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									    Brooks Fishing Club Meeting Minutes 14 December 2010

1. Call to Order: Club President Joe Bartoletti called the meeting to order at 9AM.
   There were 42 members attending. Members are reminded that it is their
   responsibility to pay their dues on time and to keep their email information up to date.
   Paul Cherubino and Joe Calandra spent a lot of time contacting members that had not
   paid their dues by the November meeting. Next year this will not be done and anyone
   not paying by the November meeting will be dropped and wait list members invited
   to join.

2. November Meeting Minutes: Bob Seidell made a motion to accept the minutes and
   the motion was seconded by Roger Whited. The motion was approved and the
   minutes are posted on the BFC website.

3. Treasurer: Joe Calandra - The club finances are in good shape. The balance as of
   13 December is $9,587.

4. Speaker: Captain Larry Regienczuk. Captain Larry discussed winter fishing
   techniques and the type of fish that can be caught. Since the water has been so cold
   fish are lethargic and go for slower bait such as shrimp and crabs. The bait should be
   presented on the bottom and moved very slowly. For some reason Larry is seeing a
   lot of red fish and he is anticipating even a better season next year with large reds.
   The captain recommended looking on the Bing maps to find fishing spots. Look for
   areas where the tide runs against some obstruction. The best time to fish is with a
   longer tide change with maximum changes in depth. Members were reminded that
   trout season does not open until 1 January and snook may not be taken until some
   future date. The cold weather last winter and this winter has been very bad for snook
   and tarpon. It is everyone responsibility to know the fishing regulations. Captain
   Larry writes for the Naples News and his article is in the Thursday paper. Web site
   links to tide information and regulations can be found on our web site in the
   members’ only section on the FITT page. Look at the useful web sites.

5. Fishing Trips

   5.1. Pontoon Trips - Neil Parker has setup the dates for this season’s trips and they
        are posted on the web site and listed in the calendar on the last page of the
        minutes. It was noted that pontoon trips are open to wait listed people and
        guests. Neil needs a volunteer to get the bait for the Tuesday 28 December trip.
        The person will pick up the bait, and collect the money and pay for the boats.
        Please contact Neil.

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    Brooks Fishing Club Meeting Minutes 14 December 2010

   5.2. Capt Marvel - Jack Paster reported that the club has been working with Capt
        Marvel for 6 years. Jack would like the members to setup their own trips but will
        be available after the meetings if anyone was interested in setting up a trip and
        needed some help. If you are setting up your own trips, let Capt Marvel know
        you are with the club. Details for Captain Marvel are on the web site. He will
        maintain his price of $1,140 for a full day and $600 for a half day, not including
        tip. Jack announced that Dec 15 – 18 , 21 are currently open dates for full day
        and the 20th for a half day. Paul Cherubino and Jack Petronio have an opening
        for two on Dec 31st. This is the last day to catch gags or black grouper.

   5.3. Tarpon Fishing Boca Grande - Bob Hansen: These trips are to be set in the
        months of May & June (based on hill tides for best fishing), run $649 / boat for 6
        hours of fishing. Check the web site for the best dates. Some captains can take 2
        or 3 on their boat. Bob had handouts with the details for a trip. Boca Grande is
        world famous for Tarpon fishing.

   5.4. Captain Guided Back Bay Trips - Bob Lienesch:

       5.4.1. Capt. Larry Regienczuk was our speaker this month. The next trip is
            planned for Monday 24 January from 10:00 to 2 pm with a per person cost
            of $130 including tip. Check with Bob for openings on this trip.

       5.4.2. Capt. Mike McDonald has a 30 foot pontoon boat that can accommodate
            4 fishermen. A trip is planned for Thursday 13 January from 7:30 to 11:30.
            The cost is $86 each which includes a 15% tip for a half day of fishing.
            Check with Bob for openings.

       5.4.3. Fly Fishing Naples Charters with Captain Jim Wheeler. This is a new
            addition that Bob will try out. The boat handles 3 or 4 with two fly fishing
            and one or two with spinning reels. They switch off with fly fishing. The
            cost is $130 per person for 3 or $100 per person for 4. There are two
            openings for Monday 20 December from 8-12. Contact Bob if interested.

   5.5. Islamorada Trip - Gordon Kreth: Gordon reported the two day trip, is
        tentatively set for 12,13 April. Last year we had 18 members and had good
        yellow tail snapper action. It runs $1100 + tip per boat, with 6 per boat. It
        involves an afternoon drive down for cocktails at the Key Lantern Inn, followed
        by dinner; with fishing very early the next morning, before the afternoon drive

   5.6. Capt. Phil Pica / Fish Tales Marina - Gary Frazier: Capt. Pica leaves from
        Fish Tales Marina (239-463-3600) and charges $500 for 5 hours of fishing with 4
        persons on his 27’ boat. His email is permit5765@comcast.net. He will be our
        speaker at our January meeting.

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    Brooks Fishing Club Meeting Minutes 14 December 2010
   5.7. Lake Okeechobee - Tony Cavallaro: Tony reported that he contacted Capt.
        Butch and he said the water has been too cold and suggested we wait till the
        weather improves.

   5.8. Singer Island Sail Fishing Trip – Kurt Krohne: Kurt reported that you would
        leave The Brooks at approx.1:30 on January 18th to the Sailfish Marina,Palm
        Beach Shores. You would have dinner at the Sail Fish Marina Restaurant {real
        nice}, stay at the motel at the marina, and fish the next morning on the Fighting
        Lady which is a 48 ft. sport fisherman, and then drive home that night. We can
        eat breakfast at 6:30 AM and purchase a box lunch for lunch on the boat.

        The cost of the boat is $900 plus live bait[goggle eyes] Approx. cost $180 per
        person for 5 people or less for six, captain prefers 5 [plus tip].The price for rooms
        would be approx.$60 per person with three to a room with three beds. You can
        access the boat online www.fightingladysportfishing.com. Kurt's group caught
        two sailfish last year and thought this Capt. is one of the best. We need to know
        shortly [12/21/2010] in order to make reservations. Please contact Kurt.

   5.9. Canada Fishing Trip – John Martin: The trip is set for 25 – 29 June. The trip
        involves flying from Winnipeg to a very private and remote lake. This trip is
        limited to 6 persons. John reported they have 4 signed up and have two
        openings. Contact John to sign up or for more information.

   5.10.      Lake Trafford – Bobbie Oshinsky – Bob reported that the lake had
       completed dredging and would like to try a trip on January or February. He will
       report at the next meeting.

6. Social Events and FITT

   6.1. Annual Dinner – Bob Oshinsky and Bill Garber: Bob reported that they have
        scheduled the Annual Dinner for Sunday, April 3 at Rosie Spoonbill’s. Rosie’s
        can accommodate up to 175 people. We will be having a seafood buffet with a
        variety of dishes.

   6.2. Fish Fry – Tom Harris and Bob Guetzlaff: Bob reported the event will
        tentatively be held at Spring Run Monday 28 February 2011. They have a quote
        of $22 per member and will be getting other quotes.

   6.3. Cooking Class – Bob Lienesch and Bob Seidell:

       6.3.1. Bob S. reported that they have selected Thursday, January 27, 2011 at
            Real Seafood. The cost for Real Sea Food will be $25 which includes a
            glass of wine and desert. Real Seafood is limited to 40 participants.

       6.3.2. Another class has also been scheduled for Wednesday, February 23, 2011
            at Rosie Spoonbill’s. The new chef Kyle Hughes will setup the event outside

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    Brooks Fishing Club Meeting Minutes 14 December 2010
              under the marquis. The class is limited to 35 and will cost $30 including a
              glass of wine.

       6.3.3. Sign-up sheets are available for both events. Your check made out to
            “The Brooks Fishing Club” will be your receipt and reservation for the
            event. Send to the event chairs or pay at the next meeting.

   6.4. Hockey Game with the Everblades – Jack Paster and Nick Cole. Jack and
        Nick have selected Wednesday, February 2, as the date for a BFC group (no
        wives or girlfriends) to attend an Everblades hockey game (playing Greenville
        Road Warriors at Germain Arena). Gates open at 6:30PM, with beer and hot
        dogs for $1 each until 7:30PM game time (after which they are still available, but
        not for $1 each.) Cost is $16 per person for seats starting in row 12. Sign up
        starts now with your check being your RSVP. Checks can be mailed to Jack or
        Nick. Deadline is Friday, December 17 with tickets distribution to be at the
        January 2011 meeting. Complete information was provided in a handout which
        is to be posted to the BFC website. This event is open to those wait listed for
        membership. We currently have 45 people signed up.

7. Littoral Plantings: Joe Bartoletti reported that the CDD will consider removing
   these plants in common areas for fishing. No access points will be considered in front
   of private homes.

8. Volunteers to set up meeting room: Our Jan, Feb, and March meetings have a large
   number of members attending. Several members volunteered to come in at 830 to set
   up the room to accommodate more members. They will also put the room back in
   order after the meeting. This means they will get first crack at a donut selection.

9. BFC Website: www.brooksfishingclub.com Check our website for more details on
   trips or events.

10. Next Meeting: Tuesday, January 11 2011 at the Common Club. Speaker will be
   Capt. Phil Pica from Fish Tales Marina.

See Dates for Club Events Below:

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    Brooks Fishing Club Meeting Minutes 14 December 2010

Current Events Scheduled or Tentative.

        9 Tuesday         Meeting at the Commons Club
       30 Tuesday         Pontoon Trip

        9 Thursday        Pontoon Trip
       14 Tuesday         Meeting at the Commons Club
       17 Friday          Deadline to get your money in for Hockey Night
       20 Monday          Naples Charter Fly Fishing Capt. Jim Wheeler
       21 Tuesday         Deadline to sign up for Sail Fishing
       28 Tuesday         Pontoon Trip

       11 Tuesday         Meeting at the Commons Club
       13 Thursday        Pontoon Trip
       13 Thursday        Capt. Mike Trip
       18 Wednesday       Sail Fishing Singer Island
       19 Thursday        Sail Fishing Singer Island
       24 Monday          Capt. Larry trip out of Weeks fish camp.
       25 Tuesday         Pontoon Trip
       27 Thursday        Cooking Class at Real Seafood

        2 Wednesday       Hockey Night at Germain Arena
        8 Tuesday         Meeting at the Commons Club
       10 Thursday        Pontoon Trip
       22 Tuesday         Pontoon Trip
       23 Wednesday       Cooking Class at Rosie Spoonbill’s
       28 Monday          Fish Fry at Spring Run (Tentative).

        8 Tuesday         Meeting at the Commons Club
       10 Thursday        Pontoon Trip
       29 Tuesday         Pontoon Trip

        3 Sunday          BFC Annual Dinner
       12 Tuesday         Meeting at Bass Pro Shop Lunch to follow
       19 Tuesday         Islamorada Trip
       20 Wednesday       Islamorada Trip

      25 – 29             Canada Fly In Fishing Trip

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    Brooks Fishing Club Meeting Minutes 14 December 2010

Minutes submitted by Paul Cherubino club secretary.

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