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Career-Technical Education Classes


									    Career Clusters

What are they and what
 does it matter to me?
New Graduation Requirements:
Students Entering 9th Grade
       YIKES! What
         does this
          Future Ready Core
• English – 4 Credits
• Math – 4 Credits including Algebra I, Geometry,
  Algebra II and 1 beyond
• Science – 3 Credits
• Social Studies – 3 Credits
• 6 Electives – 2 w/in CTE, Arts Ed, Foreign
  ►4 of your elective credits should be in a
    concentration area – Example: Career
    Technical Education
To choose your concentration
 classes in CTE – you must
 understand Career Clusters!
There are 13 Career Cluster areas offered to Robeson County
                              Enhancement Courses:
                             Agriculture Internship
                             Principles of Business &
 Foundation Courses:         Personal Finance
Animal Science I, II*, III   Computer Applications I
Equine Science I, II*        Career Management
Horticulture I, II*          FACS Internship
Agriculture Advanced         Marketing
                             Automotive Technology I
Teen Living
                             Welding Technology I
Foods I, II*
                             Drafting I
FACS Advanced
                                Livestock Geneticists
                                Animal Nutritionists
                                Dairy Producers
Rancher                         Livestock Inspectors
Farmer                          Reproductive Physiologists
Farm Manager                    Dieticians and Nutritionist
Livestock Rancher/Breeder       Food Brokers
Dairy Herd Supervisor           Food Inspectors
Agricultural Products Buyer     Meat Science Researchers
Animal Health Products          Food Meal Supervisors
Distributor                     Produce Buyers
Livestock Seller                Bacteriologists
Feed and Supply Store Manager   Food and Drug Inspectors
Agricultural Educators          Quality Control Specialists
Animal Caretakers               Wildlife Managers
Veterinarians                   Ecologists
Veterinary Assistants           Park Mangers
Feedlot Specialists             Fish and Game Officers
Animal Scientists               Soil Geology Technician
Embryo Technologists            Geologists
Wildlife Biologists
Foundation Courses:
Teen Living                   Enhancement Courses:

FACS Advanced Studies         Principles of Business &
                              Personal Finance
Intro to Trade & Industrial
Ed. (ITIE)                    Computer Applications I

Welding I                     Career Management

Construction I, II*, III      FACS Internship

Drafting I                    Trade & Industrial Ed.
Drafting II*, III –
Trade & Industrial Ed.
Advanced Studies*
                                  Environmental Designer
                                  Civil Engineer
                                  Mechanical Engineer
                                  Electrical Engineer
                                  Landscape Architect
General Contractor                Surveyor
Builder                           Engineering Technician
Construction Manager              Interior Designer
Construction Foreman              Landscape Designer
Estimator                         Building Code Official
Project Inspector                 Computer Aided Drafter
Mason                             General Maintenance
Carpenter                         Contractor
Electrician                       Facilities Engineer
Sheet/metal Worker                Demolition Engineer
Tile and Marble Setter            Operating Engineer
Landscaper/Groundskeeper          Equipment and Material
Painter                           Manager
Plumber                           Planner/Scheduler
Architectural and Civil Drafter   Maintenance Estimator
Drafter                           Safety Director
Materials Engineer                Construction Inspector
                                     Enhancement Courses:

                                 Principles of Business and
   Foundation Courses:           Finance
                                 Business Law
Teen Living                      Computer Applications I
Apparel Development I*(F)        Career Management
Into to Trade & Industrial Ed.   Housing & Interior Design
 (ITIE)                          Fashion Merchandising (F)
Drafting I                       Small Business
Family & Consumer Science        Entrepreneurship
 Adv. Studies*                   Family & Consumer Sci.
Trade & Industrial Ed. Adv.      Internship
 Studies*                        Trade & Industrial Ed.
Archivists and Curators
Art Director
Conservators and Museum Technicians
Fashion Designers
Floral Designers
Graphic Designers
Interior Designers
Set and Exhibit Designers
Visual Merchandisers
•Principles of Business and
Finance Business Law             •E‐commerce I
•Small Business                  •Business & Information
Entrepreneurship                 Ed Internship
•Computerized Accounting I &     •Career Management
II*                              •Strategic Marketing (F)
•Computer Applications I & II*   •Networking I
•Financial Education             •Computer Engineering
•Business & Information Tech     Technology
Ed. Adv. Studies*
Executive Assistants               Billing Clerks
Office Managers                    Human Resources Managers
Desktop Publishers                 Employment and Placement Managers
Customer Service Assistants        Corporate Trainers
Data Entry Specialists             Conciliators/Mediators/Arbitrators
Receptionists                      Personnel Recruiters
Computer Operators                 General Managers
Shipping and Receiving Personnel   Chief Executive Officers
Word Processors                    Business and Development Managers
E-Commerce Analysts                Operations Managers
Marketing Analysts                 Public Relations Managers
Business Analysts                  Meeting and Convention Planners
Accountants and Auditors           Sports and Entertainment Managers
Accounting Clerks                  Hospital Management
Assistant Treasurers               Marketing Managers
Billing Supervisors                Sales Managers
Controllers                        Salespeople
Finance Directors                  Public Relations Specialists
Chief Financial Officers           Media Coordinators
Foundation Courses
Principles of Business and
Personal Finance             Enhancement Courses
Business Law                 Business & Information
Small Business               Tech Ed. Internship
Entrepreneurship             Computer Applications I
Computerized Accounting I    Career Management
 & II*                       Teen Living
Business & Information       Financial Education
Tech Ed. Adv. Studies*
Budget Analysts
• Business Teachers       • Insurance Appraisers
Credit Analysts           Insurance Sales Agents
•Financial Analysts       • Insurance Underwriters
Financial Managers        Sales Representatives
• Financial Specialists   Telemarketers
Loan Counselors           •New Accounts Clerks
•Loan Officers            •Tellers
Personal Financial        •Claims Adjusters,
• Bill and Account        Examiners, and
Collectors                Investigators
Foundation Courses:        Courses:

Health Team Relations      Principles of
                           Business & Personal
Allied Health I, II*       Finance
Health Sciences Advanced   Computer
Studies                    Applications I
                           Career Management
                           Foods I
                           Health Careers
                              EKG, EEG, or MRI Technician
                              Exercise Physiologist
                              Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Cardiovascular Technologist   Healthcare Administrator
Biochemist                    Medical Records Technicians
Biomedical Chemist            Social Worker
Cell Biologist                Chiropractor
Geneticist                    Dental Assistant / Hygienist
Lab Assistant-Genetics        Dentist
Microbiologist                Dietician
Molecular Biologist           EMT
Pharmaceutical Scientist      Home Health Aide
Research Scientist            Licensed Practical Nurse
Toxicologist                  Occupational Therapist
Clinical Lab Technician       Optometrist
Computer Tomography (CT)      Physical Therapist
Technologist                  Physician
Medical Sonographers          Physician’s Assistant
                              Recreation Therapist
                              Registered Nurse
Foundation Courses:
Teen Living               Enhancement Courses:
Foods I                   Principles of Business &
FACS Advanced Studies *   Personal Finance

Marketing                 Computer Applications I
Sports & Entertainment    Career Management
Mktg. I, II*
                          FACS Internship
Marketing Co-Op
                          Marketing Internship
Marketing Advanced
Lodging Manager
Parks and Gardens Director
Parks & Gardens Activity            Director of Marketing and
Coordinator                         Advertising
Parks and Garden Ranger             Director of Convention and
Fairs/Festival Event Planner        Visitors Bureau
Fairs/Festival Facility Manager     Events Manager
Historical/Cultural Sites Exhibit   Convention Services
Developer                           Manager
Museum/Zoos/Aquariums Animal        Special Events Producer
Trainer and Handler                 Nature Tourism Coordinator
Museums/Zoos/Aquariums              Tour and Travel Coordinator
Exhibit Developer                   Welcome Center Supervisor
Director of Tourism Dev.            Visitor Center Counselor
Director of Visitor Services        Tour Guide
Director of Sales                   Tour Operator
Travel Agent (Commercial &
                                      Enhancement Courses
   Foundation Courses
                                    Principles of Business and
Teen Living                         Finance
Parenting & Child Development       Business Law
Financial Education                 Computer Applications I
Early Childhood Education I & II*   Career Management
Into to Trade & Industrial Ed.      Health Team Relations
(ITIE)                              Small Business
Cosmetology I and II* (SCC          Entrepreneurship
Campus)                             Family & Consumer Sci.
Family & Consumer Sci Adv.           Internship
 Studies*                           Trade & Industrial Ed.
Child Care Assistants   Marriage and
Elementary Teachers     Family Therapists
and Counselors          Political Scientists
Family and Consumer     Probation Officers
Sciences Teacher        Sociologists
Preschool Teachers      Barbers
Teachers Assistants     Embalmers
Clergy                  Funeral Attendants
Health Educators        Funeral Directors
Marriage and            Hairstylists, and
Family Therapists       Cosmetologists
 Mathematical           Social Workers         Sales
Science Teachers        Makeup Artists,        Consultants
Mental Health           Theatrical and         • Sales
Counselors              Performance            Managers
Psychologists           Manicurists            • Small
Psychology Teachers     and Pedicurists        Business
Recreation Workers      Bankers                Owners
Chief Executives        Customer Service
                            Enhancement Courses:

Foundation Courses:         Principles of Business &
                            Personal Finance
Computer Applications I
                            Computer Applications II
                            Business & Information Tech.
Intro to Trade & Industry
Networking I
                            Career Management
Computer Engineering
Technology                  Drafting I

I, II*                      Trade & Industry Internship

Trade & Industry Advanced
Studies *
Database Administrators               Information Technology Engineers
Desktop Publishers                    Network Engineers
Documentation Specialists             Operations Analysts
E-Business Specialists                PC Support Specialists
Electronic Publications Specialists   Security Analysts
Instructional Designers               Systems Administrator, Engineers
Online Publishers                     Technical Support Specialists
PC Systems Coordinators               Technicians
Product Support Engineers             Telecommunications Network
Security Experts                      Technicians
Systems Designers                     Transport Administrators
Technical Communicators               User Support Specialists
Webmaster                             Computer Programmer
Systems Analyst/Architects            Computer Engineer
Data Communications Analysts          Design Engineer
Information Systems                   Programmer Analyst
Administrators                        Test Engineer
Information Systems Operators
                               Enhancement Courses:
Foundation Courses:
                               Computer Applications I
Metals Manufacturing I, II *
Welding I, II *
                               Career Management
Drafting I
Trade & Industry Advanced
Studies*                       Trade & Industry Internship
Design Engineers
                                            Calibration Technicians
Electrical and Electronic Technicians and
                                            Hand Packers and Packagers
                                            Hoist and Winch Operators
Electronics Engineers
                                            Instrument Makers
Engineering and Related Technicians and
                                            Medical Appliance Makers
Engineering Technicians
Industrial Engineers
Manufacturing Engineers
                                            Pattern and Model Makers
Power Generating and Reactor Plant
                                            Sheet Metal Workers
                                            Tool and Die Makers
Precision Inspectors, Testers, and
                                            Health and Safety
Production Managers
Purchasing Managers, Buyers, and
                                            Safety Engineers
Purchasing Agents
                                            Safety Technicians
Automated Manufacturing Technicians
 Foundation Courses              Enhancement Courses
Small Business                  Principles of Business and
Entrepreneurship*               Finance
                                Business Law
Strategic Marketing (F)         Computerized Accounting I
Fashion Merchandising (F)       Computer Applications I
Sports & Entertainment          E‐Commerce I
Marketing I and II*             Career Management
Marketing Education Co-Op (F)   Marketing Education Internship
Marketing Education Adv.
Studied* (F)
                          Meeting and
Advertising and            Convention Planners
Promotions Managers       Models
Business Teachers         Parts Salespersons
Marketing Managers        Property, Real Estate
Sales Managers            Reservation, Transportation
Appraisers and            Ticket Agents and Travel
 Assessors of              Clerks
 Real Estate              Retail Salespersons
Cashiers                  Stock Clerks
Counter and               Travel Agents
 Rental Clerks            Travel Guides
Door-To-Door Sales        Telemarketers
First-Line Supervisors/   Computer Programmers
 Managers                 Survey Researchers
Hotel, Motel, and
Resort Desk Clerks
Interior Designers
Lodging Managers
Foundation Courses:
Intro to Trade & Industry        Enhancement Courses:

Drafting I, II * (Engineering)   Computer Applications I

Networking I                     Career Management

Computer Engineering             Trade & Industry Internship
Technology I
Trade & Industry Advanced
Studies *
Aerospace Engineer              Atmospheric Scientist
Automotive Engineer             Biologist
Biomedical Engineer             Botanist
Chemical Engineer               Chemist
Civil Engineer                  Ecologist
Electrical Engineer             Economist
Electrician                     Geologist
Environmental Engineer          Marine scientist
Geothermal Engineer             Mathematician
Hazardous Waste Technician      Metallurgist
Industrial Engineer             Nutritionist
Mechanical Engineer             Physicist
Metallurgic Engineer            Zoologist
Nuclear Engineer
Radio/TV Broadcast Technician
Foundation Courses:
                      Principles of Business
                      & Personal Finance
Intro to Trade &
Industry              Computer
                      Applications I
Automotive Svc.       Career Management
Technology I, II*     Marketing
Trade & Industry      Trade & Industry
Advanced Studies *
                                     Flight Engineers
                                     Flight Attendants
                                     Air Traffic Controllers
                                     Transportation Managers---Rail
                                     Traffic Managers
Urban and Regional Planners          Locomotive Engineers
Civil Engineers                      Railyard Conductors and
Engineering Technicians              Yardmasters
Surveying and Mapping                Railyard Engineers
Technicians                          Transportation Managers—Water
Environmental Compliance             Sailors
Inspectors                           Ship and Boat Captains
Air Traffic Controllers              Ship Engineers
Aviation Inspectors                  Truck/Bus/Taxi Traffic Managers
Traffic Engineers                    Truck Drivers-Heavy
Traffic Technicians                  Truck Drivers-Tractor-Trailer
Motor Vehicle Inspectors             Bus Drivers-School
Freight Inspectors                   Taxi Drivers and Chauffeurs
Railroad Inspectors                  Transportation Managers—Mass
Marine Cargo Inspectors              Transit
Vessel Traffic Control Specialists   Dispatchers-Bus or Rail
Public Transportation Inspectors     Bus Drivers—Transit and Intercity
Transportation Managers—Air          Subway and Streetcar Operators
Airplane Pilots/Co-Pilots
      When you begin a journey, the most
important thing to remember is to plan for the
 trip. Your destination may change along the
   way, but you must have an idea of all the
   ways you can arrive at exactly where you
                  want to be!

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