantha        Rork, Kelsey
Steele, Jeffrey           Swaffar, Ivy
Trapp, Brittany           Torri-Sanchez, Zayn
Yutzy, Robert             Venuto, Jenna
Marshall, LaMonte
Bundy, Trisha
Calvin, Chantelle
Casey, Madison
Cisneros, Gloria
   ISSUE 2                            THE SAINT                      PAGE 30

                HIGH HONORS (GPA 3.5 - 3.9 Continued)
6th Grade
Crago, Ashley
Cruz-Garduno, Oralia
Hudson, Brittany
Kessler, Kari
Lemons-Crilow, Alyssa
Sorrels, Ali
Taravella, Elizabeth
Tetrault, Amanda
Vaughn, Ashley
Velasquez, Bibiana
Velez, Nathan
Woods, Raven
Brunette, Anna Marie

                          HONORS (GPA 3.0-3.499)
    6th Grade                     7th Grade              8th Grade
Akers-Sanchez, Hannah         Aguilar, Fabio         Ballard, Karrah
Arellano, Brian               Alberts, Austin        Bennett, Xavier
Barrientos, Gabriella         Barkley, Takota        Boynton, Mikayla
Dickerson-Shaffer, Veronica   Bettis, Cody           Carlston, Alicia
Greene, Riley                 Escobedo, Esperanza    Carter, Joseph
Hall, Morgan                  Escobedo, Jacqueline   Celis, AleJandra
LaLond, Ryan                  Gates, Spencer         Chavez, Nicholas
McCuthcheon, Alexandra        Gomez, Julian          Dial, Samuel
Neal, Angel                   Hodges, Christopher    Emineth, Bailey
Nguyen, Sandy                 Jackson, Kayla         Miller, Danica
Riddles, Marshall             Jimenez, Maia          Mitchell, Gabriel
Squier, Tanner                Kirkbride, Amanda      Ritchie, Marissa
Steffes, Drake                Koontz, Natalie        Veren, Eric
Taylor-Schall, Shenandoah     Lasha, Jacob           Walck, Alexandra
Vallin, Ashlynn               Lovato, Bonnie         Watts, Brennan
Young, Ashlei                 Matthias, Nicalette    Williams, Toyan
Ball, Mary                    Neal, Lannis           Williams, Zeke
Bennett, Adrian               Parrish, Stephen       Learned, Valerie
Biglow, Brianna               Peterson, Roger        Harris, Brianna
Cordova, Cameron              Ponder, Malia          Trujillo, Elizabeth
Dembiczak, Nicholas           Soto, Avery            West, Olivia
Gilmore, Stephanie            Taylor, Carissa        Bettner, Alexandra
Hassell, Victoria             Taylor-Schall, Cody    Boyarskaya, Aleksandra
Heinz, Denver                 Warren, Aaron
  ISSUE 2                           THE SAINT                    PAGE 31

                          HONORS (GPA 3.0-3.499)
6th Grade                          7th Grade                8th Grade
Quin, Jaleel                Young, Kiera             Burgos, Gabriela
Salazar, Lillia             Zimmer, Zachary          Davis, Andrew
Stephenson, Ahlexis         Andrews, Kevin           Eddinger, Kevin
Sutton, Chelsea             Taylor, Dionne           Emery, Simona
Toma, Gabriela              Agee, Jacob              Ettleman, Keragan
Valdez, Jessica             Babcock, Stephen         Gonzales, Kyleigh
Vedder, Allyson             Baker, Kaila             Hobbs, Troy
Villa, Rosalinda            Bishara, Nancy           King, Makayla
West, Matthew               Brosset, Jennifer        Mancuso, Briana
Jiron, Saphyre              Carter, Hannah           Maroney, Brandi
Shuman, Cori                DeLori, Lanina           McGillis, Heather
Vigil, Sierra               Good, Ryan               Murr, Deanna
Bennett, Rose               Hayes, Kaitlin           Nixon, Marcellus
Brushe, Kurt                Houghton, Brandhi        Noonan, Alejandra
Calvin, Sonja               Hylton, Kylie            Palmer, Alex
Chavarria, Daniel           McKinney, Erica          Sanchez, Cameron
Chermack, Sterling          Meehan, Mickey           Supernaw, Brandon
Flora, Jerry                Moorhouse, Mary          Ninesling, Ryan
Hinz, Hannah                Oakley, Gabriel          Carrera, Maytte
Jimenez, Selena             Ortiz-Mejias, Ana        Donaldson, Bailey
Lieb, Samantha              Sanders, Gabriel         Goos, Haley
McManus, Megan              Southworth, Mia          Hernandez, Katherine
Nelson, Savannah            Stevens, Mary            Jiron, Jasmine
Richardson, Kyle            Walker, Austin           Johnson, Devin
Sanchez Cuevas, Jessica     Williams, Tyler          Kim, JinJae
Schindler, Samuel           Alvarado Menchaca, Mi-   Kirkland, Kala
Sears, Brittany             guel                     Martinez, William
Shedd, Chandler             Aguilar Marquez, Laura   McKenzie, Brett
Sipp, SeeJay                Quidachay, James         Meguiar, Thomas
Tyukin, Dakota              Behrman, Rachael         Reiter, Briana
Wakefield, Robert           Branch, Hayley           Sims, Jessica
Walker, Bradley             Carner, Alexis           Smith, Connor
Alexander, Alyssa           Gilmore, Nicole          Snider, Joshua
Bailie, Cheyenne            Gomez, Stephen           Stipak, John
Beacham, Andre              Horner, Sean             Alvarado Menchaca, Ilse
Bell, Dylan                 Kupferer, Kathryne       Bair, Jacob
Bocanegra, Giovanni         MacDonald, Austin        Briand, David
Burnett, Chance             Miracola, Anthony        Canfield, Caitlyn
Candelario, Carlo           Mueller, Alexander       Cooper, Cody
Chips, Austin               Salazar, Elicia          Dimick, Jayde
Coulter, Kirsten            Stoudt, Daniel           Emerson, Chelsea
Doyle, Jedediah             Venta-Yepes, Edward      Figueroa-Gonzales, Maria
Ferrell, Melissa            Whisler, Anthony         Gonzales, Benjamin
Francis, Nicholas           Williams, Tyesha         Hanenberg, Alexa
ISSUE 2                        THE SAINT                        PAGE 32

                     HONORS (GPA 3.0-3.499)
6th Grade                      7th Grade                  8th Grade
Hepner, Jade           Arreguin-Almanza, Abraam   Jacobson, Kalyn
Kelly, Christopher     Becirovic, Lejla           Kelly, Eli
LeBeau, Jasmine        Benson, Austin             Klouthis, Evan
Mathews, Nathaniel     Brown, Kelly               Miller, Amy
Mathis, Jared          Chambers, Samuel           Moore, Annaliese
Neese, Nathan          Dickey, Jessica            Norris, Brittany
Orosco, Alyssa         Eggleton, Andrew           Pierce, Caitlyn
Petty, Nicholas        Erman, Jenayah             Savoy, James
Pickle, Cooper         Fletcher, Matthew          Spielman, Christina
Robbins, Jordan        Greene, Aundrea            Sterling, Christina
Voss, Lyndon           Johnson, Holli             Tillery, Alyssa
Watkins, Marion        Longstreth, Nicholas
                       McCullar, Marley
                       McDonald, Matthew
                       Migas, Colton
                       Rader, Annette
                       Rivera, Fox
                       Savoian, Aaron
                       Stillwell, Tyler
                       Zimic, Meliha

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