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					                            Six Sigma in Practice
There has been a lot of deliberation about Six Sigma and Sigma certification for
individual employees. Since its a new concept and involves lot of training from
professional organizations that have developed their core competencies in imparting six
sigma training and certifications to employees who really want to make it big for
themselves and their organizations.

Although Six Sigma is a new concept yet it has not stopped fortune 500 companies to
embrace it and make their success stories larger than life. The result is that Six Sigma
is now used by 82% of the Fortune 100 companies. This is proof enough for small and
mid sized organizations to embrace and walk on the path of Six Sigma just like their
bigger cousins.

The main focus of Six Sigma remains on increasing the profit margins of an
organization. The effectiveness of implementing all tools and techniques is measured in
terms of the revenue earned at he end of the day. Six Sigma has saved Fortune 500
corporations nearly half-trillion dollars. Thats quite a lot of money that has been
pocketed by the Fortune 500 companies. This is just a tip of the iceberg.
This management improvement technique has changed organizational culture in
organizations that has implements it. Its a innovation where each and every entity
involved stands to gain in the long term. Scientific basis and mathematical calculations
have made this strategy more indispensible as a result Six Sigma has been recognized
as one of the TOP 10 management innovations of the last 150 years. There have been
many a changes in the business world in the past century and getting a place in the top
10 strategies in the past 150 years is another achievement for Six Sigma.
With the demand of six sigma professionals increasing in the Business world educational
institutions did not lag behind and have introduced it not only as a management practice
but also as a full fledged course. Immense scope of research and the ease with which the
strategies can be imbibed by students it has become one of the most sought after courses
across the Globe. Six Sigma courses are now offered by many of the world's top

The versatility of this strategy has enabled it to deliver results cutting across the boundaries
of industries. Six Sigma has now spread to many, many different industries. Initially
introduced in the manufacturing sector it has made its course into sectors ranging from
services to financial.

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