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									    Volkswagen Dealer Agreement to Participate in the Volkswagen Academy
                      Technician Recruitment Program

Volkswagen of America, Inc. (“VWoA”) has established the Volkswagen Academy
Technician Recruitment Program (VATRP) at Custom Training Group, Inc., a division of
Universal Technical Institute, Inc. The purpose of the VATRP is to train technicians to
service Volkswagen automobiles so as to expand the pool of qualified Service
Technicians for potential employment by authorized Volkswagen Dealerships.

The VATRP graduates have completed an extensive 16-week training program, which
includes 480 clock hours of Volkswagen specific training. Graduates, employed by
participating dealers, receive credit for 11 Volkswagen courses including: Electrical
Systems, 5051 Diagnostics, Diagnostics and Documentation, Repair Logic, Airbag and
Safety Systems, Body Electrical, Engine Mechanical Diagnosis and Repair, Brake
Systems, Alignment, Networking and HVAC. Graduates have additional training in
Volkswagen history, product features, VESIS usage, PDI, and routine maintenance

VWoA is offering its franchised dealers the opportunity to become participating
Volkswagen centers with the further opportunity to interview and hire VATRP students
for employment (immediately upon graduation) at authorized Volkswagen dealerships.
The terms of being a “Participating Center” ,designed to protect dealers as well as the
students, are as follows:

1. Each dealer agrees to pay a $6,200.00 non-refundable training fee per hired
   technician to VWoA to help VWoA defray the cost of the VATRP. This amount will
   be paid at 50 percent ($3,100.00) upon arrival of the VATRP Graduate at the
   dealership and the balance will be paid in full at the end of 90 days with each
   amount to be billed through Dealer’s VWoA Parts Account. If a new hire leaves the
   dealer on his/her own accord, or is dismissed by the dealer for cause,
   (documentation required)within 90 days from date of hire, the $3,100.00 will be
   refunded to the Center or a technician from a future class will be offered. After 90
   days and up to 180 days, a dealer receives replacement of student.

2. Based on geographical area/cost of living considerations, the Dealer agrees to pay
   each VATRP Graduate hired a straight-time hourly wage of $13.00 to $17.00
   (dealers with union employees will be bound to union guidelines) for a 40 hour work
   week from the date of employment and for a minimum of 90 days, subject to any
   overtime requirements as provided for by local, state, or Federal law.

3. The Dealer agrees to assign a mentor to each VATRP Graduate during the first 90
   days. The mentor will assist the graduate in understanding the dealership’s
   personnel policies, procedures, and business practices and will also be available to
   support and assist the VATRP Graduate on assigned work.
 4. (Optional Retention Tool) For each VATRP Graduate who remains employed by the
    Dealer past 90 days, Dealer agrees to pay a maximum of $150 per month to
    reimburse legitimate student loans owed by any VATRP Graduate hired, if
    applicable. This will continue until the student loan is paid off, to a maximum of
    $7,000.00 or the VATRP Graduate leaves the employment of the Dealer, whichever
    comes first. The VATRP Graduate will be responsible for any tax implications of
    such payments.

     ______ Yes, I will participate in paragraph 4

     ______ No, I will not participate in paragraph 4

 5. Dealer understands that each VATRP Graduate has no liability for any legitimate
    student loan payments previously made by Dealer if employment is terminated.

 6. Resumes for the students are available for Dealer review. All VATRP resumes are
    confidential and the identities of VATRP students may not be disclosed by a
    participating Dealer to anyone outside the Dealer’s Volkswagen operations.
    Further, a Participating Dealer is prohibited from employing a VATRP Graduate for
    any line make other than Volkswagen during the first six months of the Graduate’s
    employment. In exchange for the substantial investment VWoA is making in the
    VATRP program to train service technicians on Volkswagen vehicles, the Dealer is
    to make reasonable efforts to continue employing VATRP Graduates as service
    technicians for Volkswagen vehicles in lieu of other line makes.

If you agree to participate in the Volkswagen Academy Technician Recruitment
Program, please sign below to indicate your agreement to the foregoing and fax one
fully executed copy to VATRP, Attention: Trisha Weaver, Fax number (623) 445-9597,
phone number (888) 892-5077

Volkswagen Dealer

__________________________________                       ____________________
Business Name                                        Dealer Code

Signature of Dealer Principal or Authorized Hiring Agent

Printed name of Dealer Principal or Authorized Hiring Agent

VW VATRP Dealer Agreement 10/15/2006.doc

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