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									                                                                                   y wish is that everyone
        Moringa                                                                    will   understand
                                                                             extraordinary value of this
                                                                             plant for humanity. Moringa
                                                                             contains hundreds of sub-

     THE MIRACLE TREE                                                        stances—vitamins, minerals,
                                                                             enzymes, amino acids, essen-
Interview with RUSS BIANCHI                            PART 10               tial fats, and specific phyto-
MANAGING DIRECTOR, ADEPT SOLUTIONS, INC.                                     chemicals      (plant-derived),
                                                                             each with clear applications in
                                                                             healing and nutrition. I have
     What’s Wrong                                                            tried to remain objective and
                                                                             impartial, although it is hard

     with Our Food?                                                          not to be excited and fascinat-
                                                                             ed by Moringa... You will come
                                                                             to understand why they call her a miracle tree.
      ould what we’re eating—or not eating—be the downfall of
C      our health? Is our food supply seriously, even disastrously,
lacking? Is there an easy solution to this dilemma? The answers
                                                                             Miracle Tree was written by Dr. Monica Marcu, Pharm.D., Ph.D.,
                                                                             as a result of her study of medicinal plants and her definitive
                                                                             research of one of our greatest trees, Moringa oleifera.
                    are: YES,YES and YES, as you’ll see from this
           show, “Moringa:The
                    Miracle Tree,” an interview with renowned            MAJ: Tell us about some of the fantastic nutritional properties
                    food scientist and Zija® formulator Russ             of the Moringa.
                    Bianchi recorded October 27, 2010, on
                                                                         RB: Moringa is the most nutrient-rich botanical we know of in
                    Michelle Anne Johnson’s program,
                                                                         Western science, and in Eastern Ayurvedic, as well as Asian
                    “Kickstart Your Consciousness.” Other
                                                                         herbal medicine. Specifically, Moringa has very large amounts—
                    guests were Paul Lovato, a cellular biologist
                                                                         2 to 600 times the RDA depending on dosage—of all the vita-
                    from Santa Rosa, CA, and                                                          mins and minerals one needs to
Elizabeth Lovato who gives her personal testi-                                                        sustain life. In addition to that, we’ve
monial. Excerpted here are Russ’ frank com-                                                           kept it enzymatically alive, and we
ments about what has happened to our food                                                             kept all of its 20 amino acids in their
chain—and thus our health— and what the                                                              correct sequencing, percentage, and
Moringa tree, a “powerhouse of nutrients,”                                                           ratio for recognition and metaboliza-
can do to help the body correct itself. To                                                           tion by the body. Nine of these amino
listen to the entire one-hour program or to                                                          acids are the essential ones that don’t
download the audio file, go to BlogTalkRadio                                                         even exist in the Western food chain
.com and search for “moringa.” —EDITOR                                                               anymore because it has been so dumb-
                                                                                                     ed-down, processed, or otherwise
                                                                                                     badly altered.
PL: Russ, how did you get involved with the                                                              In addition to that, the Moringa
Moringa and with Zija International™?                                                               seeds have very high levels of the
                                                                                                    Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids
RB: At Adept Solutions, Inc., near Monterey
                                                                                                    that are botanically based; whereas
Bay, CA, we create, convert, or stabilize in the
                                                                                                    sources of Omega from fish oils and
areas of drug development, food and beverage,
                                                                                                    seafood sources are not absorbable—
cosmetics and skin care, and flavor chemistry,
                                                                                                   there’s very hard evidence to that effect.
as well as nutritional supplementation.
                                                                                                   Then there are over 36 anti-inflamma-
Actually, we came to this reluctantly at first
                                                                                                   tories in this one plant, as well as 46
until I started reading the science behind it.
                                                                                                   anti-carcinogens and antioxidants. So
What really caught my eye was an abstract out
                                                                                                   this botanical is an absolute power-
of the World Health Organization that led me
                                                                                                   house. According to Dr. Monica Marcu
to a main study showing that very tiny amounts of just the raw
                                                                         who literally wrote the book on Moringa, it exceeds the next
Moringa leaf were arresting and reversing malnutrition in small
                                                                         nearest plant by up to 73 times in terms of its nutrient value!
infants and toddlers. Since then I’ve literally read thousands of
vetted, empirical medical-journal and scientific studies on
Moringa.1 My company was hired by Zija’s founder Ken                     MAJ: What’s so important about keeping something enzymati-
Brailsford to take the raw materials from the Moringa tree and           cally alive?
turn them into highly efficacious, consumable products. It took a        RB: It’s very important. It allows the body to recognize it and
long time and a great deal of effort to keep this remarkably com-        utilize it even at a cellular and subcellular level. Give the body
plex botanical intact and fully available for use in the body.           what it needs from plants and you will live better and longer.

24                                                          www. n a t u r a l l i fe n   • Natural Life News & Directory
              Moringa is an extraordinary plant. It has all the nutrients that
                        can be found in a perfect food. — Dr. Monica Marcu
            There is no better liquid beverage or supplement for long-term
           health currently on the market globally that gets anywhere near
                    Zija’s efficaciousness or overall benefit. — Russ Bianchi

If you want to learn more about how badly the food chain has              dangerously obese
gotten dumbed down, I strongly recommend a 20-minute video                and this is due in
on the Internet. (You can find it on YouTube or at my website,            large part to the fact It’s by a food critic for the New York Times,           that the average
Mark Bittman, and it’s called, “What’s Wrong with What We                 American is consum-
Eat?” He explains the systematic, economic dumbing-down of                ing OVER 100
the Western food chain over the last 45 years. We in America              POUNDS A YEAR of
today are basically overfed, undernourished and overdrugged.              this artificial sweet-
                                                                          ener! In fact, the
MAJ: What was behind the dumbing-down of our food?                        Corn Refiner’s Association is trying to change its name to “corn
What precipitated that change?                                            sugar,” which they won’t get away with because it’s in violation
                                                                          of the CFR’s definition of sugar. But if you really want to improve
RB: It’s like most everything else—just follow the money. In the          your life, get away from processed foods altogether—get out of
early seventies, the Dairy Board got together with the USDA               the center aisles of the supermarket.
and agreed that, even though cow’s milk has been fine for ten-
thousand years, let’s just bam-                                                                                   MAJ: When you say that we
boozle everybody and tell them                                                                                    knew this, was that based
that 1%, 2%, reduced, low-fat                                                                                     on research?
and fat-free milks are good for
you. Then they took all that                                                                                      RB: That was based on clini-
butter fat and invented premi-                                                                                    cal knowledge, blood draws
um ice creams and brand-name, value-                                                                              and empirical, published
added items to make more money. That                                                                              studies going back to the
was the beginning of the end.                                                                                     early seventies. You can find
                                                                   e knew by 1973 that 20 pounds
      A year later, a guy in the midwest was
reading a Japanese patent on rice and said, let’s
just use corn at 1/2 a cent a pound; we’ll hit it
                                                       W           per year of High Fructose Corn
                                                           Syrup would harm the body. . . .Today
                                                                                                                  the body of evidence on my
                                                                                                                  website in the recommended
                                                                                                                  reading section and the tech-
with acid; we’ll modify the starch; we’ll convert                                                                 nical sections that documents
it to glucose or corn syrup and then we’ll take            the average American is consuming                      this in literally thousands of
it 26 more chemical steps to an artificial mole-           OVER 100 POUNDS A YEAR of this                         books and studies.
cule that the body can’t even recognize, but               artificial sweetener!
that is 1.41 times sweeter than sugar. We’ll                                                                      MAJ: The way you talk
lower sweetening costs in America from 25                                                                         about it, it sounds like
cents a pound to a nickel a pound. We’ll diver-                                                                   HFCS should be treated
sify choice in the marketplace. We’ll lower consumer costs and              as a poison, like cigarettes and nicotine have been.
we’ll increase profits. And that was the beginning of the end with
High Fructose Corn Syrup.                                                   RB: Well, we’ve got a government that Will Rogers was absolute-
      We knew by 1973 that 20 pounds per year of HFCS would                 ly correct in describing as “the best government money can buy.”
                            harm the body, raise serum cholesterol,         You design a racehorse through Congress and you’re going to get
                               triglycerides and LDL cholesterol,           an eleven-legged, four-humped camel! With the special interests,
                                shut down your liver’s ability to           the American Medical, Nurses’ and Hospital Associations, the
                                process fat, and shut down the islets       tort lawyers and K-Street lobbyists, politicians on the take, insur-
                                 of Langerhans in your pancreas so          ance companies and drug companies—they all have their hand
                                  you became insulin resistant—as           in the till.
                                   well as raising your propensity                We are dealing with “managed sick care” in America today.
                                     for arteriosclerosis, high blood       It’s not about arresting, reversing or curing. It’s not about “first
                                      pressure and depression—and           doing no harm” [The Hippocratic Oath]. We’re spending trillions
                                                then be stored as fat!      of dollars for no reason. As I said before, we are undernourished,
                                                             Today over     we are overfed, and we are overdrugged.
                                                               70% of             In 1965, the average American consumed less than 1,500
                                                               us range     calories a day from four unprocessed food groups. Today we’re
                                                              from over-    consuming on average over 3,200 calories per day, with up to
                                                             weight to      80% less absorbable nutrient values in those calories!

January–February 2011                                                                                                                       25
                                            MAJ: Let’s talk more about the undernour-                Vitamin A of carrots, and the list goes on
                                            ishment. It’s difficult for most people to               with over 90 verifiable nutrients!
                                            see an obese person as malnourished.
                                                                                                     MAJ: Can you talk a little more about this
                                            RB: Yes, it’s a very bizarre form of malnour-
                                                                                                     bioavailability and the difficulty of even
                                            ishment, if you will. What has happened is
                                                                                                     finding these nutrients in our food?
                                            that, after air, water and salt, the next least
                                            costly filler to stick in the food and beverage          RB: Consider this—if I were to eat a head
                                            chain for profit is High Fructose Corn                   of spinach back in 1958, some 52 years ago,
                                            Syrup. So we are getting calories, but we’re             and then assay what those nutrients were
ELIZABETH’S TESTIMONIAL                     getting no nutrients to feed our body.                   that got into my body from that plant, how
                                            Therefore, we are not satiated. The brain                many heads of spinach would I have to eat
   was giving up on ever having my
I  body back. After having four mis-
carriages, I gave birth on the fifth try
                                            doesn’t trigger leptin to say, “stop eating.”
                                            So we keep “grazing at the trough”—literal-
                                            ly digging our grave sooner with our teeth.
                                                                                                     today to equal that, even if they were organi-
                                                                                                     cally grown in my own back yard? And the
                                                                                                     answer is FORTY! Now, I’m not a goat and
to my baby girl at age 44. In addition,          So basically what it comes down to is,              I’m not a cow—I’m not going to eat forty of
I injured my back after a fall and was      “when the poker game is crooked, you kick                anything. You’ve got to have the nutrients
unable to exercise. I had gained over       over the table and come out shooting...”                 that nature allows in the plant.
100 pounds and was literally giving up.     What Moringa provides through Zija in effi-                   You know, I do drug development.
I started giving my clothes away that I     cacious delivery is an opportunity for folks             There are good drugs; there are bad drugs.
thought I would never fit into again.       to take their own health and wellness back,              There’s a lot of mis-prescribing of drugs or
                                            to correct what is not there nutritionally,              over-prescribing, and it’s a reactive model.
      Then I heard from a friend who
                                            and to make themselves healthy again with-               I like to say, “Drugs maintain, rarely correct,
had lost 23 pounds over the holidays,       out this reactive, “sick-care” protocol.                 slowly degrade the body over time at great
without dieting, and I said I want to
learn about this. I went to a meeting
                                                                 PL: Michelle, I just
with Paul Lovato and a group of Zija
                                                                 want to jump in and                   Gram for gram,
leaders in the Bay Area. I started on                            say that what we’re
the program right away and started                                                                     the Moringa
                                                                 really addressing here is
losing weight right away.                                                                              delivers:
                                                                 caveat emptor—buyer
      After five months on this three-                           beware. Today’s talk is
part system which covers nutrition,                              about providing that
fat burning and detoxification, I                                education for making
already have lost 50 pounds. Because                             better choices. Let’s be
of the anti-inflammatories in the           more aware of what we’re putting in our
Moringa, my back feels the best it has      bodies and what are the potential benefits
                                            or consequences of that. The Moringa is a
in 5 years. I’m now fitting back into
                                            perfect food. It’s not a drug and we’re not
those clothes again. I am saving
                                            prescribing, curing or treating any diseases
money as well—my grocery bill was           here, but as we provide this supernutrition
cut in half since I didn’t have all those   for the body, we’re seeing the body’s vari-
cravings any more.                          ous systems start to correct themselves
      My brain and body balance on          naturally and synergistically.
the Moringa has far improved.The                  In my personal life, Michelle, with                   4x   the Calcium of Milk
first thing I felt was a burst of energy.   Zija’s Moringa supplements, in addition                     4x   the Vitamin A of Carrots
I started to feel that, “Wow, there’s       to a host of other benefits, I’ve now lost a                2x   the Protein of Yog u rt
hope!” I came alive and started feeling     total of 45 pounds and have kept it off for                 3x   the Potassium of Bananas
young again. My 3-year-old daughter         over 9 months. These products that Dr.
                                            Bianchi has developed so carefully based
                                                                                                        7x   the Vitamin C of Oranges
said, “Mommy’s happy again!”                                                                            3x   the Iron of Spinach
                                            on the Moringa have allowed us to take
      I’m so glad there are people like     our health back.
Russ and Paul that know the science
behind it.What I know is Zija has
                                                  But I want to point out the essential
                                            difference between Zija and all the other
                                                                                                         M o r i n ga oleifera :
changed my whole life and has been          Moringa leaf or powder products in the                   • Over 90 Verifiable Nutrients
a godsend for me. I was a former            marketplace. Only Zija has preserved the                 • Packed with Vitamins & Minerals
corporate-America employee and              enzymatic aliveness and the immediate,                   • All the Essential Amino Acids & More
now I’m a successful Zija independent       cellular bioavailability of these nutrients
distributor. I’m 47 years old and I
                                                                                                     • Rich in Omega Fatty Acids 3, 6 & 9
                                            at these incredibly high dosages—for
haven’t felt this good since high           instance: 7 times the Vitamin C of oranges,              • 46 Antioxidants, 36 Anti-inflammatories
school!                                    4 times the calcium of milk, 4 times the                 • 539 Medicinal Biochemical Activities2

26                                                            www. n a t u r a l l i fe n   • Natural Life News & Directory
cost with side effects, and if you stay on         the average American is consuming about
them too long, you’re going to die early.          200 POUNDS PER YEAR OF SWEETENERS,                                   The
                                                                                                                              Smart Drink®
However, plants arrest, reverse and cure.”         artificial, and marketed for demand, or hid-                         Over 90 nutrients, refresh-
So eat more plants, that’s the message here        den in foods to produce profit. That’s why a                         ing and ready to drink in a
today. Eat more plants with high nutrient          lot of America is sick.                                              5.5 oz. can with food-grade
                                                                                                                        plastic lining.
values like Moringa for your wellness and                Forty-five years ago, one out of twenty
benefit.                                           people was a diabetic. The Centers for
                                                   Disease Control announced just the other                  Zija XM3 Drink®
MAJ: Since you’re also in the drug industry,       day that within three years, ONE OUT OF              • Appetite Control &
                                                   THREE will be diabetic. In the medical liter-          Weight Maintenance
how many diseases that we take these
                                                                                                        • Natural Energy & Sports
pharmaceuticals for would you say are              ature years ago, they used to call it “sugar
                                                                                                          Performance Enhancer
due to malnourishment?                             diabetes.” Why? We knew in 1922 that 65
                                                                                                        • Moringa Nutrition with
                                                   pounds per year of sweetener would trigger             Green Tea, Desert Tea,
RB: A lot—the majority, in fact, in my opin-       inflammation of the pancreas and you would             Ginseng & more
ion. You could read a book called The Truth        get insulin resistance.
About the Drug Companies by Marcia Angell,               As I mentioned before, eat real foods.
MD, who was Editor in Chief of, and spent          Stay only on the outer walls of the super-
21 years at, the New England Journal of
                                                                                                                                       Smart Mix®
                                                   market. Get powerful, real plants like the                                      Almost 30 grams
Medicine. Read just a few chapters of that         Moringa with all its nutrient values into your                              of Moringa nutrients.
and you’ll be afraid to take even a baby           body and you’ll do exceedingly better. Our                                  Delicious. Just add to
aspirin—that’s how bad it’s gotten in that                                      bodies are the
                                                                                                                              water, shake and drink.
business. So we’re trying                                                       most incredible
to deliver something to                                                                                      Zija XM3 Caps®
                                                                                machines ever
the body that essentially                                                       devised by the
                                                                                                        • Weight Management System
                                         orty-five years ago, one
isn’t there otherwise,
either in processed foods
or beverages, or in other
                                   F     out of twenty people was
                                     a diabetic. The Centers for
                                                                                Creator. Give the
                                                                                body from nature
                                                                                                        • Powerful, Safe,All-Natural
                                                                                                        • Boosts Energy & Burns Fat
                                                                                                        • Easy, Fun & Effective!
                                                                                the food that we
delivery systems, or in                                                                                 • 3- Part System along
                                     Disease Control announced                  should have been          with Zija’s Nutritionals
pharmaceutical drugs.                                                           consuming all
Like I said before, “Give
                                     just the other day that within                                       & Miracle Detox Tea
                                                                                along. Our bodies
the body what it needs               three years, ONE OUT OF                    were designed to                            Zija Miracle Tea®
and the body self-corrects.          THREE will be diabetic.                    be consuming                               • Cleansing & Detoxing
Deny the body what it                                                           things that exist                            Herbal Formula
needs and there will be                                                         in nature—not                                • Essential Factor in the
bad consequences.”                                                              what some                                      Weight Management
                                                   industrialized food factory has produced.
                                                                                                                               • Cleanses Blood, Liver,
MAJ: What is the mechanism that causes                   This dilemma and serious threat to our                                  Kidneys, Intestines
the body to store fat?                             health is all economic in its basis, so as Paul                               & Colon—It Works!

RB: Basically it’s about the Krebs cycle.          was saying before, caveat emptor—let the               Zija Genm®
When the body cannot recognize a molecule,         buyer beware. You’ve got to take control of
                                                                                                        N E X T G E N E R AT I O N S K I N C A R E
its alternative, instead of converting it into     your own health and wellness and decide
                                                                                                        • Cutting-Edge, All-Natural
blood glucose, is to put it into adipose tissue    for yourself what you’re going to put into             Organic & Pure!
or body fat. So an artificial molecule, like       your body.                                          • Moringa Feeds the Skin
High Fructose Corn Syrup as we discussed,                                                               • 7 TREATMENTS: Cleanser,
isn’t recognized and therefore it’s going to go                                                           Moisturizer, Moringa Mist,
                                                   1) See contact info for a free copy of the             Eye Serum, Masque, Anti-
through “trip wires,” if you will, that store                                                             Aging Night Repair & the
                                                      abstract from the Johns Hopkins
this unusable, empty-calorie, fake sweetener                                                              Medicinal Oil from seeds
                                                      School of Medicine, entitled Moringa
as body fat, causing harm and inflammation,
                                                      oleifera: A Review of the Medical Evidence
as well as nutrient depletion or blockage in
                                                      for Its Nutritional,Therapeutic, and
that process.                                                                                                 To learn more & to order:
                                                      Prophylactic Properties.
      You know, there is no natural require-                                                                w w w. M y Z i j a . c o m / d e n i s
ment or demand by a body to be drinking            2) See contact info for a free copy of the list of
                                                                                                          ~ Zija Independent Distributor ~
soda pop. Yet we’ve been brainwashed by               all 539 medicinal biochemical
marketing into an artificial need for it, then        activities present in Moringa oleifera, as                   Denis Ouellette
there’s the addictive overstimulation. The            published in Dr. Duke’s Phytochemical and                  Call 406-333-4103
average American only consumed six pounds             Ethnobotanical Database.                          
per year of sweeteners in 1905. We had real
                                                   These statements have not been evaluated by the           FOR MORE ON THE
cane sugar, blackstrap molasses, maple
                                                   FDA.These products are not intended to diagnose,       MORINGA “MIRACLE TREE”
syrup, naturally occurring sweeteners from                                                               Read all parts of this article series (FREE
                                                   treat, c u re or prevent any disease.
fruit, and honey. That was about it. Today                                                               PDF downloads) at

January–February 2011                                                                                                                                27

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