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									Simulation Industry Association of Australia

    Mining and Construction Special Interest Group – Terms of Reference
To facilitate a coordinated approach to Mining and Construction simulation
related activities in order to maximise benefits to users and opportunities for
Australian industry , whilst maintaining an international perspective.
Simulation related activities include, but are not limited to, use of simulation for
the purpose of:
        Planning development,
        Training and assessment at all levels of the industry,
        Exploration of feasibility options for future concepts
        Process planning and procedures development
        Accident/incident investigation
        Asset optimisation

    Provide a framework for a number of forums to facilitate engagement of the
     simulation industry with Mining and Construction agencies, to facilitate
     dialogue, awareness and progression of key issues related to the use of
     simulation within the Mining and Construction environment
    Develop a clear statement of the role and benefits that simulation brings to
     the industry, including focussed case studies benchmarking return on
    Develop and communicate a shared awareness of the state of key issues
     related to the use of simulation within the Mining and Construction
    Develop and implement a coordinated Action Plan to help address key
     issues that ensure increased and effective utilisation of simulation within the
     Mining and Construction environment
    Facilitate SIAA lobbying of governments and Mining and Construction
     equipment manufacturers, potential end users and other relevant
     organisations as to the opportunities and benefits of simulation
    Facilitate industry awareness of the Mining and Construction market including
     user needs and key issues
    Facilitate promotion and demonstrations of simulation industry capabilities
    Provide the facility for a user / industry communications channel, prior to the
     development of specific opportunities, to encourage early interaction
    Provide a mechanism to facilitate access to research papers and other
     information relevant to the use of simulation in the industry
    Facilitate independent peer review of opportunities and project staging
     through development of a register of relevant experts

1 October 2011
   Develop and maintain a taxonomy of simulation types and associated links to
    Australian Mining and Construction Simulation Technology Equipment and
   Facilitating teaming of suppliers
   Actively promote the professional development of Mining and Construction
    people utilising simulation
   Development, publication and distribution of technical, training and
    assessment standards.

The Mining and Construction SIG would be led by a committee, consisting of:
   Chairperson
   Deputy-Chairperson
   Secretary
   Committee members (typically 3-6)
The sub-committee would report into the Executive on a monthly basis.
The Chairperson, Deputy-Chairperson, Secretary and a majority of the remaining
Committee members would need to be Members of the SIAA.
Members of the Special Interest Group do not need to be members of the SIAA.
The Secretary’s activity would be funded by the SIAA. Other members of the
Committee and SIG contribute in a voluntary capacity.
The Committee will prepare a budget for any other activities that require funding,
for consideration by the SIAA Executive.

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