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					                           Boston College CB Jam: Tournament Edition
                                       Packet by Double G

Tossups (10 points each)

1) Bought by a grain merchant in 1932, it was combined with another team and renamed as
part of a plan to get rid of a rival league. This new team won its first playoff series over the
Montreal Maroons, but lost in their first finals series against Chicago. In one of their earlier
finals appearances they began the tradition of skating around the ice with the Stanley Cup, and
they also have a tradition that started when a fish market owner threw an octopus onto the ice,
whose 8 legs were symbolic of the 8 games needed to win the Cup at that time. FTP, name this
NHL team, known for their “Production Line” of the „40s and „50s featuring Gordie Howe, who
as a #1 seed lost in the opening round of the 2006 playoffs to the Edmonton Oilers.
Detroit Red Wings

2) They will soon give up their usual attire for black combat gear with hearts and red
crosses, and they have also worn outfits that made them resemble a giant heart rate
monitor. Invited by David Bowie to play at the 2002 Meltdown festival in London and open for
him on his Reality Tour, they have produced three different albums with three different record
companies. Inspired by such groups as Electric Light Orchestra, membership of this Dallas-based
group has varied between 13 and 27. FTP, name this “choral symphonic rock” group, often
mistaken for a religious cult because of the white robes that they typically wear, who heavily
contributed to the soundtracks of the movies Thumbsucker and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless
The Polyphonic Spree

3) Preparation instructions include: Mix in a shaker with ice cubes, then pour into a chilled
glass. Garnish and serve. It is typically served straight up in a cocktail glass, and the primary
alcohol is vodka, although sometimes rum is substituted. The next ingredient is triple-sec, and
most recipes specify Cointreau. Finally comes the namesake ingredient of, FTP, what drink,
which can be made with liqueur, juice, or cider, and is often served with a slice as garnish.

4) TV executives originally thought that this would be a huge flop, due to many technical
problems such as poorly mixed sound, choppy animation, as well as the inexperience of
many of the voice actors and the absence of a laugh track. However, when it aired in 1965, half
of the TVs in the U.S. were tuned in. The show was originally sponsored by Coca-Cola, but all
references were edited out in subsequent versions. A 2001 making-of documentary hosted by
Whoopi Goldberg revealed that the writer refused to cut a scene that emphasizes the show‟s
theme, despite the network‟s objections to the extensive religious content. Featuring a director‟s
search for meaning, his best friend‟s first prize in a decorating contest, a little girl‟s request for
money, and a now famous soundtrack by jazz composer Vince Guaraldi, this is, for ten points,
what holiday special with Snoopy and the Peanuts gang?
A Charlie Brown Christmas
5) The name’s the same. The title of a Buffy the Vampire Slayer graphic novel, an episode of
“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” that takes place in Portugal, a series of documentaries by
Lawrence Blair, an anthology of short stories by Eric Flint, a movie about the boxer Emile
Griffith, a drinking game involving cards laid out in a circle, a weekly radio program hosted by
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., an Ultimate Frisbee team from North Carolina. FTP, give this three-word
phrase, the name of a song and album by Johnny Cash and a region in the Pacific Ocean prone to
earthquakes and volcanic activity.
Ring of Fire

6) The daughter of an FBI agent, this “theater geek” was forced to move around often as a
child. While getting her degree in drama at UCLA she was noticed by James Woods, and
early roles included guest spots on “Growing Pains” and the part of Lorraine, “like the quiche.”
She has broken away from her strict Catholic upbringing, much to the chagrin of her parents,
even appearing nude in a movie about the porn industry. FTP, name this actress, best known for
playing Rollergirl in Boogie Nights, and Felicity Shagwell in The Spy Who Shagged Me.
Heather Graham

7) When brought to the US, the first word was changed due to fears that vandals would
turn it into an “F.” Ronald Regan reportedly sent a letter to an 8 year-old boy congratulating
him on his worldwide high score. Due to a bug in the system, the last level is unplayable because
the right side of the screen becomes garbled with letters. This game has created large sales of
merchandise, and even inspired a TV show (of course with its own Christmas special) and a Top
40 pop single, a parody of “Cat Scratch Fever.” FTP, name this popular video game, whose hero
spends most of his time running away from Clyde, Winky, Blinky and Inky and eating pellets.
Pac Man

8) This graduate of Northwestern was a member of the First All-Children’s Theater in New
York and the Greenwich Shakespeare Company in England. The daughter of a New York
State Assemblyman, she spent three years as a Hollywood Square and beat out David Cross to be
the first winner of Bravo‟s “Celebrity Poker Showdown.” The original choice to voice Leela on
“Futurama,” she has also done voice work for “Kim Possible,” “Baby Blues,” and “Family Guy.”
FTP, who is this actress, who portrays Holly Shumpert on “King of Queens” and is probably best
known for her run on “Mad TV”?
Nicole Sullivan

9) Warning: Two Answers Required. One spent part of his childhood in Italy. The other
spent some of his in Germany. One got a 1080 on his SATs. The other has an MBA and
intends to get a doctorate degree. One took the singer Brandy to his senior prom; the other is
friends with the WWE‟s Kane. Accusations have included those of “unprofessionalism,”
“childlike selfishness,” and “buying love.” At one point they tried to put their squabbles behind
them, with the elder even referring to the younger as his “idol.” In their first head-to-head
meeting the elder‟s team won by one point in overtime, although the younger had almost twice
the points. FTP, name these two players who have been involved in this feud, teammates on the
LA Lakers from 1996-2004.
Shaquille O‟Neal and Kobe Bryant
10) Along with his brother, he likes to hear stories about robots with the same names as
them, though this also frightens them. He finds it difficult to apply lessons taught to sheep
to his own life. A family trip had to be cut short because he got zesty Italian in his eye. He and
his brother play games like Good Samaritan and Billy Graham‟s Bible Blaster. He got a pogo
stick for imagination Christmas; his brother got a hula hoop. A newspaper headline proclaims
that he smells, and he questions if the journalist‟s source is reliable. One time at a restaurant, he
yelled, “Ow, my freakin‟ ears!” after his mother tried to protect him from language that his father
would expect at Denny‟s. FTP, name this character, the son of Maude and Ned and brother of
Rod, neighbor of the Simpsons.
Todd Flanders

11) Born on Christmas day as Florian Cloud, this performer celebrated an “official”
birthday on June 25. Like many of us, her first musical instrument was a recorder, but
unlike most of us, she entered London‟s Guildhall School of Music at the age of 6, and she has
also learnt to play the piano, violin, and guitar. She wrote the Britney Spears song, “I‟m Not a
Girl, Not yet a Woman,” for which she received the Golden Raspberry award for worst song of
2003, though her album released the same year was #1 in much of Europe and in the top 4 in the
U.S. When she performed at Live 8 in London in 2005, she was introduced by Bill Gates, and
her latest album has been delayed due to the death of her father. FTP, name this singer, who
shares her name with a famous Carthaginian Queen, whose song “Thank You” was sampled by

12) Its writer was the business manager for the Lyceum Theatre in London, and its main
character’s mannerisms were inspired by his boss, Henry Irving. It is written in an epistolary
form, featuring themes of immigration, post-colonialism, and repressed sexuality. It has seen
many theatrical and film adaptations over the years and has been referenced in hundreds of
others. The director of one of the first film versions was sued by the author‟s estate, forcing them
to change the name. Although a fictional story, its author did perform much research into
European history and folklore. Name this novel, whose title character has been played by Gary
Oldman, Leslie Nielsen, and Bela Lugosi.

13) This Canada-native, son of a sergeant in the Canadian army, quit high school during
his senior year, which he admits was a “stupid youthful mistake,” although he has received
an honorary diploma from John Dewey high school in New York, and got his G.E.D. in 1995. He
taught himself to play guitar at the age of 8, and his middle name is actually Andrew. His first
acting role was in the show “Leo and Me,” and he actually only got the role that made him a star
because Matthew Broderick declined it, and he also obtained the role for which he is best known
for similar reasons. FTP, name this actor, who stopped acting full-time in 2000 for medical
reasons, best known for portraying Mike Flaherty, Alex Keaton, and Marty McFly.
Michael J. Fox

14) A reference to a break from manager Lou Pearlman and RCA, it was featured in both
X-2: X-Men United and Crossroads. According to Simon Cowell, it was supposed to be
performed by British band 5ive, but they decided they didn‟t like it much. It debuted at #42 on
the Billboard Hot 100 before rising to the top ten, where it stayed for 12 weeks, peaking at #4. Its
video features a chase on top of a train, a road race with a red Dodge Viper, and a big pair of
scissors wielded by a sexy, dangerous woman. What is, FTP, the first single off Nsync‟s second
album, No Strings Attached?
Bye Bye Bye

15) Although his rich uncle J.P. Grosse owned the theater, he typically was a “gofer”
backstage during productions. Early on he used his family connections to make
unreasonable demands on his uncle‟s behalf, although later on he became the main character‟s
assistant. His character has been performed by Richard Hunt, Adam Hunt, and Rickey Boyd. In
the Christmas movie it was revealed that if Kermit had never been born, he would have been a
cage dancer, and he was also the manager of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem in another
movie. FTP, who is this Jim Henson character, who was made a computer whiz and given a twin
sister on “Muppet Babies”?

16) This Winnepeg native ran away from home after being expelled from junior high. He
lost his first match in ten seconds and began his career as a jobber in the AWA. He has been
involved in countless feuds throughout his career, many fueled by his own interview segment. In
the cartoon series “Hulk Hogan‟s Rock ‟n Wrestling,” he is the leader of the evil wrestling
group, and he was also referenced in the episode of “The Simpsons” where Homer is accused of
sexual harassment. He uttered the infamous line “I‟ve come here to chew bubblegum and kick
ass, and I'm all out of bubblegum” from They Live. FTP, name this wrestler, the #1 worst
offender of WWE magazine, known for his kilt and bagpipe entrance music, who got his
nickname due to his “Scottish rage.”
“Rowdy” Roddy Piper

17) This show popularized the expression “packing the magnet,” something similar to
“jumping the shark.” John Travolta’s sister plays the main character‟s mother, and Willie
Aames plays his best friend Buddy, who is a party animal. The character himself is a student at
Copeland College in New Brunswick, who lives with two different families over the course of
the show. FTP, name this „80s sitcom whose theme song is often sung by Conan O‟Brien—and
which is watched by security guard Peter Griffin as an attacker breaks into George Harrison‟s
house—written, produced by and starring Scott Baio.
Charles in Charge

18) A question is asked that does not need an answer. Instead, people are encouraged to
simply hold on. The main issue seems to be that of weight, though of what exactly is not
specified, and the speaker tells the people that they have not been forgotten. In the video we see a
man and a boy in a park, and a bloody Wayne Coyne. FTP, name the person that is being awaited
in this Flaming Lips song, also the title of a song by Goldfinger that was in the first Tony
Hawk‟s Pro Skater.
(Waitin‟ for a) Superman

19) Born in New Hampshire, of Irish, English and Cherokee descent, she became interested
in performing after seeing the musical Oklahoma! Early acting roles included voicing the
female bear cub in Dr. Dolittle 2, and in the Snowflake Day episode of Clone High she voiced a
homeless person. She was not pleased when she appeared on the cover of an issue of
Cosmopolitan, whose main headline was “Orgasms Unlimited.” She got her big break because a
FedEx worker who happened to know someone at Sony overheard her recording in a studio. She
has toured with the Backstreet Boys, and she also became a spokesperson for Neutrogena. FTP,
name this celebrity, who played Sally Kendoo in American Dreamz and scored a gold record
with “Candy” in 2000.
Mandy Moore

20) A Red Wings jersey is sometimes worn; The Polyphonic Spree perform; a Dido CD is
listened to; a ring of fire is jumped through; a Pac-Man machine is sometimes played; a dubbed
version of Charlie Brown Christmas is created; Heather Graham is a psychiatrist; the outcome of
a Shaq vs. Kobe game is spoiled; Nicole Sullivan is annoying and needy; Michael J. Fox has
OCD; people dance to “Bye Bye Bye”; a character is named Todd; the theme song to “Charles in
Charge” is sung; a scooter is a major means of transportation; a pet‟s name is Rowdy; a
screenplay is entitled Dr. Acula; Appletinis are drunk; an opening song mentions Superman;
Mandy Moore says, “That‟s so funny,” but Turk says to imagine she‟s saying “That‟s so
money.” FTP, all of these things happen on what show that takes place at Sacred Heart Hospital?
                                     BONUS QUESTIONS

1) Answer some questions about a British band known as The Cure.
      a) FTP, on an episode of South Park, this lead singer of The Cure saved the day by
          defeating Mecha-Streisand.
               Robert Smith
      b) FTP, as Robert Smith walks off, Kyle shouts that this Cure album is the best album
      c) For 5 points each, name any two songs from the Disintegration album (excluding the
          title track)
               Plainsong, Pictures of You, Closedown, Love Song, Last Dance, Lullaby,
      Fascination Street, Prayers for Rain, The Same Deep Water as You, Homesick, Untitled

2) Answer some questions about a pair of TV shows both called The Office.
      a) For 5 points each, give the full name of the annoying coworker in both the British and
          American versions.
              Gareth Keenan (UK) and Dwight Schrute (US)
      b) For 10 points, name the special title that both characters have, which they try to make
          sound more important by omitting two of the words when they say it.
              Assistant to the Regional Manager
      c) For 10 points, in the Training Day episode of the British Office, during the
          teambuilding seminar, what does Gareth say his ultimate fantasy is (Hint: it is close to
          what Lawrence says he would do if he had a million dollars in a movie about a
          different office)?
              Two lesbians, probably. Sisters. I‟m just watching. (To which Tim replies, “I
          never thought I‟d say this, but can I hear more from Gareth please?”)

3) Name the man, 40-30-20-10.
       40- This man is still alive.
       30- This son of rocket scientists was a member of Tim Robbin‟s acting troupe at UCLA.
       20- Early roles in his career include one of Sean Penn‟s brothers in Dead Man Walking
and Slip, leader of the Nasties in The Neverending Story Part III. He calls Phillip Seymour
Hoffman his “nemesis” because they have often competed for the same roles.
       10- A member of the “Frat pack”, this Nacho Libre star has had several encounters with
the devil alongside his companion Kyle Gass.
       Jack Black

4) Picture Bonus!!!!! Name these characters from a beloved long-running TV show for five
points each.
        a) Forgetful Jones
        b) Guy Smiley
        c) Teeny Little Super Guy
        d) Sherlock Hemlock
        e) Herry Monster
        f) Mumford the Magician (“a la peanut butter sandwiches!”)
5) Answer some questions about college athletes FTPE.
    a) This player has the record for most NCAA tournament games played, and during the
       game where he went 10-for-10 from the field and 10-for-10 from the line, he was also
       assessed a technical foul for putting his foot on Aminu Timberlake‟s chest, who was
       lying on the floor after a foul.
               Christian Laettner
    b) This Heisman winner and Rhodes Scholar finalist followed up his famous Hail Mary pass
       to Gerard Phelan by becoming one of the greatest quarterbacks in a non-American
       football league.
               Doug Flutie
    c) This Ohio State quarterback‟s dreams of an NFL future were crushed by a terrible
       appearance in the Sugar Bowl his senior year, as the team lost by 45 points and he
       suffered three concussions. He ended up being drafted by Seattle, but became washed up,
       living on a boat in the D.C. area. However, he would return to glory when he was picked
       to lead the Washington Sentinels to a playoff berth during a football players‟ strike.
               Shane Falco

6) Answer some questions about musicians appearing on cartoons, FTPE.
    a) Nobody benefited from the fall of the Berlin Wall more than this band, except perhaps
       the people living under the Communist countries. After saluting their half-inflated lord
       and complaining that this is not the “bleedin‟ splish-splash show,” this band tells
       “Springden” that there will be no encores.
               Spinal Tap
    b) This man appears as a shapeshifter, taking the form of both a bald eagle and a cigarette.
       After revealing himself to be the true Sovereign, he fights Phantom Limb, all on the day
       of the Monarch‟s wedding to Dr. Girlfriend.
               David Bowie
    c) This rock frontman come with his band to visit a boy dying of cancer in his ass, but when
       he sees the boy crying “tears of unfathomable sadness,” he and his band think that the kid
       is a crybaby and “totally not cool.”
               Thom Yorke

7) Now answer some questions about some of the world‟s most radical heroes.
    a) FTP, Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird created the original comic books about these crime-
       fighters who use martial arts and humor to defeat their enemies.
               Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    b) For five points each, give the original name for both Splinter and Shredder (in Splinter‟s
       case, his human counterpart‟s name).
               Hamato Yoshi and Oroku Saki
    c) FTP, what venerable British stage actor voices the character of the billionaire/immortal
       general Max Winters, who tries to send back the 13 monsters unleashed from another
       dimension in TMNT the movie?
               Patrick Stewart
8) Answer some questions about a jack-of-all-trades in the entertainment industry FTPE.
      a) This man is colorblind, dyslexic, and has ADD, but still studied guitar under Sir Paul
          McCartney, wrote the original music for the TV show Clone High, directed a video
          for the Foo Fighters, co-created the TV show Sifl and Olly, and released an album,
          Fake Songs.
               Liam Lynch
      b) Name Lynch‟s hit song off the album Fake Songs, that was one of the shortest songs
          to get to the Top 10 in both the UK and Australia.
               United States of Whatever
      c) In addition to directing Sarah Silverman‟s movie Jesus is Magic, Lynch also directed
          a film released in 2006 which had supporting roles by Meat Loaf as the main
          character‟s father, Ronnie James Dio as himself, and John C. Reilly as Sasquatch.
               Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny

9) Answer some questions about some fictitious TV personalities, FTPE.
    a) He certainly has a rough time of things, forgetting tartar sauce, revealing to a therapy
       group that BJs lacked enthusiasm, and possibly worst of all getting hit by a number of
       objects from a McNugget to a frostie. This is what character played by Nicholas Cage in
       The Weather Man?
               David (Dave) Spritz
    b) Inviting people to a pants party, loving lamps, and stabbing a man with a trident are just
       some of the everyday things done by this News Team weatherman played by Steve Carell
       on Anchorman.
               Brick Tamland
    c) Learning piano, avoiding Ned Ryerson, and trying to win Andie McDowell are just a few
       of the things this Bill Murray character does with all his time in Groundhog Day.
               Phil Connors

10) Here‟s a bonus about sexy teens made from amusing genetic copies of famous guys and
    a) (5 pts) An government experiment run by the board of shadowy figures, this institution
        was headed by Principal Cinnamon J. Scudworth, and included teachers like Mr.
        Sheepman and Eleanor Roosevelt.
               Clone High
    b) (10 pts) Give the name of Scudworth‟s robot servant, vice principal, and dehumidifier.
        He wears a soothing cardigan sweater and calls everyone Wesley, although Scudworth
        doesn‟t know why.
               Mr. Butlertron
    c) (15 pts) On the final episode, Scudworth reveals his hatred for this actor, who stole the
        prom king award from him back in high school, and who appears at the Clone High
        prom, only to have the prom king crown brutally stabbed into his face.
               John STAMOS!!!!!
11) Answer some questions about early albums of some 90s bands. (10 points for the album title,
5 pts if you need the name of the band.)
    a) (For 10) This 1994 album was recorded in three days and was released shortly before an
         Irish band of the same name threatened them with legal action, forcing them to add a
         number to their name, reportedly a reference to the number of times the “f” word is said
         in Scarface. Songs on this album included “Wasting Time,” “Touchdown Boy” and an
         updated version of “Carousel.”
         (For 5) Blink 182.
                 Cheshire Cat
    b) (For 10) This second album released on Lookout! Records would not have the success of
         this Bay Area band‟s breakthrough third album, although it did have a lot of underground
         success, selling 50,000 copies in 1992. It featured songs “2000 Light Years Away,” and
         “Christie Road,” as well as an earlier version of a future single.
         (For 5) Green Day.
    c) (For 10) The eponymous debut of this band had practically every instrument and vocal
         performed by its founding frontman, less than a year after his previous band‟s
         dissolution. Not wanting to become a reincarnation of that band, he passed over a former
         bandmate to take on two members of the emo band Sunny Day Real Estate and an
         “unofficial” guitarist from his former band to support the 1995 album, which included
         songs like “Exhausted” and “Big Me.”
         (For 5) Foo Fighters.
                 Foo Fighters

12) Now a bonus about athletes that have appeared in movies, FTPE.
    a) In a horrible vision of Matt Dillon‟s in “You, Me, and Dupree,” he offers butter to Owen
       Wilson, who idolizes him, while they are all on a boat with Kate Hudson. He also gave a
       great pep talk to Vince Vaughn in another Frat Pack movie.
               Lance Armstrong
    b) This football player was considered for the role of the Terminator, but producers thought
       no one would take such a nice guy seriously as a cold-blooded killer. He has appeared in
       a fair number of roles, including T.D. Parker in the TV show “1st and Ten,” and most
       notably as Detective Nordberg in a series of movies in which he gets stuck under a bus
       and dragged to Chicago, among other mishaps.
               O.J. Simpson
    c) One of football‟s “hard men,” this athlete has the record for quickest yellow card,
       receiving one 3 seconds into a game. He has played for Wimbledon and Chelsea as well
       as for the Wales national team, but burst onto the big screen in Lock, Stock, and Two
       Smoking Barrels, while playing a similar role in Snatch. He also played the Man-U
       hooligan in Eurotrip and the Juggernaut (bitch).
               Vinnie Jones

13) Identify the song from lyrics for 10 pts, 5 if you need the artist.
    a) (For 10) “I poked my finger down inside, makin' a little room for an ant to hide/ Nature's
       candy in my hand or can or pie”
       (For 5) Presidents of the USA.
   b) (For 10) “I've got this feeling, so appealing/ For us to get together and sing, sing”
      (For 5) Raffi.
   c) (For 10) “Living is easy with eyes closed/ Misunderstanding all you see/ It‟s getting hard
      to be someone, but it all works out"
      (For 5) The Beatles.
              Strawberry Fields Forever

14) Answer some questions about seemingly unrelated trivia.
    a) First, for 5 pts, at Arnold‟s Pizza Shop what do you do if you want mushroom?
                Shut up
           For another 5 pts, what if you want something crazy like pineapple?
                Arnold will kill you
    b) Name the three items of food and drink mentioned by Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell in
       “Lazy Sunday.”
                Cupcakes, Mr. Pibb, Red Vines
    c) This football player appeared in a TV Funhouse cartoon on SNL, running away in a limo
       every time various Disney character are killed and saying things like “I didn‟t see
       nothin‟” and “I didn‟t kill no muthafuckin‟ lion.”
                Ray Lewis

15) Answer some questions about video games that could have been awesome, had they existed
in real life, FTPE.
    a) Kenny makes it to the 60th level of this game before getting hit by an ice cream truck,
         whose driver just got to level 4. However it is revealed that the PSP and this game were
         created by God so that he could find a Keanu Reeves to fight off the armies of Satan,
         which Kenny is able to do in a battle that is even better than the final battle at the end of
         The Lord of the Rings.
                  Heaven vs. Hell
    b) In a commercial for this game, a Liu-Kang character is defeated by a tank, boring the
         children playing it, until Santa crashes through the wall with his growling reindeer, and
         shoots a video game cartridge at them from a bazooka, telling them to shove it up their
         stocking. He says to tell their parents, “Buy me (blank) or go to hell!” Marge, however,
         refuses to buy Bart a copy, so he ends up shoplifting it at the Try-N-Save, only to be
         caught and told never to return.
    c) Technically this game is playable, but Videlectrix, the company that makes it, is in fact
         fictitious. It involves a short-panted peasant named Rather Dashing who attempts to get
         revenge on a “dragon thing” that has destroyed his thatched cottage. Other characters
         include the Kerrek and the Jhonka.
                  Peasant‟s Quest
16) Answer some questions about some children‟s lit.
    a) In the Harry Potter series, give both the nickname and full name of the four companions
       who created the Marauder‟s Map, one point each and a bonus two points for all correct.
               Remus Lupin or Moony
               Peter Pettigrew or Wormtail
               Sirius Black or Padfoot
               James Potter or Prongs
    b) FTP, this writer‟s favorite holiday is Halloween, and his school colors were orange and
       black. He held odd jobs, including a gravedigger, before collaborating with his illustrator
       wife on many books, such as The Monster’s Ring, Goblins in the Castle, and the My
       Teacher is an Alien series.
               Bruce Coville
    c) For 2 points each, name the first five books in the Goosebumps series.
               Welcome to Dead House; Stay Out of the Basement; Monster Blood, Say Cheese
               and Die; The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb

17) Now answer some questions about mistaken identities, none of which involve The Dude,
    a) In the episode of Seinfeld when Jerry, George and Elaine are waiting to be seated at a
       restaurant, George is expecting an important phone call. When the call finally comes to
       the restaurant, the maitre d‟ calls out this name instead of “Costanza.”
    b) In the show Arrested Development, George Sr. often tries to trick the authorities by
       switching places with his twin brother. At the end of the second season, he is successful
       at shaving his brother‟s head and putting him into jail instead of him. In order to tell the
       world that the police have the wrong man, his brother launches this website.
    c) Despite being the frontman for Hootie and the Blowfish, he insists that he is not Hootie,
       but rather the band was named after two of his friends from college, one who looked like
       an owl, and the other, a blowfish.
               Darius Rucker

18) Name the actor 40-30-20-10.
       40- This actor was born prior to 2000.
       30- This Brit was a successful Shakespearean stage actor but left the theatre after
developing stage fright in the 1970s. His hand was once accidentally cut during a swordfight
with Laurence Olivier.
       20- He has played a wide range of film roles, from Zach Braff‟s father in Garden State
and Science Officer Ash in Alien to his Oscar-nominated turn in Chariots of Fire.
       10- He is perhaps best known in recent years for portraying the priest in The Fifth
Element and Bilbo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
       Ian Holm

19) Answer these questions about animals that combine poetry with rhythm.
    a) (5 pts) Later made into a children‟s anime series in Japan, this video game for the original
       Playstation, similar to the game “Simon,” featured a dog in a red beanie trying to win the
      affections of Sunny Funny by learning kung fu, getting his driver‟s license, and
      performing onstage.
              PaRappa the Rappa
   b) (10 pts) After a stint in the St. Louis Home for Delinquent felines for dealing catnap, this
      animal from Jersey City put out two albums, “Look What I Dragged In” and “8 Lives
      Left.” He created some controversy because his favorite restaurant, Checkers/Rally‟s, had
      designed their paper bags to look like his jersey so people could cut them out and put on
      their pets, which got animal rights groups up in arms.
   c) (15 pts) “Animal Rap” is the lead single on the 2003 album of a certain Philadelphia hip
      hop group, and comes in an Arturro Gatti Mix and a Micky Ward mix. Name either the
      group or the album.
              Jedi Mind Tricks or Visions of Gandhi

20) Answer some questions about a lip-synching German pop duo.
       a) For 5 points each, name two of the three Milli Vanilli songs that reached #1.
              Blame It On The Rain, Girl You Know It‟s True, Baby Don‟t Forget My Number
       b) FTP, name the TV show whose premiere episode in 1997 focused on Milli Vanilli,
          which surviving member Fab Morvan credited with mitigating the negative image of
          the group.
              VH1: Behind the Music
       c) FTP, name the cartoon show that Milli Vanilli guest-starred in for the episode
          “Kootie Pie Rocks,” in which the bad guy kidnaps the pair. However, after the lip-
          synch scandal, the group‟s songs and names were removed from the episode.
              Super Mario Bros.

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