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					                                                          November 2009 • Volume 14 / Issue 4

Save the Dates — December 5 & 6 and 12 & 13th

     Christmas at the Cox House
Y   ou are cordially invited to attend the annual Christmas
    at the Cox House Open House. The Minnehaha Questers
group of St. Peter will be displaying doll houses this year,
which will include Christmas decorations of the Victorian
period. Once again, music will be provided all four days by
local musicians and sing-a-longs are encouraged! Mulled
cider and homemade cookies will be provided in the
kitchen each afternoon. Join us on Saturday and Sunday,
December 5th and 6th and Saturday and Sunday,
December 12th and 13th from 1–4 p.m. each day. Come
for an afternoon of music, Christmas treats, and festive fun!
Admission is $4 for adults, $2 for 13–18 year olds and
free for children 12 and under. As always, Nicollet County
Historical Society members are free. If you would like
more information, or have any questions, please contact
507-934-2160 or                                                 Enjoy a Victorian
                                                                                    holiday at the
                                                                                    annual Christmas at
                                                                                    the Cox House. See

NCHS Annual Meeting                                                                 musician’s schedule
                                                                                    on calendar, page 11.

P  lease join us for the Nicollet County Historical Society’s
   annual meeting will be Sunday, January 24, 2010 at
Gustavus Adolphus’ Jackson Student Union banquet hall.
                                                                                    Left: Byron
                                                                                    Annual Meeting
                                                                                    program presenter
The dinner service will begin at 1 p.m., business meeting at
2:15 p.m., and program at 3 p.m.                                                        CONTENTS
We are delighted to welcome Dr. Byron Nordstrom, Professor                          Director’s Report 2
Emeritus in History and Scandinavian Studies, and NCHS                              Site Info 2
member. Byron joined the Gustavus faculty in 1974. He teaches the European his-     Memorials 2
tory survey as well as courses on the history of Scandinavia, European war and      New Exhibit 3
diplomacy, and 20th century Europe. He received his B.A. from Lawrence              Ridgely Report 4
                                                                                    Harkin Happenings 4
University in 1965, and an M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in
                                                                                    NCHS’s Award 5
1968 and 1971 respectively.                                                         Active Archives 6
Nordstrom is the editor of The Swedes in Minnesota (1976), compiler and editor of   Cox House Chronicle 7
The Dictionary of Scandinavian History (1986) and author of Scandinavia Since       Retiring Board
                                                                                       Members 7
1500 (2000) and The History of Sweden (2002). He has contributed chapters in
                                                                                    Ian Grant 8
books and written articles on various aspects of Swedish-American life in Chicago   Members 8
and Minneapolis, and authored numerous reference work entries on Scandinavian       Museum Store 9
history. Currently, he is editor of The Swedish-American Historical Quarterly.      Holiday Giving 9
                                                                                    Virtual Field Trip 10
Dr. Nordstrom will discuss the experience of Swedish Immigrants coming to
                                                                                    Annual Meeting
America. Cost for the dinner and this remarkable program is just $15 for members,      Registration 11
$20 for non-members, and $5 for those wishing to only attend the program. For       Events Calendar 11
details and registration call Jessica at 507-934-2160. Reservations (see form on    Membership Form 12
page 11 of this newsletter) with payment are due by January 14, 2008.
received since the last
                               Executive Board
                               President, Gary Schmidt, North Mankato
                               Vice President, Julie Gilbert, St. Peter
                               Secretary, Jeremy Freeman, St. Peter
In Memory of
  Gerald “Jerry” Rodning
Given by
  Harold & Lorraine Olson
                               Treasurer, Herb Poncin, Nicollet
                               Historian, Evie Swenson, Nicollet            Column
In Memory of
  Leonard Rudenick
Given by
                               Steve Baxa, St. Peter
                               Dr. Chris Corley, North Mankato
                                                                            F  all brings two things I get
                                                                               more experience with each
                                                                            passing year–raking and budget-
  Gary & Geraldine Schmidt     Arden DeBoer, Lafayette                      ing. Like the trees in my yard,
In Memory of                   Dr. Lori Lahlum, North Mankato               the NCHS budget has grown
  Jerry Wilking                Emilie Lokensgard, Norseland
Given by                                                                    over the past 6 years. We’re
  Gary & Geraldine Schmidt     Thorild Nelson, Nicollet
                                                                            now doing a better job at piling
In Memory of                   Dr. Sujay Rao, St. Peter
                               Tami Skinner, St. Peter
                                                                            and delineating our expenses
  Ronald Purrier
Given by                       Diane Stenson, St. Peter                     and revenues. NCHS isn’t a big Ben Leonard
  Gary & Geraldine Schmidt     Sally Webster, Bernadotte                    business, but with 17 employ-
In Memory of                                                                ees, five sites, and some investments, it does
  Clarry Veith
Given by                       Contact Information
                                                                            require some finesse and forethought.
  Judy Scholl
                               Executive Director, Ben Leonard              The better we are at tracking how our money is
In Memory of
                                                    being spent and earned, the more efficient and
  Carol Langsjoen
Given by                       Collections Manager, Bob Sandeen             effective decisions can be made. The more
  Marian Babcock
In Memory of
                                                    accurate our budget projections become, the
  Earl Nelson                  Office Manager, Jessica Brockberg             more adept and successful our long range plan-
Given by                                        ning will be.
  Evelyth Nelson &
  Corrinne Ely                 Museum Store Manager, Ruth Grewe             I’m proud of the strides we’ve made. While our
                               Harkin Store Site Manager, Ruth Grewe        coffers are not overflowing, we seem to have
                               Harkin Store Asst. Site Mgr., Ross Gersten   moved beyond the budget crises of years past.
received since the last        Harkin Store Site Guide, Ann Koch
                                                                            Earned revenue (admissions, sales) has contin-
                                                                            ued to grow over the past few years. We have
newsletter:                    TSHC Museum Assistants, Jessica Becker,      been pretty successful at attracting grant dollars
Maryann Zins                      Allen McBride, Hannah Skinner             which allow us to complete special projects
                               TSHC Maintenance, Wayne Passon               above-and-beyond daily operation. Our lease
                               Ft. Ridgely Site Manager, Nancy Zempel       agreement with the Minnesota Literacy Council
                                                                            and facility rentals have added a much needed
                               Ft. Ridgely Site Guides, Ashley Hamre,
                                   Charlotte Nack, Dorothy Polesky,
                                                                            revenue stream. The NCHS staff and Board have
                                   Melinda Somer, John Taylor
                                                                            scrutinized expense columns, and because of
                                                                            that effort, the dollars we spend today are being
                                                                            spent more wisely.
                               Treaty Site History Center
                               1851 N. Minnesota Avenue                     We are lucky to have the continued support of
                               St. Peter, MN 56082                          local government. Without the County, City of
                               TSHC Phone: (507) 934-2160                   St. Peter, as well as Brighton and New Sweden
 is a publication of the       TSHC Fax: (507) 934-0172                     Townships, the gains made above would be
 Nicollet County Historical
                               Hours:     Tues.–Sat. 10 a.m.–4 p.m.
 Society. Subscription is
 free with a Society                      Sunday 1–4 p.m.                   We are especially lucky to have the support
 membership.                   Archives: Tues.–Sat. 10 a.m.–4 p.m.          of members like you. Thank you so much.
Contributors for this issue:   General information via e-mail:
 Jessica Brockberg                                                          Your presence energizes the organization and
 Ruth Grewe                                                                 motivates other funders. Your financial contribu-
 Eileen Holz                   
 Ben Leonard                                                                tions play an important role in our survival
 Bob Sandeen                                                                and sustainability.
 Nancy Zempel                  E. St. Julien Cox House
                               (Closed for the season)                      I sincerely wish each of you a wonderful holiday
                               Harkin Store
                                                                            season. We hope to see you soon.
                               (Closed for the season)
                               Fort Ridgely
                                                                            Ben Leonard, Director
                               (Closed for the season)

The Society Opens “New” Exhibit

T   he Nicollet County Historical Society has
    partnered with the Minnesota Historical
Society again to bring the Minnesota History
Center’s “Tales of the Territory” exhibit to the
Treaty Site History Center’s North Gallery.
The exhibit, prominently displayed in St. Paul
for over a decade, made the move to St. Peter
this fall.
“We are extremely lucky to inherit this exhibit,”
said NCHS Director Ben Leonard. “The gift con-
stitutes thousands of dollars worth of exhibit
cases, graphics, and interpretation. Above and
beyond that it was thoroughly researched, well
written, and includes contributions from the
Dakota community.”
Though NCHS did receive the exhibit at no cost,
there were expenses. Generous grants from the
Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community and
Alliance Pipeline helped pay for moving it to
St. Peter, painting part of the gallery, additional
lights, and some additional graphics. “Total cost
was about $5,000–not a small amount, but a
fantastic bargain considering what we received,”
said Leonard.
The exhibit, and the Treaty Site History Center,
is open 10 a.m.–4 p.m. Tuesday through
Saturday, and Sunday 1–4 p.m. Admission is
free to members.

                                                      Exhibit Overview:
                                                      In 1849 a huge area of the North American continent was
                                                      established as Minnesota Territory. Settlers eager to make
                                                      money and put down new roots began pouring across the
                                                      borders. Nine years later, new boundaries were drawn and
                                                      the territory became the state of Minnesota. These same
                                                      places named and claimed by settlers and politicians had
                                                      been the homelands, hunting grounds, and burial places of
                                                      Indian people for thousands of years. And in more recent
                                                      decades, Indians had shared this land with Europeans and
                                                      Americans–trading furs and goods, making families, and
                                                      creating new ways of life.

                                                      In “Tales of the Territory” you will meet the people who
                                                      were here in the 1850s–both the newcomers and those
                                                      who already knew this place as home. We invite you to step
                                                      back in time and hear their stories.

                                                                                         the CROSSING 3
                          Ridgely Report                     by Nancy Zempel, site manager

                                 T  he Fort Ridgely Historic Site 2009 season is history! No more
                                    groups and the shop inventory are almost complete. Soon
                                 the building will be winterized and plans for next year programs
                                 will begin.
                                 Attendance from May 1 through October 17 was 8,927. I wish
                                 those numbers were all paying visitors but the count includes the
                                 casual groups that stop to buy a soda pop or check out the gift
                                 shop. More traffic this year again could be counted with the com-
                                 pletion of the park golf coarse.
                                 I have transferred some books and gift items from the Fort shop to
                                 the Treaty Site in St. Peter. If you are looking for a book about the
                                 American Civil War or a fun gift for children stop in and see what
                                 is in the NCHS Museum Store.
                                 The Fort Ridgely staff sends wishes of the holidays to you and
                                 your family and to also again thank you for your continued sup-
                                 port for the Fort Ridgely Historic Site.
Historic Fort Ridgely
(above) Harkin Store
(below) and are now
closed for the season,
but staff will soons be
making plans for their
2010 season openings.     Harkin Happenings                     by Ruth Grewe, site manager

                                  W   hat a great year!!! We were very busy this year with every-
                                      thing going on at the store, but the best thing was visiting
                                  with people near and far, with 41 states and 17 countries. We
                                  found a lot of visitors were doing the “stay vacations.” People
                                  are so interesting to talk to, you start talking and soon you know
                                  some one they know or have something in common with them.
                                  Our programs on Sundays is our best day for visitors, people are
                                  interested in so many things that we try to have a large variety of
                                  interests that relate to our time in history. Our most popular pro-
                                  gram this year was “The West Arrives in West Newton” with
                                  Lonesome Ron and author John Koblas, the next was Old time
                                  Music by Arnie and Marilyn Anderson.
                                  We have people that come just to shop in our gift shop. Of
                                  course, the most favorite item still is the $0.10 candy sticks. Sold
                                  1503 of them this year. People have discovered our new postcard
                                  also, total cards sold was 354. It amazes me at what people will
                                  buy, the favorites are candy, locally made items and of course
                                  anything with the Harkin name on it. People who travel to Europe
                                  come and get Minnesota and Harkin items to take along.
                                  I’m excited about putting new programs in our season and also
                                  putting new items in the gift shop for next year. We are always
                                  looking for new locally made items and people that do some old
                                  kind of craft that they would be willing to show and talk about.
                                  Just let the Treaty Site know and they will contact me.
                                  I would like to thank all that have helped at the Harkin Store this
                                  year and past years with any and all programs and projects that
                                  have happened. Especially would like to thank Rose, Jenni,
                                  Dave and Peter for all there help.
                                  See you next season on Saturday, May 1.
                                                       The AASLH awards program
                                                       was initiated in 1945 to establish
                                                       and encourage standards of

NCHS Wins                                              excellence in the collection,
                                                       preservation, and interpretation
                                                       of state and local history
                                                                                            “   this exhibit

                                                                                                represented a
National Award                                         throughout the United States.
                                                       The AASLH Leadership in
T he American Association for State and Local
  History (AASLH) awarded the Society an
Award of Merit from the AASLH Leadership in
                                                       History Awards not only honor
                                                       significant achievement in the
                                                       field of state and local history,        achievement
History Awards for the Treaty Site History             but also brings public recogni-
Center Central Gallery renovation.                     tion of the opportunities for
                                                       small and large organizations,           for a small
The AASLH Leadership in History Awards is the          institutions, and programs to
most prestigious recognition for achievement in        make contributions in this               organization
the preservation and interpretation of state and       arena. This is the second time
local history. Stephen Weil, former deputy director    the Society has been recognized
of the Smithsonian’s Hirshorn Museum and               by the AASLH awards program.
                                                                                                and a large
Sculpture Garden, writes that a good museum is         Former Harkin Store Manager
one “that is operated with the hope and expecta-       Opal DeWanz was honored for              contribution
tion that it will make a positive difference in the    her career service to county his-
quality of peoples’ lives.” It is the purpose of the   tory in 2005.
Awards Program to encourage this standard of                                                    to the
excellence and innovation in state and local histo-    The American Association for
ry. For sixty-four years, the American Association     State and Local History is a not-        interpretation
for State and Local History has sponsored the          for-profit professional organiza-
program to publicly recognize achievements that        tion of individuals and institu-
have made a difference in people’s lives.              tions working to preserve and
                                                                                                of the region
                                                       promote history. From its head-
Awards for 2009 represent just 59 organizations        quarters in Nashville,                   and a
and individuals from across the United States.         Tennessee, AASLH provides
NCHS and other award winners were honored at           leadership, service, and support
a special banquet during the 2009 AASLH                                                         watershed
                                                       for its members who preserve
Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana, on            and interpret state and local his-
Saturday, August 29. Executive Director Ben            tory in order to make the past           moment
Leonard accepted the award on behalf of the            more meaningful in American
Society. Ben also participated in a conference
panel while in Indianapolis.
                                                       society. AASLH publishes                 in state
                                                       books, technical publications, a
The AASLH awards committee said the follow-
ing about our central gallery project, “this
exhibit represented a momentous achievement
                                                       quarterly magazine, and month-
                                                       ly newsletter. The association
                                                       also sponsors regional and
                                                       national training workshops and
for a small organization and a large contribution
to the interpretation of the region and a water-       an annual meeting.
shed moment in state history. The effort relied
on financial generosity, innovative planning, and
collaboration with a myriad of partners and
exemplifies good history, accessible interpreta-
tion, smart planning, and efficient use of funds.
Its public impact and scope far outpace the
usual means of an organization this size making
it more than just a good exhibit at a small
museum, but one that transcends organizational
boundaries and contributes at a professional
level to the historiography of the entire region.”

                                                                                        the CROSSING 5
                                Active Archives                            by Bob Sandeen, Collections Manager
accepted into our col-          W   e are currently digitizing confirmation photos
                                    from Trinity Lutheran Church in St. Peter. We
                                                                                          I know nothing else about the
                                                                                          Skordemannen, but it would
lections since our              also expect to receive additional photos from the         be interesting to determine
August 2009 Crossing:           church for us to digitize. Photos of past and pres-       its years of operation and to
City of Minnetonka: photo-      ent ministers and views of the interiors and exteri-      learn whether or not copies
  graphs taken in St. Peter                                                               were preserved.
  by volunteers who came        ors of the congregation’s past and present church-
  from Minnetonka to            es are also of interest to us. When our work is fin-
  help after the March                                                                    To close, I would like to thank
                                ished, we will provide the church with a set of
  1998 tornado.                                                                           Dick Gardner and his co-work-
                                DVDs that will contain all of the digital images.
J. Patsy Ryan: chair used                                                                 ers at Bolton & Menk for creat-
  in the front parlor of        This is the fifth church with which we have               ing some extremely helpful
  the home of St. Peter
  resident Joseph Engesser      worked to digitize photo collections. Our goal is         maps of the site of the village of
  (part of the original fur-    to continue to do this type of work with other            Traverse des Sioux. Thanks to
  nishings of the home).
                                churches in our county.                                   them, we now have a large color
Marilyn Robertz: numerous
  St. Peter High School                                                                   photo of the village site onto
                                The names of the people who appear in the pho-
  Class of 1945 and Class                                                                 which the map of the village
  of 1947 items.                tos are entered into a computer program. We can
                                                                                          from the book Old Traverse des
Merrill Frydendall: very        use the computer software to search for all pho-
  early version of a Mac                                                                  Sioux by Thomas Hughes has
                                tos of a specific person. We can also search for
  Computer.                                                                               been placed. This makes it
                                all photos of specific churches or church build-
Richard E. Tostenson: cap                                                                 much easier to determine exact-
  from the Norseland            ings, such as parsonages. Many other search
  Band and photographs                                                                    ly where the places shown on
                                options also exist.
  of members of the E. St.                                                                the map in the book were in
  Julien Cox family of St.      We believe that it is important to have off-site          relation to what we see on the
Fred Danner: scrapbooks
                                backup copies of significant photographs. A proj-         site today. Dick and his team
  containing items from         ect such as this is an easy way to do that for            also placed the map in the book
  area newspapers about         those who have Nicollet County images that they           on top of a copy of the United
  Nicollet County, St. Peter,
  and the St. Peter State       are willing to share with us. There is no fee for         States Geological Survey map
  Hospital from 1942 to         the work that we do to digitize the photographs           of the site. Another color aerial
  2000.                         that are brought to us.                                   photo has an overlay that shows
Janet Hoffmann: military
  uniforms of Bert                                                                        the streets, blocks (with their
                                We have also made digital copies of family pho-
  Hoffmann.                                                                               numbers), and the lots (with
                                tographs for a number of people who have
Lafayette Ledger: photo-                                                                  their numbers) of the village
  graph negatives from          loaned images to us. It is a great way for us to
                                                                                          site. As a group, these three
  the Lafayette Ledger.         document in pictures the people who live in the
  These are in addition to                                                                creations by Bolton & Menk
  a group of such nega-         county or those who used to live here.
                                                                                          greatly add to our understanding
  tives given earlier this
  year.                         Sheila Wingate is working on a book about                 of the nature of the former
St. Peter Chamber of            Courtland village and Courtland Township. She is          village of Traverse des Sioux.
  Commerce:                     asking to borrow photos of people and places,
  photographs of Miss
  St. Peter from 2005,          especially photos of area businesses, family his-
  2006, and 2007.               tories, and anything that helps to tell the
                                Courtland story. We have been helping Sheila              Genealogical Society Meets
                                with her project, but we need to greatly expand           The Traverse des Sioux Genealogical
                                our collection of Courtland items. Sheila’s               Society has reformed and meets at the
                                research has already located many very interest-          History Center four times a year. This
                                                                                          group is an informal gathering of begin-
                                ing items, but many more are needed. Please
                                                                                          ner to experienced hobby-genealogists
                                contact Sheila in Courtland or contact us here at         who meet to share their experiences in
                                the museum if you are able to help.                       this fascinating pastime. The next
                                                                                          meeting will be February 8, 2010 at
                                Turning to another subject, I recently found              7 p.m. when the group will share tips
                                something interesting while searching the micro-          on dating photographs, proper archiv-
                                filmed copy of the December 29th, 1888 issue of           ing of photos, and photo scanning tech-
                                the St. Peter Herald newspaper. It was an account         niques. Bob Sandeen from NCHS will
                                                                                          also share his expertise on the subject.
                                of a fight between the editor and the assistant
                                                                                          Dues for the meeting are an economi-
                                editor of Skordemannen, a Swedish-language                cal $1. If you wish to be added to the
                                newspaper that was printed in St. Peter. Not very         TdSGS e-mail list please contact
                                many days later, someone brought in part of one 
                                of the issues, including its title page. At this point,

 Cox House Chronicle …

Cox House Yard Sale
A   n antique and miscellaneous yard sale took place on
    the grounds of the Cox House from September 24th
to 26th, an event which was a lovely success. Several
local antique and private vendors participated in addition
to some members of the Cox House Committee, selling
antique, unusual, and sometimes valuable items in a live-
ly outdoor setting. The event raised over $500 for the Cox
House. Some of these funds will be used to purchase new
shrubs and plants for the Cox House grounds in addition                                    photo courtesy of the St. Peter Herald

to providing for general repairs and upkeep of the house. Tours of the Cox House
were also available during this time, and special gratitude is due to the hardworking
Committee members who gave tours and worked long hours setting up, managing
the sales, and taking down the tables and tents each day. This event was both fun
and beneficial for the Cox House and for the antique dealers in St. Peter, some of
whom have noticed a downturn in sales in the last few months due to the construc-
tion on Minnesota Avenue.
If you have items you would like to donate for next year’s sale, please keep
us in mind!

Special Thanks to Stan Lindquist
S   tan Lindquist has been mowing the (large!) yard at the Eugene St. Julien Cox
    house on a volunteer basis for many years. The Cox House Committee—and par-
ticularly Mariah’s Garden Club—is extremely grateful to Mr. Lindquist for his many
years of service. Thank you, Stan Lindquist, for going above and beyond these many
years. You are very appreciated.
The Cox House is in need of a lawn mower (machine). If you have a self-propelled
push mower that you wish to donate, please call 507-934-2160 or e-mail Jessica at

NCHS Says Goodbye to Board Members
                                                                   by Ben Leonard

T  his is the time of year where we have to say
   goodbye to several retiring board members. It’s
going to be particularly tough. Evie Swenson has
                                                      no doubt that the three new
                                                      board members joining us
                                                      after the annual meeting will
served since 2004—the year I started. Though          bring great ideas and energy
several current board members served past NCHS        to the organization.
boards, Evie is the last remaining member who
was on the board when I was hired. We will all        A special thank you goes to all
miss her kindness, insight, and support. NCHS has     of our past, current, and future
been lucky to have her the past six years.            board members. We sincerely
                                                      appreciate your dedication and
Arden DeBoer and Julie Gilbert are also leaving       service to the historical society.
us. I’m sad that two of the nicest people anywhere    If any member is interested in
won’t be joining us the 3rd Tuesday of every          becoming a board or committee
month, but I know we’ll remain close. Thank you       member, please do not hesitate
both so much.                                         to contact me via phone
                                                      (507-934-2160) or e-mail
Our sadness is always tempered by the enthusi-
asm of new individuals joining our team. I have

                                                                                           the CROSSING 7
                              Former Gustavus History Student
                              on World Stage
                              G   ustavus alum and Twin Cities resident has a
                                  new show on the Travel Channel. Former
                              history major Ian Grant appears Sunday morn-
                              ings on the new series, “The Relic Hunter with
                              Ian Grant.”
                              From the steamy jungles of Peru to the remote
                              mountains of Romania, Ian Grant will go any-
                              where to find the world’s most amazing artifacts.
                              Some he sells in his shop back home, others he
                              keeps for his own cherished collection.
                              As a respected importer of exotic goods, Ian
Thanks to the following
                              specializes in finding the unusual, the unique
                                                                                        Ian Grant, above
                                                                                        and to the right
                              and the overlooked. Traveling off the grid–by             has additional

                                                                                                                               photos courtesy of Ian Grant
new and renewing              small plane, hand-carved canoe, motorbike,                St. Peter
members of NCHS since                                                                   connections
our last newsletter.          horseback or oxcart–Ian’s daredevil treks take            other than
                              him to all four corners of the Earth.                     Gustavus. His
Renewed Business Members:                                                               father-in-law is
 Gustavus Adolphus
    College–$1000             Follow Ian around the world as he uncovers                Anders Bjorling
 Goodrich Construction–$200   secrets about the cultures and treasures he finds         and Ian and
New Business Members:                                                                   his wife Lisa
 Aveyron Homes, Inc.–$200
                              along the way.                                            Bjorling Grant have a son Alex.
                                                                                        Ian’s series “The Relic Hunter”, has
Renewed Individual Members:                                                             appeared on the Travel Channel, and
 Janet Boese
 John Bresnahan                                                                         explores remote places and cultures
 Susan Gravelin                                                                         around the world.
 Stanley Lindquist
 Loren Lindsay
 Judith Penhiter
 Florence Sponberg
 John Vogel
Renewed Family Members:
                              Tourism Internship                                                         by Amy Jahnke
 Dan Bock
 Roger & Lois Currier
 Dwight & Geni DeBoer
                              F   or the first time this fall the Saint Peter Tourism
                                  Bureau decided to hire an intern who would
                              work on projects that would promote tourism to
                                                                                        ing, etc. … These charts will help
                                                                                        guide the website re-design and
                                                                                        also help provide information
 Terry & Sandy Gappa
 Jennifer St. Julien Powers   Saint Peter. As a senior at Gustavus, I thought this      that may have not otherwise
 Myrna Schoeb                 internship would complement my education.                 been thought of. Though my
 Richard & Janet Wettergren
Renewed Patron Members:
                              Gustavus advocates the on-campus community,               major is not in design, the web-
 Grant & Karen Annexstad      so the aspect of the off-campus community par-            site re-design committee values
 Marshall Peterson            ticularly interested me, especially since the off-        the opinions and perceptions of
 Ranae & Robert Peterson
Renewed Supporting Members:
                              campus world is rapidly becoming reality. I               the generation that has grown up
 Kurt & Maren Leonard         applied and received this internship and have thus        with the exploding internet phe-
New Individual Members:       been working closely with members of the Saint            nomenon. This internship is
 Eunice Amos                  Peter community in order to gain insight about            allowing me to explore additional
 Eleanor Depuydt
 Linda Gish                   what projects would benefit Saint Peter the most.         areas such as advertising,
New Family Members:           So far I have compiled lists of all the newspapers        design, and communication,
 Traverse des Sioux           and radio stations in Minnesota, designed a               which I have not studied formal-
    Genealogical Society
 Crossing Circle Life         restaurant brochure that includes all of the dining       ly, but find enjoying, fascinating,
 Verlin Carlson               establishments in Saint Peter, and researched             and necessary to learn about.
                              other cities’ Chamber of Commerce and Travel              By the end of this internship, I
                              Bureau websites.                                          hope to have created organized
                                                                                        lists, attractive brochures, and
                              The Saint Peter Chamber of Commerce is looking
                                                                                        helpful information to assist not
                              to redo their website within the next few months
                                                                                        only a possible future intern
                              and I am creating charts that explain why some
                                                                                        but more importantly, the city
                              features of Chamber and Tourism websites are
                                                                                        of Saint Peter.
                              particularly effective, ineffective, useful, confus-
Museum Store Musings                                         Please Consider
                         by Ruth Grewe, manager
                                                             the Society
W     inter is coming and most people don’t like
      WINTER, but I find that it is my favorite
time to spend with children or grandchildren
                                                             this Christmas
because you can do things that are fun together.
In the gift shop we have activities and great                A   re you struggling to come
                                                                 up with present ideas this
                                                             year? An NCHS membership
books to read together. There is a book on
Making your own President which is a teaching                is never out of stock, the
tool for Presidents. There is also the Burgress              wrong size, or fragile. It keeps
series for kids about animals.                               giving the whole year. We’ll
                                                             even mail it for you! Please
My favorite time is in the winter evening curled             consider giving your loved
up with a warm cozy quilt and a great book. I                ones the gift of history.
have found that we carry history, romance and                Membership comes with free
also some information books on gardening,                    admission to sites and
cooking and more.                                            programs, our quarterly
                                                             newsletter, museum store
                  New to the shop are two books on
                                                             discounts, and the peace of
                  the Dakota War by Curtis Dahlin,
                                                             mind that comes with
                   Dakota Uprising and Dakota
                                                             knowing you’ve helped an
                   Uprising Victims. Also we are car-
                                                             organization in need. Already
                   rying local author Pell Johnson’s
                                                             a member? Another option
                    book Fowl Stories great for that
                                                             would be a gift donation in
                    man in your life.
                                                             someone’s name. We’re happy
                The museum store is open the                 to send them recognition of
                same hours as the Treaty Site.               your thoughtful gift. We really
                 It is a great place to do some              appreciate the generosity and
                 Christmas or birthday shopping              thoughtfulness of our
   for the unique item for the hard-to-buy-for.              supporters. Whatever and to
                                                             whomever you give this year,
                                                             have a wonderful holidays.

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  NCHS especially thanks the St. Peter United Way
    for 2009–2010 general operating support.
                                                                                                the CROSSING 9
                                                                     Nicollet County
                                                                          A Gateway and Gathering Place
photo courtesy of the St. Peter Herald

                                                                                                                                        by Darin Doherty
                                                                     “Nicollet County – A Gateway and Gathering Place” is about to take on a whole new
                                                                     meaning come the fall of 2010. Not only will people physically gather at the Treaty
                                                                     Site, but students across the state and country will start to virtually gather in our his-
                                                                     torically rich county. The work in creating a virtual field trip (VFT) of the Treaty Site
                                                                     and Traverse des Sioux Interpretive Trail has begun with a cooperation of the Society
                                         Darin Doherty is a          and the St. Peter School District.
                                         Teacher on Special
                                         Assignment for the          My name is Darin Doherty and I am an employee of the St. Peter School District as
                                         2009–10 school year
                                         and has been working        an Instructional Technology Specialist. I am guessing that more than a few of you are
                                         closely with NCHS on        wondering what that job title means. It basically means that I help teachers use differ-
                                         developing a virtual        ent forms of technology for more effective and efficient instruction. The other part of
                                         field trip of the Treaty
                                         Site and Traverse des       my job this year includes building the Treaty Site’s virtual field trip.
                                         Sioux Interpretive Trail.
                                                                     The idea of creating a virtual field trip for a historical landmark is a relatively new
                                                                     concept. Many of you may have used the Internet to virtually look at a house that is
                                                                     for sale. You were able to click on a picture of one of the rooms in the house and then
                                                                     look in all 360 degrees of that room by dragging your computer mouse from side-to-
                                                                     side or top-to-bottom. This same approach that is used in making virtual tours of
                                                                     homes is being used to build a virtual field trip of the Treaty Site for students.
                                                                     The signing of the Treaty of Traverse des Sioux plays a major role in most Minnesota
                                                                     schools’ sixth-grade curriculum, so by creating a virtual Treaty Site field trip teachers
                                                                     can bring the Site directly into their classrooms. Teachers and students will be able
                                                                     to navigate their way through the Site’s building and walking paths to learn the ways
                                                                     of the Dakota people and why Euro-Americans poured into our state in the mid-
                                                                     1800s. Through the use of interactive whiteboards students will be able to utilize the
                                                                     interactivity of the virtual field trip by opening computer files with pictures, videos,
                                                                     and slideshows. Teachers with access to the VFT will have ready-made interactive
                                                                     activities and assessments through the use of student response systems and travel-
                                                                     ing museum trunks.
                                                                     For thousands of years people have naturally gathered and interacted here in
                                                                     Nicollet County. The rich tradition of these interactions will continue on in our digital
                                                                     society by the creation of this virtual field trip of the Treaty Site History Center.

                                                                     SEASON’S GREETINGS
                                                                                                   from All of Us to All of You
                                                              Allen McBride             Bob Sandeen           Jessica Becker        Nancy Zempel
                                                                Ann Koch               Charlotte Nack       Jessica Brockberg       Ross Gersten
                                                              Ashley Hamre            Dorothy Polesky          John Taylor           Ruth Grewe
                                                              Ben Leonard             Hannah Skinner         Melinda Sommer         Wayne Passon

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  $__________ for _____ reservation(s) for the Byron Nordstrom                    the meal starting at 1 p.m. on Sunday,
                        program (3 p.m.) at 5/person                              January 24, 2010.

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Now Open              Tales of the Territory Exhibit                                                      TSHC North Exhibit Room
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December 5 & 6,
12 & 13               Christmas at the E. St. Julien Cox House                                                            Cox House
                      See article on page 1. 1–4 p.m. Dollhouses,   music, tours, and refreshments.
                      The schedule of musicians is as follows:
                      Saturday, December 5        1–2 p.m.          Wayne Schmidt, guitar
                                                  2–3 p.m.          Katy Young, Jan Boese, voice and piano
                                                  3–4 p.m.          Heart Strings
                      Sunday, December 6          1–2:30 p.m.       Katha Chamberlain, voice and piano
                                                  2:30–4 p.m.       Ruth Ann Fitzke, Pat Rossing, bells and piano
                      Saturday, December 12       1–2:30 p.m.       Folkey Dokey
                                                  2:30–4 p.m.       Jim & Donna Bakken, reed organ, piano and flute
                      Sunday, December 13         1–2:30 p.m.       Julie Fedeler, Judy Maharry, flute and piano
                                                  2:30–4 p.m.       Bev Gustafson & the Gustavus Early Music Group

January 23, 2010      Annual Meeting of the Nicollet County Historical Society                            Gustavus Banquet Rooms
                      See our page 1 article! Dinner 1 p.m., business meeting at 2:15 p.m., and program at 3 p.m.
                      Annual Meeting reservation form above.

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