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                                                                            BACK TO SCHOOL
                                                                                                                                          Now they see that the Office of the
                                                                                                                                          Mayor and the school district will do
                                                                                                                                          what we say we will do."
                                                                                                                                                   Mayor Diaz said, "This is very
                                                                                                                                          exciting to me. This is the only thing
                                                                                                                                          that could have kept me from taking
                                                                                                                                          my daughter to her first day of school.
                                                                                                                                          This is a product of the Mayor's
                                                                                                                                          Compact with the school system. The
                                                                                                                                          quality of the facility is an indication
          MICHAEL IRVIN                                                                                                                   that the quality of learning will be
             Page 23                                                                                                                      enhanced and that student achieve-
                                                                                                                                          ment should be increased".
                                                                                                                                                   The nearly $16 million
                                                                                                                                          Holmes Elementary School project
                                                                                                                                          accommodates 573 Students in
                                                                                                                                          grades Pre-K -5. The facility incorpo-
                                                                                                                                          rates 54,342 square feet of new con-
                                                                                                                                          struction and 11,370 square feet of
                                                                                                                                          renovations, includes classroom
                                                                                                                                          buildings, a media/art pavilion, and a
                                                                                                                                          complete site redevelopment of new
                                                                                                                                          playfields, hard courts, physical edu-
     JAMAICA HURRICANE                                                                                                                    cation shelter and drop-off areas.
     RELIEF EFFORTS INFO                                                                                                                           The Holmes Elementary proj-
                                                   Superintendent of Schools Rudy Crew and City of Miami Mayor                            ect is one of the capital improvement
            Page 19                                                                                                                       projects included in the City of Miami
                                                   Manny Diaz welcomed students and parents to the First Day of                           Education Compact. The 5-year
                                                    School at the new Holmes Elementary School in Liberty City.                           Compact began in 2004 and devel-
                                                          Superintendent Rudy Crew          a renewed spirit about Holmes                 oped from Mayor Diaz's commitment
                                                  and Miami Mayor Manny Diaz wel-           Elementary," said Dr. Crew. "This lets        to Holmes Elementary through the
                                                  come students to the new Holmen           us start the school year for the com-         Mayor's Mentoring Initiative. This ini-
                                                  Elementary School on Monday,              munity on the right foot." We are very        tiative has led to strong community
                                                  August 20th, 2007, the first day of       pleased to see it. We Expected that           collaboration with the school district to
                                                  the 2007-2008 school year.                the quality of instructional programs         provide additional services to the stu-
                                                          "This is fabulous. It's hard to   will match the beauty of the school.          dents and the community, such as
                                                  believe the transformation that has       This is a promise to the community            free after-school programming and
                                                  taken place here in just over seven       that was kept. Several years ago,             Saturday Academy.
                                                  months. It is a wonderful and blessed     parents were angry and cynical and            Information provided by:
                                                  morning as it marks the beginning of      felt that they were being neglected.          Quintin D. Taylor
         Page 13 & 14                                                                                                                     Media Relations Spedialist MDCPS

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 Publisher’s Message Mayor and City Council
                                   One       be coming out the third week of each
                          would think that   month and the deadline for sending
                          as you become      in information will be the 2nd Friday
                          accustom to or     of each month.                                                                              Mayor
                          have a routine,             Back to school was really                                                          Shirley Gibson
                          things become      hectic this year for some schools,                                                          Citywide       (305) 622-8000
                          simpler, that is   especially with a lot of changes, but                                             
                          not necessary      of course that too will workout itself
                          so. We have a      out as time goes by. I am happy to                                                          Councilmember
    Leona Minto           tendency to        see that there are so many after                                                            Aaron Campbell, Jr.
                         complicate our      school programs setup and we will                                                           (305) 622-8000
                         life with unnec-    be highlighting some online for the                                                         acampbell@miamigardens-
essary complications. But as we let go       parents.                                                                          
and let God do his work, thing normally               If you have any questions or
work out, not as we want it to, but as it    suggestions, go online and set us                  The City of Miami Gardens        Councilmember
is supposed to be.                           your comments about the paper. Our       has a Mayor-Council-Manager form           Barbara Watson
        I would like to thank all the        online address it www.miamigarden-       of government. Under this form of          (305) 622-8000
sponsors and advertisers that worked                           government, the elected City Council
with me in the past two months to get                                                 sets policies for the operation of the
this paper to a monthly paper. As of this    Thank you and enjoy the paper.           City. The City Council enacts              Councilmember
issue the Miami Gardens Observer will        Leona Minto                              Ordinances, the laws of the City,          Andre L.Williams
                                             Publisher                                adopts Resolutions authorizing             305) 622-8000
                                                                                      actions on behalf of the City, reviews
           Miami Gardens Observer                                                     plans for development, and establish-
                                                                                      es the policies by which the City is       Councilmember
      Can be picked up at these locations                                             governed.                                  Melvin L. Bratton
           All the churches listed in the Church Directory                                              The City Council con-    (305) 622-8000
                                                                                      sists of seven members: a Mayor and
                                                                                      two Council members elected city-
           Most Caribbean Restaurant and Grocery Stores                               wide and four additional Council           Councilmember
                (From South Miami to Palm Beach)                                      members elected by individual dis-         Sharon Pritchett
                                                                                      tricts. The administrative responsibili-   (305) 622-8000
                        PremiereHomeRealty, Inc.                                      ty of the City rests with the City
                     5735 Pembroke Road (near 441),                                   Manager, who is appointed by the
                                                                                      City Council (upon recommendation          Vice-Mayor
                           Hollywood, Fl 33023                                        of the Mayor). Each Councilmember          Oscar Braynon, II
                                                                                      is elected to a four-year term.            (305) 622-8000
           Tropical Oasis Restaurant, 20737 NW 2nd Ave.,                                                               
                     Miami Gardens (441 Plaza)

         CNS Insurance Group Inc., 6264 Miramar Parkway,
                        Miramar, Fl 33023

    Mortgage Resource Plus, Inc. 7547 W. Oakland Park Blvd.
                     Lauderhill, Fl 33319

     African-American Research Library and Cultural Center,
             2650 NW Sistrunk Blvd, Fort Lauderdale.

    This community newspaper is to delivered to homes and
     businesses in the Miami Gardens and the surrounding
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      We would like to thank these locations ,our sponsors,
      advertisers and our readers for their all there support.
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                                                   His current company DTI pro-         market, were he has whole sale
                                          vides real-estate investment, advertis-       prices. Beating his competitors prices
                                          ing and marketing. In less then a year        by far.
                                          Lavanzo transformed himself from a                     Lavanzo is on the erg to
                                          hard blue collar worker to an entrepre-       becoming a multimillionaire in a short
                                          neur. He is viewed by many as one of          span of time.
                                          the most successful real-estate busi-
                                          ness men in South Florida. He has               DTI IS NOW STARTING
                                          achieved success by purchasing over                    CLASSES
                                          70 properties in less then a sixteen          In Real Estate Investment and
                                          month span. In 2005 Lavanzo was fea-
                                                                                                    is now
                                          tured in John Beck's infomercial outlin-
                                          ing his success with tax deeds sales.             Accepting Membership.
                                          His infomercial is broadcast nation wide      (FREE BOOK          VALUE OF $299)
                                          for the past two years.                            WITH YOUR MEMBERSHIP
                                                   In 2005 Lavanzo was a student        To find out how you can
         Lavanzo Maxwell                  for a multimillionaire by the name of       became apart of the Dream
                                          John Beck. By 2007 he has generated            Team call our office at
      Lavanzo Maxwell                     enough info to now produce his own
  The Ultimate Entrepreneur               book entitled "The Untold Secrets of
                                          Real Estate". He is now paying atten-
                                          tion to his live seminars in witch he will  and we will get you started.
         Lavanzo Maxwell was born July
11, 1980 in Miami Fl. He is the son of
                                          outline the step by step methods that       Classes are now being held
                                          he created to become successful in         weekly at our office and we are
Pauline Hinds and Richard Maxwell.
                                          real-estate, along with "Free" land give-
Lavanzo is the president of Dream                                                       planning an Investment
                                          away. His members will have an oppor-
Team Investments (DTI) in Miramar, Fl.                                                 Seminar for October, 2007.
                                          tunity quarterly to review free proper-
Lavanzo attended Miramar High School
but left his studies to begin promoting
                                          ties.                                           Do not be left out
his business ventures.                                                                  call or come into the office at
                                                   He is currently working on DTI
                                                                                        6151 Miramar Parkway Suite
                                          Magazine that will feature community
        Lavanzo was an owner of                                                             326, Miramar, Fl 33023.
                                          based information. The Magazine will
Alpine Security System where he pro-
                                          be distributed locally to start and then it
vided Direct TV and security systems to
the public.
                                          will be nationally distributed. Lavanzo          OR VISIT US ON THE
                                          has also found his niche in the printing       WEB: WWW.DTI24HRS.COM

                                                                                         DJ Spin-Off and a Back to School Give-A-Way
                                                                                                           at the North Beach Band Shell
                                                                                                                                 Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida. Willie
                                                                                                                                 Owens (Reds) one of the executive of
                                                                                                                                 American Dream Entertainment, rallied
                                                                                                                                 together the support of the City of
                                                                                                                                 Miami Beach, the Police, Miami Heat,
                                                                                                                                 Florida Marlins, Health Connect, and a
                                                                                                                                 few more community organization to
                                                                                                                                 pulled this event together.
                                                                                                                                          Willie, said that the event was a
                                                                                                                                 success the DJ's came and did their
                                                                                                                                 spin off, we had the neighborhood kids
                                                                                                                                 come by with their parents, collected
                                                                                                                                 back to school supplies and had hot
                                                                                                                                 dogs. We also gave away a lot of items
                                                                                                                                 donated by the Miami Heat and Florida
                                                                                                                                 Marlins. Kingston Delight Restaurant
                                                                                                                                 from North Miami Beach, one of our
                                                                                                On Saturday, August 18th, 2007   vendors had Jerk Chicken and
                                                                                        the American Dreams Entertainment        Jamaican Beef Patties selling to our
                                                                                        hosted a DJ Spin-Off and a Back to       guests. He said they were looking for-
                                                                                        School give-a-way at the North Beach     ward to hosting their next community
                                                                                        Band Shell, 73 Street and Collins        event soon.

                                                                                         THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY                                    BLAST

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                               COMMUNITY INFORMATION
                                                    HEALTH CAREER PARTNERSHIP
                                                      SERVES COMMUNITY WELL

             Graduates at Miami Lakes Educational Center's July 25,2007 Ceremony:                            Latoya Williams, MDPD’s NW Distr.Sgt. Susan Klaus,
                Elisa Rodney, Melissa Robinson,Manuella Lambert,Ebony Blount,                                                   Jorge Ocon
                                  Wendy Brown,Tabitha Ivery
          Heart filled hopes were final-   the fullest. Ms. Arroyo, who graduated in   devoted themselves to rigorous aca-        Nursing with the long term goal of
ly realized for 7 Miami Job Corps stu-     2001, stated her enrollment in the pro-     demic and clinical training, they also     becoming a Nurse Practitioner. Stated
dents at the Miami Lakes Educational       gram led her to earn 9 certificates that    have earned the reputation of being        Hunter, "I appreciate what the Center
Center's July 25, 2007 Graduation          include First Aid, Phlebotomy and LPN.      committed to voluntary community           (MJC) has done for me, and this is one
Ceremony. The event not only               Her professional experience includes        service. For example, such lifelines of    way of giving back."
marked the completion of their stud-       working for Urgent Care Centers and         compassion were extended this past
ies with the Nursing Assistant pro-        Pharmacies, and currently is employed       year during the 2007 Winter and                   Miami Job Corps Center,
gram at MLEC, it signified new oppor-      in the Health Care field as a Supported     Summer months, where the pro-              located in Miami Gardens, pro-
tunities in the Medical Care field to      Living Coach. Mr. Hunter, after graduat-    gram's students volunteered provid-
come. On a continuing basis, MJC           ing from MJC in 2002, has worked at         ing free blood pressure screenings at      vides GED, High School
students receive off center training At    Cedar's Hospital in Miami as an LPN         Caleb Community Center's Health            Diploma, and 9 Career
MLEC's Academy of Health Sciences.         since 2003. On October 19, 2007, Mr.        Fair, the Miami Job Corps Health Fair      Technical Training program
These programs specialized academ-         Hunter passed the State Exam Boards         and Miami-Dade Police Department's         offerings to youth of ages 16-
ic and clinical experiences are a step-    for R.N. (Registered Nurse) and has         (N.W. District) Open House.                24. To find out more about
ping stone for more advanced nurs-         since continued at Cedars working as an
ing careers such as Patient Care           R.N. Ms. Lane, who earned her LPN in        For Alumni Mr. Hunter, commitment          enrolling in the program, hir-
Technician, Licensed Practical Nurse,      2007 as a result of her beginnings with     to serving others is like a shot of        ing our students or building
or Registered Nurse. It also prepares      this program, is just now entering the      adrenaline; and he's constantly giving     community service partner-
them for the State Certified Nursing       medical field workforce.                    his all to the medical field. During one   ships; please contact Lori
Exam. Previous MJC students such                                                       of his return MJC visits to provide        Trujillo, Business Community
as Victoria Arroyo, Stafford Hunter,               Common threads between these        presentations to young students, Mr.
and Margaret Lane, have taken              past and present Nursing Assistant pro-     Hunter said he values teaching and
                                                                                                                                  Liaison at (305)620-3125 or
advantage of these opportunities to        gram students is that beyond having         currently is pursuing an M.A. in 

  MJC students providing participants blood pressure screening at Caleb Health
  Fair with MLEC Health Science Academy Instructor Ms. Ceril, R.N. and MJC’s
                                 Ms. Griffen,R.N.
   Website:                                                         Miami Gardens Observer | August/September 2007 | 05

                                            COMMUNITY EVENT
                                                                           JAYCEES 3RD ANNUAL
                                                                         SERVICE AWARD PROGROM

   Andre’ Williams, Esq. President of the                                                                                                 Student of the Year:
                                                   Rev. Richard P. Dunn II                Parent of the Year: Juanita Harris
    Miami Gardens Junior Chamber of                                                                                                        Stacey Dorsonne
                                                   Invocation and Blessing                  from Brentwood Elementary
    Commerce and Mr. Warren Henry                                                                                                         Miami Norland High

         Major Aaron Campbell Public Safety Award:                           Pioneer Award: Service for Peace                  Liberty Tax Customer Service Award:
                    Captain John Alonji                                         Rolling Oaks Ambassadors                                  George Mitchell

                          Small Business of the Year:
    Royalty Drug and Pharmaceutical Care Inc. Dr. Laquinta W. Hyppolite, CEO
                                                                                       Association (Broward's Black Bar        Where: Mahogany Grille Restaurant,
         COUNCILMAN ANDRE' WILLIAMS                                                              Association)                    2160 N.W. 183rd Street, Miami
                                                                                                                                           Gardens, FL
       AND MIAMI GARDENS JAYCEES HOST                                                  When:September, 13, 2007, 7pm -
                                                                                                                                  For more information about
      MONTHLY MIXER AT MAHOGANY GRILLE                                                     Who: Business Owners,                     the event, please email:
                                                                                       Entrepreneurs and Professionals      
 BUSINESS OWNERS, ENTREPRE-                 Gardens Jaycees, the business engine
 NEURS and YOUNG PROFESSION-                of the city of Miami Gardens. “These
ALS ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND-               monthly mixers are the perfect vehicle         THE MIAMI GARDENS OBSERVER IS A PROUD
                                            for building your business and develop-
         MIAMI GARDENS—On                   ing life long friendships."                   SUPPORTER OF THE MIAMI GARDENS JAYCEES
Thursday, September 13, 2007, at 7                             Miami Gardens
p.m. at the Mahogany Grille Restaurant      Jaycees is not-for-profit organization
(2160 N.W. 183rd Street), the Miami         established to provide a network for
Gardens Jaycees will host its monthly       local companies to conduct business
mixer for local businesses, entrepre-       and access business development
neurs and young professionals through-      services. The group also provides
out South Florida. Our guest speaker is     exclusive networking opportunities with
Gregory Haile, Esq., President, TJ          businesses and professionals through-
Reddick Bar Association (Broward's          out South Florida . To learn more
Black Bar Association).                     about the Miami Gardens Jaycees,
                 “The goal is simple - to   visit
help business owners, entrepreneurs
and young professionals connect and            What::Miami Gardens Jaycees
build professional and social relation-               Monthly Mixer
ships,” said André Williams, City
Councilman and President of the Miami         Guest Speaker:    Gregory Haile,
                                              Esq., President, TJ Reddick Bar
   Website:                                                   Miami Gardens Observer | August/September 2007 | 06

                                            BUSINESS & EVENTS
           The Minority
    2007 Small Business Summit
               Expo & Conference, SEPTEMBER 21, 2007
                    Hotel Wyndham Miami Airport
                         8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
              “Small businesses seeking local and international opportunities
                       should attend this one-day conference.”
           The second year annual Minority Small Business Summit Expo &
Conference produced by the Minority Chamber of Commerce, is scheduled for
September 21, 2007 at the Hotel Wyndham Miami Airport Convention Center, 3900
NW 21 Street, Miami . This 1-day Expo & Conference will feature many regional,
national and international exhibitors, one keynote & three featured speakers, infor-
mal networking time, and more!
                                  Conference Highlights
• Welcome and Networking Receptions - Meet and greet conference attendees
• Matchmaking Forums - Pre-schedule one-on-one appointments by industry classi-
fication • Keynote Luncheons - Hear from invited Keynote Speakers
• Workshops - Choose from nine sessions designed for each small business cate-
gory      • Business Exposition - Explore further business opportunities
                                     About the Expo
                         What's In It For My Small Business?
The event focuses on education, networking, commerce and mentoring. As in past
Expo events, specific activities are designed to offer quality educational program-
ming, promote active networking, and orchestrate opportunities for commerce.
Keynote-caliber Featured Speakers, present topics designed for the small business
and entrepreneurial community. Twenty mini-workshops round out the business cur-
riculum. Small, medium and large businesses from the entire region exhibit and net-
work focus to local and international trade. We promote the Expo to reach a
statewide audience focusing on the Miami Dade & Broward Counties area.
Generally, about 1,200 - 1,500 business professionals with the following profile
exhibit and attend each year: *Established ‘small-based’ businesses who want to
improve and grow their business *Businesses in a start-up phase who want to
shorten the learning curve to minimize their risk *Those interested in becoming self-
employed and are examining options or business opportunities * Large and medium
sized corporations that are looking for outsourcing resources and that market to the
small business demographic *Independent business professionals who are looking
for additional clients, strategic partners, vendors or representative. *Regional
(resource) government agencies and non-profit organizations that serve small busi-
nesses International operators Export and Import Loan Institutions, Insurances and
                                     Who will attend?
Qualified Small Business Owners... Extensive pre-show promotion for the Minority
Small Business Summit will target small business owners statewide. Over 50,000
impressions will be created through pre-show advertising in trade publications,
direct mail, and on-line. Sign up early to ensure your company is included in all pro-
motional opportunities.
                                   Who Should Exhibit
In addition to small and professional firms; companies, government organizations,
and universities with services and products to help these small firms and grow will
all profit from this event. If you are involved in the commercialization process, you
owe it to your organization to exhibit at this event.
                              Exhibitor Benefits & Services
Your organization will have the exposure to attendees of three major events in one,
with these special benefits:
                                    Editorial Coverage
Your organization will be featured in the exhibitor directory, published in the Minority
Small Business Summit Briefs show issue (readership 10,000+ Minority Business
                          Hot Link to Your WWW Home Page
Exhibitors will be listed on the Minority Small Business Summit Expo home page
( ), and may arrange for a link to their own home page.
        Complimentary Exhibit Guest Passes and Promotional Brochures
You will receive VIP guest passes and brochures to distribute to your customers
and boost your booth attendance. Complimentary VIP passes provide your guests
with free admission to all exhibits at the Minority Small Business Summit 2007.
                   Product Demonstrations and Press Conferences
A special area with AV will be reserved for you to showcase your technical expertise
while promoting your company's products. Time slots are limited and available on a
first-come, first-served basis. A reservation form will be included in the Exhibitor
Service Kit. An area will also be reserved for you to post announcements and dis-
tribute press releases and marketing kits.
                                Sponsorship Opportunities
Maximize your visibility at the Minority Small Business Summit 2007 by sponsoring
an event. To discuss ways in which your company can receive benefits customized
to your specific needs, please call show management at 3786-260-1965.
                             How to Apply for Exhibit Space
Call the show office at 3786-260-1965 and request an "Application for Exhibit
Space" which must be signed by an authorized representative and returned with full
payment to confirm your exhibit space for the Minority Small Business Summit.
While we do everything possible to provide exhibitors with their preferred location
as requested on the floor plan, show management reserves the right to make any
changes necessary to accommodate space sales or changes in the interest of the
    WWW.MINORITYCHAMBER.NET “Blessing to Others without Conditions”
   Website:                                                              Miami Gardens Observer | August/September 2007 | 07

    U.S. Representative Kendrick B. Meek Partners with Community Leaders at Back to School Supplies
       Giveaway in Overtown and Liberty City School Supplies and Book Bags Supplied by Wal-Mart
                                              Lauren, 12, son Kendrick Jr., 10,         184th Avenue in Pembroke Pines,            attend the giveaway at Williams Park and
                                              community leaders and volunteers          Florida.                                   co-hosted the event with Congressman
                                              distributed over 1000 book bags and                 "Wal-Mart operates on a          Meek.
                                              school supplies to community youth        'Store of the Community' model                      “We here at Greater Bethel AME
                                              at two separate events at Williams        where we merchandise and give to           Church in Overtown are delighted to play
                                              Park in Overtown and at Charles           charity based on the immediate             a role in this great event,” said Pastor
                                              Hadley Park in Liberty City.              needs of the communities we serve.         Milton Broomfield. “We are just happy to
                                                       “Our kids are the real win-      It is really special when the opportuni-   be here with Congressman Kendrick
                                              ners at this give away and thanks to      ty to work with groups like Greater        Meek. This is what we do best – helping
                                              Wal-Mart who generously provided          Bethel AME Church and leaders like         our community and if we can put a smile
                                              all the book bags and school sup-         Congressman Kendrick Meek coin-            on a child’s face, then we really have
                                              plies, these students are now better      cides with our commitment to giving        done our jobs.”
                                              prepared to start the school year off     back and helping families save                      Local Miami radio hosts Lorenzo
                                              on the right foot,” said Congressman      money so they can live better lives --     “Ice Tea” Thomas of WEDR 99JAMZ and
                                              Kendrick B. Meek. “I want everyone        especially at Back to School time. We      James T of HOT105 promoted the August
        Miami, FL – Congressman               here today to walk into school ready      were privileged to participate in this     15th giveaway on their afternoon radio
Kendrick B. Meek (D-FL) co-hosted a           to learn.”                                event and hope the students will start     programs.
Back to School Supplies Giveaway in                    The book bags were provid-       the year on a strong foot," said                    “This is great because we got all
Miami’s Overtown and Liberty City on          ed by Wal-Mart and filled with pens,      Duane Noveh, Market Manager for            these supplies for free,” said elementary
August 15th in co-operation with Wal-         pencils, glue, papers, folders and        Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.                      school student Tatiana Ford. “I am even
Mart, Greater Bethel AME Church,              erasers purchased at the Wal-Mart                   Greater Bethel AME Church        more excited now for the school year to
WEDR-FM 99JAMZ and HOT105.                    Supercenter Store located at 151 SW       in Overtown invited local youth to         begin.”
        Meek, joined by his daughter

U.S. Rep. Kendrick B. Meek (D-FL) Regarding the Children’s Health and Medicare Protection (CHAMP)Act
WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman                  African Americans and other minority      and Low Income Subsidy Program.            option will help cover an additional
Kendrick B. Meek issued the following         groups, and uninsured children will       More than 385,000 of our poorest           394,000 children who are aging out of
statement regarding the Children’s            all benefit thanks to this legislation.   Medicare beneficiaries will be protect-    Medicaid and CHIP. Low income women
Health and Medicare Protection                Democrats have slammed shut the           ed with limits on out of pocket costs      in Florida with an annual income under
(CHAMP) Act:                                  Medicare privatization door, while        for prescription drugs. Over 186,000       approximately $25,000 will be guaranteed
          “A bill that improves Medicare      expanding benefits to the neediest        seniors receiving Part D assistance        low-cost services without having to rely on
for 44 million seniors and people with        people in our communities.                will benefit from simplified applica-      a waiver.         U.S. Rep. Kendrick B. Meek
disabilities, and provides $50 billion in              “In Florida, more than           tions and automatic renewal of eligi-      represents the 17th Congressional District of
new funding for children’s health cover-                                                                                           Florida which includes parts of Miami-Dade and
                                              890,000 Medicare beneficiaries with       bility. Coverage of 303,000 children
                                                                                                                                   Broward Counties. He serves as the lone
age is a bill that all Floridians can rally   incomes under 150% of the poverty         currently enrolled in Florida’s            Floridian on the House Committee on Ways and
around. Our Medicare beneficiaries,           level will be helped by improvements      Children’s Health Insurance Program        Means, and also serves on the House Committee
seniors receiving Part D assistance,          in the Medicare Savings Program           (CHIP) will be secured, and a new          on Armed Services .

                                     DANCE INSTRUCTOR STUDENTS WINS
                                              Program in Miami-Dade County,
                                              Phyl's Academy Prep School in
                                              Broward County and at the City of
                                              Hallandale Cultural Arts Center in
                                                        Ms. Minto has been working
                                              part time with the City of Ft.
                                              Lauderdale Park and Recreation
                                              Department and stationed at the
                                              Joseph C. Carter Park, in Sunrise
                                              Florida, for the past two years as a
                                              dance instructor and choreographer.
             Marie A. Minto,                  During this time the City has had two
  Executive Artistic Director of Body         County wide dance competitions
      Nation Dance Theatre, Inc.              "The Broward All Star" one in 2006
                                              and the other this year 2007. In both
         Marie A. Minto has over thiry
                                              of these competition, Ms. Minto stu-
years of experience in various dance                                                       Marie Minto, dance instructor with Michael Irvin and the Irvin
                                              dents have taken the top awards. In
forms which include Classical Ballet,
Modern, Jazz, Gospel and Traditional
                                              2006 Ms. Minto taught 2 sets of           Academy Dancers, the dancers are apart of Michael Irvin Playmaker
                                              dancers, the Joseph C. Carter Park          Charities and Foundation. The dancer are based at Joseph C.
Caribbean movement. While in
                                              dancers came in first place and 2nd
Jamaica, she was a scholarship recipi-                                                                    Carter Park, Sunrise Florida
                                              place was given to Osswald Park.
ent to the following dance schools/pro-                                                 Gerald Roberts to be apart of this cel-
                                              This year Ms. Minto taught three (3)                                                  "There were 5 girls and 2 boys in our
grams. St. Anne's Dance Program,                                                        ebration. These girls were also apart
                                              different sets of dance group for the                                                 group this year; I give a lot of the credit
Jamaica Institute of Dance, Jayteens                                                    of the Irvin Dance Academy.
                                              City and all three groups came in the                                                 to Ms. Minto, she taught out lifts and
Dance Workshop and Jamaica School                                                                 Grace Youngblood, one of
                                              top three spots. Joseph C. Carter                                                     dance techniques that gave us the confi-
of Dance. In 1982, she represented                                                      the dancers that has been with Ms.
                                              Park, 1st place, Osswald Park, 2nd                                                    dence to shine at the competition, also
Jamaica in the well-known Dance                                                         Minto for the last two years and at
                                              place and the Camp Express (a                                                         Ms. Marie let us put some of our own
Fever Competition.                                                                      both of the competitions said that this
                                              younger set of dancers) took 3rd                                                      steps in which gave it a lot of favor to the
         Ms. Minto has choreographed                                                    year all the performers were better
                                              place. This is really saying a lot for                                                dance". Another dancer Destiny said
for several plays here in Miami and                                                     this year than in 2006 but she had no
                                              Ms. Minto teaching and choreograph-                                                   that the Reggae dance they performed
toured London, Paris, Mexico and                                                        doubt that they would win the compe-
                                              ing abilities.                                                                        was fun and exciting and she was look-
Aruba with L'Antoinette American                                                        tition again this year. Grace said
                                                        When we met up with some                                                    ing forward to next year competition.
Caribbean Dance Company (L"ACAD-
                                              of the dancer from Joseph C. Carter
CO). She has also performed through-
out South Florida, Puerto Rico, New
                                              Park they were at CHIMA Restaurant                   THE MIAMI GARDENS OBSERVER
                                              in Ft. Lauderdale getting ready to do
York and Freeport (Bahamas).                                                                           WOULD LIKE TO THANK
                                              a special performance for Michael
         Ms. Minto is the founder of
                                              Irvin at his Hall of Fame celebration
Body Nation Dance Theatre, Inc., and
                                              and Fund Raiser to benefit the
                                                                                                  OUR SPONSORS AND ADVERTISER
was the director, dance instructor and
choreographer for the Universal Truth
                                              Michael Irvin Playmaker Charities                           FOR SUPPORTING
                                              and Foundation. All the girls were
Center's Youth Empowerment Dance
                                              very excited to be invited by Mr.                     THIS COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER
   Website:                                                               Miami Gardens Observer | August/September 2007 | 08

                                                                                                                                                  In Memory of
                                                                                                                                                 Rose Maria Lyn
                                                                                                                                             Dec 28, 1934 - July 25,2007

                                                                                                               Service was August 18, 2007       Beloved Wife,
                                                                                                                      Gateway Church            Mother and Friend
                                                                                                                  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
         The youth of Pembroke Park Church of          Pembroke Park but they seem to absorb the infor-
Christ had their annual Career Day Activity title      mation and many of them knew what career path                    CONGRATULATION
"How You Do What You Do", on Saturday, August          they wanted and welcome the inside information
11, 2007 at 3707 SW 56th Avenue. There were            from the professionals who came out to share their
representatives from a wide selection of careers.      time and expertise.
The event started about 10:00am with the master                 After the presentation in the auditorium the
of ceremony, David Miller, III and Ulysses Davis,      presenters were treated to lunch with the youths
Sr., prayer and then the welcome address from the      the church minister and members. The meal was
minister Alvin L. Daniels, Jr. There was a fantastic   donated by Sam's Wholesale Club who was also a
poem written and read by Judith Basden one of          presenter and Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits.
there youth and then we went from careers such as               This was a well put together and needed
News Reporter - Calvin Hughes/Channel 10,              program by the church committee and coordinators
Police/Detective SWAT-Angelo Brinson, County           - Alvin Daniels, Jr., Liz Hicks, David Miller, II and
Judge - Judge Geraldine Hogan, South Florida           Adam Brinson. Career Day should be hosted by
Water Management - Lorraine Mayers, Sports -           more community church and youth organizations to
Dwight Stewart, CVS Pharmacy - Clarinda Cason          help expand our youth knowledge on the vast fields
and many, many more all the way to Marlin              of career choices and to let them know from the
Plumbing -Kenny Wiggins.                               professionals what it takes to get where they want
         It was a very full day for the youths (ages   to go and that they can be what ever they decide to
ranged from 12 years up to about 18 years) at          be with hard work, dedication and prayer.

                                                                      POPEYE GIVING
                                                                     BACK TO THE COM-
                                                                                    Popeyes Famous
                                                                    Fried Chicken began partnering with
                                                                    Sierra Norwood Calvary Church                       CONGRATULATION
                                                                    Vacation Bible School in Summer
                                                                                                                              KRISHNA BASDEO
                                                                    2005, by providing lunch for over                     GRADUATED JUNE 16, 2007
 Popeyes’ Manager Althea Buckley receiving the                      150 youth. We are pleased to honor               AND BEST WISHES ON YOUR BIRTHDAY
   Pastor's Award for Outstanding Community                         their Community involvement ,                                AUGUST 31
 Service from Deacon Emmanuel Heraux Director                       especially in areas that affect the                  FROM YOUR MOTHER SABINA,
         of their Vacation Bibele School.                           youth.                                             FAMILY, FRIENDS AND LOVE ONES

                                         BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS
                                                            Happy Birthday
                                                           Claudette Minto
                                                        with Love & Blessings

                                                                                              SIMONE SMITH           KAYLA SMITH
                                                                                              AUGUST 27TH            AUGUST 14TH

                                                                                                                                                         Birth day
                                                                                                                                                         Wish es
                                                                                                                                                   to a very
                                                                                                                                                 specia l perso n
                                                                                                                                              Mrs. Ruth Froo m
                                                                                                                                                   from your
                                                               From Your                                                                       Family and Friend s
                                                              Loving Family                                                                  from GKE Sabal Palm
         Birthday Wishes to Ingrid Cabey                       August 4th                MICHAEL FOOTMAN JR.           BOBBY MINTO             Eleme ntary Schoo l
    From all your Family,friends and Love Ones                                              AUGUST 20TH                AUGUST 20TH                Augus t 20TH
 Website:                                                 Miami Gardens Observer | August/September 2007 | 09

  MARK YOUR CALENDERS!                                                          Daily Word on Gratitude
                                                                                     Thank You, God, for the bless-     and wiser than I had thought I could
                                                                         ing that is awaiting me in each experi-        perhaps be.
                                                                         ence. As I look at my life with spiritual              Grounded in my faith, I am
                                                                         vision, I behold the true worth of             thankful for the blessing that underlies
                                                                         everyone and everything that sur-              each experience.
                                                                         rounds me.                                             “Let the word of Christ dwell
                                                                                     I discern value in every area of   in you richly; teach and admonish
                                                                         my life—even where there may appear            one another in all wisdom; and with
                                                                         to be indications of lack. In truth, I live    gratitude in your hearts sing psalms,
                                                                         in an abundant universe. Everything I          hymns, and spiritual songs to
                                                                         need to live a healthy, prosperous, ful-       God.”—Colossians 3:16
                                                                         filling life is possible for me as I meet
                                                                         each day in partnership with God.                 Inspired by this message?
                                                                                     I appreciate everything—from
                                                                                                                         Wherever you are on your spiritual
                                                                         the shelter that protects me from the
                                                                                                                        journey, you'll find prayerful support
                                                                         elements to the friends and family who
                                                                                                                         with Silent Unity. Visit Silent Unity
                                                                         uplift my spirits. Even the most difficult
                                                                                                                          online today or call 1-800-NOW-
                                                                         events show me that I am stronger
                                                                                                                                  PRAY (669-7729).

                                                                            UNIVERSAL TRUTH CENTER KICKS OFF ANNUAL
                                                                              CAMPAIGN WITH "STEPPING INTO TRUTH,"
                                                                                  OTHER SPIRITUAL ADVENTURES
       UPCOMING SERVICES AND ACTIVITIES                                            Universal Truth Center,              Waters, a virtual experience that utilizes
       UNITY LIGHT OF THE WORLD CHURCH                                   21310 NW 37th Ave., in Miami                   natural elements such as running
                                                                         Gardens kicks off its annual                   waters and heated stones to promote
                                                   HAPPY                 Adventure in Faith campaign with a             healing, following by a special healing
   WORSHIP SERVICE                                BIRTHDAY               series of high energy activities and           service. * Saturday, August 18. Sweet
    SUNDAY 11:00AM                                GREETING               spiritual lessons that are sure to             Surrender, an international dessert café
  THEME FOR AUGUST:                                TO OUR                enliven everyone.                              to celebrate sweets from the various
     ONE IN SPIRIT                          AUGUST BABIES                          Adventure in Faith (AIF),            home nations of UTC parishioners,
                                                                         under the leadership of UTC Senior             begins 4 p.m. Aug. 18. * Saturday,
 August 26th - Message:                    14th Doretha Nichson
                                                                         Minister Dr. Mary A. Tumpkin, is an            September 8, 6 AM. A 5K
Wisdom Comes From Spirit                     & Maisie Mcnaught
                                                                         eight-week period in which church              Walk/Bike/Run. * Saturday, September
                                           19th Margaret St. Albin
                                                                         members and guests who hail from               15. A relationship workshop titled "Five
                                          23rd Rev. Michael Smith
  NEW MEMBERS CLASS                                                      Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm                   Keys to a H.I.P. (Healthy, Inspiring and
                                            & Sharon Campbell
   September 9th, 2007                                                   Beach counties can stretch them-               Positive) Relationship." The presenter
                                            31st Hugh Osborne
                                                                         selves in all aspects of life: spiritual,      is the Rev. Charles M. Taylor, UTC
 We are a full service ministry. Rev. Michael is available for           mental and physical. During this time,         assistant minister. * Saturday,
                                                                         members also will pledge tithes and            September 22, 10 AM - 6 PM. The
Spiritual Counseling, Weddings, Memorial Services, Spiritual             offerings to support the church and its        annual family picnic, which will include
                Baptisms and Prayer Services.                            programs in the upcoming year. The             games for adults and children at the
           For more information call: (305) 628-2322                     theme for this year's campaign is              UTC campus. * Tuesday, September
  Address: 16800 NW 17th Ave., Miami Gardens, Fl 33056                   "Truth: The Principle, The Practice,           25, 7 PM. AIF Mastermind Prayer
                                                                         The Praise." The events for this               Jamboree. Also, the center will feature
      Unity Light of the World Church                                    year's campaign include: * Saturday,
                                                                         August 11, 4 PM. AIF KICK OFF
                                                                                                                        Wonderful Wednesdays Aug. 22
                                                                                                                        through Oct. 3. The midweek services
                                 Rev. Michael Smith,                     SATURDAY! Stepping into Truth, an              start at 7 p.m. and will serve as a
                                  Board Members                          event geared toward developing cre-            refresher of the Sunday lesson. The
                                                                         ativity, stimulating awareness, build-         book used for the services will be The
                                and all the members                      ing excitement and enthusiasm and              Complete Works of H. Emilie Cady, by
                       Congratulates                                     healing and transforming lives. Teams
                                                                         of teen-age steppers will combine tra-
                                                                                                                        noted author H. Emilie Cady.
                                                                                                                        The introductory AIF sermon kicks off at
                       Jamaica on it’s                                   ditional African American synchro-             10:50 a.m. Aug. 12. Regular worship
                                                                         nized movements with a spiritual               services are at 8:30 and 10:50 a.m.
                45th Year of Independence                                message called "Stepping into Truth."          Sundays.For more information, call
                                                                         * Friday, August 17, 5 PM. Healing             UTC at 305-624-4991

                                     CHURCH DIRECTORY
ANTIOCH Missionary Baptist            Holy Family Episcopal Church           North Dade Community                           Unity Light of The World
   Church of Carol City                        Rev. Horace Ward                     Church                                           Church
      21311 NW 34th Avenue                        Services:                    Rev. Newton Fairweather                             Rev. Michael Smith,
     Miami Gardens, Fl. 33056            Sundays - 8:00am, and 10:00am    700 NW 175TH Street, Miami Gardens                         Senior Pastor
       Phone: 305-624-8170                   Wednesday at 7:15pm                      Fl 33169                                         Services:
                                             17001 NW 7th Avenue                Phone: 305-652-5433                               Sundays - 11:00am,
 Grace United Community                     Miami Gardens, Fl. 33169                                                          Tuesdays Prayer - 7:00pm,
       Church Inc.                           Phone: 305-652-6797                                                             Wednesdays Classes - 7:00pm,
       901 NW 183rd Street                                                   Pentecostal Tabernacle                           Thursdays Healing - 7:00pm
     Miami Gardens, Fl. 33169           Miami Gardens Church of                   18415 NW 7th Avenue                           16800 NW 17th Avenue
      Phone: 305-651-1446                        Christ                          Miami Gardens, Fl. 33169                      Miami Gardens, Fl. 33169
                                             2265 NW 183rd Street                 Phone: 305-651-8323                            Phone: 305-628-2322
Harvest Fire Worship Center                 Miami Gardens, Fl. 33169
      2260 NW 183rd Street                   Phone: 305-625-0688             Sierra Norwood Calvary                          Universal Truth Center
     Miami Gardens, Fl. 33169                                                     Baptist Church                                Rev. Dr. Mary Tumpkins
      Phone: 305-620-2986               Norland United Methodist                                                                 21310 NW 37th Avenue
                                                                                Rev. Dr. Richard Ledgister
                                                                                                                                Miami Gardens, Fl. 33169
  Parkway Baptist Church                        Church                             495 NW 191st Street
                                                                                                                                 Phone: 305- 624-4991
                                              885 NW 195th Street                Miami Gardens, Fl, 33169
      18000 NW 18th Avenue                                                        Phone: 305-652-7336
     Miami Gardens, Fl. 33169               Miami Gardens, Fl. 33169
       Phone: 305-621-8491                   Phone: 305-652-5172

   Website:                                                              Miami Gardens Observer | August/September 2007 | 10

                             TRAVEL & ENTERTAINMENT
       United domestic sale fares
              from $98 R/T*
         United has announced a new            "         $98 between Las Vegas, NV           AIR JAMAICA LAUNCHES INAUGURAL
domestic sale with fares starting at $98       and Chicago, IL on United                       FORT LAUDERDALE - BARBADOS FLIGHT
round-trip. Destinations include Chicago,      "         $118 between Chicago, IL
Las Vegas, and Miami.                          and New York City, NY on United               AND ANNOUNCES FANTASTIC WEB FARE SALE
         United's prices are hit-or-miss       "         $178 between Chicago, IL                   Air Jamaica launched the       Lauderdale - Barbados route with all of
depending on the route. Its best deals are     and Boston, MA on United                   inaugural flight of its new non-stop     its passengers by offering a special dis-
for the Chicago/Las Vegas, New                 "         $218 between Milwaukee, WI       service from Fort Lauderdale to          counted web fare found on www.airja-
York/Chicago, and Los Angeles/Milwaukee        and Los Angeles, CA on United              Barbados on July 22, making it the With this new fare, passen-
routes (though American matched its fare       "         $268 between Washington,         only airline that flies non-stop from    gers flying from Ft. Lauderdale to
for travel between Chicago and Las Vegas).     D.C., DC and Miami, FL on United           Fort Lauderdale to Barbados. All         Barbados will pay $125 each way,
However, US Airways beat United's prices       "         $304 between Denver, CO          passengers and crew on the flight        based on a roundtrip purchase, when
for the Miami/Washington and                   and Baltimore, MD on United                were included in the celebration and     booked through the Web site. Tickets
         Baltimore/Denver routes, while                  All prices, dates, and booking   fanfare, enjoying refreshments and       must be purchased by July 31, 2007 for
JetBlue had a better deal for travel between   details listed here were valid at the      receiving gift bags before the cele-     travel through September 2, 2007.
Boston and Chicago. Though you may find        time of publication. Some information      bratory ribbon cutting. Once on                   "We are so proud of this new
a good deal in United's sale, you'll have to   may have changed since that time.          board, all passengers were given an      service. The need for additional flights
shop around to be sure.                                   Find airfares                   inaugural flight certificate commem-     from South Florida to Barbados was
  The deal Travel is valid from                You can use our price-comparison           orating Air Jamaica's newest non-        definitely there, and with this new flight
August 21 through December 12.                 tool to check for the lowest airfares      stop flight, which runs Friday,          we're able to fill that void by providing
                                               from multiple travel providers, or go      Saturday and Sunday between FLL          travelers with increased convenience,
        United has not listed a booking
                                               directly to United's website.              and BGI. Of course, once the flight      choice and control when making their
deadline, but tickets must be purchased at
                                                           Seats are limited and may      was in the air, passengers enjoyed       travel arrangements," said Paul
least 14 days in advance. Fares are valid
                                                   not be available on all flights or     Air Jamaica's famous Lovebird            Pennicook, senior vice president, mar-
on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.
                                                  dates. Be flexible with your travel     Hospitality, complimentary cham-         keting Air Jamaica. "This flight also
Fares require a three-day minimum stay,
                                                    dates to find the lowest fares.       pagne and free in-flight meals and       opens up additional options for travel
and the maximum stay is 30 days.
                                                Blackout dates and additional restric-    entertainment - all part of what         throughout the Caribbean. This is just
Best sample round-trip fares, not includ-
                                                           tions may apply.               makes Air Jamaica the World's Best       one more way Air Jamaica is meeting
   ing additional taxes and fees, are:
                                                                                          Airline to the Caribbean.                the needs of its passengers throughout
                                                                                                    The airline wants to share     the United States and the Caribbean,"
                                                                                          the success of its new Ft.               says Pennicook.

                                                                                                               Travel Calendar of Events
                                                                                                                  26-27 NOTTING HILL CARNIVAL
                                                                                                Floats filled with revellers, music thumping from large speakers and
                                                                                                                  colour-coordinated dancing groups.

                                                                                                               31 CARIBBEAN ENCOUNTERS
                                                                                                                             New York
                                                                                              Approximately 30 artistes from the Caribbean represent at the Brooklyn
                                                                                                            Museum of Art. Ends January 31, 2008.
                                                                                                              1-3 WEST INDIAN DAY CARNIVAL
                                                                                                                             New York
                                                                                            Labor Day weekend is filled with steel band competitions, colorful costumes
                                                                                              and Caribbean celebrations. On Monday, join the more than 3.5 million
                                                                                                            spectators at the grand Carnival Parade.

                                                                                               1-30 BAHAMAS CULINARY CLASSIC WINE & FOOD FESTIVAL
                                                                                             A gastronomic two-month event celebrating the indigenous foods of the
                                                                                          Bahamas. Top Bahamian chefs will be creating locally inspired dishes and com-
                                                                                                              peting for culinary bragging rights.

                                                                                                               7-9 PORT ROYAL MUSIC FESTIVAL
                                                                                           Set against the backdrop of the historic city of Port Royal, this festival is now
                                                                                           going into its second year and promises to be even bigger and better. Come
                                                                                           and enjoy international performing artistes including Brian McKnight, Regina
                                                                                               Bell and Maxie Priest, as well as our multi-talented local performers.

                                                                                                            26-30 CARIBBEAN GIFT & CRAFT SHOW
                                                                                          Discover the beauty and craftsmanship of Caribbean handmade ceramics, pot-
                                                                                                    tery, jewelry, home furnishings, leather goods and fashion.
                                                                                                     Information provided by

   Website:                                                                      Miami Gardens Observer | August/September 2007 | 11

                        NCBW 100 Second Annual Ready-Set- Life Gala

 (L-R)Sheryl Watts, 3rd Vice-President NCBW 100, Kathy    Judith Assinthe recipient of Ready-       Carolyn Nelson-Goedert Coalition            Teresa Sand, Esq. NCBW 100 Chaper
Cole, Exec. Director New Journeys Transitional Home and    Set-Life Grant Award with Sacha              Sister of the Year Award            President presenting Outstanding New Member
  Carolyn Nelson-Goedert, 1st Vice President NCBW 100     Challenger Board Member NCBW                      and son Nicolas                 Award with Carolyn Clarke, Founding Member

                                                                                                                                        (L-R) Wanjira Banfield WTPS 1080AM Director of
                                                                                                                                       Marketing & Promotions, Woodie Lesesne, President
                                                                                                                                       of IN FOCUS Magazine and Joy-Ann Reid Mistress
                                                                                                                                          of Ceremony, producer and co-host on WTPS
                                                                                                                                                1080AM -Wake Up South Florida
                                                                           Domonique Benisee
                                  Michele Paramore, President -Elect      recipient of Ready-Set-
                                     (middle) and members of the           Life Grant Award with
                                              NCBW 100                          Sheryl Watts                      Guests

                     2007 COMMUNITY CALENDAR                               AUTHORS, POETS & ALL THAT JAZZ -
                                                                        Saturday, October 20, 2007 at the Ft. Lauderdale
                 JUST US GIRLS MENTORING- Open to                        Sheraton Airport Hotel featuring noted African-
                 young women ages 12 to 18. Applications               American authors, poets, live music, arts and crafts
                 available July 2007. All sessions are held at
                 the Carrie P. Meek Cultural Arts Center at                   ANOINTED AUTHORS ON TOUR-                                     Family members, members and friends of
                                                                                   November 9th - 11th, 2007                                  NCBW 100 Greater Miami Chapter
                 Charles Hadley Park unless otherwise noted.
                                                                       For More Info:

                                               United States. In January 2004,                  determination of whether you had a             been a true champion for African-
                                               Radio One launched a national cable              successful life is how many people             American small businesses in the
                                               and satellite television network called          you helped. If, in fact, you are doing it      Greater Houston Metropolitan area.
                                               TV One.                                          the correct way that does not stop             These organizations are diligently work-
                                                         Additionally, Radio One's              until the day they close that casket."         ing to ensure the stability and growth of
                                               chief executive Alfred Liggins III                         Four Pinnacle Award winners          small businesses through its diversity
                                               bought a controlling stake in radio              will be chosen from among Houston's            supplier programs, community outreach
                                               personality Tom Joyner's media com-              top ten African-American entrepre-             and education.
                                               pany for $56 million, furthering his             neurs who are "doing things the cor-                    Nomination forms for all three
                                               attempt to turn the radio company his            rect way."                                     awards may be printed from www.hcc-
                                               mother began out of a trailer 24                           HCCC is introducing two new, completed, and
                                               years ago into a diversified media               awards in addition to the Pinnacle.            returned via mail, fax or e-mail by
                                               group aimed at the Black community.              The first award is the Mack H.                 August 13 for Pinnacle Award nomina-
                                               Today, Radio One is worth $2 billion             Hannah, Jr. Upstart Business Award,            tions and August 20 for Upstart and
             Cathy Hughes                                                                                                                      Advocate nominations. Forms also may
                                               and reaches 16 million Black listen-             which is designed to recognize and
          Cathy Hughes, founder and            ers daily.                                       provide resources to a burgeoning              be requested by calling 281-213-9554.
chairperson of Radio One, the largest                    In the Houston market, Radio           African-American business with a                        Pinnacle Awards Honorary
African-American owned and operated            One owns KBXX-FM (97.9 "The                      high potential for success. The award          Chair Tracye McDaniel, executive vice
broadcast company in the nation, will be       Box"), KMJQ-FM (102.1 "Majic 102"),              package includes a $2,500 cash equi-           president and COO, Greater Houston
the keynote speaker at the 13th Annual         and KROI-FM (Praise 92.1).                       ty injection, 14-week Texas Southern           Partnership also will be an honored
African American Business Achievement                    "We are honored to welcome             University School of Business course           guest speaker for the evening.
Pinnacle Awards gala (Pinnacle Awards)         Ms. Hughes to Houston," said                     titled "Business Planning & Financial                   Gala sponsorships are avail-
on Friday, October 19.                         Pinnacle Awards Chairman Jeffrey L.              Management Workshop," corporate                able to support the diversity, business
         This black-tie gala will be held at   Boney, small business banking vice               branding package designed by D-                development and community outreach
the Hilton Post Oak, 2001 Post Oak             president of Washington Mutual                   MARS, one year's advertising in                programs of HCCC. To request a spon-
Blvd., beginning at 6 PM. The event will       Bank. "She epitomizes everything the             Minority Executive Report, and more.           sorship package, please call 281-213-
include a silent auction and a private VIP     Pinnacle Awards represent. We                              The second new award is the          9554 or e-mail info@mwhpublicrela-
President's Reception. Hughes will             eagerly anticipate receiving from Ms.            Advocate Award, which was created     .(
address more than 600 expected atten-          Hughes the principles we all need in             to honor an organization that has
dees at the black-tie gala hosted by the       our lives to achieve unprecedented
Houston Citizens Chamber of Commerce           success and greatness in all that we                            THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY
(HCCC). The gala theme is "Igniting the        do!"
Pathway to Entrepreneurial Greatness."                   The Pinnacle Awards spot-
         Hughes is a sterling example of       light African-American businesses
igniting pathways to greatness. She owns       that have achieved success by com-
71 radio stations in 22 urban markets in       bining vision, determination, commit-
the U.S.                                       ment, and perseverance along with a
         Radio One is the first African-       dedication to building strong commu-
American company in radio history to           nities.
dominate several major markets concur-                   On achieving success,
rently. She also is the first African-         Hughes commented, "In my opinion,
American woman to head a publicly trad-        success comes on the day that
ed company on a stock exchange in the          they're reading your eulogy. The
Website:                Miami Gardens Observer | August/September 2007 | 12

                       SOUTH FLORIDA EVENTS

                                                  Jamaica United Relief          must be commended once again for
                                          Association celebrated Jamaica's       hosting a great Independence Ball.
                                          45th Anniversary of Independence       The ambiance and the décor of their
                                          at the Signature Grand on July 28th    Black, Green and Gold was so breath-
                                          in Davie, Florida. It was a fabulous   taking, it was simply home away from
                                          way to celebrate Jamaica's             home.
                                          Independence, with delicious hors                J.U.R.A. wishes to give Thanks
                                          d'ouvres, fine dining and great        to all their Guests, Advertisers,
                                          music by the Mighty Vikings and        Sponsors and Supporters, who
                                          D.J. YoYo. Several hundred wonder-     throughout the years have been so
                                          ful people were on hand to enjoy the   generous and supportive when called
                                          evening's festivities, and who         upon to assist them in accomplishing
                                          undoubtedly had a fantastic time.      their goals.
                                                  The Members of the                     MORE INFORMATION ON
                                          Jamaica United Relief Association            J.U.R.A IN OUR NEXT ISSUE
Website:                   Miami Gardens Observer | August/September 2007 | 13

                        SOUTH FLORIDA EVENT
           First Miss Florida Asia with Beauty, Intelligent and Talent
                           Xiaozhen You crowned as the first Miss Florida Asia

 The Miami Gardens Observer is Proud to               The First Miss Florida Asia Pageant
Support the First Miss Florida Asia Pageant                  article is on page 14
   Website:                                                            Miami Gardens Observer | August/September 2007 | 14

                                                   First Miss Florida Asia
                                                                CONTINUES FROM PAGE 13

                   Xiaozhen You                                                                                                 Bosko, Auditors Susan Xu and Tony
                                                                                                                                Mok, all local and out-of-town judges
                  crowned as the
                                                                                                                                and all volunteers."
                 first Miss Florida                                                                                                       "We would also like to express
                        Asia                                                                                                    our gratitude to our sponsors for their
                                                                                                                                generous support: State Farm, Doctors
                  [Miami, Florida - July                                                                                        Plus Medical Center, Gaylaine Lanctot
                  31, 2007] Last                                                                                                Clinques, Chinese Cultural Foundation,
                  Saturday, July 21,                                                                                            Fashion Village, Broward County for the
                  2007, OCA - South                                                                                             Performing Arts, Dr. Stephen Vernon,
Florida Chapter and United Chinese                                                                                              LEASA Industries Co., Taipei Economic
Association of Florida successfully co-                                                                                         & Cultural Office in Miami, World
hosted the first Miss Florida Asia                                                                                              Printing," continues Tang, "and NANAY
Pageant at the North Miami Beach                                                                                                for its tremendous support to provide us
Performing Arts Theater, drawing over                                                                                           with a training facility at the NANAY
500 attendees to witness the crowning                                                                                           Community Center."
of Miss Florida Asia.                                                                                                              For more information about Miss
          Despite two contestants having                                                                                          Florida Asia 2008, please call 305-
to withdraw prior to the contest due to                                                                                                      753-8791, email
angle injury and final exams, seven        American Marisa Moolsiri received a        Contestant Coordinator Harriet   , or visit at
contestants competed at the first Miss     volley ball scholarship and is current-    Young, Logistics Manager Igor Ellis, 
Florida Asia to celebrate Asian culture    ly enrolled at the University of           Audio/Visual Manager Kam Wong,
with beauty. They are Marisa Moolsiri      Central Florida (UCF) majoring in          Photographers Bertho Boman and
[Thailand], Hong-Thuy Nguyen               Marketing in Orlando. Ms. Nguyen           Gene Li, Judge Panel Coordinator
[Vietnam], Ching-Ya (Julia) Ni [Taiwan],   was born in Vietnam and is a senior        April Chang, Mistresses of
Bao-Ying (Amy) Wang [China], Yueting       at Florida International University        Ceremony Mee Pang and Indra
(Jade) Wu [China], Dongfei (Rita)          (FIU) majoring in Marketing and
                                           International Business. Ms. Wang
Shang [China] and Xiaozhen You
[China].                                   graduated with a Master Degree in                    CULTURAL EXCHANGE
          The categories were Miss         Civil Engineering at FIU. Ms. Ni is
Florida Asia, 1st Princess, 2nd            senior at Palmetto Senior High. Ms.
                                           Wu is a senior at Killian Senior High.
                                                                                                   FROM JAMAICA
Princess, and awards of Miss
Photogenic, Miss Congeniality, Miss        Ms. Shang is majoring in
Talent, the best National Costume, Best    Mathematics at UCF, and Ms. You is
Swimsuit and Best Evening Gown.            in her second year of a Ph.D. pro-
          The Mistresses of Ceremony       gram in Biomedical Engineering at
for the first Miss Florida Asia are Mee    FIU.
Pang and Indra Bosko. They both are                  After all competitions, the
outstanding professional woman and         results are Ms Nguyen won the best
very active in the community services.     National Costume with her beautiful
          The six distinguished pageant    and elegant Vietnamese outfit, Ms.
judges were the Honorable Ricardo          You won the Best Swimsuit &
Allicock - Counsel General of Jamaica      Physical Fitness, Ms. Shang is Miss
Consulate in Miami, Korean-American        Photogenic and won the best
surgeon Dr. John Chang, Chinese-           Evening Gown. Ms. Wu won Miss
American family practice physician Dr.     Talent with her outstanding tradition-
Antonio Wong, Vietnamese-American          al Chinese music performance with
Quan Anh Cao - English professor of        her Guzheng.
Palm Beach Community College,                        Ms. Nguyen, the 2nd
Chinese-American global financial advi-    Princess was crowned by Diana
sor Al Yee - Vice President of OCA -       Morejon [Miss Teen Latina                           The ESOR Dance Ensemble          ESOR traveled in 2006 to Hollywood,
Phoenix Chapter and Albert Posillico -     International]; 1st Princess Ms. Wu        out of Jamaica gave a spectacular         California and participated in the
Executive Director of Miss Latina          and was crowned by Esther Dollar           cultural dance performance entitled       Olympic World Championship for the
International.                             [Miss Latina International US]. Ms.        "Dance Revolution" on Saturday, July      Performing Arts and won Best Junior
          The pageant auditors were        You won the Miss Florida Asia title        15 and Sunday, July 16 at the             Championship Dancer and third runner
Tony Mok - CPA and Susan Xu -              and was crowned by Vivian Perez            Cooper City High School Auditorium        up to the Best Costume for the World
Taxation MBA. who assessed all scores      [Miss Latina International 2006].          in Davie. This performance was a cul-     Championship.
for accuracy and legitimacy.                         Along with the title, the win-   tural exchange with the Body Nation                In Kingston, Jamaica ESOR
          The Anta Hung Gar Defense &      ners received scholarship prizes of        Dance Theatre, Inc. of Florida. Thirty-   won Best Grace & Worship, also Best
Fitness Academy kicked off the             $1,500, $1,000 and $500, respective-       two (32) members from ESOR ages 6         Dance Hall Style in the Annual Jamaica
Pageant with the traditional Lion          ly partially sponsored by State Farm.      thru 21 participated at this perform-     Culture Development Commission
Dance. During the pageant, Lena Ung        In addition, they received tickets to      ance, the MC was Jamaica's own            Festival (JCDC) Ms. Rose said "I am
from Tampa sang three songs in             the 12 Girls Band World Tour from          Deon Silvera and guest appearances        looking forward to next year Cultural
Cantonese, Vietnamese and English,         Broward Center for the Performing          included soloist Dhisha King.             Exchange with the Body Nation Dance
and Miami Temptation Tees performed        Arts. Ms. Angela Posillico, President               ESOR only two year old gave      Theatre, Inc. Body Nation will be travel-
three Motown hits: "Get Ready", "I         of Miss Latina International Pageant       a outstanding performance, proceeds       ing to Kingston, Jamaica in November
Can't Get Close To You" and "My Girl".     System, offered an invitation to Miss      was donated to the South Florida          2007 to perform in ESOR'S Annual
          The Contestants also scored      Florida Asia to participate at its         Church of Christ Benevolence Fund.        Season of Dance.
points for post-Pageant Interview          upcoming Miss Latina International         Executive Artistic Director Sandra            For more information on ESOR
(25%), National Costume (10%),             Pageant in November.                       Marie Rose and ESOR'S Board of                    Dance Ensemble email:
Lifestyle and Fitness in Swimsuit                    "In addition to Ms. You win-     Directors must be congratulated.       
(15%), Talent (25%), Evening Gown          ning the Miss Florida Asia title, all
(20%) and On-Stage questions (5%).         contestants are winners by participat-
          The Pageant officially began     ing at the pageant to develop unfor-
on Friday evening (July 20) when the       gettable relationships with other
judging panel interviewed each con-        Asian American women in the com-
testant individually to score the Post-    munity and a memorable experi-
Pageant Interview.                         ence," says Winnie Tang, producer of
          The contestants welcomed the     Miss Florida Asia. "The success of
audience with a modern Chinese group       the first Miss Florida Asia goes to
dance. The on-stage contest began          Director Johnson Ng, Stage
with National Costume and Self-            Manager Tommy Lam, Pageant
Introduction by each contestant. All       Manager Ann Yu, Artistic Director
contestants are currently attending col-   Wendy Fong, Image Director Sunny
lege and/or senior high school. Thai-      Tsai, Hairstyle Consultant Ann Luu,
Website:                                                Miami Gardens Observer | August/September 2007 | 15

                           SOUTH FLORIDA EVENTS
                                    ECUMENICAL SERVICE OF THANKSGIVING
                                                        IN CELEBRATION OF

Consul General Ricardo Allicock and                                                                            Reverend Horace Ward
     BishopRobert Thompson               Jamaica Independence Choir and Director Steve Higgins

                                                                  Jamaican Folk Revue

                                                                                                                  The winners of the
                                                                                                               Miss Jamaica Florida 2007
 Sierra Norwood Calvery Baptist Church

       Jamaicas’ Consul General                                                                            Valerie Martin, Chery Wynter,
       Ricardo Allicock andFamily                       Sierra Norwood Children’s Choir                 Kaye Chong and Maria Yateman Bent

   Website:                                                                Miami Gardens Observer | August/September 2007 | 16

                                                                                                 MAYOR CARLOS ALVAREZ HOSTS
                                                                                                    SECOND ANNUAL HAITIAN
                                                                                                       HEALTH FAIR EXPO
                                             discussions, it has become clear that
                                             HUD is not interested in working with
                                             Miami-Dade County as we continue to
                                             aggressively correct problems and
                                             make improvements," said Mayor
                                             Alvarez. "We are now exploring our
                                             legal options."
                                                       In the past year, MDHA has
                                             put in place a new management team,
                                             cleaned up case files, retrained
                                             employees, implemented new financial
                                             management processes and most
                                             importantly, found people safe, livable       (from left to right): Helena Hull, Health and Wellness Coordinator, Alliance for
                                             and affordable housing.                      Aging; Dr. Ana Viamonte Ros, State Surgeon General of the Florida Department of
                                                       "HUD continues to focus on         Health; and Nadia Pierre, Mayor’s Aide, Office of Miami-Dade County Mayor
                                             problems that occurred primarily in          Carlos Alvarez.
                                             2003, 2004, and 2005, and we
         Miami-Dade County Mayor                                                                   The Second Annual Haitian            Emmanuel Haitian Baptist Church.
                                             acknowledge those deficiencies,"
Carlos Alvarez, joined by Commission                                                      Health Fair Expo, in conjunction with                   The event, which was attended
                                             Mayor Alvarez said. "What HUD fails
Chairman Bruno Barreiro and                                                               Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos                by more than 300 people, featured free
                                             to acknowledge is we are not repeat-
Commissioner Audrey Edmonson,                                                             Alvarez, the Alliance for Aging and the       health screenings, low impact fitness
                                             ing the problems of the past, and in
speaks to the media on August 7, 2007,                                                    Roots and Culture Foundation, took            activities, enrollment of health insur-
                                             2007, there's a new way of doing busi-
at the Stephen P. Clark Government                                                        place on August 20, 2007, at the              ance and resources and information.
                                             ness here in Miami-Dade County."
Center, following an announcement
                                               To view the news conference in its
from the U.S. Department of Housing
                                                        entirety, please visit
and Urban Development (HUD) that it
will take possession of the Miami-Dade
Housing Agency (MDHA).
         "After months of meetings and
                                               (Photo by Ricardo Manuel Garcia)

              NEWSPAPER BY
       CALL: 786-326-5204 OR

                                                                                                            (left to right in the photo)          munity of Opa-locka.
                                                                                                                 1. Georgia Ayer         -
                                                                                                                Community activist
                                                                                                                                                           According to Mayor Joseph L.
                                                                                                           2. Rea Ette King-Kee - Opa-            Kelley, there will be programs and
                                                                                                         locka library Branch Manager             events developed and scheduled
                                                                                                            3. Timothy Holmes          - Opa-
                                                                                                               locka Commissioner
                                                                                                                                                  around the community needs and
                                                                                                            4. Mary Vanderlein         - Opa-     request, to enrich the lives of our resi-
                                                                                                          locka Women's Club(Prez or              dents, as well as make the library a fun
                                                                                                         5. Joseph L. Kelley       - Opa-locka
                                                                                                                                                  place to visit. One of such programs is
                                                                                                                        Mayor                     sponsored by the Mayor and Miami
                                                                                                         6. Kortney Greaves          - (student   Dade College, North Campus for
                                                                                                       who lead the Pledge of Allegiance)
                                                                                                           7. Barbara Jordan         - County
                                                                                                                                                  Saturday, August 4, 2007 and is sched-
                                                                                                            Commissioner - District 1             uled in the building where the library is
                                                                                                         8. Raymond Santiago           - Miami-   housed. The City hopes that the EXPO,
                                                                                                            Dade Director of Libraries
                                                                                                         9. Rose Tydus             - Opa-locka
                                                                                                                                                  which includes refreshments, face
                                                                                                                   Commissioner                   painting, arts and crafts, will encourage
                                                                                                            10. Jannie R. Beverly - Opa-          entire families to participate in learning
                                                                                                                locka City Manager
                                                                                                                                                  about the 200 academic programs and
                 Although it had a “soft     are actively making use of them with as      with a financial emergency, the city                    career opportunities that are available
opening” in June, the NEW Opa-locka          many as 300 visitors on some days,           has since then recovered and is in an                   to residents, as well as lure more visi-
Branch of the Miami-Dade County              according to Rea Ette King-Kee, the          upward swing.                                           tors to the new library, since it will be
Library at 780 Fisherman Street, Suite       Branch Director.                                      Miami Dade County District 1                   located above the new library, on the
140, finally celebrated the “Grand                    In addition to Free library         Commissioner Barbara Jordan has                         second floor of the Town Center
Opening” with a Ribbon Cutting               cards, there are six computer station        been a strong advocate for the library                  Properties and is Free to the public.
Ceremony on Wednesday, July 25,              and six laptops with FREE wireless           and has actively supported Mayor
2007 with local elected officials, govern-   internet access, downloadable catalog        Kelley and Commissioner Timothy                            Library Hours of Operation
ment representatives, residents and          novels, Books by Mail” (home deliver-        Holmes who championed the new                           Mon-Thu & Sat: 9:30a.m. - 6:00p.m.
guest from all around Dade-County,           ies Netflex style for only $2.00) and a      library. The city entered into an                              Fri & Sun – Closed
Florida.                                     Drop-box, where books can be                 agreement with the county to provide
         This 3,500-square-foot facility     returned to over 44 different libraries in   99 years of service, which includes                        INFORMATION PROVIDED BY:
has approximately 15 thousand Books,         the county.                                  staffing, while Opa-locka is totally                            Christina Gordon
DVD, Audio Books and CDs currently in                 Since the Commission voted to       responsible for the cost of space.
house, with over 600 residents having        close the original Opa-locka library in      Commissioner Jordan has vowed to                                      Photos by:
ALREADY received library cards, and          2001, due to drastic cuts associated         keep this library opened for the com-                               Shawn Williams
   Website:                                                               Miami Gardens Observer | August/September 2007 | 17

                                                             FAMILY PAGE
A Message from                                 ization, and share this information       and calendars for the upcoming year            DCC Regional TOY Events –
                    your Pesident              with those you lead to reproduce the      Start membership drives early (orien-     January 2008 – Dates TBA
                                               cycle of leadership development.          tation, Family Involvement Day,                District Teacher of the Year Event –
                    Dear PTA/PTSA                       I look forward to a great year   Welcome Back to School events for         January 30th
                    Members/Leaders,           working with all of you.                  teachers and community, etc.)                  DCC PTA/PTSA Founders Day
                                                        Thank you for all you do,        As part of your budgets, we encour-       Event - February 14th
                            I hope this        Ivelisse Castro                           age you to establish line items to             DCC PTA/PTSA Recognition &
message will find you ready to start this      DCC PTA/PTSA                              attend the following Florida PTA          Awards Ceremony - May 1st
new school year 2007-2008.                                                               events: 1) the Annual State                     *Dates are subject to change
         I know that we all have some                  DCC PTA/PTSA NEWS &               Convention (the weekend of                         There will also be Leadership
degree of mixed feelings in looking at                        REMINDERS                  November 2nd we meet in Daytona).         Development Workshops available
the journey we have ahead: excite-                       Dade County Council annual      2) the Region 7 Week Legislative          through the Feeder Patterns. Please
ment and apprehensions; enthusiasm             dues are $125.00, and are due by          Conference in Tallahassee in March        keep an eye open for a calendar of
and worries. However, all of our               September 30th, 2007. Unpaid              of 2008. And 3) the Leadership            Feeder Pattern Meetings/Workshops
doubts and fears need to be left aside.        locals will no longer have coverage       Conference at the Innisbrook Golf         coming soon!
I always tell those who might doubt            as of November 1st. Council Dues          Resort in July of 2008. The details           2007-2008 Academic Calendar:
themselves, if others can so can you;          not only entitle your members to a        are available at                                   They are still available
and then, I remind them of the ultimate        voice and a vote in County Council                through DCC PTA/PTSA. The cost is
reason why we commit ourselves to              business and elections, but it also                 We also encourage each and      $3.50 each. Please email Ivelisse
meet the challenges our goals and              provides the liability coverage           every PTA/PTSA unit to participate in     Castro at to place
objectives will require us to overcome:        required by Miami-Dade County             our local events*, such as:               your order. You may mail your
the health, wellbeing and education of         Public Schools.                                 PTA Family Involvement Promise      check to DCC PTA/PTSA, SBAB 9999
ALL OF OUR CHILDREN.                                     The Council Dues Form is        Day - September 10th (see details         – Room 103. Checks are Payable to
         In PTA, there’s another reason        attached for your convenience.            below)                                    DCC PTA/PTSA. Your calendars will
why we need to feel comforted, and it          Please note, your state and national           Fall Leadership Development -        be mailed through school mail; if you’d
is that we’re not alone; there are many        dues ($3.00/member) must be paid          Saturday, September 29th (back up         like to come to the office to pick them
season PTA leaders willing to assist           first to Florida PTA for your Council     date is October 13th)                     up, we ask you to contact us for an
amongst our locals, in Dade County             membership to be effective.                    DCC PTA/PTSA General                 appointment.
Council, Florida PTA, and National                     Getting the Year Started:         Meetings - August 29th, October                The Parent Academy’s Family
PTA. One-hundred and eleven years                        We are closing in on a new      18th, January 24th also Reflections          Learning Event:Saturday, August
of experience help a great deal when           school year and PTA/PTSAs are get-        Reception, March 5th, and April 24th            25th, 2007, from 2PM to 5PM,
facing new tasks and responsibilities.         ting ready for another fabulous year!          FPTA Convention, Daytona, FL –       DCC PTA/PTSA 1st General Meeting
Just stay connected, remain informed,          Local units should have, or be in the     November 2-4th                            Date: Wednesday, August 29, 2007
and always know that help is only an           process of having:                             DCC PTA/PTSA Stepping Out for        Location: Miami Northwestern Sr. High,
email or a phone call away. Give us                      PTA/PTSA Audits completed       Students Walkathon - December 1st         1100 NW 71 Street, Miami, FL.
your constructive feedback, take               Setting up their boards and reviewing          National PTA Reflections             Time: 6:30 PM Registration and
advantage of the many resources PTA            procedure books and PTA resources         Program – Friday, December 7th,           Refreshments
has available for members and leaders,         Preparing their budgets                   2007 is the deadline for Dade County              7:00 PM Business Meeting
participate in the activities of this organ-   Working on their goals, objectives,       Council’s entries.

 ORANGE BOWL YOUTH FOOTBALL ALLIANCE AND                                                                         El Palacio Hotels
 MIAMI DOLPHINS TEAM UP TO HOST YOUTH FOOT-                                                        New Management, New Directions
 BALL SKILLS CLINIC AT DOLPHINS TRAINING CAMP                                                                                      Ernie Di Martino (Group Sales Mgr.),
                                                                                                                                   Gonzalo Ortega (Banquet Mgr.), Joe
                                                           On Saturday June 23rd,                                                  Rodriguez (Food and Beverage Mgr.)
                                                  2007 at the Miami Dolphins                                                       among others, in trying to promote our
                                                  Training Camp, 7500 SW 30th                                                      community as a centrally located focal
                                                  Street, Davie Florida at 9:00am                                                  point for out-of-town business travelers,
                                                  and 1:00pm, the Orange Bowl                                                      family reunions, weddings, conferences
                                                  Committee and the Miami                                                          and religious gatherings visiting the
                                                  Dolphins came together for the                                                   Miami area.
                                                  second consecutive year and                                                                An example of one of Martin's
                                                  hosted the widely popular Orange                                                 new directions, is a new marketing pro-
                                                                                                  You can't drive almost any-
                                                  Bowl Youth Football Alliance                                                     gram drawing upon native Bahamians
                                                                                         where in our community without being
                                                  (OBYFA) Skills Clinic, a series of                                               visiting the area for their seasonal
                                                                                         in sight of an El Palacio Hotel.
                                                  football and cheerleading skills                                                 shopping, vacationing and family
       Campers interacting with                                                          Though the hotels have physically
                                                  clinics across South Florida .                                                   reunions. Moreover, he is exploring
                                                                                         remained the same, things inside
           Dolphin Player                                  All campers were chal-        have been changing almost on a daily
                                                                                                                                   convening calypso/reggae and other
                                                  lenged and taught the latest skills                                              islands music to arrive and perform at
                                                                                         basis. The Ross Family, longtime
                                                  by the professional players and                                                  their hotel-top restaurant/lounge,
                                                                                         staunch supporters of Miami
                                                  youth coaches. Miami Dolphins                                                    Legends. He hopes to make their hotel
                                                                                         Gardens, employing hundreds of peo-
                                                  Alumni and Dolphins                                                              "Bahamas Central" in South Florida.
                                                                                         ple, over the years at their two hotels
                                                  Cheerleaders was also featured                                                             Not to be outdone other ethnic
                                                                                         and several warehouses, have
                                                  and served as instructors for vari-                                              groups are to be also represented in
                                                                                         embarked on an aggressive new
                                                  ous camp activities.                                                             other upcoming events and venues. So
                                                                                         "community based strategy" of pro-
                                                            The event was FREE for                                                 the Miami Gardens Observer will keep
                                                                                         moting their businesses, as well as
                                                  youths age 5 to 15. There were                                                   a close watch on upcoming events and
                                                                                         our area as a whole. This is being
                                                  over a thousand kids participating                                               keep everyone informed as to all the
                                                                                         implemented by several new market-
                                                  from the different youth group                                                   exciting new developments at the "new"
                                                                                         ing management changes in the past
                                                  across Miami Dade County for                                                     El Palacio Hotels Adjacent to Calder
                                                                                         two months. The Corporate Marketing
    Campers interaction with the                  both sessions.                                                                   Race Course and the Palmetto
                                                                                         and Sales Director, Don Martin is
      Dolphin Cheerleaders                                                                                                         Expressway.
                                                                                         leading a new team of sales staff in

                                                                                                                                              This page is
                                                                                                                                             Sponsored By
                                                                                                                                     ALL AROUND ASSOCIATE
                                                                                                                                   To have your Business or
                                                                                                                                    Organization Sponsor
                                                                                                                                       this Page, Please
                                                                                                                                       call: 786-326-5204
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                                                 HEALTH & WELLNESS
 SPONSORED BY                 MANDELL CHIROPRACTIC                                       SPONSORED BY PHOTOS & SERVICES BY LEONA

                                                                                                                    Know Your Skin Type
                                                                                                        A beautiful face starts with beautiful skin
                                                                                                   Cleanse ,Tone and moisturize your skin twice daily
                                                                                                   Radiant, healthy skin reflects how you look and feel.
                                                                                                    Normal Skin is the most         sidered relatively rare, sensitivity can
                                                                                         common of skin type. The T-zone            occur to all skin types, whether skin is
                                                                                         may experience excess oiliness,            normal/combination, oily or dry.
                                                                                         while the cheek and eye areas are          Cosmetics, fragrances, medications,
                                                                                         drier.                                     even the slightest touch can cause red-
                                                                                         Occasional breakouts may occur in          ness and irritation.
                                                                                         the T-zone area. This skin type            People with light hair, eyes and
                                                                                         favors seasonal changes in their skin      extremely fair skin are more likely to
                                                                                         care program. In warmer climates,          have sensitive skin. Skin may also
                                                                                         cleansers and moisturizers for oily        become sensitive while taking prescrip-
                                                                                         skin may be appropriate, while in          tion medications. It is important to use
                                                                                         cool conditions the skin may need          mild cleansers, toners and products
                                                                                         more moisture..                            with soothing properties.
                                                                                                    Oily Skin is characterized by   Sensitive skin may also have broken
                                                                                         an over production of sebum (oil) and      capillaries (Couperose) and extreme
                                                                                         will feel thicker than a dry or normal     hot and cold can force the capillaries to
                                                                                         skin. The pores can be enlarged and        stretch or break During facials, it is
                                                                                         skin may be prone to blemishes. The        important to avoid heavy steam
                                                                                         skin may appear extremely shiny and        Exfoliate with gentle products designed
                                                                                         blackheads may be prominent.               for sensitive skin .
                                                                                         People with an oily skin type are to                DRY SKIN may become dry
                                                                                         keep skin very clean to control shine.     when too much sun, wind or harsh
                                                                                         It is just as important to keep the skin   soaps are used. Medications and poor
                                                                                         hydrated with Oil free moisturizers.       diet may also be factors in creating dry
                                                                                         The goal is to create a balance in the     skin.* Dry skin also occurs during the
                                                                                         skin. Pore size can be made to             natural aging process, as sebum pro-
                                                                                         appear smaller with regular exfolia-       duction slows down. You may experi-
                                                                                         tion and deep cleansing clay based         ence fine lines and the skin may feel
                                                                                         masques used weekly.                       tight and look flaky
                                                                                                    Acne Prone Skin is a condi-     * Regular use of daily exfoliating prod-
                                                                                         tion that affects individuals of all       ucts with graduals allow for better pen-
                                                                                         ages. Acne and problem skin is often       etration of moisturizers. * Dry skin that
                                                                                         characterized by persistent break-         lacks elasticity will see a marked
                                                                                         outs; whiteheads, blackheads, red-         improvement when collagen-promoting
                                                                                         ness and inflammation.                     supplements are added to the skin care
      Think Nutrition                                                                               Sensitive Skin Though con-      regimen.

    During the Hurricane                     properly during this time, so perhaps
          Season                             include them in your planning
         Buy early and stock up.
                                                        FOOD OVERVIEW
Gathering hurricane supplies should be
                                             Have on hand:
a family affair with input from each
                                             • at least one portable cooler
member. Everyone has different wants,
                                             • food for infants and the elderly
needs and tastes, so all these need
                                             • food for pets
consideration during planning.
                                             • order extra medication if necessary
     Set aside some time to design daily
                                             and • remember to use proper hand
menus covering one or two weeks, and
                                             washing at all times!                       nutritional drinks • processed cheese      COAL INSIDE YOUR HOUSE OR
the amount of groceries needed for
                                                                  spread                                     GARAGE - the smoke and fumes are
your plan. Think of how it will most like-
                                             USDA’s New Food Guidance System                            MEAT GROUP                  deadly. Gas grills need to be outside
ly be hot weather with no electricity, so
                                             Bread, Vegetable, Fruit, Milk, Meat         • meat soups • canned: tuna, ham,          also for safety and fire hazards.
food choices should require no refriger-
                                             Be sure to include balanced nutrition       salmon, sardines, chili, corned beef                        SUPPLIES
ation. Plan at least 2 quarts of water
                                             in your planning.                           hash, ravioli, beans (kidney, lima,        • assorted batteries, extra cell phone
per person daily for drinking, and addi-
                                                          BREAD GROUP                    black eyed peas, lentils,                  battery, extra bulbs, flash
tional water for cooking. Filling the tub
                                             • breakfast cereal • crackers • break-      etc.) • peanut butter • bean spreads •     lights, lanterns, and candles • battery
with water is for other uses.
                                             fast/nutrition bars • rice cakes • whole    packaged nuts (unsalted, dry roasted,      operated TV and radio • room
     Try putting food supplies in large
                                             wheat or multi-grain bread • dry pasta      peanuts, walnuts, almonds, etc.) •         fans (if on generator) • toilet paper •
brown grocery bags, staple them shut,
                                             • Boston brown bread with raisins •         beef or turkey jerky • Vienna sausage      diapers and other infant non-
label as hurricane supplies and put in
                                             melba toast • taco shells • chips •                           EXTRA                    food supplies • fill red gas cans with
large waterproof plastic bags. You
                                             vanilla wafers • bread sticks • muffins     • bottled water, Gatorade, instant ice     extra gas if you have a generator
could also use a large waterproof con-
                                             • graham crackers • pretzels • pur-         tea, instant coffee, tea bags, pow-               OTHER CONSIDERATIONS
tainer with a lid. Store in your pantry so
                                             chase just before storm: fresh bread,       dered drink mixes • cream soups •          • cash to have on hand to cover
food supplies will be ready when need-
                                             round flatbread for wraps                   jelly • small packets of ketchup, mus-     expenses in the event the power goes
ed. Avoid using your hurricane sup-
                                                      VEGETABLE GROUP                    tard and mayonnaise • granola bars,        out • fill your car with gas • several
plies before the storm, but use them up
                                             • canned vegetables and soups •             fruit bars • infant food, formula • food   cans of “Fix a Flat” tire repair kit • hard
after the season is over or donate to a
                                             canned 3 bean salad, mushrooms •            for special diets                          soled shoes (in case of glass breakage)
food pantry to avoid the food expiring.
                                             salsa • spaghetti sauce • purchase                           COOKING                   • insect repellant • medium sized heavy
     The following sections will help you
                                             just before storm: fresh carrots, broc-     • fondue pot with sterno (canned           plastic bags for human waste disposal
plan your daily 3-meal menus, and also
                                             coli, etc.                                  heat) • camping stove • grill with         • consider a popup tent to sleep in •
include healthy snacks throughout the
                                                          FRUIT GROUP                    burners • extra propane or charcoal        and place important papers in a
day. Just as important are the supplies
                                             • canned fruit in its own juice • dried     for the grill • heavy duty aluminum foil   waterproof carrier.
that go along with your food prepara-
                                             fruit • 100% fruit juice • trail mix with   • disposable aluminum pans • hand              It’s always smart to plan for the
tion, remembering that you are trying to
                                             fruit • packaged: raisins, apricots,        operated can opener • bottle opener •             worst and hope for the best.
cover both the safety and cleanliness of
                                             cranberries, etc. • fruit cocktail •        fire extinguisher (ABC type) • match-      This fact sheet was developed by the University of
preparing meals during this disaster
                                             unsweetened applesauce                      es in a water proof container • sun-
                                                                                                                                    Florida Family & Consumer Sciences Extension
time frame. Some people also need to                                                                                                Agents of South Florida - Chris Kilbride, Martin
                                                           MILK GROUP                    screen to use when grilling outdoors •     County • Jacqueline Gibson and Monica Dawkins,
think of elderly neighbors who probably
                                             • non-fat milk (powdered, canned or         first aid kit • NEVER USE CHAR-            Miami Dade County • Brenda Marty Jimenez and
couldn’t fend for themselves or eat                                                                                                 Mary Peters, Broward County.
                                             shelf stable) • Ensure • puddings •
   Website:                                                           Miami Gardens Observer | August/September 2007 | 19

                                 RELIEF EFFORTS FOR JAMAICA
         The Jamaica Consulate
General Ricardo Allicock, along wtih the
                                             new president of J.U.R.A) was not at
                                             the meeting, his shipping company
                                                                                        Jamaican Diaspora Southern United States
Jamaican Diaspora Southern United
States Representative Marlon Hill host-
                                             Caribbean Ocean Corporation has                Hurricane Dean Drop Off Points
                                             always help the community in times
ed a couple of public community
                                             of needs and has expressed his wili-             SOUTH FLORIDA                  25 Southeast Second Avenue, Suite
forums to coordinate emergency relief
                                             ness to do his part as always.                   Tortuga Imports,Inc.                 609, Miami, FL 33131.
programs designated for Jamaica.
                                                        Albert Lettman, president of         14202 SW 142 Avenue
         The first meeting was hosted at
                                             The Greater Caribbean American                     Miami, FL. 33186                 Donations of any items should
Holy Family Episcopal Church at 18501
                                             Chamber of Commerce (GCACC)                       TEL: 305-378-6668                include a list of critically needed
NW Seventh Avenue [between 183
                                             another group that also, has an on                                               items such as non-perishable food
Street & 185 Street, on 7th Avenue]
                                             going relief effort for the Caribbean       Holy Family Episcopal Church        items, batteries, flashlights, first aid
Miami Gardens, FL 33169 on Monday,
                                             through BankUnited. Mr. Lettman,            18501 NW 7th Avenue, Miami             kits, battery operated radios and
August 20th, at 7:30pm were a prayer
                                             mention that the funds being collect-               Gardens, FL                               bottled water.
opportunity for "Hope and
                                             ed now would go to Jamaica to help                  305-652-6797
Encouragement" in the midst of the
                                             with the hurricane relief efforts. Kaye                                         For further information, persons can
passing of Hurricane Dean through the
                                             Chong from Air Jamaica mentioned          Kendall Community Church of God       call the Consulate office at 305-374-
Caribbeanon. Participants: were the
                                             that as of today (Wednesday, August        8795 SW 112 ST. , Kendall-Miami,        8431, extensions 223 and 232.
Hon. Winston Barnes, City of Miramar
                                             22, 2007) that Air Jamaica was back               FL (305) 274-3072                      Marlon A. Hill, Esq.
Commissioner & Radio Show Host,
                                             on track working to get people back                                                    Advisory Board Member
WAVS 1170 AM, Music, Celebrated
                                             and fort to Jamaica, but that the         Holy Sacrament Episcopal Church       Jamaican Diaspora Southern United
Musicians, Dem 3 Jamaican Tenors -
                                             Norman Manley Airport was working          2801 N University Dr, Hollywood -                    States
Steve Higgins, David Reid & Cecil
                                             without electricity on backup genera-     Pembroke Pines, FL (954) 432-8686                305-244-4456 or
Cooper. [This trio had 2 very successful
                                             tors and Cable and Wirless was still                                                  INFO@MARLONHILL.COM
performances this past weekend at the
                                             having major problems with the              Palm Beaches-Treasure Coast
Broward Center for the Performing Arts
                                             phone lines. Mrs. Chong suggested           United Sports & Social Club -          IF YOU HAVE A COMMUNITY
& Kendall Church of God.] They
                                             that people traveling to Jamaica                 Junior Farquharson             ORGANIZATION WORKING ON THE
received letters of Encouragement
                                             should call or check on line so that ;              JAMAICA HURRICAN RELIEF
from: Bishop Leo Frade, Diocese of SE
                                             they are aware of any delays an or                  561-723-3605                 EFFORT PLEASE CONTACT THE
Florida - The Episcopal Church,
                                             cancellation of flights.                                                        ABOVE OFFICES IF THEY CAN BE
The Hon. Ricardo Allicock, Consul
                                                        These were just a few of the        CENTRAL FLORIDA                   OF SERVICE TO YOU OR YOUR
General of Jamaica
                                             information that was gathered from         Quick Ship Caribbean Services                 ORGANIZATION
The Hon. Shirley Gibson, Mayor, City of
                                             this very informative meeting and               2153 W. Colonial Dr.
Miami Gardens, FL
                                             both the Consul General Ricardo                  (In the Magic Mall)
         The second meeting was held                                                                                             ON SEPTEMBER 7TH
                                             Allicock and the Diaspora                        Orlando, Fl. 32804
on Wednesday, August 22nd at 6:30pm                                                                                                    AT THE
                                             Representative, Marlon Hill explained            Tel: (407) 999-9501
at the Christway Baptist Church, 3800
South Douglas Road in Miramar.
                                             and reported as must information on                                                COMMUNITY CULTURAL
                                             the hurricane relief efforts in Jamaica       FiWe Caribbean Cuisine,             TRIBUTE TO MS. LOU AT
         These community forums were
                                             as they could.                               6601 Old Winter Garden Rd.         SIERRA NORWOOD CALVARY
held to calibrate hurricane relief efforts
                                                    Meanwhile, drop off points have             Orlando, Florida
in the Jamaican community, to see                                                                                                  BAPTIST CHURCH
                                             been set up at several churches. A         (corner of Hiawassee Rd. & Old
what organization was already doing                                                                                             459 NW 191ST STREET
                                             list will be located on this page.        Winter Garden Rd (by Walgreens)
hurricane relief effort, to assist them if
they needed help, to get the word out                                                         Tel: (407) 293-6393                  MIAMI GARDENS,
                                              For further information, persons                                                    THEY WILL ALSO BE
that the different community group are
                                              can call the Consulate office at         In the interim, persons interested      COLLECTING DONATIONS
available to collect items needed for
                                                        305-374-8431,                    in making donations can make
Jamaica, to see who were available to                                                                                            FOR THE HURRICANE
                                                   extensions 223 and 232.              checks payable to the Jamaica
help and in what capacity they were will                                                                                             RELIEF FUND
to help.                                                                                  Consulate General (Hurricane
         This was a meeting to coordi-            FOR UP TO THE DATE                   Relief) and mailed to the office at        CALL: 305-613-4365
nate efforts and to work with one anoth-           INFORMATION ON                      NEW ELECTION COVERAGE DATE MONDAY SEPTEMBER 3RD
er so that we could get the most done                  JAMAICA
without stepping on each other toes so
                                                   GO TO ONLINE TO
to speak. From this meeting we found
out that there was a few community 
organizations that were already started
doing their relief efforts but they needed
the information put out into the commu-       The Miami Gardens
nity so that any one/company wanting
to help would know that they were
accepting supplies and donations. Their      is a proud supporter
were quite a few members of J.U.R.A.
at the meeting and Joan Seaga-                       of The
Gonzalez (former president of J.U.R.A.)       Jamaican Diaspora
announced that J.U.R.A was one of the
several community groups putting                  information
together a container with relief items for
Jamaica. Although Hugh Osborne (the
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 MIAMI-DADE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE PRESENTS                                                BUSINESS CARD DIRECTORY
 BUSINESS EMPOWERMENT NETWORKING SERIES                                           $ 75.00 MONTLY TO PLACE YOUR CARD
           Technology: The Game
                  Tuesday September 18 th, 2007
         Miami-Dade Chamber of               WHEN: Tuesday September 18,
Commerce Business Empowerment               2007
Networking Series (BENS), Technology:                   11:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m
The Game . The IBM sponsored lunch-
eon will feature Marc Morial , president    WHERE:        Parrot Jungle Island
of the National Urban League. Marc                     1111 Parrot Jungle Trail
Morial will speak on the National Urban                   Miami, FL 33132
League's successful technology initia-
tives and the steps small business own-     COST:        $25 chamber mem-
ers and entrepreneurs need to make so       bers
that technology will work to increase                      $35 non-members
the bottom line.                            For more information and to regis-
        The luncheon will also include a     ter for the event, contact Sharon
special session with IBM- How               Bacon at 305-751-8648. Event and
Technology Impacts Business Growth-           information registration is also
Speaker Denise Evans , Marketing                         available at
Development Executive, IBM.                  
       BENS is a comprehensive quar-
terly seminar series created for small               Media Contact:
business owners and entrepreneurs to                Suzan McDowell
learn proven strategies that will help to          Tel: 305.576.3790
grow and enhance their businesses. 

                 MONTHLY BUSINESS
   The August meeting of the Perpetual Learning And Teaching
Organization (PLATO) will be held on Monday, August 27, 2007, at
7:00 pm at North Miami Beach Senior High School, 1247 NE 167th
                  Street, room 103. Program -
  September Meeting will on held on September 15th
             Please plan to attend and bring a friend or two.
                   PLATO Parliamentary Law Unit

              Second Tuesday of every month at 7pm
           Location: Liberty Tax at 18250 NW 2nd Avenue
                (corner of 441 and NW 183rd Street)

           Miami Gardens Junior Chamber of Commerce

                  FREE BUSINESS SEMINAR
 Taxes and Insurance for Your Business & Alternative
             Financing for Your Business
           Tuesday, September 4th, at 7:45AM-9:00AM                               GET ALL YOUR PRINTING & GRAPHIC WITH US
            City of Miami Gardens Council Chambers                                     6151 Miramar Parkway Suite 326, Miramar Fl 33023
     1515 NW 167 Street, Bldg. 5, Suite 200, Miami Gardens, FL                    CALL AND PLACE YOUR ORDERS NOW: 786-326-5204
                      FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL:                                     MENTION THE MIAMI GARDENS OBSERVER FOR A DISCOUNT
              Sarah Wykstra | Business Development Specialist |
             ACCION USA | T 305.548.3360 x124 | F 305.548.3348 |

                   The September 19th, meeting will be
                     Opportunities Abundant - at 7pm
                         4300 N.W. 36th Street
                            Lauderdale Lakes
                Please go to our web site

                 EVENTS AND OR MEETINGS
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              REAL ESTATE                                                                                           AUTO
   Miami-Dade Property Owners                                                            How to Buy a New Car
    To Receive 2007 Notice of                                                                                                   between?
                                                                                                                                5. How important is power/perform-
    Proposed Property Taxes                                                                                                     ance? Do I need (or just want) a new
                                                                                                                                car that can do 150 mph?
         MIAMI Miami-Dade County            The average savings for a home with                                                 6. Do I need (or just want) a vehicle
property and business owners will           a market value of $350,000, which                                                   that can carry cargo? How much?
begin receiving the Notice of Proposed      benefits from a Homestead                                                           7. What kind of gas mileage is accept-
Property Taxes (or TRIM Truth in            Exemption and the 3% Save Our                                                       able -- and what's not? Is my personal
Millage notices) from the Property          Homes Cap, will be approximately                                                    "tipping point" at least 28 mpg -- or is
Appraisal Department this week, which       $300. Other properties may see an                                                   16 mpg OK if the car otherwise meets
details proposed 2007 property taxes.       increase in taxes. However, the level                                               my needs?
                                            of these increases has been offset by                                               8. How about safety? Are crash-test
                                            the State mandated rollbacks.
                                                                                       11 Questions to Help                     scores very important? The presence
         This notice includes the recent
State mandated tax cuts approved by                                                       You Make the                          (or absence) of features like side-cur-
the Florida Legislature last June. The              NEW AND ENHANCED                      Right Choice                          tain air bags, stability control and brake
statutory changes mandate rollbacks to                  EXEMPTIONS                                                              assist?
                                                                                               With so many new cars (and
2006 tax revenue levels by county and                Some property owners have                                                  9. What level of warranty coverage
                                                                                    trucks, SUVs, hybrids and
municipal governments, as well as           also benefited from recent changes                                                  meets my expectations? Is three
                                                                                    "crossovers") to choose from, how to
additional cuts of up to 9 percent as       and enhancements in exemptions.                                                     years/36,000 miles enough? Or is the
                                                                                    buy a new car that's right for you?
determined by the Florida Department        Miami-Dade County and 16 other                                                      minimum five years/50,000 miles?
                                                                                               It's easy to go on looks
of Revenue. However, some taxing            cities have adopted the new maxi-                                                   10. Is resale/trade-in value a big con-
                                                                                    alone, of course, but down that road
authorities such as the Miami-Dade          mum senior citizen exemption now at                                                 sideration? Some brands hold their
                                                                                    lies trouble (very much like picking a
School Board are exempt from these          $50,000. Combat related disabled                                                    value much better than others.
                                                                                    spouse on the basis of looks alone).
tax cuts.                                   veterans have also received addition-
                                                                                               Or you can focus on the price
                                            al discounts available on their 2007                                                        Your answers to the above will
                                                                                    of your new car, but if you do that to
         "The August TRIM Notice prop-      taxes. Qualified applicants will see                                                automatically exclude a number of
                                                                                    the exclusion of other considerations,
erty owners are receiving this week         these new and enhanced benefits on                                                  makes/models, narrowing your pool of
                                                                                    such as comfort, safety or reliability,
provides owners with information about      the 2007 TRIM Notice.                                                               possible candidates considerably. Now
                                                                                    it's not likely you'll be happy with your
the proposed taxes for each taxing                                                                                              the biggest question:
authority in advance of the bills," said           HURRICANE REPAIRS
Acting Property Appraiser Marcus Saiz                As a result of Hurricanes                                                  11. How much do you want to spend?
                                            Wilma and Katrina in 2005, many
                                                                                          So where to begin?
de la Mora. "The actual bills are mailed
                                            property owners saw temporary                    To make sure you buy a new                  Never, ever plan to buy a new
in November so tax payers have suffi-
                                            reductions in their assessed values     car that fits your needs, start by          car without thoroughly figuring out
cient time to review all of the informa-
                                            for 2006 and paid lower taxes. Most     answering these 10 questions:               beforehand the maximum amount of
tion such as exemptions applied, hear-
ing dates, and appeal deadlines."           of these properties have since been                                                 money you're comfortable spending --
                                            repaired and the pre-hurricane values   1. Do I prefer a domestic or an import      and stick to it. This will keep you on
                                            have been restored on the 2007          brand? Does it matter?                      budget and help you dodge the "low
             TAX SAVINGS
                                            TRIM Notice. These property owners      2. Do I need (or just want) a large         monthly payment" shuck and jive that
        Preliminary figures indicate that
                                            have been notified with special         new car, a medium-sized new car --          often gets unsuspecting new car buyers
90% of homestead property owners in
                                            inserts included in the TRIM Notices.   or a small one?                             in way over their heads. Be sure to
Miami-Dade will pay lower property
                                                                                    3. Do I need (or just want) a vehicle       include everything in the bottom line,
taxes in 2007 than they did in 2006.
                                                                                    with rear-wheel drive, front-wheel          too. That means finance charges, inter-
                                          THIS INFORMATION WAS                      drive or some sort of all-wheel-            est, taxes, insurance, everything you
                                              SPONORED BY                           drive/4x4 system?                           will need to spend to own and drive the
                                       MORTAGE RESOURSE PLUS INC                    4. Do I prefer a soft ride, a firm,         car.
                                             PATRICK BAILEY                         "sporty" ride -- or something in-
                                                 954-748-0766                               THIS INFORMATION WAS SPONSORED BY
                                                                                                   MERCEDES-BENZ OF MIAMI
                                                                                           ASK FOR MICHAEL BENNETT - 305-801-4800
                                                                                                 MENTION THE MIAMI GARDENS OBSERVER
                                                                                                          FOR A SPECIALGIFT

  NORTH DADE / MIAMI GARDENS                            MIRAMAR
     4 Bedrooms, 2 Bath with                      Great Starter Home with
      EXTRA APARTMENT                             SERVERAL UPGRADE
       Spacious Home with                           3 Bedrooms, 2 Bath
      LOT OF POSSIBLIES                          **SAVE FORCLOSURE**
     Fully Fenced Yard with                     OWNER MUST SELL FAST
    FRUIT TREES, AND MORE                       Save $$$ Asking $ 239,000
3 Bedrooms with INLAW QUARTERS,                          MIRAMAR
 Seller Will Pay Buyers Closing Cost            Clean 3 Bedrooms, 3 Baths,
         Asking $ 299,999                              could be used
                                            As Extra Income or In-Law Ouarters.
               MIAMI                        OWNER VERY ANXIOUS TO SELL
      4 Bedrooms, 2 Bath Asking                      Asking $ 249,900
          Asking $ 269,999
            BOCA RATON                              PEMBROKE PINES
         3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths                        2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths
        Seller Will Pay Buyers                       CONDO APT # 302
             Closing Cost                            Asking $ 179,999

 CALL ANYTIME FOR MORE INFORMATION:                      954-961-5744

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                  ENTERTAINMENT & EVENTS

                                        IN STORES NOW!!!

                                           NEW ALBUM FEATURING
                                             LONGING FOR
                                           TRUE REFLECTIONS
                                              & SAME WAY

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                              SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT
      Michael Irvin Hall of Famer                                                            Venus Williams                                      BB King:
     Celebrates in His Hometown                                                                clinched her                               Bonds Hits Home
                                              event that benefited the Michael Irvin        fourth Wimbledon                                 Run 756
                                              Playmaker Charities and Foundation,
                                              Irvin posed for photos and
                                              exchanged handshakes with a
                                              steady stream of well-wishers, some
                                              of whom he's known for years, some
                                              he was meeting for the first time.
                                              Nearby, Irvin's mother and aunt
                                              watched with wide smiles from their
                                                        Mr. Gerald Roberts arranged
                                              a special dance performance by the
                                              Irvin Dance Acadamey whice is a
                                              part of the Club Carter Progrom at
                                              the Joseph C. Carter Park in Sunrise,
                                              Florida. This progrom is also funded
                                              by the Michael Irvin Playmaker
                                              Charities and Foundation.
                                                        "All this is wonderful," said
                                              Irvin's mother, Stella, who got out of                   Venus Williams
                                              the car carrying her to the event                                                                    Barry Bonds joined the pan-
          Michael Irvin returned to where
                                              holding a shopping bag from the Pro                                                        theon of the baseball gods Tuesday
his Hall of Fame career began on                                                                     Venus Williams clinched her
                                              Football Hall of Fame. "Go, go, go,                                                        night at AT&T Park by hitting his 756th
Tuesday night, August 7, and he                                                             fourth Wimbledon singles title with a 6-
                                              but it's been wonderful."                                                                  homer, passing the legendary Hank
embraced the homecoming in typically                                                        4 6-1 victory over 18th seed Marion
                                                        Irvin's induction speech,                                                        Aaron to take over perhaps Major
emotional fashion.                                                                          Bartoli.
                                              which he never rehearsed, capped a                                                         League Baseball's most hallowed
          "This is where it all started and                                                          After a nervy start, Bartoli, 22,
                                              memorable induction ceremony. He                                                           record: first place on the all-time home
I wanted to be here to celebrate this                                                       matched Williams in a hard-fought first
                                              thanked everyone from his high                                                             run list.
and enjoy it," said Irvin, the former                                                       set but finally cracked at 4-5 down.
                                              school coach at Fort Lauderdale St.                                                                  The homer, Bonds' 22nd of the
University of Miami and Dallas                                                              Williams, 27, continued to pile on the
                                              Thomas Aquinas, George Smith --                                                            season, ended Aaron's more than 33-
Cowboys star wide receiver who was                                                          pressure and broke again after an epic
                                              who was at the event Tuesday -- to                                                         year reign as MLB's home run king.
feted before about 200 guests at a din-                                                     opening game to the second set.
                                              people at Miami and many within the                                                        Aaron has held at least a tie for the top
ner in his hometown. "I wanted to come                                                                despite needing treatment on
                                              Cowboys organization, all in his dis-                                                      spot on the homer list since he knotted
back to Miami as soon as I got off the                                                      a thigh problem, Williams powered on
                                              tinctive, simple-yet-eloquent style.                                                       Babe Ruth on April 4, 1974, Opening
podium. I wanted the energy to still be                                                     to victory and another title to add to
                                                        "People root for the under-                                                      Day of that season at Cincinnati's
alive. This is home."                                                                       those she won in 2000, 2001 and 2005
                                              dog," said Irvin, who has publicly bat-                                                    Riverfront Stadium.
          It has been a whirlwind few
                                              tled addiction issues throughout his                                                                 "Right now, I'm very happy that
days for Irvin, the outspoken and
charismatic wide receiver who was part
                                              adult life. "So don't tell me this isn't a    TO SPONORSOR OUR                             it's all over with," Bonds said long after
                                              great world and great country that                                                         the Nationals defeated his Giants, 8-6.
of a six-man class enshrined into the
                                              we're in. People root hard for the
                                                                                               SPORTS PAGE                               "I'm really happy with my teammates.
Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday
night in Canton, Ohio.
                                              underdog. We have struggles, I have           CALL: 786-326-5204 OR                        That's the most important thing. And the
                                              struggles, and to see someone over-                      fans, like I said, the fans here are my
          "Hall of Famer Michael Irvin,
                                              come it gives the rest of us some                                                          family. No one will ever take that away."
that is such an honor," Irvin said. "It's a
blow-you-away honor. No, it's not nor-
                                                        "Now I have a chance to
mal, but I love hearing it. I don't know if
                                              watch my sons play, and then watch
I'll ever get used to it."
                                              my boys play here in Miami," Irvin
          Flanked by some relatives and
                                              said. "And I'm really going to enjoy
other close friends at a $150-a-plate

              Irvin Dance Academy special performance for
               Michael Irvin at his Hall of Fame Celebration

               This Page is Sponsored by
               Global Youth Developement

   Noel Miller at
             Phone: 754-234-0391
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