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									Enjoy the Ride!                               Call-A-Ride Service Corporation
                                                1 Buena Vista Circle                     · Lewistown, PA 17044
         C. A. R. S.                            Phone 717- 242-2277· Toll Free 1-800-348-2277

  Lift accessible                               Year End Report July 1, 2009 - June, 30, 2010
vehicles available.

     Call-A-Ride Service Corporation (CARS) is a shared ride program that provides door-to door
      transportation to any resident of Mifflin and Juniata county. This service is available to the
       general public. Special discounted rates apply to persons 65 and older, and to those who
           are between the age of 18 - 64 and disabled under the ADA definition of disability.
            Vans equipped with wheelchair lifts are available upon request. All reservations
                                must be made by NOON the day before.

                                    Funding Sources
                      Expenses                        Revenues and Other Support
  Program Services                                   PA Dept. of Aging
  Personnel                                          Cash Fares                    $114,200
  Wages                                  $366,515    Penn Dot
  Fringe Benefits                        $159,969    Welfare to Work                $90,507
  Training                                   $150    Shared-Ride Program           $323,745
  Occupancy                                          Persons with Disabilities      $71,542
  Repairs - FW Black Building                $108    Section 5310 Program           $81,712
  Communications                                     Act 26                         $22,828
  Telephone                                 $5,925   Dept. of Public Welfare
  Postage                                       $1   MA Transportation Program     $571,096
  Supplies and Minor Equipment                       Welfare-to-Work                $24,175       CARS van ready to
  Expendable Supplies                         $735   Waiver Program                    $192            serve your
  Transportation                                     MJAAA                          $43,537   daily transportation needs.
  Staff Travel Expenses                       $61    Program Income                  $3,590
  Vehicle Maintenance & Repairs           $38,820    Interest Income                   $383
  Vehicle Operating Cost                 $120,665 Total Income                   $1,347,507
  Contacted Services
  Purchased Services
  Transportation & Escort                $168,390                                Call-A-Ride Programs
  Auditing                                $14,000
  Legal                                    $9,960              The C.A.R.S. Transportation service permits seniors in our
  Computer Support                        $11,358              two county area to access services and participate in multiple
  Depreciation                            $88,712
                                                               activities. Thanks to the Area Agency on Aging, 13,945 one
  Other Operating Expenses
  Advertising                                $158              way trips were provided to those 60 and older to Senior Centers
  Association Dues & Membership              $825              and AAA sponsored activities. This service allows our older
  Other                                   $10,292              residents to connect with the world around them while allowing
  Total Program Service Expenses         $996,644              them to enjoy their independence.

  Management and General Expenses                              The Medical Assistance Transportation Program (MATP)
  Administrative Services                $270,041              funded 26,719 trips to eligible medical appointments for persons
  Total Expenses                       $1,266,685              who have an Eligible Access Card. This program is funded
                                                               through the Department of Public Welfare.
  Changes in unrestricted net assets
  from Operations                         $80,822
                                                               The Welfare to Work/W2W program provided 1,973 one way
  Unrestricted Net Assets                                      trips for eligible individuals to assist them in overcoming
  Beginning, as previously states        $225,310              transportation barriers in their quest for employment. Once it is
  Prior period adjustment                      $0              determined that an individual is eligible and referred to C.A.R.S.,
  Beginning, as restated                 $225,310              this funding source can assist with car purchase, car repair, car
  Ending                                 $306,132              insurance or simply transportation to employment.

                                                               The Transportation for People with Disabilities program
          Overall, CARS                                        (PwD) began in our two county area in March of 2007. This
      delivered 60,798 trips                                   program allows discounted rates for transportation services to
     from 7/01/09 to 6/30/10                                   those who are 18-64 years of age and have a documented
            and travel                                         disability as defined by the American Disabilities Act (ADA).
                                                               A registration form must be requested through the C.A.R.S.
          492,966 miles.                                       office and completed before using this program. C.A.R.S.
                                                               Provided 1,425 discounted one way trips through this program
                                                               which is funded by Penndot.
  All Memorial Donations and other Donations are
              deeply appreciated by the                        Transportation services are available to the general public.
       Call-A-Ride Service Corporation. These                  Any resident of Mifflin and Juniata County may request a ride.
   donations help to ensure that services will be              If a resident requests a ride and is not eligible for any
         provided to other families in need.                   discounted rate, then full fare must be applied. C.A.R.S.
                                                               provided 12,405 Self Pay/General Public trips.

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