Please print the following rental agreement, sign and return

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					Please print the following rental agreement, sign and return with your deposit. Failure to return this
agreement with your deposit will result in our failure to honor your reservation. Be sure to
print a copy for you to keep. Mail this agreement and your deposit to the following address:

                                       Starlight House
                                      P.O. Box 833
                                      Wylie, Texas 75098

                          STARLIGHT HOUSE RENTAL AGREEMENT

This rental agreement entered into on ____________________, by and between Mayo McClellan

(Owner, Starlight House) and _____________________________________________ (Guest).

Address: ___                                              _________________________________

Telephone number: _________                                ________________________________

The number of people staying at Starlight House for this stay will be ____. The parties agree as follows:

PREMISES: Owner, in consideration of the rental payment provided in this agreement, rents to Guest a
3 bedroom, 2 bath home known as Starlight House (the Premises) located at 578 CR 2225,
Daingerfield, Texas 75638.

TERM: The agreement term will begin on (Check in date) _____________________ at 3:00 PM and
will terminate on (Check out date) _____________________ at 12:00 PM. Any early arrivals or late
check outs must be prearranged with our booking agent.

PAYMENT: Guest shall pay to Owner __________________for the entire agreement period.
Payments shall be made to Starlight House by cash, credit card, personal check, agency check, money
order, cashiers check or traveler’s check. You must have a valid credit card and be at least 25 years of
age in order to rent Starlight House.

DEPOSITS: A security deposit of $300.00 non-refundable will be required to reserve the premises.
Deposits may be made by cash, credit card, personal check, agency check, money order, cashiers check
or traveler’s check. We will not consider the Premises “booked” until said security deposit is made.

FALSIFIED RESERVATIONS: We will not rent to anyone under the age of 25. Any reservation
obtained under false pretense will be subject to forfeiture of deposit and/or rental money, and the party
will not be permitted to check in.

CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations made 20 days or less from arrival date will result in full forfeiture of
your rental fee. For holiday weekends, cancellations made 30 days or less will result in full forfeiture of
your rental fee.

REFUND POLICY: No refunds will be given due to equipment failure, poor road conditions, inclement
weather or the Guest’s early departure for any reason.

KEYS: A key will be provided at the time of check in. Upon check out, the key must be left on the key
rack by the chalkboard in the kitchen. There will be a $25.00 fee assessed if the key is not returned.
FURNISHINGS AND PROVISIONS: Central heat and air are furnished for the Guests comfort. Paper
goods may not sustain for the entire stay. No detergents are provided. Bathrooms are stocked with
towels and wash cloths as well as hand soap. No beach towels are provided. Guests must provide their
own items for outside use such as boating, fishing or swimming. No water toys such as jet skis, boats,
pontoon boats, life jackets or floats are provided. Guests must bring their own water toys. Descriptions,
bed size, amenities and inventories are subject to change without notice.

TELEPHONE: Local calls are free. Any long distance calls are restricted unless a personal calling card is

OCCUPANCY AND RESTRCITIONS: No discharge of any firearm or hunting of any kind is allowed on
the Premises. Any illegal activity may result in immediate eviction and forfeiture of rent received. Guest
may not sublet the Premises. Guest acknowledges that there is wildlife in the area and will not disturb
them and will treat them with appropriate caution. Owner or Manager may enter at reasonable times for
repairs or service. Owners and Manager will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to Guest’s
property. Locked closets within the Premises are reserved for storage or private use and are not included
in the Guest’s rental.

SECURITY OF THE PREMISES: When the Guest leases the Premises, the Guest assumes full
responsibility for the Premises and its contents, as well as their own personal property. Always lock the
doors and windows when vacating the Premises. We advise the Guest to keep all vehicles locked when
not in use.

DAMAGE: Guest will be responsible for any damage caused by Guest’s use of the Premises. This
includes any damage caused by anyone in the Guest’s party or anyone on the Premises at the Guest’s
invitation or sufferance.

SWIMMING: Swimming is “at your own risk”. There will be no lifeguard on duty at any time on
the Premises. Children must be attended by an adult at all times while in the water. NO diving is
allowed from the pier or the retaining wall at any time. Doing so could cause serious or fatal injuries.

HOT TUB: A $75.00 charge is now applied for use of the hot tub. Do not add chemicals to the tub. Do
not add oils to the tub. Do not wear jewelry in the tub. Children are not allowed in the hot tub area
without proper adult supervision. Hot tub use is “at your own risk”. There will be no lifeguard on
duty at any time. There should be no electrical appliances in the hot tub area at any time. The hot tub
cover should be on the tub when the tub is not in use. The hot tub cover will be inspected after each
rental and any damage to the cover will result in a charge of $350.00. **Please note, the hot tub is
currently out of service until further notice.

PETS: No pets will be allowed on the Premises.

SMOKING: No smoking is allowed inside the Premises. Smoking is allowed outside on the porches and
grounds with proper disposal.

We the under signed, do hereby agree to the above stated terms of rental for Starlight House, located at
578 CR 2225, Daingerfield, Texas 75638.

______________________________                                   __________________________
Guest                                                            Date
                                                          Starlight House

                                     Incidental and Damage Charges Credit Card
                                                 Authorization Form:

Name as it appears on Credit Card: ________________________________________________________

Credit Card Billing Address: _______________________________________________________________

Type of Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc…):___________________________________________

Credit Card Number: ____________________________________________________________________

Expiration date and security code (on back of card): _____________________/_____________________

The Guest agrees to report any damaged items found within 24 hours to ensure that previous damages
will not be charged against your credit card.

The credit card will not be charged provided there is no damage to the home and its contents besides
normal wear and tear; no linens or household items are missing; the home has not been smoked in; the
number of overnight guests does not exceed 15 (unless prior approval has been granted by Owner to
exceed 15) and all policies and conditions were followed. The owner reserves the right to charge the
credit card to offset the expense of damages incurred during the guest’s stay.

The credit card may also be used for miscellaneous charges incurred during Guest’s stay such as: long
distance phone charges, Pay-Per-View movies, lost/replacement keys, lock-out service, etc…

By signing below, the Guest acknowledges that any loss and/or damage to the property caused by the
Guest or anyone in Guest’s party will result in a charge for damages.

Signature: ___________________________________________                Date:_____________________